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1:48 AM
Comon people, return already. Oh, why are weekends so drab in the Tavern?
2:01 AM
Well, what do you want to talk about?
2:14 AM
@YiJiang StackOverflow is on Slashodot now, which is funny, since that kind of question is not accepted anymore.
Why does digital media slow to a crawl over the weekend?
4 hours later…
6:27 AM
3 hours later…
9:45 AM
Hi frnds
anybody there
@Damodar yeah.
@Sathya to be as moderator 10k repu is mandatory?
@Damodar Nope, there's a SuperUser mod with under 5k. It's the quality of the person, rather than their rep. There's also a 60k+ user on SU with no "official" mod-dom.
@tombull89 what are the qulifications to elect an user as mod?
@tombull89 if a user is interested to be as mod, do that can be acceptable?
@Damodar to vote or elect?
@Damodar that depends.
9:56 AM
@Sathya to elect as mod
@Damodar the minimum rep is 3000. However, as more nominees come in, the limit increases automatically
Q: How is the Minimal reputation for Moderator election on Stack Overflow calculated?

Sachin ShanbhagHi All, I tried to add my nomination for the moderator post on Stackoverflow but it showed me a message - You must have 6802 reputation to nominate yourself as a candidate in this election. Then after sometime I again checked for the nominations and it showed me a different message saying ...

Why does Word hate me so >_<
@YiJiang aww
@Sathya good information dude.
@YiJiang iam not getting it, can you explain it?
1 hour later…
11:25 AM
is lost, and doesn't know what page his C++ homework is on
There is a textbook, workbook and a handout. The homework is to: write, compile, handcheck and trace "listing 1d", which I can't find, but I'm sure I will eventually.
This class isn't teaching me coding skills, it's teaching me how to deal with vague instructions!
for teh lulz.
Q: How to find and remove "spicy" media files from my PC

ScottI have an embarrassing problem: during my younger and wilder days, I used to download a certain type of movie clips and pictures. The combination of youthful foolishness and a couple of beers apparently caused me to put these files in odd places on my hard drives. My girlfriend is moving in with...

@Moshe It's preparing you for the real world!
@YiJiang Heh, I know.
Time for some reading, I guess...
2 hours later…
1:57 PM
Hey everybody, I've got a question
In case I flag an answer which has only 2 links, as not an answer, will mod see that edit in first 5 minutes period?
2:52 PM
@genesis Yes, we'll see the edit history
@TimPost question is, do mods see mods in first five mins period?
I'm not sure what you mean by do mods see mods
sorry, "do mods see edits" ?
Yes, if we click through from our dashboard to the question. If you want to draw our attention to edits, flag it as 'other' and let us know to look at the history
2:59 PM
@genesis I think I know what you mean. No, we don't see edits made within the first five minutes.
A dev has to run a query to see edits made within the five minute grace period.
I'm not sure if even devs can see them. From what I know, the revision history simply is not touched during the grace period
@balpha might be able to shed a bit more light on that.
@genesis Have you encountered a user that is somehow abusing the grace period?
At borders. A webOS book worth anything?
@Moshe I'd tend to think reading one wouldn't get you much in the near future, but perhaps some idea mining could be had from one.
3:27 PM
25 mins ago, by Tim Post
I'm not sure if even devs can see them. From what I know, the revision history simply is not touched during the grace period
Borders take two. Let's see if this place is better than the other...
@balpha Thanks.
3:50 PM
What is this... oh no it appears to be a bug in Word 2010
3 hours later…
6:39 PM
my english...it BUUUUUURNS.
Q: The empty pages/ I can't look through the information on the mine and on other pages

Tatiana  SmirnovaUnfortunately, I can't look through the information on the main and on other pages. Pages open the empty. Please, help. Sincerely yours, T.

I am chagrined.

*Trivial answer converted to a comment*
"The empty pages" somewhat sounds like Edgar Allen Poe...
Can't beat "the <center> cannot hold" though.
2 hours later…
8:46 PM
Huzzah! "Core Animation" by Marcus Zarra was at Borders for 60 percent off.
Got that title and several others. Windows Phone 7 Development, Cocoa in a Nutshell, BlackeBerry Development Fundamentals, and several others.
Also made a few contacts in the CS aisle.
Nice. No need to buy out-of-date books from street vendors. ;)
@GeorgeMarian Well, no, by contacts I mean human contacts. I met some people in the field.
I was referring to the books.
@GeorgeMarian Ah, well, the Core Animation book and I have crossed paths several times at Barnes and Noble, but I couldn't justify spending $45 on a niche 250 page book. The price was nicer now.
I still have no clue why I bought the BB dev book, but we shall see if I can put it to use.
Probably because it was cheap.
Might as well. You've done plenty of mobile development.
8:54 PM
Well, yea, that too. My favorite book from the stack that I got is called "Driving Technical Change". If I'm to convince my Uni to update their Mail SSL certificate, I'll need all the help I can get.
@GeorgeMarian Lol, yep.
Anyway, that books has been recommended to help the geeky deal w/ office politics and what not.
You may want to check this out:
I have that, but haven't read it yet.
I've read the Carnegie book, well snatches of it at least.
OMG Fosco! You're avatar is huge. It's like Alice in Wonderland. One day small, one day too large to fit in its box. Quick drink some of this!
BRB Food time, apparently.
8:59 PM
Ok, sure. See you shortly.
Huh? oh, I get it. :p
No worries.
I'm tempted to have my Uni added to my iPhone game as a map.
The campus isn't terribly large, so it might work.
Ok, bbiab.
> They said they still are searching for 17-year-old Oneil DaSilva, of Mount Vernon, in connection with the shooting. His rap sheet includes nine arrests for attempted murder, third-degree assault and burglary.
umm.... 9 arrests by age 17, and for serious crimes. wtf!
@Fosco Yea, scary.
By the way, every time I see WPF, I think "WTF". Dunno why...
WPF is terrible, so I think it fits.
I should be working on a client's project. Just 10 days left... Homework too...
See you folks.
9:35 PM
Hey Tyler, how goes it?
I'm trying to get more into the stock market
I found a Stock Market app on my iPad
It can be a lot of fun and/or pain.
one of those that let you simulate buying/selling on a market, without money
I had a nice run with SiriusXM a couple years ago.. made around $1200 in just a few days, mucked around for a few months, that was about all I made though. I was making a lot of trades.
How did you do with the simulation?
9:46 PM
I just started today
and the market is closed today
You didn't lose anything, so that is a damn fine day on the market. :)
2 hours later…
11:40 PM
@jcole - Are you near those fires? Are you okay?

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