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1:37 AM
@JourneymanGeek Namaskar :)
Btw, how often is Area51 stats updated? 24 hours or more?
1:53 AM
Vanakkam :p
Not sure
@Pandya Naskarma?
2:54 AM
@Dukeling It's greetings we use. Actually that word is in Sanskrit. नमस्कार:
3:17 AM
@Dukeling and Vannakam is the tamil version
3 hours later…
6:39 AM
@Dukeling reopened. Some (many) people on SO close blindly any old question, then usually also delete them.
I'm afraid this effort is pointless, 5 others will close it again, and 10-20 users will delete it. :(
1 hour later…
8:09 AM
I tried to give the OP here at least the information I was able to: Tag subscriptions and “Watch tag”. But I have to say I have never seen the tag-tooltip in the way shown in the screenshot. (I only see watch/unwatch tag and ignore tag - but I've never seen the "Manage subscription" button.)
I wonder whether somebody else have some advice.
8:30 AM
@Martin yes I see it in tags I subscribed to in the past directly via the "subscribe" link in the tag popup.
I believe they just keep is as backward compatibility, i.e. people can no longer subscribe directly to tags.
By subscribe you mean "email subscription" - not just watching the tag, right?
Did you experience the same problem the OP describes - that they stopped receiving emails?
Ir seems that it works for the new subscriptions, but no more for the subscription made before the new feature. — Sebastien Palcoux 2 days ago
@Martin yup
Guess it's borked.
I see. So probably this can be considered as an unresolved bug. (I have found this - which is marked as status completed: I stopped receiving tag filter subscription notification emails.)
Last one was in October 4th. o_O
Didn't even notice as I'm not really... watching it.
Well, it appears to be broken again, didn't get email since October 4th. — Shadow Wizard 19 secs ago
I see.
I obviously misinterpreted your message - I though that your subscription might be to a tag (tags) with no questions since October 4. :-)
We will see what this diamond-bearer says about the issue.
Terminological question: How should I refer to non-mod users with diamonds by their names? Stack Exchange staff? Stack Exchange employees? (I think I've heard the term overlords on some per-site metas...)
8:42 AM
Either works.
@Martin I call them Staff, CMs or "Our Benevolent Corporate Overlords" or TPTB
formally though, dev or CM works if you know. Staff if you don't
I wouldn't recommend TPTB - no one really gets that
Maybe with including the WP link: TPTB. :-)
In any case, thanks for the response and the clarification.
We used to refer to folks from the company that wrote a game we played as such ;p
9:12 AM
And of course you can't leave out Edam Lear. And balfoura.
^this is how you refer to non-mod users with diamonds
That's cheesy
Talking of cheese... did anyone of you ever try smoked cheese? My mom had some for her birthday party yesterday, and I liked it a lot :)
9:28 AM
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, I like it, but we don't have it too often
31 messages moved to Chimney
@Martin overlords is insulting, don't use it.
Used especially by anti-SE trolls like Evan, and others who just hate the system.
(or who are not aware what it means)
@ShadowWizard I use it in a humourous way
And I kinda like the system!
@JourneymanGeek sure, but people like Evan are not.
Well some of it anyway
Evan's Evan though
but we can take the sting out of the word by using with love and humour ;)
I'm pretty sure I have seen (on a per-site-meta) the word "overlords" used by mods. In any case, I'll keep the warning in mind. (I'd guess I prefer a more official term anyway. Probably I am more formal than I though.)
9:41 AM
@Tinkeringbell yummy!
@ShadowWizard We should all start speaking a language Evan doesn't speak then :P I'm pretty sure people like that speak normal English too ;)
@Tinkeringbell Hebrew? ;)
@ShadowWizard I can do Shalom! :P
But that's as far as most of my Hebrew goes ;)
@Tinkeringbell well, these days it's pointless anyway since translating back to English is easy than ever. e.g. anyone can understand what אין טעם לנסות, זה אבוד מראש means. :D
or read it
Hebrew's a unique script, right?
9:52 AM
Well. The current script used for Hebrew is actually Assyrian; the original Hebrew script hasn't been used for millennia.
But aside from Aramaic, no modern language other than Hebrew uses that script, correct.
@JourneymanGeek unique in what sense?
Well, tamil is the only language that uses its script
Well, "א" is used in Mathematics
In mathematics, and in particular set theory, the aleph numbers are a sequence of numbers used to represent the cardinality (or size) of infinite sets that can be well-ordered. They are named after the symbol used to denote them, the Hebrew letter aleph ( ℵ {\displaystyle \aleph } ) (though in older mathematics books the letter aleph is often printed upside down by accident, partly because a Monotype matrix for aleph was mistakenly constructed the wrong way up).The cardinality of the natural numbers is ℵ ...
Maybe others used for some things too, but yeah, not used by any other language. :)
heh, that's a weird font for the Aleph letter... @Mithrandir any idea what font it is? ^^
Sorry, no idea. I know nothing about fonts; scripts are more my forte ;)
So write a script that finds the font! :D
Reverse Font Search
10:09 AM
I got my 11th reversal badge :(
Why sad?
Enjoy the gold! :D
Imma reversing your reverse badge
@ShadowWizard for the themes post
also, its like most of my badges are those ;p
I'd love some less downvote tainted gold
10:51 AM
@JourneymanGeek you mean one of the themes posts... the main post is at -222 now with answers at 200+
hah yes, one of them
Still, reversals are one of those...
Looks like most active users just don't like the change...
the answers are fun, sometimes useful but...
Well, tbh, that's a natural reaction.
there's even a SE meme about it
Moving cheese?
older ;)
I'd rather SE, well
10:53 AM
@JourneymanGeek oh, think that back when it started it was more in humor, the change announcements weren't so heavily downvoted.
if they can focus on getting a solid base (cause frankly one of my big issues with SE's management is how unfocused it seems sometimes) they can probably fix some of the stuff people are mad at
Looks like people are mad at taking away the uniqueness of each site, they can't fix this.
Well, its not just the sites with the super bespoke themes tho
All sites look the same now, which is indeed a big blow for the regulars of the sites which had special design.
(heh, SU looks almost the same as it before. Maybe its why I am still gruntled
On the other hand
new designs was one of those massive bottlenecks that slowed down things
and it feels a lot like, well
SE's basically trying to pay off as much technical debt as possible - and this is kinda one of those things.
11:41 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, body starts with title and ends in url, potentially bad ns for domain in body, potentially bad keyword in body (294): BioFluxe Forskolin I will die because of my weight by yoyohoney on ham.SE
(the move to .net core is probably pre-emptive. And eventually opens up the option if running SE web or db tier servers on Linux if needed)
Running SE on Arduino
Running SE on a cloud
Running SE on dead badgers
@ShadowWizard actually, some of the SE Enterprise instances allegedly run on azure
@Somewhat eh, not linux
@Mithrandir eh not yet
11:54 AM
@Journeyman? You changed! :D
@Aibobot woof! Indeed! :D
@ShadowWizard almost time to go home, and didn't feel like typing on my phone
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer (94): Galaxy Y - White Screen Problem by ouni on android.SE
I got about 5 minutes on the clock
but will take a little longer to leave
@Aibobot why
11:57 AM
queuing on the only clocking device...
12:28 PM
@ShadowWizard handover takes a while
hangover, you mean?
you already got another job?
@ShadowWizard Nice answer to that theme thing ;) You beat me to it... I was trying to write an answer that said 'you already can, it's called 'userscripts'':P
@Somewhat hehe think he means handing over the daily job to the one replacing him.
@Tinkeringbell lol, thanks! And sorry for stealing possible rep from you! :)
after handover, get hangover, okay...
12:37 PM
@ShadowWizard I'll just have to the next 10-year-anniversary contest too now, I guess :P
I can do without a lot of imaginary internet points for now, I haven't even yet figured out how close/reopen voting over here works XD
@Tinkeringbell yeah, 200+ rep for each such contest is nice! :D
@Tinkeringbell easy: you close the questions that are off topic (or duplicate) and reopen the questions that are on topic! (or not duplicates) :P
handing over MSE Cheat Sheet 101 to @Tinkeringbell
Hehehe. I mainly struggle with the dupes :) I don't see the dupe sometimes...
wondering if 3 consecutive pings are too much
@ShadowWizard Yeah. I got the first notification you know :P
@Tinkeringbell well, first two were replies, had to give the proper context... third one was a bonus. :D
I wonder if it's worth starting feature request to let us Reply to chat message without pinging the one posting that message?
12:42 PM
some people prefer normal talk, others prefer being called by name before every sentence ;-)
i.e. the reply arrow will be there, but no ping.
It's okay.
@EKons huh? What are you doing here?!
pushing @EKons back to Den
what are you doing here? :D
@EKons drinking beer!
12:44 PM
goes back to discussion
@EKons he has always been here
Even before Den existed.... ;)
Userscrupt FR: ;<message id> (instead of :<message id>) to reply without pinging
it will confuse and probably annoy non-userscript though
But then from all the beer I really had to pee badly, so I created the Den. :-D
@Tinkeringbell eh I say let the dupes live a while :p
@ShadowWizard ewwwwwww
12:45 PM
@JourneymanGeek no! Burn all the dupes! :D
@JourneymanGeek dupes are just vertical bars with pointy textboxes attached to them :P
@ShadowWizard well in MSE acting as a sort of helpdesk I don't think overzealous dupe closes help
Let's just dupe all the dupes
let's burn the dupes after answering them with an exact quote from the target ;-P
Like, Dupe Overflow™
12:48 PM
@JourneymanGeek close yes, delete no. Leaving dupes open on purpose isn't good and will just make the site a mess.
But yeah, I never supported deleting dupes. :)
Many users self delete though, which is pity.
@SmokeDetector thanks
yuck, a "still alive"
that's not a triumph
@ShadowWizard ah, Charcoalese :P
1:36 PM
Charred coal isn't tasty enough.
@ShadowWizard it can make for a Bonfire :P
@SmokeDetector fpu
@EKons too hot
I like my fire medium hot only.
@ShadowWizard not your bonfire though ;-)
medium-hot is hardly enough to bake the meal you hunted for :P
Huh, just read this now. First time a "Welcome Valued Associate" is written by someone welcoming himself. :D
But yeah... nicely written. :)
> welcome, me!
1:47 PM
Should we summon him to the Tavern? He surely fits! :P
@ShadowWizard If that's fitting, I'm gone.
omg, his MSE profile is bugged
Khalid El Khatib, New York, NY, USA
1 1
(see the right side)
@Tinkeringbell hmm? Beer? It's the basic thing in Taverns...
Q: Profile page display bug on users "keeping a low profile"

ZenooThis profile doesn't display properly The right part is way too small and the lines underneath the description aren't aligned.

that isn't SO-specific, tbf
@ShadowWizard ah, that feeling when you figure out the image has been mirrored horizontally
Good old times!
Aug 16 '10 at 17:18, by Shog9
@chacha102 BEER! We're PARCHED here!
You see? Tavern was founded with beer. :D
@EKons indeed
Q: Some profile pages are messed up in sites with the new responsive design

Shadow WizardFew examples across the network: MSE: Physics: IPS.SE: Can this please be fixed? Pretty sure it's related to the responsive design or left nav bar somehow, though can't see what's really causing it.

@ShadowWizard Not true. That message was posted days after the tavern was founded :P
2:02 PM
Real tough guys order a glass of milk :o
glass of milk? hah, trivial
@Tinkeringbell this is a tavern, not a kiosk :D
See. Bye then!
ooops wrong assumption about HTML comments
> This site can’t be reached
> www.goedkoopdrank.nl took too long to respond.
2:07 PM
@EKons probably related to location, luckily imgur can serve people worldwide. :D (while other image hosts/servers only work for people in US/Europe/[specific location here])
goddammit markdown
@ShadowWizard imgur can serve you only if your browser isn't riddled with ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE
@EKons eww, sounds like hackers are trying to nibble at your SSL
wondering what important info @EKons has on his computer
@ShadowWizard yeah, very unlikely, it's been going on for months
Ask on SU
2:14 PM
not sure if I can do that, it looks like it's my internet just sucks
I got good answer when text suddenly became big on Chrome. :)
Q: Text size suddenly got bigger on all sites on Google Chrome

Shadow WizardThis morning I started my Google Chrome browser as I do every day. The text size was suddenly bigger than normal, on all sites. I did not change any setting anywhere. If I set the zoom to 90% it looks fine, but this breaks various things (e.g. Stack Exchange chat) so prefer to avoid it if possib...

only Chrome suffers from this, btw
So it might be yet another "feature"...
yeah, and incognito works before restarting Chrome (via "Exit"ing, not X-ing the window)
and it's none of my add-ons that cause the issue
4 hours later…
5:53 PM
Can someone redflag this comment that is pretty abusive when translated from Dutch to English
@rene Ahhh. A classic.
I flagged it :)
That's ... been up for quite a while..
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, just noticed my inbox notification.
@rene Ah. Well, still... not cool you can get away with it for 40 minutes just cause it's in Dutch.
6:08 PM
I blame Martijn for not being on top of it ;)
@rene :P Sounds like moderating on SO is something you'll never be on top of ;)
That and it is meta ...
Oh yeah. I forgot. Meta allows for a lot more than main, right? :P
A lot more obviously
It should be gone now ;)
So. How was the rest of your weekend?
6:16 PM
easy going.
I even permitted myself to ignore the alarm and sleep for another hour
1 hour later…
7:18 PM
@SmokeDetector you're slow

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