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1:30 AM
Hasa diga eebowai
2:01 AM
@mootinator That is the car I had -- Now I've a 2004 Accent
@Wes more than one ...
1 hour later…
3:04 AM
damnit team@ quit taking down meta!!!
Does that mean we can mark everything as [status-declined-because-drachenstern-said-no-more]?
yes please :D
so it's raining here, how's the weather on the mississip?
That's good
> I think you've glossed over SO's main purpose...to ask questions where jQuery is the answer – davidsleeps 2 hours ago
ok @RebeccaChernoff help me please
I have voted 33 times today on meta (since zulu zero) and it says I only have one vote left
what gives?
3:16 AM
one all-purpose vote left?
A: Please don't require answer votes to be cast before question votes

wafflesCompleted New behavior: Everyone gets a total of 30 votes. You may up to 10 extra question votes. Warnings remains simple ... (5 vote remaining, 4 vote remaining ...) Question votes may be cast at any time during the day. However once you reach the N votes remaining warnings, stuff is set i...

I thought so, but hadn't seen that answer
thanks for finding it quickly, sadly I can't UPVOTE IT :p
I can't believe you just 'oy'd me :p
o: why?
3:22 AM
so what did Nick break on his checkin earlier? :p
say wha?
You didn't hear about that? My Q on it got deleted, but he broke commenting
Apparently we were faster than MarcG and Nick when it got reported :p
Nah, I saw your q. I was o:-ing at you asking about Nick breaking it
Ah, I see. Marc said it was Nick.
Nick admitted it!
3:27 AM
this is getting less fun by the second!
you confuse me ...
there's nothing "private" in the SE API is there?
like that requires authorization before hand
only the API key, right?
I was confused that you were pointing to a specific person. It isn't a fun mystery if they told you.
yes yes, I'm not sure why that was fun for you in the first place. I've moved on :p
3:31 AM
I can't figure out how to do authentication on my new api
the key isn't really something that has to be secret, and yes, there's currently no auth
that's planned for v2
> Perhaps the purported hack is the work of the military-industrial-intelligence-entertainment industry. Or the Chinese, after all they usually get blamed for hacks..
I blame the shitty US educational system for hacks
@Hogan I have a 2003 currently.
3:47 AM
If this bug persists any further, I'm naming it
yay unexpected rep gain :D
Strangely, operating vehicles don't seem to sell for less than the minimum amount dealerships advertise they'll trade in for on promotions.
One of these days I have to use SO again and get my close votes.
4:38 AM
Yeah, I keep telling myself I'm gonna get 10k by the end of the year, but I am so not on track for that Kevin
5:05 AM
May I ask for your opinions?
Was this question well asked?
Q: Unexpected import behavior, treating integers and lists differently.

TrufaI have a problem with my program and I was able to reproduce this unexpected (at least unexpected to me) behavior in a small scale so now I'm certain it is not another bug. Lets say I have 3 python modules: one, two and three. In three we have: var = 0 list = [] So there we have a integer th...

Judging by the answers, I'm not particualry sure I explained myself 100% correctly
I feel you explained yourself very well, I don't think they understand the topic
what are their ranks on python?
bignose and ignacio seem to know something about python ...
I imagine ignacio has it right
@drachenstern One would think so, but I'm having trouble following his line of thought
so tell him so
I'm out for the night
@drachenstern See you!
Thank for the feedback!
5:25 AM
So, who wants a Chromebook?
I want one galaxy tab 10.1
they gave away 5500 for free at google I/O T_T
5:48 AM
middle finger
I love that people are creating humans.txt and contacts.txt and stuff
its like, all of that information should be available on the regular site
but the site makes it too hard to get to
so all the useful info goes outside the site....
2 hours later…
8:15 AM
Q: Eeeek! Where did the “privileges” link go from the reputation dropdown on per-site metas?

Nyuszika7HAs we all know, reputation on per-site metas is identical to rep on the main site, except for MSO—which is special. This means privileges on metas are identical to ones on their main sites, so meta privileges redirects to main privileges, although the “privileges” link is missing from the reputat...

1 hour later…
9:20 AM
@balpha while you are here can you defrost the regulatory HQ ? :)
thanks (:
Meta is down... and, it is up again!
9:40 AM
That reminds me
there is a new metawatch come out
It looks a bit ugly though. The concept is good all the team needed was a smarter hardware designer
10:31 AM
Oh, how sweet it is. One of the reasons I love Linux. I searched for eve-online in the Ubuntu Software Center, hoping for something that would let me monitor my Eve training queue.
That led me to Conky, which is a system monitoring app. The built in support for Eve didn't seem to work correctly. However, a Google search led me to some python scripts and the configuration needed for Conky to use the script.
That script seems to be off with it's timing calculations, but I think I can modify it to work correctly.
So, now I have a cool little sticky system monitor with a cool transparent effect, which also displays my Eve character's training.
It did take a while to configure. So, I will have to make sure I document it.
11:09 AM
@Reno wow, what watch is that?
ah, found it... it looks nice
@Jonas Where is is jonas?
11:42 AM
@Hogan metawatch.org
Gut Morgen
That watch looks interesting.
@Moshe Yes, it's probably an improvement from the SE LiveView
Hehe. You can configure that to work with StackExchange? Sweet! Edit: oh you meant Sony Ericsson...
Ah, that would be nice
It can be done btw
its all android programming
11:55 AM
@Reno I Figured. That's why I thought @Jonas meant SE as in StackExchange.
(Ice-cream biscuit has some kinda support)
I saw the site briefly.
They should have tied up with some watch manufacturers, to get the body right
I work in mobile dev and don't carry a mobile but I wear a watch. Whereas the rest of the world has stopped wearing watches and started carrying mobiles.
1 hour later…
1:11 PM
Yay! Just hit my 1 year aniversary here
nice I just hit 3k on SO
A: Should we give users their highest SO, SF or SU rep. on meta.

DiagoHave you tried associating your accounts under account associations in your profile. Since your already associated the order of association may not be working. The rep boost only applies if you have more then 200 rep on any other site. However your welcome to try and to remove your association a...

you're, not your...
@Nyuszika7H The first one is correct, the next few are wrong
Hm, just copy-paste it to vim, press Esc and type this :P

Assuming you only pasted the second, largest paragraph.
@YiJiang Why is the S missing from the beginning when I paste it to vim?
1:23 PM
@ircmaxell What is that?
no? Try it - It will solve all of your problems
9 mins ago, by Nyuszika7H
@YiJiang Why is the S missing from the beginning when I paste it to vim?
Ahhh, forgot to enter insert mode.
@ircmaxell LOL, it removed everything.
Okay, but why :%s and not just :s?
I recently started using vim, I used nano before.
1:39 PM
@Nyuszika7H :-P
@Nyuszika7H % searches all lines, were without it searches only the current line...
I could relate to about 10% of these :s
1:59 PM
+1 @balpha - a whole new way to look at StL!
:) (:
though I'm not sure what to think of the fact that I live at the nose.
2:14 PM
@Reno congrats!
I think @YiJiang is stretching for that one just a bit
@balpha good job on that
@drachenstern :(
well I do...
you had to add eyes
@ircmaxell Oh.
oy OY
oooh, while @RebeccaChernoff and @balpha are close to the room relativistically
will the changes to downvotes mean that a rep-recalc is likely to drive our reps back up?
2:24 PM
RUN @balpha, RUN
@drachenstern Ohh, what change to dvs?
@drachenstern depends on your votes -- just check your reputation report, and you'll see
Q: Should downvotes on questions be "free"?

Jeff AtwoodAs I'm sure you all know, downvotes "cost" 1 reputation. That is, every time you downvote: -2 to post owner -1 to you This is done to make sure downvotes are cast only when you feel strongly that something is incorrect / wrong / dangerous / of low quality. We've been tweaking a few thing...

2:26 PM
you can see what a rep audit would do to you in /reputation, so should be an easy thing for you to figure out
@balpha so that's a "yes, when this is deployed and you run a rep-recalc, you will most likely gain points"
when will this change be deployed?
or is it still in debate?
@ircmaxell @YiJiang Is there any easy way to clear all text in vim?
yay, that got me 35 rep
@Nyuszika7H the one I just said will do it.
@ircmaxell oh right :P
2:28 PM
oh goody
ok, I'm gonna go look at meta now :D
A: Should downvotes on questions be "free"?

wafflesCompleted, all question downvotes now are "free" for the downvoter. We did not perform a global recalc. If you would like your old question downvotes to be free, perform a self-recalc at: http://stackoverflow.com/reputation We will be monitoring voting patterns over the next few weeks and eva...

> We did not perform a global recalc. If you would like your old question downvotes to be free, perform a self-recalc
sorry, I thought you quoted this line at me:
> no, but you can trigger a recalc at will – Jeff Atwood♦ 10 hours ago
because your answer is T-6
that was T-10
So ... thanks @balpha :D
I love that movie
2:32 PM
brb downvoting sh*t :D
> I just want to comment on how much I'm feeling the effects of this change already. I just went through my SO browsing history downvoting the really bad questions. In the process, I've also put a lot more thought into upvoting the good questions. I feel so liberated. – Jeff Mercado 3 hours ago
I already ran out of votes for today
wtf? why don't people just downvote? Ok, nm, my 29 dvs says something there too :p (but I do try to edit first, if I can)
I just checked, apparently I've only downvoted, what, 6 questions on SO...?
Or maybe its just the cumulative effects of the recalc, hmmmm
I try not to DV in general. I'd rather leave constructive criticism or edit if I can. But if it's really bad, I will dv
2:37 PM
that's just wrong
I only dv users like this guy no amount of constructive criticism can work there
Bless TimPost's soul for trying though
(posting some random images the gif has become an eyesore)
oh and this image is from a beach near my home :)
@YiJiang your voting record should say
@drachenstern Not split by downvotes vs. upvotes though
My Meta recalc would give me +90, and I'm not sure if I have downvoted 90 questions on Meta
@Reno and this is a picture from TDWTF
@YiJiang good point
msnbc.msn.com/id/42918666/ns/business-careers I would love to see a four day workweek and a 3 day weekend, cos I could work for myself on those 3 days and effectively have two jobs
that would be so much nicer
2:59 PM
@YiJiang I brought your rep up to 13999
I've gotta go now
@Reno ... and in about 9 hours vote fraud detection will kick in and remove those
Woot, Android 3.1 update is downloading
3:19 PM
Backspace doesn't seem to always work in vim...
I'm in insert mode.
To be exact, it works, but I can't ident back with it... auto indent is turned on.
3:36 PM
YAY, reputation recalc gave me +10 rep!
3:53 PM
Just looked up the the wrong train schedule. I'm now 50 minutes early instead of 3 minutes early. Meh.
better than late
@ircmaxell well that's the thing - while I won't be late for my ultimate destination, it would have been nice to be on the 11:40 train which I thought was leaving at 11:49. I didn't see the PM.
Well. In other news... Do I want a MBP or iMac?
sigh the train across the platform leaves in the wrong direction.
34 minutes to go.
Ok. Coding time...
4:13 PM
hoy hoy
I started making test classes for my language
I also added aliases, so "say 5 times 6;" outputs the same as "echo 5 * 6;"
that might end up being a config option though..
is confused
4:35 PM
I can't believe I just read a Singaporean author describe Singapore's independence from the British as an 'anti-colonial struggle'
Yeah, because man did Singapore's independence came harder than India and Parkistan's, Zimbabwe's or South Africa's...
@YiJiang I suspect that many of the people in this room know nothing about Singaporean history.
@PopularDemand I need an outlet. Somewhere. And it's after midnight right now.
@YiJiang I'm not against you venting. I kind of felt bad that you weren't getting a response, is all.
I'm actually having a hard time finding 40 downvote-worthy questions, now that I'm actually looking.
5:03 PM
Do we really still need Suffrage, now that Vox Pop exists?
Seems weird to have two badges doing the same thing
Is anyone else having trouble loading user profiles on overflow?
@mvid No, they're coming up just fine for me.
Hey, Jon Skeet is less than 1k away from 300k.
5:21 PM
Is margin-left: .6em; legit CSS? Note the decimal point before the 6.
@PopularDemand well, he should be there before the end of the week I imagine :p
that man gets more necro rep in a month than I have rep ... easily
@PopularDemand I believe so. I've seen widths that were in decimal before
@drachenstern I just installed Aptana Studio 3, and it highlights "em" when I use 1em or 0.6em. It doesn't highlight for .6em.
what does the browser do?
Still testing.
(I know, I could make a simple test page just for this, but I'm already doing other work anyways, so....)
@PopularDemand The question is, does he get to 15000 answers first or 300K rep first?
5:29 PM
@PopularDemand no, I know what you mean. I could open the chrome inspector here and insert it onto an element, and I'm not ...
ok, chrome confirms that .6em is valid
I realize that what chrome accepts and what everyone else accepts are two different things
FF4 accepts.
@NickLarsen 300k, I imagine.
IE8 does too.
there you go then
@drachenstern That would mean he would have to average 876/21 = 42 rep per answer, when his current rate is 299124/14979 = 20 rep per answer
5:36 PM
@NickLarsen well it's too late for me to append "I imagine" onto my answer as an edit, so ... we'll just pretend I did ;) :p
:) another interesting stat, he answers 14979/713 = 21?! answers per day
Yes he does.
have you not seen this stackoverflow.com/users/22656/… @NickLarsen ?
christmas and around may most years (I'm gonna guess a family vacation) are really the only times he hasn't gotten the daily repcap everyday ... I know there are some other gaps in there, but those are the highlights.
he is also 22 days from 365 consecutive days on the site
5:43 PM
but May is upon us, will he be able to visit every day? ;)
he made it on the site everyday through being burgled, i think he'll make it
not if he goes on vaca. Doesn't he have two kids? I would imagine family time would be just as important.
of course, I spend about as much time on the network (albeit not answering, as I should)
@NickLarsen Is that how he lost his laptop? I skimmed the podcast summary on the blog but didn't listen to the actual podcast.
@PopularDemand yes, also if you follow him on twitter you'd have heard about it
oh hell, if I lost my laptop I would die
granted, all my code is on a colo server somewhere, so I don't think I'ld lose much, but ...
it is my safety blanket
5:48 PM
@NickLarsen Kids Everyone-except-for-me these days and their "twittering."
I have a twitter account, and I'm active to the tune of 3500+ posts, and I don't consider myself a twitterer
@PopularDemand lol
@drachenstern on twitter there are broadcasters and followers, i'm a twitter follower
Yeah, I'm kinda both
I've never even made an account.
@drachenstern I have something like 5% of that, heh.
I think you have to go stand in front of the I'm a twitterer sign.
5:55 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Where is @MichaelMrozek when you need him to create such a sign?
@PopularDemand Seriously. Damn slacker.
@RebeccaChernoff, since you're here, why do Suffrage and Vox Pop exist at the same time?
je ne sais pas.
6:24 PM
I say make [Vox Pop] gold!
Drat syntax magic did not work...
It isn't in the help!
There's no special badge formatting magic baked into the chat, @Hogan.
Then why does the help say this:
err nevermind. That is tag not badge. [badge:Vox Pop] might work.
I still think it should be gold or silver... we already have a bronze one.
@Hogan It's not nearly difficult enough to be more than bronze.
Increasing the number of days needed might just encourage people to cast votes at random to meet the quota.
A: Help Us Make a Stack Overflow Beer Stein

Popular DemandCoors has put a lot of effort into its "cold activated cans" campaign, at least in the US. Basically, they've done some chemistry with inks/dyes on their labels that make them change color when the beverages are cooled to a good drinking temperature (illustration). Apparently, the fancy name for ...

Now the accepted answer! This is happening!
(Or Alex Miller is teasing me. But I'm not that pessimistic.)
@PopularDemand I think that was my point. But who knows for sure?
7:02 PM
@drachenstern You'll be glad to know that I'm at registration for Uni.
@drachenstern You'll be glad to know that I'm at registration for Uni.
7:19 PM
ok tell me, why do I get no love for this answer -- it is clearly better than all the rest:
A: Select last 30 days with a sql query

HoganNumber of times each day of the week got hit in the last 30 days: SELECT DATENAME(dw,GETDATE())+' 5 times' as results UNION ALL SELECT DATENAME(dw,DATEADD(day,-1,GETDATE()))+' 5 times' UNION ALL SELECT DATENAME(dw,DATEADD(day,-2,GETDATE()))+' 4 times' UNION ALL SELECT DATENAME(dw,DATEADD(day,-3,...

Never let it be said that justice and reputation were in any way related.
@Hogan I don't think that ever was said.
@PopularDemand And it never should be!
7:36 PM
OMG, I can't believe it - the CTE got the check.
8:12 PM
@Moshe You are correct, I would be very happy to learn that. When do you take second level math courses? When do you take logic classes? (it's usually a math class) When do you take languages and grammars?
8:24 PM
> Hi, i cant change static void Main(string[] args) in console application can any one please say me how to change it to anything else
> You can change it to something else. Just use your keyboard. Problem is your program won't compile or start anymore. – Henk Holterman Apr 13 at 9:12
Insensitive clod! I don't have a keyboard. Or hands.
8:46 PM
@PopularDemand Did anyone tell him to try static void Main(string [] fargs) -- I believe that is something else.
@Hogan No, but someone downvoted Jon Skeet's perfectly reasonable answer to that question.
Poor Jon. (tear)
9:45 PM
10:02 PM
@drach feel free to ping me on aim.
Oh ok. Good. My phone died and I have to get home.
10:18 PM
I have no clue where my box of books with stuff like my scheme blue book is
1 hour later…
11:38 PM
Entire days worth of meetings are definitely not my thing.

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