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8:00 PM
Isn't that by design for profiles?
@Shog9 : I see
To inhibit people who make that their business model and all?
@Magisch yes, probably in both senses
it has a very... fastidious... design... that requires far more markup than what you'd expect.
But, like, question pages? Those are elegant and dead simple to script.
I noticed people's reputation history breaks in hilarious ways when you tweak it with userscripts
it's not quite what folks used to call "semantic markup", but it's at least simple and predictable
8:02 PM
for instance, if you have a flagging dialog open in it it doesn't realize you're clicking around in the flagging dialog so every time you do it collapses / expands reputation events nearby
@Glorfindel : I understand this. I saw that your script pulls all this information. But how did you know that, for example, span.reputation-score is the name of the variable that stores the user's reputation?
@Shog9 and very important: it's kept constant over a couple of years.
@Magisch ...kinda sounds like you might be letting events bubble when they shouldn't...
@Glorfindel less than you might think
@user1271772 you can find that out by using the developer functions of your browser, e.g. the DOM inspector.
@Shog9 might be, @Makyen wrote the userscript for me, so I have no idea
8:04 PM
@Shog9 constant enough so that people don't have to continuously update their userscripts :P
@Glorfindel Ok I installed your thing, but it seems it's going to take a long time before someone with 1 reputation asks something
All the most recent questions were from users with at least a few points
I see that as good news.
We don't need any more lost souls on MSE :(
So I can't really test it right now....
Should I make an account to test his app ?
we can wait I think
8:05 PM
Rene has already tested part of it.
@user1271772 you can test this question, the script should cast a downvote
Should I make an account to test their app ? (changed 'he' to 'they' because of Nog Shine's post here: meta.stackexchange.com/a/318393/391772)
Wait, Nog Shine? Is that not similar to Shog09 ?
Its actually a reference to a meta post
@user1271772 You're allowed encouraged to use 'his' when referring to me.
He put in bold capital letters "USE they/their/them"
A: How should sockpuppets be handled on Stack Exchange?

Shog9How can I be sure I'm looking at a sockpuppet? You can't ever be 100% sure. What you think is a sockpuppet could in fact be my good friend Nog Shine, who loves everything I write, copies my writing style, and uses my computer to vote and post stuff when I step away for coffee. But in practice, ...

8:07 PM
@user1271772 ... if you're not sure of somebody's gender.
everyone knows @Glorfindel is a robot
or species.
@JourneymanGeek woof
it barked!
@JourneymanGeek : Oh you're saying it's Shog09's sockpucket?
Everyone is Shog's socks
@Magisch half of the people here don't have access. Including the oneboxing feature ...
@Magisch What is that?
8:09 PM
It's a link to "The many memes of charcoal" in the charcoal channel
specificly the "glorfindel is a robot" meme
> **Meme:** Glorfindel is a robot

**Originator:** Various charcoal members

**Cultural Height:** Not yet reached

**Background:** Because of his seeming ability to require no sleep and his fast speed in flagging and feeding back, Glorfindel is often regarded as a robot. Charcoal folklore says he is actually an AI coded by ArtOfCode

**Usage:** Find Glorfindel and tell him he's a robot
@user1271772 No. Nog Shine is a regular user who chose to take Shog's pretend "good friend" as his username.
@Gorfindel: I tested it and it says "Are you sure you want to down-/close-/delete vote and post a welcoming comment?"
[Yes] [Yes]
8:11 PM
that's to prevent accidental misclicks.
Jeeeeez I have to spend 1 point reputation to use this app ?
downvoting questions does not cost rep
I tried it once on Travel Stack Exchange and I lost a point
This guy was basically trying to get us to do his their own research on flight tickets for them
That must've been an answer.
Ooooooh, so it's only answers ???
8:13 PM
Happy Friday!
Happy Hour!
And that's only on other stack exchanges ?
@user1271772 no, those rules are universal.
Ok guys, I just got a notification on stack exchange that there's some happy hour thing going on .... I'm going to go
The only place that downvoting answers doesn't cost you rep is on child metas, where there is no rep.
8:14 PM
@AaronHall Happy Friday 2 u 2
And downvoting wiki posts never costs rep, not even answer.
Man, I like that
I like talking to you guys but if there's 52 people coming then it's too much for me... Thanks a lot guys, I'll talk to you some other day!
heh, I know that feeling
Did Happy Hour change times? It's not supposed to start for four hours.
Also, I didn't get an alert.
8:15 PM
wondering the same
... depending on your timezone
It is for regulars only ...
I'm always happy on Friday, regardless of the Hour.
@Catija : I got an alert on a different stack exchange site I had open, not on this chat box
@Catija it says "A scheduled chat session is starting soon" , and the notification came 15 minutes ago
> Starts in 3 hours (in your timezone, that's 0:00 on Saturday)
8:17 PM
> Starts in 3 hours (in your timezone, that's 6:00 on Saturday)
Guys it doesn't say all that for me
I got an alert
It just provides a link to this chat box
and an email
8:17 PM
For me it just says "A scheduled chat session is starting soon"
I think I'm going to get out of here, if 52 people are coming
It's not in here...
You said it yourself that it's in another chat.
@user1271772 As far as I remember, usually only less than 5 come...
happy hour is always so happy
i even got my happy avatar on
Happy hour in here is generally dead.
Either they are happy, or they are sleepy (some might even be grumpy)
8:19 PM
I'm probably drunk before it starts
@Catija I mean the notification came on a different stack exchange page I had open, not on this chat page. But the "event" was for Happy Hour on Tavern on Meta
But I admit that with DST I have to drink somewhat faster
knew it! DST is in effect!
Oh it's now 60 users, not just 52
it's usually 5am here, when either I'm still sleeping, or I haven't slept...
8:21 PM
If there are three people here, I'll be surprised.
Alright @Glorfinkel, I tested your app, and it works, but I don't like the fact that it automatically gives a downvote to the user that has only 1 point rep to begin with! Isn't it unwelcoming to new users?
three hours later, three people show up just to see if three people will show up
I was so upset when my first Meta post got downvotes, I tried so hard on that one
We should have meta town halls again
that was fun
Oooh, if we had them again, I could actually still talk when the room was frozen.
8:22 PM
@Catija challenge accepted. I'll bring my sock ...
I could too now :o
hatches evil plan
@Glorfindel: On the test example you gave me, there was a message that said "please be nice to this user because he they are knew on Stack Exchange"
Maybe if we get more CMs. Those were an awful lot of work
What was so much work about them? Prepping the topics?
I feel like a freeform "talk to a CM about the site" would work too
CMs are generally short on time. :/
8:24 PM
@user1271772 I'll probably make a setting in a next version which will skip the downvote if you want to. The users cannot lose any reputation from the downvote (you don't go below 1), but we need the question to have a low score to hide it from the homepage.
@Catija : Why is that?
stack exchange cms have 99 tasks but 1 time
pretty sure they could have 4 more and still nobody would get bored
@Shog9 They were a lot of fun, though.
@Magisch SOCVR roommeeting takes preperation as well. Just like "normal" meetings
@user1271772 that's the 'new contributor' indicator. We are nice because we welcome them (the script will post a comment) and if they ask nicely, we'll tell them where to go. But it's better if they find out themselves.
8:25 PM
@rene I will not be here to check. :P
Sorry. We're doing Thanksgiving early (this weekend) because people will be out of town during the week.
Oh, are you baking something?
@Magisch : Does it mean they have 99 times as many things to do as they have time for?
8:26 PM
It's an exaggeration for comedic effect conveying that they're very overworked
I do not know any precise percentages
@rene No plans for that at the moment... but probably something. I did bake for Gus, though. I don't remember if I posted the photo in here.
the cupcakes?
Cupcakes and meringues.
"Do you want one or two cupcakes? Six cupcakes"
Not sure where that's from
I missed that picture I think, let me search
8:27 PM
@Magisch : If they are overworked, is it possible to buy more of them?
Gus finally got his zeroth birthday cupcakes and I've officially started the holiday baking. Amazing Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese buttercream frosting thanks to @BraveTart and @seriouseats Better the next day. Also, BraveTart's Pecan Meringues. https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2017/10/bravetart-pumpkin-spice-layer-cake-recipe.html
@Magisch we generally needed at least 3 people for 1 hour. That's not a lot when things are ticking along smoothly, but when folks are already overwhelmed it's kinda hard to coordinate. And... They could be somewhat mentally draining.
@Magisch That was a subsequent tweet. :D
Or an earlier one... I don't remember the order.
I remembered the town halls as fun distractions
@Catija thanks
8:28 PM
well, that's how we wanted them to be :)
does seem like they could be draining though if you have to organize them & answer questions
I'm still proud that I was implicitly blamed for a rise in CM flags on the order of 2 magnitudes in one
we tried to make them as light-weight as possible, and I do think we got a reasonable formula nailed down by the fall of 2017
@Magisch, what is that charcoal thing you sent us a link to?
charcoal is a spam fighting group on stack exchange
it runs the smoke detector chat bot
@Magisch whatcha mean implicitly?
8:30 PM
@JourneymanGeek lemme find it
@Magisch You are trying to get me to join it?
Sep 27 '17 at 18:42, by JNat
And it should have nothing to do with the sudden increase in about 300% of our backlog of tickets from mods, no... ;P
@user1271772 no, but you asked
@user1271772 charcoal
@Magisch : I see
I originally posted it because the "glorfindel is a robot" meme originates there
8:32 PM
Oh cool, that @ArtOfCode is on there too
art is one of the project directors
(fancy name for nerd herder)
nerd herder
I like that
might put it on my CV
herder? or hoarder?
i haven't kept up too much with charcoal lately
8:36 PM
@Shog9 y'all did
And with how things have been lately, they might do some good
It seems "happy hour" didn't make a difference. It's the exact same people here as before
I just realized how easily manipulatable I am. Shog being back in the tavern has already considerably lightened my disposition towards SE
@Magisch Is there another Shog without the 09 ? Or when you say "Shog" you're just referring to the same person?
@Magisch shhh. Don't let people know your weaknesses.
> "Hi, guys. I love this site and y'all are great and I've been here for 3 years and now I have a question and I hope you all can help me yada yada ...

> <actual question>

> Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help. Important, important. Hopefully I can get an answer soon.

> signed <username> <smiley emoji>
> <list of credentials>
> <list of favorite tomes>
> <meme cartoon>
8:40 PM
here you are, honing in on them
@Magisch Oh, your secrets are safe with me. I'm a parrot, I won't repeat them... oh wait
@andmyself I didn't realize Robert Garisto posts answers on other sites, I only saw him on Meta and Area51
@Magisch actually IMO, traditionally that's been one of the strengths of SE's community team
they're real people who kinda are embedded in the community
@user1271772 man, you really got to check how you spell names
@JourneymanGeek : Is this specific to SE ?
Ooohhhhh you're the guy I accidentally called "Journey man the Greek" a few days ago and you said it was the first time someone made that mistake
Man that's really what my brain read when I saw your username.
8:44 PM
@user1271772 you've well, spelled a lot of folks usernames incorrectly Glorfindel is named after a tolkien elf, gorfinkel is something different. Likewise with Robert Cartaino not Garisto
I also talked to you here back in August and I had "Journeyman the Greek" in my head the whole time when reading it. I'm sorry I won't make the same mistake again
@user1271772 well in general - its not just about me
gorfinkel is... garfunkel?
Guys Gorfinkel is a real name, it's the name of that comic book guy: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jordan_B._Gorfinkel
I did not know it's also an elf
@user1271772 That's all well and good, but that's not the user's name.
8:46 PM
common american last name
Glorfindel (IPA: [ɡlɔrˈfindɛl]) is a fictional character in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium. He is introduced in various material relating to the First Age of Middle-earth, including The Silmarillion. The name is also used for a character in The Lord of the Rings, which takes place in Middle-earth's Third Age. In late writings, Tolkien works out how the two characters were one and the same, though this is not evident from the published versions of The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings. The character and his name (meaning "blond, golden-haired") were among the first created, when...
There's another guy around here named Mithradirs or something like that.. Seems it comes from the same novel
There are, in fact, two Mithrandirs...
there's actually two Mithrandirs...
In the book?
8:48 PM
@Catija jinx ;p
@user1271772 no on SE
I thought there were 24602 of them ...
I know one of them is a mod
Both of them are.
8:49 PM
So Gorfindel and Mithrandir are from the same book?
There is only one me
@rene, in my grade 9 music class there was TWO people with name "Rene"
One of them a girl and one of them a boy
It's a French name I believe
One of them even had an accent on the 'e'
Guys, is it possible for me to put my real name on here, but not have it visible on other sites?
@user1271772 It could be, but my French teacher was happy I left their class after a year
iirc you can edit your profile on just one site, and not choose to have it affect all sites
@rene : You say "their" class because you don't know whether the teacher was a boy or a girl?
8:52 PM
@user1271772 well yup
Lord of the Rings
they even made it into a moderately sucessful trilogy of movies
@KevinB : I looked up that acronym iirc, is it International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)
It was the first hit on Google
oh wait there's also one on UrbanDictionary.com
I just spend 5 minutes wondering why the stack api didn't return results until I realized I was querying for deleted posts ...
Okay I figured it out, sorry about that
8:54 PM
@KevinB I see
I fire call correctly?
tent on axe
@KevinB Because the link that Magisch sent about the "charcoal smoke detector" said "Hello ___ ____" to me. What if that is not my real name?
it's a bot, i'd assume it would use whatever name your chat account is using at the time.
@KevinB : How do we change it? The Meta post about changing names is only about usernames. I commented on the answer, asking about changing the other name, but no one replied
8:58 PM
what other name?
all we have are usernames
there's full name that is not public anywhere, I think...
@andmyself I think that's it. It was my first time seeing it.
i know SO has an extra field for full name as part of the developer story
Ah, i see, Private information (not shown publicly)
8:59 PM
yeah, so, it's private
the bot wouldn't be able to see that.
Actually I looked up my Developer Story just now, and it has no name in there
But still that SmokeDetector was calling me something that I'd like to change
Also teams uses your real name
@JourneymanGeek What's "teams" ?
Do you have a link to it?
9:00 PM
@user1271772 that's just a join link for the Charcoal team
Paid SE product
Oh for companies that have their own internal stack exchange ?
@ArtOfCode : Is it possible to change the name that this link calls me? I haven't seen that name since 2012 .... it's a bit funny because I set up my Stack Overflow account back in 2012 but had no idea that I used that name
Because I set up SO in 2012 but didn't really start using it until 2018
yeah that's in your profile
Just click edit
@user1271772 I don't see the same thing you do when clicking on that link, so I don't know what you're referring to
scroll to bottom
9:02 PM
but at a guess, it's the "real name" field in your profile
When i click on it, i see my full name, the one from the private information section
ah, yeah, real name field
@ArtOfCode: Is it possible to change the "real name" ? It looks like I set that up in 2012
@user1271772 yep, edit your profile, you're looking somewhere near the bottom, the "real name" field
Got it! Thanks guys!
Is it a problem if someone uses a fake name in that box before? It did not say "real name", it said "full name"
9:06 PM
doubt it
We stopped doing house visits with the giant S so I wouldn't worry ...
@rene What's the "giant S" ?
meta history
@rene : Oh it has to do with a bug in stack exchange by Jeff Artwood ? What does it have to do with "fake name" vs "real name" ?
9:12 PM
at this point, I think it's pointless to say it's Atwood, not Artwood...
@user1271772 Well Jim, nothing, I reused it for your Is it a problem question you asked earlier
@rene : I don't understand this. I asked a question earlier that started with "Is it a problem" ? I don't remember that!
I don't understand what the "big S" bug has to do with "real name" and "fake name"
I'm not going to explain a joke I only found funny. That spoils it too much, Jim
Haha ok. I didn't even know it was a joke!
Sorry that I didn't get it
that's hard to explain without knowing much of the history, so keep calm and move on...
9:18 PM
Why does @ShadowWizard have it's own room?
Because everyone can open a chat room?
But I mean he's in the Shadow's Den but not here
I mean "they" not "he"
9:32 PM
@Glorfindel It's pretty cool that you can remember numbers like that
@andmyself : How do you guys notice these things?
@andmyself only with 100 rep and a pointy hat.
@ShadowWizard pointy hat?
@ShadowWizard I'm sure I managed to do so with only a 100 rep and an old sock
@user1271772 me and my sock. We are close.
@Tinkeringbell surely you have a pointy hat. Somewhere. Or maybe a pointy shoe is enough? checking the old rules book
9:44 PM
In topology, the dunce hat is a compact topological space formed by taking a solid triangle and gluing all three sides together, with the orientation of one side reversed. Simply gluing two sides oriented in the same direction would yield a cone much like the layman's dunce cap, but the gluing of the third side results in identifying the base of the cap with a line joining the base to the point. The dunce hat is contractible, but not collapsible. Contractibility can be easily seen by noting that the dunce hat embeds in the 3-ball and the 3-ball deformation retracts onto the dunce hat. A...
@ShadowWizard I don't have pointy hats... yet. I have a safari hat, a mod cap, a coke cap and a visor. Also an ear warmer.
@scohe001 hehe no. ;)
@Tinkeringbell what about shoes?
wondering how @Tink looks like with a visor
@ShadowWizard Pair of black heels, two pairs of the same shoes in different colours, two pairs of sneakers, two pairs of sandals and two pairs of flip-flops. Oh, and monster feet.
@rene who is Jim?
The latter are for indoor use only though.
9:46 PM
live footage of @Tinkeringbell using nothing but an old sock to create chatrooms:
@ShadowWizard if she was wearing that hat to promote something, would it be an advisor?
@Tinkeringbell anything of those pointy?
Do you guys use Windows?
@ShadowWizard Not really? Unless you count heels. But they're the solid kind of heels, not the pointy stilettto kind
@Magisch Hey! No sharing the pictures of me in my underwear.
9:48 PM
@user1271772 sure, many of those in my house. ;)
@ShadowWizard I don't think I have a picture of that. I still have the visor but haven't worn it in years.
these are from a website advertising homemade sock-sweaters for pet parrots...
I think we weren't taking digital pictures when I last wore it.
I mean the Windows Operating System ?
@Tinkeringbell never too late! I can wait. :P
9:49 PM
@Magisch It looks bad. It doesn't even have underwire.
@ShadowWizard Perhaps tomorrow then ;)
If I can find the box with the visor
@user1271772 oh that old thing?? Who is still using it?!
@ShadowWizard winDOS?
@Tinkeringbell yay!
happy dance
@ShadowWizard You're as bad as TheTinyMan... always after pictures of me :P
too lazy to search for the dancing banana in mobile
9:51 PM
Does everyone here use Linux ?
Sadly no longer
@Tinkeringbell it is part of being male... It's imprinted deep in our core. Maybe even our kernel! :D
@Tinkeringbell, do you use Windows?
@user1271772 for what? My toaster probably does...
@ShadowWizard I should send you the one of me dressed up as black pete and end that forever :P
@user1271772 Every day, I like looking outside
9:53 PM
@Tinkeringbell You still didn't figure such things would only serve the opposite goal? ;-)
@ShadowWizard ....
@andmyself ME shudders
Just keep an eye on my Twitter. If I'm drunk enough, there might be selfies.
@Tinkeringbell awww dots! Lovely! 💘 :D
@Tinkeringbell late night tweets... Think there is a term for them... :)
@ShadowWizard Heh.
Who said anything about late night?
9:57 PM
@KevinB No thanks. I don't need to go
@user1271772 android is linux
so many people do
@andmyself I just took one. No need either :)
I use windows for most things, but I do have a few little linux projects lying around
10:04 PM
@JourneymanGeek I see.
@Tinkeringbell No I meant the operating system
@scohe001 : What does it mean for a toaster to use Linux?
@user1271772 a lot of new home appliances are running Linux now. My family just got a microwave running some form of Android (linux) that could connect to the router and ping them when food was done and so on...
@user1271772 I'm not that stupid...
how big does your house have to be for you to need a network enabled microwave
@scohe001 : I can see how you might want to control you TV (television) with your Android phone, but the toaster?
People cannot walk over to the toaster and push the button? They need their mobile phone to do everything for them?
@KevinB yea I'm not sure...they just liked the touchscreen interface. I don't think they've even connected it to the router lol
10:12 PM
Do microwaves still interfere with wireless networks?
or has that been fixed
Microwaves do, microwave cookers generally don't unless they're badly made
@ArtOfCode there's a difference?
Microwaves as in the electromagnetic waves
i know growing up that was a real pain, i'd be playing online and all of a sudden lose signal while someone's cooking
I have so much interference on my microwave that I can watch TV on it.
10:14 PM
part of the reason I'm hard-wired all the way to the router
@ArtOfCode : Do microwave ovens that are used to heat up pizza, not use microwaves?
Microwaves and ovens are different AFAIK
@user1271772 yes, they do, but well-constructed microwave cookers keep the microwaves they use contained, so they won't interfere with anything outside the cell
So yeah, that problem is likely fixed now days with better built units
that grill behind the door on your microwave cooker? That's there to stop the microwaves getting out
nasty little buggers when they get out
really hard to catch and put back in
10:16 PM
On the other hand... I also lose signal suddenly when someone uses microwaves... because the whole electricity drops...
my usual problem is home layout, materials (lots of concrete and rebar) and poor planning
(anyway... 5am and I haven't slept...)
@andmyself working nights again
@andmyself No need to start trying now :P
10:31 PM
@ArtOfCode : My mother keeps telling me not to use the microwave because of the "radiation" doing something bad to the food or something. I've heard of such damaging things with X-Rays and Gamma rays and maybe even UV rays, because they turn certain elements into unusual isotopes of those elements, which undergo radioactive decay in the body, but what about micro-waves? Can microwaves really cause any damage?
there's a difference between irradiation and contamination
microwaves irradiate your food and heat it up by transferring energy to it from the microwaves
that doesn't contaminate the food, and it doesn't make it radioactive
microwaves can damage you if you put yourself in the way - they will heat you up exactly like they do with food - but that's why microwave cookers have EM shields, so that microwaves don't leak out and hit you
but once the irradiation has stopped, there are no lasting effects on anything that was under them
put another way: if it was dangerous, microwaves would've been outlawed a long time ago
@Magisch I don't experience what you've mentioned. I can click around in the flag dialog without it closing the dialog. What browser/userscript manager/OS are you using? Can you give me a more detailed example of where this has a problem?
10:47 PM
@Tinkeringbell lol
@Makyen I don't think the problem was that the dialog closed, I think the problem was that clicks in the dialog affected areas outside the dialog, as if events were bubbling up the DOM when they should've been stopPropagation()'d
happy hour in 9 minutes? i thought that was hours ago
is ee
the reminder said "in 2 hours"

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