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12:24 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, toxic answer detected (160): Is cross contaminated food Haram? by user31419 on islam.SE
1:07 AM
Ugh, why the hell is Data.SE lagging for me?
Wtf and now it's redirecting me to JSON whenever I click "run query".
1:25 AM
@forest if you don't like the heat, stay out of the kitchen
Religious sites have a few quirks, but if it works for them, it works for them
Well I mean, they violate half a dozen SE rules but whatever.
Religion always gets a privileged place in society. :(
oh $deity, that again
Hey you brought it up. I was changing the subject. :P
Its their space. They have the freedom to say what they want to say within it
Within the bounds of network rules, at least.
1:28 AM
Well, yeah, but you ought to know better than that in the first place
And I'm sure that the site mods and network folks have had talks about it
More likely they're just treading lightly. :p
And nothing wrong with that
Some bad decisions you just can't revert once done.
ooh, there we go again
Back to hating on Data.SE for freezing my browser.
1:30 AM
You clearly need to stop internetting on a potato. ;p
It's a cluster of potatos thankyouverymuch!
2:13 AM
aargh morning
12 messages moved to Trashcan
hm, morning
2 hours later…
4:13 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, potentially bad keyword in answer (80): Physical principle behind suction of a piston by Zahedi on engineering.SE
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5:28 AM
@JourneymanGeek You seem confused whether or not it is actually morning.
Perhaps because:
Dec 11 '18 at 2:39, by Alex
Its always morning somewhere.
6:20 AM
@Shree kawoofed
6:48 AM
It's always morning in Iceland...
7:11 AM
@Mithrandir Not surprising for a dog with such sleeping habits
7:53 AM
Ugh. Vacation is over :(
Vacation? What's that?
@Mithrandir I think it's a mod-only thing
@Tinkeringbell I have a month and half coming up
@JourneymanGeek Nice. I'm just getting e-mails that my time reports and absence requests are voided or discarded or whatever. UGH.
Just what I wanted on my first day back, administrative tasks.
half a month at home, and a almost a month in india XD
8:08 AM
Sounds good :)
Apparently, there will be no standup for today.
Another UGH
Because now I don't know what we agreed upon before vacation and such.
8:32 AM
8:49 AM
@Derpy \o
I... what?
Oh... you...
No no no, that's not right...
off-topic Maxmimum cpu utilization‭ - user10877467‭ 2019-01-07 09:00:36Z
9:05 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of body (99): Three phase sine wave inverter using Arduino by Roger finer on arduino.SE
@Tinkeringbell A instance of AGIW always get it in writing
@Magisch Yeah, I thought I had that in an e-mail somewhere, just can't find it. Co-worker has the same problem :P
@balpha now that Winter Bash has ended, could you confirm that the chicken joke ended with the youtube video and there wasn't anything more hidden behind it?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer (80): Database of vegan products in the UK by J. Klisster on vegetarianism.SE
9:25 AM
@Derpy maybe he's saving it for next year... ;)
@Tinkeringbell ugh indeed! So what team now? For how long?
@ShadowWizard Third team, until the end of January at the least.
@JourneymanGeek maybe enhanced form of UGH?
My internet office starts lagging around 3pm... hmm...
@JourneymanGeek Magisch basically typed that out right behind the acronym: Always get it in writing ;)
9:28 AM
@Tinkeringbell heh. And then?
Did someone download a torrent...
@ShadowWizard Back to team 1? :P
Or off to find another client to work for
@Tinkeringbell hope it's not wishful thinking!
@ShadowWizard Shouldn't be. Everyone is now quite up to date about the fact that I struggle to work with co-worker ;)
@Tinkeringbell oh. Whose decision will it be?
@andmyself maybe @Sag aka @Optimus... He is big fan of torrents... :D
9:31 AM
@ShadowWizard Ultimately, mine.
Good! I guess? :)
Q: Should [rss] and [feed] tags be merged?

älёxölütShould rss and feed tags be merged? rss For questions about the various RSS feeds provided by Stack Exchange sites. feed Use this tag for questions about Stack Exchange RSS feeds (existing or proposed) and the bot in chat that posts messages when preselected RSS feeds are updated

Still nobody (with a diamond) wants to merge?
I want an rss-feeds tag :P
honestly, we're still getting the hang of moderating MSE, and we haven't spent much time looking at all the retag requests yet.
Tag merging is quite a big headache...
But yeah, ideally there will be a tag and all others retagged to it.
It is just too much work, I guess. :/
9:44 AM
771 questions tagged 'retag request'.
I'm... not going to be able to fix that in a single weekend ;)
Ouch lol
169 already have a status-completed tag though ;)
Mods have a way for non bumping mass retags?
I don't know....
@Glorfindel I was not sure where to report this to you, but here is an example of an edit by your script which results in a kind of "dead link" - to be more precise, a placeholder for a dead image.
9:46 AM
I must admit the only thing I ever did with tags on IPS is rant about having a 'car' tag.
@ShadowWizard Mods can merge two tags - in this case no posts are bumped.
feed... android-app... ugh, my head...
@andmyself remove that hand from your head and you will feel better! ;)
This feature request is not marked (status-completed): System to enable hand-sorted moderator retagging for sizeable disambiguation jobs. So I'd guess that there is nothing for more complicated non-bumping retags.
9:49 AM
@Martin nice
@ShadowWizard cannot, it stucks..
By "more complicated" I mean things which cannot be resolved by merging two tags or by simple removal of a specific tag.
@Martin there is not
Someone needs to write a Tool that uses the API to look for and present mergable/splitable tags in an easy to read format (fancy tree graph) with a score explaining the gain based on a set of criteria - once it's worked out it can write a Meta post for the user to put up the question - once everything is decided you're one click away from merging or splitting a tag.
@Martin ugh. Editing with a script without checking the results is bad. Edited.
9:54 AM
@ShadowWizard I believe that the @Glorfindel scripts checks the pictures in some way. And in this case it was a valid link to a picture he got from Wayback Machine. (Just the fact that the picture is just a placeholder was not detected by the script.)
But since Glorfindel knows best how the script actually works, he's the best person to give some response on this. (And whether something can be done about this problem.)
@Martin thanks. I do have some detection for error images like this, but I hadn't seen this one yet.
The script computes the SHA of each image it downloads, and compares it to known error/placeholder images.
It's good to know.
I just have to add this one, thanks for catching.
So simply in this case you add the "tinypic" to the database and it should work.
Still... It might also be NSFW image for all we know. Human must check after non human action like this. (Aka never trust script to do perfect job)
9:56 AM
@Glorfindel If I may ask, what is the best place where to report when there is some problem with your script. Any room where I catch you? Or perhaps SOBotics - since it is related to bot/script?
Just ping me in a chatroom, it doesn't really matter which one.
Ok. Thanks!
@ShadowWizard I do check most edits, but apparently not this one. Thanks for fixing.
@Martin no doubt. :)
Somebody found a way to extend WB2018:
Q: Winter Bash 2018 Secret Hats

sameera lakshithaI received my first Winter Bash 2018 Secret Hat, so I decided to start the traditional Secret Hats and how to get them spoiler question. What are the Secret Hats in 2018 Winter Bash?

9:59 AM
@Glorfindel fair enough. So, what is my SHA? ;-)
@Glorfindel lol
@ShadowWizard 'dow wizard'?
Unique enough...
@Glorfindel hmm... My best bet is that he wrote that question a while ago, saved as draft but never submitted. Came back today to meta to ask something else and submitted that one by mistake.
makes sense
well, your analysis does. Posting that question does not.
BRB posting Ideas for Winter Bash 2018
So will there be swag for the knitting non-contest?
10:17 AM
@ShadowWizard the plot thickens: he has now posted no less than three WB questions ...
@Glorfindel ugh. So troll it is. :(
Winter bash troll is a new one. Lol
I am proud of myself for giving him the benefit of the doubt at first. :)
@ShadowWizard no, but a tag merge or tag rename (which is also executed via a merge) don't bump anything.
I am proud too.
3 post 2 delete 1 survive with duplicate winter hat :)
Really weird way to try to troll though
10:23 AM
:D last one also gone
yeah, and not really effective, they'll be Q-banned soon.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I suspected as much. Is it legal? ;)
WB is neither provocative nor invoking shocking/sad/etc. emotions
Sometimes I wonder myself... am I arguing too much with the project manager...
@ShadowWizard Only if you keep being proud at home
10:24 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ it is provoking boredom for old time bashers.
@andmyself Yes.
It could be worse, much worse. Luckily for us he is a: "Undergraduate Student at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka".
@Glorfindel not really. Meta has high threshold for Q ban... :(
@ShadowWizard telkitty did it XD
Haha good times
10:26 AM
She was queen of trolls! ;)
and we are missing her... and others...
That one is still undergraduate.
BTW, how to help an undergraduate student write a book?
@andmyself CRABOLO?
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ give them a pen
and apple
10:27 AM
@Glorfindel just re-enabled hat display....
rene was wearing the 2019 hat when the Bash ended, right?
wait a second.....
nope, the change hat endpoint is "down"
Could we please ban "java script" from titles, with an error message that summons gargoyles?
or at least mosquitoes
10:44 AM
@JohnDvorak Big ones from like, Ordovician
@JohnDvorak ticks is where it's at.
Nasty creatures
nope, bad luck. You can re-enable the hat display on the meta site but you are stuck with the hat you was wearing when the event ended.
The api endpoint that was used to change the hat appears to be down.
@ShadowWizard haven't had the chance to look at 'em yet, but they aren't lost, no :)
.... if I continue like this, the staff will have to develop a new permission level.
"Derpy-mod: can reset other users about me, site and profile image fields."
@JohnDvorak only with jQuery
@JNat well the one about Joe isn't relevant anymore. Thanks!
10:58 AM
@JourneymanGeek new "destroy user avatar picture" flag pending.
@ShadowWizard huh? That was the one I got to :P
@JNat oh. Lol. Thought you nuked some cross site spammer first.
(so didn't even check what you replied to ;))
@Derpy avatar picture... Is there other kind of avatar? ;)
@Derpy he can't reset it on the other sites though. Need @JNat to reset this user (NSFW!!!) Avatar across all sites. (Three currently)
(or just nuke the user?)
@Derpy I'm out at the moment soooo
11:07 AM
@ShadowWizard done
@JNat thanks!
@JNat it didn't work, you only changed it on SE.com but it does not synch with other sites. You have to reset it per site, probably. Thanks again!
@Derpy What we need is a new hat for all year round, when Q-banned or one warning from nuking they get a hand drawn red X hat, like this:
@ShadowWizard since I am pretty sure you saved the picture before warning JNat...
11:10 AM
@Derpy you know me too well... ;)
@ShadowWizard must've misclicked something
all done now
out of curiosity, when deleting offensive profiles, you also manually clean up the offensive images from your imgur storage?
No they don't and likely can't
@JNat indeed! :)
11:28 AM
@ShadowWizard considering they are the storage "owners" I think they should be able to.
@ShadowWizard They can (or at least I know Tim can).
@ShadowWizard there is a handy "save and copy to all communities" button...
12:12 PM
@Derpy no they don't own it, imgur does. SE just get to host their images there using API to upload the images. Not sure about legal aspects, but pretty sure that to have image removed they need to contact imgur.
At most, maybe SE dev/CM get to have some secret tool to flag images with some friendly UI. :)
I doubt the friendly UI
> Press 1 to flag
hmm... @Derpy I might be wrong. In this answer it's hinted they can delete images.
12:34 PM
I've passed images on to SE for them to delete myself...
@Mithrandir not on SE.com
@ShadowWizard What was it a picture of?

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