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12:15 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in link text in answer: How to upgrade to windows 10 pro? by klabarge on superuser.com
12:39 AM
@Catija CommonMark
@Ano dosen't SE use 2-3 slightly different markdown dialects? ;p
@JourneymanGeek Yes, but look here:
> We were building Yet Another Flavor of Markdown, one designed to remove ambiguity by specifying a standard, while preserving as much as possible the spirit of Markdown and compatibility with existing documents.
@Ano which never really seemed to find its way to SE
> We were simply trying to pick a name that correctly and accurately reflected our goal – to build an unambiguous flavor of Markdown.
(unless someone on staff is going to go "No geek, every word you said was wrong" ;p)
12:46 AM
> Edit: after a long and thoughtful email from John Gruber – which is greatly appreciated – he indicated that no form of the word "Markdown" is acceptable to him in this case. We are now using the name CommonMark.
@JourneymanGeek Documentation: gone and forgotten. :-(
.... sorry dude :(
@if.... @Catija People used to keep misspelling my name. There were also people who repeatedly insisted misspelling my first name even after I typed in the correct spelling into a form or signature.
1:11 AM
My CV is now 100% accessible, yay.
I've decided I'm not fixing other people's syllabi or CVs. They can go to Recycle Bin if the owner doesn't bother to fix own crap.
1:25 AM
Website says 'login through facebook or linkedin', I have neither, moves on to another website.
Interestingly, I tend to have a rather busy social life in the past few months. Possibly because I am not a genius who has great motivation. So socializing in real life keeps a mediocre person like me entertained.
1:40 AM
Is this comment a bug? The 'Ask Question' isn't hyperlinked. Did they just manually write that comment, including a link to the review?
@Rob or badly done comment script. That seems non standard
Yeah, that seems to be the case
2:06 AM
shady morning
Joel's new blog post: Birdcage liners
"New" in a sense: it's from January, but consider the one before it was from December 2016.
> By the time you get off the plane in Africa you’re on the international pariah list and your @replies are full of people accusing you of throwing puppies out of moving cars for profit.
Also, Fireside Chat With Joel Spolsky from a couple of weeks ago.
> The answer for the question which community is the most fascinating on StackExchange Joel replied with Math Overflow
2:20 AM
... which isn't getting affiliate ads.
@Rob heh... Posted two minutes after he did the review. Betcha he forgot to select the reason before clicking "Delete" and then had to go back & type it in manually.
A: What Type of Coffee Is Used In a Coffee-Maker?

user5291Who did the coffee power and when did the person did it I am doing something in class

What are you doing in class?!
When you think that you have a problem, consider what others are going through...
2:32 AM
> My friend and I spawned in a new world. We built a house, and got a few wooden materials. We have windows, a furnace, an anvil, and crafting table, and a few things in an old chest. A witch has been outside for half an hour! We made a door in the back to get food, but it's scarce. All we have is a wooden sword. HOW DO WE KILL IT???
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Grammar of "meet" and "met" here by George Ortiz on ell.SE
@if.... The sword is alive?
@if.... not sure if troll.
@Shog9 Yeah, I noticed the timestamp just after I wrote it here. Impressed that they took the time to link back to the review
I mean even the question
2:45 AM
@Rob yeah - that's the other tell: it's a full URL, not the relative path that review inserts.
But, yes, conscientious reviewer.
3:12 AM
Regarding misspelled name, well... I'd be happy if at least for every 10 people in my country, 3 of them would write "Andrew" instead of "Endru"...
@SensibleAlexander How many do it correctly, currently?
@Ano uhh... 1, unless I spell it...
@if.... Wonder why your changing usernames aren't listed in The Many Memes of Meta...
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer, blacklisted user: Convert Evaluation to Volume by Cherry Guerra on serverfault.com
@JourneymanGeek What's your take on this? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/306694/…
4:07 AM
I donno
its a mechanics/dev issue
and an edge case
and if I had an opinion, I'd post an answer or a comment.
It's kind of sad to find out that it's already been made. I thought I was on to something. — Qwerty 7 mins ago
welp :'(
1 hour later…
5:19 AM
neighbourhood birds sing for food
then there are street artists
6:39 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad NS for domain in answer, blacklisted website in answer: How do I tell a friend I can't afford her wedding? by Harish on interpersonal.SE
8 hours ago, by if....
Aug 1 '17 at 21:43, by Travis J
What if SO (this would work with other exchanges on the network as well) partnered with Amazon to show an advertisement for a book on Amazon with every question, where the book was the first result of tags.Join(" ") + title? This may have a decent amount of throughput.
could really well work with entertainment site like Movies.SE, Scifi.SE, Anime.SE... shows BD/DVD/Comic/Manga ads to respective series
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: How do I mine VoteCoin? by Pearpool on bitcoin.SE
7:01 AM
So this lady I know likes singing, but she has no audience ... now she has finally found a way around it. She used to feed wildlife, and she still does. But instead of feeding them straight away, she makes the birds etc listen to her singing for a few minutes before bring out food.
7:18 AM
wrote a hairy tale based on above idea
hey, I like that idea :P
see second revision which was rolled back ^
OP put spam, then it was rolled back.
That's reasonable but not worth red flagging.
I would red flag that, it should at least be put on the radar.
It definitely constitutes abuse.
7:33 AM
But the edit summary is a bit confusing.
> Are you trying to bully &/or Intimidate me into repeatedly rewording my questions?
Yes, that is odd.
Although, I am not sure it is spam.
The quote that was edited in was a quote from Stack Overflow.
Google for Full Stack Computer Engineering gave no exact match.
And the user has their real address in their profile. I think they may just be really confused.
Given what I can find for now, it makes no sense to flag that as spam.
Is that what you meant by "red flag"? Because I thought you meant flag it for a moderator with a custom message.
I wouldn't cast a spam vote on it at this point.
7:38 AM
I think he's trolling
Could be trolling
I don't think he is spamming though.
someone should just stick a delvote on it
Not sure if I feel bad for the guy or not.
I looked at one of his SO answers, and it seems well intentioned enough, stackoverflow.com/a/40567526/1026459, albeit kinda bad.
He just seems confused to me.
If you want to spend del votes though... meta.stackexchange.com/questions/306759/… and meta.stackexchange.com/questions/306758/… are good targets
I don't think trolling, just another sheep goat lost their way
@TravisJ on second read, OP just copied something silly, didn't promote his site. I retracted my spam flag.
Can we cancel Smokey report? @ArtOfCode @Andy @rene
7:55 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad pattern in URL answer, pattern-matching website in answer: Brand new air compressor trips onboard breaker on start by Abu Raihan on diy.SE
@Shog9 Why is new activity from a deleted user attributed to the Community user on the homepage?
@if.... You are wrong, check my profile ;) >10K helpful flags and just 322 dv cast... darn I don't down vote enough :D. I don't downvote since the stuff I flag is to be deleted it does not really have sense, often it only agitates user (and creates more mess, more stuff to flag). I prefer to leave a helpful comment explain what is wrong and move along to next...
@PetterFriberg So you were just now notified of a ping from eight months ago?
8:10 AM
Yeah :D, he keeps stats so I just liked to notify him
Norm didn't ping Petter though
@SensibleAlexander Oops, didn't notice that.
@ShadowWizard WUT?
@ShadowWizard Just go to Charcoal HQ and ask others mark it as a false positive?
8:14 AM
@rene I reported something by mistake...
@Ano oh
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer, blacklisted user: What factors are important when selecting a rotary tool? by Abu Raihan on diy.SE
@ShadowWizard No problem, you'll be suspended shortly ...
@SmokeDetector tpu-
@Ano why not just k?
8:16 AM
@ShadowWizard why not just what?
@SmokeDetector k
@Ano this ^
do reopen votes age away?
@ShadowWizard What's that? Does it have anything to do with "sd k"?
@TravisJ Yes
@Ano thx
8:19 AM
k = shorthand of tpu-, because people are lazy efficient
darn that username, if an Italian site it would almost be flaggable... it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ano
lol, that tag though
yeah LOL, \o Travis what up?
Not much, just recovering from nature trying to keel me
Next is going to either be locusts or frogs or something.
what's happening snow?
8:27 AM
@Ano the "k" is shortcut for "tpu-"
In december we had a the largest fire in state history (thomas fire, 281k acres burned), and then in january we had 5 inches of rain in one hour that caused this crazy mudslide which closed the freeway (and essentially only way out of town) for 2 weeks.
@PetterFriberg LOL... well I am to blame... :D
@TravisJ For those of you looking it up, and seeing that it took place in SoCal...it didn't affect San Diego
@TravisJ wow, sounds like also the locusts are arriving then..
@PetterFriberg It (almost) never snows in SoCal. (except for that one time this winter)
8:30 AM
I wish Big Bear got more snow.
and luckily you don't have climate change in US :D
@TravisJ Have you visited Mountain High?
@ShadowWizard as usual we should blame you ;), yeah I saw transcript from his profile...
@Ano No, although it is near Big Bear I think
@TravisJ The roads are much less treacherous and you don't need snow chains to get there. The ski resort is a bit smaller, but still very big.
It's also closer to the urban areas (LA and San Diego)
8:32 AM
Are there jumps? Like, a "park" as its called?
Looks like maybe from their site, although the barely have any runs open at the moment. From my place it is 2h44m to there and 3h30m to big bear, so that is why I usually don't go.
@PetterFriberg I miss the mentorship.... :D
@TravisJ Also, not sure about Big Bear, but at Mountain High there is no cell service, and Wi-Fi only works in the lodge, so you essentially have to bring your own two-way radios
@ShadowWizard Yeah that stress, quick, quick turn this crap into something useful, keep OP editing (or just convince him to not post without upsetting neither OP nor SE) was lot of fun.
@Ano At Big Bear you get cell service with all providers on most of the mountain, and verizon on all of it.
I'm still waiting for our brand new ask question interface :P, in 6-8
8:42 AM
Maybe there should just be a chat room for users with only 1 rep
@TravisJ Huh. Last time I went there was in 2011 or so
@Ano I made it there in 2016, but not 2017 :( They had good snow last year
There was no AT&T service at the resort, and very spotty in the city
A chat room for users with only 1 rep... I can imagine it like a starting town in MMORPG where many new users are begging money/equipment from high level players :/
it was not that bad, there are also nice people on internet
8:45 AM
@TravisJ As soon as we heard of Mountain High we stopped going to Big Bear. Our group included little children, and the parents thought the road was very "treacherous"
@Ano The road is pretty treacherous at times
@SensibleAlexander To me the first page of is worse...
@TravisJ The few times we went, we got very lucky and did not need to install our chains. But we still decided to avoid it
Yeah you kind of need a 4x4 or AWD vehicle to comfortably get there
@PetterFriberg I believe doesn't have it better...
8:48 AM
(Nagpur. Exactly the same city we visited on our trip to India.)
Travis do you do snowboarding or telemark?
(about that spam post)
French fries and pizza :P (I ski)
@TravisJ Also, if you're traveling from San Diego, the driving time to Big Bear is too long to make it a day trip, you have to spend a night there. Not so for Mt. High.
@Ano That's true, we always stay for the weekend if we go to Big Bear
8:51 AM
@TravisJ That works also, in Sweden we have 2 camps (snowboarders vs telemark), that why I asked. I'm in the telemark camp :D
@TravisJ You're from in or near Santa Barbara, are you, since you mentioned the Thomas Fire?
@Ano Yeah in it
@TravisJ Gotcha
@PetterFriberg Nice, yeah I have never been cross country skiing with the heel free, mostly we have downhill stuff here
@TravisJ Those driving times are pretty similar to those from San Diego; do you hit a lot of LA traffic on the way?
8:54 AM
@Ano I usually drive through Pear Blossom (the desert route) to avoid the LA traffic.
Ugh, LA traffic, can't live with it, can't seem to freaking get around/away/rid of it
@TravisJ The USA hates metro systems.
shakes fist at GM
@TravisJ In Sweden we do it downhill, with special telemark ski's, lots of fun, also since it's easier to go "off-track"
I drove from Santa Barbara to San Diego once, and it took me 11 hours. A semi towing a yacht hit an overpass with the yacht and it turned into a million pieces all over the 405.
Ironically, in India, they seem to be aggressively building them even in cities where they're not really needed; for example, traffic was not too bad in Nagpur, but they're building a metro system there that is currently causing more congestion
8:57 AM
@PetterFriberg Looks complicated, I would be concerned about falling at high speeds with a heel free. I also like to go on the jumps, and I am not sure what landing would be like with that setup. "off track" sounds fun though, I could definitely give that a try
@TravisJ We were driving from San Diego to Long Beach, and there was a plane crash over the 405 just short of the John Wayne airport; luckily, we used Toll Road 73
$10+ in tolls to skip the congestion
Jeez, you never know what is next with that place
@TravisJ Yeah it's a special technique, no jumping but in deep snow it's really fun, since you are very low towards the ground (basic you have snow up to your face)
@PetterFriberg Does the ski come off really easily in deep snow though?
I just want my flying drone car.
@TravisJ I've never tried ski jumping before; is it easy to get the hang of?
9:00 AM
@Ano Depending on your skill level. If you can do a diamond run you can do a ski jump.
@TravisJ ooh they don't as usual ski's, instead they are fixed to feet (you don't have same problems of breaking legs, since you are not so blocked to the ski)
I recently invested in a new Sony Action Cam; I hope to use it if/when I go skiing next
The front part of foot is basically fixed
@PetterFriberg Sounds risky, do you have like existing trails or paths that you know are free from random holes and whatnot?
I haven't used a cam while skiing before, but it sounds fun. Kind of makes you feel like you are in a movie the whole time.
@TravisJ Do you have an action cam? If so, have you used it, and where's the best place to mount it when skiing?
9:03 AM
Yes, no, top of your helmet.
@TravisJ Which one? GoPro?
Its a junky one, a crosstour
I got it to see if I would actually use an action cam, but I just don't.
I thought maybe I would use it when I ride my bike after work every day, but meh, just haven't.
I always think of what professional videos must look like and just think what is the point of even filming my randomness compared to that
I opted for the Sony model over the GoPro because Sony thought to make it versatile for other uses, and equipped it with a remote LCD, tripod mount, and external mic input, which means it can easily supplant a camcorder. The GoPro and many of its knockoffs, are first and foremost action cameras, without considering other uses
Which means even if I don't use it as an action cam, I can still use it in almost all cases where I'd use a camcorder
9:08 AM
My phone shoots hd though
I mean, the phone ends up like 99% of the time taking the picture unless I am underwater somewhere.
@TravisJ Can you mount it on a tripod? Can you connect an external mic? The mic on phones has terrible sound quality.
Phones are terribru for action video
I would absolutely love to watch someone trying to take a selfie just wipe out on the mountain though
I think that the users at photo.stackexchange.com would have something to say on the difference between "phone HD" and "reflex HD" :P
Half of the fun on the lift is watching people awkwardly fall over into the snow (unless they get hurt obv)
@Derpy Video Production as well
9:10 AM
But that gets back to "who is watching this". It isn't going to end up on a TV or anywhere significant. If anything it is going to get stripped down to its smallest denominator on youtube.
@TravisJ I used to use "waterproof" pouches when visiting places like waterparks. Problem is, my phone being a large, heavy phablet, one pouch would only be good for one use before a tiny rip forms, making it useless.
Waterparks, ugh, not so bad if they aren't crowded. The new iphones can go underwater to some degree though, I have used mine in the spa before.
@TravisJ My Android phone is larger than the plus-size iPhones, and I don't think that "some degree" includes splashing water. Plus, where would you hold the phone? At least the pouch would have a lanyard.
Also, the video I shot on my phone was very shaky. My Sony has optical image stabilization, which should make this much less of a problem
I left it in a glass of water overnight and it did fine
@TravisJ A risk is a risk.
9:15 AM
insurance :) gotta get my value out of that $200 surcharge somehow
The iphone actually has pretty decent stabilization
@TravisJ Digital, not optical, which means it's not as good, and probably not permitted in the highest resolution mode. If it is, it's likely cropping the image and scaling. Also, on a ride, you have to keep a tight grip on your phone, or else you'd lose it. A lost phone is worse than a damaged phone, and isn't covered by insurance.
Meh. This is getting a little boring. Anyway, @TravisJ when did you last visit San Diego?
It's true, the phones don't make for good action shot taking. But in my limited scope cases, it seems to work good enough. Mostly I get odd angled cat shots or weird stuff on the freeway instead of anything video related.
The last time I went to San Diego was a long time ago. I went to the Queen Mary two years ago though.
The problem with San Diego is that it is basically as far as Vegas, and Vegas always wins the "where should we go" discussions :P
@TravisJ Have you by any chance heard of JetSuiteX? They operate flights between Bob Hope airport and Vegas, and the flights are general aviation flights, which means you don't have to go through security, let alone use the main passenger terminals, and you board straight from the hangar.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer: How can a specify specific bluetooth adapter? by Tomas Drinkwater on askubuntu.com
sd k
@ShadowtheHedgehog Nice tip! I always thought it was some Internet slang
9:26 AM
@Ano - Interesting, we have something similar here for chartered flights, but it isn't JetSuiteX. I usually just rent a car, driving doesn't really bother me
@TravisJ Those are otherwise normal passenger flights, operated on old regional jets once used by commercial airlines. But yeah, each time we visited Vegas we drove.
Google says 5:45 to vegas and 3:30 to san diego, but that is probably without traffic factored in
I am going to Catalina Island soon, but that is still decently far from SD
@PetterFriberg it was... felt like we're doing something good for a change.... :P
@TravisJ proper name for the room: "Toilet Bowl". :D
@Ano lol no slang :)
or perhaps superBowl, as it's going to be big
Is there a word for something both big and crappy?
9:39 AM
They'll surely need a plumber there.
I don't know... there were 50 or so plumbers on a single plane and they still couldn't fix a tiny toilet.
A single plumber won't stand a chance against a super-bowl
@ShadowWizard come to think of it, your avatar reminded me of Frank...
@JohnDvorak nobody can fix airplane toilets
@SensibleAlexander well, it's a tree after all.... :D
@TravisJ who said it's crap? Might be just mud. :D
9:42 AM
@JohnDvorak call Kid Muscle instead.
Too bad images can't have smell attached to them.
It's just a burial mound. You get a much bigger one if you're a monarch - and sandstone instead of compost.
Sounds good
So we are naming it burial mound?
What if it just has a rotating name, to really sew confusion.
9:44 AM
Chocolate. Looks edible. Nom nom nom.
You can't sew anything with that
sew sow now meow
@SensibleAlexander sounds like a good April Fools prank.... :D
@ShadowWizard it was
9:49 AM
oh LOL
didn't look
I remember also some dog translator?
But there are real efforts to build something that will enable people to share smells via computers or mobile devices.
@ShadowWizard 99% it will be 💩
smells like bed time
night :) snores
@TravisJ if your bed smells like that, time to make some major cleaning.... ;)
9:56 AM
Feb 1 at 14:05, by Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog
By the way @Catija in case you happen to be wondering about my rather...odd sleep patterns for an Austinite, I sleep during the afternoon and awaken during evenings and throughout the night. This stems partially from a trip to India last winter.
@Yvette Elsa & the chicken
@TelautonomousKitty did the dog save the chicken from a fox?
dog doesn't want to share the chicken with any foxes, no
10:04 AM
@TelautonomousKitty I thought you called @YvetteColomb a chicken ...
dog's name is Elsa :p
Is it a Sighthound/Gazehound?
Can your dog cast ice magic?
yvette's dog
I think it's a greyhound
10:19 AM
out of fun, I did a google search for "blockchain based antivirus"
That can't be a thing, right? RIGHT?
found some reference to a startup (prymex.io) - I've read their whitepaper and I still don't understand what they are trying to archive.
@TelautonomousKitty ove the action shot :D
@rene that would be a compliment - we love chickens :D
@TelautonomousKitty yep she's a greyhound
10:22 AM
or to be more clear, how they plan to make it work (assuming they aren't just planing to disappear with the collected startup funds...)
greyhounds are sight hounds
11:46 AM
@Shadow I just realized something: last month, I was named what I identify with [Sonic the Hedgehog] and you were named what I identify you as [Shadow the Hedgehog]. This month, I am named what you identified me as [Ano] and you are named what you identify yourself as [Wizard]. tl;dr: last month, my preferred names; this month, your preferred names.
I think we should alternate this arrangement every month. What do you think?
@rene Thanks for the swift Chaos Control!
@JourneymanGeek Is this SU question too opinionated? superuser.com/questions/1293070/…
12:08 PM
@SmokeDetector tpu-
@Ano Wasn't next month supposed to be the "Derpy's preferred names month"? With both of you switching to candy colored ponies avatars?
@Derpy I don't want to attract Amy.
@Ano actually, I think that the somehow canonical MLP fan was Eggman.
@Derpy Amy isn't my enemy, but she's not my girlfriend!
^ actual painting in sonic boom. I think it was somewhere in Eggman base
12:20 PM
@Derpy I don't consider Sonic Boom canon.
and yet I still wait Norm to change username so I can change myself too...
(crasp, I just leaked my plan to Norm! He will change it in 6-8 time units then...)
It would be really funny if they became Amy Rose and started chasing me
@Ano Don't you mean "any more"? :P
@RougetheBat No, I meant exactly what I said.
Princess Elise the Third... ha.
12:34 PM
@SensibleAlexander Iblis's seal has already been broken and Solaris defeated in all dimensions, so I'm no longer responsible for Elise. She doesn't even know me anymore!
The entire timeline was reverted, remember? Now Eggman has nothing that he needs from Elise
@Ano and just so that you know, that is the game that Sega itself excluded from Sonic canon.
@Derpy No, they didn't, or else Silver the Hedgehog wouldn't exist. None of the events in that game occurred anyway, since the entire timeline was reverted in the end.
Sega didn't produce Sonic Boom...all the characters' personalities and looks are completely changed from the games
1:13 PM
Target weakpoint detected. Transmitting info to troll-princess.
@TelautonomousKitty seems @ano here wants to discuss Sonic canon with you :P
I am sick of this snobbish story line for games - why rescue princesses, do commoner beggard women, every day cave women or low born hobo women not worth rescuing?? </trollololo>
@TelautonomousKitty Well, back when he started his current errand boy job, Link probably had only three options: rescue Zelda, rescue the Old Lady that sells you potions or the Old Man that gives you the various swords.
Seems he preferred Zelda.
Time to Zelda CD-i!
1:33 PM
humans are one of the most herdable animals I would say ...
and the least adaptable animals because we have no furs, no claws, not sharp teeth and have been eating cooked food for too long
@Derpy @JennaSloan knows quite a bit about it
2:02 PM
1 hour later…
3:16 PM
one more week to lazy SoM remake.
@Shog9 Why can't you flag historically-locked posts?
This was an issue on Travel, as an answer to a historically-locked question contained a link to a domain that was later being used to spread malware. A meta post was needed to remove the link.
@JennaSloan You didn't see what that was a reply to, didn't you?
@Ano because otherwise moderators will get stalked with flags about such posts forever. This might not be an issue on smaller sites but sure caused friction on SO. Still not an issue: you can always flag one of your own posts and then link to the target and explain what is needed. I've done is numerous times for locked posts on MSE, never failed me. No need for a meta post.
@rene Why can you flag posts locked for reasons other than historical significance? The famous parse-HTML-with-regex answer was locked for a content dispute, but was still subject to flags. They had to manually remove the notice and edit a new custom notice into the body, but it's still possible to flag it.
@rene @hichris123 How does one become an RO of this room?
A: Allow flags on locked posts

Shog9This only applies to historical locks, and it's very much intentional: before this was built into the system, such questions would repeatedly get flagged. The whole point is that they're capturing an artifact of the past, frozen in time, for the enjoyment of future historians but no longer an a...

@Ano by not talking about it ...
3:31 PM
@rene Just a curious question.
Q: Let's start coding on the search page

iDebugFirst, let's do some random search. You'll be welcomed by a line of code: MSE is not the only place to see this. It seems to be network-wide. Is it a bug or a feature?

@Ano Be around when someone is drunk and annoying @Shog9 and he's only on his phone
@Shog9 But you shouldn't bring up such posts on MSE, as that post says; it would be closed as "off-topic; pertains only to a specific site".
@JourneymanGeek Drop your RO now! Quick!!1!1!one!
3:33 PM
It should say "per-site meta"
that is easily the most irrelevant part of that answer
Jun 22 '16 at 18:09, by Shog9
I find the process by which ROs are added to The Tavern quite effective.
Always a quote...
I find good citizenship and bribery with baked goods works.
6 mins ago, by Ano
@rene Why can you flag posts locked for reasons other than historical significance? The famous parse-HTML-with-regex answer was locked for a content dispute, but was still subject to flags. They had to manually remove the notice and edit a new custom notice into the body, but it's still possible to flag it.
@Shog9 ^^
So what about locking that post again with "historical significance"?
3:37 PM
@Ano Didn't he... just answer that question?
Yes ...
I feel like you didn't read the relevant part of the answer I posted
@Shog9 That post doesn't clearly explain why flags on posts locked for other reasons shouldn't have their flags prevented.
because you're looking at it backwards
"We built this wall to keep the river from overflowing here every spring and destroying the town" -> "but why didn't you build a wall along the rest of the river?"
@Shog9 The given reason why it's "very much intentional" that it applies only to historical locks is that such posts are subject to more flags if it were allowed. But can't you say the same about posts locked for other reasons?
"The famous parse-HTML-with-regex answer was locked for a content dispute, but was still subject to flags. They had to manually remove the notice and edit a new custom notice into the body, but it's still possible to flag it."
3:42 PM
because it wouldn't be true for those other reasons
@Shog9 The parse-HTML-with-regex answer is a counterexample?
@Shog9 That particular post would benefit from this being implemented for posts locked for other reasons?
there are currently 2269 locked posts on Stack Overflow. 1 example is not a good sample size.
It makes a great time waster in chat though ....
3:44 PM
Oh, wait, I see one case where it is useful. If a merge stub uses a tag that is being cleaned up as part of a community process, you need to flag it to have it edited or deleted.
The only reason why I'm asking is because this was raised on Travel Meta just recently.
@rene @Shog9 See here:
Q: Problematic links in a locked answer

Stephen KennedyThis answer to a locked question of historical significance contains links (plural) to www.londonelegance.com. Upon clicking one of the links I was asked to upgrade my Java although it looked more like a malware attempt than a genuine prompt. On a second click I was presented with a domain for sa...

@Shog9 Do you think this question should be undeleted and locked as "historical significance"?
(allow me an absurd insertion into the current discussion)
The SO 404 page doesn't have that "program" anymore
The primary reason: Historical significance (second upvoted answer on The Many Memes of Meta)
@iDebug that's just a knock-off of a classic bobince joke
@iDebug Your title is making it attract downvotes; I'd recommend changing it to "404 page refers to a now-nonexistent program"
3:55 PM
@Shog9 So it's kept deleted for all the years?
The title and the top of the question make it seem just like a rant; the "bug report" is at the bottom, where many people can ignore it.
@Ano I would immediately approve it if you suggest it.
@iDebug No suggested edits on per-site metas
@Ano OK, I just applied the edit, with credits to you in the summary.
@Shog9 Now that you're here, can I ask you again about my most-upvoted MSE feature request?
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