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12:14 AM
I started writing an answer with a dancing frog and all
and it got closed as dupe by... community? 0_0
1:08 AM
does anyone know anything about hardwood & treated timber
2:09 AM
Q: Retag request: gis->spatial

Evan CarrollThese two tags are synonyms. Database Administrators has this alias too. There is no difference between spatial gis Spatial has a tag wiki of Spatial data types store geometric data, that is data related to an object's position in space. GIS has a tag wiki of A Geographic Informa...

How are all my people doing? On a scale of 10-10, how much did you miss me?
who are you?
2:25 AM
If you haven't heard, you haven't lived.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: Why contradictions imply anything by fweffewwef on philosophy.SE
2:39 AM
There we go, I fixed the question so people can vote on both sides of it!!! Let your voice be heard! meta.stackoverflow.com/q/359855/124486
you must be from an older version of stackoverflow, I have heard people back then were less agile & more mild
this basically summed up the difference between older version and current version of users
I don't understand what you're hinting at. Are you saying I'm a Pandabear and you're a grizzly? Last I checked, and it was a long time ago, this network didn't have a gigantic user base of furries.
precisely ... panda can only survive when there is less competition
2:54 AM
on a unrelated note:
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in answer, blacklisted user: Is skepticism more influenced by one’s milieu than other personality traits are? by user42902 on skeptics.SE
bears are dumb.
Especially grizzly bears.
If you want to be big and stupid and eat fish all the time, be a whale.
Knew they were dumb and gave them a stupid technology that was quick to be outdated. ^
3:12 AM
true, that's why most adaptive stackoverflow users mutate
e-mutation anyways
3:37 AM
@EvanCarroll from outer space?
3:50 AM
From the glorious land of Milk and Honey and Productivity and doing things, to the matrix-submerged cesspool of MSO with tyrants galore and neck beards.
ah. Condolences.
I feel the need to listen to podcasts that represent the cutting edge of Angular.
And they all suck =(
It's pretty sad.
Listening about tech... ehh
Kinda gives you a super broad 'pop sci' view of things
but I'd much rather read. Until someone makes a singable/understandable as sung coding language?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Six of a kind . by Chen Shuwen on math.SE
It's not about the code it's about the new features and direction.
3:54 AM
Because the new kids don't like to write and are incapable of summarizing.
I've always felt good technical writing skills makes for a more well rounded techie sort
and if you want to see bad docs, I highly recommend the Angular docs.
If nothing else, it helps you bridge the gap from copy-pasting instructions to understanding
I'm a huge fan of tech writers and tech docs.
I need to port perldocs to JS.
losing the clear social distinction between NAME/SYNOPSIS/DESCRIPTION/SEE ALSO/AUTHOR was the worst thing that ever happened. The Angular docs, on top of being always horribly out of date are this misguided attempt to teach foundation with cookbook which is just weird.
4:34 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer: My muslim husband divorced me saying 3 times 'i divorce you' Can he take me back? by Rose Harry on islam.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, blacklisted user: Signing Divorce agreement in presence of two witnesses without verbally saying it? Is this divorce valid? by Rose Harry on islam.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, blacklisted user: Marriage divorce by Rose Harry on islam.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Is freebitco.in legit site? by JL BTC PTC on bitcoin.SE
What is the penalty if a user posts a rude or spam post on meta?
(Actually I think its about the same as any other site)
So... does that mean you're feeling better, @JourneymanGeek ? ;)
4:42 AM
-100 if there's enough flags, nukes if someone notices and feels its needed
I mean per site meta..
@Catija I haven't needed claritin or cough meds in 2 days
@NogShine errr....
Why would you do that on meta?
@NogShine we suspend them through the main site ;p
4:43 AM
@NogShine ah
Rants aren't really the same thing. They usually just get deleted.
So, lets consider the nature of the rant
"I think this is unfair" or "Do you think the mods should have done foo/bar" or even "Mods should be deposed and new modsput in place"
would just get downvoted and handled by the community
@Catija The user also commented badly about the faiths of the moderator which resulted in the deletion of answer as abusive.
@NogShine We're here to be whipping boys/girls but you can still go too far. We deserve the protection of the "be nice" policy, too.
"Journeymangeek is a ********" would go "erm, <whichever mod's around>, could you take a look please?" If I see it or "Dude, someone was nasty, I handled it!" if its someone else.
@NogShine in essence I'd do exactly the same thing if a normal user or a mod was insulted
only difference is I'd ping the mod
4:46 AM
People can get pretty emotional about their content... I'm a bit more lenient about attacks on myself but not on others.
@Catija if its about me, I'd let another mod handle it ;p
(if the community dosen't get out the torches and pitchforks)
@JourneymanGeek Yes, it was deleted by other mod. The user is just fine on meta and main.
@NogShine well, mod might have felt a warning was enough
in situations like this, we often need to decide on the ground what's best so to speak.
@JourneymanGeek Sure... wasn't saying I'd "handle" it... in a moddy way. Though, if I felt I could coax out a constructive discussion, I'd probably talk about it.
@Catija if its about actions sure
I do this
if its well... personal attacks, and I feel I might go a little bitier than necessary...
4:50 AM
If a user gets a penalty on main, why not on meta? "Be Nice" is for both sites. Isn't it?
It is
but whether there's a suspension really depends on a lot of things
Sometimes we might feel a mod message is enough
Its very easy to armchair quarterback another mod but there's a balance to be struck
@NogShine - Isn't implying that you are a sock puppet of Shog9 kind of, well, dishonest?
@TravisJ Hahaha. I'm not a sock puppet. I'm Shog's friend. :P
I know that you are not a sock puppet. It is just that your profile strongly implies you are. It takes a decent amount of inspection to realize that you are not. Lifting the name from the sock puppet post from Shog a long time ago, and then linking to it in your profile, gives the impression you are.
Your call.
Shog is aware of it, if it matters at all... he hasn't done anything about it at this point...
5:35 AM
Shog is totally not looking over your shoulder
Anyway, I said my part, that's all I had to say
Wait.. Is it dangerous?
plays 007 music
"Dangerous"? Um... I mean... they do take it pretty seriously when someone attempts to impersonate them... I think that it's impossible to create an account with one of their usernames, despite there being no restrictions (generally) on name collisions. But... as I said... if you're not actively pretending to be him, I think you're ok... Not everyone knows the joke.
5:45 AM
@TravisJ You half posted my message. I said I'm his friend too. ;P
@DonaldDuck - Nope, just a "friend", so stated. Not a sock puppet. — Travis J 10 mins ago
OH!. My bad..
(eh. People should just find a handle or a theme for handles and stick to it ._.)
I tried to retain your original statement
No problem
I've been playing "cat & mouse" username with a normal human. Had been suspected as socks :/
@Catija heh, at some point someone tried using an image of ash as an ava on chat...
I think everyone yelled at him ;p
@AndrewT. You should go for 6" white male :D
5:48 AM
@TravisJ cat and mouse... with a 6" white male... dude...
what happens in Vegas... ;p
I love Vegas
I could be there in like 5 hours, don't tempt me lol
I love Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the band
now come to think of it.... I've been misreading 6 ' username >_<
Glad to have traumatised spoiled it for you
I always read it as what Travis... mentioned...
that's why I decided not to chase it, alas...
I admit my defeat @6'whitemale
one is made of the other
one is not
5:53 AM
I can never remember which is foot and inches...
which makes it even worse.
less is longer (!?)
not what she said.
6'3" '=feet "=inches
And what do the numbers mean?
5:56 AM
My favorite is that the width of your pinky finger is one centimeter
And then that there are 10 millimeters in 1 centimeter makes it easy to guesstimate millimeters :)
metric unit ftw... (sorry imperial guys)
We use both at work, just depends on where it came from
You can see the red plains of Mars with the naked eye when it is in the sky on rare occasion. It just looks red... just like the plains on the Moon just look whiteish-blue.
I claim BS!
@Feeds did you know that seeing ISS with naked eyes from earth is safe?
6:03 AM
how about... Naked Snake?
writes angry letters to various political people
Speaking of feeds, what should be done when the chat feeds which posts questions from per site meta and main site are very lazy?
they're throttled too, so take it slow...
attempt to add all new questions feed from SO
Late by 2,3 hours.. or sometimes 7 hours.
6:07 AM
adds Jon Skeet to feeds
Read the main site? ;p
Hot meta discussion becomes dead cold when I see the question in chat.
I just keep meta open
@NogShine Now that's strange, perhaps you didn't set it properly? Usually they are at most 5 minutes late, but dunno for other sites.
@AndrewT. The feed for posting main site is okay but the problem is with meta feeds. I faced this problem on M&TV, Hinduism.
in The Screening Room on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Nov 23 at 2:02, by Nog Shine
But its brother Metabot on Hinduism is 7 hours late.
6:11 AM
@NogShine I suspect these are based pff RSS feeds
and I donno. maybe there's something that generates them and its slow?
buuuuut I don't think the system assumes everyone needs to read everything immediately
@NogShine apparently it's not only you
My guess about RSS feeds are right ;)
Yeah, they are RSS feeds
I don't know if using SE custom feed will fix it or not
Let's try it.
How to set a name to that feed?
2 hours later…
8:49 AM
monday morning, new GreaseMonkey autoinstalls. Where is the "launch editor" button gone now?
9:09 AM
12 messages moved to Chimney
@NogShine hmm... maybe try changing from this page? click 'edit', then change the 'filter name'
for the RSS feed link, it's on the bottom of the page as usual
9:54 AM
@AndrewT. Thanks for your time Andrew. There's no improvement even when we change it. I left them. :D
I see... welp, bug SE for their bug :p
@AndrewT. It's Andrew T.'s fault.
yeah... yeah...
I need some coffee
@NogShine brews coffee for @NogShine
10:20 AM
20K time meta.stackexchange.com/questions/303736/… /cc @JourneymanGeek @ShadowWizard @Bart
@rene did my part ;p
good, now we wait for those that are slacking a bit ...
11:19 AM
@rene well I was the first to close.... ;)
heh, slacker...
counting remaining rep to 20k...
heh, slacker... sits at 20461
11:50 AM
hats are returning, so did the howl.
After all, both are hats.
poor John by now is just a perch for the Howl.
12:28 PM
heh, what? Looks under himself. Eek! A human!
1 hour later…
1:40 PM
..... Goodbye Greasemonkey, welcome ViolentMonkey.
1:56 PM
@Derpy it is a kind of pain in the ... that whole GM ...
so... any reason why I should migrate to the violent one?
after the "post Firefox 57 update" Greasemonkey decided to:
1) hide all my old script (yes, may be broken due to changes, but please show them to me and let me edit them)
2) hide the editor. Based on the foul-language filled comment on the review page for the add-in, it seems that no editor is provided now and you can only install a new script from an internet source (so I should publish on github a script I WROTE just for personal use???)
3) even if point 2 isn't true, the wiki fails to explain me how to recover my scripts or create a new one
Looks like 57 is breaking tons of things? blog.mozilla.org/addons/2017/08/10/…
Scripts are broken because they weren't able to replicate everything under the new add-in model, or so they say. Still, Violent Monkey:
a) still provides me with a "your script" page with a clear "NEW SCRIPT" button on top.
b) manages to run my legacy script
@ShadowWizard 57 basically drops the whole old extension model
2:04 PM
so basically, as now the post update version of grease doesn't work for me and doesn't allow me to use any of my old script or rewrite them from scratch.
The new compatible ViolentMonkey does both
(yep, it is not a legacy version. It is the new version, compatible with FF57)
My scripts work just fine with GM, but they only do basic DOM stuff
@Derpy my old scripts are still here user\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[numbers]\gm_scripts
Use the file explorer ... ;)
@rene I know. And that's how I was able to recover them and move them to ViolentMonkey.
Ah, yes.
but GreaseMonkey didn't list them anymore
2:08 PM
No, that is true
nor did it provide a "new script" button anywhere I looked
Violent Monkey might offer an easy migration opton ...
next time we'll have a standard for Monkeys... oh wait...
just needed the Button to be there next time @ShadowWizard will require a reminder
1 Monkey to combine all the Monkeys!
2:11 PM
@AndrewT. create your own plugin and call it Sun Wukong.
2:31 PM
.... and now, thanks to the Nerd, I discovered they crafted a "real world" version of Polybius as a ps4 game.
seems pretty close to whatever the original was supposed to be.
Based on the videos, it could be used as a torture.
Do not watch that if you have seizure problems.
Well, when you're trap inside an arcade warehouse...
the game is PSVR compatible. WHY would you play THAT with an headmounted visor....
3:10 PM
being trapped ... and being a trap ... are two very different things
Dec 16 '15 at 12:19, by Derpy
@ShadowWizard I already told ye. "Grammar Nazi" hat is an hoax. It is useless to keep trying... :P
aw shucks, I want one
99% you will get a turkey instead.
@6'whitemale What part of that makes it C++ specific? I see the same horrors on many, many posts
> Derpy's Tip of the Day: WINTER BASH IS COMING! Time to post some useless comments that you will delete in about two weeks in order to win the yearly expected "delete N comments" hat!
3:46 PM
@animuson I thing that would give the person responsible for the new user engagement a heart attack. I suspect you don't want to put any barriers towards new users adding more information about themselves ;-). — Mad Scientist 48 secs ago
4:01 PM
@rene doesn't that conflict with the "you can put anything on your profile" thing from some time ago?
well, yeah. It is a bit of an issue I guess. You don't want to provide a content platform for spammers while you want legit users to have a cozy on-boarding experience
Does seem to conflict at the moment
change min rep to 2 to be able to put telp no & url in profile
well, expect regex war though
or to be fair, add a new privilege to input full about me at 5 rep
yeah, right, because you know... we really have to protect those poor innocent profiles.
In case that didn't seem evident enough.. yep, Sarcasm
Activity tab of user profiles is not indexed by search engines (robots.txt has Disallow: /users/*?tab=activity). Why? The spam is on the profile tab, not activity tab.
Tangentially related: Google search for number ranges works with profiles, for examples site:https://stackoverflow.com/users/ "100000.. profile views" returns the users with at least 100K profile views.
But Activity tab has more interesting stats than Profile tab. :/
@Derpy Not every tag can generate 9 downvotes and delete/reopen war within an hour.
I suppose some other active tags are like that; I just don't see those posts because I filter out all hyperactivity.
5:19 PM
The last line of robots.txt is Sitemap: https://stackoverflow.com/sitemap.xml but that's 404 for me...
Is this something only bots can access? Must be a huge file...
Q: Stack Overflow Sitemap: WTF?

Maxim ZaslavskyThere have been many questions about the Stack Overflow sitemap, but this question is not like those. My goal is not to figure out how the sitemap works, I just want to look at it (don't worry, I'm not going to abuse it, like the issue here!). I looked at https://stackoverflow.com/robots.txt and ...

Still a bit strange to white-list bots, but makes sense.
A: How does Stack Overflow protect its sitemap?

Jeff AtwoodWe have to protect the sitemap because it's enormous; we only publish the last 50k questions, but that's a huge XML file. It's not like it contains any secrets or anything -- it's just an XML file with a list of the last 50k questions to be updated on any of the trilogy sites. Before we did this...

[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, mostly dots in answer: Arduino USB Host Shield with joystick by Jorge Alberto Gómez on arduino.SE
5:38 PM
Hello guys and girls, isn't good to have a penalty if someone posts spam or abusive on site metas'? They get -100 instantly on main and what about per site meta?
The rep does propagate eventually. Or do you mean, what if someone posts spam on meta? That is an interesting observation...
Yeah. spam or hate speech.
@NogShine you can't post spam on per site meta as you need 5 rep to post on meta, or at least the regular spammers can't
on per site meta.
@NogShine well, hate speech on a per site meta is often handled with a suspension.
5:44 PM
@rene Yes, normal spammers won't do that. What will be the penalty if a user with some rep posts an abusive speech or posts a spam link with rep they have earned?
@NogShine they get suspended I guess.
@rene That is only depending on mod's wish and there's no compulsory punishment for the penalty.
I'm not sure how often users get suspended due to heated discussions on a per site meta but I can imagine it happened
The users are continuing as usual on the main.
@rene Yeah. I just saw a case on Hinduism meta.
I don't expect this to be 100's of users
I'm sure mods will annotate the account
5:48 PM
Not heated discussions, he talked bad about religious beliefs of a moderator who is against his beliefs.
@NogShine so? Custom mod flag and carry on with your life.
uhh... suspended for their belief?
Can we have a flag for that?
No, they are not suspended..
I flag this user because they belief
@NogShine if the message went unnoticed, by all means raise a custom flag and explain your concerns or contact the team.
I don't think adding extra features in to handle these case are worth the effort
5:51 PM
The user's low quality question was closed and answer was deleted by a mod. Then they went to meta and posted a rude message in an answer. @JohnDvorak
oh, gotcha
if there is a pattern of this kind of behavior I'm sure the mods will find it an act on it.
In other news, did Google discontinue the "personally recommended mixes" channel on Youtube, or does their bot just think I don't deserve it because I wasn't using it enough?
It shows to me.
It shows to me after refresh, but not even that is reliable to get it to show for me
5:59 PM
Google thinks I'm an Elvis fan, so far for their credibility in getting things right.
When I subscribed to a decent Let's player, Google decided to fill my recommended page with livestreams, content in all sorts of foreign alphabets and even with livestreams in all sorts of foreign alphabets
I wouldn't be surprised to find emoji-only titles in the recommendations
@rene Okay. what about a feature for a penalty for hate speech or spam on meta? Isn't it a good one?
It's true that YouTube recommended mixes are not good.
then there's that whole demonetization thing that's been going on recently
or maybe they're just looking for excuses to get their employee to look at every single video uploaded to the service?
Tl;dr: Youtube has a bot that decides on a whim whether your video deserves ads. It thinks most videos don't. You can appeal for human review, but by then most people have already seen your video, without ads.
6:20 PM
@NogShine meh, you would have to have lots of cases that show that the behavior can no longer be controlled by mods and needs an automatic system. It might be that this happens more on the opinion based SE sites (not sure if that is the correct way to describe it) and less on SO, SU and SF type of sites. You might want to ask around on the other sites first then before you propose such a feature
opinion based SE sites lol
like IPS and such
Say what you may, it is a SE site ;P
@NogShine hey, I desperately try here to not offend anyone ;)
@rene Yes, you do.
You are one of the fun creating users on MSE
If all fails I simply state I'm Dutch and start world war III ...
6:26 PM
In which order?
In sequence
Most users use Google to log in to Stack Exchange, rather than using Stack Exchange OpenID. ... are there statistics somewhere that show the percentage of users for each idenyity provider?
6:43 PM
@JohnDvorak Well... sure. It is... :D
@rene I don't think that's public. We could probably dig it up if there's a good reason for it.
@JonEricson that is right, I couldn't find it in SEDE and I asked because I had a back and forth here that I wanted to backup with numbers. But if that needs digging the Google is the majority has to do.
Which serves its goal anyway.
@rene I'd be shocked if Google weren't still the most common. I don't think we've done much to encourage SE OpenID.
@JonEricson I would be surprised if it was any different, yes.
7:33 PM
@JonEricson on SO, the signup hero had more of an impact than you might think, IIRC
SE OpenID is also the credential of choice of the modern spammer
probably because it is easier to (ab)use
I guess SU has lots of users who use the SE OpenID, then :/
puts the meaning into the "open" part of "openID"
8:06 PM
> an entrenched moderation team who do nothing besides ban dissenters or throw their weight behind controversial close votes and a group of high rep members who close questions frequently and arbitrarily.
Fits pretty much any site.
doesn't fit PPCG, does it?
@6'whitemale That's... sort of what site user consensus is...
We need the anonymous editor... the part which was edited here is still a mess. @AnonymousEditor I hereby summon you! :D
(rolling back isn't enough, it's indeed not really clear.)
8:24 PM
@AdamLear you mean the huge banner that hides 80% of the page? Yeah, it might be something people spot.
Oh, it's only in homepage now. Nice!
Questions page showing only small banner in bottom. Kudos!
Tim's one is deleted, so Mr. Friend should edit his answer with what they did. :)
@ShadowWizard he posted this instead
Q: New sign up hero for question pages

Joe FriendWe've updated the sign up hero that anonymous users see on all question pages. It is now a more subtle bar at the bottom of the window. There was a bunch of on point criticism of the prior version as being too big, too annoying and obscuring the most important content. (See here).   New version...

9:22 PM
I want to make a Meta proposal; posting it here to get some verbal feerback for potential improvements before it can dies of problems it tries to solve. :3

Question title: "Disallow up- and downvoting on the "on hold" questions during the grace period; allow again when it gets "closed" after the grace period or reopened"

Tags: [tag:feature-request], [tag:down-votes], [tag:vote-to-close], [tag:grace-period], [tag:on-hold]

Qustion body: "We have the "on hold" grace period for closed questions, it lasts for 5 days. It is used to signal people that we allow them to fix the question and solve
Hmmmmmm........ That's really complicated because how long it takes to close a question will really affect what score it has going into the "on hold" state. People getting votes in before it's closed end up being "louder" than the people who have decided that the post is now "ready to go"... if a post is edited and goes into the review queue, the reviewers can't vote it up to say, "yep, this looks good now"... they have to keep an eye on it getting reopened.
@Catija Probably worth focusing better on that, but if you vote to reopen it, you should be able to also upvote it. Only if you are able to reopen.
I am thinking about reverting any downvotes after it gets reopened, but I feel like it is not a good idea, because a question can be reworked to be no longer close-worthy, but still very bad and worth a downvote.
The real problem that stays are those who downvote before it gets closed and don't vote to close it.
Invalidating votes is very tricky... as is preventing them. We tend to do it very infrequently. I think the only time we invalidate votes (other than voting fraud) is on migrations of posts with negative scores.
It only takes ... 150? To downvote but 3k to close vote on full sites. That's not a big leap... and some users may think a question is bad but not closeworthy.
9:39 PM
Ah, thanks :D
@Catija You could notify those who voted to close the question after it gets reopened.
Then they will be able to downvote again if they still find it worth downvoting.
But again, what really bothers me are people who downvote before the qustion gets closed, but don't VTC, either because they can't (not enough rep, or out of votes) or don't want to.
I know that some people DV to get the question off the main page. If it gets to -4, it's out of sight.
Does it get away if it gets closed?
No. Closed questions with scores of -3 or higher stay on the main page.
9:45 PM
You could, perhaps, really just remove any downvotes, but notify those who voted to close and/or downvoted, so they can review the question again.
And also hide the closed questions.
You'll need to really look at all of the questions around on MSE about notifying users when questions they close voted or down voted or ... whatever... are either edited/reopened/etc... there are a lot of them and they have good info explaining why SE doesn't do that.
You could allow downvotes when it is in the reopen queue, if you vote not to reopen it.
The reopen queue triggers are pretty faulty... any edit to the question pretty much will put it there, whether it's deserved or not.
We can forbid edits to trigger the reopen queue while it is "on hold", only when it gets "closed".
It works the other way around, actually... edits only trigger the reopen queue during the "on hold" period.
9:57 PM
Is it really a good thing?
Q: What is a "closed", “on hold”, or "duplicate" question?

Justin StandardQuestions can be put on hold, closed, or marked as duplicate. What does it mean for a question to be closed or “on hold”? What does it mean for a question to be "marked as duplicate"? Who can put a question on hold? What are the reasons for putting a question on hold? Is closure the end of the ...

Generally... maybe? They've poked at the rules before. I'm not even sure what they are right now completely but that FAQ explains it, I think...
A: Nobody in my community has the power to re-open a question

OdedWe already have the mechanisms for this, and they work. If a user doesn't have enough reputation to make a direct edit to a post, they can suggest an edit, as you have done. Other users will review it. If it is approved, it will go into the reopen queue, where, if the question now has enough me...

Q: How do you reopen a closed question?

RadekTo reopen a closed question, five (5) people with at least 3000 reputation must agree that the question is suitable for the site and cast votes to reopen the question. But: How does one actually vote to reopen? Is there a reputation level that you must have before you can see this function? ...

A: Lots of questions in the reopen queue

Shog9We just rolled out a change to how questions are automatically added to the reopen queue. Previously, if the author edited a closed post within 5 days of it being closed, that would trigger it to be added to the queue. This was a great way to get additional views for questions that might've been ...

So, I imagine the algorythm this way:

1) A bad, close-worthy question is posted.
2) Some people VTC. Some vote on it. If they downvote after VTC or VTC after downvoting, the downvote is suspended in time. They still lose 1 rep point and their daily voting limit is still drained, but the downvote itself is suspended.
3) Once it gets 5 VTC and is closed ("held"), or a moderator puts it on hold, voting is suspended.
3.1) If enough amount of votes are not accumulated in time, the downvotes are applied normally.
Thanks for the links, have read them
But I still think if it is a good idea to trigger reopen queueing if it is edit; the edit might be far from final.
You don't lose rep for dving questions...
Yep, forgot that!
Then there is no notification at all.
What problem are you trying to fix?
10:13 PM
Downvotes still staying on questions that were fixed
^^That... is a very complex "solution" involving lots of work by someone... If a question is really improved, it will get new votes. Part of why upvotes are worth more than downvotes is because it will counterweight the penalty in exactly this case. It's also why we set the bare minimum rep at 1.
Sometimes, you just have to be OK with a few downvotes.
10:43 PM
@Catija It is Ok when there are "a few" downvotes, especially when outweighted by 9000 upvotes. But when you got a real bunch of DVs that you really don't deserve anymore, not only can it be frustrating, it is also actively harmful because it shows the score as very low to anyone who looks at the question.
I think, just outright clearing all the downvotes and applying a downvote from the Community might be enough.
No. People downvote for lots of reasons. Not simply because the question is bad or off topic. Until you know why someone voted - up or down - it's irresponsible to simply revoke those votes.
I've seen questions bounce back and forth between open and closed status several times on one of the sites I mod... what then? If a question is re-closed... who was right? What to do with votes then?
Also, what about upvotes? Crappy, off topic questions also get upvoted...
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