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12:09 AM
@6'whitemale Such an excited unicorn!
12:25 AM
Yes, there was some speculation on meta concerning what was actually on the screen in front of the unicorn.
Apparently, deleted.
Oh, I figured that the "you have 75 unicoins" was the content of the screen :P
12:59 AM
Solution to question quality problems: break the Ask button
Should be tagged "spam" but no suggested edits. :/
For future reference: 2017-12-11, Startups closure, will be the first public beta closed since Arabic Language (which closed in September 2015).
Why? Don’t we need more Snapchat style ‘useful’ startups to rid people of their excess $? </sarcasm>
This also means that Nick Wilde♦, last seen August 2015, keeps his diamond until the bitter end.
@Telkitty #trollstartup
1:24 AM
Guess I should onebox the post, even if it's old news, because it will be gone with the site...
Q: Startups Stack Exchange will be closing on December 11th

Grace Note3 years ago, this site made it into public beta, as announced here. It was not without some level of trepidation - Startups had previously been on the network and resulted in closure due to the lack of any remaining moderation hands on the site resulting in its quality dropping. So it was stated ...

How cruel to close them before Winterbash even begins...
On the plus side, they beat the record previously held by Startups v1, which was closed after 1176 days in beta. Version 2 will get to 1230 days, as the new longest-lived closed site.
Someone made an effort to use the contents of Startups v1, seeding a non-SE site Bright Journey. They went as far as cracking Gravatar hash to send out emails to users... By now it's in no better shape than Startups v2, though.
Iota is doing well so far, 108 questions already.
1:38 AM
With quite a few neologisms like "trytes". :/
I am kinda wondering where's the point of diminishing returns
as far as sites go
One Quora should be enough for everyone.
@JourneymanGeek The more site there are on SE, the less value each additional site will bring
Complete list of sites launched in 2016-2017 that get more than 5 questions per day: Ethereum (37.3 QPD), Sitecore (6.7 QPD), IPS (6.0 QPD).
@6'whitemale as opposed to a single crypto site, with tags per currency
1:52 AM
Or a single CMS site, with tags per CMS.
I suspect that would be a hard sell tho
But... where can I ask questions about building sites with Wagtail? (Not entirely hypothetical, if the 6' University migrates to it in near future.)
Proposing a site on Area 51 isn't likely to be fruitful.
There once was a proposal for a django CMS site, but that's a different CMS, even though Wagtail is also in django. And even that one was deleted.
A classic proposal from the past: Owls (Strigiformes).
2:11 AM
Owls were found to be a subset of Birds, which were a subset of Wildlife, and none of which ever launched, arguably being a subset of The Great Outdoors, which isn't doing so great either.
2:23 AM
Or not, that is the question.
We need to propose a new site: Support.SE so that we can accept 3rd-party company support/customer service question 🤔
Perhaps also 42.SE
4 hours later…
6:19 AM
@balpha would be super cool if chat code replace $TIME_OF_DAY with actual time of day... ;)
1 hour later…
7:40 AM
20 messages moved to Chimney
8:05 AM
@6'whitemale \o/ for IPS
8:26 AM
@6'whitemale Out of 6 questions, 3 hit the HNQ
@AndrewT. and pay for this with Unicoins?
8:51 AM
9:43 AM
Просьба прислать meta.stackexchange.com/q/303915
1 hour later…
10:48 AM
Today is a holiday.... Traffic jam everywhere 😑
3 hours later…
2:00 PM
Q: Winter bash 2017 counting down page - what's with the fence?

TelkittyWinter bash 2017 counting down page is pretty nice ... but I have noticed something rather odd: See how every other vertical pole has been pretty much evenly spaced out, every pole except the one near the tree in the red circle? What happened to the missing pole?

2:17 PM
Is that the best trolling you can do?
I can do better, but that requires effort
6 messages moved to Chimney
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Are Amitabha and Sakyamuni the same? by Hoa Sen Phat on buddhism.SE
2:45 PM
Is there any page where I can see close votes that are burned out due to timeout?
@rene at first sight I thought you started to learn Russian :)
@alexolut I vaguely seem to remember there was a SEDE query but obviously that is not exactly real-time
@alexolut No, don't worry. I only wanted to show off my copy-paste skills ;)
@rene Good. Because I will not tolerate Russian-speaking competitors on MSE ;)
3:00 PM
Если ты так говоришь ...
4:00 PM
4:18 PM
4:36 PM
So @TimPost, you were saying something about crayons? :)
> 15 million programming questions on @StackOverflow! stackoverflow.com/questions -- Bill the Lizard at 7:56 AM - 1 Dec 2017
^ possibly related?
Previous swag contest was about 10M.
Reaching 20M answers goes unnoticed because there is no sidebar counter for those...
5:01 PM
Q: How to be an entrepreneur?

Agung Prabowo KusumoI am thinking be an entrepreneur is a right for me. I have an Idea to make small bussnis but I dob't have a lot of money to star it. What should I do ?

I will not miss Startups...
BTW this still needs a flag or two
5:23 PM
@rene this division by zero is weird
Maybe I'm weird?
It's zero divided by something on the left.
Like in Matlab one solves a linear system A*x = b with x = A\b.
With matrices, the order of multiplication and division matters, so one has to be clear if it's divided on the right or on the left.
Someone broke filters again, I'm getting an unstyled exception at stackexchange.com/filters/249208/all-metas?page=1
5:27 PM
> Additionally, another exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the first exception.
Why don't I ever get "Additionally, a third exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the second exception.", and so on until Stack Overflow?
@Stijn In these dark times, it's probably a low budget swag contest. Participants draw swag with crayons; the swag they win is what they've drawn.
@6'whitemale works for me?
I get error?aspxerrorpath=/filters/249208/all-metas either as logged in user, or in incognito window. But at least in the incognito mode I get the custom page with a panda.
@6'whitemale no repro for me
5:43 PM
Works again now.
6:08 PM
A: How to convert a numpy.array to binary?

B.W.Use a "while loop" instead of a "for loop". Python stores arrays in the same area of memory as it uses in "for loops". Often it confuses the addresses if you are using arrays in another function.

TIL how Python confuses arrays and for loops
7:14 PM
I have a sudden desire for a top bar on chat
Every time I log in, my review queue icon appears red, but when clicking on it, this appears: "There are no review queues available to you". So what's the point of this useless notification? How can I stop it?
@Bilow Hi. Let me see if there's an existing MSO post for that, there probably is.
@Bilow On what site is this happening?
Q: Top bar “review needed red dot” showing, but there is nothing to review

DaImToI answered a couple of review questions wrong yesterday. So I am assuming that I have been banned for review for a few days. The red dot keeps been popping up asking me to review but there is nothing for me to review.

Looks like you are review banned currently.
lol ok. Didn't know. Wondering why
But I'm still having the red circle (notification) everyday, so this is a bug?
7:20 PM
@Bilow I don't see a review ban on your account. If you let me know which site, I might be able to track down the problem.
I usually log in on stack overflow
@Bilow You don't have access to the close votes queue. That's the one that's normally triggering SO.
@JonEricson Can I do something about it?
We need to fix this to work by privilege level. It's going to take a bit of dev work. :-(
Okay, thanks for your help
This bug is happening for weeks
Should I do a post / a bug report, or is this problem known?
7:26 PM
It's on the schedule to be fixed in December.
Nice. Thanks!
But, um, this is often a slow time of the year. :-(
8:23 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Alternatives of Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain by After Ether on bitcoin.SE
8:35 PM
@JonEricson I personally would have opted for the standard 6 to 8 weeks ... it is already December, you know ...
Not sure if that grammar works but you probably understand my Dunglish by now
2 hours later…
10:10 PM
once again, the happy hour notification startled me
I can't be very happy tonight because tomorrow is a thing that I'm supervising pretty much all day. :(
Tomorrow I have to help a friend move =/
so fun
Tomorrow I'm having my step brother in law and his girlfriend over and we're going to play Guacamelee 2...
10:35 PM
So, who's going to review posts on Stack Exchange then?
I wish people would be more focused on creating content than on reviewing content :(
Shrink, I want to review. I mean, I wanna, I wanna review. Review. I wanna, I wanna see, I wanna see blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth. Eat dead burnt bodies. I mean review, Review, REVIEW, REVIEW. — Shog9 ♦ Aug 9 '14 at 0:33
People review posts on the weekend?
it's always a hungover monday afternoon somewhere
Not on Saturday.
10:40 PM
timezones are complicated.
Not that complicated.
who's to say what's happening on Mars?
I wasn't aware that the internet generally or SE specifically reached Mars.
Some people work on Saturday, which ends up with them being online and bored.
Ah, so it's "Monday" in the "today's the first day of my workweek" sense rather than the official calendrical "Monday"?
10:46 PM
Mars can get internet, it is just delayed 15 minutes.
One only needs to patch some software with a few hexadecimal numbers.
4-24 minutes depending on if you want to trust Quora?
WA confidently says 18.3 minutes, which is probably average distance (but it doesn't say so).
Sure... but sometimes we're neighbors and other times the signal has to go through the Sun.
And it helpfully adds that the lag would be 27 minutes in Mars-Earth optical fiber.
10:49 PM
Might as well be walking on it at that point.
I've been having random icons replaced. this is known?
You know... in case you want to string a cable...
@Mazura Yep
ok tx
All is known in happy hour.
ipfs.io for all your interstellarly distributed networking needs.
10:50 PM
There have been easily a half dozen reports about it.
A wise man once said, "Do not meddle in the affairs of designers, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup." But a plausible explanation here is that these are compiled via a process that's unable to identify which icon(s) are new. @Cai — Shog9 ♦ 3 hours ago
Also, I've heard that when they close down Startups... which I still find ironic... the same issue will happen.
@JeremyBanks Too close to IPS... I wonder what the extra F would mean in the site's name.
Startups fail all the time, it's perfectly normal for a site about them to do the same.
@6'whitemale Obviously... Interpersonal Fighting Skills
It'd be a mashup of IPS and Martial Arts.
10:55 PM
Would it feature rap battles between mods?
You really don't want me to participate in a rap battle.
Too epic? Not enough epic?
Utter fail.
Karaoke battles then?
I remember one time we were doing a search for free rappers... people who could listen to a water faucet drip and rap about leaves changing colors... or take traffic noise and rap about a car breaking down... it's not easy... we only found 1-2 people who could do it.
I could do karaoke... sure.
11:03 PM
> Ok twitter..... name for a Christian cryptocurrency. A few to get you started: ecclesiums, sacremints, lamentations, babels. GO -- Qui-Gon Benn at 1:55 PM - 1 Dec 2017
And then we end up merging Christianity and Bitcoin
There was a new one advertised on NPR last night... de something...
^ That's what they were "advertising"... it was weird.
Of course, it's in Austin.
I like Austin.
Is Austin a big deal in Cryptocurrencies or something?
"Keeping it weird"
11:12 PM
That's actually the chamber of commerce's campaign to get people to "shop local". :D
Also, "Don't mess with Texas" is an anti-littering campaign.
These things outgrow their original meaning.
I like to think that it just means the ad agencies did a really awesome job of making up a slogan...
But did it actually help with litter?
11:27 PM
I think so.
It's a really old campaign. They have signs all over with the slogan and a logo.
From the Capitol Building in Austin:
"$2000 fine" is also a good slogan. And, possibly, rapper name
Multiple trash bins remind me of those coffee shops that put out two competing tip jars (like "Tabs" and "Spaces", or whatever).
I haven't seen that idea used for trash bins, though.
I think they were photographed together like that for marketing purposes... I'm pretty sure they were placed apart from each other.
@Shog9 It has multiple readings... seems good.
Guessing it makes slipping through the gate a bit less convenient
11:33 PM
They open the smaller gates on each side:
lots of stone
I haven't watched Disney's animated "Robin Hood" since I was a kid, but apparently there's a lot more going on in it than I recall.
So... for your Friday enjoyment... Dancing furries
Yes... they sold a good chunk of the state off to pay for it.
It is a very beautiful building, though... inside and out.
@Shog9 That question has actually been... less problematic... than I thought it would be after the initial reactions.
The deleted comments on the question are ... interesting at least. I'm disappointed in that reaction but it's not exactly unexpected.
Fortunately, I don't think most people take furries seriously.
11:48 PM
But, at least knowing that a CM has seen it answers the question "is the question OK" for the network.
Eh... Whether it's ok or not depends on how it plays out
Well, not having people on MSE complaining about the words "pornography" and "furry" on the HNQ has been a win, anyway.
If they become a problem, I'll just block the words.
Meaning that any titles containing them would be excluded from the HNQ?
11:59 PM

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