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12:04 AM
hm, no, not it. why do you ask though?
@Stijn You can see the language set for a specific tag at the bottom of its info page though (e.g.: stackoverflow.com/tags/java/info)
@ɥʇǝS that's probably it, I guess I misremember it and incorrectly thought there was a list. Thank you :)
Was trying to figure out some stuff for an issue related to syntax highlighting on a new beta site
lang-bsh: powershell
lang-c: boost, c, cocoa, cocoa-touch, gcc, glsl, objective-c, objective-c++, stl
lang-clj: clojure, clojurescript
lang-cpp: c++, c++-amp, c++-cli, c++-cx, c++11, qt, visual-c++
lang-cs: asp.net-mvc-3, asp.net-mvc-4, c#, c#-4.0, itextsharp, stackexchange.redis, vsx, workflow-foundation-4
lang-csh: csh
lang-dart: dart
lang-erlang: erlang
lang-golang: go
lang-hs: haskell
lang-html: xhtml
lang-java: apache-fluent-api, codenameone, glassfish, itext, java, java-6, java-7, java-8, java-9, java-ee, java-ee-5, java-ee-6, java-ee-7, java-me, javacard, javafx, javafx-2, javafx-8,
@JeremyBanks nice! Are these network-wide?
@Stijn Ah, that's only for Stack Overflow. What were you looking for?
that zalgo in the starboard.. I keep seeing it in the corner of my eye and wondering how a piece of grass got on my screen -.-
12:18 AM
@JeremyBanks I was trying to figure out why language hints aren't working on DevOps (link)
Isn't tag -> syntax highlight connection entirely site-specific?
They are, as Jeremy noted
@Stijn It appears that Prettify is not enabled for DevOps.
@Stijn almost certainly not enabled at all there. Make meta request.
12:24 AM
@JeremyBanks I suspected that
@Shog9 I'll edit my current Meta post a bit
@Stijn yeah, that would save time.
1:03 AM
> bumping is 7.6% effective on DSP and 25.7% effective on Webmasters -- meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/a/4245
Yeah, I remember DSP folks grumbling about old questions being brought up. They aren't in the mood for dealing with them at all...
10% on Math. 4.9% on AU. 3.9% on SF, could be the record low.
That is, excluding SO with 2.4% -- but that's not surprising because bumping doesn't bring very much fame there.
FR: Treat WDYT comments (what did you try?) same as WHYT.
(wdyt can also be "what do you think?"... an online collaborator put this in a comment in our LaTeX file, which I kind of wanted to flag...)
1:23 AM
...and it just dawned on me that I wrote a query looking back 365 days at data which has only been recorded for the last 9 months or so. Yay...
Time goes by too quickly, except when it would be convenient.
You'll high five yourself in 3 months.
In three months, I'll think of a better metric than "% voted or answered"
Spring is for new ideas; winter is for surviving.
1:30 AM
It's March in UTC. Spring in some sense.
equinox is still some time away
Yes, hence in "some sense". I don't really believe that winter begins on Dec 21, either.
And today was nice enough to sit outside grading homework on a laptop. Spring.
Went from sleeting here, to bright warm sunshine... back to sleet. And now that it is dark, the snow is piling up. I start plants inside long, long before I dare leave them out over night.
your solution so local - not applying to Mars, the moon ... or even half of earth
1:43 AM
must thinking big ... and not 'too large to fly' kind of big
1:55 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in body, email in body: get your urgent loan now by gregory on money.SE
2:31 AM
when running lion meets arrow in the opposite direction
2:50 AM
@Telkitty Psh
Looking for kitchen supplies? Not sure "restaurant grade" is good enough for the harsh conditions of your home kitchen? cookscorrectional.com
@Shog9 Yeah. climatestations.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/ny2017.gif top graph. Every other day has been like, 20 or 70, clear or rainy, this entire season.
Also lol
Let's see, what shitty question can I answer on SO...
3:05 AM
restaurant cookware usually stay indoors - harsh condition, what are you taking about
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Running DansGuardian filter over network by Squidblacklist on superuser.com
being a true blue, getting weather proof gear that survives in harsh condition!
Oh to have grass...
@Shog9 ._. they should get my dad or my brother to test those. They tend to break everything ;p
3:12 AM
@JourneymanGeek but do they look good in orange?
(yes, that's actually how I ended up on the site. Finding orange kitchen supplies that aren't crap can be surprisingly difficult)
why do you need orange kitcen supplies?
High visibility for cooking in the middle of a snow storm?
Gotta be prepared for hunting season, of course.
Because he's "serving inmates that are dangerous to others or themselves", through 3" holes.
3:13 AM
Naw, the wife just likes orange.
I know there's coated orange knives at our local hypermart
Here honey, here's the color you like, and also I've explicitly selected things you can't shiv me with while I sleep.
See, it's win-win
@JasonC cause they're chained to the kitchen. The knives preferably.
Also, I mean who doesn't want a 12-pack of half-sheet pans
3:14 AM
We could probably use that.
I don't. I want a 48-pack.
Go big or go home, I say.
I refuse to believe you actually have room for that many sheet pans in NYC
I have a storage unit. It should have a few cubic feet left in it.
I've always wanted a storage unit with a power supply.
Just enough wattage to run a hot plate and maybe a space heater. Which... I guess is quite a bit really.
Yeah that's like a full 15 amps, heh.
3:20 AM
Just occurred to me that if such things were more common around these parts, they'd be used as grow rooms, and now I understand.
I wish my storage unit had power. Theoretically I could get a light socket -> power outlet adapter, except my lighting fixture gets no power, and I've been playing tag with the electrician there for six years.
Does anybody have any interesting recipes that use a shit load of red miso paste?
Because "1 US shit load" is apparently the smallest unit you can buy.
I have actually never used miso paste in anything. Should probably try it at least once before I die.
I got it because I never used it before either and wanted to use it in a glaze for salmon. Which I did. And it was good. And now I have enough to do it for 3 meals a day every day for the next month.
You should ask on vegetarianism.stackexchange.com - sounds like their kind of thing.
Vegetable Crisco
"If you are what you eat, can vegans eat vegans?"
@JasonC cook noodle in it (miso and water), with shallot
@Telkitty Oh that's a good idea.
I've got some rice noodles here too.
rabbit eats grass, wolves eat rabbit, so using 'you are what you eat' principle, wolves are just grass
And maybe I can do a sesame beef thing with it
3:33 AM
not much of a vegan, are you
What does grass eat
Lol, me, vegan.
well, you do live in NYC
@JasonC sunlight, mostly. Negligible amounts of soil.
I'd guess cows eat more soil eating the grass than the grass itself consumes
So you get some soil eating grass, but more eating meat
Hence, meat-eaters as salt-of-the-earth
Now I'm hungry.
All right bbl going to mix random shit and see if it gives me heartburn or not.
3:43 AM
Be sure to post on Health if it does
Q: I eat cold stuff, now I got sore throat and sneezes :)

Raheel HasanAs a grown up kid, I ended up eating icecream, yogurt and other cold stuff and now I got sore throat, and sneezes. Its getting worse everyday. So can someone plz tell me what to get Over-The-Counter? Or what can I get naturally that doesnt require too much work :P Thanks

Their tag-tagging like sneeze-sneezing and bald-baldness-balding is weird-weird.
3:56 AM
speaking of food that you can't get here - crayfish sandwich is one of them ...
no bread?
4:13 AM
there is crayfish & there is sandwich, just no crayfish sandwich ... unlike surf and turf which is easy to cook, crayfish sandwich is not as easy to make
also crayfish is called yabbies here
but no yabbie sandwich either
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: How do I write a "Connect Four" AI? by gamesolver on gamedev.SE
4:33 AM
@zaq I guess I'd tag it
Looks kinda gross to me though, but I'm not a big fan of shellfish of any sort.
Oh can't get there. Missed that part.
In other news, the sound of an angry cat growling while eating is one of the most ridiculous sounds I've ever heard.
Lol here's the sound
@Telkitty Funny. There's a restaurant in Denver called "The Yabby Hut". They also do not serve crawfish sandwiches.
5:04 AM
@Telkitty Huh. I unintentionally made miso soup. I had no idea it was that simple.
5:19 AM
sigh my temporary dev machine is dual core i5 with only 4GB of RAM
that's a minor annoyance
That's the specs on my home computer / dev machine / laptop / netflix receiver, which is now going on 7 years old, and has been dragged through 7 burning mans.
Yeah I need a new laptop.
@JasonC miso + hot water?
Yeah that's all it was.
5:21 AM
my x220 is about that specificcation stock
I was playing with miso and noodles and boom, accidental miso soup.
It got upgraded evenually (SSD, 8gb before I was going to hand it to dad, but dad dosen't want to upgrade from his R61 ><)
Oh, yeah, lol. This is a 7-year old 2.3ghz i5, with a 1TB ssd in it that cost about as much as the laptop.
Every year I say i'm going to get a new one. I keep waiting for lenovo's crazy thanksgiving deals. Then december rolls around and I realize I forgot.
5:42 AM
Damn man that's insane
@SmokeDetector tpu-
5:57 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: How do I write a "Connect Four" AI? by gamesolver on gamedev.SE
6:47 AM
@Telkitty you look hot
yes, hot & about 4.6 billion years young
7:58 AM
Q: Up and down votes on questions?

Hilltop HouseWhy? Why do you allow people to up and down vote questions? That seems completely counter to the point of these exchanges. Why do you let people judge questions? Also, how is that helpful to the person asking of you are not required to explain the vote? How can it have any meaning if it is just s...

Why? Why do people ask stupid questions? Why do people not think? Why do people think asking multiple questions instead of thinking would work? Why? Can stupid questions have any meaning?
Why? Why do people parade this crap in a chatroom? Why do people assume that is helpful? Why are those accompanied by snide remarks? Why? Does be nice mean a different thing in chat?
Why? Why do people add snide comments to snide comments? Why do people think venting isn't okay if you're upset? Why do Dutch flowers act mean to chemicals? Why? Does 'be nice' not need to be in quotes?
8:18 AM
I can't tell if either of those were supposed to be sarcastic
But it seemed like a reasonable response to an uber dumb question
Satirizing the question's style while pointing out the flaws with said style
I meant them to be both sarcastic and a bit serious
Bit not too serious, I'm a flower after all
Rene can't be serious even if he tried to
Thanks for the support, appreciated
8:37 AM
... not sure if you're serious
Q: Did Jon Skeet ever ask a question on any of the stack exchange Q and A sites?

Simba MeekI might earn "the most idiot guy on the universe" badge for this question, not bad eh? Just curious. Did Jon Skeet ever ask a question on any of the stack exchange Q and A sites?

This would've been a stupid question, but it actually isn't rantish and annoyingish or annoyedish so it's fine by me. Ish.
If I have the time I write a SEDE query for that.
@rene For how many questions annoy me, or for how many questions are rantish?
for both. I have difficulty to get your rantish criteria captured in query parameters
@bjb568 What's the cat up to these days?
8:52 AM
@bjb is prolly trying hard not to be a pebble.
Last time he posted he boarded a Canadian made plane?
I'm not implying anything but I did warn him ...
@rene Nah don't worry. Cats can land on their feet from high above the ground
I think their survivability actually increases after a certain height threshold
that is because the cat has more time to turn around and get "ready for landing", but it works if you compare a 30cm fall to a 1,5m one, not for a 1000m one.....
Q: How to catch botnet?

chchin and I sent a mail to the team, they reply We're sorry that you got caught up in this. Your IP address is being blocked by our system because it is likely that your computer is participating in a botnet. We hope you understand that we take actions like this only when absolutely necessa...

When other botnets cough at you, duh
9:15 AM
@rene aah, a talking flower!
9:29 AM
Hard to express over chat, but just know that IRL I'm facepalming and smiling at those pictures :)
Why oh why do conditional breakpoints use VB syntax :(
9:51 AM
@Stijn oh, and we also have "the annoying cat" and Temmkitty
Temmkitty lolwut
Tavern on the Undertale
10:09 AM
checks the distance between its cloud and the tavern folks below
Yep, they shouldn't be able to hit me with a rock here....
Disclaimer: I blame qwer for giving me this idea.
@Telkitty ^ here, I made you a new avatar :P
@Stijn huh? What IDE?
@ShadowWizard Visual Studio. But I think I was mistaken and it should take C# syntax in a C# project, and it gave an error on foo != null for an unrelated reason ("the expression could not be evaluated")
I gave up and put some temporary code in it to simulate the conditional breakpoint
@M.A.R. trivialish
@Stijn yup, C# syntax for me
@Stijn just write into text file
Made 2GB log file once to catch a bug
@Stijn maybe because the vbscript engine is the only one guaranteed to be available on the OS since 1998 so the IDE can reliable take an dependency on it. That is not true for the other languages?
@rene but he was wrong
10:23 AM
Òh, so am I then?
I think at some point in the past it only supported VB syntax
yeah, that is what I thought
When I tried foo IsNot Nothing, it said it didn't understand IsNot, when I tried foo != null it said it couldn't parse the expression
@Stijn isn't it just <> Nothing? What is IsNot?
@rene let me try that, one sec...
10:27 AM
or at least Is Not Nothing
> Error CS1525: Invalid expression term '>'
It's a C# compiler error, so I think it wants C# code
try Is Not Nothing a space between Is and Not
'Is' is not a valid format specifier
which version of VS?
stackoverflow.com/questions/32332611/… is for a VB.NET project and says to use the "Is" syntax
github.com/dotnet/roslyn/issues/7901 could be related to this Roslyn bug, I'm not doing LINQ in the statement but you never know
cause that's the error I'm seeing with C# syntax
10:43 AM
test == null works for me in VS2010
test !=null works as well
Perhaps something to do with the project properties? The project being recognized as C#? (just a guess)
What you try to debug? @Stijn
this is what I get on a c# project: i.stack.imgur.com/q3Ka2.png
so: works for me, YMMV
mumble Maybe I should create a BALPYRUS avatar too? Or a shans9 one?
11:00 AM
stealing @rene's Producten
Ewwww, code in Dutch
@Sha that you in the new avatar?
@M.A.R. yup
@ShadowWizard Your glasses are cute. Also you shouldn't be on SE.
Joining @Stijn, @James, @Jon and some others in "real face club". :-D
(just adding some fancy effects for fun ;))
11:07 AM
OK, I'm gonna upload a picture of me
@M.A.R. I'm older than what I look like
Do I look good?
Nah, I look better with beard.
No, worse
11:08 AM
No, better
@M.A.R. No, this is better:
That's an anti-shave
I know
11:23 AM
@Derpy ~_~
11:36 AM
@ShadowWizard I had a function that was called on a collection of ~100 lines and I wanted to break on one of the last ones. Managed to fix it by now so all is well :)
@Stijn :)
> Just a heads up: we won't be publicly as forthcoming on details about this botnet attack as usual. Trust us that it's for the greater good. -- twitter.com/Nick_Craver/status/836898132495646720
@zaq !
Greater good as in "we don't want to give ideas to people", or as in "it's too embarrassing"?
Both prolly
11:43 AM
e.g. "we were attacked by webcams, watches, and heart monitors"
"and jet airplanes. Just paper ones"
12:35 PM
New what-if: Toaster vs. Freezer
The topic is unusually boring/trivial, but the link to Antarctic Fire Department makes up for some of that.
I was expecting something IoT related... disappointed
> We welcome and invite you to look around and learn more about Antarctica, the department, life on "the ice," and the opportunity of a lifetime that awaits you.
Being a firefighter in Antarctica might be the closest thing to being a mod on Community Building
imgur is down again. Or just still unstable?
Ah, unstable.
Icons are back now
12:48 PM
@Bart unstable, upload works
Got to love great documentation
Fire services does more than put down fire ... sometimes they have to rescue kitties strained on small pieces of floating ice, maybe? Actually their name should be 'fire and emergency services'
@Bart migrate to Stack Overflow Documentation
Myeah, if you don't mind I'm staying away from that place
12:58 PM
fire brigade rescuing kitty on tree
@Bart why?
@Bart that is near my external interface, I can't force the other party to code in English...
@ShadowWizard various reasons. I tried to get into it some time ago, had some idea what to do for Unity for example. But it devolved in such a mess and essential copy-paste from other resources that I didn't really feel like contributing.
1:05 PM
@Bart oh, too bad... wonder what @rene thinks of Documentation these days?
I was surprised I got rep from it a couple of weeks ago. Turned out it was for an example that I edited 6 months ago or so because someone else couldn't get it fixed.
I'm still unclear on what to put on there, given my expertise
Unless I would allow myself to plagiarize MSDN which isn't helping.
@ShadowWizard fighting the urge to close the question with "I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because WAT"
@ShadowWizard Oded got it ...
@rene yeah, @Oded is quick today! :D
@Bart migrate crap, migrate crap, migrate crap OK, I got it ...
@Stijn lol, you can!
1:36 PM
@rene smiting stick, smiting stick, smiting stick
Ouch, ouch, ouch
popcorn, popcorn, popcorn
2:01 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer: Question about Sicario interrogation scene by Mike Perry on movies.SE
The movies.SE header is probably the ugliest one I've seen so far
@Stijn why?
@ShadowWizard draws too much attention from the content of the page, doesn't fit with the black top bar
It's all subjective, of course
Well, IMO not ugly, but not pretty too
It's weird there's no background apart of the header, think most other sites got background.
2:22 PM
It's amazing how many problems can be solved by saying "machine learning" and "library".
with library you mean jQuery right?
jQuery is a framework!
or a platform
my entire backend runs on jQuery
My jQuery runs on jQuery
2:46 PM
3:04 PM
We could write a browser in jQuery and incept
That would be cool
jDevDoodle runs on jQuery
hmm… jQuery is something I didn't mention on my résumé
3:22 PM
That might be a plus someday ...
I'm looking forward to the day companies will pay obscene amounts of money for jQuery devs
In 6 to 8 ...
3:56 PM
lines. Yeah, 6 to 8 lines
4:30 PM
Hi,golden moderator means?
Golden? Did you mean diamond?
Means a mod has entered their golden years...
@Ramanujan there is no such thing.
On the forum I ran when I was a teenager, moderators with gold names meant they'd nagged the admins enough to give them a custom name color. :V
4:37 PM
In that case I want to be a polka dot moderator
@qwer oh,yes ,I mean diamond moderator,what it means?
Q: Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role?

Brad MaceSome people have a diamond after their username (ex: Jeff Atwood♦) What special privileges do diamond moderators have? How can I become a diamond moderator? Who are the diamond moderators? How many are there? For more information, see Who are the site moderators, and what is their role h...

user image
-webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;
background: url(upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/65/…);
-webkit-background-clip: text;
background-size: 32px;
Yay for modern CSS.
4:44 PM
Some People have ♦ on every site
Hard workers
@Ramanujan Those would be Stack Exchange employees. Not really moderators in role, but often with moderator powers.
@JeremyBanks you are also stackexchange employee??
You are mod on 3 sites,,great
@Ramanujan I was only elected as a moderator on one site: Stack Overflow. But I have moderator access on all sites because I am now an employee of Stack Exchange.
@JeremyBanks you are currently in stackexchange office (or you work from home)?
4:55 PM
@Ramanujan I work from home.
5:12 PM
Yeah, most definitely employees. Not hard workers
5:23 PM
Clearly. Many of us haven't been to the office in years.
6:00 PM
It is kind of useless to have code that will deal with throttling if you don't include backoff in the filter :(. And error_id 502 is no fun ...
A: openvpn client setup

Lauro Morenomega.nz never expires links so i copied and pasted the first link and put in in text file. https://mega.nz/#!90EBgaBL!5VWyDW7b_xCMvvQGsR11_XzvePLK4kBA9UiYxZ-dSis

The solution to link-only answers is more link-only answers...
@zaq There is not a single capitalized word except 'A' in that onebox :/
6:24 PM
Not true, there are several in the URL hash.
6:36 PM
@JonEricson Which can be hard to explain to people if there's an office in the city where you live ;P
7:06 PM
@rene landed on my feet
On the return trip it kinda felt like they stalled it at 15ft instead of landing. It was ILS nighttime conditions, so they have that excuse.
Pilot seemed overworked.
2 hours later…
9:10 PM
Q: We will no longer be hosting Blog Overflow

Grace NoteWe are discontinuing Blog Overflow as a service on this network. Not only does this mean that no new blogs will be created, but it will also mean that all extant blogs are becoming functionally shut down. The reasoning is three-fold in basic: The vast majority of blogs aren't really active. Th...

> lack of activity has only since increased
I understand each of those words, but not together in that order.
Eh? The Server Fault blog is not listed. What's going on here? — Michael Hampton 35 mins ago
@zaq yeah, I had to read that twice as well
SF blog could be kind of merged into SO.blog with its "engineering" tag.
9:14 PM
Makes sense since they are announcing new SREs working for SO, etc.
9:54 PM
@JNat's self-acceptance of the features answer does pretty much nothing to it... if the goal was to put the answer on top, perhaps the owner of the question can be changed to someone else?
10:06 PM
@JeremyBanks That election was so rigged.
It was a nail-biter.
Grrr... why is it that all network diagramming tools only have icons for computers, phones, printers, and... video projectors? Isn't there a symbol for just a generic "device"?
Yeah. I'll go with that.
Also lol. Can we have an IoS site?
Or just rename IoT.
Oh man. So good.
10:15 PM
@JeremyBanks I expected at least for you to hack yourself into moderation. Such a let down.
@JeremyBanks Thanks. This should distract me for the rest of the day, thus indirectly solving my network diagramming problem.
@Sklivvz At one point I started building a more elaborate XSS exploit, which would let me proxy my browser's requests through the browsers of targeted users who had the compromised pages open. The idea being that I wouldn't know the dev/mod tool interfaces in advance, so I couldn't target them, but this might hypothetically let me explore quickly enough during the window of compromise to find what I needed and use it.
but actually deploying that anywhere would have been way too black-hat.
@JeremyBanks You might have upset the Craver who then would have pinged all major internet companies to black hole you. Good call.
10:22 PM
The S in IoT stands for security. Tim Kadlec #webstock
Oh man. Ok. Closing all tabs.
@JeremyBanks I have this evil plan of stealing @Oded's cookies with a cantenna outside of Stack Overflow London.
1 hour later…
11:35 PM
Nov 22 '16 at 19:54, by Shog9
Jeremy "fixed" the ballots anyway
Smoking gun evidence right here in this chat.
Not to mention what happened when 10M questions were about to be reached one day prior to Jeremy's prediction... mysterious mass deletion ensued.
I deny everything.
11:42 PM
@JeremyBanks So you deny you didn't rig the election?
I deny it all!
If there were vote tampering, I bet our data scientists would be able to tell.
This is why we need the Glomar Response.
Extra 2K-3K deleted questions on August 19-20.
11:48 PM
wasn't that when they tweaked the roomba?
Yes, "tweaked" as in made it run out of normal schedule.
Wait a minute
@zaq How did you get the graph tab? I haven't seen it in ages.

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