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1:36 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Mostly dots in title: abc conjture.............................. by rome101 on math.SE
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3:59 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL in title, bad NS for domain in body, bad NS for domain in title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, +5 more: lumalifteye.com/biodermrx/ by lalluadams on english.SE
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog at work. Busy
Maybe later
4:27 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer: Evaluation of a combinatorial sum (that comes from random matrices) by hotmaillogin on mathoverflow.net
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer: Keep only rules that replace integers with other integers by hotmaillogin on mathematica.SE
4:47 AM
Bulletin board is also missing.
@NogShine No recent blog posts, and no posts with the tag. (MSE doesn't have Hot Meta Posts because it doesn't have a per-site meta.)
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Well, there are 3 posts with featured tag. They are not showing up on other sites as well as MSE.
Probably because they've been featured for more than two weeks.
@Catija No, one of those posts just had the tag added 7 hours ago.
There is a new post. Adam Lear added the tag 7 hours ago
4:53 AM
But it was also removed seven hours ago, so it may have gotten stuck.
Also, I believe they're always there as long as the tag is on them...the Community user removes the tag 30 days after it's applied.
I'm guessing that it would have had to have gone through at least one cycle of checks to find it "off" before it changes the status.
@Catija Caching
@NogShine File a bug report
Joe Friend added and removed. Adam Lear added back the tag.
Joe added it on the 11th and then removed it seven hours ago... and then Adam added it back right after Joe removed it...
It takes ~an hour for the system to catch up with whether something's tagged as "featured" or not... so if it checked and it never saw it "unfeatured", it may have assumed that it was not ever removed.
4:55 AM
2 mins ago, by Sonic the Inclusive Hedgehog
Also, I believe they're always there as long as the tag is on them...the Community user removes the tag 30 days after it's applied.
It'd be similar to the problem with featured tags not being removed when posts are locked.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog No... they only stay in the sidebar for two weeks.
@Catija Evidence?
Also, if that's the case, why do they need to make the Community user remove it after 30 days?
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog I'm on it.
4:57 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog You find proof that it's 30... if someone wants to search for featured stuff, the tag is still valid whether it's in the sidebar or not.
@Catija Regarding your bug report, there's also a bug rendering the moderators tab on the IPS site...see if you can find it.
Done posting but I'm not good at titles of bug reports.
5:24 AM
6:04 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog It is reproduced on all the sites where there are 5 mods.
6:19 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad NS for domain in answer, bad keyword in answer: How to download above 720p video with audio from YouTube? by Joseph Miller on superuser.com
2 hours later…
7:52 AM
If that is the case, what is the point of adding the tag? The tag implies that the post is very important and should reach larger audience. It should be shown throughout the network irrespective of the post age. That feature should be useful. — Nog Shine 1 min ago
@Shog9 can you please address this? ^
(background: adding tag on MSE won't make the question appear in community bulletins around the network if the question is older than two weeks, which is now the case with all 3 featured MSE questions)
8:12 AM
@ShadowWizard The user is asking two questions in a single post.
Huh, the HNQ question with birds from yesterday that attracted the crappy answer is now closed as off topic... /cc @Derpy
Background: Edit war.
@NogShine didn't even notice at first, the question is based on title.
@ShadowWizard I don't really care about the destiny of the question.
Still wondering why Peter keeps wasting time editing closed questions...
8:14 AM
It's that answer that bugged me. The answer and the comments it gathered
Remove the second paragraph and ask this question i.e., about site list as a new question. Let the question about chat rooms remain as duplicate. — Nog Shine 5 mins ago
(and the fact that some users were even upvoting that comments)
@Derpy but it means the whole thing is even worse than we thought, well, worse than I thought...
@ShadowWizard Which site?
@NogShine for some reason I don't think that OP will do it. Either he'll keep editing badly or go away.
@Derpy some people saw that just as jokes, yeah.
8:16 AM
@ShadowWizard probably it just mean that Math doesn't really want a question about explaining a "joke" on the main site. Suppose that someone ask a question about a programming joke on SO - do you expect it to live?
Q: Explain this mathematical meme

HanlonMy knowledge of geometry is just a little bit above high school level and I know absolutely nothing about topology. So, what is the point of this meme?

hmm... should the onebox show the question is on hold? ^
@ShadowWizard No
@NogShine anyway, there was an answer there yesterday taking it deep into the male/female debate in a.... not very nice... way.
Maybe @Derpy took screenshot, I didn't.
The answer got like -12 score and attracted tons of crappy/vulgar comments.
@Derpy On the PHP tag, sure.
@Derpy it lived happy life with thousands of upvotes
whoops, not "s", "d" :D
"only" 859 upvotes.
618 (!!!) answers.
Anyway, it lived 9 years on Stack Overflow, deleted by @bluefeet only recently. (April 18)
8:28 AM
@ShadowWizard They did.
> helpful - Well. It's deleted now. Thankfully.
@NogShine good! :)
@SomewhatMemorableName yup
8:46 AM
9:03 AM
9:59 AM
@SmokeDetector k
10:36 AM
@ShadowWizard done ;)
10:50 AM
@Oded it looks like your early contributions are no longer welcome ... :(
11:06 AM
@JNat thanks!
11:33 AM
I found a redirection bug and reported it but research assistant is not the only one behaving. Clicking on Copy Editor takes me to Low Quality posts review queue. O.o
11:44 AM
@NogShine sounds familiar: meta.stackexchange.com/a/290322/158100
@rene Will my question get closed as dupe now?
If I get my hands on it, yes ;)
Oh, I don't have a hammer in the [bug] tag ...
I need to find more bugs ...
If we find a bug which is solved a long ago, isn't that good?
11:49 AM
To keep a record of history? sure.
2 hours later…
2:09 PM
@ShadowWizard this will be changed in the next build; network-featured posts will adopt the same selection behavior as per-site featured posts.
I'm still surprised stack doesn't have a CSP header
There was a bug for it but it's been completely ignored
I have to admit, I have no idea what a CSP header is.
@Shog9 Probably one of HTTP Header: Content Security Policy (CSP)
oh, that
I vaguely remember Nick messing around with those during the HTTPS migration
don't know how it fell out
2:26 PM
Q: Enable Content Security Policy on Stack Exchange

Michał PerłakowskiI think it would be a good idea to enable Content Security Policy on Stack Exchange. With CSP it's possible to disable inline scripts, and that can improve security. For example, some time ago I found an XSS vulnerability in the Stack Exchange chat. I reported it and it was fixed, but that vulner...

@Shog9 Basically it's a huge way to prevent people from doing XSS against stack. The main issue and the reason it was probably rejected was user styles and scripts.
Maybe Nick can answer it with the reasons why it's too complex?
heh. Ok. Yeah, disabling inline scripts is a much bigger deal than enabling the header (which... is probably also a big deal)
@Shog9 thanks! Will you answer @Nog's question and update your old answer to reflect the change?
wait, what question?
2:28 PM
I don't think it technically blocks local addons so User scripts run as part of an addon should still work
Q: Featured questions are not shown network wide

Nog ShineCurrently, there are three questions tagged with featured here on Meta Stack Exchange. Usually, when there is a post with this tag, it is visible throughout the network on the Community bulletin or bulletin board with "Featured on Meta" right side of our page. But these questions are not shown on...

even so, we use gobs of inline scripts
@Shog9 as long as they are same origin that's fine
are any of them?
you can restrict where inline scripts can come from. For example you can block third party eval usage
2:29 PM
eww.... eval...
@Shog9 inline would mean on the page those are considered same origin
!!/eval evil
@ShadowWizard No such command 'eval'.
@SmokeDetector Good!
At a minimum user settings pages should always have a very restrictive CSP header
It would also allow stack to prevent linking of images from unapproved hosts, Iframing stack, loading in malicious worker scripts, loading in video or other crazy things etc.
2:34 PM
@Mgetz framing is already not possible, dunno about other things you mention though.
...this really does sound like it would screw with some of my userscripts
@Shog9 are you using an addon?
Especially the malicious worker scripts for mining unicoin?
because addons seem to be immune to CSP at least on chrome
particularly the one that injects external scripts on multiple domains to get around the same origin policy
2:37 PM
Shog love client side scripting so makes sense he's using some hack to bypass the same origin policy... :)
@Mgetz yes, but my usual approach is to inject as much logic into the page itself rather than running from the (somewhat more privileged) addon sandbox
@Shog9 I'd test it with Nick on an internal site and see if it works. I believe it will, but scripts run in the console may be rejected
...that would also be annoying
That said I'd suggest migrating away from inline scripts
looks like chrome definitely excludes user extensions from CSP
3:03 PM
Weird idea of the day: Reverse Code Golf
Take a large enough full app complete with unit tests projects. Ideally, there should be at least 600-800 tests.
The goal is to see who comes up with the smallest possible code change that breaks at least 50% of the tests. Code must still compile correctly, obviously.
3:14 PM
@Catija all fixed
@Derpy first hand experience?
@Taryn YAY! :D
I think it would be possible to put a dynamic CSP nonce in the grade, and user scripts could query for that and attach it to their scripts and styles before inserting. It would require them to be updated, but just a few lines.
In the header* autocorrect
3:23 PM
@YvetteColomb You're a horse person, right? What would be a thoughtful birthday gift for someone obsessed with horses?
... horseshoe
In the past we've all given her money to care for the horse but I'd like to get something horse related this time
So, when you say obsessed with horses, you mean that they own one?
And she spents most of her time with it
She rides?
3:26 PM
She works at a horse ranch too and hers is stabled there (is that how you call it?)
I'm sure Yvette will have a better idea but the first thing that came to mind is something like a gift basket with various high-quality care products for the horse/tack.
... but if she works there, she may not need that...
@Derpy Doesn't sound that difficult? I could blow away many of my apps by selecting a buffer pool size of 0. The lot would load and lock solid immediate.
@MartinJames you have to destroy the tests, not the whole app. Which means that you have to destroy small part of code that run in isolation. Probably with some mocked call thrown in.
not sure it would be so simple if the tests are spread enough.
@Catija I'm ... not sure about that
You could grab some really nice saddle soap and a good curry comb or brush... there's actually an article on Wikipedia about caring for horses: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horse_grooming
3:37 PM
TIL what saddle soap is
@Derpy Hmm... not sure.
@Catija You seem to know a lot about horses
@Catija What about those furry ear-warmers that I sometimes see on field stock in winter?
@Magisch I do live in Texas... and I used to do Pentathlon as a kid... which includes riding horses (jumping)... so I've been around them somewhat. I've never owned one, though... so, like I said, Yvette may have better ideas.
It never ceases to amaze me how may misconceptions people have about texas
3:49 PM
I lived in Seattle for seven years (elementary and high school)... I can't tell you how many people, upon finding out I was from Texas, asked if I rode a horse to school.
@Catija I would have answered yes.. because everybody is from lubbock (they don't ride horses to school there either)
Never mind that three of the top ten highest-population cities in the country are in the state.
Or the oddly strange progressive things that Texas does sometimes because they are practical
Housing homeless people in cheap apartments because it's a lot cheaper (particularly in dallas and houston) to pay 50k a year for their healthcare + food + apartment than it is to pay 200K+ per person due to complications of homelessness
it's prioritized based on how much a person has cost the county and the hospitals per year
3:53 PM
I haven't heard anything about that, actually. But the bigger cities tend to be more progressive anyway.
in most cases it costs even less than that
@Catija Houston and Austin yes, Dallas is more mixed
everywhere else is relative
Austin is the joke blue capital for a red state.
When Texas was talking about seceding, Austin was talking about finding a way to stay part of the US. :P
I wouldn't actually call texas a red state, I'd call it texas... it's different than most conservative states in my experience. They seem to have very little tolerance for BS
I... disagree... but I'm trying to avoid getting too politics-y.
> We would also like to annex Dublin Texas, Lockhart Texas, & Shiner Texas.
@Catija Fair enough, I'll drop it. My experiences are very colored by my own family history in texas
3:58 PM
Because what's more important than Dr. Pepper, BBQ and Beer?
@Catija NASCAR?
Austin has the F1 track... is that close enough?
@Catija Not quite, but I'm glad they built the F1 track in texas
Apparently there was a burgeoning need for the "uber of helicopters" to get people to the Circuit of the Americas.
@Catija I'll be honest the only thing I know about texas is that there's a lot of farms, big portion sizes and that it's a red state
4:05 PM
You forgot "and it's hot". :P
Highs in the upper 30s C all week. 36-37.
It's 32-34C here all week
And 85% relative humidity
So hell on earth pretty much
i'd take dry 36C if I could choose
Putting a damper on your running?
But... 11% humidity vs 60-80%...
I go in the morning, so not really but it does impact my pacing
Just wait it'll be humid here in the next month or so
With the same high temps or does the humidity dampen (har har) the temps?
4:14 PM
same high temps just more humid
we're not even really at high temps yet though
@Taryn That website has a nice and explanatory privacy policy
clearly outlining what each provider does and allowing bulk opt out
This was a nice experience
@Magisch Welcome to IBM
Is MSO supposed to show the new Teams layout for everyone?
Q: Check out the sneak peak of left nav, new theme and responsiveness

Joe FriendToday we are releasing an early sneak peak of work that has been in progress for several months on Meta Stack Overflow and later this week on Meta Stack Exchange. The motivation for this work is covered in my post entitled Ch-ch-ch-changes: Left nav, responsive design, & themes, so check that out...

@Taryn ah thanks, I did check the community bulletin but it's not on there yet :)
4:24 PM
@Stijn caching
as usual ^^
4:45 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword in link text in answer: Unable to boot ubuntu from usb by Madeleine Mey on askubuntu.com
huh, I thought the left sidebar would not be scrollable for non-teams (or let's just say... "sticky")
because now we have sticky search bar, not sticky navigation :/
Your avatar is somewhat memorable
As is your name
@hey was as good
and somewhat shorter ;)
I... have a mixed feeling with responsive design... Was surprised by how it decides to show left sidebar + right sidebar before the main content reaches its full size (approx ~700px)
(better sleep then... nite~)
5:27 PM
Adam's answer to my question implies it's intentional. :) — Catija 1 min ago
@Catija Adam sounds a little bit confused over there...do you think the answer describes my issue?
@Shog9 's answer is now the fastest accepted answer (30 seconds).
It's like posting own answer and accepting. :P
@ΈρικΚωνσταντόπουλος if it wasn't intentional, he would likely have said something in the answer indicating that "whoops, that's not supposed to be rolled out everywhere yet"... he's certainly apologetic enough about the styling being messy.
It's... quasi intentional :P
> the fix here might have to wait a while
Cat's out of the bag, why bother trying to catch it again?
5:36 PM
that's why I think it shouldn't be rolled out yet :P
(unlike what Catija said above ^^)
Do you think I'm right about killing the visited and visited hover styling?
basically, I made the decision to roll out new tabs since they're coming anyway as we roll through site redesigns and it made my life easier to not maintain two versions of the tabs layout
uh, that does look more like an answer to my question than Catija's
BUT the unintentional part is the screwed up styling. that didn't come up when I was testing this and I'm not sure why it's happening (haven't had a chance to look into it yet)
5:37 PM
So why is it only active on the tabs for the users menu?
@Catija the only views that I adjusted were user and tag lists
that's exactly the point of my question :P
@ΈρικΚωνσταντόπουλος well... my question does say "New?"
so, I may be confused here, but I think my question is more, eh, general (why did that happen at first place? vs. issues with something new), even if the answer is partly the same as the one in yours
and also because it just looks very inconsistent with the rest of most SE sites :)
I use the tab a lot, and it actually slows me down a bit that it has changed while the others are as usual
yeah, I might just revert those changes rather than figure out why the styling is jacked
5:43 PM
just think calmly, and don't rush to answer any questions including mine :P
so apparently horse brushes can get expensive
@AdamLear I'm going to tease you for not using css grid
consider yourself teased
@AdamLear If it makes you feel any better, I do like the general look of the buttons and the placement. :) So if it's some styling issues causing trouble, I'm sure that can be worked out.
Thanks :)
@SmokeDetector tpu-
!!/watch limerosdelchess\.BlogSpot\.com
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog You don't have code privileges, but I've created PR#2230 for you.
6:30 PM
@AdamLear I would however highly suggest playing around with CSS grid... it makes 99% of CSS pain not an issue. All for the low low price of condemning IE 11 users to mobile version because IE does not support the modern grid standard
I'm currently using IE11 because I'm on my desktop which runs Windows 8.1
and I'd still like SE sites to be a bit compatible with my Microsoft Surface RT
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog css grid doesn't break that, it just doesn't arrange the elements in desktop format for IE11
basically when designing a CSS grid site you design the mobile version first, then rearrange the whole thing using grid
@Mgetz I'd like a desktop view on my Surface, it's more of a desktop than a mobile device
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog then use a modern browser?
@Mgetz I can't install any other browser on a Windows RT device
6:34 PM
I'm not sure why adam should have to break his neck to make an ancient browser look good
it's called progressive enhancement
the cost of making the site look perfect on IE11 probably outweighs the benefits when it's just as functional in a mobile format
I don't use Chrome or Firefox because I don't trust them with my data, and they make the pages I use look weird
On my newer machine running Windows 10, I use Edge because of its better touchscreen support
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Maybe they look odd because IE is rendering them wrong?
No, I'm talking about direct black-on-white text that just glints at me, plus the use of non-standard UI elements
Plus, on my 1080p screen with 100% DPI, YouTube videos appear much smaller in Chrome than in IE
6:43 PM
"Note to community: ..." can you come up with your answer quickly please, or at least list the unsatisfying duplicates in your question. — πάντα ῥεῖ 38 secs ago
Not sure, OP should probably.
I'll follow @Sonic so far.
If you think the existing answer to a question tagged faq isn't good enough, the proper procedure is to edit the answer or add a new answer there. — Sonic the Inclusive Hedgehog 53 secs ago
There are more than one posts for this.
I warned them at least :3
6:48 PM
I noticed that the FAQ on uploading images didn't mention the 10-rep requirement on some sites. I've gone ahead and edited it in.
@Mgetz Due to the difference in vertical height, IE renders the same video much bigger than Chrome. (If you press Alt or Ctrl+F or enable any toolbars on IE, it will become as small as Chrome, so that confirms it's indeed due to vertical height.)
yeah, how annoying e.g. when you download a file
OP self answered now, I retracted my down votes and flags.
7:06 PM
FYI I really hated that nobody bothered to update the FAQ answers. This is part of why I edited anonymously.
I'm a bit confused as the question asks about inline images which I interpret as on the same line, still in the answer they show nothing of that.
ugg. I'm at the point in the day where I can't think straight to save my life
thinking in a circle is okay
Just let us know when we need to snap you out of it ...
It's not circular it's more... 🐇
Basically a complete lack of focus
@rene It's already covered in the FAQ, in the question it says "I've noticed other answers on similar questions show how to link to pictures, but don't show how to display a picture in a post."
7:14 PM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog maybe the title of the FAQ needs a touch up then?
as it is not only uploading?
@rene Yeah, the word "inline" isn't in the FAQ, so when they searched, they didn't find the FAQ. See the most recent answer edit. (That's precisely the point of closing as duplicate, to serve as a signpost for searchability.)
I edited the FAQ question.
I flagged the question for moderator attention for merging, because I believe the answer is good.
@Shog9 Please handle the request
1 hour later…
8:40 PM
sd tpu-
9:39 PM
sd tpu-
9:56 PM
sd naa
~ The Tale of @πάνταῥεῖ and Smokey
10:56 PM
@Mgetz we do our layouts with flexbox and I'm most certainly not even going to try changing that :)
@Catija @ΈρικΚωνσταντόπουλος I reverted the change to tabs on /users. They'll change again as we roll new styles out, but at that point at least there should be no weird overlays and whatnot.

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