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1:29 AM
What's the deal with the weird vague archive.org data dumps?
what wierd vague archive.org data dumps?
Currently dated December, 2016.
1:51 AM
that its not updated is interesting
> A version of it (updated weekly) can be viewed and queried online at data.stackexchange.com - the data here forms the basis for the quarterly data dump.
So by definition it should be quarterly?
So it's due for an update by the end of March. Not overdue yet. And SREs are busy with botnets and https...
@JourneymanGeek Ah. Where do you see that?
More interestingly, why? Is it different than the weekly dumps?
It's kind of misleading to compare data dump and SEDE: the dump has only 6 tables. Tha main ones, of course - but SEDE has a lot more.
2:09 AM
Which data dump do you mean? The archive.org one? Or the data dumps from the "download data dump" button on SEDE?
Or is that what you meant by "SEDE" rather than live queries. OMG THE VAGUENESS, IT SURROUNDS US.
@JasonC Where's that button on SEDE?
@Undo data.stackexchange.com/help blue button in center is the weekly dumps.
A: Where is Stack Overflow's public data dump?

OdedThe data dump lives on archive.org. A version of it (updated weekly) can be viewed and queried online at data.stackexchange.com - the data here forms the basis for the quarterly data dump.

SEDE is based off weekly data dumps
2:12 AM
So there's an inexplicable quarterly dump hosted on archive.org, and then useful weekly dumps on SEDE.
I guess since its internal to SE, they don't have to 'ship' gigabytes (terabytes?) of data
the quarterly dump was elsewhere
Different formats?
and in a sense is "insurance"
I never knew that existed. Nice.
and that dump was somewhere else before IIRC
2:13 AM
Speaking of data dumps, brb.
I'm just kidding I only said that for humor value.
@JasonC Not really inexplicable. If SE, Inc goes offline and out of business tomorrow (and SEDE with them, as they host it), that archive.org will be all we have left of SO.
essentially "Insurance"
> Finally 10 hours later: a green dashboard (still not on the right drives). This week has not gone our way. I'm sorry users noticed at all :( pic.twitter.com/0TBwCsj1ZM -- Nick Craver at 5:27 PM - 9 Mar 2017
2:28 AM
SE Inc hasn't reached the critical mass to be an evil faceless organisation (TM) yet
2:47 AM
@NormalHuman I suppose that's true. There's also the torrents, they usually have decent seed counts. But archive.orgs are forever.
2:58 AM
@JasonC "forever"
or at least until archive.org is around/feels its worth keeping
Or at least until the universe reaches maximum entropy and is no longer capable of sustaining chemical reactions.
At least.
3:32 AM
Found one more deleted former mod: Bryan Dunsmore, a pro tem mod on Raspberry Pi (2012-07-09 - 2013-08-26). All SE accounts are gone.
Yannis has a gist with a snapshot of mods from 2013, which is occasionally helpful in this search.
3:50 AM
Nobody called me out on this, which is weird, but it looks like the data dumps from the blue button in /help are not updated weekly.
@Undo I lied. I'm not sure why I thought that.
Nothing externally hosted is updated weekly; the (approximately) quarterly dump is what we have.
It's the source of the torrents, too.
Came across bountysource.com after a certain AU user linked to it hinting the issue should be funded there...
Entered the plane from butt area
4:06 AM
@Telkitty What what!
Sydney - Launceston?
Probably she won't be replying for some hours...
How do you know? :x
Really can't chat now ...
My local airport (Burbank, California) has rear entry from the tarmack. In the latest round of negotiations for updating the terminal, the city asked that that feature remain. It's a lot faster to get on and off in my estimation.
4:32 AM
@Telkitty That big ol' tail number. flightaware.com/live/flight/VHVFY
2 hours later…
6:06 AM
6 messages moved to Chimney
@Telkitty We see you landing. Mwahaha.
6:29 AM
Gotten by a tassie dog (coz of the beef jerky)
user image
@Telkitty Lol
They use beagles?
That's awesome.
@JasonC not because of twitter, because it's not smart enough. Just tweeting when you flush isn't really smart. ;)
@ShadowWizard Well the possibilities are endless. Take your pick: Pressure sensors? Audio analysis? Water color sensors? The sky's the limit.
GoPro and a live video feed?
@JasonC yup, that would do.
Having such device attack SE would be crappy indeed. :D
6:36 AM
It would really stink.
Not if you only pee.
Depends. Did you eat asparagus?
@JasonC nope.
Amoxicillin seems to make pee smell weird, too.
7:11 AM
@JasonC I think they're agri-dogs
so yeah, beagles
7:23 AM
@JourneymanGeek I am a huge fan of beagles.
I had no less than 3 of them in my house at any given time growing up.
@JasonC for sniffing out food, no better dog exists ;p
Hehe, and for barking at the neighbors.
Oh, we have a snauzer cross for that
Right now my parents have this goofy beagle / german shepherd mix.
we kinda didn't notice that the doorbell was out of batteries for... 2-3 months cause of him
7:24 AM
It's like the shape and personality of a gs but the size and color of a beagle.
oh dear
So small furry goof?
(My cousin and granma have GSDs. They're both goofballs)
and huge.
Yeah it's super weird.
We don't actually know what my dog is ;p
He's supposedly have white schnauzer
She's really loyal to my dad, unlike the pure beagles, who are loyal to whoever has the treats.
half something else...
7:29 AM
She's also very protective. I snapped my sister with a wet towel once and the beagles happily got in on the action, but the mix attacked me.
Ash kinda is the sweetest dog ever. Bit a guy once for lying repeatedly, but that's about it.
"Man mauled by dog. In dog's defense, he was a liar."
Totally deserved it.,
Well now I've got cats. I wish I had the space for dogs. A tiny NYC apartment is not appropriate.
7:32 AM
My one cat is at least somewhat dog-like. He'll come when I call him and he does play fetch.
you can't keep cats in most apartments here
I had to pay an extra deposit per cat on this place.
cause apparently cats arn't suitable
course this is the same government agency that has a list of approved breeds.
It's because a lot of people don't train their cats properly I think, so cats end up with a bad rap for pissing all over the place and tearing things up.
and culled... a whole bunch of protected jungle fowl..
@JasonC funny thing is, cats wonder around, doing the same thing.
7:35 AM
That's weird.
"They're chickens" "You guys DO realise that there was a Richard Attenbrough documentary about these wild jungle fowl right?"
@JasonC feral cats are mostly protected.
They do get picked up and fixed, but that's fine.
I'm not sure what pets you aren't allowed to have in NYC. I think it's pretty free aside from exotic stuff.
Damn I'll have to hide my elephant.
> Iguana, gila monster, many other lizards
Most housing here is "public" and leased from the government
I can't remember if birds are legal
Fascinating... I know a ton of people with iguanas and various lizards around here. No idea they were illegal.
maybe a dozen dog breeds
(JRTs arn't apartment dogs. yes they're small but...)
7:40 AM
@JourneymanGeek Ah, I was kind of wondering where you were that it was a government agency dictating housing rules.
@JasonC I really ought to consider moving if I can find work elsewhere but family + dog. More the dog.
It's hard to move with animals.
It actually surprised me how much I have to plan around my cats. I'm used to it now but like, things like long vacations, etc. Lots of money and prep if I leave the house for a few weeks.
He's elderly too
And most of the places worth moving to are far away
If only we all had our own private jets.
If I was that rich, why move? ;p
I suppose it would be amusing to see how my dog would react to an airplane tho
He loves car rides
7:55 AM
@JasonC Amo what?
@ShadowWizard the garden variety antibiotic
Anyway, my pee does not stink! :P
Used for both humans, and dogs.
@ShadowWizard so you sniffed it?
@JourneymanGeek of course, who doesn't?
I mean, it's like peeing in the pool....
8:15 AM
8:44 AM
That swimming pool has low level of fragmentation!
9:25 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: How to approach to finding a remote full-time job in a different country? by TecheJobs on workplace.SE
@Stijn hehe, I know, even posted a question inspired by that on Health.SE ;)
I admit that as a kid (well, also teenager) I did that, but stopped as adult.
@ShadowWizard as long as you don't do it from the diving board ...
I'm expecting a package from DPD today, and there's live GPS tracking to see where the truck is and how many packages to go before mine
technology is nice :)
9:53 AM
When they lost my luggage at the airport, they solved the delivery issue by literally send me an SMS every 10 minutes that they were on their way, right up to "we're at your door" ... and then the bell rang.
@Bart nah, that would be too creepy...
@Bart creepy..
@Bart was the delivery guy also wearing an hokey mask and carrying a chainsaw?
You know him?
Do you expect a reply like "Yep, I think I must have meet him once at the summer camp"? -_-'
10:00 AM
@Stijn That might drive me nuts
I'm one of those people who checks his delivery status every 5 minutes or so
10:38 AM
I F5 don't F5 have F5 that F5 problem F5 at F5 all Ctrl+F5
^ is that user an actual problem or is it a bit too heavy handed?
11:54 AM
Maybe the user is heavy duty
@SmokeDetector why
@M.A.R. Blacklisted user - blacklisted for //gis.stackexchange.com/questions/229140 (m.erwaysoftware.com/posts/by-url?url=//gis.stackexchange.com/…) by http:metasmoke
@SmokeDetector fp-
Every once in a while, they start editing images and I get a chance to do some robo-reviewing.
12:18 PM
@Bart more or less yeah
sadly, my next package of things is DX and not tracked
so will turn up in 6-8 weeks, SE time.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer, link at end of answer: Hide Whatsapp profile picture from a certain user by shreyajain1050 on android.SE
12:57 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer: How to pass password in bash without prompting to ask to type in? by a deleted user on superuser.com
I just had a peek at Documentation (due to an MSO question): stackoverflow.com/documentation/javascript/208/…
How do people make sense of such a page? :\
1:16 PM
> Young man, in mathematics you don't understand things. You just get used to them. -- John von Neumann
It's too tempting to fall back on this after repeatedly trying and failing to explain something...
@Stijn An edit replacing everything with "use ===" might improve it.
1:31 PM
> private $JohnDeLancie: angular.IQService,
1 hour later…
4:38 PM
@JourneymanGeek Lol good point.
@ShadowWizard If you really want to back up that claim, pee on your carpet and let us know how it goes, lol.
@Stijn you don't. It's one of the reasons why I still don't contribute to Documentation. It's frustrating me before I start.
> Added a "goto"; style guides say I should burn for eternity for this, but I say: to hell with the style guides - "goto" is right sometimes. -- Marc Gravell at 8:44 AM - 10 Mar 2017
Now we know whom to blame for raptor attacks on SE headquarters.
RIP Marc
4:49 PM
@Stijn By accepting that it is essentially an unholy combination of Wikipedia and archive.org, with a little bit of W3Schools sprinkled in, then ignoring it and using Google.
I hate to be a naysayer on Documentation... but Nay I say, NAY.
(I'm half joking, half serious.)
I don't feel enough ownership to commit more brain-cells to it.
I quit contributing to Wikipedia because too many cooks focused on making soup and sandwiches didn't appreciate my boeuf-bourguignon, even if they had all the kitchen space anyone could ever wish for...
Is there a way in chrome to see the character set that a page's HTML is using?
@AaronHall Don't worry, I love being a naysayer on Documentation enough for the both of us.
5:06 PM
bass guitar lessons are starting to pay off, just practiced muse's hysteria and it's going pretty good :) and the song is so much more interesting than those I started out with
@JasonC I don't have carpet. Nah!
5:23 PM
@Stijn that's a pretty difficult one
@Bart I can't play it at the intended speed yet, but getting close :p
3 hours later…
8:15 PM
Naysays happy hour Pfft. It never happens.
Can confirm: Not happy.
8:32 PM
oh, a Telkitty approaches
2 hours later…
10:17 PM
@Shog9 You have said "question" or "questions" roughly 1300 times in here. It is your most common word.
I question your results
@bjb568 You, on the other hand, have said "@hichris123" more than anything else.
This is with a completely arbitrary list of stop words because whatever.
In any case all of the tavern transcripts from the beginning of time up until yesterday are at dropbox.com/s/srfyi1gbzrjw9ni/tavern_transcripts_01.7z if anybody wants to play.
It's exceeded my attention span.
A: Palindrome check in Javascript

AssI found this on an interview site: Write à recursive javascript that checks whether a string is a palindrome. I need a solution please

With a diacritic mark over "a", must be some fancy javascript indeed.
Q: What if I see someone doing something bad?

Glorfindel... like messing up the Help Center? What if I see someone doing something bad? I have a log file being written by another process which I want to watch for changes. Each time a change occurrs I'd like to read the new data in to do some processing on it. What's the best way to do th...

10:30 PM
Any why would anyone write that as a recursion?
help center's borked
Hilarously borked.
> Alright Friday, No DDoS attacks, cache poisoning, BGP, SSD, or kernel failures, quorum losses, or edge hash collisions. Please, for 24 hrs. -- Nick Craver at 4:37 AM - 10 Mar 2017
Nick's plea didn't work.
doesn't look like it did :D
10:40 PM
At least Hans laughed, so we're all good now ...
We don't want to discriminate, do we?
Gotta love political correctness.
Yeah, don't blame me for that ...
@Stijn maybe Mark replaced more then just a DIMM: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/345278/578411
Must have been that goto that Mark added today.
10:46 PM
Oops, I meant another Marc, the one with a c.
Oh man it's too good
some even make sense ...
If they labeled it as Quality Project I would have believed it ...
This is the best one:
10:51 PM
my favorite:
Did someone @-me?
A: What if I see someone, like Nick Craver, doing something bad?

Jason CHere's a couple of gems, from this brief and gloriously underappreciated moment, preserved for posterity: From chat:

@AaronHall it's the bar at the top
11:01 PM
I think I got that much earlier...
That was epic.
@AaronHall well I think that's it. I heard a notification sound too and thought I was going nuts.
Happy Hour notification is 6-8 minutes before 23 UTC on a Friday.
Describing Nick's week
Which may be on par with a Community Team's every other week.
Doesn't look too spammy to me.
The new nav bar is sort of doing the opposite of growing on me, it's weird.
I was all about it at first. But every time I look at it in contrast with another site it seems crowded and strange. Maybe it's just the contrast.
"How do I delete my SO account using Cygwin, on a boat?"

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