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12:01 AM
mods can migrate anywhere, which is probably why it is marked [status-completed], but really if you are so confused you post a question to MSO like that, you need to be pointed at the faq pages, not have your question moved auto.
Should I then comment -- see faq instead of 'Please ask this question on Stack Overflow'?
Anyone have a link to a meta post explaining what the userNUMBER convention is for new users? I have a commenter looking for a description. I'd like to back it up with a meta post. I know it exists, I just don't want to get closed as a dupe to find it.
Got one.
@Moshe bookmarked. Thanx
@Jin: Sorry... I missed you again :P
It was about a comment you made on this post.
You mentioned:
> "We're trying to figure out a better place to host promotional type of files(vector, wallpaper, flyers etc), where we can easily deploy updates. Once we find a solution I'll be posting the files."
12:21 AM
When did wikipedia get ratings?? trying to explain 289 tag <- there's a rating section at the bottom... ??!?
2 hours later…
1:57 AM
I hadn't touched a pc in 3 and a half years, I look like my grandma using it
everything is on the wrong side
And the menu doesn't stick to the top of the window all the time, huh?
ohh damn!! hadn't notice that! OMGGGGGGG
is the console useless?
It is
2:05 AM
Q: What's a good alternative Windows console?

EthanUPDATE (solution) Months later someone turned me on to an awesome solution to this. If you install Git for Windows, it comes with this console app called Git Bash that does exactly what I descibed. I gather that it is derived from MinGW. It's easy and convenient and gives you all the Unix bash c...

Dear billy gates, you could include a driver or two in you operating system...
@Trufa a) they do, b) he's not there anymore, c) I trust the Windows drivers for hardware before I trust most vendor's drivers.
@jcolebrand a) that doesn't mean that they work though... b) I know, I but balmer is less representative. c) why?
You might want to read up on the Microsoft Hardware Labs
I will...
I can't find the wireless driver for * sake!!!
@jcolebrand console2 seems pretty good!
So is powershell
2:20 AM
let's see... thanks
pings @Dori (hopefully)
Never fear @TimStone you have the power of superping
Well it isn't quite that important :P
@TimStone You rang?
2:22 AM
that was quick
The Community team knows all, sees all, hears all…
Aye. I wanted to ask a question, but I didn't want to post it as a comment because I couldn't find words that wouldn't potentially anger someone.
@TimStone What did I do this time? ;-)
With respect to the WMD shortcuts, the suggestion is that we give preferential treatment to Mac users just because they happen to have two keys? :P
2:24 AM
@TimStone Nah, my suggestion is that we make control - whatever work everywhere, and command - whatever work nowhere.
@Trufa not really
@Dori Right, but it only helps Mac users.
Everyone else still has their browser shortcuts overridden by WMD (or PageDown, if we're being thorough with the renaming)
@jcolebrand may I ask why
@Trufa You may. ---------------- V See that shape?
2:28 AM
@TimStone Wait, so everyone hates WMD because it's unusable? Or only Mac users want to use their keyboards?
when did that happen?
looks to @RebeccaChernoff
It doesn't bother me much period, but I just feel like making the change would be introducing an inconsistency for the benefit of only a select group.
@Trufa like seventy years ago or in the spring. It's only pro-tem
@TimStone hmm?
I think that "control-blah" works for everyone is consistent.
2:29 AM
sorry, distracted, not really reading.
@Dori But don't you normally use command-<key> for those kinds of functions in other applications?
@RebeccaChernoff I was curious if the fact that WMD overrides keyboard shortcuts annoyed you
@jcolebrand northern hemisphere spring so... damn I'm slow today :) congrats man!
@TimStone No—the functionality that WMD provides doesn't map to any normal Mac commands.
@Trufa hahaha, it's not that big a deal. Wait till we graduate next month or so and then we have our elections :p
I never want Cmd-R to insert a horizontal rule. Ever.
2:32 AM
@jcolebrand that sounds good! I think I was never even close to that site...
@Dori I'm speaking in the sense that these formatting options are in the same line of shortcuts as Command + Z, which is the Mac Control + Z equivalent. I'd expect to Command to behave like Control does elsewhere, so if the shortcuts are problematic they should just be removed altogether, since otherwise my Control + Whatever is no longer your Command + Whatever.
(note that I removed all mention of Cmd-Z from my answer, as it just caused confusion)
Right, I just picked an "editor shortcut group" example.
Perhaps Command + I for italics or something would have been more appropriate.
WMD doesn't support Command-I.
Wait, really?
2:41 AM
Which command-key combos does it support?
Or Command-B for bold. That is, it supports none of the useful functionality; it only overrides useful funtionality.
Gah, that's just silly.
@TimStone We are in complete agreement on that point.
@Dori it doesn't?
what the heck?
Sounds like someone needs to rewrite that ...
Also, to be clear, I don't disagree that WMD is doing a Bad Thing™.
2:43 AM
@jcolebrand Trying it right now, and that's what I'm getting.
@TimStone Hmm, I guess the only one I ever use would be to pull up the image editor.
Just that if it's an issue, we should fix it universally, not just for people who are afforded the ability to push it aside by their OS.
I'm never going to use a keyboard shortcut to, say, italicize something.
@Dori So it only supports a mac using the <ctrl> key and not the <command> key?
2:44 AM
Though the fact that Command + I/B don't work is just... pulls up the source code
@RebeccaChernoff Whereas for me, the image uploader is 99% of what irritates me. I use Cmd-G a lot
Also, -1 for the PageDown name, because the first result in Google is not what I want :p
@TimStone agreed.
A: On Mac based browser Command-L should select the address bar

DoriWMD's issues with the Command key (⌘) on Mac browsers: ⌘G should: find next instead: display "Insert image" dialog ⌘H should: hide Safari instead: creates a heading ⌘L should: move cursor to address bar instead: display "Insert hyperlink" dialog ⌘O sho...

@RebeccaChernoff flip over to the other chat and say yes to Aaron please
2:46 AM
@Dori Sorry to be noise in your discussion, I missed the <ctrl> shtuff at the bottom.
Hmm, all of those shortcuts are handled in the same block.
Let me add what keys in WMD do/don't work to my post.
Is this something where the command key must be trapped by checking the key code vs the browser version
Usually, yes
@TimStone You're looking at line 1179 in Markdown.Editor.js?
2:59 AM
@Dori This looks like it was a Safari-specific WebKit bug, actually.
Or it might have been, anyway.
Although it was fixed a while ago, I can't imagine it's not in Safari yet.
@Dori What do you see here?
@MTibbits e ⌘-e
@TimStone I don't have the latest/greatest, but I'm not that far behind.
@TimStone Then could that call just be switched to '.metaKey'? per this answer?
MSO post now updated.
The hell is with this Combat Hospital show. "Hey, I know what will get us ratings! Constant gagging and throwing up!"
3:05 AM
@MTibbits Hm? No, it's correct the way it is.
@mootinator O_o
@TimStone yeah. ((key.ctrlKey || key.metaKey) && !key.altKey) should trap the command key correctly.
@Dori Yeah, I'm not sure. Safari hijacks Command + I/B for its own rich editing purposes in some scenarios, and there was a point in time where it was doing it so early as to not fire the events for those key presses at all.
so what gives?
@TimStone scumbag browser
But that's a bit beside the point anyway, because it doesn't help with the ones that do work, and do interfere.
3:07 AM
I wish it would grab all of the command keys, then—but mostly G.
Opera actually does/used to do that, specifically to prevent these kinds of cases.
<-- hoping google searching can make up for his meager javascript skills...
Anyway, my summarized point is basically just that if we're dropping the shortcuts from Command, I'd rather see them gone from Control too. :)
@MTibbits I suspect that part of the issue is whether you're in a text field or not.
3:09 AM
@Dori mhmm
@TimStone And my summarized point is that it's always good to minimize the amount of pain and change.
Of course. But if the purpose of the change is to free up browser shortcuts, then it seems reasonable to free up said shortcuts for everyone.
Have Windows users been fussing about their keys being overridden?
I'm not sure.
I would suspect, if anyone, it would be the linux users.
3:15 AM
I would think if there was a similar problem on Windows-based computers, it would have been reported. Loudly. Ditto for Linux.
I for one never bother learning shortcut keys.
There is a similar problem on Windows and Linux computers, even if you want to say that the users generally don't care.
That way I get a consistent experience across platforms ;)
There are actually a few bug reports related to this issue for non-Mac platforms, though most of them are scoped to a specific key combination that the OP found particularly annoying.
@Tim, is Stack Exchange directly using Lucene.Net or are you using an in-house, modified version, like PageDown is to WMD?
3:24 AM
@MTibbits Tim doesn't work for SE, neither do I
<- in the dark.
Also, I think that's an excellent question to ask on Meta Stack Overflow
No, that's just a dream of mine. ;)
@TimStone one you must share with a few of us...
I swear if you get hired and I don't apply, I'm gonna have to give you a goosing and then give them my resume at DC.DevDays :p
3:26 AM
so I'll ask on MSO.
thanks @jcolebrand
@jcolebrand They probably aren't so desperate as to want me, but alright. :P
I've been polishing up my Careers profile. :p
yeah, it's been a private running joke
@RebeccaChernoff did you hear me earlier when I said g+? (Y|N)
3:33 AM
...I've been listening since, heh.
My problem with that site is that everything says NYC, NY
@RebeccaChernoff and you lost me
@jcolebrand I don't see that as an issue at all (although I do see why you do)
@TimStone :p
@jcolebrand same here. I'm stuck in DC.
@TimStone hehe
3:40 AM
@RebeccaChernoff oh dear lord, I see that as an endorsement @TimStone :p
@RebeccaChernoff you've been listening to the running joke or spotify or that playlist I sent you?
the playlist
How horrid is our taste/
Also, you should be able to edit it if you subscribe to it
some of it is good, some of it is meh, some of it is ugh
I sometimes remember to mark stuff into my own playlist. shrugs
Not to barge in on the earlier conversation about keyboard shortcuts on Mac, but I posted something relevant way back:
Q: Keyboard Shortcut for formatting posts on Mac should support ⌘

MosheThe keyboard shortcuts for bold and italics on SO et al is incorrectly implemented on Mac, IMHO. On Mac, we use the ⌘ key to invoke keyboard shortcuts. However, on SO, I have to remember to use control. Can we get the ⌘ for keyboard shortcuts implemented please?

Just thought it might be relevant.
3:44 AM
@Moshe which is why meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/100349/… links to it
@Dori Ah, didn't notice. I see it in the comments.
Do Command-I and Command-B actually work for some Mac users? They don't for me, or not in Safari, at least.
@Dori What are you expecting to happen when they "work"? EDIT: Read your post.
Consistency in one form or another. Why does Cmd-K indent, but Cmd-B does nothing?
They should work if you don't use Safari.
3:47 AM
@TimStone Oh, that
@Dori Cmd-B/I works for me in Safari on Lion.
Right, or upgrade Safari
@Moshe Drat—I'd rather use Cmd-B/I not working as a way to get my Cmd-G functionality back.
I hit "Ask a question", typed something, selected it, and watched Cmd-B/I work as expected. It does not seem to work in comments though.
Guess it's time for me to write some code to make it all stop working.
@Moshe I wouldn't expect it to work in comments.
3:48 AM
@Dori Heh. By the way, speaking of code, I finally got around to those DVDs you sent. (Well, the first one.)
@Dori Arguably I don't see why G makes sense there to begin with. If nothing else, maybe there's a free letter...
@RebeccaChernoff you sound like tim ... oh wait, he's not participating yet :p
Shhh ;)
I'm not as much of a keyboardist so... I use the trackpad at times.
@TimStone G is the one that drives me crazy, as there isn't a simple workaround to get my functionality back.
@Moshe Any tboughts? Let me know—although privately is probably best.
3:49 AM
@jcolebrand hm?
@RebeccaChernoff the playlists
@Dori I don't like Lynda's distribution format :P Seriously though, it's nice. Informative and thorough.
@Moshe Which distribution format? They've got several; the disc is just one of them.
@Dori The flash player on a disc.
@Dori Yeah, I don't see why that couldn't at least be mapped to a different letter for everyone (or at least I can't think of a reason to object). Or, we can just trash the shortcuts (but that might anger some people too, heh).
3:52 AM
@Moshe Ah, yeah… not so crazy about that myself, either. Things may have changed for newer courses, though, as those are from a few years back.
@Dori On a semi-different note Is there a definitive JavaScript documentation?
@Moshe Define "definitive"
@Dori Apple made a documentation for the iOS SDKs, Google for Android, MS for .NET, etc.
The people who implement the JS interpreters in the browsers.
@Dori A definitive documentation is the one made by the ones who write the compiler or interpreter for their language, assuming they aren't terrible at documenting or doing what they do.
js varies by browser, by platform, and by version. So you might get definitive documentation for FF5/Windows—but that doesn't tell you anything about FF/5 on Mac, or Safari5/Windows, or FF4/Windows.
3:54 AM
For JS, there's no such thing as "the ones who write the compiler"
@Dori Also, having to code one of those flash player on a disc things is not fun. I've done it. It's not Lynda's fault. It's Adobe's.
And please, no one mention the EMCAScript "standard," or I'll laugh so hard I'll bust something.
@Dori Hrm... I've never seen ECMAScript on a resume...
Or on a website.
@Dori How is the 8th edition of the book going?
My author copy arrived last week—bookstores should be getting them in stock NOW. \o/
@Dori Congrats. (I guess it's too late for suggestions.) What was added? (I'm specifically looking for bits on JS and CSS3 animations.)
3:57 AM
What topics does the book cover?
@TimStone Javascript Visual Quickstart Guide.
Ah ha, nifty.
@Dori Actually, Borders is not stocking it. (Cuz they iz Clozin Dudowown!) >-(
@Dori Couldn't find that Amazon link.
@Dori Awesome!
4:00 AM
Hummph—my name should be in that onebox!
balpha is just disappointing you in all sorts of ways today, isn't he? ;)
@Moshe Not a whole lot, as I went and took at full-time job right after signing the contract to write it. ;-)
@MTibbits Aarobot meant that the information was in the drop-down (re: your comment)
Merged the chapters on windows & frames into a single chapter; added two more chapters on jquery; deleted the chapter on YUI; changed all the examples to use HTML5.
@Dori Nice. No more YUI. :-P
I never liked it, probably because I wasn't enough of a programmer at the time that I looked into it to appreciate it.
4:02 AM
@TimStone in other words '49s ago'? It doesn't really matter to me, just thought it would be a simple tweak. .... feature creep... yum....
Also, @Dori, check this out , pure HTML/CSS. It's a house.
@MTibbits Yeah, if you hover over the relative time it gives you a timestamp (with only the time, for some reason)
@Moshe At the time it initially made it into the book (two editions back), I thought it stood a chance—but not so much.
@Dori Well, the only time I ever used YUI code was to use Yahoo to scrape Google.
It isn't the same as what the question was asking for though, I agree.
4:04 AM
@TimStone Oh. Now I see. Perhaps not incredibly intuitive. But there, none the less.
Although I'd not want that feature anyway, since the userscript adds the timestamps on each post. ;)
would that slow things down then?
The Humble Bundle added all the games from the Humble Bundle 2. \O/
Go waste time with even more games now!
in other words, you wouldn't find the feature useful as the information is already accessible. But adding the extra tooltip wouldn't make the interface / loading any worse, correct?
4:05 AM
(And, I feel like an idiot for buying Braid on the Mac App Store, now I got it for free...)
@Dori I'd be happy to write you up a quick userscript to bandaid WMD for you for the time being by the way, although I'm sure you can prod for native resolution sooner. Also, thanks for stopping by for the discussion. I didn't want people in the comments to think I was hating on Mac or anything, heh.
I encourage this in comments.
@RebeccaChernoff thwack
@MTibbits No, but timestamps are put on the top of every monologue now, so between that and the drop-down I think it's well-covered.
@TimStone Nah, if it bothers me enough, it'll motivate me to do something about it.
4:08 AM
@RebeccaChernoff You are a bad influence :P
...is this a revelation to you? heh.
I suppose not, just putting it on the record.
@TimStone Noted. Will the court please proceed?
consider it duly noted, then.
Good, we're all in agreement.
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 4 mins ago, by Matt McDonald
> A story which suggested that users of Internet Explorer have a lower IQ than people who chose other browsers appears to have been an elaborate hoax.
Heh, what a surprise!
4:11 AM
I'll be leaving to go play with my uber free copy of machinariaum from the Humble Bundle upgrade. Good user.timeZone.timeOfDay() to all.
That game is pretty awesome, g'bye.
Uh, I closed three browser windows found this one beneath it. The Tavern haunts me!
closes all browser windows at once with the not WMD'd command+Q
Oh, that timestamp is actually the local time?
1 hour later…
5:38 AM
Why am I seeing 'Too many of your edits were rejected, try again in 7 days.' on Stack Overflow? I don't have edit permissions, but I believe all of my recent suggested edits have been accepted?
You have 7 accepted suggestions, and 7 rejected.
oh? how can I view that?
I'm not sure what the easiest way is. I went to one of your recent accepted edits and clicked the "suggested" link in the post history to get this page, which has your editor stats.
Thanks Tim! At least two of those rejected edits are to a user's questions which were deleted? (I think the whole user was blown away) Should I have not proceeded with these edits?
I also asked about some of those edits here before making them?? and they were rejected?
fyi. I'm only a little frustrated. I'm going to be sitting in an airport tomorrow for five hours and I wanted something to pass the time. I was going to propose tag wikis.
I'm not sure, I'll take a look and see what I think later when I'm not half-asleep, heh. The reviewers likely didn't have the context of your Meta post either, and some people's judgment on suggested edits is a bit questionable.
5:52 AM
Thanks again Tim! I'm headed to bed too.
Aye, g'night
6:33 AM
How come SO does not have v-neck tees for guys >:(
Reno, Have you drawn your new Gravatar your self ?
2 hours later…
8:13 AM
@OctavianDamiean hello
afternoon from my country :)
Holy crap the number of suggested edits is hitting 100 on SO
what can be the max record for suggested edits ?
8:17 AM
@OctavianDamiean The CHAOS members have mod privs., and they aren't working on SO I think
@Dharmendra There's a cap somewhere above 120 I think
Oh yea right. They are focused on their SE sites.
3 hours later…
10:57 AM
An illegal number is a number that represents information which is illegal to possess, utter or propagate. Any information that can be represented in binary format is, ipso facto, representable as a number, and therefore if the information itself is illegal in some way, the pure number itself may be illegal. Background An illegal number may represent some type of classified information or trade secret, legal to possess only by certain authorized persons. An AACS encryption key that came to prominence in May 2007 is an example of a number claimed to be a secret, and whose publication o...
Does one really need to provide citation for every single sentence?
It is a bit silly, but without citations, articles on wikipedia can't be used as a credible source.
Because of course the source it always right. :D
Makes me want to say 'well duh' after every citation
I mean, this is only the introductory paragraph...
Imagine if newspaper were required to do that :P
11:15 AM
Holy crap Bicycles look amazing
@YiJiang +1
11:41 AM
Are there any mods who could take a look at my suggested edits, see above, and perhaps remove my edit ban? I did ask about doing several of these on Meta first and they were rejected anyway? (It doesn't appear like anything was added to those questions either).
(I need to run off to the last few talks at a conference I'm attending, but I'm going to be stuck in an airport for five hours today so I was hoping to have the privilege of suggesting a couple of tag wikis & tag wiki edits. e.g. <- for CUDA questions)
There are links to a few of them here but I'm sorry, I don't know how to show the older ones which were rejected
12:26 PM
This is odd, some of the rejected suggested edits pages appears to have disappeared
12:38 PM
Is this imitation allowed o_O ?
that's powered by: shapado.com/pages/code
and wow is it a blatant clone...
Oh I see
I'd rather clone this amazing chat app.
1 hour later…
1:43 PM
@Fosco There is a clone already.
Well not really a clone but something similar.
I'm sure there is at least one..
I know there is, I'm trying to find the github project link for you.
It was created by Stefano Palazzo. He is a moderator at Ask Ubuntu.
interesting... thanks for the link.
python + mako? no thanks :)
Python is awesome.
Can't comment on Mako though.
Python is great, I just don't know it well.
2:09 PM
@Fosco: and @OctavianDamiean: how to open .dat file in Ubuntu
what is in the file?.. .dat isn't a unique extension.
2:27 PM
Hi Moshe
Google accusing others of abusing patents to fight Android.
Funny thing is, I think they may be right.
Microsoft owned them on that...
Well, yes, but, still...
It's not like all the tech companies have been playing nicely, patenting awesome new tech when its "invented" and then releasing it. They're patenting buttons and layouts and things in the name of "UX".
2:31 PM
Software patents are a travesty.
Oh, for the record, @TimStone, @Dori and anyone else involved in the keyboard shortcuts in safari discussion several hours ago, Command+C does not copy from the transcript for me in chat. My system "beeps" and deselects what I've selected for copying.
I have to right click and then hit copy with gasp the mouse. Still, it's annoying.
It sounds like it just doesn't like you. :P
@Moshe any reason I can't delete all those screenshots of nippon on imgur?
@jcolebrand Huh?
What screenshots?
I put a bunch of screenshots on imgur of nippon that you and I were using for troubleshooting and debugging. This has been ages ago.
2:44 PM
Oh, yea, go for it. I'm working on an update. I need an idea for a theme. Thoughts?
Not really
what do you mean a theme?
@jcolebrand A visual style for the app. What should it look like? What textures do you think would fit?
something with vague hints of fish scales
@jcolebrand Fish scales? ... Interesting.
2:47 PM
@TimStone that was the color I told him to use initially
That would have been a delicious choice.
He decided red was a better choice
So I did...
Okay, layout?
@YiJiang Thanks! Or to whomever allowed me to edit again! :O)
2:54 PM
@MTibbits Uh, I didn't do anything...
Shhh, just take credit
Someone did. It works now. :O)
Time to head through airport security. yay.....
3:09 PM
Hmm... that was too easy... started a jQuery plug-in for a radial menu. first proof-of-concept came together really quick (just positioning arbitrary # of children in proper circle around item)
4:06 PM
Anyone care to explain why the comment on this answer is still around? The comment says "please delete me".
A: iPhone - What are reuseIdentifiers (UITableViewCell)?

quanoOk, this is how I believe it works: Using dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier for the tableView, you can greatly speed things up. Instead of instantiating a lot of cells, you just instantiate as many as needed, i.e. as many that are visible (this is handled automatically). If scrolling to an area ...

@Moshe no, the user account name says "please delete me"
Alternately, what's the user's name that left that comment?
@jcolebrand Good point. No idea.
Looks like that's the username then.
And it appears to have been deleted (the account not the comment).
I believe I said all that
You didn't say that the account was trashed. Whatever, no worries.
4:21 PM
I pointed it out, assumed the rest was obvious
4:56 PM
Working on that user script thingadongdong for iOS.
Do user scripts need to be run in a particular order?
Or can I just lop them onto the page in whatever sequence the OS reads them out of the data store (assuming I don't store them in an orderly fashion - which I should anyway).
should be independent of each other
@Fosco Well, that they are, but is there some particular order that I should follow, or just run them out of an unordered set?
i think logically there is no particular order, given the previous statement.
Makes sense.
just do them as a set enumeration ... like a for in
5:08 PM
Every userscript should be self contained
Where all scripts that match the include for "all sites" or "this site" and don't match an exclude for "this site" or "all sites". (Greasemonkey gives excludes precedence.)
yes, that
Does anyone have a dummy "hello world" script? I don't have anything handy since I upgraded to Lion.
5:19 PM
5:51 PM
@Moshe FYI after tonight I will no longer have an iOS device... selling my iPad.
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