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12:32 AM
Lol, I keep giggling at "smippets".
Sounds adorable.
@JasonC Consider "snip + pets" as two words... letssnipit.org
They're way cuter than snippets.
Btw, letssnipit.org sounds like some sort of pro-circumcision non-profit org.
Oh, weird. It actually almost is. I didn't actually visit the site I just assumed it was some programming site.
Its a neutering clinic ;p
12:43 AM
sorry wrong window
Showing up there assuming the name refers to circumcision would be a major mistake.
@JasonC I am doubtful of this.
12:59 AM
> Context here: every 5 minutes (windows we were digging on), the Stack Overflow homepage gets 63,000 hits. It appears about 60,000 are bots. twitter.com/Nick_Craver/status/866643766052098049 … -- Nick Craver at 4:22 PM - 22 May 2017
So that's where that huge traffic comes from...
that's why google search results are flawed
the longer a website exist, the more click by bots it receives
and that bumps up your result ranking
1:38 AM
There are situations where I have to consider whether a comment adds something of value. And then there is Worldbuilding
Podcast #110 is out, not (yet) in the sidebar
Or maybe this is by design. They used to be tagged [company], which is the tag that makes them appear network-wide. But 109 and 110 are both tagged [community].
@Derpy :3
2:17 AM
It's Michael Redmond!
2:44 AM
Hypothetically, if I has been banned on a SE site and I use emulators to login and post on that site, will I get caught?
I guess the same thing can be asked for a VM
3:14 AM
@AdamLear @Oded ^^ just wondering, do VM and emulators send fake IP and machine IDs
The straight answer to "if I've been banned and I game the system, will I get caught?" is "I sure as hell hope so"
emulators are VM for smart phones
but how can you tell if the IP and machine ID were from a VM or an emulator?
Here's the thing. If you are banned for whatever reason and you want to make legitimate posts... I don't think anyone will really care? But if you're evading your ban for more shitposting... you'll get re-banned regardless of the method you use.
@Telkitty Don't know off hand, also don't care. Irrelevant for the purposes of bans/suspensions.
The fact that you're asking in the first place is suspicious to begin with. ;)
I am not banned anywhere
3:21 AM
but I like to explore grey corners of ... (real & virtual) worlds
that question came to me when I was configure an emulator, then I remember that I have used VM to test things and the IP and machine IDs are not the ones PC was using
We have a number of ways we deal with abuse, so... Neither I nor @Oded are gonna hop in here and go "yeah, that's totally fine, and here are the details of our mitigation strategies" :)
you can even run a emulator on a VM
you can do a lot of things :)
I'm just saying that IP hopping isn't a new strategy for site abuse. How you do it is irrelevant.
3:32 AM
@AdamLear Does leaving threatening comments @Community count as site abuse?
I mean, I think everyone should be nice even to bots, so...
@Community I'm not touching you. I'm not touching you. I'm not touching you.
@Community Did you know that if your hand is bigger than your face, you have cancer?
@AdamLear but ... what if the bots are mean to me? ~_~
Context? Could be a humorous remark on Meta.
In any case, if you wonder whether a comment should be deleted, the answer is probably yes. So flag it.
3:37 AM
That cuts deep, man.
erf. Feeling totally demotivated
Feels like my boss is out to get me :(
@Community I'll fight you.
(following yesterdays disagreement on my hours, I'm told I need to fill him in on what I do hour by hour...)
@JourneymanGeek Woof. That's never good.
> Hours 40-44: filling out hourly reports for the week
3:41 AM
@AdamLear Its not
Community should do an AMA
Feb 3 '14 at 21:33, by Community
just remember: we're watching you mwahahahaahahaha
@AdamLear I do 44 hours a week, I was told to come in sat, off the books and I basically told them to put it down in writing.
I got a barrage of emails complaining about my reporting.
(and 3 weeks in, I think I'm going to start looking for work again :( )
3:44 AM
that's cute ;p
@JourneymanGeek is this a new job?
@JourneymanGeek But be sure to get some Workplace rep before you quit.
@JasonC yes
@Gerry I ask workplace questions as aibobot.
@JasonC I got it cause I know someone who knows someone and I'm worried I'll let the guy who got me the job down. + I need a job
Don't sacrifice your sanity just to not let the guy who got you the job down.
3:48 AM
@JasonC and my job history as of late is spotty
lots of short jobs
Sanity is overrated.
Keeping a balance between job security, referral satisfaction, and personal sanity is always the worst. :/
If the job sucks, start looking in advance? There's always the "I got something else lined up, so sayonara, suckers" type of quitting.
yeah, that's what I'm doing
but I was applying for almost a year before and didn't really get anything serious
Fingers crossed!
"Daily vote limit reached. Try again in 20 hours." Whoops.
Haven't done that in a long time. Tomorrow's gonna be boring.
4:03 AM
Guess you're gonna have to edit or something to get your thrills. ;)
> @udondan Hi, I need help with a question related to ansible, i saw your profile at stackoverflow and feel you are a expert for ansible[1/2] -- Krishna Sharma at 8:44 PM - 22 May 2017
At least it's not [1/20]
@JourneymanGeek have you tried freelancing?
4:19 AM
With the current workplace system, the only ways to win are 1) win the lottery and find your dream job that makes you satisfied for a life time. 2) become a leader sheep & 3) gain enough resources so you can live freely out of the system
Lower and middle management are not true leader sheep
2) and 3) are very few, and thus, are weirdos
so if you win the game, you become weirdos
life isn't fair, but it's fairer than you think it is
4:36 AM
@Telkitty If I was better at selling my skills I wouldn't be here
2 hours later…
7:02 AM
Using SourceTree now, thinking of poor @Bart. ;)
7:19 AM
@ShadowWizard 2.0? or the last 1.9?
Someone brought me Atlassian socks yesterday.
7:40 AM
7:55 AM
@rene 1.6 actually :/
@ShadowWizard eeewww. Doesn't it update automagically?
It nags me constantly about that
@rene ... from my experience you don't want to update SourceTree once you find a version that's actually stable
Then again, I switched to command line myself a long time ago. But if I see the experiences of my colleagues ... grrrr
Heap of crap
well, it kind of works for me until it barks that it can't do something, then I fallback to the command line.
@rene only asking to update, but there was some breaking change after 1.6 that disabled everything, so we got order to not update.
As @Bart said, it sucks.
@Bart exactly!
2 hours later…
9:44 AM
@Gerry huh... so rude. He searched Google for that user's twitter account, it's not in his profile. Wonder if he can flag such thing or report to twitter?
@Community who are you?
@ShadowWizard a CM or dev who has access to the Community account I assume
damn, I missed it
So it wasn't @Oded. I'd say.... @Adam :D
9:53 AM
@ShadowWizard It's Telkitty's fault.
No it can't be @Telkitty
wtf :p
Unless... she hacked SE... o_O
Stole @Community... O_o
@Community isn't pingable!
Anita Taylor on May 22, 2017

As of today, Stack Overflow now deploys HTTPS by default on StackOverflow.com — as well as the hundreds of Q&A communities that make up our Stack Exchange network. We now redirect all traffic to https://, and Google links will change over the next few weeks.

Sounds simple, right?

But getting to this point has taken years of work. Four years, to be exact.

Nick Craver, Stack Overflow architecture lead, documents this journey on his personal blog in the post, HTTPS on Stack Overflow: The End of a Long Road. He offers a detailed, comprehensive look at the technical issues that make Stack Overflow’s rollout unique, as well as the steps we took to solve them. …

umm.... thought @Nick was going to post such blog post???
He did. That blog post points to his.
9:58 AM
A: Filtered Questions page is broken

Nick CraverMy fault - fix incoming. A major change to how StackExchange.com gets and uses the list of sites is in-progress (lots of debt cleanup), this one got by. Ultimately, this is a deep dependency in deploying proper HTTPS for all sites. It's going to be a fun, really, really, really, really, really l...

@Oded oh. oops.
whoa... that's indeed long.
6-8 hours to read.
6-8 years to understand everything he says there.
6-8 seconds to realize that I have no clue about that stuff anyway
6-8 minutes to forget about the fact that I have no clue in that staff anyway
6-8 stars to make @Bart starboard leader again
10:05 AM
@JourneymanGeek you do know this site, right? They love stories that cite original emails ...
10:44 AM
Weird, usually it's deleted in 10-20 seconds.
oh this explains it.
@ShadowWizard Post 1: Could not find data for this post in the API. It may already have been deleted.
@ShadowWizard You doubt me?
@SmokeDetector yes
@SmokeDetector yes you are too slow.
inb4, SmokeDetector was behind all the spams, promoting them to all registered chat rooms.
11:04 AM
I wonder what OP "forgot" to share here‌​. Past emails with the team? Past arguments with many moderators, where the team already was involved?
I don't think that is important, just having the argument is.
 import { Component } from '@angular/core';
^ if you expect IDEs to provide any sort of intellisense on that "Component" ....
why do we keep putting the "source" after the "what"
Can a site be hidden from network's profile community?
why can't we finally realize that it would make more sense to write
from '@angular/core'  import { Component } ;
(sorry, daily rant. Should be enough for today)
blame the IDE...
11:16 AM
blame the syntax. What could the IDE do to "fix" the ordering?
@Derpy designers/architects/devs make 1000 decisions per day. Most of them are OK-ish, some hurt a bit after a while and some are just disastrous. We need to live with that and backward compatibility of course.
@rene - import "something" from "somewhere".... where did I already saw the same bad decision....
oh, right....
> - select "something" from "somewhere"
Yeah, we are good at copy-paste ...
@Elephant of course, only moderators can see hidden sites.
'kay, that explained nvoigt's suspended site not shown
11:31 AM
It took the team about a year to do that though.
Q: Hiding sites from the main StackExchange.com profile page?

FlykSince the new profile functionality was added, it has been possible to hide a site from showing in your associated sites list on your profile on specific sites in the network. However, regardless of your settings on the profile page as seen on specific sites in the network, all sites are still sh...

11:54 AM
@ShadowWizard OP is fine. @GraceNote made a goof again.
Something is keeping him/her/it VERY busy recently.
@ShadowWizard that seems true of a lot of the CM team. I wonder what they're up to ;)
@JourneymanGeek guess they are just overloaded with work. e.g. Grace has about 100 Open Source Advertising or the equivalent on all the graduated sites... and more CM stuff.
As usual, SE needs more people and can't afford to hire them.
oneboxing is borked for SO/MSO: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/349614/…
@Oded if you're on bug duty ^
12:11 PM
Yup same here, it times out.
(then posting it as ordinary link)
@rene I'm really not, not this week...
Ok, I won't be pinging you then, this week that is ...
It doesn't work, with https or not. But - these URLs might be rewritten in the backend.
I can totally see how something is overlooked there ...
Afterall chat is still on the https to-do list, so blame it on that
12:46 PM
Damn, not enough edit time for the trailing fadeout.
1:03 PM
been testing some SPFx development.
Seems we may be able to switch the standard developer excuse "my code is compiling" to "npm install is running"
For maximum flexibility I advice you to use micro modules. npm install cons and npm install ole to have the console command back ...
It is bascially two broken modules that when used together hopefully work. Prayware.
Looks like Adam is on bug watch this week. @Adam can you please have a look why posts don't onebox anymore?
I'm not, but I can look.
What posts?
Oh, you just declined a feature request/bug report.
@AdamLear from SO
1:13 PM
I'm trolling through meta and trying to wake up. :)
A: RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags

Kaitlin Duck SherwoodWhile it is true that asking regexes to parse arbitrary HTML is like asking Paris Hilton to write an operating system, it's sometimes appropriate to parse a limited, known set of HTML. If you have a small set of HTML pages that you want to scrape data from and then stuff into a database, regex...

oh wow you fixed it! :D
@AdamLear I think this is the root cause of a lot of bugs: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/296318/…
@rene doesn't account for MSE questions one-boxing but SO ones not
Oh, OK
@Adam can fix bugs without even looking into them. The bug just see @Adam and fix itself. :P
1:14 PM
but yeah, if the API is wonky, all manner of things can break
So onebox is using the API behind the scenes to fetch the posts? @Adam @Oded
Yeah, API went nuts for ~20 minutes. That was one symptom.
Q: The Stack Exchange API v2.2 is down / unstable

CarcigenicateI opened the Android app and was met by the "Loading stack exchange sites" splash screen. The spinner froze, then a black screen appeared, then the entire app froze. I tried a few more times and was met with the same results. The full site also works fine on my phone, so it appears to just be th...

For the apps too? ^
Likely related
1:18 PM
Yeah, apps too.
Nick's gonna respond on meta in a few.
and Smokey... oh well
!!/alive ?
@ShadowWizard Yup
He took a smoke break.
@ShadowWizard Post 1: Already recently reported
1:19 PM
@SmokeDetector whole minute and not gone!
Maybe that fancy auto flag is still borked?
@ShadowWizard cool truck picture, though
Keeping a bag of oreos next to my bed is such a good/bad idea. It's closer to me than my alarm clock.
I think I took down like 5 of them before I even opened my eyes. Pure bliss.
1:35 PM
I don't take food into my bedroom or study, I am a hygiene freak
or I am lazy, so I don't have to clean the study as much
@JasonC I can't eat anything before brushing my teeth...
That's the best time to eat!
that I have to agree
@JasonC nah... the taste is awful, no matter what I eat. I tried it few times, for various reasons.
(e.g. when I was simply without a tooth brush)
1:38 PM
You didn't eat enough. You have to keep eating oreos until the morning taste is completely obliterated. Then it's almost like you don't even need to brush your teeth!
The biggest danger with cookies next to the bed is falling back to sleep. Then you end up with like, oreo drool stains on the pillow.
gosh, I am so lazy, I waited a week for the rain and when it finally rained, I didn't bother to check whether the car was clean for another 3 days
although I kept my an hour a day exercise routine
@Telkitty you're using rain to wash your car?
@JasonC my son used to fall asleep while eating, literally. When he was 3 y/o. ;)
1:43 PM
heavy rain is the best for car washing
The customer review based on Nick's answer:
> Application is more efficient than advertised. Caused problems due to it's extreme efficiency. Not sure whether to give 5 stars for over delivering or 1 star for causing problems down the line.
However, I admit these days I always eat something sweet late night, but before going to sleep.
thats why youve got gnarly morning breath
I try not to eat before bed, if I have to, I eat some seasoned vegetables
but I like a bit wine before I go to bed, although not every night
1:46 PM
then I brush my teeth again
@JasonC nah, had it always.
speaking using the weather - when the sunshines, solar panel is generate electricity/hot water & drying clothes, when it rains, it fills the water tank and washes the car
@Telkitty very green!
You also grow your own vegetables?
1:51 PM
I don't, my mum does
mum or MOM? /cc @Journeyman ;)
and I when I go to the shopping center, I walk - saves petrol & fills my quota for daily exercise :p
it's only 20 minutes each way
What will happen if I manually insert http://stackoverflow.com link in a post? Will it be converted to https at the time of submission, or will Community show up later to yell at me for the http link and edit it?
A: Formatting Sandbox

Shadow WizardLet's see what happens.... http://stackoverflow.com

not converted on the fly.
I doubt there will be script running on regular intervals.
There are also millions of old links all around the internet, nobody can really change them all.
@Telkitty that's the easy part, but how you carry the bags back?
Walking 20 minutes with heavy bags doesn't sound very comfortable.
1:58 PM
I go for second trip sometimes, or if it's really heavy I will take the car
I also bring my own bag whenever I remember :p
I actually walked home with a 3kg bag potato a few hours ago - if I could go hiking for 105km with 15kg bag back, I can carry a 3KG of potatoes and walk 20 minutes :p
@Telkitty heh, well, my shopping list usually contains 6 bottles of water, 2L each.
in that case I will take the car ... usually get half dozen wine at the same time :p
This ^^
2:03 PM
Sydney water is drinkable from tap
@Telkitty lots of wine!
@Telkitty it's drinkable here too, but... well... very untasty.
@ShadowWizard I wonder if that's anything like newwater....
NEWater is the brand name given to reclaimed water produced by Singapore's Public Utilities Board. More specifically, it is treated wastewater (sewage) that has been purified using dual-membrane (via microfiltration and reverse osmosis) and ultraviolet technologies, in addition to conventional water treatment processes. The water is potable and is consumed by humans, but is mostly used by industries requiring high purity water. == Production == Singapore currently has four operational NEWater factories, at Bedok, Kranji, Ulu Pandan and Changi. The Bedok and Kranji factories were commissioned in...
This? @Journeyman ^
so clean it will kill you if you drink it straight
Heh, well, the aqua nova tastes good, no difference from mineral water.
2:10 PM
@ShadowWizard Like with hard taste .. a lot minerals? When I was in London and San Diego, water was like that. But here, there are drink taps in parks where people drink directly from
And it cost like 30% less.
(also most tap water here is rainwater so not hard)
@Telkitty I wish that was from minerals, it's the stuff they add to the water.
Here there are chlorine added to water too
The water I did where I had basic was kinda like that
2:12 PM
@Telkitty yeah, think that's what they put here.
@ShadowWizard I found leaving the water in the open a while helped
and Fluoride
I boil the water, cool it then filter it. It's almost tasteless by then.
@JourneymanGeek this just cause flies to swim in them. :/
I only buy bottled water when I need the bottle :p
2:14 PM
hm. If they don't die...
@Telkitty ditto.
@JourneymanGeek they do, after a while. ;)
or soda
use water filter, it reduces the taste in water
boiling helps too
@Telkitty I do, but then there is no taste at all. :/
2:17 PM
This one:
I got similar
1 hour later…
3:32 PM
@nvoigt I'm gonna attempt an edit to your post here to describe what you're requesting in more direct terms. :) — Adam Lear ♦ 4 mins ago
@AdamLear You're a hero. I really want to understand what they're asking, it's kind of bugging me that I can't.
There's a mod tool that'll pull up a user's comments. All of them. In that tool, these comments on deleted posts show up as active. He wants some indication that the parent post was deleted, so the comment isn't as live as it'd be otherwise
I originally thought the request was to add notes to the comments when they're viewed on the deleted post itself... which made zero sense.
Ahhhhh that makes way more sense.
Never fear. Adam's here!
4:28 PM
Don't usually see posts turn around like that, kinda funny.
There's got to be a badge in there somewhere; have a negatively scored post turn positive after you edit it. Actually that sounds kind of familiar, was that a hat or something?
@JasonC Yes, Red Baron and then Flying Tiger, about the same idea.
There wasn't such a hat last year iirc, and the proposed badge has not materialized.
4:45 PM
Is imgur down for everyone or is it just me?
I see no images here for example
Seems to be up for me @rene. I can see images in that post
hmm, weird
I see them all.
well, it resolved it self ... it was the 5th post I checked or so
Someone at Imgur is messing with you.
4:48 PM
I guess it needed some zero's through the internet pipe to smoothen the rough edges caused by the many 1's
It's why I send some packets of zeros on every server tick in our netcode @rene. Keeps the pipes clean. I call it the Calgon packet.
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