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24 messages moved to Chimney | Daily Smokedetector Housekeeping Cleanup
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, blacklisted website in answer (178): What are directories I should avoid when making a backup? by Assignment Help on askubuntu.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer (51): How do I start my Freelancer career? by how startcareer on freelancing.SE
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@TravisJ ❌
8:01 AM
I'm pretty sure there must be a status-declined FR to add LinkedIn as oauth option, yet I can't find it. I can only find this answer from @Oded where I could even argue that answer doesn't address the question :) anyone with better search fu or maybe favorited somehwere? Because I wanted to drop that link here
Oh, and good morning ...
sorry for running in yelling ....
I did find a dupe on MSO
20K eigen-vectors meta.stackexchange.com/questions/318373/… /cc @ShadowWizard @Bart @Glorfindel
20K permutation meta.stackexchange.com/questions/318370/… /cc @ShadowWizard @bart @Glorfindel
@rene I see you found it... :)
8:16 AM
but that one has no answer, nor is status-declined, which I believe it is?
only found GitHub login FR instead on MSE...
@rene not relevant. SE will not add more options now that they removed everything except the major providers.
@andmyself thanks, I added a comment with that link
@ShadowWizard yep, that is my expectation as well, hence the search for a canonical status-declined
@rene heh. OP appears to be Israeli. ;)
deleted by TravisJ ... the lurker ... ;)
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8:51 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, potentially bad keyword in answer, username similar to website in answer (112): Printer Drivers installed to Windows 10 in Chinese, How can I change it to English? by ijstart cannon on superuser.com
@SmokeDetector I would expect that a moderator who also happens to work at Ubisoft would simply delete a question that advocates piracy... why just closed??
oh, well, his choice
@Derpy maybe just because he might be seen as biased?
Working at a game company doesn't mean you'll have a moral stance against piracy. It's not like he stands to lose money by fighting against it.
hm, shouldn't questions requesting piracy be deleted nevertheless?
Only so much as any other off-topic question would be.
9:26 AM
nope. One thing is off-topic.
Piracy on the other side is illegal.
Well so is breaking into computers, but the Information Security site allows that.
breaking into computers... actually, not, unless it's done unethically
A: Is it okay that questions mention illegal downloads?

Robert HarveyThe Stack Exchange Terms of Service expressly prohibit Use of the Network or Services to violate the security of any computer network, crack passwords or security encryption codes, transfer or store illegal material including that are deemed threatening or obscene, or engage in any kind...

Still illegal, but that site allows it as long as the question shows an understanding of the concepts involved (i.e. isn't just "pls gimme facebook passwd kthx"). So it's certainly not an issue of legality so much as topicality.
> transfer or store illegal material
Well thankfully no one is hosting ROMs on SE. :P
9:29 AM
I left a comment (and raised a flag)
I didn't even notice the link. Seems like possible spam?
yeah, that domain is known in MetaSmoke
that is often not a good sign
@forest please, no devil advocate on that. Again, one thing is knowing how to do something, one is actually doing that. I think that everyone would recognize the difference between ethical hacking and stealing credit card numbers. The user who posted that question is not asking "how roms works" in order to learn how to program an emulator... He is asking were to find a rom in order to not pay the game.
oh, the link is a shopping link! okay. flagged
@Derpy Sure and it's certainly off-topic, but strictly speaking would not be breaking the ToS since only hosting (storing) illegal content on the network is prohibited.
9:32 AM
well... not that the question isn't delete-worthy anyway :P
I mean it's 1) spam, 2) has no value whatsoever, and 3) is obviously off-topic.
Well it's gone now. :P
and gone it is.
start your timers. Let's see how long before it is reposted on Arqade.
If it's a spammer, it was probably automated and won't be posted there.
After all, spam bots tend not to understand comments suggesting they ask elsewhere.
can bots actually post? ...
Why couldn't they?
9:35 AM
Captcha is cheap to break (1000s for a few cents).
Not to mention, captcha only appears if you are using an IP on a blacklist.
I think it's also when you're trying to post very quickly
True, and probably if certain keywords trip a spam filter.
and a bot probably won't get the check... right?
Not if it's a smart bot.
9:38 AM
yeah, it might move the cursor nowadays...
Some of them actually run a full virtualized browser.
@EKons or post veeeeeeeeeery slowly, like I have often faced, posting answers after drafting for 1-week
@forest don't give them ideas ... ?
@rene I don't think bots are capable of comprehending new ideas. :P
not at all sure if it's a bot though...
9:39 AM
in 6 to 8 years
If it beeps like a bot, and boops like a bot, it's probably a bot.
admit it, you are a bot.
beep boop
I run on the AA batteries I keep in my pocket.
9:41 AM
I'm also on the AA
heh, I'm more efficient, I'm on the AAA!
The smartest bots I've ever seen used a recursive neural network instead of dumb spintax (article spinning syntax format) to generate text, and ran full Firefox in a VM, using very human-like movements to the mouse.
But it still was easy to spot as a spammer when you followed the links. :P
some bots tend to think SE is a bunch of idiots who click whatever is blue and underlined...
Yeah spam bots tend not to be super effective here, what with CharcoalHQ.
actually, that's not the main reason
the main reason is that nobody in SE buys their spam ;-)
9:45 AM
And a lot of them are misconfigured. I saw one recently that linked to a 404 page.
Some poor blackhat SEO kid is bleeding money right now and has no idea...
> * * doc inherit
10:30 AM
Almost forgot: Morning!
@EKons The pharma spammers are certainly not confined to SE; they attack half the sites on the internet
@Mithrandir yeah, Google has already told me
@SmokeDetector Morning!
(oops, I forgot that added a comment on MetaSmoke)
(where? :P)
10:34 AM
already deleted the comment 😢
10:46 AM
20K choices meta.stackexchange.com/questions/318391/… /cc @ShadowWizard @Bart @Glorfindel @TravisJ
.... is there a reason the Codeless Code "koan" list skips case #55??
also 51,53,55,59,185
20K etl tools meta.stackexchange.com/questions/318389/etl-open-source-tools (needs 1 more) /cc @ShadowWizard @Glorfindel
oh, 185 is funny...
yep, oddly enough 185 is just unlisted
but the others aren't found even in the github repo
11:04 AM
20K converting meta.stackexchange.com/questions/318396/… (needs 1 more) /cc @Bart @ShadowWizard @Glorfindel
1 hour later…
12:15 PM
@rene silently Kaboomed by no other than the Geek! :)
@Tinkeringbell noon!
@ShadowWizard Yay! Just had lunch :)
And only 3 more hours to go till weekend ;)
On my phone lol, walking into work :p
Last workday of the month
12:26 PM
(got 2 weeks of reservist)
That's less nice.
It's ok lol
Other than being in the middle of nowhere
Oh, middle of nowhere isn't too bad at times ;)
As long as the provisions are good
It is if it means that you have no internet.
Even that I can live without for times ;)
12:36 PM
My wifi was out last night and I was at a loss for what to do without Netflix. :P
There's internet and I have my phone
Watch a DvD? A video tape? :P
@Tinkeringbell good! Going to eat now with wife's parents. ;)
No laptop tho alas, but I think I might dig up my bt keyboard
@ShadowWizard Enjoy, and say Hi for me :P
12:38 PM
Sure thing! ;)
@Tinkeringbell you mean.. VCR?!
@Tinkeringbell wha?
@ShadowWizard We still have those somewhere, I believe... hours and hours of 'domino day' footage.
Can we still buy those?
@ShadowWizard I think you can :P
@Catija Always be prepared for a disaster. If the internet goes down, have something to play dvd or vcr :P
@Tinkeringbell I threw away my collection a year ago after 5 years of not having any way to watch them...
12:41 PM
You can buy anything if you know where to look
Next you'll be telling me to listen to my 8-track.
@ShadowWizard But ... Domino Day!
What us domino day?
@Catija I'm sorry. I'm not old enough yet to understand what that means .
@Tinkeringbell We have a NAS with ~4 TB of movies/TV shows.
12:42 PM
@JourneymanGeek Domino day. is the day they topple over millions of domino's.
They had to stop it because there were no halls big enough to set up larger displays and break records ;)
Oh, I thought it was a day for free pizza and got excited.
@Tinkeringbell ah, I've wondered about that as well.
It's not like you can make an outdoor event of that.
@Glorfindel You can. It'll result in a lot of dominomussen :P
I do remember the tension at the end of each event, where they had people count the stones that didn't topple.. and then waiting to see whether the record was broken!
Those were simple times, but really good ones
12:47 PM
Tiles. :) we call them tiles, I think.
Even if they're not black with white dots?
Yeah. Why would the color matter?
The ones used for these events were kind of special, I was always told.
@Catija Dunno. Tiles sounds okay ;)
We call the ones used for the game 'domino's' and the ones used to topple 'domino bricks/stones'
@Tinkeringbell domino what? ;)
I had all seasons of Nikkita...
1:08 PM
Can moderators do anything about anonymous users?
That's a little broad
Why would we need to do anything?
Anonymous user proposes an edit, edit was clearly intended to be malicious, by editing in curses
Obviously I have rejected the edit, was just wondering if anything more can be done
Rejecting works
@WhatsThePoint If it's an anonymous user, not much we can do. If you see more of them, you could raise a mod flag ... No promises though.
There's not really a good way to flag those
1:11 PM
@WhatsThePoint If it happens repeatedly, you can flag a moderator.
Let me find an MSO post where that is discussed.
They have some kind of honeypot mechanism IIRC.
ah, wait. Moderators can lock a specific post if it's repeatedly targeted.
What I was thinking of was this, but that's for spam.
Yeah I assumed not much could be done, as they are anonymous but thought I'd ask
This is the edit in question btw, stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/21432730 strangely not picked up a second reject yet
it did now :P
When I saw it I just assumed it was an audit, was surprised that it wasn't
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer (60): DIY Foley Stage / Pits by David Mann on sound.SE
1:24 PM
@WhatsThePoint I guess the idea is if it's not on the front page, it's fine.
There's nothing, iirc that we can do about anonymous edits
I find the concept a bit odd personally
Cost-benefit sort of thing. The abuse is generally low the potential benefit of helpful edits are high and they're both reviewed to avoid the abusive ones from getting through.
Or, do you mean why would someone try to make that sort of edit?
@WhatsThePoint if anonymous edit is rejected, I think anonymous visitors can't suggest edits for several hours. Think Shog once mentioned this in chat but not sure it's documented officially.
@Catija lots of stalkers who read but prefer to not have active or public part in the site. :)
@ShadowWizard according to this there's an IP-based block.
@JNat Out of curiosity, why migrate this blatantly off-topic post It gives off the wrong aura, that they can just post here and have their question migrated to the right site.
@ShadowWizard @WhatsThePoint As a user who made hundreds of anonymous edits to this site before (re)joining it, I can tell you many details about how the system works.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog also, it's probably more suitable for ELL than for EL&U.
1:37 PM
@Glorfindel but pretty sure it kicks in before there are 5 consecutive rejected edits, otherwise it is useless, IMO.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog please tell then. :)
There's another reason for IP blocks. Anonymous edits are also subject to an additional filter for content and changes. If the edit trips it, it will result in an instant 7-day IP ban.
Logged-in users aren't subject to said filter, and accounts being accessed through banned IPs aren't subject to such bans.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog I was wondering the same
If an IP ban is triggered, the edit is discarded, and all previously submitted edits from the same IP will show a "possible spam" message in review.
@Catija Don't forget I helped demonstrate that
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog interesting read
There are no cookies to check for ban evasion. Bypassing it was as simple as enabling my VPN.
1:47 PM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog ...
From my tests, it appears to check for large additions and removals. An edit that adds or removes a large amount of content is more likely to trip the filter. It's a wide-ranging check, and it is subject to a lot of false positives.
I've had a case where I got banned for simply expanding a paragraph, but when I submitted the same edit without that expansion, it was allowed. Another interesting case was another massive addition where when I removed a sentence, it was allowed through.
There is a counter for the number of anonymous edits approved versus rejected in each edit review. Unlike the IP ban logic, this counter is entirely cookie-based; it's how I was able to prove that I was the anonymous editor, despite editing through many different physical locations and VPN IPs.
I don't understand, are you outright saying you've done a ton of ban evasion?
@doppelgreener Evasion of automatically-placed bans as a result of false positives, and the contributions that got through after evading said bans were overall positive. On Wikipedia, there's an actual policy that says that if a rule prevents one from improving or maintaining the site, ignore it, and it appears that was done.
2:04 PM
SE, uh... isn't wikipedia
IAR doesn't apply here
No harm done in this case, but... don't evade bans
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog What you don't know is that we have honeypots to detect this very thing, and they're one of the most fruitful sources of IP addresses to block from posting.
@TimPost What do you mean, honeypots? Fake posts?
@TimPost Or hidden fields that humans can't fill in but are usually filled by spambots?
Regular posts :) They just get flagged due to certain kinds of activity. I can't say more.
2:08 PM
.... checked serebii. The Magicarp master does indeed exist in Pkmn Let's Go
hmm hmm... grabbing honey
But attempting to evade that would likely put you on the receiving end of a strongly worded email from Shog9
1 pokemon, a lv 65 magicarp with splash.
@TimPost though if he's anonymous... how would you know who to send it to? ;p
their ISP provider
2:09 PM
@JourneymanGeek By evaluating their POST request, eheheheheh
@JourneymanGeek If it's an organization usually the abuse contact (e.g. an office or university)
@TimPost I guess that works.
But the spam system will trap you pretty quickly if you step in too many of those, and it will prevent any new accounts from your entire network (determined by CIDR lookup) from posting.
@ArtOfCode Right, here's a full list of every single anonymous edit made to this site from the beginning of that feature until the end of 2017. There are 528, of which at least 315 were made by me. (There are 42 I haven't evaluated yet, since I don't remember each and every edit I made.)
Imagine being the reason your entire university got IP range blocked from SO
heads will roll
2:12 PM
So tinkering with evading bans from say, your university, is very likely to just cause lots of people there to not be able to post for a few weeks.
@Magisch That has happened.
@TimPost Has there been any experimentation regarding cookie blocks?
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog And... this is relevant and not just you attempting to call more attention to what you did why?
A very typical M.O for spammers is not to post new stuff, but to suggest edits anonymously.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog sure, as I said, no harm done in this case. But what Tim's saying.
@Mithrandir To prove the point.
2:14 PM
comes off as a sort of bragging TBH
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog That would be useless. Unless we implement an evercookie sort of scenario (which we'd likely never do for ANY reason out of ethical concerns) but most bots wouldn't accept them or send them anyway.
But w/e
And, well, GDPR ....
@TimPost I thought we display the right cookie warnings? And Wikipedia has a GDPR-compliant system in place for it?
> "we"
2:15 PM
Anyway, all I'm saying is, poking around trying to evade bans or exploit what you think is a loop in the system will likely lead to you, or your whole office being unable to post.
@TimPost But has there been any sort of test showing whether it would be effective or not, by implementing a log-only cookie? Basically, the way it works is that if someone encounters an IP block, it sets a cookie on their machine, so if they try to move to another location they will still be blocked.
blatant topic hijack attempt.
> 🧀?
You may want to avoid mixing up SE and Wikipedia too much. While their goals are tangentially similar, the execution is completely different.
According to Wikipedia, this "adds a small extra layer of protection".
@Derpy They're being ordered!!! :D
2:17 PM
> 🥛!
@TimPost Hooray!
@TimPost \o/
cookies are clientside. What stops a spam operator from not heeding the cookie?
@TimPost .... didn't you say you would:
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog We're not Wikipedia. I can't say that enough. Wikipedia uses PHP session cookies. We don't even use sessions in the conventional sense.
2:18 PM
Nov 12 at 13:39, by Derpy
> If you win but don't care for cheese, we'll give you a selection of other items of approximate value.
@Magisch their conscience ...
why order the boards before knowing how many want the board :P ?
@Bart i think they're missing one of those at that point
Spammers are people too!!!
@Derpy We can't order the exact amount if it's not a whole number that's a multiple of the minimum amount. So we'll end up with some extras.
2:20 PM
Spanners! Yay!
I'd love a SO branded spanner. A wrench that fixes everything if you think about how to use it long enough.
A SO branded monkey wrench. It's one size fits all, and even functions as a hammer in a pinch.
@doppelgreener So, it knows Java?
@TimPost so, it is to late to ask for having Shog angry face engraved on the board instead of just "cheese overflow"?
A MONKEY WRENCH THAT SHIPS WITH JAVA. Yes, the world needs this.
Then they can honestly say Java is installed on everything.
2:24 PM
@TimPost What's to become of that other post, where you asked for swag suggestions, and I proposed playing cards?
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog We will probably print some playing cards, or at least more family-style games in the near future.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog that was another post, just that. Has probably nothing to do with the cheese.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Bananagram and some other word type games that don't require a franchise license to co-brand also came to mind. They're as nice for users as they are to potential clients / etc. That was a good idea.
@TimPost Do proposers of swag get said swag if it ends up getting made?
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog If we end up printing cards or another game I promise we'll send you one.
2:29 PM
Did y'all hear about Amazon shipping its own Java?
As part of pulling away from Oracle DBs, too.
(May Oracle die sometime soon.)
Speaking of games, I managed to get a free copy of Secret Hitler
You can try and see if they want to do a SE edition of the Trogdor game :P
@TimPost will Sonic get a special card of his own? Titled "The Legendary Editor"?
@ShadowWizard nah... it's "ano"...
2:32 PM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog free copy meaning finding a torrent, no?
@ShadowWizard If only I could torrent more RAM
It's a board game
@andmyself not sure @Sonic likes that name. He said at some point he doesn't want it anymore.
@ShadowWizard I know :(
Sep 4 at 6:26, by Sonic the Inclusive Hedgehog
Please do not call me Ano again. I've stopped liking it.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog oh. Lol. What is the game about?
2:34 PM
@TimPost heh. I've been trying decide if I want one of these handtoolrescue.com/shop/wrenchymcwrenchface
@ShadowWizard It's a team game where the primary way of winning is through social engineering
also... a literal modhammer XD
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog and how is Hitler related to it?
in RPG General Chat on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Dec 7 '16 at 4:05, by trogdor
@JoelHarmon yeah Secret Hitler , for example, has one "Hitler" one or two "Facists" and everyone else has no idea who has what role (neither does Hitler, so he has to sort of guess who is with him)
There is also a similar game that replaces Hitler with a werewolf.
the later I once played, the former never.
2:38 PM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog done
@Derpy Hmm... reminds me of Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game...
still, I was told the game are similar
There's an online multiplayer version at secrethitler.io
2:41 PM
in the wolf one, one player gets to be the werewolf, a few are some werewolf hunter and the other are common people. No one knows who is who. The hunter must kill the wolf, the wolf must kill all the others.
Personally I will never play a game with Hitler in its name, was just curious to hear about it.
going to play Secret Shog
@ShadowWizard a similar concept was implemented for an Hello Neighbor spinoff
Secret Neighbor
it is an online game.
each player control a child, they have to unlock a door in a big house by finding keys.
one player is randomly selected to be the neighbor each round
he has to capture the others before they get all the keys
he can switch appearance between the kid and the neighbor in order to try to trick the others
but obviously cant "attack" as a kid
My point is that I don't think people should joke about Hitler. In a way, it lessens the horrible things he did.
2:46 PM
@ShadowWizard but but
But... All good. pokes @Tinker for attention :)
@ShadowWizard I know. I was kinda continuing explain what the game is probably about, not saying anyone should play it.
I never called to ban the game; bans are bad. Just won't play it myself.
playing Hong Kong 97 instead...
@ShadowWizard I'm sure you can find another murdeous sociopath to name it after
2:47 PM
Sure. There are more than enough. ;)
@ShadowWizard Pokes back. Hard.
3:02 PM
@Tinkeringbell oh, nice... a shinny Pidgeotto!
@Derpy You're playing Let's Go? Is it okay?
I like pokemon games, but if I want to play that one I'd have to get a wii too
@Tinkeringbell I was talking about YOU
Ah. I though Shiny Brown pokemon were more of an orange?
who you calling shiny?
or shinny
At least it's not green ._.
3:04 PM
Do macaws even have shins?
@JourneymanGeek Course they do.
do they have shins if they can't bump them on furniture in the dark?
@doppelgreener Who says they don't?
parrot sized furniture ;)
Now I want SE themed Cards Against Humanity... :P
That's going to end badly. :P
3:14 PM
Yes... that's the point. :P
@Catija CAH is CC no?
maybe as swag lol
We just need to get Tim and Adam to make all the cards.
@Catija Perhaps there's some gems in the comments on SE :P
The many memes posts should have a lot of it.
Q: How to make custom Cards Against Humanity Cards?

JasonCards Against Humanity has a free download for a PDF to print custom cards (e.g. PDF for printing custom white cards). However, it seems that these cards are not the same shape/size as the official cards which you get when you purchase the game. The reason for this, clearly, is that while the gam...

@Tinkeringbell back on topic, not yet, not sure what to do - buy it or skip it
It is basically a "remake" of pokemon yellow with LESS content.
3:23 PM
Yeah, that's what I read in the reviews too
But as long as this game allows you to catch all pokemon AND keep them, I'm thinking of trying it.
also, I have the weird felling that some "content" may be locked behind the pokeball add-on
you have read about the Pokeball+Mew thing, right?
I know there's this pokeball controller. Haven't seen the Mew thing
@PrincessLuna Watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
@Tinkeringbell basically the controller allows you to use the mistery gift feature to download Mew ONCE.
so, Mew is already locked behind the controller paywall.
3:32 PM
@Derpy Ah, but that's an old tradition. Those mystery gifts often required you to do something, spend some money
Dataminer found that the game references a battle against "Red" in the postgame content
since no one found him, the current theory is that you have to visit all the 153 master trainers.
so 150 + 1(mew) + 2(melmetal and its pre-evo, two mons introduced in this game)
melmetal isn't available yet and may be a free giveout event
It sounds fun. I like the original 151, I don't care much about what was added later.
but if they require the Mew master too...
And it sounds like there'll be enough storage boxes to actually catch and keep every single one.
then it means that you HAVE to have mew for completing it.
and if that is the case... Mew would be required for battling Red
3:37 PM
You can always trade, and someone someday will find a way to hack in mews ;)
Mew isn't tradeable.
they actually made it not tradeable.
and while you can transfer other pkmns from GO (at least I think you can) Mew is not tradeable that way either.
Pfft. I have some looking into stuff to do ;) Perhaps I can borrow the Wii from my brother and just buy the game first.
I think there was talk of redefining the scientific KG lately?
3:46 PM
That's the joke.
... I assume.
there was - rather than comparing it to a physical measure that apparently can vary slightly
@Feeds For a second there I was confused. A unit of mass is now a unit of currency?
They're trying to make it a universal measurement rather than a weight under a few domes.
basically the current kilo is based on the value of a piece of platinum iridium...
3:57 PM
Tl;dr: Instead of defining kilogram and measuring Planck's constant, the scientists have decided it would be easier to define Planck's constant and then measure one kilogram.

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