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12:08 AM
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard Want to add Hebrew here?
2 hours later…
2 hours later…
4:10 AM
~ Echo ... E c h o ...... E c h o .....
4:53 AM
6:03 AM
tadaima ani
@Fabby 6 hours and 27 minutes xd
@TheLittleNaruto who is Kashin koji
@kId I don't remember
@Fabby How about adding Hindi or Sanskrit as well ? Is it ok to add these too ?
@Fabby In Sanskrit it is called शुष्कद्राक्षा And In Hindi It is called किशमिश
7:06 AM
@Fabby in Hebrew it's just "צימוק". :)
kicks @TheLittleNaruto
baby Do you think @DroidDev is free from his work today ?
@TheLittleNaruto Indubitably
last night I played two matches with @ber and team. I failed miserably. Zero kills in both matches. Although, they also didn't do a very good job. LoL
@DroidDev LOL
7:11 AM
@BabyBe'el wut that wurd?
@DroidDev Did you guys landed on pochinki ?
they usually land at locations, with zero worth of drops. Not a single scope, rarely a good rifle
@TheLittleNaruto no, not this time
...and when finally we are done looting, circle is almost always reduced to last 20 people. Then, somebody charges at us, and bam! We gone
Hey where was that sniper person who killed us in last game ? To our left or in front ?
@DroidDev LMAO
@TheLittleNaruto no clue man. I was killed by someone prone in front of me only
Oh ok
Lunch time brb After 5 minutes
@DroidDev From last 4-5 games, I finally understood why sniper rifle is important lol
7:19 AM
@TheLittleNaruto bwahahaa. Don't worry, we'll get better. We are already getting placed in top 10 teams, with decent amount of kills and loots. I think we play enjoyable games.
Before playing with you, I played with a random player. He was driving the vehicle and never stopping even if the white circle shrinked to smallest one. And during the vehicle ride we got killed.
@DroidDev Yeah I want to record our video and publish on YT lol
@TheLittleNaruto haha, those persons are easiest to kill. Just wait for vehicle to come directly in your direction, aim with any damn rifle, and bam :P
@TheLittleNaruto haha, you can do it if you want
although, its not a very good game, I must tell you
@DroidDev Why ? which game you think is better than this ?
I am saying skill wise
fyi I used to play IGI
In college I had completed both IGI I and IGI II
@DroidDev I see
It is more about finding best weapon and use them correctly
7:23 AM
@TheLittleNaruto lol, I have completed Call of Duty, all three difficulty levels, on my laptop, with just touchpad. I didn't use mouse for any game. I was also in college at that time. That time was centuries ago man :P
else someone else will find it anyway and you'll be history lol
@DroidDev lol true
It's been 6 years already. Jesus I can't believe it xd @Dro
haha, and in those six years, we have just gotten some shitty jobs
8:10 AM
back from lunch
@PrincessLuna :(
@RaisingAgent ?
@TheLittleNaruto I had English, German, and French in school
@RaisingAgent Oh you too.
@TheLittleNaruto a teenager needs their sleep
8:12 AM
German is anyway your official language
English you'll learn eventually
or french, udk ;)
But French, That needs some time
@RaisingAgent I know you're German.
200% sure
how do u know?
Well.. I am the king of this realm
I have to know about my citizens
kicks @TheLit king
8:14 AM
So can you talk in French now ?
Pas de problem
I had french in school for ~6 years
but the french lessons were held in german
8:15 AM
if you missed this
I saw it
@RaisingAgent Yeah it's good to learn that way.
its a terrible way. If the french teacher cosntantly speaks french and only clarifies in another language its much better
My french classes never got past the second book anyways
So I couldn't even buy a baguette in french
@RaisingAgent I thought this when you said "held in German"
@RaisingAgent lol
German and English lessons were also held in German
It was really funny, we went to Strasbourg with the french class
8:19 AM
Why funny ? It must be fun, right ?
and I tried to buy a baguette in french and failed, my classmates tried it in english and failed, and then this native walks in and start speaking german to the cashier
visiting new places
@RaisingAgent lol
Ye, Strasbourg is so close, we go there all the time
At least you guys tried
but we occupied it for a while, so they speak german :)) huehue
We should do that more often^
occupy things
8:20 AM
So you're studying in Germany or France ?
I had got a offer from a company in Munich. One of my German friend had referred me few years back.
Munich is cool, one of my fav cities
But they did not select me because I didn't kow German
8:22 AM
And they mostly dealt with German clients, So..
U could always learn german
Yeah But German is not piece of cake you know ^^
I know
Most germans struggle with it
kicks @Pri because learning German is tough
@RaisingAgent Why Germans ?
@Pri is probably on a good way to speak better german than most 9th graders here
8:24 AM
It's their native language
@TheLittleNaruto cuz they're dumb
...wait! wut ?
@RaisingAgent You're also 9th Grader ?
I am done with school, got my 'Abitur'
@TheLittleNaruto It's a weird phenomenon happening right now. There has always been a more casual german, that the guest workers after WWII spoke
It is a much simpler and easier german, where you just throw away the articles and other difficult stuff
And now theres refugee kids in school everywhere and they don't really have the choice to learn proper german
because german courses suck and the government isn't reacting
Ah too bad
so every kid uses the simple form of german for everyday conversation and 80% of their day
You could learn that
8:29 AM
IMO, Every language of this world has own set of richness, and hence must be preserved as it is.
but that german isn't good for munich :)
@TheLittleNaruto ya, I agree
@RaisingAgent buddhism (?)
@FOX9000 lol wut
@RaisingAgent Our languages also got polluted after invasion of westerns and mughals
Now nobody talks real Hindi
They talk something polluted version
It happens everywhere when people speak a language they don't grew up with or had the time to learn properly
IMO it's a pitty. But it works and life/work must go on
8:33 AM
Yep we can't really do anything about it.
But there is always some set of people who preserve the real thingy
Yeah, elders lol
Not elders lol
Every language has their own group or organizations which carries the burden of preserving it
True, nowadays we can preserve languages in the cloud
Cloud is risky, it can rain.
But the population might not speak a language at all anymore. In germany, the linguists renamed this subset of german that foreigners used to speak from Kiezdeutsch to Kurzdeutsch because it's the norm now
8:39 AM
@TheLittleNaruto I never understood the point of preserving the language. It is changing because most people are speaking new things, and everything is also eventually getting documented in new language. Why do we need to preserve something that nobody is using in day to day life. :/
@RaisingAgent Oh kinda official you mean ?
@DroidDev I can't answer to that. But I think you'll understand when you'll try to learn some other languages
@TheLittleNaruto dunno man. I try to learn kannada from time to time though.
@TheLittleNaruto Well, we still have the same rules for the language, but no one abides them anymore
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard true, cloud is only fun when you don't rely on it
My editor is in the cloud (reeee)
8:42 AM
> "Unlike Hindi or any other languages, Sanskrit has noun pronoun and verb for third gender as well. Thats one of the good thing I like about it."
Third gender? He, She, > it < ?
@RaisingAgent We can't use "it" for Transgender, can we ?
@DroidDev I am trying to learn Canada
@TheLittleNaruto don't think so, would use them and their
@RaisingAgent I hope you do your best in the field of themodynamics
@RaisingAgent That's not correct, I would consider a workaround.
However in Sanskrit, we have everything separate like Masculine and Feminine
8:45 AM
Use pronouns the person prefers, as long as its either he or she
everything as in noun and pronoun and verb as well
I doubt any other language has it :)
So when he sits on a chair, the chair is male. when she sits on a chair, its female?
8:47 AM
The chair is just male
and not it
depends on how you pronounce chair in Sanskrit
Oh wow, how does that work?
I am not sure how to explain lol
Let me master it, then I may be able to give you a big picture
You can start sending voice memos uploaded to soundcloud in chat :D
@TheLittleNaruto Okay^
Ok that I can do.
8:49 AM
Don't go out of your way to do it tho, can't listen to it immediately anyway
> >work
Don't worry I ahve got more important work to do...
@RaisingAgent Deutschland? :3
Yes :3
I am in the german langauge beta chat now so you don't have to wait 4 days for a reply
@RaisingAgent yah xd
9:01 AM
Same for me sadly and I have a 9 to 5
I either get up at 5:30 or 8
and stay til 5
For school I always got up after the first lesson lol
I feel u :)
9:22 AM
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard Adding
@TheLittleNaruto Adding. Just one word for each?
Added, thanks guys!
@Fabby Yeah it has only one word as far as I remember, no synonym
@Fabby I think Moderator didn't like your edit ^^
He removed newly added ones.
9:44 AM
@RaisingAgent aw
@TheLittleNaruto yeah looks like only European languages are allowed on that site.
Which makes some sense, to be honest.
If most users are from USA/Europe only, no point allowing other languages like Hindu, Hebrew, etc.
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard SE is mostly global unless it is a language or regional specific sites for example German SE Japanese SE etc
Just because majority of people from a particular place we must not bound the site knowledge to that specific region
@TheLittleNaruto nope.. actually the policy I know of is to not allow non-English in posts unless of course it's a localized SE site.
Since it's very hard to moderate, e.g. requires mods to translate, and it's not 100% reliable.
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard Dude there was Russian as well. Can it be easy to moderate ?
Q: Do posts have to be in English on Stack Exchange?

JimmyOtherwise known as 必须用英语吗?(is English required?) Do I have to use English when posting a question or answer on a Stack Exchange site? Return to FAQ Index

Not my call... officially, non English is simply not allowed.
9:52 AM
@TheLittleNaruto We stepped over one another.
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard I believe we have mods from almost all major countries of the world.
@TheLittleNaruto not on every site.
@TheLittleNaruto Sorted. She added a German word I was not aware of...
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard Agree! But all I was saying if other non-English languages have been added, why not these ? (And please don't give me that that most people are fromEurope/US)
Anyway.... bottom line is non English is forbidden officially... some sites/mods might let is pass anyway, but can't be expected to do so, and non English can be edited out or deleted without a notice due to the policy. Of course, we can always start new MSE discussion/request to change that policy.
@TheLittleNaruto likely because the mod who edited isn't familiar with the languages they removed.
Leaving the others is the bonus. :)
This guy is from India
Never said all users are from USA/Europe... just most. :)
Again a community should be according to everyone not just "most"
Anyway screw that!
I didn't follow most of your discussion
can you imagine moderating a community where everybody speaks their native language?
9:59 AM
You missed the BIG WHOLE POINT!!!
I did give a disclaimer
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard Yeah, but It's also clearly marked in English as well. I would call this one extremely pale grey
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard Should I post e Meta question as noting that IMHO this is *extremely pale grey (if not white) on cooking meta before going to meta.se?
(Meta.se still feels like an angry crowd and a bunch of sticklers for the rules regardless whether or not the rules actually make sense or not)
@Fabby Avoid asking on meta SE
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard No, we just stepped over one another.
@TheLittleNaruto I didn't: it's back in.
and I pinged the mod that I did edit it back in and she hasn't come back to me about the languages. (yet! but if she does, I'll bow to the wisdom of the mod because mods have:
:D :D :D
@Fabby :D
10:07 AM
What are we talking about actually, exactly? (I said I missed most of the discussion :P)
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard Thank you for pointing it out, cooking meta coming up.
@Fabby Not everyone treated well like @BabyBe'el : meta.stackexchange.com/q/311721/206319
upgoated both Q&A
@Fabby If possible please read Baby Be'el bio
10:09 AM
...to the end!
@TheLittleNaruto Funny!
@TheLittleNaruto only IGI
@TheLittleNaruto I wouldn't be a good mod because:
I cannot be insulted (any more), I know too many languages and words are just that: words, Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt me etc...
@kId I meant mission games
@TheLittleNaruto what type of game do you like most?
10:11 AM
baby Would @Fabby be a good mod ?
@TheLittleNaruto Frankly my dear, I don't give a dean
jesus xd
@kId mission or car racing
@BabyBe'el help
@TheLittleNaruto RPG?
baby tell Fabby help
10:12 AM
@Fabby Information on interacting with me can be found at this page
@BabyBe'el baby listcommands
@TheLittleNaruto you didn't play pop, dmc etc ?
@Fabby No need to ping him
it scans the pattern
and it should start with "baby"
baby cry
10:14 AM
@kId That didn't make much sense. Use the help command to learn more.
@TheLittleNaruto That's a bug!
It should do the same also when pinged!
baby listcommands
@Fabby help, afk, backup, ban, clap, convert, define, die, doge, eval, forget, google, hang, imdb, info, jquery, learn, listcommands, listen, live, mdn, meme, moustache, msdn, mustache, nudge, quote, refresh, spec, stat, stats, summon, tell, unban, undo, unonebox, unsummon, urban, weather, welcome, wiki, xkcd, youtube, zalgo
//neko kiss
10:15 AM
baby welcome Fabby
@Fabby Welcome to the Shadow's Den chatroom!If you have a question, just post it, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help. If you want to report an abusive user or a problem in this room, ping TheLittleNaruto.
baby eval 2+3-8*7
@TheLittleNaruto -51
baby @Fabby or @ShadowtheWelcomingWizard
10:15 AM
@InsaneCat Maybe you should consider looking up the manual. (//help)
@TheLittleNaruto @Fabby
baby urban fabby
@TheLittleNaruto fabby [fabulous], [wonderful], of great [worth]
@InsaneCat Maybe you should consider looking up the manual. (//help)
10:16 AM
2 mins ago, by kId
@TheLittleNaruto you didn't play pop, dmc etc ?
~ Let's build some dykes ....
baby wiki fabby
Fabiola da Silva (born June 18, 1979 in São Paulo), nicknamed Fabby, is a Brazilian professional vert skater who competes on the LG Action Sports World Tour. She has received over fifty medals in the LG Action Sports World Tour events. She has received seven X Games gold medals and one silver, making her the most decorated female athlete in X Games history. In a seven-year stretch, she only lost one X Games event, finishing second in 1999. She has been so dominant against women skaters that she forced the hand of the sport's administrators in respect of limited gender integration of the professional...
wtf @Fabby ^ :D
10:16 AM
@TheLittleNaruto :D :D :D Fabulous Fab!
@TheLittleNaruto Not me.
I've been using the Fabby handle for ... 35 years at least... That guy isn't even that old...
@Fabby 35 years
(at least... Now I need to go calculate.)
hehe calculate :P
10:21 AM
39 years. (back when I started playing arcade games: "Fab" if only three letters were allowed, "Fabby" if more)
:P ;-) :P
10:34 AM
I told you I'm an old fart! @PrincessLuna ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Und wie geth es mit dein Deutsch?
(How's your German doing?)
I'm actually in German class rn x3
:D :D :D
I'll drop by German language beta chat later
@Fabby you won't get any real attention on per-site meta, that's the problem. Maybe a CM will see it in 6-8 months, but chances to have something done is a solid 0%.
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard Oh, yeah! That's why!!!
10:48 AM
Not that it's much better on MSE, especially these days where 100% of SE attention is focused on the Welcome Wagon, but still.... 0.000001% is better than 0%. ;)
I want 0% attention from SE emps!
>:-) ;-) >:-)
Nice effort anyway in that meta post. Kudos!
10:50 AM
That's you?? @Ins
>>flip @Insane's removed message
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard (ง๑ਊ๑)ง︵ǝƃɐssǝɯ pǝʌoɯǝɹ s,ǝuɐsuI@
yeah :D
patrol and diesel rate increased from last 20 days what can i do now
Truly @Insane :P
ha ha
11:12 AM
@Moosebot wake yourself
> Cranking the rock to 11! Just because I can't hear myself talk doesn't mean it'll wake up yourself, right?
11:26 AM
@InsaneCat great
nice bike
11:38 AM
ha ha @kId
12:14 PM
12:32 PM
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard And I've got a canonical answer in the meantime. 0:-)
@InsaneCat this is very funny and a bit sad too ... ;-) :-) ;-)
There are more bots in this room that real people!
@Fabby well, won't call it "canonical" but yeah, guess it's good enough. :)
@Fabby it's lacking info: the character isn't even peeing... :P
One can't just program and sleep 24/7
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard :D :D :D
@DroidDev No! But looks like a tricky API. I would avoid using it as it comes with loads of burden.
Finally home owo
@Dro Read this article: android.jlelse.eu/…
12:36 PM
@PrincessLuna Good for you!
@PrincessLuna Good for you!
kicks @Pri for coming home so early
kicks @Pri for coming home so late
@TheLittleNaruto Tssk, tssk...
@TheLittleNaruto loves to kick @Pri..... :D
12:38 PM
That's sad: @TheLittleNaruto like to kick small and cute unicorn princesses
>:-) :P >:-)
@TheLittleNaruto xd
@Fabby dragon princesses?
@PrincessLuna Huh?
12:42 PM
@Fabby Pretty!
(searched for "Norwegian viking" and that was the first hit!) **>:-) ;-) >:-)
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard And Raising too
kicks @RaisingAgent for no reason
@Fabby I'm not a viking xd
@PrincessLuna No, but you're Norwegian, so Viking ancestry somewhere...
(Or is that the Bokmål part of the country?)
Lemme read up a bit on Norway first...
Bokmål and Nynorsk are just ways to write Norwegian
Pretty much everyone uses Bokmål, with the exception of some people around Bergen IIRC
12:51 PM
@PrincessLuna Yeah, different area is what I remember.
It's not really a different area
anyone could theoretically use Nynorsk instead of Bokmål, but basically no one does outside Møre og Romsdal IIRC
Still reading Wikipedia...
1:13 PM
Ok time to leave for home
later o/
Cya @TheLittleNaruto
1:28 PM
Want to be home to..
>>doubleflip Table
@RaisingAgent ⊥ɐqןǝ ︵ヽ(•ʖ๑)ノ︵ ǝןqɐ⊥
~ WUT?
1:32 PM
cya chew
Bye o/
oh, right
To the Deutsch chat :3
I'll be there ~
1:48 PM
cya all
2:23 PM
Hi, its me, from a phone
2:38 PM
@Pri my team is having a bbq at the bwach today :3
Cool! hf :D
Thanks :)
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