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1:59 AM
Ok, almost done...
Hi @mootinator.
Why am I all starred up?
Just noticed.
Imagine if stars were applied in real life. I'd have two of them on my forehead at the moment.
Mario has been here, but not long enough. I know because half of the stars on the sidebar are black/silhouettes. If they were yellow it would mean he hasn't collected them yet.
None of the stars are shooting stars, but one of them is about a shooting.
Rough crowd.
It's all about delivery.
Online, that's several tens of ms to slow.
faux chuckle
Seriously though, I just about wrote a user script browser today. Not completely done, but it saves/runs scripts.
2:03 AM
^ That was ill timed.
As was the message which followed, yeesh.
I meant to put the sad trombone after the faux chuckle and the ill timed message immediately after my link.
@mootinator Like I said, it's all about timing. badapap bum
queue laughter
Loading. . .
I don't see why not.
On the other hand, I do see why not.
2:09 AM
Your clock is broken sir.
After 8 it does some weird stuff.
After 8 hey.
That's a nonstandard 9.
See the way a joke works is you got a comedian over here and an audience over there and the comedian is talking about something and you got the setup and the delivery and - BOOM! That's the way a joke works.
@mootinator How would you validate a URL to check if it should run as a user script?
Are userscript domains case insensitive?
1 hour later…
3:14 AM
@Moshe /me has no idea
3 hours later…
5:53 AM
Yay, I am pretty sure these script thingadongdongs work!
6:41 AM
Man, I sure I wish I had an air compressor. I use up the cans of air much too quickly.
Hey, @Moshe what anti-malware packages are available for the Mac?
Oh, heh. That message was posted almost an hour ago. Well, that's why they have the ping functionality.
7:13 AM
@GeorgeMarian Off the top of my head, dunno. I don't use that usually.
Darn. I'd like to find a way to at least try to determine if a client's Mac has been compromised.
@GeorgeMarian There are programs, I just don't know offhand.
By the way, I'm making great progress on my user script browser. URL compares are biting me though.
@GeorgeMarian Do you still have an iPhone?
I figured as much. I was hoping for some easy answers. I don't really have it in me to research it right now. :)
@Moshe Yup, though its days may be numbered. The battery life dropped significantly a few weeks ago.
@GeorgeMarian A quick Google search shows Avast has a mac version, dunno if it's free.
It's still usable, but now I really have to watch the battery meter.
7:20 AM
@GeorgeMarian Ouch.
@Moshe Thanks, I'll look into that.
Google ads show norton for mac and kaspersky
I wouldn't touch Norton with a 10' pole. :)
@GeorgeMarian What about a sharp pointy stick?
Be careful, @George, there are viruses out there! Take this shield with you!
@Moshe As long as it's not mine... ;)
7:22 AM
I know, Norton is like a virus: It collects personal info (registration), charges you money, claims to help you, and slows down your computer.
Yeah, it doesn't score high in my book.
@GeorgeMarian I hate to be one track minded but this is kinda cool. I have a user script enabled Fahrii on my iPhone.
Heh. I'm glad it's working out.
7:45 AM
installation works. running them kind of does, but it's more of a hack.
scripts are currently killed after 10 seconds
@Moshe You may be interested in reading this: theregister.co.uk/2011/08/04/secret_iphone_hacking_tool
@Moshe Slowly, but surely. If nothing else, it's a good learning experience.
@GeorgeMarian thanks. looks interesting.
@GeorgeMarian I had an older version of this project, but this is way better. And, I started it this morning/afternoon.
Also, something's wrong with my matching function.
I seem to recall a freelancing SE proposal.
7:57 AM
Somewhere, my stored URLS are getting a slash appended and I don't really want that.
Freelancing? Sounds familiar.
Oy. Time for another reboot.
8:23 AM
Drat. I'm going to need to upgrade my Ethernet cables. =/
What kind of cables do you use now?
I'm lucky if they're 5e, heh.
I bought a gigabit switch and was hoping that my cabling was good enough to see something out of it. Granted, I didn't expect much since I wasn't seeing more than 10 Mb out of my other switch. At $25, it was still a good purchase.
@OctavianDamiean That's a pretty good book.
Bought it because of Bruce Eckels recommendation in his article.
2 hours later…
11:06 AM
Hey meta!
Hello there.
Is there anyway to link to tags in SO markdown?
I remember there was a topic but I can't find it.
Oh. Thanks so much.
I knew it was easy.
Q: Add data.SE style "magic links" to comments

Won'tHow many times have you typed this: [meta](http://meta.stackexchange.com) in a comment? Me, personally, I'm sick of it. Can we has some data.stackexchange.com-style "magic links" inn comments? (inn~iff) I'd suggest the following be added (and would request others be suggested): [meta] =>...

A: Allow specifying sites for the new tag formatting (at least, to some degree)

Kevin MontroseThe new tag macro has been changed to refer to the parent site, and an equivalent meta-tag has been added for when you wish to refer to a... well, meta tag. a-tag-on-mso stackoverflow [meta-tag:a-tag-on-mso] [tag:stackoverflow] This does not apply retroactively, but any post containing the ...

3 hours later…
2:22 PM
This is odd, I can't seem to ftp into the se.awio.com servers to edit the election stats thingy any more
Has anyone seen Dan here recently? He's certainly still using SO
No, he hasn't been on metachat in a while
you might find him on chat.so tho
Last seen 23d ago
Whereas 15 min ago on SO main profile
I think he gave up on chatting
I blame all of us for not being cool enough.
Hello, Apple-related stackoverflow.com/q/6957277/38108 recently migrated from Super User to Stack Overflow, pleases me, thank you. I guessed that Ask Different wouldn't be the best place for it, but I wasn't sure about the choice between SU and SO. To guide me in future, please, what would you guess/describe as the deciding factor(s) for migration in this case? TIA
Because the question's most likely to gain answers from programmers?
2:36 PM
What are you asking us man? How to know ahead of time what the best site for a question is?
Just pick one, if people thing it belongs somewhere else, after you have ASKED the question then they will move it for you. That's the point of the system.
@jcolebrand thanks, I wasn't sure whether people might sometimes get upset about having to move things. Yes, I'd like to know ahead of time which site is best but if migrations are commonplace that's great :-) (I have seen very few migrations, which made me wary of posting in the 'wrong' place.)
@GrahamPerrin Nah, migrations are common enough. The more you use the networks, the more you'll figure out where to start your post at. Just give it your best effort and make sure you ask good questions.
3:14 PM
This one might be borderline, ignoring my long question (could be better), there's a short answer … if the question was in SO it might get some good answers about how to use for example iotop
… on the other hand someone in Ask Different might pipe up with "Graham, you simply need to pay closer attention to the simpler view presented by Activity Monitor".
3:37 PM
Oy is back in style, I see. :-D
ducks and hides
@GrahamPerrin You should re-read the FAQ of the site you believe it belongs to. Especially the What kind of questions can I ask here? and the What kind of questions should I not ask here? section of each site. That will help you to determine if it is the right place to ask a particular question or not.
@OctavianDamiean thank you. FAQs read. In chat we wondered whether it might be better in SO chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/1494854#1494854 … wherever the question lives I'm happy. Just wondered whether (to anyone here) the question looks like a definite for SO
3:53 PM
I see. In my opinion it is a question for Apple.
Skip that. After reading the faq of that site and chatting with the moderators over there it really is more appropriate on Stack Overflow.
4:17 PM
/me joined @OctavianDamiean in Ask Different Chat
5:08 PM
And so, with that, the MacBook had two installed operating systems and they lived happily ever after. The End.
5:20 PM
ga all
5:46 PM
@Neal You have a lot of gall for using abbreviations. :P
is on windows 7 - for a change.
@Moshe ^_^ ty
look at my meta posts and ull see why
Q: Should others downvote my posts for "grammatical" reasons?

NealSomeone decided to start downvoting my answers due to them being too bulletin boardlike (not good grammar and capitalization) Is there a way to report those users? And if so, what can i do about it? edit Here is one example

Gah! Darned keyboard bindings. Time to relearn what I once new. (Hey, that sounds like a song.)
@Neal Look, don't use textspeak, please.
If for no other reason that foreigners who pop in start using it too - and become completely and totally illegible and incomprehensible.
Users should downvote stuff for whatever reason they please. POWER TO TEH PEOPLES!!1
Don't go against that.
Oh, old question.
5:50 PM
Spelling, like so many other technologies, is standardized, to make life easier for developers.
@Moshe :-P
@Moshe i had a meta Question which has since been deleted by Jeff about shorthands... it got many many downvotes
A: Should others downvote my posts for "grammatical" reasons?

MosheSpelling, like so many other technologies, is standardized, to make life easier for developers. See this RFC standard. :-D

@Neal I only posted it thrice.
@Moshe posted wat?
Aand firefox installed in < 5 seconds on Windows on a MacBook. Wow.
6:28 PM
@Neal It weren't deleted
@GraceNote ??
@GraceNote wadya mean?
@Neal The question about shorthands like AFAIK. It wasn't deleted.
@GraceNote then where is it?
Q: Can people PLEASE spell out their slang acronyms

I keep seeing new acronyms internet slang everyday on Stack Overflow. Such as the following YMMV AFAIK IMO HTH Is it possible to make a stack rule Guideline (or Frequently Asked Questions entry) that when you are answering a question you spell out whatever acronym internet slang you are usin...

@GraceNote ha. but it was removed as me
ddnt know it still existed lol
Would like to keep it that way
6:33 PM
Quite, it was, I believe at your request but all the same either way to your benefit.
@GraceNote lol i know that
i asked for some of those low vote Q's to be removed
ddnt know they just made them Anon
If we only deleted them, they'd still block your account from posting.
@GraceNote rly? I did not know that.
interesting at the same time
@GraceNote how did you know it was related to me?
A: Can people PLEASE spell out their slang acronyms

Grace NoteHow could this be enforced? Problem is, acronyms and abbreviations are prevalent. Some to the extent where the short form is far more well-known than the expansion. Just on Stack Overflow alone, you've got entire tags like sql and linq that are acronyms themselves, and I imagine far more program...

@GraceNote lol ahhhh that could do it ^_^
7:16 PM
Hrm... This is confusing. I need to load user scripts in through the same method thad does regular requests, but that's creating recursion...
7:35 PM
Another amazing question joins the hell of Great Questions Stack Exchange Was Just Not Ready To Love.
Who knows, perhaps one day...
One day we'll be ready to tell the world what happens when the person puts up his hand to wave to me has his hands touched a game controller, and how to avoid getting punched in the face in that situation.
We'll be able to transmit the values of sharing, even sharing of pizza, if that means not getting our face punched.
The values of hygiene, because you want to wash your game bits really carefully before you make a pizza out of them. And if the pizza we just shared sucks, we'll get punched in the face.
The values of craft, the craft of pizza, the craft of good pizza, lovingly hand-waved with a game controller, so that our guest will be amazed by our home robotics and will not, after all, punch us in the face.
Sharing. Craft. Hygiene. What values are we missing on!
Moderators truly are the cancer that is killing Stack Exchange.
Heads up, #stackoverflow and the rest of our network will be down for about an hour (hopefully!) this weekend: http://goo.gl/vSXDZ
Why are we always the last ones to know?
Dumb question.
@jcolebrand Hey, wait a minute
Whats a quick and dirty way, using JavaScript, to replace the contents of document.body.innerHTML with a string?
You said that in another room. Who are you saying is the last one to know, then? Us or them?
7:48 PM
document.body.innerHTML = string doesn't seem to work.
@GraceNote us users
and I frequently cross post tweets and captions ;)
@jcolebrand It's a big announcement banner on Meta and Stack Overflow, y'know
Actually, I could be wrong....
@GraceNote pffft, why would I go on the site?
@jcolebrand To be a user, I'd presume ♪
7:51 PM
@GraceNote how passe
@GraceNote I guess I'll mirror on Gaming then
@badπ Good idea
@Moshe document.body.innerHTML = 'something'
@GraceNote For the benefit of other mods:
> There will be a short network-wide outage starting on 8/6 19:00 UTC for <a href="http://blog.serverfault.com/post/stack-exchange-maintenance-this-saturday/">system maintenance</a>. <span style="color:red; font-weight:bold;">Do not panic.</span>
I think I should give a white border to the do not panic text however, I don't think it's quite comforting enough.
8:42 PM
sigh Who thought that amber and green were good colors to use for indicator lights?
8:58 PM
@GeorgeMarian Mostly everything I have uses blue. Which I think a study decided was the most visually distracting of all of the options.
Heh. My desktop uses blue for the power and activity lights.
I had to place tape over them, as they are very bright.
This amber/green thing is really annoying. I'm trying to troubleshoot the lack of improvement in network throughput since swapping in a gigabit switch.
However, I can't tell if the lights are all green (which would indicate full gigabit throughout) or if some are actually amber. They shouldn't all be green, since the switch in my router isn't gigabit.
At least, I don't think the router's switch is gigabit. goes to check
Heh, reminds me of how long it took me to figure out why I wasn't getting gigabit to my router.
Forgot that I had the ethernet cable passing through my UPS, which was limiting it to 100 mbps
Heh, that'll do it.
There's a good chance that something else is limiting the transfer rate. I was getting basically the same rate using my 100Mb switch.
There should be a Controversial badge for getting at least five upvotes and five downvotes on a single posts, on meta sites only.
Q: Add something like "Native language" to the user profile

takrlPreface This post is very loosely related to this one regarding issues international users may have, but I'm covering different ground with this one. Proposal The prevalent language used on the SE network is english. I'd like to see a drop down field (or something like it), where one can selec...

9:13 PM
Is there a place on the network (diy?) to ask this question?
> Sara Hebert
Hey guys, does anyone have advice about noisy dogs? Our newish neighbors have a few dogs and they bark pretty constantly right outside our bedroom window. Our neighbor does come out to correct them, but we're not getting any relief and it's really starting to effect our ability to function! We've been thinking about moving where we sleep out of our master bedroom into the guest bedroom, but really don't want to. Any ideas?
17 minutes ago · Like ·
@jcolebrand You know full well there's no SE site for "does anyone have advice about X" questions.
@PopularDemand yes, I know. But the kernel of the question: "Is there something I can do to shut my neighbors dogs up at night?" is the motivating factor here. Also, I'm trying to find a breakthrough Q&A to get Sara onto the network ;)
Egg cartons!
Just a friend of yours, or someone famous I should be aware of?
I can't think of a good site. You'd need Pets SE. It'd be a little subjective for my taste, but no more so than Parenting SE.
I guess it depends on if they want to fix the dog or fix the room.
9:19 PM
Just a friend of mine, but popular in the community locally
I imagine they want to fix the neighbor
That sounds like a shin-kicking service order more than anything else.
Lovely. I just triggered triggered the collapsing stream list in Google+.
I know, right?
What if they got some sort of constant dog whistle thingadongdong and put a few around the yard. It would drive the dogs mad eventually the owners would need to get rid of em. If done right, nobody would suspect a thing. :-D
Interesting idea. I have seen something like that advertised on TV for keeping dogs away.
A slightly less sinister idea would be to employ a dog whistle to train them not to bark so much.
9:30 PM
@GeorgeMarian Yea, but my idea is more fun.
The downside to my idea is that the dogs will probably get noisier for a while.
But if you take George's idea, the neighbors who can't sleep can shut the dogs up themselves.
@Moshe Nevermind that it may be considered inhumane...
That's brillliant! I have just the thing!
@GeorgeMarian Well, yes. That is true.
@jcolebrand - Would you mind testing an update to Nippon at your convenience?
I haven't pushed it yet, just asking.
9:54 PM
Q: How to invoke javascript on the content in a UIWebView?

MosheI'm working on Fahrii, which is, essentially, a userscript enabled mobile browser. At the moment, I'm having trouble invoking the scripts on a web page that's loaded into a UIWebView. I'd like to keep this public APIs if possible. If not, a proof of concept would at least be nice, so I can get a ...

10:19 PM
@Moshe I already agreed to test stuff. you have to push it at some point
ok,gone, long drive tonight

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