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11:01 PM
@Shog9 Ahh, where'd they go? I was using a couple for a bug report.
Oh wait nm whatever magic you did made the links be not broken.
Although my bug report was about the editor. Now it doesn't work cause those are locked. shakes fist
@Shog9 omg you really cleaned the sandbox... But where did you put the answers??
Also, think it would be simpler to just start new sandbox, closing and locking the old one...
Q: Sandbox archive

CommunityThis post exists purely to house answers formerly attached to the formatting sandbox. You can safely ignore it.

@ShadowWizard Simpler, but having existing links pointing to the right place is better.
(Shog gets +1 as an S* employee who did something useful today.)
Also, Smokey has been taught to ignore the sandbox by PostId, iirc. So it's nice not having to change that.
11:20 PM
@Gerry Yeah, I thought about creating a new one and then running a search-replace on links... For about 10 seconds... Moving ~1k answers was easier.
11:30 PM
@JasonC why wouldn't you put your example as an answer on the bug report itself?
There, I did it for you.
...I've used that "move answer" tool more today than in my entire time with the company prior to today.
@Shog9 Hey thanks. I was gonna do that later cause I'm lazy now.
11:48 PM
@Gerry in song.
@JasonC probably covers the chair, not you
those castors look cool
I dunno how they perform on carpet but on a hard floor they're smooth as silk and don't leave marks.
I've got a chair with wheels like that... Works about as well as skates on carpet.
Which is to say, not terrible.
Maybe I should've upgraded to abec-9 bearings
@JasonC do they lock?
@Shog9 SE gets you nice chairs no?
I've used the aeons you guys mentioned before. Bloody expensive but... maaaaan, they feel good.
@JourneymanGeek oh yeah. I'm sitting in a niiice comfy Herman Miller thing right now.
No they don't lock
11:53 PM
But, the wheels aren't Skate Wheels
they arn't
(I'm actually tempted to replace my office chair with a exercise ball.... might piss off HR tho)
And I'd like to keep my job, least for now ;p
just don't lean back
I'm used to em
Replace it with a chair with a squeaky back, and get one of those ibm clicky keyboards too.
And maybe stick a little piece of paper in the fans on your computer.
and my current chair gives me backaches, and is probably inherited from the dodgier school that was there before
I WANT TO KEEP MY JOB. (For now. Its messed up, but ugh)
11:57 PM
I once ended up with an office chair so bad the only way I could stand to sit in it was to cross my legs and sit "tailor style"; anything else would result in numb legs and excruciating back pain.
@Shog9 yeah, its like that now
That sucks
There are definite perks to this job.
one we move offices, I'm probably going to find every excuse to handle the other sites
I have that problem with camp chairs a lot. It's hard to find the perfect camping chair. It's a rare beast. The front edge always cuts off the circulation to my legs cause the butts are too deep.
11:59 PM
@Shog9 not sure that's that many downsides to working at SE from what I've heard off you guys ;p
I got a couple really nice ones, but the canvas is about had it
@JourneymanGeek what's it that '70s musician sang? "I can't complain, but sometimes I still do..."
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