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12:38 AM
Guess who's back
and it's not slim shady
Every single person is a slim shady lurkin'
C++ gets more retarded every year.
It's like the entire standards committee has some deep rooted hate of maintenance programmers.
C# & Java are not the same?
And god if I have to spend one more minute trying to figure out exactly what type somebody's auto crap is I'm going to drive to Stroustrup's house and punch him in the face. He only lives like an hour away from me.
I could literally drive to his house and punch him in the face.
Now that I think about it I'd feel kinda bad if I did that, the dude's like 60-something.
1:16 AM
In 1958, the United States Department of Defense launched a computerized contract-management system that it dubbed Mechanization of Contract Administration Services, or MOCAS (pronounced “MOH-cass”). The system was designed to use the latest in computation and output technology to track contracts in progress and payments to vendors.

Fifty-seven years later, it’s still going.
that's the way I like it
@JasonC you could, however, ask him about your problem.
@zaq hahaha, not sure I've seen that one.
1:33 AM
I landed without loosing any wings or anything, in case you guys were wondering.
writing stories is better than writing apps in 2 distinguish ways - 1) no need to pay attention for rigid implementation details of any programming language 2) little need for maintenance because human languages are way more stable than programming language
@bjb568 are you going to your new college?
1:51 AM
Applied math conference.
2 hours later…
3:24 AM
@bjb568 did you get accepted anywhere yet
4:10 AM
I got one rejected edit (http://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/15345085) because I did not address "critical issues". I may not be seeing well, could you please point me which are those? I see that I forgot to delete 4 spaces of indentation, but I'm not sure if those are the critical issues.

Also, is it possible for suggestions reviewers to accept and edit? That would be a good move here, I think.
Q: Change misleading suggested edit reject message by community user

DPenner1In this review, the community user rejected a suggested edit with the message: This edit did not correct critical issues with the post - view the revision history to see what should have been changed. I've noticed this seems to occur everytime another reviewer Rejects and Edits. I believe t...

It's because one of the reviewers chose "reject and edit" in the review queue. As for what they actually edited, not sure, that post doesn't appear to have been edited. I wouldn't dwell on it.
@iled re-submit; I'll approve. Don't know why that was rejected.
@JasonC assume lots of nested templates
what's the point of using C++ if you're not making types on the fly by nesting templates?
@Shog9 Oh. I was looking at the question instead of the answer.
@Shog9 Thank you for looking at this. How do I re-submit? Edit again? Or kind of rollback?
@iled edit again
4:19 AM
@iled And also, yes, "improve edit" is an option when reviewing in addition to "reject and edit".
@JasonC thanks for the link. I understand that maybe those words weren't what the reviewer meant. Then I think I would have improve edit rather than reject and edit.
@iled Those words are an automated message from the system. The reviewer chose "reject and edit". Community is automated.
I also don't know why that would've been rejected but, don't overthink it. It happens.
May I get banned from editing or such if I get many rejected edits?
@iled observe how "Improve' works
@iled yes, but generally much more than 1
search meta for details
4:30 AM
@Shog9 90% of the time that assumption doesn't hold in practice. They keep adding toy features to the language to make one specific case slightly more convenient (there's nothing you can't do without auto, it just keeps you from having to type long, weird types), at the expense of opening up to abuse in every other situation. Not much worse than tracing around through somebody else's source to deduce that their auto was an int.
The best is C style C++ programmers
@Shog9 I see, thanks. I was actually in doubt if I should remove the superfluous "hope it helps". I do remove thanks from questions, but here I was not sure. Now I know.
@JasonC eh, that's really nothing new though. Old C code would frequently put variable definitions at the top of a function or block (because that's all C allowed for decades); nothing like scrolling back through a thousand-line function looking for the right definition
@iled I always try to make the author look good, like they knew what they were doing, even if that involves making a lot of changes.
Yeah but on the bright side you at least knew where to find it.
Not 100% sure, but that might not be an official Twitter account. Generally, we don't follow other Twitter accounts with our accounts. The fact that this one does suggests it might not be run by us, and we'd never feature an account that we don't control. — animuson ♦ 7 hours ago
4:34 AM
Mystery deepens. I think Juan correctly decided that a manually run account will be more effective than a boring bot.
@Shog9 good point, I will keep that in mind
(I also closed that question as a duplicate, because it is, and because there's a decent chance the asker isn't gonna be happy requiring Flash)
4:45 AM
I have a honest question that I could not find in Meta.SE nor Meta.SO. I don't know if it is a good question to put there either. What happens it StackExchange, the company, disappears (for whatever reason)? Truth be told, SE network holds a huge amount of knowledge. Its like a practical version of Wikipedia. Would there be any chance to salvage all that knowledge and content and put it under some other umbrella?
@Telkitty Yes. I always enjoy seeing typedef struct holdovers in C++. Or when firmware people get their hands on a C++ compiler.
@iled This is one of the reasons we use CC BY-SA and also make regular data dumps. We (the employees of Stack Exchange) are committed user contributions being available even if our company fails.
@JonEricson That is good to know. But CC wouldn't force the company to release the data dumps, right? So there is still the chance that gets lost, unless some other 3rd party also has access to them (or do their own)
5:02 AM
@iled The data dumps are on archive.org. The window of "opportunity" to lose data is the data after a data dump and before the next one. Odds are good we'd start releasing them more often if we saw any danger a new owner might restrict the data. (Of course, that would be a dumb business move, but there are plenty of dumb businesses out there.)
Thank you, now I can have a quiet sleep tonight :D
5:41 AM
bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8134466 makes me chuckle. I love the idea that the guy was convinced he found an issue with TreeSet, went through all that effort, posted all that mostly-irrelevant code, but it was just user error pointed out in like one sentence in the next reply.
Mmm, failure. burp
While pondering on the discussion on Anime & Manga Meta about retaining privilege while getting graduated-site rep-threshold (already though), I wonder if there's a relative usage of how often the moderation privilege is used for those who eligible. To be more verbose, like "For those who eligible, how many users use their instant-edit priv, or the frequency it's being used, compared to review queue, or delete vote, etc"
How can I be logged into all sites except StackOverflow which refuses to sign me in with my StackExchange credentials
Because personally, review queue is a way to get myself depressed quickly.
@qwer quite
@qwer How can that be a meaningful comparison, though? Editing a post directly and reviewing things in the queue serve two different purposes.
5:50 AM
Perhaps just an overview of how often those privileges are used... efficiently(?). I get it that it's not a meaningful comparison, but just want to know the trend.
I guess it'll be impossible to measure that though
@Shog9 why wouldn't my StackExchange credentials be logging me into StackOverflow?
I'm logged into StackExchange in general but StackOverflow refuses to recognize that
6:12 AM
@JamesENL safari?
Newest version only downloaded today
Is it not possible to construct a SEDE query that lists edits that are not suggested edits?
New computer cause my Mac blew up
"blew up" 0_0
6:14 AM
@JamesENL possible something broke. But, also make sure you're not blocking cookies / requests needed to make cross-domain auth work.
I've tried filtering out the revision guids from posthistory that also appear in suggestededits, i've tried posthistorytypeid 24, I'm not getting results that make sense.
Kept restarting, won't pick up the battery, crashes whenever I tried to use HotCorners or searching or App Store
@Shog9 Highly doubtful, let me play with NoScript
@JasonC going from memory here, but I think the guid in suggested edit table refers to the base revision.
@Shog9 even if the cross-domain auth isn't working, why aren't my StackExchange credentials working?
@JamesENL no idea
Check for errors
6:19 AM
Can do\
@Shog9 What do you mean "base revision"? They do seem to correspond 1:1 with edit guids in PostHistory ("1:1" counting combo text/title/tag edits as "1").
@JasonC revision prior to edit. But as I said, going from memory
...So if data conflicts, trust data
@angussidney plz send teh coffee
6:26 AM
Goodbye, cruel world
That was weird. I got a json response when I pressed the "run query" button then a 404 when I pressed back. Only happened once.
Seems like filtering out revisions that have a matching "suggested edit applied" history entry would be by far the simplest approach here.
@Shog9 I got it working by resetting my password so that StackExchange and StackOverflow have the same password
@Shog9 Except there are no entries in PostHistory with "suggested edit applied" type. At least on Pets. I tried that.
Here's the question. Why does data.stackexchange.com/pets/query/633449 return results?
That is edits that aren't in suggestededits, made by users with not enough rep to edit.
There should be none, except I'm doing this wrong and I'm not sure how.
This is under the assumption that rep is relatively increasing over time. So if they don't have the privilege now, they probably didn't have it when they made the edit.
@JasonC you can edit your own posts at any rep
6:36 AM
@Shog9 Ok, that's definitely messing with my results, but that doesn't explain why e.g. edit 3 of pets.stackexchange.com/posts/673/revisions is in that result set.
@Shog9 Look how weird this is: data.stackexchange.com/pets/query/633453 -- there, Steve D's suggested edit entry has revision 2's GUID?
I was right about the guid being the base revision
That's what you meant by base revision? So PostHistory's guid is the edit itself, but SuggestedEdit's guid is the revision that was edited.
Yes now I understand.
When you said "revision prior to edit" for some reason I was thinking revision 1.
Damn. It looks like this query will get complicated. Now I have to balance how personally I'm taking it with how much I really care.
As long as we're talking about SEDE queries how hard would it be to query a count of available flags per site for a user?
6:47 AM
I could remove post/user id pairs from posthistory that also appear in suggestededits, maybe.
@JasonC as you can see from the link I just posted, there are posthistorytypeid=24 entries to make this easier...
What... I swear there weren't any the first time I checked...
Those will have guids corresponding to the suggested edit posthistory entries
Damn I wish I saved that query I wonder why I didn't get them in my results.
@JamesENL right now? Hard. Because I'm in bed typing on my phone.
6:49 AM
All right cool, thanks.
@Shog9 Hahaha don't worry, I'll check with CharcoalHQ
@JamesENL You mean available remaining flags?
Or total available
Total Daily Flags on a per site basis
I want something like:
StackOverflow: 100
Drupal: 100
Arqade: 25
For a user
You'd have to query for the rules given at meta.stackoverflow.com/a/251627/616460
6:53 AM
The non-trivial part would be querying the helpful flag count
Which I don't think you can do
Don't quote me on this but it doesn't seem like declined/helpful status would be available through sede, it's kind of a private thing.
So, assuming that's the case, you could get all the rules except that one.
And I don't see anything in the API for it either but I might be wrong.
You could get an upper bound if you assumed all flags were helpful though.
Ahh well I'll do it manually
Oh but
No you can't do that either cause userids aren't in the votes table.
I can use the flag summary userscript
and just roughly estimate how many flags to give smokey
6:57 AM
Oh you just want to calculate your own?
Ha! Every single flag I've cast on Drupal has been helpful
Yeah you can do it manually but, doing it on every site is tedious.
Q: Stack Exchange Global Flag Summary

Floern This is a userscript that provides a network wide flag summary for all Stack Exchange sites. If you are logged into the Stack Exchange network and you have this script installed, you can visit the new flags tab in your Stack Exchange profile: How does it work? The script scans your netw...

Don't have to
Anyways smokey's only used max 2 of my flags per day so far so
Over about 100 sites I have an account on
Fair enough
6:59 AM
@JasonC That's because a lot of people have registered
It's the case for me as well
Crowd sourced flags ftw
@JamesENL Well me too
Over 1000 flags?
7:00 AM
You have 1000 flags on drupal?
I've only got 149. I was racing mooseman to marshal there then I just... didn't visit here for a long time.
@JasonC Well duh, everything there is about facial cream
I spent months in here following smokey's every word and flagging like a madman
7:01 AM
Maybe drupal users have bad skin
I think part of it is spammers probaly run drupal ;p
or something
I do wonder the effect that has on organic spam flagging tho
Spammers loved Drupal for some reason
I think deleted spam is more than Drupal questions there
7:03 AM
I doubt I could get my marshal flag on SU now as "easily" as I did now
I guess that's one place that definately needs autosmokey.
Drupal & SU
@JamesENL huh? What's that? Oh, and welcome back!
Drupal does
SU has a good amount of active flagging going on even without smokey
Back to routine, @James?
@JamesENL oh, nice!
I mean apart from my Mac going bye bye
@JamesENL now that auto flags are in use, Smokey reports here are reduced in 80%, so I'm afraid you won't have much to do. ;)
I know.... I'll have to find some other form of procrastination
@JamesENL join WAG, it never ends ;)
7:17 AM
@JamesENL ask @Bart he knows.
@Dro can also tell you all about it.... :D
Soon it will celebrate three years of existence....
I shall hold myself in readiness
@JamesENL when ready, hop into the Den.
You might regret it. :D
Is there a link?
@JamesENL it's super secret
7:23 AM
Do I need a secret handshake?
@James fun fact: even @Jason played WAG in the past. ;-)
@JamesENL it's a trap. IT'S A TRAP
booby trap
@ShadowWizard . . . There is some facts to this
7:27 AM
I think I missed something
It may have made a slight whistle over my head
Your secrecy is weak
This is the password ^
What password
for the Den
7:29 AM
@ShadowWizard I probably should take that comment-conversation here or elsewhere before the adults yell at us ;p
But I think the approaches to take towards "clueless" newbies, people who occationally pop in here, and "disgruntled power users" is necessarily different.
@ShadowWizard Oh yeah! That exists!
anyway, I agree with the current close reason, and feel a bit silly
8:13 AM
Can I tell if a user is a moderator in SEDE?
8:41 AM
Shows # of users who have made instant edits vs number of users who have the privilege.
Hold on lemme fix something real quick.
@JasonC doesn't look like it's possible
I know the API can tell you
@qwer data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/633469/… -- enter edit privilege rep threshold in the text box for the site you're querying.
@JasonC I was gonna link you an MSE post but looks like you already found and answered it :p
@Stijn Heh
Yeah it's a bummer
@JourneymanGeek Lol...
Thanks, I guess ;p — Journeyman Geek 2 hours ago
@JasonC woah, I didn't expect SEDE, but really thanks.
8:49 AM
The query excludes mods from the editor/privileged count. So small margin of error.
You might be able to improve performance by selecting distinct u.userid directly in the instanteditors query but I'm not sure and also whatever. I left it as is because I was experimenting with something else.
No prob, performance isn't an issue, thanks again.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted username, blacklisted website in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching product name in body, +1 more: month. You will preserve being charged $89.Ninety by iam juriyam on drupal.SE
@SmokeDetector K
@M.A.R. That message is not a report.
@SmokeDetector K
9:01 AM
@M.A.R. That message is not a report.
Has K ever been a smokey command?
@SmokeDetector tpu
@JasonC That message is not a report.
Oh weird.
k is the shorthand of tpu-, but WTH.
9:05 AM
9:22 AM
Most enthusiastic comment so far for commitment to an area 51 proposal:
> Sigh, I guess this is happening so I should monitor it for Chef support questions too.
9:36 AM
uh oh, @Jason is happy.
@SmokeDetector why?
@ShadowWizard That's not a report.
@SmokeDetector why?
@ShadowWizard That's not a report.
@JourneymanGeek why silly?
9:47 AM
@JasonC k is a command alias for tpu-
@SmokeDetector why
sd 5- why
really though
sd 3del
looking forward to seeing you tomorrow @Telkitty :D
Also note the MetaSmoke item does not show the "deleted after..." message as it's showing for other items. Something is borked for that report.
@YvetteColomb :) hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow afternoon
!!/errorlogs 10
maybe related? ^
@Telkitty yeh, it's muddy, wear shoes you don't care about. Do you have gumboots?
9:57 AM
@ShadowWizard got closed anyway?
No, I will just wear my high cuff hiking boots
@Telkitty nice sun
@JourneymanGeek yup, that's obvious, no need for 100 "be nice to n00bs" discussions.
Still think the original is better, but meh
@qwer lemme show u somethin' better -
10:07 AM
lost my words...
@Telkitty looks like you really like Trump!
indeed </sarcasm>
@YvetteColomb who cares about the gum-boots. Ask for gum-bears.
10:24 AM
that gives me an idea for this year April Fools.
Turn Stack Exchange into Candy Crush mode.
10:48 AM
Flappy Bird with StackEgg
@qwer Yup
11:13 AM
@ShadowWizard I have no idea what he's referring to @JamesENL
11:32 AM
@Bart lies! you know very well! :P
11:50 AM
People piling on blowing through those queues is such a huge peeve of mine.
12:32 PM
in Shadow's Den, Apr 13 '15 at 10:03, by FOX 9000
Congratulations, @ShadowWizard, you have earned a new spell: Alicorn
@JasonC voted. Have you flagged the post yet to point a moderator at those terrible reviewers?
It should be noted though that only 3 users picked that close reason, the other 2 picked a different reason.
Blame the system for only showing one reason.
1 hour later…
1:39 PM
How likely is a short comment containing "code writing service" to be non-constructive?
The Why is the edit button disabled? FAQ is also part of the How do suggested edits work? FAQ, and the list of reasons can get out of sync (I've just updated them both). Should we get rid of the first one? Maybe close it as a duplicate of the second one?
@zaq hard to say without the exact content. But it feels like something that's likely to be flagged.
Not as many as I expected, actually.
@Bart as one of the resident MSE'ers, care to weigh in?
1:56 PM
@Stijn think better leave them both, and remove the reasons from the general faq, writing there something like "for the full list of reasons, see this". (can be written better)
@ShadowWizard yeah, could do that too
Things are about to start at my conference. NC is really pretty.
1 hour later…
3:27 PM
(removed, and sent to the dark pits of despair that only Shog knows about)
You mean the SO Android tag? We all know about that.
4:00 PM
@Bart lol
4:17 PM
Will the upcoming meta URL reorg affect lang-SO sites? If so, how?
I get that, say, meta.diy.stackexchange.com will become diy.meta.stackexchange.com.
Following this logic, meta.es.stackoverflow.com should be es.meta.stackoverflow.com but isn't this weird?
@zaq Anything I missed?
Because the low pH of rainwater dissolves sodium ions from rocks and deposits them in the community over long periods of time. — Jason C 8 hours ago
@Jason no, the low pH's got nothing to do with it. And it won't do that.
Why did you become so salty?
Need more pepper!
4:30 PM
@Bart Fun fact; 'salty' in Persian means 'funny' actually.
So you complimented me. Wash your mouth.
I'm glasses. I have no mouth
Wash your wherever you're chatting with.
@M.A.R. he can't - he's using multidimensional telepathy since he's noncorporeal
(twice removed)
@ThomasWard Wow, he suddenly looks much cooler than he did thirty seconds ago
4:34 PM
Doesn't sound right
5:05 PM
@M.A.R. it does according to the internet! oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/whysalty.html
So, I got an email about a company wants to help monetizing web traffic, and one of the reply suggested by Inbox by Google is "What are you talking about?"...
@JasonC Well internet is wrong
@JasonC erghh I want that. edit: nvm, too pricey :(
@qwer so what? You can still want it... ;)
5:48 PM
Hanging on in quiet desperation...
6:29 PM
Am I the only one experiencing intermittent problems with images coming from i.stack.imgur.com?
@rene Hmm. I had one fail to load a few minutes ago.
OK, not only me then ...
I already started to leave comments to people: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/280480/…
I better stop doing that ....
6:56 PM
@JeremyBanks not sure if related but I'm also getting Failed to upload image; imgur is rejecting the request now when I try to upload an image.
I switched to https and now it works ...
@rene Reproduced. Seem intermittent, even with the same image.
Would you mind posting that as a bug on MSE?
@JeremyBanks sure
7:15 PM
@JeremyBanks here you go
Thanks, nice to have something to reference for tracking.
7:55 PM
@M.A.R. No. Analyze in real time the current post which is in the process of being flagged as spam to verify that it indeed looks like spam and challenge the user who is flagging to justify the flag if it doesn't look like spam. — Bohemian 1 min ago
Someone translate what this guy is saying
He wants something SD can't do. We don't know who the 3 human flaggers are. If he wants us to be able to retract our 3 auto-flags, we need the linked feature request implemented.
@Andy IKR, someone tell him (?) that
@qwer it'd be awesome for reading online recipes in the kitchen
Always a struggle for me esp with messy hands
@Andy you could do that server side which is I think what he means. So you can have smokey run its regex's when a spam flag comes in and when smokey says meh, you send back a require confirmation response instead of OK.
Server side, as in SE server side?
8:06 PM
Smokey can decide what's spam pretty well, but I don't think it can decide what's not.
@Andy yes
Ah. Hmm...
8:40 PM
Jess Pardue on February 27, 2017
Welcome to the Stack Overflow Podcast #102 recorded Thursday, February 23, 2017 at the Stack Overflow HQ in NYC. Today's podcast is brought to you by rogue cows and SHA-1. SHA-1: You can depend on it.
8:53 PM
21 messages moved to Chimney
@rene I added more logging around those errors to see what's going on. However, I haven't been able to reproduce it again since then.
but next time it starts flaking out we should be able to dig into it.
OK, let me try some more, hold on ...
I'm stepping out for a bit, but if you do see it again I'd appreciate knowing. Thanks!
@JeremyBanks got one on this
9:08 PM
@rene Was it a failure to load, or upload?
@JeremyBanks initial upload failure and after the dialog closes a failed load
so I pushed Upload twice before it got through
Thanks, this is helpful.
@M.A.R. Looks more like a request for flag-handling userscript for mods.
Which is probably not a good idea.
Eh, I think it's a variation on a request we've seen before: essentially heuristics that can be applied to a post to determine if a flag is likely to be valid, so that a careless flagger can be discouraged before they flag.
@bluefeet & I ran a small test on this a while back, with... Disappointing results.
To make it effective (particularly for spam), we'd essentially have to build something like Smoke Detector - able to consider the content of the post, the status of the author, etc.
Which would be a horrific waste for spam flags, given how few are declined
Possibly more useful for NAA/VLQ
9:18 PM
Was there a feature request to remove username from "modified by X" when the post of X is spam/rude-nuked? Those are frequently offensive.
Latest example: Is there a way to flag/delete extremely offensive user names? by DavePhD on meta.skeptics.stackexchange.com
I guess Change last answerer on All Questions page when answer deleted is that, though it doesn't have the same rationale.
@JeremyBanks got an image reload error here after the dialog closed. Upload went OK on first attempt.
@rene Thanks: I guess it's still happening quite a bit, and my logging changes aren't working right.
Tangentially, as a user I really appreciate the archival/restoration of old images. <3
9:31 PM
@JeremyBanks Hmm, sorry but I can't help you with fixing the logging ... Did you hook-up a Listener?
lol, I know, you've already been very helpful.
9:50 PM
> update based on two years of discussion
and add 4 more years to reach the 6 to 8 threshold? ;)
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