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4:03 AM
Last night, a big possum came into the porch/sun room area & knocked a solid wooden chair over ...
It didn't oppose?
4:18 AM
it? the chair or the possum?
the possum in the backyard is gigantic in normal possum's standard
probably from stolen food
5:17 AM
Seeing this meta post on IPS about deleted posts due to the account deletion, I thought it's related to this user. Apparently I was wrong!?
2 days ago, by Shadow the Hedgehog Wizard
@Catija you're a moderator on IPS, can you maybe check out this user? He joined 9 days ago, just to post two questions which tell "catchy" stories that attracts lots of sympathy. There are some holes, e.g. in the first he says he moved 18 months ago, yet in the second he says he's working in same place for 4.5 years, and doesn't even mention having a girlfriend which is a big factor in that case. [cont...]
@SensibleAlexander Huh?
IPS has like... four trolls right now.
3 hours later…
8:13 AM
@SensibleAlexander why related?
@Catija oh. Yup, I "found" only one. Was that HIV question HNQ too?
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard Maybe? Not sure. Might have been closed before it hit the HNQ.
@Catija rename the site to trolls.se and call it a day?
@rene Pretty sure Robert would refuse to do so....
42 messages moved to Chimney
And now I'm going to sleep.
8:15 AM
@Catija good night!
@rene Trolls with Social Problems
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard Redundant.
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard too long
1 hour later…
9:45 AM
> Just a friendly 32 year old mother of three trying to make a living as a belly button model.
@JourneymanGeek yeah, HNQ author on Parenting.
Q: How to get my daughter's fixation on my belly button under control?

AllisonI don't know where to begin with this question. It's awkward and to be honest, it makes me feel rather uncomfortable. Simply put, I'm led to believe that my four year old daughter is obsessed with my belly button. It all started one day during the summer when she was three. I decided to take my f...

I want to delete this question but every time i try, Stack Exchange says "this question can't be deleted because users spent time and effort answering this question" — Allison 10 hours ago
smells like yet another troll (i.e. making up a story on purpose) but... who knows
not quite what I tend to expect when I pop in on vacation ;p
looking at her other question...
smells trolly
9:55 AM
@JourneymanGeek yup. My bet is someone (male) with belly button fetish.
Plot twist: the 4-year old daughter wrote that question
Also just noticed SO's looking for a new VP of marketing, and is down another dev 0_0
darn it, stuff shouldn't happen when I have crap internet
maybe said dev became a belly button model, with that said, I have no idea who's the said dev
hopefully it's not a dev who reads this chat
not someone I've interacted with
10:02 AM
maybe unicorn should be a symbol for good sales person ...
I think I wouldn't be actively outdoors for a while - still having a small fist sized bruise on my arm from sailing a couple of days ago
did you fight off pirates?
have been violated by a sailing boat
10:17 AM
those ropes, pretty harsh on the flesh
erm. OK!
especially when the wind is strong & you are on a bumpy sea
10:47 AM
@TelautonomousKitty fist sized bruise can't be "small", unless either 1) your fist is REALLY small, or 2) Your arm is REALLY big
@JourneymanGeek well it's not new they now need more marketing than development... probably a leftover from the big wave.
@SensibleAlexander that would be highly disturbing... o_o
That said, my own kids also love to play with my belly button when I let them... usually it's just a game of "hit daddy while you can" though. lol
Market-driven development.
Talking about belly-button.......... I don't remember anyone's belly button except myself -_-
OH! I remember some: my puppies'
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL-only title, bad NS for domain in body, bad NS for domain in title, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, +2 more: www.nutritionsofhealth.com/ by user782610 on askubuntu.com
11:25 AM
@SensibleAlexander well that's totally normal, lol... I also "remember" only my own, i.e. can tell the shape and look. I've seen lots during my life (friends, army, girlfriends, etc) but can't tell how even one looks like. That's something I don't really put much thought into. :D
And here is @Yve, in the middle of belly button discussion! :P
lol :p
@TelautonomousKitty chicken says hi
@YvetteColomb konami code?
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard can't stay, wasting time avoiding study, I stood up @tel today already because of study. @tel I went there around 5.30pm and it rained when I got there and stopped. It was raining on and off for a while, so not the best day for it. See you tomoz!
11:28 AM
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard ?? what
@YvetteColomb you missed the whole Chicken of Winter Bash fun?? :(
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard too busy :[
Would be cool to have real chicken act upon giving it Konami code. :D
@YvetteColomb you're always too busy! :-{
11:36 AM
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard I know - it's true - I'm really tired :[
@YvetteColomb Chicken Horse?
I see you use the words very urgent. Please read Under what circumstances may I add “urgent” or other similar phrases to my question, in order to obtain faster answers? - the summary is that this is not an ideal way to address volunteers, and is probably counterproductive to obtaining answers. Please refrain from adding this to your questions. — rene 14 hours ago
user image
Yes it is. @rene what other use do you have for random people on the internet other than following orders?
Blame rounding
11:48 AM
@alexolut An eye for an eye, a message for a message. You interrupted me, and I interrupted you
@M.A.R. sure, right ... carries on
@rene pls rply to my above messege urgant
@alexolut whaat? No "m"?
submitting angry bug report
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard hammers it against 4 duplicates ....
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard -1 not enough WW2 references
11:51 AM
@M.A.R. u r urgant urslf
@M.A.R. pregnant?
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard Who? Rene? I don't think so
He sounds male
@rene I would have a response but I don't
So I just pretend you're not worth my time
Oh hold on, I have one: "u r urgant urslf urslf"
Oh yeah. Try beating that
So, what's up folks?
Sorry I denized Tavern for a second
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard or that time of the month
they don't call it menstruation for no reasons
I like where this is headed
But I guess rene-type flowers are mostly bisexual
11:56 AM
I'm accused of what?
Being urgant
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard portugueses already have “mil”
Looks weird for me ... I interpreted “mil” as million
mil could stand for milli
11:59 AM
The Green Mil?
250 milli-reps is like a quarter of a rep
@TelautonomousKitty That's the recommended dosage for patients who get downvotes on meta.SE
More technically, suffering losselosis
@TelautonomousKitty yup, in our case blood flows up to our heads and we become grumpy and angry. :D
rep scale could be logarithmic ...
12:01 PM
there could be 1 rep, 0.1 rep, 0.0001 rep
text size are adjusted accordingly ...
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard I know... but knowing is not same as feeling
What's this in Russian?
@TelautonomousKitty Or it could tell you you earned 0.0000000000000000000000000001E29 rep today
2 hours later…
1:59 PM
@alexolut Find any new bugs lately?
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog yep
@alexolut That's my bug
And of anyone else's if they click it. How self-centered.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog fixed
User was able to answer a question just after (38 seconds) the question is closed. Does that count? @SonictheAnonymousHedgehog
2:07 PM
@NogShine Nope. See the last section of the answer to meta.stackexchange.com/questions/10582/…
Oh! Thanks.
and there is a bug where the system reversed the serial voting but it shown as unupvote rather than voting corrected. Does that count?
@NogShine Was it a single vote? If so, it's likely it didn't trigger the script, but was manually retracted.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Nope. A rep of 140. Means at least 14 votes.
A: Is serial unupvoting allowed and not detected by system?

SarvabhoumaSerial unupvoting is not detected by the system. It is **against the rules* because it is targetted on a user not the content. The system only identifies serial upvoting and downvoting. To quote relevant post Are unupvotes serial voting? The votes are un-upvotes, but they are voting behavio...

@NogShine If it's that, post a new question on the per-site meta.
My guess is that it happens rarely enough that they didn't put it in the script.
Just like how @alexolut once mass-unaccepted answers
Similar thing happened on IPS too.
In mid-november.
2:14 PM
It should raise an autoflag in my opinion.
2:47 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, blacklisted user: Transaction confirmed, bitcoin not received by Melvin Hines on bitcoin.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, blacklisted user: My Bitcoin Core wallet does not receive BTC by Melvin Hines on bitcoin.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: Sending bitcoin unconfirmed, now wallet balance is unconfirmed by Melv on bitcoin.SE
3:06 PM
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard you're a goose ;)
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, blacklisted user: Do unconfirmed transactions expire? by Melv on bitcoin.SE
3:46 PM
@YvetteColomb oh, thanks!
4:02 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, blacklisted user: Payment not received by Melv on bitcoin.SE
FR: answer cooldown after one of the answer deleted by spam flag
@SensibleAlexander welp, not gonna work, since the answer hasn't been deleted -_-
Instead, FR: answer cooldown after the user receives 5 cumulative spam flags from any answers.
4:41 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer: How can I plot 5-dimensional data graphically? by rimanguz on math.SE
4:59 PM
"Remember: Only flag things that are truly inappropriate or offensive." => Well, apparently the Stack Exchange team disagrees: i.stack.imgur.com/a9UVC.png -- ("See something that makes you uneasy? Don't hesitate to flag it!") — That Brazilian Guy Mar 7 '16 at 22:50
could someone elaborate this ^
should we follow what's written on the popup or what's in that meta answer?
It... depends on the room culture...
Some rooms are really lax about "something offensive"
most notably the C++ lounge
cc: @bluefeet ^
We usually warn those who post something that might be inappropriate gently first, something like "I don't think that post is appropriate here"...
Depending on the outcome, the poster might acknowledge, and even delete the post within the 2-min.
@SensibleAlexander who are "we"? do you mean - in this particular room?
but anyways, it's more about users flagging things
the meta answer says "Remember: Only flag things that ...", and the chat itself says "flag whatever makes you uneasy"
which rule is to be followed? should we tell the newcomers - "please read this meta post, it says not to flag things"? or should we tell'em - flag is a feature, press it
5:13 PM
@Abyx Luckily for her, bluefeet is now on Engineering team and no longer has to deal with chat dramas.
Welp, as far as my experience in this room, we never tell about chat flag to newcomers...
@if.... welp. She could fix the popup then.
But I believe the answer is the same to comment flag.
@SensibleAlexander the popup tells
My flagging rules: (1) Flag what the heck you want to. (2) Don't complain about declined flags or suspensions.
5:15 PM
that's very remarkable
however I still want some official answer from mods, @Shog9, perhaps?
the problem is, anyone with enough rep (10k?) will see and be notified by the chat flag, so it can even be dismissed by someone not RO/mod.
@SensibleAlexander only mod can (instantly) dismiss, not RO
There are 2 kinds of chat flag: spam/offensive and mod. AFAIK, the S/O flag can be dismissed by anyone with enough rep.
(I guess discussing about SE policy while being very sleepy is not a good idea... good night!)
6:06 PM
@ShadowtheHedgehogWizard I see what you mean, and am also getting the intention that he's trolling. As the post ban thresholds are much harder to trigger on meta (due to voting being used to indicate dis/agreement as well as quality), I've flagged one of their posts asking that they be suspended.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in body: How to get Windows 10 Activator? by AlexandraRoberts on softwarerecs.SE
6:34 PM
@SensibleAlexander If I were a new user, I'd discover it immediately because I'd start exploring
7:32 PM
What was the (unlisted) link to the timeline of a question?
nvm, /posts/id/timeline
8:29 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in body: Один js скрипт несколько select by Isaev Maxim on ru.stackoverflow.com
3 hours later…
11:00 PM
!!/coffee and cookies!
@TelautonomousKitty brews a cup of Macchiato for @and cookies!

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