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Good Morning to you too Evan
oh dear god, how the crap am I in this chat.
well that explains the ugly blue.
Well, you either had a tab opened....
they've made it amazingly hard to stumble upon chat ;)
2:03 AM
2:16 AM
2:32 AM
Latest SEEN: Korean.SE and Emacs.SE have started their nomination phase and looking for 1 mod, while Philosophy.SE started collecting questionnaires.
Emacs.SE: ugh, dat font ._.
While Philosophy.SE:
A: 2018 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

Frank HubenyQuestion for the candidates: How often do you down-vote?

Yesterday, I saw this in a news channel
Bus swept away by floods in northern India https://t.co/pOGAJSS0qq
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7:52 AM
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8:33 AM
Omg, we have had a wild Evan appear. What is happening?
Who knows what Evan lurks in the spleens of men?
(he isn't sure either from what I see)
There is a little bit of Evan in all of us. And he refuses to tell how it got there.
Do you want to hear how evil our neighbour is?
I could kill her right now....
Oh, hello neighbor!
So this morning, I woke up, walked to the station... only to feel my vest pocket and miss the little cardholder with my debit card, public transport card and office access card...
So, I emptied my entire backpack, no cards...
Walked back home, watched the ground the entire time, hoping it fell out and I would find it... nothing.
Came home, sent an e-mail that I'd be working from home.
Put a temporary block on the debit card, and went to have breakfast.
At around 8:30-ish, mom wakes up, comes down, sees me and goes 'what are you doing here'
(not even a good morning!)
Told her that I'd lost the card-holder
'What does it look like?'... I describe the thing, and she goes 'Oh, I think I know where it is'
What happened: Last Saturday, they had a neighbourhood barbeque, and when it got cold in the evening, mom borrowed my vest
During that, the card-holder probably fell out, and a neighbour found it, asked around (but because it was mine and not mom's, she didn't recognize and claim it)
So neighbour took it home
Now the fun part: All three cards have my name on it, one even has my picture.
When I just went to collect it, she went 'Oh, we didn't know it was yours' :/
8:44 AM
A question arises.
Ask and it may be answered
Since - based on your story - this person seems very "nice"...
feels like you want to do this to your neighbor
Why had you/your mom to have a barbecue with this fine person in the first place?
@Somewhat That's a kind visual of what was going on my mind when mom told me neighbour had it.
8:45 AM
"social contract expectations", as Sheldon would probably call them?
@Tinkeringbell It's possible that out of niceness everyone decided not to look at the cards inside.
@Derpy Neighbourhood bbq... She was the one that organized it and invited us. I didn't go as I'd already had a bbq the weekend before.
That said, if I find a lost object, I won't hesitate to check it to check for any names or contact info.
@SonictheInclusiveWerehog Dumb thing is, she knew there was a transport card and a debit card in there, as mom told me 'Linda found a card-holder with those inside at the bbq last Saturday'
Only thing I can imagine is that is was far enough in the evening that everyone was drunk enough to not look at the names
Still doesn't explain why she didn't do so on Sunday or Monday,
That story makes no sense to me
8:48 AM
It makes no sense to me either!
That's the frustrating thing.
If you find someone's cardholder the first thing you do is look at the name on it
And if it's your neighbor the first thing you do is "huh this is tinkeringbell's, maybe I should go LITERALLY NEXT DOOR to deliver it instead of holding onto it"
@Magisch nonsense. You keep the cardholder ans start calling it "My Preciousssssss"
not even like you could DO anything with the cards
@Magisch There's a limit of 25 euro's you could spend with the debit card without needing a code..
8:52 AM
even if you're like infinitely socially awkward like me put it in the mailbox or something
surely it's worth risking criminal charges & ruining your relationship with your neighbor for 25 quid
So this is what it looks like: i.stack.imgur.com/XNbj6.png
I mean, it has my picture, ffs...
These days I leave my credit card out of my wallet and just pay with my phone, using Google Pay.
there's even a picture of you on there
It had to have been real dark if you don't recognise me!
Well to be honest, that picture looks nothing like you @Tinkeringbell ...
8:53 AM
and you were at the BBQ
@Bart True, it's an old one. My hair is much longer now ;)
@Magisch No, I wasn't
Hair? It lacks feathers
Do they have wireless Apple/Google/Samsung Pay in Europe? Or is it a U.S.-only thing?
@Bart How would you know that?
@Magisch My mom wore my vest, the cards were in it's pocket. I didn't go to the BBQ, didn't feel like doing that two weeks in a row
@SonictheInclusiveWerehog I know things ...
8:56 AM
@Tinkeringbell Are barbecues really that big in the Netherlands, like here in Texas?
@SonictheInclusiveWerehog No. That's probably also why it's not worth doing them twice in a row
I'm not much of a meat eater so I've never really been to barbecues
@SonictheInclusiveWerehog Over here, it seems to be 'trendy' to serve more vegetables and side stuff like salads/bread than actual meat
I prefer 'gourmetten' on Christmas day ;)
@Tinkeringbell That pretty much describes the "Indian" way of doing it
@Tinkeringbell haha, so freaking Dutch :D
9:03 AM
@Bart So what? It's not like I'm hiding that fact :P
@Tinkeringbell Interestingly, I went to a similar restaurant like that in Mumbai. They had little grills in the middle of tables.
Over here it's moving to Raclette and cheese fondue season again
I like that day. We have our grandparents come over and it's often very 'gezellig' at the table :)
@Bart I'd love to try cheese fondue, but I guess it'll have to wait until I'm living on my own... my parents apparently aren't fond of it, so I'm not getting any either ;)
It can be quite good, but it's one of those "once a year" things.
I don't think we have any once a year food here...
Oh, maybe home-made oliebollen. We do buy them sometimes, but home-made is definitely once a year :)
9:06 AM
Yeah, we used to make those as well on the last day of the year. Outside, in the shed, because otherwise everything would stink for weeks :D
Hmmm. My mom puts up little bowls of vinegar in the room, that seems to help.
We always make them in the kitchen
I love the day we make Oliebollen, because it's also a T-shirt day in the middle of winter due to the room temp being set to 26/27 degrees just to get the dough to rise
@Tinkeringbell well, until she doesn't do that in order to fight chemical trails... I suppose it is good (yep, no joke here, there are claims that putting a cup of vinegar on the window should stop the weather/mind controlling effects of the chemical trails up in the sky)
premium tinfoil hat info here
Hmm. that reminds me. We need to buy more tinfoil ;)
9:41 AM
When I went to have BBQ, it's almost always 80% cooking, 20% eating...
For the latest BBQ, I decided to 0% cooking, 100% eating though...
@Tinkeringbell @Bart What's oliebollen?
> Google Translate: deep fried doughnut balls
is there "banaan bollen"?
It's a thick batter with yeast, plain or with raisins, which gets deep fried. I like to put in bits of apple, make the batter with beer. And you sprinkle it with powdered sugar.
@Somewhat I could see that work.
@Somewhat Yes, they're not very tasty though
@Bart My aunt makes her batter with beer, her oliebollen are always as hard as rocks :/
... really? How does she achieve that? :D
9:48 AM
Perhaps wrong food though ._.
Looks like puff pastry? Man, now I want pisang goreng
10:04 AM
Or any other fried kind of food.
It's lunchtime. Time for bread!
If there's one thing I miss over here it's good Indonesian food
If this day continues like it started, soon will appear on my forehead...
how can one experiment with mobile app development frameworks without a smartphone or at least an emulator AAAAAARRRRRGHHHHHHH
... you can't?
@Bart I. KNOW.
And yet that's what I am supposed to do right now.
Useless is to add that every attempt to at least have some emulation running in order to be able even the most basic of test has meet failure
Can't really use the physical machine, nor I can use a virtual development environment.
also, I have to listen to people who think they could use the nativescript playground as a serious app development ide (who needs source control, let's try and put a whole app on an online service that was built with the sole purpose of providing a tutorial entry level quick try out environment)
10:21 AM
Sounds like you're having fun
@Bart .... if you use the Dwarf Fortress definition of "FUN".....
@Bart I even tried installing Android x86 on hyper-v inside an Azure VM just hoping it would at least allow me to do some basic stuff....
didn't know that if you are connecting to an hyper-v host via RDP (which obviously is what I am doing since the host is an azure vm) then the guest VM isn't able to use the mouse because Microsoft decided so.
It's no use
@SonictheInclusiveWerehog that didn't need a ping
it's 10 minutes old, the community can close vote it
@doppelgreener Those users have explicitly consented to being pinged with requests, as they possess gold badges that allow for immediate closure.
at the cost of being devil advocate here, I think that if Shadow is annoyed by the ping... probably he would say it himself in the first place.
Seriously, no offense intended.... but lately this is starting to fell like "Hedgehog hunting season"
@Derpy Like rene, he's explicitly stated that he's OK with it.
He can be annoying at times, I get it... but trying to let him live at least when he isn't annoying anyone?
10:48 AM
If a user who holds a gold badge hasn't given their explicit permission for me to ping them for that reason, I won't do it.
That said, I am not accusing anyone specifically here.
It's just that lately the room seems pretty fond to jump at the local rodent, no mater how annoying said rodent has been at the moment.
11:06 AM
it was a 10 minute old question, it got closed in under 20 minutes by normal community work
@doppelgreener Not quite; the author approved the vote.
"normal community work" includes that
You can't rely on that. OPs are notoriously as good as random oracles.
@doppelgreener Yeah, you make a good point; there's not much point to making such a ping when the consented users aren't in the room.
But when they are, the closure tends to happen instantly, with no wait.
11:21 AM
16 messages moved to Chimney
Don't know who flagged that, but is that really necessary?
I don't see a flaggable message in the recent chat history.
Except for anything I say, but everyone has sort of come to accept it
12:08 PM
@SonictheInclusiveWerehog waiting is good
Patience is a virtue. Also a card game for 1
@Bart flagged what?
Stack exchange content moderation doesn't go well with the word "instantaneous" and also doesn't need to. It's fine for things to take an hour or two if nothing is actually burning down on the spot
(counting spam as something burning down)
12:24 PM
Like it always is on SO?
@JohnDvorak if you've got a million patches of kindling there will always be a fire somewhere. :D
SO is an outlier :p
And there's a big difference between 'hey this needs closure' and 'hey, I need someone to dupehammer X cause I can't wait for 4 people to agree'
Again, if I request the top 2 starred messages to be unstarred, am I targeting someone?
(^ either loaded question, or nonsense question)
because honestly, I was starting to get sick seeing certain messages got starred...
or well, it's easier for me to leave this room though...
12:50 PM
Whatever suits you. Not particularly attached to stars.
(fwiw, they have been unstarred, case closed after this line to prevent misunderstanding)
Nov 8 '13 at 20:46, by Bart
@gparyani top tip: 95% of what I say is nonsense. The other 5% is suspicious.
it's a subtle hint... ;)
@Bart Ahhh. That explains a lot ;) So is that message nonsense? or suspcicious?
@Somewhat You call that subtle? :P
1:03 PM
@Tinkeringbell yes
@Bart I like how you always seem to repeatedly quote a message you initially directed toward my old account
@SonictheInclusiveWerehog I'm fond of reuse
1:19 PM
reduce. reuse. recycle.
Secure. Contain. Protect.
funny. The stand alone "visual studio emulator for android" does work inside an azure vm. At a decent speed to....
Still, very unstable
wonderfull to think that the updated version does not work at all.
2:06 PM
.... new sidequest of the day. While still experimenting with android emulators, suddenly...
> A wild "Account Unknown" appears!
.... cue in a nice antivirus tour.
in the end, guess what?
You mean, Missingno?
Apparently a meta post on MathOverflow is a hot case... Is there a way to discuss the correctness of the proof of the RH by Atiyah in MO?
> "Sorry, forgot to hide that. Please look the other way and maybe someone will hide it again in a future feature"
what kind of reply is this???
2:29 PM
@Somewhat the whole story (although far beyond my skills) feels kind of sad.
@Derpy an honest one?
2:45 PM
@JohnDvorak More of a "I don't care if our costumers lose time because our software is a mess with fake security allerts"
seems overly cynical
Dec 19 '16 at 13:32, by Derpy
@Telkitty want to join the "My Microsoft account was accessed by an unrecognized MICROSOFT IP and my account was temporary suspended as a precaution because of this" club?
> I am altering the OS, pray I don't alter it any further.
Oh, that
2:49 PM
Saw suspended live id accounts that were accessed by "unknown ip". The ip was an internal microsoft one. Sorry, they lost my friendship and good will long ago.
At least they don't log you into their own browser and set it as default, and even enable mobile data just in case
Actually I'm not sure which is worse
already had my share of "hunt the malware that isn't here " fun thanks to them.
Obligatory question: does this happen to insiders only?
@JohnDvorak if you were asking about the account thing, nope. Was a regular live id created thru the web interface.
Allegedly, it was accessed by an unrecognized --MICROSOFT OWNED-- ip about 5 minutes after initial creation
In Corporate USA, you spend your time hunting down spyware that doesn't even exist. In Communist china, spyware hunts you.
2:53 PM
I'm not sure about these curvy new tabs in Chrome at all
They're crooked, not curved
ha ha
well at least they're not evil
.... anyway, seem we have a new wave of spam accounts on meta
if they haven't posted, there's mot much we can do
@JohnDvorak that looks like Russia, but China might apply too...
3:08 PM
@JohnDvorak .... but do you exist?
Does any of us?
i woof therefore i am
3:20 PM
.... I just opened edge to be greeted by this.
So, they were sued for bundling a browser with their OS but asking for my phone number when I open Edge is somehow fine????
by now, this day is seeming like someone will soon jump out and tell me this was a Candid Camera
"give us your data so that we may send you a link"
Because I must be too stupid to search for it on the app store.
IF I was interested in the first place.
oh, yeah, they are also on the app store. I'm an idiot.
My biggest fear is that my head will grow so big, there just won't be enough tin foil in the world to cover it completely.
> .... I just opened edge...
3:30 PM
@KevinB sometime you need a "browser" to download a browser
@KevinB ironically...
I use edge emulating an iPad to download windows 10 isos
Q: Police forcing me to install Jingwang spyware app, how to minimize impact?

CitizenChinese police are forcing whole cities to install an Android spyware app Jingwang Weishi. They are stopping people in the street and detaining those who refuse to install it. Knowing that I may be forced to install it sooner or later, what are my options to prepare against it? Ideally: Make ...

Xinjiang city, specifically
@Derpy curl
Memorizing the Firefox download URL might not be something people just do out of boredom, but it's no insurmountable obstacle for anyone dedicated enough.
Q: Are [*-stackoverflow] legitimate tags or not?

RubénWe have (had?) russian-stackoverflow portuguese-stackoverflow spanish-stackoverflow (I created it the last week) japanese-stackoverflow (I created it today) Are these tags legitimate on MSE? I think that they are because while the Stack Overflow sister sites have their own meta sites they a...

kiamlaluno removes [*-stackoverflow] from the questions. At least, he has removed this tag from 7 questions with .
Is it ok?
@JohnDvorak windows.
3:50 PM
Ubuntu subsystem
And of course, any real geek bears with them an emergency stick that contains, at the barest minimum, a Firefox installer, a Ruby runtime environment and a custom-built DSK derivative for their own language.
4:10 PM
@JohnDvorak oh wow
sounds like a paragraph from 1984
It's the same country that has a computer system that kicks you out of every restaurant in the country if you've been rude once a year ago, and puts a red flashing rectangle around your face for every cop to see.
4:37 PM
@Suvitruf you can ping them on a question. They probably argue that specific tags for each so site are not needed on MSE, which I kind of agree with.
@rene the OP of the meta question seems to have pinged him, but not getting any reply...
@JohnDvorak tbh I agree with that advice
if you're dealing with something as ruthless and dangerous as chinese state police it's probably an unwise move to try and play tricks
My advice would be to GTFO ASAP.
not always realistic but basically yea
@rene our local chat subscribed on this tag's feed, so SOru could in time find out about issues related to it.
4:49 PM
I posted all the bugs I found on jaSO directly on their meta though...
Granted, some users couldn't speak Japanese and instead posted on MSE...
If the bug related specifically to local site, we post it on local meta. But if the issues is about all localized sites we usually post it on MSE.
> It seems to me that the shorter a tag name the better. I think, it should be "international" (or may be "internationals") because of the same reason we do not use "stack-overflow-site". -- Feedback And Initiatives On International Sites
@Somewhat yeh. But for now it is just an initiative.
okay, so under the umbrella of that I can rollback those tag edits? Is that the idea?
This isn't "decided" by any stretch at this point... let's get it to that state before we actually do anything.
A: Feedback And Initiatives On International Sites

RubénTl;Dr international is a bad tag Description This already was mentioned on other answers (from me,from Glorfindel) but it's was requested to me to elaborate. international is a bad tag for MSE because among other things, it's a meta-tag not because is a tag of MSE but because it's ambiguous. ...

5:01 PM
@rene I can rollback it by myself. But the question was about that user intentions.
Seems a good idea. reverted the universe
Hmm. Top bar in chat script seems to be broken. :/ And Jason C has dropped off the face of the planet...
But now there is friction as some localized sites want to test this process and someone not involved decides they don't like it.
something is off in this.
We are trying to find the best approach for this =/
@Mithrandir you made me refreshed the page and I regretted it :(
5:05 PM
I'm pretty sure I accepted suggested edits that added those tags, in the anticipation that the proposed process is so complex that you have to do some field testing to see if it works
Jason C was still... quite active on SE though. Last time I saw was on Law Meta
@Somewhat s/planet/MSE chat
I'm happy to go for 'this is not decided yet" but then we missed an earlier opportunity to warn the users that were involved with editing those in.
I simply don't like the unilateral aspect of it.
And assume good faith of those catering for the international sites
I may be missing something... I'm sort of confused. What's your concern, @rene ?
How many close and down votes didn't those transfix bug posts had to endure?
@Catija here we have unilateral tag reversals that go against the process one of the CM's tries to establish wit the help of the international site communities
why would anyone want to block that? And why would you need to wait before it is decided?
5:13 PM
I just spoke with Juan and Nic this morning about that... what the tag should be isn't decided.
Yes, but that a post is originated from a specific international site isn't a useless tag
Changing things before they're decided means that they'll be edited several times potentially while people are arguing about it. In Nic's post, he says to use "international" but he doesn't say anything about removing *-stackoverflow tags, so removing those tags at all is wrong until there's some idea of what should be done.
@rene I agree.
Okay. I propose those edits are rolled back.
@rene I was just about to do that, actually
Okay, thanks, that was my whole point
sorry for being so unclear
5:16 PM
There's a chance, with some of those translation issues, that if it's an issue on one site, it's also an issue on all of them, which is possibly why the site-specific tag may be a hindrance but we don't tag based on the answers, we tag based on the question, so if the problem is known on the Russian site and needs to be fixed there, then the tag seems appropriate to me.
But regardless of this decision, someone have to talk with this user.
I leave that to MSE mods which happen to be SE staff.
@Rubén please, join this conversation)
@rene we asked CM to settle this issue. But he responded, that he thought that author of edited questions should do it by himself.
Okay, I think that's all of the rollbacks.
5:19 PM
in Stack Overflow на русском on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 2 hours ago, by Nicolas Chabanovsky
@alexolut Я надеялся на вас, как на автора.
@Suvitruf very clear ;)
doesn't look like moonspeak :(
@rene ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I trust Google translated that correctly for me.
@Mari-LouA The re-tagging hit you twice today
@AnneDaunted hmm, rather. So, is this SO tag supposed to be burninated? I can't find anything that confirms it.
It's being discussed here
Q: Are [*-stackoverflow] legitimate tags or not?

RubénWe have (had?) russian-stackoverflow portuguese-stackoverflow spanish-stackoverflow (I created it the last week) japanese-stackoverflow (I created it today) Are these tags legitimate on MSE? I think that they are because while the Stack Overflow sister sites have their own meta sites they a...

I don't think a burnination is in order
That's the non_English sites. What about Stack Overflow tags? There are over a thousand questions.
5:45 PM
You mean ?
@AnneDaunted yes. I can see you've been doing a little housekeeping.
No, not this one (not to my knowledge), but
Q: Put [stackexchange] in the stack for tag exchanges

Bill the LizardIt looks like the stackexchange tag is a holdover from the pre-split days when this site was called Meta Stack Overflow and also served as the meta site for Stack Overflow (in addition to its current purpose). It was intended to disambiguate questions about the SE network as a whole from question...

This was useful back when this was also Meta SO, but after these were separated...
I see, are you Don Quixote in shiny armour :) Again, there are over a thousand questions, it's a noble cause but IMO pretty thankless and… alone, impossible to achieve. Thanks for the clarification.
For some reason I can't edit comments. So I bid thee farewell :)
I won't edit them all, don't worry :-)
Eek, I double checked it's 5,441 questions. Ohh, now I can edit. Bye Anne, good to hear from you.
5:56 PM
Bye, Mari-Lou!
2 hours later…
7:50 PM
looking at $955 worth of camera equipment
8:04 PM
video or photo?
GoPro HERO7 Black x1 - ($400) | GoPro HERO7 White x2 - ($400) | Helmet attachment x1 ($15) | Tripod x2 ($140)
(This is... sorta in the "dreaming" stage at the moment.)
And what activity are you going to video?
Urban MTB lines and tricks. ...if it ever happens.
sounds cool ...
8:20 PM
Yep - I've written up a sort of story for it, and planned out a route. Today I went out and practiced everything (except for one thing that I want people to be around for in case I get hurt :P). I'm hoping to get this done, but buying a lot of equipment is... no small matter.
But... keeping this video quality isn't really an option ;P
I like the running bit ....
@Sonic hey sorry for not responding to the emerald requests, I'm in a vacation with very limited WiFi access.
Now I'm sea-sick
Case in point.
@rene just don't puke on the floor plz! ;)
8:30 PM
that's not for me to decide ...
How can a flower puke?
It is just a reversed fart
@Mithrandir you really don't want to know
@Mithrandir o_O
@rene Can't be, gas vs. semi solid and other differences. O_o
8:34 PM
It just turns into plasma here
3 hours later…
11:08 PM
it took me a while to figure out what was wrong with that pic - I'm the anti geek
@YvetteColomb took me abooout half a second longer than it should.
Jumped out at me immediately...
Funny thing is I noticed the photo was badly focused first

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