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2:35 AM
A: Ghost of deleted users left on Stack Exchange 2.0 Meta sites

Nick CraverAt various points via upgrades, bugs, etc., the child meta API calls broke down here and there for brief periods. Unfortunately, this happened when some users were deleted or merged...which means their users were forever left hanging around on the meta sites. Due to some ongoing changes for pro...

Now I'm left wondering what "Project Costanza" is
tis not a secret
but I know now that you did not listen to last week's podcast (;
Now I miss Roger. Thanks, @Yij
3:04 AM
@RebeccaChernoff I had it downloaded, but it's not on top of the playlist right now
has the nagging urge to test one of his SO answers.
It took me a long time to realize that Americans wasn't talking about this when they say "peanut butter and jelly"
@YiJiang needs easy written across it in white lettering, then, watch the fun ensue.
Lol :)
3:28 AM
Just made some capacitive smartphone styli with my younger brother.
The wood one in progress:
Note that he's using the dremel, I'm not good with it.
And some plastic ones wrapped in foil, complete:
I think I botched one, but we can open the foil and refinish it.
For reference, I watched this video first:
Question EDIT: Nevermind, gonna ask on Apple.SE
Q: Is my iPad not accurate enough or is it the stylus?

MosheI made some capacitive styli with my brother, following this video on Cnet. I tried using it with the Wacom notebook app, and the handwriting is a teensy bit too large to work as well as a real live "dead tree" notebook. Is the problem the tip of the sponge on my styli, or is it the resolution...

5:08 AM
@Moshe Steve jobs would smack you for using that stylus with his sleek magical device.
5:27 AM
@Fosco He might, but since it's foil, it's 100 percent shiny, so I don't think so.
1 hour later…
6:52 AM
I've created a frankenstein today... a PHP app running on IIS, requiring Windows Authentication, which includes NodeJS in iframe(s) and passes identification.
7:10 AM
> Trooloolooloolooloolooloolooloolollooooolooloolooloolooloolooooolooloolooloolool‌​oolooloolooloooooloolooloooooloooloolooloololllllooooloololoooooololooolooloolool‌​oolooloololoolooolooloololooooooloololooooloololooloolooloolooloolooloolooloolool‌​oolooloololooooolooolooloololooollollollollollolllooollollollollollollollollloooo‌​oololooooolooll
For the record, that was "Hello, World" in TrollScript
5 hours later…
11:44 AM
@Fosco Needs more Haskell
Or maybe a Lua script to output the HTML outlining the iframe?
@Pekka "... that only works on IE6" would've been brilliant
11:56 AM
I didn't get this question. Is owner of bounty getting upvotes THANKS to that bounty?
Q: "Abusing" bounties for unlimited profit

Jeremy BanksSix days ago I put a +50 bounty on Why doesn't jQuery work in Chrome user scripts (Greasemonkey)? which wasn't asked by me, but to which I'd previously posted a pretty decent answer. Since then I've earned 130 reputation from upvotes on my answer, netting me +80 reputation and a bronze badge ...

@genesisφ no, @JeremyBanks is
fwiw it's a pretty good answer
@Sathya Jeremy banks is owner of that bounty, isn't he?
12:36 PM
I'm out of downvotes on SO.
Who do I need to bribe to get more!
I can offer cuckoo clocks and German sausages.
I feel like someone on the run from a group of Zombies. The Uzi is now empty, and I have to pull the hand gun (Flags)
ah, 39 today :p
All downvotes. There really is a rise in bad new questions.
@Pekka !
You're 10 minutes gone; give me a ping if you get a chance. :)
@MrDisappointment here!
1:08 PM
@Pekka Ping didn't come through into my notifier, apologies...
@MrDisappointment No problem. What's up?
A: Saying "no" to people asking questions

DiggerWhat about producing a Wiki, so you can share that knowledge so when people come and ask you can say, "have you looked at the wiki?" and then that grows into a excellent documentation resource, as people should add their experience to it. Where I work we do this and I found over time I only got ...

@Pekka Firstly, your idea on a community DevDays type gathering is great
@MrDisappointment thanks! I think it was in the air anyway though, it just took somebody to ask the question :)
I was thinking, though, without clogging up the question / answers it might be useful to set up a chat room for those interested and participating to iron out details, and post the good stuff on meta?
1:10 PM
@MrDisappointment yeah, absolutely. Now that it seems established that there is some interest, this whole discussion needs a different format.
I'm not sure what the perfect one would be. A chat room might be too unstructured, don't you think?
I don't know. It might also work.
@Pekka OK, I'll go ahead and do that shortly; I was just about to earlier, but thought I'd just run it through you.
@Pekka Well, a dedicated chat room should suffice? I mean, it's chat so there is every possibility for it to go tangential, but we can moderate, I suppose.
@MrDisappointment sure, go ahead, let's try out whether that works.
We could also set up a shared Google Doc once the details of the venue(s) are clear.
Where were you thinking of setting it up, on Meta or SO proper?
I guess Meta is the most fitting place, huh
I'm at work right now, going to head for lunch, so bear with me: I'll post the chat room link in your question when it's created...
1:14 PM
@MrDisappointment all right!
Ah, hm, perhaps meta, ya; this might keep it a little more serious, i.e. for those finding it.
OK, thanks for your time, and catch up with you later - got to run for now. :)
@MrDisappointment no problem. Later!
@MrDisappointment "serious" is not necessarily something I've come to associate with Chat.Meta, hence my doubts :D But it's absolutely the most suitable place, no doubt.
1:28 PM
Someone angry flying around ?
who upvoted them all? :p
Not me!
I know you didn't, you can't :p
I love easy answers.
max($array); <!------------------------------->

was the only text
@genesisφ hah, clever!
I had completely forgotten that.
1:36 PM
@Pekka someone should deal with him/her
A: enable/disable checkbox in IE

genesis φ$("#checkbox").attr("disabled", "disabled"); is correct and better

@Pekka clever? You have shown me that
@genesis is this a known person/ behaviour ?
no it isn't
it's new for me
I don't think we can do much about this
Ill give you +1 to make it fair ;)
yup i already gave you +1 :)
Look this one
A: jquery - How to fade all divs, except one

genesis φ $('.swoosh div[class!="template"]').fadeOut('fast');

It was not a request to upvote, but thanks :D
:) no you didn't but i wanted to because it was a one liner ;)
1:45 PM
as this one xD
max($array); <!------------------------------->

was the only text
Nice trick from pekka :)
@Phoenix screwed it up by adding one line :(
Haha. Edited so it's one-liner back and probably my most upvoted shortest answer - 11 chars
2:09 PM
balpha beating me to the punch ;)
you beat me last time
Heheh :P
2:24 PM
@Pekka I haz lots of votes
@genesisφ ah right. d'oh moment
@Sathya cool. How much you want for ten?
@Sathya I wanna some
@Pekka 2 beers for one :p
Damn. That's expensive
I need only one to get cap though
20 beers ought to be good for the weekend.
2:35 PM
@Sathya that's a lot of beer, and I would probably have to take up a mortgage for transportation! I may have to wait until tomorrow after all....
2 hours later…
4:27 PM
@genesis :P
@Jeremy :D
Q: Newt - question, answer and comment and rep change notifications for OS X

Nikita Rybak Newt is a simple OS X utility that notifies you about new questions, answers, comments and reputation changes. Now, everyone can become a Jon Skeet! Screenshot / Code Snippet Notifications are dispalyed with Growl. Customizable settings with support for new Stack Exchange sites. The ma...

I use that. Do you use any notifier-like thing?
@Jeremy what? where?
for what?
Stack Overflow
4:30 PM
New questions, replies, etc.
There's a lot of bad messages, so I have it pop up a notification whenever one's posted.
@Jeremy no. im browsing around alltime
im using win :(
@Jeremy I was looking for notifier which would update question every 10 seconds and tell me about every... but stackoverflow pages are cached so it's not imediate
Yeah... I think the API stuff is cached differently, because this notifier often shows me questions before they're on the /questions/ page.
4:33 PM
Q: Approaches to updating and adding features to PHP websites

AnushI would like to know how people approach with developing their websites that are in production. For example:- 1). How do you manage versions, etc. 2). Also, do you create a subdirectory within the production server and work there or do you use any other environment and roll the updates there 3)...

to programmers please
which API stuff?
Like, the newest questions.
The API seems to get uncached data, but you can only request it once a minute.
what if you request it twice?
I hate rep cap. Everytime I've got a good answer Im already over
I think you'll be able to, but you're not supposed to, so if you do it a lot you'll get your IP or API key banned from the API.
but I'm not sure.
I think so.
This is just my impression from using the program, I haven't tested the API myself.
is there some like that for win ? :/
What browser do you use? There are some extensions available.
4:40 PM
I seem to be wrong and there isn't one like that.
A: PHP - Storing arrays in the Database

genesis φNo it really isn't. It is very hard to search in these tables/columns.

I''d rather not tell that it's exactly what I'm doing
However I'm not searching in that column :p
5:16 PM
why isn't fraud detection included in recalc?
5:30 PM
@Jeremy first
Q: How do I change an association with a current friend on facebook to make them a relative?

chazI accidentally added some of my relatives as friends and since then some of my relatives have married making more relatives out of friends, how do i go into our relationship history or status and change them from friends to relatives? Its really important. thank you

Q: Allow to post link to question, answer, proposals etc with description?

genesis-φIn chat, I can post a link to chat message/question/answer/proposal (area51) etc. However, I can't add anything but that link into my message. I have to post 2 messages to do something like Hey jeremy, this one is good //wait 1 second http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/messa...

And would you like that feature?
summon @devs
5:40 PM
I'd also like rate limiting to let me post a couple messages in a second, as long as I don't keep doing it.
You've used only 5 votes today:p
Yeah I haven't been very active the last few days
Are you using upvotes on meta if you like some idea?
Aha :D
6:05 PM
Q: please help me to debug this c program?

Rosni Palakkad #include<stdio.h> #define maxsize 4 //void display(void); void push(int); int pop(); int gcd(int,int); int top=0,s[maxsize]; void main() { int m,n,result; printf("enter the two numbers\n"); scanf("%d %d",&m,&n); result=gcd(m,n); printf("gcd(%d,%d)=%d\n",m,n,re...

Kill it with fire.
6:24 PM
Just a friendly reminder, @genesis @JeremyBanks; keep up the good work!
@Popular thanks :p
@popular support this feature request if you want
Q: Allow to post link to question, answer, proposals etc with description?

genesis-φIn chat, I can post a link to chat message/question/answer/proposal (area51) etc. However, I can't add anything but that link into my message. I have to post 2 messages to do something like Hey jeremy, this one is good //wait 1 second http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/messa...

@genesisφ That doesn't actually work, but "ping balpha" or "ping marc" or "ping rebecca" usually does.
@popular it was a joke
ping popular
Well obviously you have to use the @. I just didn't want to bother them with my explanation.
ah. okay
6:31 PM
@genesisφ My memory tells me that this is already declined, but it didn't give me the location of that information. I'll take a look later.
6:46 PM
@TimStone ok
Q: Should it be allowed to flag deleted answers?

genesis-φI have just go through mod panel and I have seen this: It's deleted answer, however it's deleted already. I thought that flags are handled automatically after deletion (?) Should this be disabled?

1 hour later…
7:54 PM
Ahhhh badge is comming.

107 days, 99 consecutive
BTW I didn't still get this question
What's going on? How does it work?
Q: "Abusing" bounties for unlimited profit

Jeremy BanksSix days ago I put a +50 bounty on Why doesn't jQuery work in Chrome user scripts (Greasemonkey)? which wasn't asked by me, but to which I'd previously posted a pretty decent answer. Since then I've earned 130 reputation from upvotes on my answer, netting me +80 reputation and a bronze badge ...

@mootinator maybe you can help?
@genesisφ 1. Post good answer.
2. Post bounty on question.
8:02 PM
Okay. But how does it get more views?
I'll let you continue first ;)
3. People looking at the (relatively short) 'featured' list perhaps trying to get some bounties see your correct answer, and upvote it.
Do you think so?
Okay, that's fair
The person who asked the question put up a 50 pt bounty and got upvoted 13 times, giving a net result of +80.
yes I know
I don't think that would happen unless you have a reasonably good answer to begin with.
8:05 PM
So it had 4 & thanks to the bounty he did get 13 ?
Something like that.
It was 4 now it's 17.
thanks for detailed explain
Is there a reason that a PC running XP would sometimes not connect to a wifi network?
8:17 PM
That's like asking if there's a reason a PC running Windows 98 would sometimes instantly hang up on instead of connecting to dial up internet.
@Moshe this is tavern, not SO :p
Not SU either ;P
@genesisφ Hang on, asking a question there.
sure just do it :p
8:24 PM
Q: Why Does a Computer Not Connect to a Wifi network?

MosheI'm slightly puzzled by this. I'm trying to diagnose a networking problem with a Dell Inspiron 600m running Windows XP Service Pack 3. The network is a Verizon FiOS with a Actiontec MI424WR. There are both Macs and PCS on the network. For some reason the laptop in question will connect sometimes ...

@genesisφ Long story short, there are three other working notebooks on the network.
so it's not router issue but ntb
@genesisφ ntb? notebook?
8:28 PM
@genesisφ So, now what?
IDk. I am not SO user
@genesisφ Ok, thanks. Good point though.
@genesisφ Technically that's a Super User issue, not Stack Overflow
@jcole I know it is. I was just working on something so I answered wrong. Working on chat clone as you did
@genesisφ why not work on our chat clone?
8:33 PM
I am not knowledged in node.js
& with sockets or how do you retreive message. long polling?
& what's server side language?
socket.io is so easy to use, you just use it the way I already showed in the legacy code in the repo
you setup an event handler, and then use the data returned
@jcole I am notified everytime so it isn't necessary to @mention me :)
you can work on the front-end and not worry about the backend code
repo? where?
but you would still need probably a little help getting the repository setup
8:36 PM
currently I'm just playing with css :p


Because you rock when you don't block
go in there and ask
I'll think about that, but thanks for nice suggestion
9:17 PM
@jcole I'll proabably continue on mine. Got basics
Well, we would love feedback and helpful design considerations, and given a Saturday a couple weeks from now I would love to walk you through the app
You mean backend? I was in frontend
I'm not a designer, I'm just walking around and learning CSS right now
Yes. That's what I mean.
Also, that CSS is probably going to be vastly rewritten
Also, that CSS is done in LESS initially, and so it's probably going to cause some issues, perhaps.
9:41 PM
@jco I can't trust that I've viewed it 500+ times
@genesisφ you've seen OSQA right?
@jco Yes, why?
Instead of writing your own ;)
I'm 80rep user there :D
ummm .. OSQA is an app
9:43 PM
sorry, I meant on meta
@jco I do it because

1. I didn't know anything about CSS
2. I wanted to do SO in PHP
3. I hate modifying foreign code
4. I failed to install it on my machine (yes I know, it's looking wrong that programmer can't install software, but I've got no knowledge of python and I had some problems (exceptions))
@jco here?
whoops wait a sec
@jco you won't be able to log in until you register into QA :/ nevermind... or I can hardcore your account if you tell me openID
like the URL?
Perhaps later, trying to get caught up on some work stuff
9:58 PM
@jcole do you think you could give me your email to show your gravatar?
@genesisφ no, but you can have my gravatar by looking on the left
Problem is I'm making gravatar from email, not from hashes. okay, no worries
Ill put random one
try my user profile on Stack Overflow or sites?
10:20 PM
nevermind @jcol, after you want to go on, just tell me openid you'll use.. Don't you have skype?
Don't you have skype?
Thanks @Geoff
o: tis a Dalgas (:
@RebeccaChernoff huh?
Hallo @GeoffDalgas fancy seeing you in here
10:26 PM
I hate it when I find something that is broken and just indicates something isn't getting used.
Rebecca are you from Saudi Arabia?
You're the only person I know using smilies with switched sides
Saudi Arabia, Minnesota
I was planning on spending 3 solid days working, but DX:HR, Rock of Ages, and Shift2 are downloading.
I've got a queue of Dead Island (when the bugs are fixed) and DX:HR waiting to buy, as well as Battlefield 3 next month and Minecraft 1.8 late next week...not enough time :(
10:38 PM
I spent about 6 hours last night working on something, and need to step back and think about it.
10:50 PM
@jco are you still here? I have completed registration
Question for you c# guys, is there a way to remove extra line breaks in visual studio like eclipse does?
@genesisφ relink me
@Trufa I don't suppose you mean via regex's but just straightaway huh?
TBH if I need to do that in bulk I just notepad++
@jcolebrand you're correct.
As simple as possible.
A shortcut would be fine :)
10:56 PM
@jco I see you're there. it's single player right now, I was working on it for only 1 hour
but writing works
Ok look here
@genesis y u do tis
@Raynos to?
@jco I see it works for you
I wonder what will happen now
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