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Q: What the heck is "multi-paradigm" supposed to mean in the language descriptions

timIn looking at the mouseovers for tags (like C++ and C#) I get a description of C# is a multi-paradigm, managed, garbage-collected, object-oriented programming language created by Microsoft. What the heck is "multi-paradigm" supposed to mean and is it at all useful for someone who does...

What a load of garbage
I can understand raising a point about the verbiage in the language descriptions, but to ask what a word means?
That's a useless question if I've ever seen one.
And with that, I'm late
(yes, I did downvote it and VtC)
is a Japanese animated television series created by director Kazuyoshi Katayama and designer Keiichi Sato for Sunrise Studios. The writing staff was assembled by the series' head writer, Chiaki J. Konaka. The story takes place forty years after a mysterious occurrence causes the residents of Paradigm City to lose their memories. The series follows Roger Smith, Paradigm City's top Negotiator. He provides this much needed service with the help of a gynoid named R. Dorothy Wayneright and his butler Norman Burg. When the need arises, Roger calls upon Big O, a giant relic from the city...
(because seriously, who uses paradigm without thinking of creepy dystopias and giant robots?)
12:48 AM
Who uses Big O notation without thinking of giant robots?
1:21 AM
I do.
You know what is better than giant robots? Math, that's what.
You know why? Because giant robots are just applied math.
Math is way more complicated that just some boring ol' set of giant robots any day of the month, if not the millennium.
How do you think you can even figure out where to put the arm on a giant robot for optimal stabbing the bad guys in the face?
You need to plug some math into that thing and run some derivations and maybe some integrations before you even come close to a solution.
But math is great for other things, too, like figuring out how many nukes to nuke the enemy with.
Is one enough? How about five million? Math can help you here by determining the average amount of death (measured in degrees Tesla) you want to inflict over a given area. This is called death pressure and is measured in degrees Tesla per square meter.
I bet you didn't even know that.
Because you just limit yourself to boring ol' giant robots.
The Big O is awesome >_>
It has giant robots and stuff.
1:40 AM
Man you are not nearly rambly enough. I can't even understand what you're saying.
For starters, you said something in like 12 words that could have been said in 400.
What the heck, man. You need to drive the point home with me otherwise I can't figure out what you mean.
I had to read what you wrote 80 times before I got it.
Moreover you don't even have any crazy examples that don't make any sense given the situation.
For example, I walked a dog up a hill once when I was 15 and that dog would listen to me for hours.
See? That makes no sense.
That's the only way I can understand something.
I am what you'd call an unreasonable man.
I understand completely.
Never trust a reasonable man.
You never know what they might be thinking.
Unreasonable men speak their minds and therefore you can trust them.
There is some sort of memory leak and/or runaway process preventing me from rambling.
I blame the fact that you didn't have waffles for breakfast, and that you lack a story about a dog.
I don't eat waffles for breakfast because they take a lot of time to make.
1:48 AM
I have buttermilk in the fridge, and I left the griddle on all afternoon.
Time is valuable. Chrono Trigger taught me that.
I didn't make pancakes for breakfast though.
This one time Crono needed to defeat Lavos but he was flung through time before he could do anything.
Chrono Trigger taught me not to trust albinos.
Therefore he skipped breakfast but had dinner the previous evening instead for lunch!
It worked out really well and super-charged his mana so that he could cast Luminaire.
1:48 AM
I left the griddle on when I make a grilled cheese sandwich.
Nothing can stand up to Chrono's Luminaire attack.
That stuff is the opposite of Lavos and equal in power to power itself.
You might have known that if you had paid attention.
If something doesn't stand up to it, it's just not trying.
I didn't say I left the griddle on all morning.
A hundred thousand Vegetas couldn't stand up to that kind of raw power.
1:49 AM
Allow me to adjust my glasses and prepare a 300-page rebuttal to that.
The griddle's temperature was over 9000 hundredths of a degree for over four hours.
I never get bored of talking about my griddle.
I bought it at Costco. It's a Kitchenaid. Or something.
It's a good griddle. One could take it anywhere and be satisfied with that griddle.
And big too.
I could cook breakfast for an army on it.
One time I brought my subpar Walmart griddle to the beach, and it kicked sand in my face.
Assuming it was an army of five or less.
1:51 AM
I buried that griddle the next day. It had to be put down.
Bad griddle.
I would never put up with that sort of rudeness from a griddle.
Next thing you know it will be saying "Thanks in advance" before you wash it.
It happens. Some griddles are just bad, and they can't be allowed to live or the government will come around and impose a griddle fine on you and your family. They take griddle misbehavior very seriously.
Take your kids away they will. Unlicensed griddles can't be caught assaulting random people on the beach.
Otherwise they have to take your kids away and put you in the witless protection program.
Because you bought an inferior Wal-Mart product.
Happened to my cousin once. Her griddle was found defecating on her neighbor's lawn in clear sight of the police. Got let off with a warning, but later that week she was arrested. Had to get a lawyer for the court case. Griddle lawyers aren't cheap, and she lost anyway - they rescinded her griddle license and forced her to destroy the griddle herself using only a toothpick and a bottle of shampoo.
I terminated whatever process was causing me problems, it would seem.
Turns out I left my computer on the griddle and it overheated.
I'm hungry now.
2:11 AM
I was too, so I made kung pao chicken.
2:51 AM
Someone go +1 my comment.
Q: Fluent NHibernate mapping common properties in base object

marcofI've been doing some research and found this article. I feel like this could be the answer to my question, but there are not enough details for me to fully understand how to resolve this issue. Here's a better explanation of my particular situation. I have the following class : public class Enti...

It feels neglected.
3:14 AM
Murphy's law: If you leave SSMS open, and a one year old near your laptop, data will get lost.
4:06 AM
@mootinator ouch
I'm suspicious of SO users.
A: Basic PHP Script

ahmet alp balkan<?php echo 'Hi '.$_GET['name']?> You should learn PHP from a book or tutorials. This is not the way to learn it.

Sometimes you people have the oddest discussions when I'm not here. Makes the transcript all ... woozy for me
Can we somehow encourage people to flag stupid questions instead of getting 75 rep for answering them?
I'd flag stupid questions, but I always second-guess myself and think maybe I just don't get it.
4:15 AM
Yes, you flag them.
Maybe the horrible person asking the question is just trying to trick me...
The problem isn't the stupidity of the question so much as the 6 upvotes for pointing out that that isn't what SO is for. When that's what the flag button is for, not the upvote button.
wait, what?
ok, that was weird
Can anyone repro that? I flagged it, then VtC'd it, and it took me to a "page not found"
it gave this URL:
flag @balpha
4:18 AM
I think I've done it before and not realized it
@mootinator People have a tendency to use the up-vote in Meta-mode everywhere.
@TimStone I suppose people would rather upvote something than downvote or vote to close in general.
Aye, people are silly.
Hmm, how to exploit that...
4:23 AM
post shitty questions?
Crappy question ring. Activate.
Q: How can i declare ^\ in a string or character

VivekhI would like to declare ^\ this as a string or character. I used the below but i am getting an error string str="^\"; So can any one help me

seems like this one fits the bill as well
NARQ is the official "simple reference" flag of SO for the time being?
(Maybe I should ask that on meta so someone can get a bunch of upvotes before it gets closed.)
4:26 AM
Oh, speaking of voting rings... feel free to cast a reopen vote for this question so I can move my answer to the right place.
@mootinator yes
so voted
I have a lot of unicorns and FHCs to post before I can cast a reopen vote on meta.
You should get around to that
I should, really.
So long as the question doesn't get five more views without being reopened, it'll be there when you get around to it. :P
That change made me happy.
4:29 AM
I doubt he'll get 2600 more rep between now and then
I don't have the people skills.
shakes fist at Spotify for not allowing him to be lazy
I was wondering about where that 60 SO rep came from.
Apparently, I answered a trivially easy question earlier.
Well, as long as it wasn't a terrible question, reps is reps. shrugs
Telling someone you actually have to assign the result of .ReadLine() to a variable should not be one of my top 5 answers.
4:38 AM
needs to stop complaining.
At least most of your top answers aren't Meta posts.
Idle speculation about a blog post shouldn't be one of mine.
Oh, if we include other sites I have some odd ones.
Aw, they killed your Cooking question? Those heathens.
4:42 AM
I know.
My top answer contains tongue-in-cheek management snark.
Oh, and the one tied with it is about poop.
Remind me to not ever link that profile to a potential employer.
4:58 AM
wonders aloud whether this question would have gotten more attention on that other site.
Q: FogBugz Evidence Based Scheduling: How well does it work in the real world?

Jeremy FriesnerMy company has been using FogBugz for a while now and we are generally happy with it as a bug-tracking tool. I've been reading Joel Spolsky's articles about their Evidence Based Scheduling feature. It sounds great in theory, but I haven't seen much discussion about how well it actually works in...

5:17 AM
Yay1!!! Database Administrators avg Q per day is rising!
I just came across a good DBA question.
Q: SQL Server statements intermittently slow on SQL Server 2008 R2

Joao MaiaOn one of our customers, we've been having some performance issues on our application. It's a .NET 3.5 web app that is consuming and updating data on a SQL Server database. Currently our production environment consists of a Windows 2008 R2 machine as the front end, and a SQL Server 2008 R2 cluste...

Well, detailed anyway. Hard to tell if it's good.
I want it nonetheless
3 hours later…
8:31 AM
How this person wrote his name in Chinese?
Oops! There was a problem updating your profile:
Display Name can only contain a-z, 0-9, spaces, apostrophes or hyphens and must start with a letter or number
I am getting above error :P
Hi! Meta has changed a lot since I was last here...
Hi,How Meta has changed?
E.g. this room's name and topic has changed.
I liked the old one better...
@Nyuszika7H Sorry
@Manjot that's a great question. You should ask it on meta.
Do you know how many times we have changed the room topic in the past three months?
8:36 AM
@jcolebrand He,you changed your profile image?
And for the "Tavern on the Meta" it matches a English saying
@Manjot yes, some time ago
Looking Smart
Do you have any idea @balpha?
@Manjot he will tell you to post a Q on meta
it's not a chat issue, it doesn't need to be resolved in chat.
Not trying to be a dick, but proper questions in proper places
8:38 AM
Sure,Try not to use vulgar words in Public chat @jcolebrand
@Manjot sorry, that's not a vulgar word
If that word is vulgar, then so is nose, ear, mouth and eye.
@Manjot idk, has anyone ever used that name to refer to me?
I can't believe it takes you this long to answer.
Since you cannot answer, then the answer must be no.
I guess then, that my expression that is normal English is acceptable, but your suggestion is not.
@jcolebrand I like to call you dick :P
@Manjot Interesting behavior. I said I regretted sounding like one, and you want to call me that way.
Is it okay now?
I don't know when we established that it would be ok
But now you're just being rude and offensive
8:43 AM
No issues,Enjoy bye
not by your words, but by your intent.
Deleting the comments doesn't erase the record, you know
he didn't delete them
our good friend Feeds did
@balpha LOL
@balpha Hi
@balpha lol
Hey @balpha did you see the other thing I flagged you for earlier tonight with Tim around?
I can go and refind it for you
8:52 AM
I saw it, there was a mention of my name around it
I have seen it now twice, but don't want to spuriously waste flags on stuff that doesn't need it (introducing noise) on meta or so
From what I hear they have enough flags as is
btw, you're room owner -- IIRC you can see the history of deleted messages, so you can also see who deleted them
I thought you guys might could test it on a dev system
oh can I?
I think room owners can
I don't get it on the popup
I only get the standard "this message has been deleteD"
Yes, I need to remember that link
I guess I could get that link trail from a chat.se link ... I'll try to remember that
the the UI and the actual permissions check aren't in sync
and that's not a big deal, there are so few room owners
@jcolebrand IIRC room owners can't delete messages, but can move them to another room (e.g. a gallery room, like bin on SO chat)
@Nyuszika7H yes, that I can do
8:58 AM
5 hours ago, by jcolebrand
Can anyone repro that? I flagged it, then VtC'd it, and it took me to a "page not found"
flagged as what, and close as what?
I just tried it on my local build, and didn't see it
I flagged with a comment for a mod
then I VtC NARQ
you saw the URL it gave me
it tried to do it as a GET request
oh lol I see it
<input type="radio" id="close-offtopic" name="close-offtopic" value="<%= reason.id %>" checked="checked"/>
guess the problem
what do I win?
9:04 AM
@RebeccaChernoff +0.01 internets
When you collect a hundred of them you can redeem them for one small stuffed animal
Offer not valid on weekends
So @balpha that was a legit bug then?
that is a legit bug, yes, but it shouldn't be the one you saw
still trying to repro
lol, oh dear
idk, I've only ever done it twice. the first time I didn't recognize it for what it was
Q: How to get font smoothing to work in Firefox under Linux?

Nyuszika7HI'm using Arch Linux with KDE 4.6, and I had to install a GTK+ theme to make apps like Firefox look nicer. Now, I have another problem, Firefox doesn't use font smoothing on sites, even though KDE itself uses font smoothing. I didn't see anything related to that in settings.

9:07 AM
I'll look for it to happen in the future
(that thing above is just the reason for close-offtopic=%3C%25%3D+reason.id+%25%3E& in your URL)
9:22 AM
4 hours later…
1:44 PM
flags yawning as off-topic
Stars flagging comment.
I still can't believe how many people use ignored tags and then forget that they do, heh.
2 hours later…
3:32 PM
There never were 6 answers - even if you include the two deleted ones
3:47 PM
the JavaScript Markdown editor has gone through a big refactoring; the new version is now deployed on meta. Feel free to try to break it :)
Mwuahah (well, maybe later, I'm cleaning up right now)
@YiJiang Google likes to be over-optimistic.
@balpha Does that have anything to do with the fact that the wmd buttons now seems to appear a full second after the rest of the page has loaded?
not happening for me
@TimStone So weird, it's just like the date attached to the result on Google that isn't actually any of the dates on the page itself
@balpha Not a full second if it's in the cache, but it seems to be loaded after everything else, even if it's in the cache
the buttons are created by the JS, but nothing should have changed in that area
3:52 PM
Maybe it's not new, just that I haven't watched the editor load for a while now
2 hours later…
6:21 PM
Huh, so they actually did add the anonymous "vote", interesting.
6:37 PM
So... my only question on MSO has been deleted without warning or reason. Back to 101 rep it is then.
What was the question about?
Should... should I ask again? My question got an inaccurate answer from Jeff Atwood himself.
@TimStone I asked if there was a way to view all open questions across the SE network somewhere.
Oh, right, and then Jeff answered that they'd be adding a view of your top questions, which is something completely different. I remember now.
Curious that it was deleted though, hrm..
Jeff said it's being worked on, marked it as status-in-progress. But he was talking about highest rated questions. Not open questions.
6:41 PM
Sorry, I'm on a foreign keyboard in a badly lit room. ;-)
tries to summon @RebeccaChernoff
The weirdest thing is, I would almost swear I've voted on questions and answers on MSO, but my profile looks brand new.
Could be wrong on that, though.
I think you might have logged in with a different OpenID
But my info is there? That's confusing.
Presumably the OpenID you did log in with is attached to another account in some way?
6:46 PM
Definitely explains it. Perhaps I should have searched for my question first. * embarrassed*
Yeah, your question does still exist at least. :)
Q: Any way to see my open questions on all Stack Exchange sites?

oKtosiTeI've been asking quite a few questions on several Stack Exchange sites, and I'm finding it harder and harder to keep track of them all. Is there any way/place to see a listing of all my open questions (no answer accepted) on all of the Stack Exchange (2.0) sites? Or even just per site? If not, ar...

@TimStone Yes, my new SE openid seems to be linked properly on Gaming, Super User and others.
@TimStone Yay!
oKtosiTe, Halmstad, Sweden
101 1
Lovely. Something about the latest Ubuntu kernel update seems to be causing issues with waking up from a suspend state.
Much better!
@GeorgeMarian Oh? :/
I tried adding my old openid to my "new" account, which probably was created when I added the new openid to my old account...?
Could they be merged somehow? I don't want to be stuck on myOpenID.
6:51 PM
@TimStone Since the latest update, I can't seem to bring the PC back from suspend. I just shut it down remotely this time around and booted with the previous kernel.
You should be able to update the OpenID on your original account alright. Although a moderator can also merge your accounts, to get rid of the second one.
@GeorgeMarian Huh. Like it doesn't attempt to come back at all, or it hangs somewhere?
This machine was having some issues. It would occasionally hang (or appear to hang, at least) in either Windows or Linux, but that wasn't very often.
@TimStone Like the keyboard is non-responsive. I plugged in a PS/2 keyboard and still no response.
Ditto for the mouse.
A: How can one link/merge/combine/associate two accounts/users? (Anonymous/unregistered/cookie or OpenID/registered)

mmyersTo merge multiple accounts within a specific site, or registered accounts between two different websites, email is no longer the preferred method of handling this, since the dev team has many other things to do. First, there are automated processes that merge accounts. Wait a bit to see if thing...

The system is still running though, hence my logging in remotely and shutting it down.
@TimStone: Thanks for your patience. I think I'm close to resolving this. :-)
6:55 PM
@GeorgeMarian Hmm, weird. I would have guessed power management issue with your USB controller, but guess that's ruled out by the lack of PS/2 support.
Sure thing
Yeah, my first guess was that it was related to USB and power management.
@TimStone: Alright, I requested an account merge as suggested in that answer, and a retag for my question, which I still hope gets a better answer some day.
Thing is, I'm taking a sort of forced hiatus from Stack Exchange, so I haven't really kept up on anything but my notifications.
(Which I might not even get if I'm logging into a broken account.)
7:32 PM
Is there an OSI license that puts stuff in the public domain?
public domain doesn't work everywhere, so I doubt it
(also, "license" and "public domain" kinda contradict each other)
IANAL yaddayadda...
I wanna put up a demo project there for using hg but I'm not worried about a license.
Would CC-BY be sufficient do you think?
CC-BY isn't really a software license
I'd just go with MIT or BSD, those are the easiest ones
and they both pretty much say "do what you want with it, but give me credit"
ok, MIT you say?
merci and done
7:54 PM
Q: Copy-and-paste in Firefox 5.0 on OS X

ChrisThis may be an issue with my browser and operating system rather than an issue with Stack Overflow, but for some reason I can't use Command-C or Command-V for copy-and-paste operations when I compose questions and answers in Firefox 5.0 on Mac OS X (copy-and-paste operations work fine in comments...

any mac users here?
@Moshe generally is
I don't think any of the current lurkers are tho
@TimStone o:
@TimStone apparently your foo was weak
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