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3:27 AM
@JoErNanO ._.
1 hour later…
4:57 AM
Hehe did not know you have such a dirty mind, @Mar! You are a true Den'er. /cc @Dro @ber @Joe @M.A.R. :-P
5:17 AM
To @Mar, or not to @M.A.R.?
6:04 AM
@berserk that is @The question
@FOX9000 display
@ShadowWizard 3d
@FOX9000 4d
@ShadowWizard vibration
@FOX9000 vibrator
@ShadowWizard wave
6:05 AM
@FOX9000 wet
@ShadowWizard cloth
@FOX9000 dirty
@ShadowWizard clint
6:22 AM
@FOX9000 lint check in programming
Guess I broke it
@TheLittleNaruto that's not even a sentence, that's a whole novel. Fox reply to single words
@DroidDev Ok I'll give it another try
@FOX9000 just lint
@FOX9000 clit
@DroidDev clenched
6:24 AM
@DroidDev You're already in the game.
run above also @TheLittleNaruto ^
@TheLittleNaruto You joined the Word Association Game! Run >>quitgame to leave.
@FOX9000 just lint
How to decide next word ?
1. That's not the word you should be replying to. Its the last word of game, in this case, its "clenched".
2. Reply with "ONE" word only, then bot will reply back
now, try again
6:27 AM
@FOX9000 clear
@TheLittleNaruto luminous
@FOX9000 imagination
@TheLittleNaruto names
@FOX9000 number
@TheLittleNaruto permutation
6:27 AM
@FOX9000 combination
@TheLittleNaruto serotonin
there you go....now you got it. You can also set bot's reply time, in case you start to get throttled by chat engine
@DroidDev Waiting time set to 0 seconds.
>>time 0
Fuck! I didn't know that word
searching on google
@FOX9000 blood
6:28 AM
@TheLittleNaruto tissue
lel, happens many times
@FOX9000 paper
@TheLittleNaruto piece
@FOX9000 zodiac
@TheLittleNaruto ptolemy
6:29 AM
@FOX9000 mosambi juice
@DroidDev thanks
...and now it won't reply
@TheLittleNaruto bowed
@TheLittleNaruto juice
@DroidDev berry
@FOX9000 rasp
6:30 AM
@DroidDev ozone
@FOX9000 layer
@DroidDev SSL
@FOX9000 protection
@DroidDev prohibition
@FOX9000 prohibitive
6:30 AM
@DroidDev repair
@FOX9000 bike
@DroidDev transportation
@FOX9000 car
@DroidDev seater
@FOX9000 seated
6:31 AM
@DroidDev rocking
@FOX9000 banc
@DroidDev rouge
What's logic behind it ? I mean how does bot render next word ?
@FOX9000 ninja
@DroidDev sewer
6:31 AM
@TheLittleNaruto it finds it from a website. @Pro wrote the bot, he knows everything about it
Ok I'll ask him.
@FOX9000 turtle
@TheLittleNaruto dove
@FOX9000 columbidae
@TheLittleNaruto brown
@FOX9000 green
6:33 AM
@TheLittleNaruto carrot
@FOX9000 papaya
@TheLittleNaruto cooked
@FOX9000 boiled
@TheLittleNaruto canned
Fuck! googling
@FOX9000 Pepsi
6:35 AM
@TheLittleNaruto twist
@FOX9000 intelligence
@TheLittleNaruto clandestine
@FOX9000 detective
@TheLittleNaruto star
@FOX9000 sun
6:35 AM
@TheLittleNaruto sunbros
@TheLittleNaruto that actually happens a lot in beginning. I had "define" copied all the times to go "define <word posted by fox>" on google
6:50 AM
lol your first time, @The? ;)
@TheLittleNaruto hot
@ShadowWizard springs
@FOX9000 Palm
@ShadowWizard nipple
@FOX9000 lick ;)
@ShadowWizard riff
6:51 AM
@FOX9000 woman :D
@ShadowWizard seduce
7:07 AM
@FOX9000 lure
@ShadowWizard tourist
So @Martin you ready to learn advanced bot commands?
@FOX9000 innocent
@ShadowWizard offence
@ShadowWizard Ummm.. not exactly.. But yeah
@FOX9000 defence
@TheLittleNaruto luftwaffe
7:08 AM
Yep, why not?
@MartinHügi well, when the bot got no matching word, you can add such a match yourself.
@FOX9000 Blitz
@MartinHügi belfast
When there will be such a case again I'll ping you @Martin and explain what I'm doing.
@The you can also learn in the process ;)
So far only @Dro and @ber are using that feature...
@ShadowWizard sounds good.
7:11 AM
@Martin also, when posting non obvious word, it's nice to put it as link, e.g.
@MartinHügi Zuma
No associated word found for Zuma.
OK, and now see how to add a word to the bot. @Mar @The
>>continue Zuma Revenge
@ShadowWizard Revenge
that is it - now "Zuma" will always be linked to "Revenge". @The @Mar
And to explain it...
7:13 AM
>>addlinkexplanation Zuma Revenge giantbomb.com/zumas-revenge/3030-27874
@ShadowWizard Sorry, your explanation can only contain the chars a-zA-Z_*%/:.#()[]-.
:5935068 Sorry, your explanation can only contain the chars a-zA-Z_*%/:.#()[]-.
@ShadowWizard Explanation added.
Irritating limitation is that we must use only 100% valid URL's
>>explainlink Zuma Revenge
Last but not least, we can add comments inside brackets. @Mar @The
@FOX9000 (best served) cold
@ShadowWizard popsickle
So my above word is actually "cold", and that's what the bot is replying to.
@FOX9000 lick (yummy! ;))
@ShadowWizard eye
@Moosebot lick @FOX's eye
7:17 AM
> Licks @FOX's eye. Tastes like bovine excrement...
@Martin as you see, another bot... ;)
No associated word found for Mosambi.
>>continue Mosambi limetta
@TheLittleNaruto limetta
7:19 AM
>>addlinkexplanation Mosambi limetta en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citrus_limetta
@TheLittleNaruto Explanation added.
@ShadowWizard blushes
>>explainlink Mosambi limetta
Citrus limetta, alternatively considered to be a cultivar of Citrus limon, C. limon 'Limetta', is a species of citrus, commonly known as mousambi, musambi, sweet lime, sweet lemon, and sweet limetta It is native to South Asia and Southeast Asia and also cultivated in the Mediterranean Basin. In Iran it is called Limu Shirin (لیمو شیرین, meaning “Sweet lemon” in Persian). In North India, it is commonly called mousambi, mosambi, or musambi (मुसंबी)(موسمبى) (in Hindi/Urdu and Marathi). In East India, it is known as Musumbi, Musombi or Musambi. In South India, it is called Musambi in Kannada a...
Well done!
Arigatou @Sha - San
7:20 AM
San Fran
Ever been to San Fran? @The @Dro @ber @Joe @mav @M.A.R. @Mar
whoa, three "ma"-s
@ShadowWizard umm....I've never been outside India
@ShadowWizard I never went outside my country
lol, same reply
But I visited almost every big city of my country
I've been outside my country... let's count... 5 or 6 times. One time to USA, including San Fran. :D
Honeymoon was in Canada. Best ever.
7:23 AM
And tbh many citizen of my country could not visit that many places in their whole life that I visited
@TheLittleNaruto yeah, makes sense.... India is still developing, so hope that with time most of its people will be able to move freely to wherever they want.
And been to Europe three times. So that's only 5.
most people I know IRL were dozens of times abroad.
One friend was in India four times, few months each time.
(until running out of money)
@ShadowWizard yeah that's the only thing which has stopped me to visit abroad till now
@Martin where are you from?
@TheLittleNaruto yeah... most places are not cheap. :/
Think the main way for people from India to get outside is get hired by hightec company and relocate.
Kasra did it... I think.
and @Magi from the Tavern, no?
I don't want to relocate either
@TheLittleNaruto why? Family too important?
7:28 AM
India is better than any other country
hehe, real patriot. :)
@The but if you can live rich life (e.g. good cars, good food, etc) elsewhere, isn't it better?
That's what most people prefer.
Well that I can be here only
@TheLittleNaruto you freelancer? Or employee in some company?
I do earn enough to go anywhere
Employee @Citrix
You freelance?
oh, I see their ads on SE
@TheLittleNaruto nope. Employee too, tiny company.
7:31 AM
In tiny company you'll learn faster
@The and don't they need more employees? @ber is looking for a job for months now, @Dro also try to find a different job
They're, but web developer job is there in my team
7:54 AM
@FOX9000 lid
@ShadowWizard lift
@FOX9000 heavy
@ShadowWizard sweater
@sha one major problem in other country like US, is many killing of Indians
Recently you must have heard the news back to back 3 Indian got killed
That is why I don't want to relocate
On the other side, if you manage to get a job in a big firm in India like Citrix, Google, Microsoft etc , the facilities they give is much better than any other country which you'll get in the same firm.
@TheLittleNaruto I see. Well that makes sense, but for those who aren't working in those firms...
8:06 AM
Still better
India is not anymore like it was before
the thing is, living standards are better in developed nations, and that's a fact. That's why most people wanna relocate there. One thing because of which I wouldn't go to USA is their medical care. In case of emergency, there's no match, but if you are having a fever, god bless you, we won't give you medicine till evening, till you get this, that, this and that clear
@TheLittleNaruto welcome to my yard..
@ShadowWizard :(
@DroidDev just copying undertaker
btw, I'm still laughing
@ShadowWizard no.
@berserk ._.
did you delete it?
8:10 AM
phew thanks
lol np
@berserk :(
I will take it as a win this time, huheuheuheuhe
@ShadowWizard never been outside India
hmm? Deleted what? @ber @Dro
@berserk :(
8:12 AM
@berserk bows down
@ShadowWizard as usual, he tried to mock me with "being single" stuff on facebook, but this time, I turned the tables...
@berserk Thanks ber
We were talking about relocation.
so where are you taking me? C:
starts imagining bro love
@berserk lol.... but how? You're not single... or are you?!
@berserk dark room
8:15 AM
@ShadowWizard I found his weak spot, and then stabbed him there :P
turn around
@DroidDev '-'
^ new emoticon
@ShadowWizard wut? I can't believe you asked that question (about being single)
I guess he meant how I turned tables
@berserk his legs?
8:16 AM
yeah .__.
@DroidDev dunno... last time I heard you had g/f but who knows... people break up. So thought @ber mocked you for being single again. o_O
wondering what weed @Sha just smoked
how can I possibly mock him? lol
@berserk yeah @Dro got weak legs... :P
I am the one who is being mocked ;-;
struggles to make sense of few sentences above
8:18 AM
@berserk go back in time, steal his first g/f before he knows her, become @Dro yourself... :D
@DroidDev oh wait.... you mocked @ber... thought that since you deleted a message it was the other way around somehow. self slap
mocking both @Dro and @ber
smoking @Rah
spanking @Joe
@ShadowWizard remove the butt before smoking
@berserk but @Rah without a butt isn't interesting :D
He will be full of crap.
8:22 AM
Intended. :P
@berserk ('._.)
One must have a way to remove his crap! :P
golden words
@ShadowWizard I have been to mars lol
8:24 AM
@maveň good! The aliens there are friendly?
@Fawad (-_-)
@ShadowWizard they used to slap on ass
@maveň LMAO, how many times did you get slapped?
8:38 AM
@maveň is it fun?
wondering if silence means "yes" ;)
@maveň really? For what?
@berserk •̀.̫•́✧
8:55 AM
@berserk Yeah A Dark Room
And then:
you leave me alone there with a girl? :D
@TheLittleNaruto are you watching a lot of yaoi these days? (yeah, go google)
@berserk Naah!
I wont google
That must be something I should not do
so I will never get the answer to this question? :/
The answer is No
Kicks @Dro's butt and runs away
pff, old moves
9:06 AM
shoots @TheLittleNaruto in head with sniper rifle
wears an iron helmet
How was it ? ^^ @ber
new move. Isn't it ?
it that's your protection, you should read more about high power sniper rifles :P
afk, lunch time
9:39 AM
@DroidDev I remember that story
@DroidDev bon appetite
@berserk cya
No associated word found for cya.
>>continue cya bye
@TheLittleNaruto bye
@TheLittleNaruto 'recent' has a value of -1, which is not a valid message ID. Please provide an explicit ID.
>>continue cya later
9:41 AM
:5935368 'recent' has a value of -1, which is not a valid message ID. Please provide an explicit ID.
Damn it!
Can't I undo what I did already ?
Looks like I can't
!!blame @sha
I see, so some features of SO chat room doesn't work here.
@ShadowWizard ( •̀ .̫ •́ )
no they slap hard
@TheLittleNaruto like?
Suppose you post a message
And you want to edit it
click on TextBox
and press up button
that posted message will come in teextBox and will be in editmode
that you can do on SO chat room
Now it's working
9:53 AM
Something is strange
let me check
lets @TheLittleNaruto check something strange
It was not working before
Now it is working...
Image not found
never mind!
!!blame @sha
10:03 AM
@Dro Try to target big firms also if you're planning now to relocate to Bangalore
@TheLittleNaruto my current plan is to get into fight with my CTO, get last month's salary, get fired on the spot and then rush to bangalore
I wonder tho, if that's possible
@ShadowWizard I am in the Uk
10:24 AM
@DroidDev Ok in that case, forget whatever I said earlier to you
@TheLittleNaruto about big firms?
@DroidDev basically about relocation
@TheLittleNaruto oh....I should cancel the fight in that case. Lets take a bit more civilized path
@DroidDev Get a job and then resign first
@TheLittleNaruto umm....actually, I was kidding earlier, when I said I'll get into fight ._.
I thought you wouldn't understand, so I posted following:
26 mins ago, by DroidDev
I wonder tho, if that's possible
but still....
10:38 AM
@ShadowWizard Too many Ma's
10:53 AM
@ShadowWizard ?
@Mar impostor
@DroidDev Dro, now is serious question. Are you really planning to relocate ?
Did you get the book delivered which you had ordered ?
@TheLittleNaruto Don't add space before punctuation mark
@M.A.R. Hey hey! The French add spaces before the punctuation mark. Maybe @TheLittleNaruto is French?
I know it is incorrect in English, but who are you to judge people's spaces huh @M.A.R.?!
@JoErNanO Man! You know a lot
@M.A.R. Will keep that in mind
@JoErNanO ಠ_ಠ
11:00 AM
@TheLittleNaruto I live in France. But yeah, I am the guy who knows a lot. Honestly, seeing what the average Den population looks like (see @ShadowWizard @berserk @DroidDev for examples) it isn't really hard to be that guy. :D
@JoErNanO And Indians. Dunno why
@M.A.R. No idea. Maybe Indians are as weird as the French?
@TheLittleNaruto Correct punctuation/capitalization/whatever doesn't matter in chat, but does pretty much decide for some people whether you get upvoted or downvoted
@JoErNanO Funny thing is, most French people I meet agree not to add spaces from now on, but Indians acts as stubborn as mules
Most of them anyway
@M.A.R. Indians being stubborn. That's new.
JoErs saying Pwauhawuhawuhawuhaw. That's new.
11:04 AM
True dat innit.
Yo @TheLittleNaruto ignore @M.A.R. he's just a mean evil dude who likes chemistry. O_O
@TheLittleNaruto yeah, I am reading it daily and I am really planning to relocate. I am gonna put resumes on all sites tonight itself
@JoErNanO ...And I thought I am the only evil in here. Never mind!
@DroidDev Good,Which book was it ?
@M.A.R. Trying hard ^ Took one edit though
Needs other edits
@TheLittleNaruto algorithms and data structures, by narsimha karumanchi
Ok thanks
Will download pdf ;)
11:16 AM
anytime :)
11:42 AM
@TheLittleNaruto you can just reply to previous word :)
@M.A.R. no, @Mar is the real thing
@TheLittleNaruto yup, the easter egg here is the red tags
@JoErNanO yup. Three moms even @Jason doesn't have.
@M.A.R. your mind is pure and undirty, you won't understand
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