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1:44 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer: Can ATP be synthesized and consumed? by Marc C. E. Wagner on chemistry.SE
2:00 AM
I wonder why SO opted for invisible badges.
invisible badges?
They're becoming occluded?
not seeing where/why they are invisible
2:04 AM
The silver one is missing a tiny bit and the gold is missing slightly more
I think it's the contrast.
@Catija Wow, you have a really good eye!
*clicks button, hits space, ends up scrolling down like a bouguise..."
But yes, that's something else again.
Perhaps there's a partial lunar eclipse going on?
I might be able to get someone's attention about the moons getting nibbled on, but the thing that's worse I bet I won't be able to.
Might as well try, though.
Should search for dupes.
The Contrast Rebellion site I mention above makes an important point, one that seems to have been missed. I'm sure the Graphics Design folks could instantly whip up some concrete measurement metric for illustrating the trouble.
I find the gold 23 harder to read against that particular grey than I do the “silver” 93. That surprises me.
Not the gold badge proper, just the digits. Go look at your own to see what I mean.
Probably a side effect of Great Shift to the Left (Winterbash)
2:16 AM
It might be that I have my monitor resolution set too high, or my monitor contrast even.
@CrazyIvan I did see the MSE post about that.
or your brightness
(and my apparent contrast is even better cause bias lighting ;p)
It just feels like there's too much grey in the gold numbers.
On SO only.
@tchrist I only have bronze badges on SO :P
Maybe it's that #CDA400 color that's ugly.
Against that grey background, it just doesn't stand out at that font-weight.
Post a bug report on MSO and tag it with design?
2:22 AM
This is one of those things that also varies too much on my monitor, so that stuff at the top looks to be of a different perceptual color than stuff in the middle or at the bottom.
Are the colors the same across the network?
On the white background it should be a heavier weight, though.
@Catija Yep!
@Catija I'm trying to find a site that has a light top-bar like SO does.
The top bar is the same everywhere except SO.
eh almost
The other-language SO sites also have that top-bar.
2:25 AM
They're considered SO, though?
Sure. :)
IIRC main SE and A51 still use the old top bar, everyone other than SO uses the 2017 top bar, and SO sites use the old SO tup bar rather than the new top bar cause... channels?
No, they fixed main already and chat?... I think it's just A51
Q: Top bar not updated for SE.com

ratchet freakThe new top bar is not present in https://stackexchange.com/ it still uses the old one.

There's definitely something nibbling the right side of the gold dot a wee bit.
Nope, chat is still old... but it's black.
2:29 AM
I presume they changed it to be more contrasty everywhere (else) deliberately.
the star wall is chaotic...
It is? Looks a bit static.
We haven't see anything from the chicken in a while. :(
I hope it hasn't found its way into somebody's pot.
Or raft.
@Catija If you miss Chicken, why not buy a burger from McDonald and ask the meat inside it?
> Stack Exchange te invita a celebrar el final del año con…..¡sombreros! Mientras uses el sitio, descubrirás sombreros y otras cositas escondidas detrás de ciertas acciones. Colecciona todos, algunos, o ninguno de ellos pero ¡hazlo rápidamente! Estos sombreros regresarán a sus cajas el 3 de enero.
Spanish. I can read it partially
It's the hats announcement.
2:43 AM
Q: Winter Bash explanation is in Russian?

juergen dWhen I open the Winter Bash site it shows all in Russian. But I am not, neither is my browser nor my Windows system and I am in Argentina.

Stack Exchange invites you to celebrate the end of the year with .... Hats!. When you use the site, you will earn hats and other things for decorating your avatar. ... blah blah blah.
> Stack Exchange invites you to celebrate the end of a great year …with HATS! As you use your site, you'll discover hats and other items hidden behind certain actions. Collect all of them, some of them, or none of them, but be quick – the hats get put back in their boxes on January 3rd!
We can open a dupe bug now :)
well, they have to cater to non-English SO...
2:44 AM
I still see it in ENglish, though?
Me too. Still English.
I wonder why there's never been Chinese.
Change your browser language preference.
The only piece of Chinese, except chinese.se, is in an FAQ.
To one of the things there's a non-English SO GUI for.
You mean WB text has a CN version?
Interesting Chinese here.
It was a bad one so I corrected it.
2:47 AM
There's a little tiny but red "view all text in English" link at the bottom.
> recibir más de 9000 vistas totales entre todas las preguntas que hayas hecho durante el Winter Bash
Some stuff they don't translate.
Which is pretty normal.
It's probably a bug now.
BTW, are you native to Spanish?
@iDebug It's not my first language, but I've spoken it for more than forty years.
@tchrist Your first language is Català?
¿Cómo no? :)
No puedo entenderlo :(
2:53 AM
It's not very close to Spanish as these things go.
I made the guess based on my miscellaneous knowledge.
I think the only place where people hone Spanish as their primary language but not first language is SW Europe, or Spain and around.
If knowing Spanish you also know either or preferably both of French or Italian, you can often decode written Catalan, especially with a bit of practice, but the two languages have a smaller overlap in its vocabulary than most people casually imagine.
No I'm not. I just started learning Spanish a few months ago.
With no courses, no teachers, no books, just like 7 yrs ago I started learning programming.
2:56 AM
@iDebug There are really a great number of Spanish speakers in the Americas.
All I have is a Spanish dictionary app plus Google Translate, as well as Google Search.
Not too much in Asia. Philippines just don't count. :)
@tchrist I know. There's also plenty of places named in Spanish, like Los Angeles.
Catalan is one of the old "langues d'oc" from southern France. It's closely related to the old troubadour's Provençal, though there are few speakers of Occitan left these days the two are very close.
2:58 AM
Back to Winter 2010, I started my first few lines of code in Macromedia Flash 8. All I had at that time was a simple game made by others, found online.
@Telkitty Would you like to know something interesting about that?
@Telkitty A map from the medieval times?
> Nuevo México is often incorrectly believed to have taken its name from the nation of Mexico. However, it was named by Spanish explorers who believed the area contained wealthy Amerindian cultures similar to those of the Aztec Empire (centered in the Valley of Mexico), and called the land the "Santa Fe de Nuevo México". This naming was retained for the Mexican and American territory, as well as the subsequent U.S. state.
@iDebug It's from before the young nation of the United States had grabbed up the older Spanish settlements.
Which happened under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848.
History is not what I'm good at...
Well, it's not your history, so that's ok. :)
There was a war between the two new republics in 1846–1848. That treaty ended it.
3:02 AM
What's worse is even it's my history, I still don't know much.
I can name after a lot of names and events, but not the biographies and details.
Nothing wrong then. Everyone has their own subjects.
Perhaps you should move to some really new country without any history yet. :)
North Korea :)
Without any "history" to be discussed.
Wouldn't be my first recommendation. :)
Don't think they eat well there.
Amongst other things.
Wouldn't be my even last recommendation. :)
3:06 AM
N. Korea is a really bad place even for a tourism visit.
That 1848 treaty "gave the United States the Rio Grande as a boundary for Texas, and gave the U.S. ownership of California and a large area comprising roughly half of New Mexico, most of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado." That's really an incredibly immense, and immensely important, portion of the present-day country we here call the United States.
Everything's strictly censored, physically.
@iDebug It's a tragedy.
@tchrist I had nearly thought it's the American Civil War when I realised it's not in the 1860s.
I've been to South Korea, but I never had the least bit of interest in taking a look at the other side.
3:08 AM
@iDebug or to ask for asylum...
@JourneymanGeek NK people have always been asking for asylum.
@iDebug from, not to
Q: Does North Korea accept asylum seekers?

Draif KronegIs it possible for a UK citizen seek asylum in Democratic People's Republic of Korea ? They seem to have an embassy in London but I have not managed to find their web-site and any relevant information about the process.

via a meta question there, then MSE
Number of stowaways to SK and China has been high for several years.
@JourneymanGeek Muy interesante.
@iDebug I understand that they are often arrested in trying.
Speaking of China, we've been hearing disturbing news leaking out of Xinjiang lately, but that's something else of course.
@tchrist It's better in SK. Too bad that China has been sending stowaways back to NK regularly.
3:14 AM
@iDebug agree
@tchrist Xinjiang is mostly another thing. It's domestic affairs.
Typo rate won't drop when I type on an 5.5" Android phone :(
Does that make it less troubling? I agree that the situation there should not be compared with the one in North Korea, but it is still worrisome.
I read this yesterday, and found it demoralizing.
@tchrist I've never been to Xinjiang so I can't make sure of whatever's there, but according to recent news the policies on religions have been incredibly tight since '09.
You know, religional enthusiasm has always been perseverant.
Isn't my hat creative?
@iDebug English could stand to use a bit of garbage collection.
@tchrist ...what?
3:25 AM
Multi-level joke, don't mind me.
I inserted quite a few jokes into that paragraph.
I'm not native to English, nor have I ever lived in an English environment.
For cultural jokes, I usually can't understand in a few minutes.
I was referencing how messy the English language is, and also how messy the English SE site can be. :)
It's like nobody ever comes around to collect to garbage. :}
@tchrist You can't have learnt Chinese.
Indeed I have not.
Chinese is the most famous character-based language, and depending how you separate characters to form words, a sentence can have two utterly different meanings.
e.g. 夏天有多少穿多少,冬天有多少穿多少。
In summer, wear as few as you can. In winter, wear whatever you have.
1 hour later…
5:02 AM
@tchrist china is only doing what trump is doing, xinjiang is a mostly islamic state (not to be confused with IS)
@Telkitty hairy awkward fox...
fat faced fox> hair makes my face looking skinny
Would be a good taste in IKEA. — iDebug 50 secs ago
@iDebug What are you talking about?
1 hour later…
6:18 AM
@Catija i think good taste for... interior house decoration?
6:43 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL in title, bad keyword in body, blacklisted website in body, blacklisted website in title, link following arrow in body, +3 more: newmusclesupplements.com/core-max-ultra/ by anniekearns on astronomy.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad NS for domain in body, bad NS for domain in title, blacklisted website in body, blacklisted website in title, pattern-matching website in body, +2 more: healthflyup.com/cbd-gummy-bears/ by miss fatima on astronomy.SE
1 hour later…
7:47 AM
8:02 AM
@Catija Don't you know IKEA also sell food?
In every IKEA store there's a IKEA restaurant. Their Swedish meatball is my favorite.
Most of their food is Swedish taste, though there are occasionally regional (local) specials.
8:34 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, potentially bad keyword in body: /celuraid-extreme/ by AnthonyWrighs on astronomy.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Why did the Clone Troopers switch sides in Star Wars? by kanker on scifi.SE
9:08 AM
> I/O error (head)
> Error 503 Maximum threads for service reached
halp! cannot open MSO
I blame... Singapore's node?
> Details: cache-sin18033-SIN 1513588170 1715501570
I have the same problem
oh shit
works for me
@rene well, I suspect @AndrewT. is on the same CDN servers I'm on
seems somewhat random tho
> handshake error
yep, that is a varnish server that refuses to serve you. It is a fastly service issue
9:12 AM
Here's my problem. I cannot get on meta. How do I report bugs with no meta :(
how many errors can I face today? :)
So far I've encountered 4 states:
- HTTP 503
- I/O error (head)
- handshake error
- content loaded, but no CSS
saw that too
didn't screenshot
welp, SE chat is now 1st-class citizen...
or a 2rd class citizen for bugs
seems to happen randomly on SU too
Q: When you access (Meta) Stack Overflow from South East Asia you'll be greeted with a varnish error

reneThe following error occur on and off when you're located in South East Asia: This happens both on Stack Overflow as Meta. So far users encountered 4 states: HTTP 503 I/O error (head) handshake error content loaded, but no CSS Can this be looked at and/or can Fastly be contacte...

9:18 AM
Hey guys
I have this printed.
@rene cannot upvote, thanks though ;)
@rene No problem here. Location: China
@rene also seems to be happening on SU
I'm going to cut the bottom "logo" down and refine my hat :)
@rene actually, network wide...
including MSE, SU, Photo.SE, Travel.SE, etc...
9:22 AM
but Boltclock says SEA is too wide as he is not experiencing issues
@AndrewT. so where are you and @JourneymanGeek exactly?
How do you access SE chat?
Indonesia, he's in Singapore
probably mention this: "Details: cache-sin18033-SIN 1513588170 1715501570"
@iDebug SE chat doesn't have any problem, as usual...
I guess there's something wrong in SG.
welp, now "Details: cache-hkg17929-HKG 1513588999 1771987871"
9:23 AM
SG has several overseas cable.
welp, it's fixed for me now... or so I thought (MSO still error)
HK's network goes through SG, partially.
while some others go through TW or CN
error again, still HKG
time to stop HNQing and start coding...
@AndrewT. Coding?
... currently working hour ...
9:28 AM
I thought you're a student.
Mind sharing your ISP @AndrewT. @JourneymanGeek if that is not a privacy concern?
@rene works now, and done.
I bitch about starhub a lot anyway ;)
Starhub Fibre (as opposed to cable or mobile)
Start refining my "hat"
Hope the new "logo" won't irritate SE.
9:31 AM
@rene I might not, but when I tried opening from my personal phone, I think it's already fixed (just as Journeyman)...
OK, all is good then. It might get closed as no longer reproducible
I once reported a service failure.
And it turned out to be Fastly's fault.
@iDebug yeah, that is most likely the case here as well
@rene which is fine
Also "eh, lets see if I need to update my SO answer. Wait. Its down. Lets go to SU. Its down. Meta... PANNNIIIICCCCC"
9:36 AM
So he ended up in chat :)
@rene either way, good to know
Just returned from meeting, then refreshing MSO, then HTTP 503. Panic.
Well I've always got one eye on chat
Me too.
Oct 2 at 11:51, by Elias
Tavern on the Meta is now my main hub to SE network
2 of my pinned tabs are Tavern, and Anime.SE/active
I hope my refined "hat" doesn't look too aggressive.
@AndrewT. Tavern + Charcoal HQ
Previously Tavern + Android.SE, but...
9:40 AM
lol, load of channels on the other server, here mainly for news stalking
@AndrewT. I found it easier to find something to answer on SO.
So I went there.
9:58 AM
end of morning
GMT+8 here.
DISPLAY 'Morning everypony'.
10 PRINT "Hello World!"
20 GOTO 10
10:05 AM
A "Hello world"
mov %edi, $A
call printf
@Derpy What's that language?
10:20 AM
@rene What happens to pending suggested edits if the post gets deleted?
@gparyani auto rejected
and I believe you lose the rep for accepted suggested edits in the same situation
I'm asking about pending
"Auto rejected"
My pending edit to a now-deleted post still shows up as "pending review"
What happens if you attempt to review it?
works normally?
10:23 AM
@JourneymanGeek But it's to a deleted post
which is odd
tho presumably you can edit it into working, maybe?
Did you reject the edit on its own merits, or just to test?
Q: How do duplicate(and other closure) flags from low rep users work?

Whosaysbigcatsdon'twearhatsI have been trying to find out how vote-to-close flags from users with less than 3000 rep work, but I can't find the kind of info I want, not even from the help centre or FAQ. I have gathered bits of information here and there, but I think one comprehensive answer will help myself and others. He...

@gparyani I hope nothing
I deleted it so everybody leaves it alone
yeah, I can read it normally even though it's deleted
@JourneymanGeek You might want to close that as a duplicate of the FAQ post, since (as the anonymous editor) I edited in a whole section about recommend closure flags
@JourneymanGeek to what?
@gparyani yes
10:27 AM
@gparyani funny is that you now blocked me from editing my own post: i.stack.imgur.com/CgBv8.png
@gparyani It was a mistake. I accidentally changed my answer to CW, so I decided to delete it and re-post one.
I saw the edit suggestion and approved it.
I'm going to take the words from the suggestion and edit it into the answer.
@gparyani normal channels and all that. For clearly OT stuff, I'm super cool, but I'm a bit iffy about pinging people to vote a certain way
It's a dupe of that FAQ post
Oh it was rene's answer.
Guess it's not a dupe
10:30 AM
This is very embarrassing.
I thought it was mine because I happened to delete another answer.
I thought it was an audit because both use the same pattern of quote block..
I would be confident it's not an audit.
This is MSE.
10:53 AM
So, no new episode for the Chicken troll?
yeah, unfortunately :(
I miss my daily dose of chicken...
11:07 AM
@animuson would it be best I delete my answer to this, as you said it has inaccurate information
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in answer: ARP replies contain wrong MAC address by windowsusers121 on serverfault.com
@JakeSymons that or edit your answer to say something like; In normal situations you would go through the Area51 process but for CentOS it is highly unlikely to succeed because [and then either point to Animusons answer or elaborate based on the info from the comments, the blog or maybe an arae51 discussion]. Your answer is in essence not wrong, there are just other forces that prevent the specific request to be succesful.
@JakeSymons that its inaccurate can also be invaluble
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Why is Hadoop not a Data Warehouse? by raj kumar on superuser.com
Also! Learning opportunity! (Information is... kinda everywhere, especially in the early days ;p)
11:20 AM
user image
ok. whut?
11:34 AM
is that a country?
Is it Barneveld?
@Chicken Why can't I see your user profile ?
like chicken ... but bigger ...
nice one Telkitty
11:43 AM
Ok back to the question, Why this user with name "Chicken" has negative userid ?
and no profile link
@TheLittleNaruto because it is a feed user
Why do we have such exception ? Is it related to Winter Bash ?
I see!!!!!!
@Chicken Namibia
Earlier we had Feed as feed user
12:09 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Misleading link, potentially bad keyword in answer: How to export apache ssl certificate to windows by Emily watson on superuser.com
@gparyani ah. What's the purple and grey?
That symbol looks significant too
Will a meta post about "Sql In in linq" and "linq select item id in a list" duplicate be usefull?
There is not a week with out a new post where the answer will be `MainList.Where(Filter.Contains)`.
Most of the time op get upvoter and few answer comes up even by gold hammer.
12:26 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Title ends with comma: contar dos campos de una tabla en php sql, by Juan Antonio Gonzalez Rozas on es.stackoverflow.com
@JourneymanGeek random picture generated to troll that will be given a posthumous explanation after Winter Bash ends?
@Chicken that's "Ko" shape from Igo (board game)...
@gparyani And Namibia's ISO country code is "Na"
inb4 KoNaMi code
(but @Derpy has failed Konami code...)
huh, 57.1% is....
12:48 PM
@JourneymanGeek I could reproduce your issue after I configured my VPN to route my traffic through Singapore
The issue has been resolved by itself though for me...
(At the time, forgot to add that)
@AndrewT. yeah, I found that as well...
1:04 PM
also, propose to migrate Chicken MSE post to Puzzling.SE
@Chicken ⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️🅱️🅰️
I forced myself to find "Mi" and found Walkerville, Michigan that mentions "57.1% were married couples living together".
Certainly not the right way to solve a puzzle...
1:26 PM
@Chicken Heros in the half shell! Chicken Pizza!
@Chicken wut? WUT???
Teenage Mutant Ninja Chicken!
@AndrewT. Michelangelo.
Konami did make the TMNT games it seems en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
Now I don't know if that's a congratulatory image or... the next hint...
1:31 PM
most of the hints have had chickens in em
@Chicken Dr Cluckingworth?
@Chicken cluck
So it brings us back to the chicken hat: technobuffalo.com/2015/01/12/…
Someone mentioned this in the very beginning though.
@Chicken Ninja Dog
> Just put the chicken hat on Snake’s head and voila, you can “chicken out” of the game’s difficult sections!
So... maybe it's a way to chicken out of winter bash or easily get a rather hard-to-get hat?
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