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11:01 AM
@Magisch just saw the last chapter of that Kaspersky "scandal" (link) and this is getting even more ridiculous than before.
Namahage (生剥) in traditional Japanese folklore is a demonlike being, portrayed by men wearing hefty ogre masks and traditional straw capes (mino) during a New Year's ritual of the Oga Peninsula area of Akita Prefecture in northern Honshū, Japan. The frightfully dressed men, armed with deba knives (albeit wooden fakes or made of papier-mâché) and toting a teoke (手桶, "hand pail" made of wood), march in pairs or threes going door-to-door making rounds of people's homes, admonishing children who may be guilty of laziness or bad behavior, yelling phrases like "Are there any crybabies around?" (泣く子はいねがぁ...
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in title: /maxforte-muscle/ by KennethYoung on astronomy.SE
@JourneymanGeek do you realize that neither answer will get any vote :P?
@Derpy still, its the principle of the thing ;p
You kinda pointed me at the right direction, but I was like "wait, opera? I'll try installing it!"
@JourneymanGeek So what should I do now -_-
@M4HdYaR well, there's very good advice on meta...
11:06 AM
@JourneymanGeek "no, thanks"
now we get "spa" spam in other languages too.
@JourneymanGeek I already read it . When the question is wrong at all How I can edit it to get upvotes ? I can't delete it too so what ?
I miss today's Chicken's emoji of the day...
@M4HdYaR presumably try to post good answers, do good edits, and try to learn how to ask better questions before that 6 month or so "grace question" you get.
11:09 AM
@JourneymanGeek Ok thanks!
Also, your question lacks a lot of motivation (and you should never comment your own question, but just edit it). Do you need a quick&dirty solution for internal benchmarking purposes, or is it more serious. Do you care about heisenbugs or deficiencies ? Probably adding what you want will alter your benchmarking.... — Basile Starynkevitch Nov 22 at 11:53
Feels like good advice.
I disagree on "you should never comment" personally
Well, "never" is a strong word, but in general he's right that whatever relevant info you can add to the question, just add it to the question
@AndrewT. No such command 'coffeetea'.
11:40 AM
@Derpy So if I'm reading this correctly, and I'm inclined to believe kaspersky on this one - there was a guy who worked for the NSA equation group who a) took code home, b) had piss poor security on his pc, c) tried (and failed) to get cracked windows and word installs
That is some epic stupidity manifesting at once.
Also this: Adding the user’s apparent need for cracked versions of Windows and Office, poor security practices, and improper handling of what appeared to be classified materials, it is possible that the user could have leaked information to many hands.
throwing serious shade
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, pattern-matching website in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer: What is "smartphone" in Esperanto? by shafiq rehman on esperanto.SE
"I'm inclined to believe kaspersky on this one" ._.
Everyone involved is probably rotten ;p
11:57 AM
@Magisch That is my point. Even if there have been abuses on Kaspersky end ("oh, nice, free classified info. Save it for further review") if that is the original way they acquired it.....
Congratulation to whoever though office-crack + classified doc was a good combination.
12:19 PM
@JourneymanGeek totally possible, but it doesn't really make me trust any specific antivirus vendor to be really different from the others.
We need open source antivirus :)
@Chicken clamav's open source
yeah but it's not very good (afaik)
@Derpy the stupid thing is its probably trivial to get windows and office, especially through your employer
or at least crack it properly, n00b
@JourneymanGeek I would think they have the money to buy the license and probably the position to get it free if they asked.
12:29 PM
anyway, found another little gem
there was a time when I knew Win98 serial by heart, because I screwed up my install so often
"cracking" was easy then :p
at this point, while I continue to say that Kaspersky giving out info to gov agencies is totally possible (like it is for every antivirus out there) the Washington post news do indeed seem like propaganda.
12:30 PM
@Chicken eh, isn't that hard these days either
@Derpy I wouldn't even blame them
Maybe I miss the outrageous part of the news, but how is this last one different from a telephone operator cooperating with government taskforce in a anti-terrorism wiretapping operation?
Assume you're an antivirus company and you get hands on some of the most sophisticated hacking tools from a state actor
Of course that's interesting to you and you never signed an NDA to not look at it
Whatever blame is in this entire affair is squarely on the one guy that both flagrantly violated data protection protocols and was at the same time dumb enough to fall for a hacked office crack
like seriously
By which I mean: why should I be worried that a [Insert-State ] antivirus vendor co-operated with [Insert-state] government in order to catch cyber-criminals that already stole a lot of money? My first reaction is more of a "Nice, they got those bad guys" that "ARGH! They co-operated with the good-guys-hunting-criminals"
12:36 PM
(notice: talking about the new link, not the original one)
@Derpy I assume the wapo is equally concerned about american antivirus companies cooperating with the FBI?
Because if they aren't that is some strong anti russian propaganda they're spinning
of course the internet equivalent of what is essentially a private detective agency is cooperating with the government on matters of finding criminals - it would be immoral if they wouldn't
@Magisch What I meant.... When a police department is working to stop some serious terrorism act, every one expect them to be able to require support from third parties.
They need to monitor a telephone line? Ask the Telephone Company.
Check money payments? Ask the bank.
so.... need to check some guys that stole money with ransomware and malware? Ask an antivirus company for support.
seems a pretty logical thing to do, and actually a desirable one.
The only bad thing I could see in this if they were using force/threat to require support
(In which case the bad ones would still be the ones using force, not the ones coerced in collaboration).
12:52 PM
Can I please get feedback on this edit here? It'll take me some time before I get used to having my edits applied directly. meta.stackexchange.com/posts/19757/revisions
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL in title, bad NS for domain in body, bad NS for domain in title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, +5 more: supplementlab.org/keto-burn-protocol/ by user268073 on apple.SE
@gparyani don't worry, your edit was only applied instantly because it's a Community Wiki post so anyone can edit. Your edit will be seen by others (due to the question being bumped to the front page), and if it made the post worse, someone will revert it.
@Chicken I'm not worried about anything. I was actually asking for constructive feedback. I knew going in that it was a CW post, and if I wanted it reviewed I would have opened a private session and edited anonymously.
Ok, so what kind of feedback are you looking for?
1:12 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Binary Sequences by user76839 on codegolf.SE
so, Mad Hatter is awarded for 5 no-comment edit?
so, like, five edits without filling the "what changed" field?
not edit summary, just don't comment on the post
1:30 PM
thanks, spared me a question. I was going to ask if re-editing the question during the grace period would kill the counter (since the system already added the auto comment)
Anyway, finally got the one hat I wanted.
and since we are talking hats.... Brunhilde is 150 total or 150 on each site?
Didn't even try for that, but I guess 150 total...
though I think this year's Bash is harder, so...
1:45 PM
@AndrewT. so, either is 150 each or meta.stackexchange is also excluded from the count.
I should be getting Brunhilde unless MSE is excluded
same here
(cause I've been averaging over 150 on MSE)
FAQ says "other than SO"
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL in title, bad NS for domain in body, bad NS for domain in title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, +5 more: supplementlab.org/keto-burn-protocol/ by karlee olson on astronomy.SE
1:46 PM
SO not SE
meta.stackexchange != stackoverflow
"earn 150 reputation points on three different sites (not including Stack Overflow) within 15 days."
so MSE and something else and something else
@JourneymanGeek unless poor wording and MSE is excluded too.
> ... but there is one hat (Brunhilde) that requires participation on Stack Exchange sites other than Stack Overflow.
That's what the FAQ says
@Derpy more than 150 once each on 3 different sites
If the description says so, then I think Geek's right
ugh, I agree the wording is bad though
1:50 PM
the wording on the hat itself is clearer than the hat gallery IMO
First time I thought you need to do that for 15 days
Second time (just now), I thought you need to earn 150 on 3 different sites in a single day
lol no
I think I overestimate the hat difficulty...
except... glare at the star wall
Chicken's not hard tho. Chicken is maddeningly mysterious ;p
@JourneymanGeek show me one user whi a "Chicken" hat and I will listen to the rest of your story...
1:56 PM
Well, currently the most hats a user has are 23... out of 38
@Derpy If its even a hat
minus 1 because one certain hat needs 10 days, 37...
But if it dosen't exist, it isn't hard. Its impossible
who said 38 is the total in the first place?
2:06 PM
so, you are suggesting there are 15 secret hats and only 5 were found??
), WinterBash.hats.setHats({
"1": {
    "bx": 384,
    "by": 528,
    "dx": 0,
    "dy": 0,
    "s": 78,
    "w": 644,
    "h": 420,
    "c": [135, 83, 110, 98]
"10": {
    "bx": 384,
    "by": 123,
    "dx": 0,
    "dy": 101,
    "s": 64,
    "w": 423,
    "h": 642,
    "im": '<svg>',
    "c": [20, 20, 60, 194],
    "tt": "Too Cool"
"37": {
    "bx": 384,
    "by": 438,
    "dx": 0,
    "dy": 0,
    "s": 54,
    "w": 669,
    "h": 378,
    "im": '<svg>',
    "c": [200, 83, 201, 85],
    "tt": "Extra Toppings"
"38": {
    "bx": 384,
    "by": 528,
    "dx": 0,
    "dy": 0,
    "s": 59,
    "w": 515,
    "h": 571,
    "c": [100, 229, 75, 57]
"4": {
    "bx": 384,
    "by": 311,
    "dx": 0,
    "dy": 0,
    "s": 113,
    "w": 417,
    "h": 646,
    "im": '<svg>',
    "c": [87, 87, 110, 108],
    "tt": "The Mad Hatter"
yep, I noticed
I'm afraid so...
Somehow, I doubt those number are a clue. Probably random noise added to troll us.
But you know, I still wish hats were made by someone from Puzzling.
2:36 PM
I've got a strange bug, someone was able to suggest a zero-char edit: aviation.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/29177 anyone knows if it is known? [please do not comment on the person that accepted the edit, we mods are going to take care of it]
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Pasting formatted text from MS-Word by AAS e Learner's on wordpress.SE
would using the sticks for the orange bars in the SO logo be too large?
@Unihedron I think a certain charming chibiness would be fine
yeah I think I'll cut them into halves
I'm already putting way more work than the 3 existing submissions lol :D
2:43 PM
so, I'm going with a pentagon and five sections because that fits my head perfectly. I'll make 5 site icons (SO being one of them) and put one on each side
this gonna be dope
@Federico That looks weird. Maybe suggested edits on tag wiki excerpts are not intended to be held to the same standards as other suggested edits? I've not dealt with tag wikis much.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, mostly non-Latin answer: Do Carry-On-Size Duffel Bags Exist? by ساخت مهر on travel.SE
3:06 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in title: How do i add some wrinkles to my picture ? by genaray on graphicdesign.SE
3:17 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad NS for domain in answer: How to remove simlock on ASUS ZenFone 2E (Z00D) by carl jones on android.SE
3:38 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in link text in answer: Monitor Ubuntu web camera on Android by Saturnino Adrales on askubuntu.com
3:50 PM
user image
I wonder if there's a chicken hidden on some page
YESSSS!!! Got it!
That looks a LOT like the banner
but I don't see it
you monster
4:01 PM
red hand drawn Chicken
that's roughly where I think it should be tho
the new fashion trend. Red hand drawn circles are so last season.
3 hours ago, by gparyani
Can I please get feedback on this edit here? It'll take me some time before I get used to having my edits applied directly. https://meta.stackexchange.com/posts/19757/revisions
Note that I made another edit after that message; I'd like feedback on both.
I don't know... the blurry one doesn't seem to have a window quite like that?
4:16 PM
@Catija I have been thinking about that, but I can't find where that blurry image was taken from.
looks like near the hill
Invert it? The chicken here is white with a black background.
the slope of the hill matches
Maybe the fuzziness just kills off the lower windows?
Because we see the lower windows as windows but they're actually obscured by the background slope.
@JourneymanGeek But only if you ignore that background hill, actually...
@Chicken please pin thisssssssssssss BECAUSE CHICKEN IS A SERIOUS BUSINESS
4:22 PM
We ran out of pins...
Can't we unpin the current ones and link to the messages from the MSE question?
"We" can't... no. Only ROs or a diamond can.
stares at @JourneymanGeek
But, why was the chicken outside in the middle of the winter..?
because it had to cross the road
It was hiding from the hungry farmer?
4:26 PM
the chicken is slightly rotated, I think
but I don't have any software handy to fix it
anyway, unrelated to the chicken, I just realized makes the question get into "Frequently Asked" on the main page
@Catija wait... what you said? ignore the hill?
@Derpy So.. there are two hills... the foreground hill in front of the houses... and the background hill behind them? The background hill's slope is more flat than the slope in the image the chicken posted.
Um... is the slope changing as snow falls?
@Catija I think it might be, the background hill doesn't intersect the windows in questions on my monitor anymore, though it used to.
So... what does that mean? Is it slowly over time or is it just different background images?
Oh, wait... maybe it's just screen width? The buildings are a lot farther apart for you...
4:37 PM
The images are separated into 3 images: left, center, right. They just follow the size of the window
did you just get the Chicken hat @Derpy ?
or are you trolling again 😞
@Chicken Telkitty seems pretty busy, so someone else has to do it :P
Telkitty is making the physical chicken hat, so don't disturb...
@JonEricson is here! quick! Annoy ask him about the Chicken!
4:46 PM
5:08 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in body: No show featured image in Header by Geco Denkers on wordpress.SE
5:27 PM
Am I imagining things, or is the inbox notification on SO a darker red today?
Someone was talking about the review bubble being darker yesterday... not sure about the rest of them.
@Chicken You are not imagining things. I only noticed because I was on the call yesterday when the designer asked if he could standardize on one red. ;-)
5:41 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in body: Деплой Java Web приложения на впс by Иван on ru.stackoverflow.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL in title, pattern-matching website in body, pattern-matching website in title, repeated URL at end of long post: healthboosterclub.com/vital-force-testomax/ by pascale lemke on joomla.SE
6:05 PM
@JonEricson I wondered that all day and chalked it up to my work monitor being messed up :(((
My theory on cheese moving is that we need to do a lot more of it in smaller increments. What's a little insanity among friends after all.
6:47 PM
Seasonal icon colors, as I proposed earlier.
Nov 28 at 21:27, by 6' white male
If the design team can produce 12 review-looking icons, rotating them according to months of the year might keep up the clicks on Review. And maybe include seasonal colors in the buttons, even if it makes Antipodes unhappy.
7:01 PM
what did i just walk into
a chat room
A chicken?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Is there a GPU-hashrate database? by Sumit Ahir on ethereum.SE
7:29 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in body: PHP - Consumir webservice com XML via SOAP by Junior Maia on pt.stackoverflow.com
8:07 PM
@JonEricson I'm actually a fan of this concept... I think that people may be more accepting of small changes gradually than of big ones quickly.
8:43 PM
my hat made out of popsicle sticks is falling apart
send help
sends elmers glue
10:20 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer: Faking an "Undelivered mail" message in Gmail by Jerome griffin on softwarerecs.SE
10:38 PM
Has someone here heard of Singularity NET?
10:59 PM
11:26 PM
@Magisch sounds like a blackhole
11:49 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Fast subtitle workflow in Sony Vegas? by hhhhhhhhhhh on video.SE
Questions that have spoilers should be ineligible for the HNQ list.
Eh. They all die at the end.
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