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12:40 PM
Q: "A year in moderation" post on MathOverflow?

Martin SleziakYou might have noticed than many Stack Exchange sites have some statistics about both community moderation and moderators' activity posted on meta under the title "2018: a year in moderation". Here is a post on Mathematics Meta and you can find similar posts on many other sites. As far as I can t...

@Shog9 The question on MathOverflow Meta is now at +25 (25 upvotes, no downvotes). And still neither comments nor answers.
I do not know whether this can already be considered sufficient support. (And of course the final decision is up to you.)
I have not problem with waiting a bit longer. As I suggested before, I can remind this again when the post is 14 days old (and out of the community bulletin).
4 hours later…
4:24 PM
Q: 2018: a year in moderation

Shog9Good morning, all! I'm a Community Manager here at Stack Exchange; some of you might remember me from classic answers such as a temporary change now approaching 6 years live and a list of possibly meaningless numbers. Since the start of the new year, I've been posting questions on various sites...

@Martin ^
Wow. Thanks!
@Shog9 Since you've mentioned 6 years old temporary change in your post, I have made a feature request on Meta MathOverflow about it: Change reputation required to post on meta back to 5 reputation points.
I was not too long ago.
I suppose that if it gains some support, it's then up to the moderators to move the request to CMs or some other higher authorities.
Yeah; it's a trivial change, but unless y'all are getting a fair bit of noise there's probably no good reason to mess with it
In any case, thanks for the 2018 post!
4:58 PM
@Shog9 You have more experience about this - I wonder whether my question with the request (“A year in moderation” post on MathOverflow?) shouldn't be marked as (status-completed).
The advantage would be that it would no longer take one spot in the community bulletin - if I understood the criteria correctly.
The disadvantage would be one more bumping of my post - when somebody comes to meta, typically the questions at the top of the page get more attention; if the user sorts questions by recent activity, they would see this question first.
But maybe I am worrying about minor details which are actually not important.
After all, this post is close to 14 days - so in two days it will no longer be eligible for the community bulleting.

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