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12:07 AM
It's great to know that there is someone who is more bitter and sour than yourself over a question. An intelligent person might be happier than a dumber counterpart, because she knows that, maybe her answer is deleted, but maybe that stopped her from wasting time on a useless event. Winners of useless events probably just wasted more time and emotions on that useless event. Then I thought about Darwin awards and the winners of the biggest losers.
... wat
I don't search for GIFs often, but this place has experts... What animal GIFs best illustrate the process of taking a stand?
12:39 AM
I was thinking something like giphy.com/gifs/cat-jump-6R3YDo1J0Ymoo but the cat would be jumping onto a TV stand, not from it.
1:22 AM
Oh nm I brain farted to "making a stand".
1:35 AM
Speaking of farts, Tim Post's answer is at -11 currently.
people need to learn to move on with life ...
2:04 AM
Nick Bostrom (English /ˈbɒstrəm/; Swedish: Niklas Boström, IPA: [ˈbuːˌstrœm]; born 10 March 1973) is a Swedish philosopher at the University of Oxford known for his work on existential risk, the anthropic principle, human enhancement ethics, superintelligence risks, the reversal test, and consequentialism. In 2011, he founded the Oxford Martin Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology, and he is currently the founding director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University. He is the author of over 200 publications, including Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies (2014), a...
I've been avoiding SO (as a site, not overall company), if that can be considered as moving on...
Some upbeat pop music to cheer you up...
mending wall
2:40 AM
Here's something even more cheerful: new xkcd what-if. How big a hole do I need to dig before people suffocate?.
2:54 AM
TIL: veg*n means either vegetarian or vegan. From new private beta, Vegetarianism, which is already considering a name change
Is that the first site with custom beta logo since private beta?
(or perhaps Aviation was the first, but I forgot)
They are all kind of custom: someone has to choose letter size and position...
Aside of the usual alphabet-only logo...
maybe if I can finish fixing these 2 apps in time, I will work with C# again next month
Aviation had a nice airplane icon in beta, possibly better than the current moustache-favicon. Craft CMS has a different background color.
3:05 AM
I also need to renovate one of places and build a carport in between
yellow stone national park, is it too cold in late April?
The number of pro-tem mods often drops from 3 to 2 without causing any trouble. But Internet of Things is unusual in that it's starting off with 2 mods. This is a first, I think.
3:20 AM
@Telkitty according to National Park Service, around 1℃~15℃ (assuming late April is May)
:/ ... when it's warm enough to visit yellow stone park & Seattle, it's too warm for visiting Vegas
Private betas can be classified by the number of committers at the time of launch. Just over 200 => full of Area 51 regulars, going to be a slooow boooring "typical SE" beta.
300+ => a lot of new folks, might implode spectacularly, or become something of note.
> However, if you feel that you can't fully represent your question in Ukrainian, feel free to represent it fully or partially in other language.
> Note, that not every member of the site community is be able to understand question in foreign language. While Russian, English and, in some cases, Polish are widely recognized within Ukrainian-speaking Internet community, understanding of other languages may vary.
3:35 AM
Yeah, it would be interesting to have a language site with non-binary language options.
Of course, with the current trends we may expect Crimea-themed flame wars on the meta.
4:17 AM
@zaq why not just food.SE?
or diet.SE or lifehacks.SE
Because lifestyle. They may be talking about vegan shoes and whatnot.
But there are... different kinds of lifestyles. Would be pretty hard to manage such a site.
I am not optimistic about this site. :(
Dilbert and vegans: one, two.
4:29 AM
Is there a site that you are optimistic about?
Yeah. They're ok.
Have very few moderation-minded users. Maybe that's the key.
That means you focus on the problems in front of you instead of looking for new ones.
(not joking. Watch Paulster2)
Familiar with him. Voted for him despite the appalling lack of downvotes. Maybe that is also a part of their recipe.
A kinder, gentler site.
4:33 AM
The advantage of a good bureaucracy is that once established it sustains itself, even without sufficient support. The disadvantage is that once established it sustains itself, even without sufficient need.
So, how about speeding up the aging of Close Review items even further?
...ok, I just said this in another room, but... Gonna go to bed before I insult anyone else.
To, say, 1 second.
...especially myself.
Is "Never go to bed before insulting each other" one of those things family people put on a fridge?
4:35 AM
I may be remembering it wrong.
4:48 AM
in 2017 we witness the memefication of "taking a stand" on SO sites — prusswan 7 mins ago
Yes, shouldn't be long until "Time to take a stand against [tag]" burnination requests.
personally I like the great outdoors and physics sites
but that's probably because I love physics and the great outdoors to start with
both sites accept rather 'wild' questions
I'm sorry this is off-topic. Please come ask at The Pitstop. — Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 ♦ Jan 28 at 18:13
5:02 AM
That's the kinder, gentler moderation of the Mechanics site. Nobody downvoted the question... except me of course.
5:23 AM
Ah, smokey died. Yay!
Yay!? Are you a spammer?
I imagine they are celebrating every Smokey crash.
@zaq And yet, the quality on that site is exceptional.
The answered part of it.
There is also that un- or semi-answerable or maybe-guessable-but-who-knows part.
5:28 AM
@zaq I'm about to boot up a copy, 2secs
feels like 6-8 seconds
Well, 5 mins
This thing is great: Helping our new users make the transition by Zaid on meta.mechanics.stackexchange.com
Can't tell how many of those new users read it, though.
5:59 AM
@Undo Watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
6:43 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Approaches To Bulk Up Build Muscle Mass Quickly by Floydkeller on drupal.stackexchange.com
7:11 AM
I went to my local Pitstop. I'm in NZ, not USA... — Bevan Jan 28 at 18:19
That what happens when you choose such names for your main chat room. LOL
I mean... come on!
7:55 AM
I voted yesterday
Hey you two, serially give me bounties so I get to 10k rep so I can vote to delete
@Bart so @rene is slacking!
What's the excuse today? Travelling again? ;)
@M.A.R. nope, won't help
> You must wait for a question to be closed for 2 days before you can vote for deletion
Say hello to our ancestor! ^
8:12 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer: Retrieve older call history on iphone by JMichael on apple.stackexchange.com
@ShadowWizard now done, and yes, I'm slackimg
@rene cheers! Usually the staff delete those, guess they're all wrapped up with Joel's Stand these days... :/
SE is in State of Emergency
8:50 AM
Yeah, let's not take a stand on that
9:10 AM
Such grace
this is what happens when you mix a princess, a unicorn & a river - princess will mount & ride the unicorn until they reach the deepest part of the river, then the beast will dump the woman there ...
9:51 AM
~blushing~ I am so romantic </trollololo>
10:35 AM
@Bart Note?
(yeah yeah I know... Can't stop it.... ;))
thanks Microsoft. Thanks once again. Not only VS2015 uses an outdated npm version that is uncapable of downloading some packages... you had also to bundle the working version of the npm package tool in the node.js tool... Because you know, you only need npm in node.js projects....
Who could be fool enough to need npm in a.... I don't know... SharePoint project....
why should the SharePoint devs get some love.. they clearly must like pain if they work with SharePoint...
Myeah, that's pretty annoying. There are hacky workarounds, but generally you're out of luck without an update from them
10:50 AM
@Derpy download your own copy and add it to Visual Studio's bin path with a higher priority than the internal one
that's the commonly used workaround
^ that ... and then hope that you're not on a large team where you have to inform everyone to do that and keep it up to date
@Stijn I already did that. But then, you still have to manually import the packages. The cool thing about the Node Tools for VS is that it has a gui for package installation and that resolves dependencies too.
I could still use the Package Installer extension, but that one is pretty primitive in comparison.
Ah I see. I only use(d) it in combination with the Task Runner Explorer
to run simple npm build scripts
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer: Is it possible to take a screenshot in Recovery Mode? by Pradip Hirapara HP on apple.stackexchange.com
10:59 AM
MS Access SQL doesn't support comments... how nice
@Stijn but it does support special characters like "?" in table columns names
Once I had to follow a db class in my university... the professor used to call every "boolean" type column as if it was a question.
Result: databases columns like "Gender" where turned in eldritch abominations like "IsMale?"
yes, you saw correctly. There is a "?" in the name. The guy never switched to SQL Server. He always used Access.
academic programming and professional programming are two different worlds
@Stijn problem is - he was supposed to teach us how to do professional programming :P
Q: Shouldn't this site have an open question about the meaning of "the pot calling the kettle black"?

Sven YargsI think so—and it just so happens that we have a candidate that was asked in September 2013: The meaning of the American idiom "pot calling the kettle black". Unfortunately, because the question originally asked for survey-type responses (although none of the answers it drew attempted to respond ...

11:14 AM
@Stijn ... I must not rant ...
This is how to write a meta post.
11:44 AM
@Derpy and VBA?
hiya train in Den
@ShadowWizard please.... do not make me remember.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Shortened URL in answer: How should you clean your MacBook Pro? by kishor on superuser.com
But .... yes. He used VBA. "Like a boss".
12:04 PM
Surely Sinclair BASIC is where it is at
I've never heard of either GW-Basic nor Sinclair BASIC
You guys are old!
Time to take a stand against ageism!
12:19 PM
@Bart you know, normally I would support that but given recent events I'm not standing anywhere.
I'm still sitting down myself, so yeah ...
@Pandya It's rene's fault.
@rene You could hold a sit-down protest
12:21 PM
laying down, on the beach, protesting ... nothing
@Telkitty I'd like to sign up for that
@Pandya fine. I remembers those things. So next time ... ;)
Who flagged that? ^%%$$### I did :(
12:29 PM
? spam ?
No, I misclicked
Sorry @Telkitty ... didn't mean to flag that ...
12:49 PM
Dang, any of you following the Gitlab disaster?
We accidentally deleted production data and might have to restore from backup. Google Doc with live notes https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GCK53YDcBWQveod9kfzW-VCxIABGiryG7_z_6jHdVik/pub
@Bart I am now ...
do you have stuff hosted there?
Somewhat yeah. All I could think of was "how did that person feel when they realized they were deleting the wrong data"
@Stijn "That was stupid. Thank god we have back-ups ... what ... you're kidding ..."
Q: Recovery accidentally deleted Azure VM

Yiyi ChenI accidentally deleted two Azure VM from Portal. I wish there is some procedure to recovery them. I'm going around in the portal but I cannot find any option, no backup was made and I think that the disks are deleted too. Can you help me?

1:06 PM
So in other words, out of 5 backup/replication techniques deployed none are working reliably or set up in the first place
let's set up 5 backup methods and never check them...
"We don’t have solid alerting/paging for when backups fails, we are seeing this in the dev host too now."
1:28 PM
Even they're live streaming this problem solving
one of their developers has a dog
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL in title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, pattern-matching website in body, pattern-matching website in title, repeated URL at end of long post: www.7supplements.org/platinum-xt-1000/ by BhailoKni on graphicdesign.stackexchange.com
Have the devs ever thought of integrating some of SmokeDetector? It's awfully good at what it does
1:43 PM
yes, they have and are investigating that
I think GraceNote is in contact with the Charcoal team
The progress on that project is exactly what one'd expect after watching Community Team for the last couple of years.
But it's understandable. Stands are not going to take themselves.
2:00 PM
Hahaha, it really bugs you, doesn't it?
2:17 PM
We are seeing issues with traffic coming through @Level3 near NYC. We are re-routing Stack Overflow traffic to other ISPs in a moment.
@Bart No, I'm just being funny. Glad to make you laugh.
Can you clarify what role the employees had in the original post? From the tl;dr section you state "it was posted in a hurry and we didn't consider everything that we probably should have" (emphasis added). This seems to suggest that Joel had given you all at least a head's up that this was coming. To what extend were you (or other SE employees) aware of the specific content of the post before it was posted? — arjafi 7 hours ago
"What did you know and when did you know it?"
All Stack Overflow traffic is now flowing across our other 3 ISPs in the NYC data center. If you see any issues please ping us.
@zaq I believe Joel sent a message to the employees like "I'm going to post something on MSO that might cause some protest. Get ready!"
@Stijn no, you're young! ;)
2:32 PM
@ShadowWizard I believe he did so while laughing maniacally in his swivel chair, stroking Taco (in the absence of a cat)
GW-BASIC is a dialect of the BASIC programming language developed by Microsoft from BASICA, originally for Compaq. It is otherwise identical to Microsoft/IBM BASICA, but is a fully self-contained executable and does not need the ROM BASIC. It was bundled with MS-DOS operating systems on IBM PC compatibles by Microsoft. Microsoft also sold a BASIC compiler, BASCOM, compatible with GW-BASIC, for programs needing more speed. The language is suitable for simple games, business programs and the like. Since it was included with most versions of MS-DOS, it was also a low cost way for many aspiring...
@Bart you have a good imagination, that's for sure :D
Was I really too cruel? Just shared how that question looked to me.
(the way he put the words, mainly, not the idea itself. "Show me", "Tell me", etc.)
Meh, he'll survive
2:52 PM
3:38 PM
@Moosebot looks kicked! hehe
@Pandya yup, bots don't really survive here if they're just for fun
heck, even Smokey was almost kicked.
@ShadowWizard Nah, I have been cruellerer in some comments
4:10 PM
@M.A.R. can't be, you're a nice and gentle... chemical. ;)
5:00 PM
Today's xkcd comic (Soda Sugar Comparisons):
5:55 PM
@numaroth Will be soon, I just need to get back some info on a feature that I'd like to get shipped fast, will know at some point today and then post. Said info is "can we do this?" - more to come. — Tim Post ♦ 4 hours ago
Yay unclosable posts. Some sort of a lock that disables only closing and editing? And maybe commenting.
That kind of already exists, except it also disables up/down votes, and who doesn't like to score likes for saying "Boo! Trump bad!"
6:06 PM
Credit: balpha
6:54 PM
7:42 PM
> Edits must be at least 6 characters; is there something else to improve in this post?
anyone with full edit permissions on Biology.SE ?
biology.stackexchange.com/a/803/29541 needs blockquote formatting
8:00 PM
I got to 6 chars :D
How? I didn't find any typos
Ah, missed those. Thanks :)
np :)
It'd be really fun if it gets rejected
8:02 PM
But it won't unfortunately
Say @Shog9, I was wondering. Any chance Joel will weigh in on the whole post-stand discussion? Or it's up to you guys now?
in Discussion on question by Joel Spolsky: Time to take a stand on Stack Overflow Chat, 57 mins ago, by Shog9
@Stijn No idea. AFAIK; he's travelling right now. This wasn't exactly planned, so we're all kinda scrambling to adjust schedules.
And I'm wondering if "post-stand" isn't just either sitting or lying ... but I may be distracting myself
Ah, thanks @Stijn
Time to make a stand
8:12 PM
Remember, there's always money in the banana stand!
Ah, banana stand. So I have been robbing lemonade stands for nothing ...
Poor kids
I like to think you're disguised as a pair of sunglasses while robbing those kids
No one will suspect you
@Stijn Nah, he's a noob
He now. Be nice. I'm perfectly capable of robbing children
@Bart prove it
With a pic
or jiff
8:29 PM
Pff, who says jiff ...
not me
I dunno. They say people say jiff
And for the lovers of jiffs i.stack.imgur.com/C6Pe5.gifBart Jan 26 at 9:33
It's zhaif, not jiff.
@bjb568 No, zhaif is only Arabic GIF's.
8:39 PM
I thought those were APNG?
@rene Arabic doesn't have /p/
Hmm, that is hard. So you say olice and encil and on the toilet you ee?
Arabs don't poop, they excrete.
@rene Actually they replace all the foreign words with /p/ with /b/. It becomes bencil and bee.
Portugal becomes Bortugal
sounds like a bad prank
8:51 PM
@rene no it's real, know this from Arabs in Israel as well. ;-)
9:15 PM
Aw, shucks. Is there a way to rename a bookmark?
I typo'd.
Yes, get hired as a dev.
You might also be able to rename lots of other things while you're at it
1 hour later…
10:24 PM
10:46 PM
I am going to take sand this afternoon!
on the shoes while walking on the beach
11:18 PM
@Telkitty what beach?
@rene I suggest renaming @Bart. That would be fun. Or even better rename all MSE users to be Bart.
I have some distant relatives visiting, so take them to beach up north after invite them to buffet lunch
Also take sand, take stand ... got it :p
@Telkitty no.... really? ;)
If you spot Joel there, say "hi"
why would Joel be there, it's not like he needs sand & cement to make some concrete wall between the US and Mexico ...
@Telkitty nah, he's against any kind of Walls
11:32 PM
unless it's firewall, pretty sure SO uses firewall

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