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3:32 AM
Team DAG....
Ugh, cannot unforget
Apparently (predictably?), Maths Election has been postponed to 30 July...
3:48 AM
needz moar ketchup
I love pineapple on pizza
try blood oranges on pizza
for real?
3:52 AM
I just noticed the typo in the image lol
> @Rg7x I think that the existing title of the question was clearly a click-bait and was not offensive at all. This edit makes the question boring imo. -- a comment referring to this edit
The 3rd strike from that site. I'm out.
2 hours later…
6:42 AM
@JourneymanGeek I have found a likely affiliate spammer on SU, want to take a look?
@Sonic why did you write twice about same question, once asking to not close and once asking to close?
@ShadowWizard As you could probably tell from prior uses of , I use that specifically to refer to close-voting as blatantly off-topic. The question isn't blatantly off-topic, so I asked others to not vote to close for that reason.
With only one cup of coffee I almost did that wrong ...
The first user to VTC the above question voted to close as blatantly off-topic; they were then overruled by a Chaos Emerald-wielding user who closed it as a dupe (correctly).
@SomewhatMemorableName um... you're "Rg7x gW6a cQ3g"? Must admit, unique name...
And it wasn't strike, the edit was approved, that's what matters.
6:47 AM
Travel.SE is a cesspit for other reasons though
Silly title that fits kids was edited to something more nice and professional.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog true, it's on topic. But asking here to "not close" usually won't really help.
@ShadowWizard I thought of editing my message to say " not blatantly off-topic:" but it was too late.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog invalid edit, same as "plz dont downvot dis"
(though properly written)
I'll roll back edit saying "Don't close this question because it's on topic".
"don't close" must be followed by some clear reason.
anyway.... doesn't matter now.
7 mins ago, by Sonic the Inclusive Hedgehog
@ShadowWizard As you could probably tell from prior uses of , I use that specifically to refer to close-voting as blatantly off-topic. The question isn't blatantly off-topic, so I asked others to not vote to close for that reason.
I'm sticking to that. Moving on...
@ShadowWizard It does! Please continue ranting!
6:58 AM
I don't like avocado, it's too green.
How about lettuce? Is that too green as well?
Does the color matter once you have eaten it? Or do you have a CCTV in your stomach?
@rene it's green but thin so I do eat it.
@rene it matters as long as I see it... so in theory I can eat in darkness... :D
That logic makes no sense. I like it.
spammy. Flagged.
Programming recommendation question on meta: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/312723/…
@Magisch Thanks :) This works great in getting flags before I get close-vote privs :P
Can anyone suggest the official chat room of webmasters SE or know about google adsense? Have a question
7:31 AM


Chat discussion for Webmasters Stack Exchange -- Feel free to ...
@SomewhatMemorableName Tq
@ShadowWizard I mean, that's 3rd strike from me, I'm outta there... certainly not an appropriate SE for me.
@SomewhatMemorableName ohh... so what do you mean? How are you involved? Why is this bad?
Bad title edited into better title. Long time user didn't like it and left sarcastic comment, but didn't roll back or changed title again. So....
As side viewer, can't see anything wrong.
If you mean only the snarky comment, well, SO got x100000 worse, no? And good chance he's only joking.
No jokes allowed under the new CoC
This is absolutely-no-fun SE
No fun (or funny flowers) allowed
7:41 AM
Keep the professionalism at an all time high
Late feedback. The new layout is really ugly. adding still I search for the tabs at top of page at first and then only realize it is moved.
@ShadowWizard considering he's the top answerer on that post, I feel conflict of interest. But I think it can't be helped that I'm already having a very biased perception of that site...
@rene and the new new CoC to come?
Any mentioning of the CoC will result in instant bans.
@SomewhatMemorableName well... too bad. (for the site)
8:08 AM
I wonder, how a company who sell hosting and cloud services is expected to be trusted when it can't host its own website without major downtimes? cnet.com/news/…
@ShadowWizard they host on Azure ...
Your horses managed to finally stand-up?
If those kangaroos are planing to compete in that 400 meters run, I'll call unfair.
8:27 AM
@rene that... that... lol
sd k
8:41 AM
@Magisch I am having an insanely busy day and am out of batteries spoons and throwing axen. Please flag and one of my less half dead fellow mods will do the needful.
Sorry for poking you then :p
@Magisch just one of those days where I have a night shift and didn't manage to nap on the train home and gotta spend an hour and half each way travelling
9:05 AM
Why is the CoC feedback still featured and open? It says feedback can be submitted until July 11, and it's well in the past...
So it's waste of time now to write feedback that won't have any effect. No?
The deadline has been extended because of high customer interest
Poor line. How did it die?
@ShadowWizard or whoever's handling it forgot/is on vacation/closing the post seems silly....
We should be more welcoming and nice to that line.
@JourneymanGeek and response to feedback will take months? Yeah, been there. :D
Maybe it gets better with the new team ;)
9:10 AM
New team for writing the new CoC?
@ShadowWizard Doesn't the post mention feedback is still welcome after that date?
> We'd like feedback by Wednesday, July 11, 2018, however this question will allow for feedback until a final draft is released, at which point this question will be closed as a duplicate of that one.
@Tinkeringbell oh. Still, don't think it should still be featured....
Will be posting in a few days. Said lack of batteries, spoons and throwing axen again ;)
@ShadowWizard I can agree on that ;)
9:25 AM
9:38 AM
@ShadowWizard OTOH... I'm still getting rep from my answer. Removing the featured label might stop that :P
@Tinkeringbell rep capped 3 times in 7 days
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, I hit 4 repcaps I believe. Lemme check ;)
though I blame having a fair number of stuff I can post answers for, over the brilliance of any one answer ;)
Jup, 4 consecutive days, rep cap on the CoC feedback answer ;)
a fair bit of mine has been from the design rant
9:43 AM
@JourneymanGeek That's nice. I hope I'll be able to write another answer soon too :)
@Tinkeringbell I need to post something on Juan's post, but I'm really much to worn out
I've been abusing the drafts feature to leave myself notes ;)
@JourneymanGeek I'm not sure yet what I think of that. I guess I'll leave that one to the more experienced folks ;)
They seem to have a lot better grasp of what a CM can actually do for a site ;)
@Tinkeringbell tbh, you're in a fairly unique position there ;)
As an old timer, I'm saddled with a bit of nostalgia for how I thought things used to work ;)
You're familiar enough with the system to know how things work now and if you think we can do things better... might as well
I kinda want to bring up how CMs were a little more hands on and visible on the community, and a re-emphasis on community growth and evanglism would be nice
But but
Language wording is important?
@JourneymanGeek I think you need an argument as to why that was better than the current situation ;)
Otherwise you're just a grumbling old man reminiscing about better days :P
Grmbl back in my days, before the war, things were much, much better
9:55 AM
But that argument part is what I'm struggling with too ;) My grasp on what's wrong with the current situation and why isn't strong enough to write such answers...
@JourneymanGeek I wasn't sure if this was related, an extension or completely different. If it is just about the Community Management part I have nothing to say/add or request.
> Before the War, every desk fan was a preserved desk fan
@JNat spam network profile, as far as I can tell they never actually posted spam, but it's clear from the profiles they're just a spammer who isn't going to add anything useful. What do you think?
@rene as I understand it, they're basically trying to have a team dedicated to community growth and engagement (again)
I think the big point I need to express is really that the community engagement/evangelism part of CMing is just as important as the backstage stuff.
Or, dare I say, more.
10:08 AM
So stuff like CHAOS or having CMs dedicated to sets of communities (eventually)
Trick is, of course balancing that/putting it across so someone can go "Hey, so, the community thinks so" and convince folks who actually make the decisions that this is important
For the benefit of relative newbies
Alex Miller on September 15, 2011

For the past couple months, we’ve had a new team starting up out of our NY office, CHAOS (or if you’re not into that whole brevity thing: Cheerful Helpful Advocates of Stack Exchange).  You’ve probably seen them around some of the sites or run into them in one of the chat rooms – but here’s your official introduction:

CHAOS works directly with Joel and me to come up with, and execute on, new ways to promote all of the new SE sites and bring in new users.  Looking at the original job posting we put up, you can get a bit of a feel for what they’ll be doing: …

That's chaos
Also I wonder what Aarthi is doing these days ;p
There are times I wonder if in light of a traditional Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle if there is too much Plan, causing the Do to seem ineffective and only with some new initiatives the Check phase is executed, which makes Act look like too little too late. But it is easy to make these observations from the side-line and then have an opinion about it.
10:26 AM
sonic mania plus now has been released. Did they fix the framerate drops in bonus stages on the switch version?
@rene now imagine the new CoC having been rolled out without the planning phase. I haven't seen such bloodshed since, well, ever.
The new COC was going to be controversial no matter what
everyone has their own view on how things work, this is good
Maybe rename to CoCoC: COntroversial Code of Conduct. ;)
> We've been conditioned to not make mistakes, but I can't live that way ~~ Natasha Bedingfield
10:33 AM
Bedingfield, the great philosopher of our time ...
The last songwriter
@JohnDvorak ~*staring at the blank page before you open up the dirty window*~
@Magisch O_O fits more than I'd realised
@JohnDvorak well folks are worked up
Command of Conquer
hmm, something's not right
10:41 AM
I'm not angry, just afraid for life
But a little controversy can be an impetus to change how things work
@JourneymanGeek I think folks have acquired an acute distrust of stack exchange management and now everything is viewed from the "what if they're all evil SJW's" angle first and foremost
@Magisch well that's one viewpoint
The other is that SE has been focused on SO or jobs or the next big thing
(docs, enterprise...)
Whatever can be sold
And that's an odd place to be when the product or products most people know is free
So from a purely business perspective it's hard to make a case to have resources allocated there
10:47 AM
I think it's unfair to begrudge them wanting to make money
That's why critique is hard
SO's brand and market has a ton of value, and the focus made business sense. I don't think careers was the best focus for revenue growth, since it's a crowded market but I guess it worked well enough until it didn't
It would work if SO let people report fake entries
And Q&A was phenomenally successful in many ways and for most part sites ran well autonomously
A little too well maybe :p
... little too well?
Do you want to get rid of experts? Because then you're doing a great job :P
@JohnDvorak well until things go horribly wrong, we manage our communities ok
10:53 AM
What do you mean, "we're doing too well"?
But that kinda means folks feel a bit neglected when things go wrong, sometimes
@JohnDvorak well if folks don't need to worry about how communities run, sometimes feedback is... Slow?
There's a few complaints about it
There's a big difference in the early model of community management for a small set of sites and how it runs now
Can't you just make things work the first time each time? :P
Cause things don't always scale
We'd need maybe 3x the CMs :p
But the current model isn't perfect either (and I like the theory of what is essentially a community engagement team) and well... Iteration here is good
yes, let's iterate
Well it feels like a step in the right direction
So, entirely unfounded speculation....
The CM in charge of this is both demoted upwards at Tim Post puts it and an international CM. There's going to be a team dedicated to this and 2 to 3 folks is a pretty big chunk of the current cm team, whether or not it's current or future cms
This kinda has some weight behind it, and is focused on smaller sites
I mean we can't know what will happen in 6 to 8 weeks.
But stuff working would benefit the wider community as a whole
You also have folks still working on singular sites or smaller clusters over network wide or newer proposals
.... Dang that's most of a post
But ya, mostly positive for now, but I'm an optimist :p
11:19 AM
sd k
11:49 AM
4 weeks today
12:13 PM
@YvetteColomb even got a little foal height feeding through
You should pat it less on the butt, it starts to show some wear ....
aaaaaaand that was totally avoidable.
@Derpy mhm?
You lost the button? @Derpy
I guess the fake Unicorns images are disturbing
12:19 PM
Feb 28 at 10:17, by Derpy
yay, I get to use my magic button.
@rene You can't flower your way out so easily!
I can try?
@rene You're rooted to your statements
Surprising enough, that word was said only 255 times in Tavern.
Expected much more...
and 207 times in Den.
(90% of those are also along with the word "kick" before it.... ;))
I didn't consider that to be a problem butt I'll refrain from using it going forward ....
12:23 PM
@Magisch maybe since flowers don't have that organ, they use the word more openly. :D
@ShadowWizard nope, the button is still there. I was willing to spare you for once and hope the subjects would learn on their own
but since you asked....
I'm sorry ...
Looking for alternatives brought me on a site for butchers, I reckon that is beyond uncouth if I pick suggestions from there ...
Just say Yvette has petted it too much ;) But I like the uncouth version :P
That is the easy way out. No fun ;)
No pun no fun
12:39 PM
@rene she was born in the worse winter storm for the year and was stuck in the mud and couldn't stand and she had sores from lying in the mud. she had exposure and it's a miracle she's alive, her temp was low and she hadn't drunk anything. So those patches are healing well. I've used vaseline and baby oil to rub into them onece they healed. She's so darn cute and her mum drops food all over her while she's eating. Our other foal had so much food dropped on him one of the other horses ..
started eating off his back like a platter lol
Good to see they are doing well then.
@Derpy I need another cup of tea... now where is Pinky...
@Magisch que? I dnt understand
@YvetteColomb I found your picture adorable
There's even a little foal height feeding through for the foal
12:49 PM
@Magisch oh you mean the different heights I put the bowls?
looks nice
@Magisch she eats quite a bit. I put some milk replacer in her feed so it takes milky
1:05 PM
@ShadowWizard With the Brain, presumably, out there somewhere, taking over the world.
wild brumby foals
@YvetteColomb Glorious, but wild, so no ear-rubs for me:(
problem with wild animals is that they can go ham on you if you come close
@MartinJames well I own them now. The little boy is a delight and easy to handle. The bigger one (a filly) is still wild, she needs more time. She tried to strike at me today. Patience is key with horses.
1:13 PM
even something mundane like a bobcat or raccoon
yep that's what the little filly tries to do - harm me, but she lets me pat her now.
the filly's mum was really wild, so she's taught her foal some very protective skills. Which is a good thing, but takes longer to adjust to humans
horses are actually scary as hell to me. An adult horse is like 800 lbs of mostly muscle and a kick from one can pulverize bones in your body
actually an adult horse is more like 900-1000 lbs or 500+ kg
yep. It hurts when they kick and a kick the head can easily kill people
1:16 PM
I have 7.0 now and it takes experience to handle them. I don't let anyone else into the paddock when I'm feeding them. That's the most likely time someone will be injured
I am so in love with horses, always have been. They're magnificent animals, graceful, powerful
And liable to break you if you startle them
I'm a wuss though I even get scared of raccoons
fun fact: the german word for raccoon means "washing bear"
If you're a careful and experienced horse person you know how to keep yourself safe
I came up behind a mare I once owned and startled her and she kicked me, cripes it hurt
1:20 PM
If you survive all the lessons you end up experienced :D
or I can admire horses from a distances and through pictures
that's the newborn on the left (4 weeks) and the little brumby boy on the right (5 monthish), she's considerable taller than him. She will be tall, probably close to 17 hands, he probably won't make 14 hands
Horses are OK in themselves, bit a bit of a pain when stuck behind them on a country lane with no passing. Usually, the rider will pop into the nearest field gateway so I can creep past in my car, but still a pain. Walking Bailey is also a major PITA, since he's terminally useless around horses, deternined to either a) spook the horse so the rider gets thrown or b) get himself killed.
Isn't Bailey a lab?
Is there such a thing as a mean spirited lab? I always thought Labs were the terminally nice breed of dog
1:25 PM
@Magisch ...ish, (lab cross poodle)
on the topic of raccoons btw, I wonder why people remove them from the garbage so aggressively
@MartinJames my dog got kicked by one of the horses (not hard or she'd be dead) and then walked behind another horse straight away, right at the back hooves.
@Magisch Oh - he just wants to play, but horses don't react all that well to frenzied bouncing and barking. I have to be very firm with his leash.
The one I ever encountered made a beeline for the fields when it spotted me
yep they're prey animals and prefer flight over fight
1:28 PM
I hear about people who have to fight raccoons with brooms n stuff and I think the only way you can even fight that thing is if you corner it, which raises the question why you don't just let it leave
Because then they'll return
yeh, I don't understand, we don't have them. Maybe they scatter the garbage all around
@YvetteColomb I hold B's leash and collar then wait until the horse/rider is safely past, apologizing profusely. Don't want any riders thrown or dead dog:(
@Magisch a pony bit me once. :P
I had a holiday camp activity riding through a forest on a horse once when I was like 13
I'm pretty sure that horse was either a saint or used to annoying kids because it did not throw me off or get flustered at all
1:32 PM
@Magisch Fun:) I love horses when I have no dog and no car.
@MartinJames interestingly, here not all cars respect horses and will hoon past, drive up close or even beep. Horse and rider has absolute right of way and is legally permitted to direct traffic to stop
Beeping on purpose next to a horse raider is just animal cruelty imo
@Magisch you can also get people killed
that's a selfy of me and bubby
1:35 PM
or more commonly stress out the horse for no reason
@YvetteColomb Oh, I have no problem with that law. I have total control of the car, (for the moment! Not sure how the self-driving cars would handle a horse and rider:),
Makes sense if you think about it
You can't yield right of way when the horse decides not to
@Magisch def
@MartinJames stupid and dangerous concept sigh
@Magisch horse raider? Sounds like a good way to get an axe to the door :p
1:37 PM
I now have this mental image of a Google self-drive behind a horse/rider, with a massive question mark hanging over the car:)
@JourneymanGeek a horse shoe through the window?
@MartinJames yeh and people wondering why their sync is so slow "hey there's a horse and rider on the network"
@MartinJames Pinky & Brain - sounds like a good children story! :D
@YvetteColomb I suspect that some tech answer would be needed - the horse/rider being obliged to carry a transponder: ACAS for animals:)
@YvetteColomb the play on words is on raider not horse :)
1:41 PM
@ShadowWizard Look for 'animaniacs' :)
@JourneymanGeek yes, but I'm horse obsessed :D
@Tinkeringbell have you watched it as an adult?
@JourneymanGeek Not really no. Should I? :)
@YvetteColomb Do you also ride your horses or just care for them?
I'm curious
@Magisch have ridden a bit. About to start riding one of them again. But with a bitless bridle.
2:02 PM
In today's terrible ideas I've heard about: going to a gun range for a team building exercise
@Tinkeringbell yes :p
@Magisch It works?
I can imagine lamer team building activities ;)
@JourneymanGeek I'll try and find it :)
It's a bit... More subversive as an adult
@Magisch hah. Might work in the us
@Tinkeringbell Not really for team building, everyone will be wearing noise cancelling headgear
@Magisch So? You get a chance to shout at your manager! :P
2:05 PM
@Magisch Well sure. If I was the manager who just announced no raises this year, I would be very dubious. There are so many hunting accidents, and the like..
for some reason I read that as "shoot at your manager" and was like um no
@Magisch fancy. As opposed to earplugs
@Magisch Well, in some cases...........
@Magisch if it was paintball....
I got a lot of bruises from the time I played paintball
turns out even small capsules of paint hurt like hell if they hit you in the ribs or side of the head
2:06 PM
@Magisch That might work too, depending on how much your team hates the manager. The exercise would be not to let the police find out who shot at the manager XD
I guarantee it'll help weeding out the weaker the team members :P
@Tinkeringbell "You're fired!"
@MartinJames Quite literally :D
that would be "fired at"
@Magisch yup
@Tinkeringbell yoga? ;)
2:16 PM
@ShadowWizard synchronised swimming
@ShadowWizard Or an inspirational speaker + group exercise on some lame subject? :P
Well I was in bike/horse riding while at amdocs.
Something involving sticky notes, pens that don't quite work...
horse bike riding!
2:17 PM
Riding a bike designed for horses
@JourneymanGeek I'd make synchronized swimming fun :P Just splash/pull everyone under and ignore the whole exercise :P
@Tinkeringbell or just pretend to be a shark...
@Tinkeringbell and who shot the deputy? ;)
heh... what a good and old song....
@JourneymanGeek That's cool too, but I somehow doubt it'll help the team building if I start biting people
@ShadowWizard It probably is good, even I know it :P
2:19 PM
@Tinkeringbell ... my mental image of you keeps getting more interesting lol.
@Mgetz a gin-sing tea that really sings?
@Tinkeringbell yup. Was on my walkman as teenager and during army. Helped me pass long hours of... stuff... rather well. :)
@JourneymanGeek Don't. I'm only this witty when I'm online and have some time to conjure up a response ;)
@Tinkeringbell true of many of us ;)
I resemble that remark
2:20 PM
But the mental image most people have of me is... a small dog
What do I look like? :P
@Tinkeringbell parrot
Well, my mental image is a blond version of velma. Only dutch ;p
@JourneymanGeek I must admit I'm bad at mental images ;) I don't often make them, and if I do I'm horribly wrong XD
IDK why I assume you wear glasses ;p
2:21 PM
@JourneymanGeek absolutely guilty
@JourneymanGeek Maybe you've seen one of my earliest avatars ;) I do wear glasses :)
@Tinkeringbell naw
only seen the parrot ;p
I probably assume everyone on the internet wears glasses ;p
@JourneymanGeek Really? You don't remember the giraffe, branch with snow, and orange tulips? :P
Or the photo of me?
That photo was almost a year ago ;)
2:22 PM
I probably popped into TAS cause I was debating asking questions on IPS
newp ;p
@JourneymanGeek "Am dog. How do I get people to stop hugging me"
@Magisch lol
@JourneymanGeek I thought I maybe saw you a few times when the chatroom got overrun with mods ;) But okay. I get my Yearling badge on the 23rd! :D.
So, I started with a picture of me, I think it stuck for 2 or 3 months :P
@Tinkeringbell plausible but doubtful unless someone asked for help
I think you're familiar with how I think chat moderation's best done, and I prefer to have a longer term working relationships rather than be a parachute mod ;)
That's true. I saw so many mods try and help though, I forgot count ;)
2:26 PM
to be fair a parachuting yorkie would make quite the entrance
@Magisch And reply 'woof' to every request for details :P
does ash actually bark
@Magisch ya
has a suprisingly gruff/deep voice
...... how comes that THIS cat...
becomes this?
2:38 PM
sd k
What is this? Cats and civility? :/
@Derpy virus?
@canon nope, just a friend showing me some cats-evolutions in a mobile cats collecting gatcha game
@ShadowWizard the cat is called Howard.
as in Howard P. Lovecraft
basically, I assume he is Cat-thulu
@Derpy I like the cathulu version ;)
2:52 PM
Looking for a better video
he's excited, and a bit squeeky bit
@Magisch ^
its about 9 years ago
@Tinkeringbell seems there are a few "coincidences" about some of those cats appearances
@Derpy That a Harry Potter cat?
The purple doesn't make sense to me :/
@Tinkeringbell probably a way to get around it being too on the nose ;)
@JourneymanGeek Ah. Duh :P
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