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9:00 PM
I can't handle all of this emotional safe space. Is there some reckless, Darwinian Thunderdome available?
What, no 4chan?
It can't be Darwinian unless there's a chance you'll lose the ability to reproduce by participating.
I think there's a pretty good chance of getting SWATted on some of those sites. You could die from that. ;)
That... or the discourse could drive you to suicide.
Come on, there are all sorts of ways to end someone's genetic line from the comfort of your desk chair.
9:16 PM
only one way to find out
report back on your findings, @canon. FOR SCIENCE!
Even if I survive, it'd probably (further) tank my personality... making it less likely I'll reproduce. Still, FOR SCIENCE.
What doesn't kill you
doesn't necessarily leave you able to procreate.
9:46 PM
Can CM/Devs see if a question has been hot? Or was that simply to expensive to store?
I know requests to make the info public have been declined
for example: has this been on the HNQ list
it's not logged
hmm, OK.
I might be able to determine if it was on the list and someone clicked through to it
but even that data is heavily sampled, so... If I said "no" that might not be true.
I was commenting here and the user claims strange voting. I wanted to know if maybe it being on the HNQ might explain the high number of upvotes
Is there some type of HNQ list I can browse... dismissing items allowing others to bubble up?
I like reading through the HNQ list on the app... but it takes a while for those items to cycle out
9:51 PM
wow, that is a shitty logo in chat
anyway, that big list is... the list
@canon I only have this for you
@Shog9 oh, god... there's a fire hose.
@rene hmm, that's nice.
9:55 PM
@rene there are several visits with the referer set to stackexchange.com/?page=3, so it definitely was on the hot list for a while.
most views came from the home page of course
followed by the java and java-8 tags
...followed by a bunch of random questions and sites, so yes definitely HNQ
Okay, that might explain the high number of votes I guess
@rene That seems pretty low views for the HNQ.
I answered an HNQ once. It was a welcome, undeserved flurry of 100-something votes.
@Catija SO is always underserved on the HNQ
@rene Huh, interesting.
10:01 PM
SO tends to have multiple HNQs at any given time. As a result, the algorithm penalizes all but the "hottest" of them, and they drop off pretty quickly.
That same day saw the following hot questions:
Q: How to launch a Java program with precisely controlled execution time?

EroriCubeAs I know JVM before launching a Java application it allocates some piece of RAM for it, and this memory could be controlled by user before launching. But there is another problem when I launch an app it has a different time execution each time. Here is a very simple example with for loop: pac...

Q: Why is template argument deduction failing for pointer-to-member-function?

fizzerWith g++ 5.4, this struct B { void f() {} }; struct D : public B { void g() {} }; template <class T> void foo(void (T::*)(), void (T::*)()) {} int main() { foo(&D::f, &D::g); } fails due to "deduced conflicting types for parameter ‘T’ (‘B’ and ‘D’)". Why isn't T deduced as D, ...

Q: Should I avoid using goto here? If so, how?

AlexI am coding for a function that takes a hand and checks for pairs: int containsPairs(vector<Card> hand) { int pairs{ 0 }; loopstart: for (int i = 0; i < hand.size(); i++) { Card c1 = hand[i]; for (int j = i + 1; j < hand.size(); j++) { Card c2...

@Shog9 ... I've seen 7-8 from IPS... still mostly get greater than 1K views. But I think SO's debuff is stronger?
Q: Split stream to handle elements in different way

AlstreshThere are code BufferedReader reader = ... reader.lines().forEach(Same common Action) But may be several actions. For example first line is Header and other lines is content. For first line I want 'Action1' but for other 'Action2'. How it possible in java 8 stream way? In java 7 style Str...

...and many, many more
Do you happen to know if Code Review wsa ever a migration target from SO?
(whatever happened to SEDE such that keyboard-copy doesn't work in the list, I hate it.)
@Catija no
No you don't know or no it wasn't?
10:04 PM
Q: Migration of code questions from Stack Overflow to Code Review

dougajmcdonaldWhy is there not an option to close a post on Stack Overflow and migrate it to Code Review? I can move it to other Stack Exchange sites, but only 5-6 of them. Is it because Code Review it a beta?

@Catija 7-8 all asked on the same day?
@Shog9 Um... I don't think so? But they're all on the HNQ at the same time.
There's five right now but I've definitely seen more.
@Shog9 file a bug? Fixed in 6 to 8 weeks .... assuming it isn't this one ...
@Catija right; that's how they tend to rack up the views though. SO will tend to have multiple questions asked in any given day show up in the list, but very few will last for more than a day.
Ah. That makes sense.
@rene yeah, when I get time to figure out what's actually going on
10:09 PM
@Catija that's the reason for the "debuffs" as you call them: the entire list would be SO questions if it used the same weights applied to other sites.
@Shog9 Yeah, but I know that a lot of people have wondered why other sites don't get similar treatment... or if there should be a stronger debuff for multiple questions from the same sites? It seems silly for one site to have 10% of the the HNQ... or even 5%.
@Catija I think a big part of it is that HNQ on sites like the workplace and ips are questions that make people go "huh, thats interesting" when reading titles
And then they click
So it's a self reinforcing cycle
@Catija other sites do get similar treatment
@Magisch That doesn't explain why single sites should be able to constantly dominate the HNQ.
10:15 PM
@Catija Doesn't it?
A question enters HNQ. The question has a clickbaity (for lack of a more nuanced description) title and earns lots of votes very quickly. It thus stays on HNQ
Nobody gets really drama-consuming enthusiastic about a question about turbo C++. But some juicy thing in workplace or IPS is like a fix in the middle of a otherwise boring workday to the millions of programmers that peruse stack
I think we're looking at it from two different angles.
I think it's a quirk inherent to the human experience and the way HNQ works
I think the "explosion value" of IPS or WP questions is much higher then questions from SO
That too
@Catija think of it this way: the older a given question is, the more activity (votes, answers) it needs to stay in the list. It can't just hit a level and sit there - if folks stop voting and answering, or even slow down, it drops off. So stuff can end up on the list with just a few votes, but it'll only be there for a few minutes unless it gets more votes and more answers; at some point, you it peak interest and it falls off. Some topics take a lot longer to "peak" than others.
10:22 PM
But if the goal is to get people to realize that there's more network out there... and there are over 100 sites, it seems ... wrong (?) to have one site sitting in 5 of the 100 HNQ slots... particularly when you have, say 3 sites taking up 20 of them total.
@Shog9 I understand that... I'm not asking about that.
Do you think posts on Mi Jodeya are even supposed to be interesting for a wide array of devs?
There are a lot of Stack sites with a very narrow focus and they don't really benefit from HNQ even if they were to hit it
most sites do to some degree; you just tend to not notice it unless the effect is really dramatic
A lot of the sites that hit the HNQ regularly don't "benefit" from it...
Guaranteed, there are a few thousand people viewing SO on any given day with an interest in just about any topic. Some fraction of them will see it, some smaller fraction will be able to vote, some yet smaller fraction will vote... So your obscure statistics question gets a nice little +10 instead of the +3 it would've had otherwise.
or, to use Magisch's example, your Judaism question gets +6 instead of +3
it's a small bump (in votes; large bump in views), so it doesn't really scream "HOT" to a casual viewer
The problem with broadly-applicable - and particularly more subjective - sites is the same problem we had with these topics when they were more commonly allowed on SO: everyone thinks they can answer them.
you can get a couple thousand views on that stats question or that Judaism question, and not a one of those readers will try to answer... But if the question is about talking to your boss, every 10th reader is gonna try & chime in.
On SO, we ended up with questions that got hundreds of answers.
Now, auto-protect kicks in after a fairly small number (on all sites; somewhat higher on SO)
Anyway... To the point of why allow multiple questions from a given site (or, why not penalize them more heavily): the current logic is not very dynamic. Which is to say, if one site has one week out of the year where multiple questions get "hot" every day there's no way to apply a penalty for just that week (without manually adjusting it multiple times).
A lot of sites start out having more hot questions than is usual, simply because folks are voting more (and answering more) on fewer questions.
the last thing we'd want to do is apply a penalty at that point!
Graduation (whatever that means; for our purposes here, some level of stability) is probably a good time to consider that: if the site is perpetually "hot", then debuff; if not, leave it be.
10:41 PM
@Shog9 The equation already has a penalty for additional questions, I was mostly thinking it could be made into a steeper ramp for the 4th question and up. While it's not right now, I do regularly see 8-9 questions from PPCG on the HNQ at the same time.
> Succeeding questions from the same site are penalized by increasing amounts. So, the first question from SO in the list gets multiplied by 1.0, the second by 0.98, the third by 0.96, etc).
That seems like a pretty tiny penalty.
Though, I suppose I'm assuming that it continues to drop in 0.02 increments after that.
@Catija it does. And... There tends to be a pretty long tail of questions with fairly similar scores to start with, so losing 2%... 4%... 6% starts to make a huge difference
For example: right about now, this question and this question have pretty much identical scores... But the RPG question is getting penalized because there are a ton of RPG questions in the list right now for some reason. So it's pretty near the bottom of the list.
(well, bottom of the first page)
speaking of RPG...
Q: How to hide questions in "Hot Network Topics"

Michael PotterIs there a way to hide questions in Hot Network Questions based on the community? I know I can do it by tag so I am hoping there is a way to do it by community such as a generic tag that represents everything in that community. For instance, I would like to hide anything from role playing games.

How appropriately timed.
Wait... you can hide HNQs by tags?
nope; donno what he's talking about
OK. I didn't think so.
unless maybe, you can filter the per-site hot list by tag
set up ignored tags and such
that's handy.
But you can't do it for the lists on the sidebar
11:24 PM
Migrations clear downvotes... right? That Search question from MSO came over with downvotes. It was migrated at 23:12:32 and has a downvote registered at 23:10:59.
11:37 PM
A: Reset post score to 0 on migration

Jarrod DixonAs Jon has suggested, a migrated question with a negative score will now be reset to 0.

(Other Jon.)
@JonEricson It's not zero, though? The FAQ says it's that you remove all downvotes, not the upvotes?
@Catija Since I upvoted, it was at zero when I migrated.
A: What is migration and how does it work?

Kyle CroninWhat is migration? Migration allows an off-topic question to be gracefully moved to another site in the Stack Exchange network. It preserves the current revision of the question, all its answers, any comments on any post, as well as most of the votes. Side effects of migration Down votes are ...

> Down votes are cleared from the question upon its migration
If that's incorrect, that sounds like we need to update the FAQ to reflect it?
Hmmm... I'll take a look at the code. Just a sec.
Downvotes are only cleared if the score is < 0
Otherwise, all votes are migrated and attributed to Community
There are a few other wrinkles to this
11:47 PM
So the FAQ needs an update, then.
Strictly-speaking, I believe all votes are cleared if the score is < 0
So, if the post is -3 (+1/-4) it ends up at 0 but if it's +1 (+4/-3) all seven votes stay?
From my notes on this the last time I looked this up:
> An interesting side-effect here is that for positively-scored posts, downvotes are reconstituted on the destination - so if your answer is +5 -5, you'll end up with 40 points, while +5 -6 will give you 0.
@Catija yup.
That's... weird.
I feel like removing all of the votes makes more sense so the question can start fresh...
@Catija depends on what the goal of the migration is
11:51 PM
But I saw that FR was declined.
If the question is really heavily downvoted because it was asked in the wrong place, it seems like clearing the votes makes sense.
So, because Jon voted before it was migrated and the vote was attributed to Community, he could upvote the post a second time.
@Catija yes. That's one of my favorite bugs
On the entire network?
Going back to the original scenario in which the tool was created, there were a bunch of topics that were kinda borderline on SO and suddenly there was a site for them. So migration was created to allow them to be moved to the new sites (SF, then SU then Meta) with a minimal amount of disruption: links still worked, answers were still ranked the same, folks lost rep on one site and gained it on another.
Then we got into the weeds with migrations on new questions.
Those often would be downvoted (because they were asked on the wrong site when there was a right site to ask them on), which prompted Greg's feature request to reset them.
@Shog9 Ah... but that means that heavily downvoted answers would be reset to zero? Migration doesn't really make them good answers, does it?
@Catija doesn't make them bad either, necessarily. But it does mean that they get reset.
Another wrinkle worth keeping in mind is that deleted answers don't get migrated at all. They stay, deleted, on the original question (which also is eventually deleted) along with the now-deleted versions of answers that were migrated.
So a conscientious migrator will delete blatantly worthless answers prior to migrating.
11:57 PM
Ah, good to know.
"conscientious migrator" these exist? ;p
(also, morning!)
I have a better idea: misc.stackexchange.com
@Catija means I can downvote an answer that's at +2, migrate, and then downvote it again.
@Telkitty they tried that actually ;p
So... if I had a question asked on IPS that the OP wanted migrated to Bicycles... let's just say... But some of the answers weren't appropriate for that site... should I remove them?
11:58 PM
@Catija ideally, yeah.
For several reasons, actually
(and fix anything that needs fixing pre migration IMO)
@JourneymanGeek and?
Not only is it less work for folks at the destination to clean up, but also there's a pretty good chance the authors won't go with 'em and so calls for improvement will go unheard.
11:59 PM
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, I've seen enough people in the TL sad about forgetting to clear comments before migrating.
@Telkitty It went kinda poorly. And that site has been renamed twice.
@JourneymanGeek It still exists?
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