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7:14 PM
Hmmm...go figure. An update to GDM didn't require a reboot/relog.
@GeorgeMarian If only more updates were like that.
How can I keep an amazing uptime with updates that make me reboot? ;)
7:17 PM
Plus, I've got 160 processes going (OK, so half of them are probably Chrome), like hell am I going to restart that shit :P
In other news, don't run Ubuntu if you want that uptime. I swear, they release a new kernel once a week.
is a trendsetter
@RBemrose Ironically, I'm running Ubuntu. :)
...that was weird. I could have sworn I heard the STTNG door buzzer thing from Picard's ready room.
7:19 PM
@RBemrose Eh?
Must be something the person in the next cube over has.
Gah! WTF happened to my screen session?
I took it over!
Actually, I can't live without screen, and that's not just because I run like 3 different Source game servers and periodically use their consoles.
Yah, screen is pretty cool. Though it has a slightly unfortunate name for searching about it. :)
@GeorgeMarian Yes, I found that out the hard way.
7:24 PM
"At the press conference, Google also announced that it will abandon work on its Android mobile operating and join Nokia in backing Windows Phone 7"
> One person familiar with the matter told The Reg that Elop's high-school summer stint as a Dairy Queen soda jerk lasted a mere afternoon.
@TimStone Ha... wait, you linked to Rebecca Black's site? Someone's going to flag that and get you suspended!!!
If that were to happen, my vengeance would be swift and merciless. >_>
Be sure to keep an eye on the URL bar there too :D
hahahaha @ Url
7:33 PM
I like how the usual Funny and Die buttons are now Friday and Monday respectively.
Hmm, C# room isn't very active anymore. :/
Q: Limiting Line length in SO's WMD editor

When you type a really long word in WMD editor the word overflows the preview div: However if you try the same thing on this site, it turns it into the next line: dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd...

Er, so the question has been deleted on SO, apparently..
Anyone have 10K to see who migrated it?
@TimStone migrated to meta.stackoverflow.com by CD, Shog9♦ 14 mins ago
@TimStone deleted by Shog9♦ 14 mins ago
@JoshuaHHeyer the hell? :P
7:39 PM
@TimStone Who's "Shog9"?
Oh right, he morphed into a real person didn't he?
@TimStone that was it's own sick joke I believe
@PopularDemand This is.
I see Scott Hanselman talking on his blog about some great JSON processor for .NET, but doesn't .NET already include a JSON processor?
@TimStone Hmmm?
shakes a fist at Ubuntu
7:45 PM
shakes fist at people who shake fists often
@TimStone Oh - I'm pretty sure there's a previous layout bug where the fix resulted in this behavior, but I got interrupted before I could look for it.
So, they, sorta, renamed screen to byobu. However, they sorta screwed something up.
@GeorgeMarian You should switch to Canterbury!
@JoshuaHHeyer Oh, I thought they were bitching because their copy of WMD didn't behave the way that the one on SO did, and they wanted to know why (even though they never came close to asking an actual question).
@RBemrose Heh. This is the first I hear of it.
Oh, it's OpenSUSE?
7:47 PM
@GeorgeMarian "Canterbury is a merge of the efforts of the community distributions formerly known as Debian, Gentoo, Grml, openSUSE and Arch Linux to produce a really unified effort and be able to stand up in a combined effort against proprietary operating systems, to show off that the Free Software community is actually able to work together for a common goal instead of creating more diversity."
So I was confused about the migration under the assumption that it's actually a WMD implementation question, but rereading I honestly have no clue what it's supposed to be.
@TimStone No, I don't believe that was the intention... The original tags were "stackoverflow" and "wmd-editor". If I'm wrong, I guess he can re-ask it.
@TimStone It's clearly about Weapons of Mass Destruction
@RBemrose Heh. I'm reading that now. I was going on the fact that is was on www.opensuse.org. :)
@JoshuaHHeyer Well, they didn't even ask a question, so I'm not confident in the appropriateness of their tags either... ;) I mean, I guess they could be complaining that the text doesn't overflow on SO, but that seems rather silly. Their screenshot isn't of the SO WMD editor, which is why I figured they were asking an implementation question. But yeah, they can always re-ask (or actually ask, rather).
7:51 PM
@TimStone Well, now I'm doubting myself, since I can't actually reproduce the problem he's describing on SO... So, hmm, maybe he was just asking how SO implements it.
@RBemrose not a great JSON processor. Link to the blog handy?
@GeorgeMarian By the way, I hope you realize that Canterbury Project is an April Fools joke...?
Yah, I kinda figured that after looking through the site. :)
@RBemrose Psh. You just watch. It'll be there tomorrow, like GMail was. Keep hope alive!
7:55 PM
@PopularDemand Anything that says Debian and Gentoo linux are merging is clearly fiction. ;)
One has the philosophy of "package management made easy" and the other has the philosophy of "build everything yourself."
@RBemrose I don't see how that would impede a merger.</deliberatelyObtuse>
«building everything yourself made easy», or rather «package everything yourself»
contacting another dead site for a hopeful domain acquisition. I expect the next one to go even less swimmingly than the last one.
8:15 PM
Apparently, they couldn't deal with the virtual organization any longer.
Of course, it could be an april fools joke. /facepalm
@GeorgeMarian Pwned.
@GeorgeMarian lmao
@mootinator Yeah, pretty much. I'm just gonna shut of the rest of today. :D
> "In the past months we’ve experimented with holding two-hour status meetings..." didn't give it away huh? ;)
LOL Good point.
8:34 PM
My favorite part was
> It is a unisex, one-piece, uniform that is functional and minimalist, just like our apps.
So... a bathing suit?
A speedsuit is an item of unisex exercise attire. It consists of a single piece of clothing which tightly fits the torso and, optionally, varying amounts of the arms and legs; overall, it is similar to a leotard, though intentionally made especially tight and constricting to hug the body for varying purposes of warmth (when used in snowboarding or skiing) and hydrodynamics (when used in swimming and other water sports). In popular culture A running gag in The Venture Bros. episode "Hate Floats" is that Dr. Venture wants to buy his son a speed suit for his birthday; in what is either a v...
@RBemrose Good lord I hope not
I look like shit in a bikini >.>
I wanna go home, but my timesheet says I'm here for another 50 minutes or so. :/
@TheOutOfStarsException !
Only here for a moment
8:37 PM
On the other hand, being one of the last people here on the day after a party with a huge cake, I get to take a bunch of said cake with me.
just unpacked my desktop
wanted to see what the April 1 joke turned out to be :-D
Up vote a question, if you haven't yet :P
@TheOutOfStarsException Consider investing in a laptop if you're going to be carrying your computer around with you.
8:37 PM
@TheOutOfStarsException :/
@TheOutOfStarsException JOSH!!!
@TheOutOfStarsException There are no april fools stuff. waves hand
Unicorns, for the third straight year. yawn
@TimStone Or downvote a question, if you haven't
@TimStone I like the downvoting better, personally. :/
8:38 PM
@PopularDemand It's better exercise that way.
Well, my own site had nothing done for April Fools day. The first year we haven't since I started the practice in 1998.
@mootinator Yeah, true.
@TheOutOfStarsException Also, the new @Josh in town isn't you.
Glad you guys got moved in, now hurry up and get online full-time so I can bug you with Prototype questions dangit
Kicks @mmyers for pinging
8:39 PM
kicks @shog9 for kicking other people (in the shin)
@TheOutOfStarsException Check out this question too:
Q: Why is this program erroneously rejected by three C++ compilers?

James McNellisI am having some difficulty compiling a C++ program that I've written. This program is very simple and, to the best of my knowledge, conforms to all the rules set forth in the C++ Standard. I've read over the entirety of ISO/IEC 14882:2003 twice to be sure. The program is as follows: Here i...

@PopularDemand Yes, I have a laptop, thanks. But my router is still in an unknwon box!
Ha! You can't kick mmyers because there is no mmyers!
I think I should @random words @just to see @who responds.
So desktop is acting as ad-hoc wifi sharing for now
8:40 PM
@RBemrose Oh, he's in the teachers' lounge right now.
There's always mmyers. Always has been, always will be. We're just waiting for him to find himself again...
Will Shog9 find himself again?
@JonSkeetsLeftHand no, he went and found a tie
he sold out man ... to the Man man
@JonSkeetsLeftHand I'd have better luck, if I could google myself without all this Comic Sans
@JoshuaHHeyer You need a better autocompleter. I've been lucky today; I think the last guy was pretty good.
8:50 PM
I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. ;)
@RBemrose Birthday suit?
@GeorgeMarian A birthday suit would be a no-piece. ;D
@TheOutOfStarsException Ah, the joys of moving. :)
@RBemrose How's that? It's one large piece. :)
arstechnica.com/apple/news/2011/04/… <-- I can't tell if this article is real or not.
10,000 support tickets waiting for me, LOL
@GeorgeMarian it's CRAZYNESS. I can't believe how long this is taking!
8:56 PM
@TheOutOfStarsException Heh. We still haven't found 3 bowls that the gf packed away. (We moved last September.)
OK, back to unloading. Later everyone!
@TheOutOfStarsException see ya
9:30 PM
If any of you didn't think to check SU today: superuser.com/questions/265114/… and superuser.com/questions/265255/…
@RBemrose Did you mean... Comic Sans?
9:56 PM
@RBemrose I think so
@badpssockpuppet Heh. Which? Real or not? :)
@GeorgeMarian I think Real; I haven't seen Ars running fake stories
Not to mention that it would be a fairly elaborate prank.
10:21 PM
Mayhaps this should receive more attention, Ladies and Gentleman:
Q: Egad!!! Tally ambulations nonpresent on transportable aether mechanisms!

rchern_sockpuppet419I'm reclining at an institution of youthful learning, waiting to retrieve my heir from his extracurricular exertions, when I determine to entertain myself with the frolicking frippery of delightfully pastel uniprong ponies. Revealing my transportable computing mechanism I languidly key in the lo...

@rchern_sockpuppet419 I already up and down tallied that dozens of times.
@RebeccaChernoff But you just posted... oh, never mind.
10:34 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Don't you just love April Fool's day? :)
@GeorgeMarian Which one of us am I asking?
Fortunately, I managed to avoid refreshing chat. :)
yeah...it is just wonderful
10:49 PM
beta.mutant-tractor.com/?p=37 - 4kg thermite tonight :)
11:13 PM
Joel on Coal: joeloncoal.com
11:33 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Thanks for allowing me to intern as your sockpuppet!
You were interning?
I could have made you do stuff for me?
Well, I was your sockpuppet after all. So, yeah.
Make a list for next year. And find a new intern.
Well in that case, I live on Hawaiian time, so I can put you to work for 10 and a half more hours! q:
Well, apparently chat hasn't refreshed but gravatar has. lol
11:40 PM
You wish you lived on hawaiian time! If that were true you'd need a cabana boy, not an intern.
@GeorgeMarian Yeah, when I changed it to rchern yesterday it took some time for the names in chat to sync up.
chat syncs hourly
@rchern_sockpuppet419 Well, the names aren't synced up, and now I notice that there is some funkiness with the gravatars.
So it'll happen right at the end of apr 1 utc, which is convenient.
living on hawaiian time != living in hawaii. I am quite the night owl you know. (;
I just noticed yours changing, when it displayed the larger image.
11:43 PM
The gravatars are based on the email hash, and I didn't change my email - I went to gravatar.com and made the change there, so it propagates separately from stackoverflow's caching system.
@RebeccaChernoff Oh you!
Heh. The notification toast still displays the old icon and as does the smaller icon display in chat.
FTR: you're updated in chat entirely here on the avatars
I am made of winning.
And uniprong pony.
I mean Winning and Uniprong Pony are my parents.
Flabbergasted? Me too. I just found out moments ago.
Trying to squeeze in as many more jokes as you can before the counter ticks over? :p
Yatta! I just discovered a slightly obscure bug in my own code :D
11:53 PM

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