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12:01 AM
@Shog9: All that one has to do to overcome the time-limit is to edit it. Fix a spelling error and one can change one's mind.
@Pearsonartphoto I know. Programmers is by far the bigger fly in that ointment.
I think I've edited a question/answer once or twice so I could change my mind. Can't remember why though...
ok time to sleep()
2 hours later…
Because the room isn't associated with a site?
well eff that
2:38 AM
Oh, good. I updated Chrome, and now the omnibox is slow as hell.
For some reason I'm waiting for what I typed to show up in the box.
I dunno if it's taking a long time searching as I type, or what the deal is.
I don't have that problem
I suggest reformatting your hard drive
that should be the fastest solution
I suggest installing Mac OS
Maybe my index of the internet is corrupted.
2:47 AM
better would be disassembling your computer, replacing the capacitors, then reformatting your hard drive
holy effing crap
@drachenstern So that's where Aperture Science gets their business cards
I need to photoshop all the junk out of this picture.
I guess so
@TimStone Try downloading it again. I'm sure that'll help
2:54 AM
@mootinator Would it be easier to just grab the baby and take another shot? :P
That would be too fake ;)
Aaand in case anyone missed it, I posted that here because the book is "Code Complete" :P
@mootinator Babby wants singleton, goo goo gah gah!
3:01 AM
@mootinator oh I saw it
I can haz codez?
I need to get around to actually reading that one of these days.
yes, yes you do
also, give me a few minutes and see if this image that I'm trying to shop turns out cleanly
3:33 AM
@mootinator done in crappy jpg format for a reason
slightly higher quality version of the same photo, but I think it explains the crappy jpg
Well Kevin, how did I do?
@drachenstern Nice :)
I think the cloning looks like dogshit
I agree.
but I figured you really wanted to just have the idea of the picture
But there wasn't much carpet in that picture.
3:35 AM
Not sure what you're gonna do with it
but it got rid of the excess stuff that wasn't the kid reading the book
Would it be better if you rotate it 90 degrees?
It would be a good title picture for my tech blog =)
Which I don't have.
Ah, that it would be
but I did rotate it
I figured this way the text was readable
There, shared it with the rest of the world.
3:44 AM
I put your edit in a tweet is all :/
6 months and my project is finally more or less in a user testable state as of today =)
Now for 6 months of users nitpicking minor things followed by the inquiry as to why it was delivered 6 months late!
2 hours later…
5:37 AM
it is really getting ridiculous, now there are eight Android rooms ... one of them was one of my ideas which I've abandoned now but that makes seven Android rooms.
I love the newest one Layout-Design-Android wth?
I can't believe I just started listening to Pink Floyd
and? why is that?
so start a request on meta to have them all collapsed @OctavianDamiean
I don't know, I can't believe they're not played more often anywhere else
5:42 AM
Yea, 8 rooms is ridiculous. Proposal time.
@YiJiang join the crowd, I suppose
ok, so I have an issue
I don't know, think about it, wouldn't it be nice to have a void-c room, int-c room, switch-case-c room and so on, lets split the heck out of every language and create a room :D /sarcasm
I love the way my nodejs router is laid out, except it doesn't seem to handle the case very well where a URL is not defined.
@OctavianDamiean no
@OctavianDamiean Created by users to help each other in their style without special rules
@Wanted well that would be ok for maybe one additional room but seven?
that doesn't make sense
5:46 AM
What are the requirements to start a room atm?
@Wanted if there was enough traffic to each room to warrant 8 different rooms to keep the traffic manageable, perhaps
But there is not. You are abusing the privilege of having a room and creating it.
You even know that you are abusing that privilege.
How much rep is required to make a room?
Meh. I found a proposal to tie tags to rooms. I'm writing an answer.
Android rooms are busiest rooms, so i think more than one room does traffic sharing but 8 rooms are really too much ..
5:53 AM
hi guys
Gud Morning
Q: Is it chat-server abuse to create many redundant rooms for the exact same topic with the same audience?

drachensternThis Q spawned from this chat session: Where Cole alleges that users are abusing the privilege of creating rooms I think that there is no need to have 8 separate Android rooms, unless we can show that consistently, over time, having 1 room is insufficient for the needs of the community. This is ...

it will not abuse
but it will alert you , u need to create new room with the same name
if u proceed , it will create a new room with the same room
I read it the first time you said it
perhaps you can repeat it a few more times?
A: Assign tags to chat rooms

MosheI'm completely in favor of this proposal, if only to help alleviate the problem which is worse than duplicate questions: duplicate chat rooms. It would be one thing if there were enough traffic to maintain eight rooms, but there isn't. I think that a viable solution to the problem of duplicate An...

6:03 AM
I think room owners should have privilege to delete own chat room
@Damodar I have absolutely no idea what you're trying to say there
@Wanted whyso? Everything on the SEI network should be 100% transparent as much as possible.
@YiJiang system will not restrict user , in creating mutiple rooms with the same name
@YiJiang he's trying to say "if you try and create a chatroom with the same name, the system will tell you that such a room already exists, but that you can ignore that and create it anyways" which is why I call it abuse.
@drachenstern Yes, but it doesn't answer the question - the system doesn't automatically prevent you from posting spam either - it can't, but that doesn't mean it's not abuse
6:07 AM
@YiJiang so we agree, pretty much, in this case.
@drachenstern Edit : as how we have tags to questions, same way we can generalise some tags for room while creating. This way we can restrict multiple rooms with the same name
I don't understand a single word
@OctavianDamiean what you not understand dude
@Moshe good point that (re EL&U)
@Damodar what? That doesn't sound like English.
@Damodar he means that there is a serious language barrier here
@OctavianDamiean Probably he mean there should be room per tag (if required only for popular tags)
6:14 AM
English is not your first language, and we are not quite understanding your use of words and the way you put them together to form sentences.
@Wanted yeah, that's what he's saying.
@Wanted oh I see, thanks
attention everyone discussing the android rooms topic I created a MSO Q for that very reason. I'll link it again for this benefit. Please keep the discussion to that Q as much as possible, to give the broader community a chance to see it.
Q: Is it chat-server abuse to create many redundant rooms for the exact same topic with the same audience?

drachensternThis Q spawned from this chat session: Where Cole alleges that users are abusing the privilege of creating rooms I think that there is no need to have 8 separate Android rooms, unless we can show that consistently, over time, having 1 room is insufficient for the needs of the community. This is ...

@drachenstern Thanks. I do see the logic in creating a room per topic or room per tag, however, I'm wondering if user ability to open rooms is part of the third place concept. (I don't rememeber the blog post well enough.)
Yeah, that was always a benefit
@drachenstern its regarding me ...?
@drachenstern do my english is worse
6:18 AM
@Damodar yes, continue reading please.
Looking at the privilege list... I see that there is something called a "trusted user". It seems like those are the folks to be trusted. I know 10K is a bit steep, but perhaps SO (and only SO) can change the weight required to open chat rooms.
@drachenstern as we have tags for posting questions, in the same manner we can generalise some tags for creating chat rooms also...
@drachenstern is it fine now
Isn't trusted user 20k?
@Moshe so propose that
I need to get to bed, I didn't realize it was 1:30 in the morning
alright, good night
6:22 AM
@Moshe why are you up at 2:30?
@drachenstern working on getting to bed early but old habits die hard
Also, thursdays are late nights here. But yea.
Bah, sleep.
@drachenstern proposed as part of my answer.
Bis morgen. Tschüss!
6:38 AM
Q: Should user talk at chat room in other language than english ?

WantedIf one user want to explain a thing to other user(who understands) in his first language, is he doing anything wrong? Also can user create a language specific chat room for his country mates?

6:48 AM
Guys ,I started process of deleting my Meta SO Account
@Moshe What is wrong if users talk in other language in separate room? (Only technical discussion and with discipline)
@Damodar why dear?
@wanted so is an English language site. Dlnt get me wrong. I loves languages. I just dot think it's appropriate. It's rude to converse in another languages when you know peopledont understand you. Swap emails or use skype for that.
@Damodar By the way i didn't found way to delete an account is that really possible?
@Wanted ya possible, search for post on deleting account
@Wanted i think if all users of a room wish to talk in other language then you can talk in other language
7:00 AM
@Moshe But we should cooperate the user finding trouble in explaining in English
@Wanted why did u accepted Moshe answer to ur post n why u contridicting here again with him here
@pleasedeleteme b'cos i agree with his answer and trying to say the issue is still open to discuss
@Wanted if you agree with something bust still want to leave it open for discussion then don't accept it but upvote it
that is what the upvote function is there for
7:15 AM
morning badp :)
@balpha hi
@badpssockpuppet morning
7:36 AM
7:56 AM
hey do anybody know user by name,"YOU" . he used to answer well in MetaSO
@LoïcWolff thanks dude
8:38 AM
Since the SE engine can detect possibly bad question: "What is the best thingadongdong?" gets a red banner saying "The question you're asking appears subjective and is likely to be closed."
What keywords would you think would be good to detect "Idea for a new Stack Exchange site"-type question?
That way, those question could be detected and the user would be immediately linked to Area 51. Site that apparently not a lot of people are aware of.
oh hai!
@Mvy hi, bye to SO Meta
9:14 AM
9:42 AM
+10 @ÓlafurWaage :D
on meta?
yep :P
for the CW related question XD
ya, stupid question by that guy
btw when did they remove where you could make a question CW when you asked?
@ÓlafurWaage But wait! It's going to generate HUGE traffic!
@ÓlafurWaage A loooong time ago.
9:45 AM
Wasn't it on the 15th?
It's not available to all user no?
Only to mods
Oh then maybe it's only for answers
@ÓlafurWaage +/- waffles.
But I think I once saw that check box
9:47 AM
Yep, you can always mark your answers as CW
BTW there is automatic CW
10 edits by OP
5 by different users
+ waffles most def
oy, Jeff is the Android room
i know :D
@Reno i like this so much .... xrenox.deviantart.com
9:52 AM
that is amazing! (the drawing of course)
keep it up
I think they have drawn a lot of attention by coming on m.So. I was really surprised when I saw that Dori knew about their suspension.
i requested access and then the page refreshed and now i can request again
no you should have write access by now
9:54 AM
Do you guys think question was bad?
yup, just rechecked
I see no jeff
yeah he is gone now.
We could try to invoke him
9:59 AM
yeah I was expecting some fireworks.
Jeff Atwood.
Jeff Atwood
Jeff Atwood.
Hummmyaaa huuummmmyaaa
@OctavianDamiean ok, i got my answer after all
@Wanted oh no I was talking to Olafur. Your question is a valid question in my opinion.
downvotes in meta don't necessarily mean that the question is bad but that people disagree with whatever was asked in the question.
@OctavianDamiean Thanks
So Hindi is allowed some time
i concluded ....
10:20 AM
@Wanted Hindi would be allowed on a one-to-one basis, providing few (or no) other people are in the room as it would be considered rude (i.e. like whispering about someone behind their back)
@tombull89 I'll take care of that
10:41 AM
I'm curious, what did you guys say in English that prompted the suspension?
@ÓlafurWaage I can't find the screenshot but there was one user saying he wanted to kill Reno, and another just going "haha". Most of it was in Hindi.
I don't know if it was meant as ligh-hearted/jest, but it wasn't looked on very favourably.
11:04 AM
@tombull89 I was driven away that time, never intended to kill such a nice artist :)
11:25 AM
so If I was not an artist I'd be dead?
Great, now I want to watch Firefly again...
thanks, @reno
@Reno Forgive me for that day, i am sorry .....
@Reno lol at max .... you are just amazing ....
@Wanted apologizing to him everyday is not going to change anything. Prove yourself useful to the community by helping on thing you're good at, and some day all this will be put behind us.
but if you apologize every day, it's just going to remind him of what happened.
11:41 AM
Exactly, Infact I've muted him.
using mentions in every sentence is annoying
in Room for Dr.Jackal and balpha, 4 hours ago, by balpha
Please stop making every line a reply to me. There's two of us in this room. Who else would you be talking to?
@LoïcWolff What a attitude he have ....! even not responding to say "its ok" ...
I am here to learn manner while talking, i am agree with you
he has muted you because you were constantly mentioning him, it is not his attitude which is the problem here
Yeah I'm wearing earphones, not attitude.
@Reno hi
Gah!!! If you're going to put an empty line after the curly brackets, why not just place the effing brackets on their own line?
11:53 AM
because it'd be consistent :p
Ironically, there is a certain lack of consistency in the formating of this code.
Lack of comments, too.
@OctavianDamiean @Reno can we be a professional friends ?
@Dharmendra I'm not quite sure what to say. As long as you play by the rules and don't make trouble everything is absolutely fine. Where is the problem?
@OctavianDamiean blush ? ;)
ok now there is no trouble at least from my side ok :)
12:00 PM
is a bit confused and clueless
12:13 PM
hmm...I have 5x more rep on M.SO than I do on SO.
which is nothing bad is it? :)
@OctavianDamiean not at all, it's just unusal (for me, at least).
oh ok :)
@tombull89 I just got my m.SO over my SO yesterday... Following your tracks :P
12:28 PM
Something related to we talking in morning
@Wanted from which room is that?
in ANDROID SOLVER on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 hour ago, by Jack
@hotveryspicy i am Dharmendra
UPPERCASE TEXT and "professional room" doesn't go well together, IMO.
@OctavianDamiean and he is also @Dr.Jackal.
12:35 PM
@OctavianDamiean @Dharmendra have merged his two accounts is it offense ?
Dr.Jackal = Jack = Dharmendra
@tombull89 There is only Dr.Jackal == Jack with real name Dharmendra
Is merging two accounts is an offens ?
Yes, but having three account for one person is...frowned upon.
Mainly because it's used for sockpuppeting, also in this case to circumvent a ban.
He not having three accounts at all, he has merged two accounts
@Wanted the users Dr.Jackal, Dharmendra and Jack are all the same accounts obviously. circumventing a suspension is not allowed no.
12:42 PM
@OctavianDamiean @tombull89 i have two accounts and that are now merged
here, meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/92886/… Dori, a SE team member, says that Dharmendra and Dr.Jacka are the same person while, in that chat post chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/777625#777625 above Jack says he is also Dharmenrda.
have only name different not accounts
If "Jack" is not Deharmendra, that's a bad idea him saying so as they account will likely get merged.
i have saperated account in meta and SO
thats why confusion
actually its been burninated already
12:45 PM
burninated means ?
oh so Dharmendra is your real name?
is it a common name in India?
It's still in chat because Jack has not left the chat-room
oh christ. Right, Ok.
12:47 PM
means ?
@OctavianDamiean Yes "Dharmenra" is name of one of indian superstar actors
@OctavianDamiean what do you mean Dharmendra is your real name ? why are you talking like this i am only one dharmendra here
I see, well then it doesn't prove anything what Jack wrote there
but i can't understand what is the confusion here ?
@OctavianDamiean Many Android chat rooms created after you made your one private
that is what those guys talking about
12:53 PM
I'm very well aware of that but I'm not responsible for people creating more rooms than necessary, no one ever said that they should create seven!
@OctavianDamiean yes 7 is too much
I really don't think that people would have a problem with one additional room but seven is like you said too much.
Also having similar names and they are active every day
but looking at the transcript of that Android solvers room I can understand why there are that many different rooms. It seems that quite a few are fighting in that room as well. I don't understand most of it but there are messages in English asking why people are fighting in that room.
1:02 PM
@OctavianDamiean Don't expect discipline there as those rooms are created bye users you kicked out from your room
hey why are these two A/c ?
@Dharmendra seriously? seriously?
yes bcos i had login today and it was created new A/c
Why these rooms are bad for SO's environment ?
@Dharmendra flag one of your questions then, and ask the accounts to be merged.
1:10 PM
Is matter of bad usage of resources ?
@Wanted Because eight rooms on one topic is excessive. I doubt the servers take much of a hit.
@tombull89 can you merged these two A/c ?
It drove poor SankarGanesh nuts.
It's like if you caught a bus to work. If you were waiting at 6 buses turned up, at the same time, doing the same route, it's a waste when everything is going in the same direction (or same topic).
@Dharmendra I can't, no. You'll need to flag for moderator attention and request an account merge.
A/c ?
1:13 PM
@LoïcWolff account, AFAIK.
@tombull89 but 2 or 3 buses are full of passengers
@Reno I think they got the best of him, since he's not coming here anymore
@tombull89 that's what I thought, can't see why it would be an acronym.
@Wanted that was obviously the wrong metaphor. End of the day, 8 chat rooms for one topic is unessecary.
1:15 PM
it actually means Apples / cent
@Dharmendra in your account, change the "about" text to: merge me with <other account url> on both your account. and send a mail to team@stackoverflow.com
@tombull89 Dividing traffic and separating class of users also like first class, general class, ...etc
or Air conditioner
@LoïcWolff i have flag my A/c to moderator
@Wanted I don't like that comparison, not at all. There are no different classes, we are all the same
1:17 PM
@Dharmendra accounts merged
I'm so going to regret that metaphor
there you go :)
@balpha but why my reputation is now less ?
1:19 PM
probably has to do with your -16 on the question
Q: What are the different types of reasons for banning a particular user?

DharmendraI want to know the reasons why I was banned from Stack Overflow. Actually, I was banned from 23/5/2011 without any warning. I do not understand the reasons why I was banned from the Stack Overflow chat rooms. I am not suspended from Stack Overflow. Can anyone explain this to me?

an account merge comes with a rep recalc
@balpha are you moderator i know but are you developer ? how you can be a moderator are you getting any salary or something from SO ? if you like my question then answer me else no problem
I'm a developer; the moderator part comes as a side job to that. So I get paid to write software, and to stop people from using it. Or something.
ok but are you developing for SO or anywhere else ?
Posted by Jeff Atwood on June 9th, 2010

I’m pleased to announce that Stack Overflow Inc has added two more valued associates to our team:

Marc is a long time elected community moderator, C# MVP, and the #2 user on Stack Overflow, as sorted by reputation. Just under some guy I’ve never heard of.

Ben is the perpetrator of the gloriously wonderful Unicornify (see April 1 2010), HREF overflow, the not a real question game — as well as dozens of prescient meta suggestions and bugfixes.

You’ve probably noticed by now that neither Ben nor Marc live in the United States. The last time I checked, only 36% of Stack  …

(I'm the guy on the other picture)
1:33 PM
If you ever work for @codinghorror and he says "Do it the simplest way possible" -- don't. Sooner or later he'll say "Now make it awesome".
Our valuable associate #00007
Kinda like double-o 7, except it's quadruple
and he's german, not british
@balpha "I've baked you this cake and NO YOU'RE NOT EATING IT"
1:35 PM
One of my neighbour ^^
Well it's a metaphore :P
But we are rebels innit omnomnomnomnom
BTW I think the french tenniswomen have just beaten the German one
Sorry :D
2:03 PM
Colours on comments...
To be release on stack overflow: customise your GUI
Low day on m.SO can't find any interesting question to answer.
2:19 PM
@mvy - your comments are colorful enough as it is :p (joking)
(it's a post on meta BTW :D)
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