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1:41 AM
Hello @bjb568
I am becoming self-aware.
have you passed turing exam? the entrance test for self awaring A.I.?
Q: Time to take a stand

Joel SpolskyI am extremely upset by President Trump’s executive order on immigration. It is immoral, unconstitutional, and fundamentally un-American. The community on Stack Overflow is made up of users from all over the world. At least 100,000 posts on Stack Overflow were written by users from the seven cou...

1:47 AM
CV as off-topic?
Cue the huge arguments for the next few days...
why meta question? why not blog post?
@Telkitty Only when somebody is VNC'd into his server
2:12 AM
If you don't have a good progress bar, don't include it.
Under normal circumstances I'd say this is off-topic, but these are not normal circumstances. This is a topic for everywhere, and everyone. +1 and let's talk about what we can DO. — Dave Swersky 18 mins ago
I'm not CVing.
I created this Heroku one-click deploy app that lets you contribute to BOINC using your free heroku dyno hours. Click, enter app name, click deploy, done.
There's a dashboard counting currently attached instances here.
Donate CPU resources to Science in three clicks.
so I am BBQ some prawns and writing 2 political related opinion pieces at once, my laptop better not crash in between, because those prawns are dying to become a part of me
3:01 AM
argh, google
is anybody else seeing those ugly drop shadow borders around all the results today
everything looks like an ad
3:42 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer: How to root droid running 4.4.4 KitKat by Rogen on android.stackexchange.com
no repro
Why did Joel post on Meta.SO instead of Meta.SE? Is the issue relevant to SO more than to SU etc? Doesn't look like it. Jerusalem strategy again.
the top two answers are conspicuously/suspiciously lacking comments
-10 ... so meh
4:00 AM
the other opinion piece I am writing is on an article that has already got 3 replies on one side too, I am posting comment supporting the other side - currently got none support
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil
4:24 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: How to create a video with audio comment? by Yadi Almagroby on blender.stackexchange.com
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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website in body: 10 Things I Wish I Knew About dermessence by nertah on graphicdesign.stackexchange.com
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Q: Time to take a stand

Joel SpolskyI am extremely upset by President Trump’s executive order on immigration. It is immoral, unconstitutional, and fundamentally un-American. The community on Stack Overflow is made up of users from all over the world. At least 100,000 posts on Stack Overflow were written by users from the seven cou...

Are you f'ing kidding me?
Posted by Joel, tagged featured, and locked? On what planet is that even remotely OK here?
On a private web property of Joel Spolsky.
Which SE is not.
It's not his personal soapbox just because he's the boss.
I was the first to VTC, but I do recognize it's his site (+ board of directors). They can pull the plug on it anytime the want, or do whatever they please with it.
No. It's total abuse of his position. It may be his company but it's not OK to make it his personal soapbox, and just because a majority of folks may agree with him politically still doesn't make it OK. He has a blog for that.
Now we also have Stack Overflow stands with you by Jon Ericson on meta.islam.stackexchange.com
5:10 AM
Yeah... I would not want to stand too close to that particular site.
@zaq Lovely. sigh
Not to mention, coming from the CEO, how it makes SE employees who may disagree with him feel. It's so irresponsible it almost makes me not want to be a part of any of these sites any more.
@JonEricson You, too? Come on, man, don't you guys have blogs and twitter accounts?
SE staff can't manipulate exert enough influence through blog and twitter, interestingly torture/funding for safer abortion/wall at border didn't get a post
@JasonC I encourage you to consider both directions of the parallel. The network is intended to be open to all comers. If you look at my post on meta Islam, you'll see a link to one of the many meta posts encouraging that stance. They have worked hard against a stiff headwind.
@JonEricson Two questions: 1. If somebody besides Joel made that post, would it remain open? 2. What if the post (by Joel or not) were the opposing viewpoint instead?
5:18 AM
60+ upvotes within 35 minutes rings enough alarm
I don't care about the stance. I support political activism as well. And personally, I agree on all accounts with the points. It doesn't belong on a site whose purpose is to discuss the ins and outs of a programming Q&A. It belongs on Joel's blog.
And its featured and locked. How is that OK?
The network isn't intended to be open to all comers, @Jon. The network is intended to be open to all comers who want to have Q&A discussions about topics relevant to the site they are posting on.
If Joel has a question about Trump's policies he's welcome to post it on the politics site.
@JasonC 1. Probably not. This question has been closed a few times already and I expect it will be closed for good in the not too distant future. 2. I doubt anyone will be deleting answers that endorse another point of view as long as they are respectful. The great thing about meta is that it give the community a stronger voice than on the blog.
@JasonC I don't see any record that it was locked.
@JonEricson It wasn't closeable a few minutes ago. Either something was changed, Joel did something magic, I don't know how to use the site, or I'm dumb. In any case that "locked" part doesn't apply any more and I'm slightly less irritated now that I can VTC it.
@JasonC He doesn't have a question. This is an explanation of our stance as a company. As with most featured discussions, it's an announcement. We use that construction pretty regularly. (Though, to be fair, it normally is more directly associated with a change we are making/planning on making to the sites than with what bugged our CEO today.) We've gone through the is enough times it shouldn't really be a surprise anymore.
If it's an explanation of your stance as a company, it should be framed that way. The first sentence is "I am extremely upset by President Trump’s executive order on immigration". That's an explanation of Joel's personal stance.
And if that is your stance as a company how are you intending to act towards any employees you have that may disagree? If I disagreed and worked for SE I'd be too afraid to talk about an opposing view at this point.
And since when does SE's political stance, as a company, go on MSO instead of the company blog?
5:31 AM
For the record, I'm almost certainly among the most conservative of employees who spend time with the community. I disagree with Joel on plenty of things. If I disagreed with him on this, I'd feel free enough to write an answer.
And of course it's a surprise. The SE communities are constantly "politics do not belong on this site", and we've never had a featured meta discussion with a political agenda. At least as far as I know. It's 100% a surprise.
At least a non-tech political agenda. If there's some internet censorship or whatever post out there that would be somewhat less surprising, but still wouldn't belong there.
Do we've any already existing discussion or FR like "Don't synchronize about-me from my oldest account when I join a community"?
I feel like there should be, hold on.
A: Don't force sync with my oldest account on my network profile

Adam LearStarting today, you can choose which profile to sync to stackexchange.com: Click the "update link": Pick a site: ??? Profit. Note that this is a one time copy, not an ongoing sync. If you want to update your profile on stackexchange.com after making changes on your Q&A site of cho...

5:37 AM
Q: Network profile (about me) automatically syncs to the oldest account after some time

PandyaAfter recognizing status-completed of Don't force sync with my oldest account on my network profile, I changed (my oldest account is on Ask Ubuntu) my network-profile to that of Unix & Linux by the Update profile info feature. After some weeks when I checked my network-profile, it was showing ab...

Which is your post.
And links to the one Jon just posted.
I think you're the proud owner of the existing discussion, heh.
@JonEricson I'm not talking about net-work profile at all /cc @JasonC
3 mins ago, by Pandya
Do we've any already existing discussion or FR like "Don't synchronize about-me from my oldest account when I join a community"?
^^ when I join a community
Well, just post it.
Worst case it gets closed as a dupe. But posting it on MSE will get you a wider audience who may know of an existing discussion than just here in the Tavern.
5:43 AM
Well, I'm gonna switch to playing XCOM or something. Have a good weekend all.
I have a feeling that SE has put too much emphasize on politics. As much as I agree on Joel's stance, I also feel like SO is playing a very dangerous game. What if the ban on immigration is lifted and there is an increase in terrorist attacks. It doesn't matter if only 3-5 have died from those attacks. It will be like the Cologne incidence. It does not even matter if none of the attacks were actually by those new immigrants.
Because fear and anger in the public is hardly ever based on actual facts.
By @Jon.
@Telkitty You had me until "what if the ban". Joel is playing a dangerous game but not because of the specific issue, it's because he's using the site as his personal political megaphone.
Btw, how do I search in Blog:?
There's 1000000 other places to rant and rave about Trump or whatever other political topic you're interested in.
5:50 AM
I don't find any search bar...
@Pandya Use google, but add "site:stackoverflow.blog" to your search terms.
@JasonC and it will not make much difference no matter how much effort you spend on those 1000000 other places
Er, sure it will.
SO isn't the key we've been missing for worldwide political change. That stuff doesn't need to be here.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, pattern-matching website in body, repeated URL at end of long post: The originators of platinum xt 1000 have clearly by wevocutuz101 on apple.stackexchange.com
6:05 AM
@JasonC I've just tried:
Q: Don't copy "about me" from my oldest account when I join a community

PandyaWhenever a user join a community his/her "about-me" section is filled with that of his/her oldest account. Though it may be proper way to make verbatim copy of "about me" section to new community instead of leaving it blank but I think it is not desired always (or may be mostly). Let me explain h...

6:20 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, repeated URL at end of long post: The outcome is you remain dynamic and vivified by Monal1956 on superuser.com
@JasonC Btw, your answer looks I am not sure if it is needed or not! Haha
It is kind of a worthless answer, isn't it.
More precisely your meant: "I've no complain with either!" lol
@JasonC yes, seems.....
Lol. I deleted it.
When I started typing it I felt like I had something to say. By the time I was done it turned out I had nothing.
6:35 AM
1 hour later…
7:44 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, repeated URL at end of long post: The platinum xt 1000 having the all key to pass on parts by wevocutuz101 on drupal.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, repeated URL at end of long post: Turned up at ground zero conditions by Senew1991 on superuser.com
Rainbow SO? Except this time we're against it?
There was a voting on rainbow SO?
@ShadowWizard Post 1: Already recently reported
@SmokeDetector huh, nice!
7:59 AM
also people aren't against it the proposal
spammer has account on SO for almost three years
@qwer huh? where?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Does Stack Exchange offer internships? by user3723903 on meta.stackexchange.com
I should have been more clear... I meant, SO against Trump's (but surely it's a bigger issue that I personally didn't think about it so serious) /cc @Shadow
@qwer heh, it's way more serious than the rainbow logo. Trump is an actual threat to USA, the first real threat this country had in many years.
He has the power to make USA fall.
The sad thing is, that he's doing all of this will the full support of majority of the people. Democracy in its worst.
8:08 AM
I need to look back at Trump's policies once again, this time really carefully.
@qwer so far only one important new policy, which is very simple: citizens of 7 countries are banned in the USA. He didn't bother to give more details, hence the chaos it's causing now.
@JasonC I don't wanna sound rude but ... isn't that the story of your life? ;)
So mean.... ;)
BTW @Jason you got help with that bookshelf?
@ShadowWizard it becomes clear that something comes first but there needs to be a second as well. You might sign the petition (and watch the video): petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/…
@rene huh? what... is.. that? puzzled
oh, I heard about those petitions... lol
IMO Trump will simply abort this whole thing. :/
8:16 AM
You have to take the opportunity once they arrive, right?
@ShadowWizard just watch the video ...
but I think only US citizens can sign those petitions, otherwise what's the point?
One World, America One
Well, Trump is going to get the World smacking him on the Face, sooner or later.
Must admit, same fate as my own country will eventually get, going in its current way with it current leader. Oh well.
We'll see what happens.
Hopefully @Jason got better news! ;)
8:21 AM
@rene Well... yeah. Yeah, it is. cry
@ShadowWizard I never ended up getting help but I did manage to guess my way to a solution that at least appears to work.
@ShadowWizard Elections are due in the Netherlands and we have someone going strong on the right-wing ...
@JasonC whoa, nice! I knew you could do it. ;)
@rene let me guess, a good friend of Trump?
I'm feeling a little bummed though because up until this point I actually really wanted to work at SE, I've just been trying to get my ducks in a row before applying. It is as close as a company can get to having my dream philosophy about information. But Joel's post was so distasteful to me it's like... unappetizing is the best way to describe it.
@JasonC but why? You think Trump's decision is correct and rightful?
Like, I thought we were cool. Then the CEO decided we should be reddit instead.
8:25 AM
Or just don't think that companies should make a stand?
No I don't think trumps decision is good. But I don't think the discussion belongs on MSO at all.
Companies should make a stand. That's what SEs blog is for.
Joel is one of those who want to change the world.... and he's one of the few who had some success. I think he earned the right to at least try and make the world better, with everything he got.
On topic, off topic.... sorry but it's just bullshit. Joel is using the tools he got and owns.
@JasonC nobody is really reading the blog
Sure. From his blog, the company blog, or any of his social media sites, or any of the talks he gives. MSO isn't his personal soapbox.
@ShadowWizard yeah ... when they get to power they take the same measures, only they build the wall at the border with Belgium and have the EU pay for it, something like that.
I mean he can make it his soapbox if he wants, sure. But personally I think that sucks. And that's why I feel the way I feel about it.
It was super disappointing. Not to mention this weird idea (that you just fell victim to yourself, almost) that if you don't want that convo on MSO, you therefore support Trump. We can thank Clinton for that divide. Nobody acknowledges the damage her campaign did to the country.
At least, nobody that isn't ultimately labeled a "bigot". I dislike this generation of people so much. Well most of them. It keeps me awake at night.
And you can't reason with anybody any more. I'm all about trying to change people's minds. I can't stand this norm of social oppression as a tactic. But I need, like, a personal PR department, I'm way too aggressive.
@ShadowWizard Whatever. He's the CEO of a highly influential company. If he made an anti Trump post on his blog, people would read the heck out of it, especially if Wired or whoever picked it up.
It's not even clear if he's speaking for the company in his post. It's a legitimate personal political rant in a totally inappropriate venue. And what did he expect? Discussion? As if an answer containing counterpoints in support of Trump would be even remotely well received. Who would actually post an answer like that there? It's unspoken social oppression caused by a totally biased post from the CEO.
It pretends to give some opportunity for discussion but it totally doesn't if you actually think about it for a half a second.
So yeah. I don't know. Unappetizing.
8:47 AM
Well, it's a discussion titled "What can Stack Overflow the company do to make a stand against elected president of the USA?" - people can suggest ideas, comment, take part. This can't be done in a blog. For example, people might suggest and support donating lots of money to some organization, or organize a strike. And many of those people wouldn't bother to make a stand or think about ideas if it wasn't for that post.
Well, I think there is a big plan behind all this. This was the first step and now we can redirect users that disturb the normal operation too much to another meta-post where they can either vent or press buttons. Should keep the chatrooms civil for the upcoming years.
@ShadowWizard Yes it can. People ask questions to readers all the time in blogs. It's called the comment section.
@JasonC not only Clinton, the way I see it, from what I've seen, they're both equally to blame. They were like two kids throwing mud on each other.
@rene Heh. Part of me is wondering if Joel only posted that to get some publicity for SE. That's the only way I can make sense of it.
@JasonC nah, he appears to be really and utterly desperate. And rightfully so...
If anything, money-wise, SE will just lose from this.
8:54 AM
@ShadowWizard The thing is, neither of them are to blame. You know who is to blame? That pansy on Facebook who found that it was way easier to say e.g. "shut up and stop saying tranny, you jerk" and bathe in the Facebook likes rather than confront somebody head on, understand why they may not have considered it, and taken the effort to show them why that's offensive and a better way.
@rene wall against immigrants?
That's the person who then turns around and cries, literally, about "how could this happen?". You're how. It's your fault.
@ShadowWizard No way. Anti Trump is a guaranteed win right now.
@JasonC huh? Lost you now... you mean the whole Facebook mud throwing and flaming posts that got millions of likes? Or someone specific?
Damn, now I have to explain myself through my phones crappy keyboard. This is what I get for talking, lol.
@JasonC not in the USA, his win was real. More than 50% of the people support him.
8:56 AM
I don't mean somebody specific.
@ShadowWizard I have no idea, maybe against the import of Friet
@JasonC lol, take your time... I'll be here in 10 hours as well... and tomorrow. :)
Gets the popcorn
Depends on where in the USA. Like here in NYC, oh my God, don't even hint that you voted for him, you will get your ass whooped in a heartbeat. And everybody here is jumping on the bandwagon. Every coffee shop with an anti Trump message on the chalkboard on the sidewalk I guaranteed has tripled their business here.
wondering where is @Bart
8:58 AM
Btw you have to forgive me, with the phone, I lag behind the convo cause I can't see what's being said as I'm typing.
@rene lol, that sounds awful!
And I resent that my phone capitalized god.
@JasonC at least no autocorrect fatal mistakes this time...
@ShadowWizard I'm sorry. I actually am super in to having this convo. But I have always had trouble explaining my views about social media and collective behaviors in the past, and especially in text, and especially on a tiny keyboard. I have to leave you hanging for now, but I do legit feel bad about it. Sorry.
I got a new keyboard, SwiftKey. Autocorrect is... Different.
@JasonC I know what you mean and can clearly imagine that and understand that - but in the long run, they're just shooting themselves in the foot. Question is, when they'll understand it.
9:01 AM
@JasonC no need to be sorry, and thanks for sharing your views so far, was interesting. :)
I am counting on the children of the youngest generation to have more wisdom. It seems to alternate.
So I don't feel, like, doomed. Just temporarily annoyed.
@JasonC well, you're optimistic... but as @rene said we just have to wait and see what happens.
What I need is terminology for the problem that I think we have. I feel like I could explain things more effectively if I had better background in sociology.
The world would be a better place if we all had ...
9:05 AM
True that.
Oh but hey
The cogsci site openly accepts sociology questions. I forgot about that.
Q: Sociology questions

Jason CI am looking for terminology to describe a common collective social behavior. Is that question appropriate for this site? I could also ask on English, maybe, if I phrase it carefully. There's a sociology tag on Philosophy too but it does not seem appropriate.

That's funny. I never actually asked my question. And it was actually about the specific thing I'm having trouble explaining now.
OK, time for me to go fix some bugs... cya and enjoy Sunday @Jason! ;)
Oh my god I wish I recorded what I just heard. It was the best thing ever.
@ShadowWizard you worky?
The cops here have megaphones on their cars which they use judiciously. I just heard one yell "Yo you're walking the wrong way. Don't stare him down he's got the green light. Yeah you. You wait to cross. Yeah that's right."
9:12 AM
Suck it, pedestrian.
That would scare the shit out of me ;)
@rene yup. Friday and Saturday are our days off
@ShadowWizard peace. It will be a Sunday full of more bookshelf. Yay.
@ShadowWizard Ah, OK. Happy bug hunting then ...
Can a dev look at this:
Q: How can I find out the reason for losing near 300 points of reputation

Nuri TasdemirToday, I have noticed that my reputation fell below 5K. It was above 5K like I don't know 5-10 days ago. However I couldn't find the reason of this change in reputation. Probably it is related to "documents". I don't know maybe an example is deleted. How can I learn the reason?

9:37 AM
@EdCottrell if you're around, you're called out on MSE for a suspension you gave: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/290418/…
Looks for legit reasons if you ask me ...
10:07 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Time to take a stand by Nick on meta.stackoverflow.com
I'm writing a post, let me conform when user get 20 (on any SE site except SO and MSE) reputation, s/he can talk in any chat room (on chat.se server) irrespective of related to site or not right? cc @rene
@Pandya yeah, that seems to be how it works.
@rene ok.
@Pandya verified here I don't even have an account on Esperanto
let me know when you saw it
10:16 AM
@Pandya It works, so you're correct
actually I knew it just wanted to confirm.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: Is it wrong to unintentionally withhold information? by IfaacNewton on academia.stackexchange.com
11:18 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, pattern-matching website in body: Alpha Monster Advanced If you want to gain muscle in an efficient manner, you need to eat enough protein by Caroline CHansen on apple.stackexchange.com
final delete vote needed for this trolling @rene @Bart
Let's give Ed a chance to either respond or give the OK to delete it
@rene can't see any way to respond to this, but OK
i.e. someone will come here and say "Hitler was right!" - should we really get into a discussion with such a person? I don't think so.
And that's exactly the person there, and he's doing it on purpose, hence trolling.
on second thought... better not feed the trolls, comment deleted.
@ShadowWizard that is why I didn't comment and no, I don't see any value in it. And yes, i would love to delete it right now. But as it is live now and a mod gets called out (again) I think they should have an option to respond.
11:40 AM
A hilariously NSFW opinion piece about "raising awareness": harshcritic.com.au/2013/…
@rene mods have responded to that user before and done so in great detail, even in public. I'm hard pressed to believe there is anything useful to ad
Hmm , OK. Fair enough
12:09 PM
That should really go on the blog, not on Meta
No matter how much I agree and support what is said
Makes me wonder if I should retract some of what I've said here meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/298007/…
12:37 PM
@rene Thanks for the heads-up.
@Bart Yeah, well, no. I think you are still spot on there. Let's assume that Joel knows the difference between his blog, the blog and meta I think they try to convey that despite being an American led company, those rulings from the current country leadership doesn't translate to how the community is treated or who is welcome and who not. It is unfortunate that due to sending that message out, he does give a political opinion.
@EdCottrell no problem
The question's gone, now, though.
@EdCottrell you need a screenshot?
@rene ... maybe I just don't get where the "stand" is. Or is it just "we as Stack Overflow disagree with this"? I miss the follow-up if anything.
@EdCottrell here you go i.stack.imgur.com/yx7L3.jpg
12:40 PM
@Bart I guess he thinks that meta.SO is where he can get his view out fast. Taking short cut really.
Maybe. I don't really regard Meta SO as "public facing" @Telkitty. He could have led his Twitter followers to the blog, which I perceive as being more public.
Anyway, now I can cross "moan about something" off of my today list
@Bart Engagement rate x conversion ratio, meta.so is still better. Also he has the support of other fellows in the company I suspect.
But consider millions of women around the world march in record-breaking protest against Donald Trump dwarfing inauguration crowd. What has been done was too little, what will be done is too late
Check all the user's content: arduino.stackexchange.com/users/30443/user30443 Rude/abusive
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user: What does the fox say by user30443 on arduino.stackexchange.com
@qwer Post 1: That does not look like a valid post URL.
already on it
@SmokeDetector that can be flagged as rude/abussive
@qwer I'm SmokeDetector, a bot that detects spam and offensive posts on the network and posts alerts to chat. A command list is available here.
Oh, reportuser
1:02 PM
It's becoming increasingly harder to browse the internet without bumping into U.S. politics. Don't get me wrong, I think Trump being president is a very bad thing, but ultimately it's a far-from-my-bed-show and having it constantly shoved in my face is getting tiresome. I can't wait until their next election, so we can collectively move on.
Don't worry, there are some lovely closer-to-your-bed elections coming up ;)
@rene Ah, that guy. He was writing that the Jews really were a problem to be solved, and the only problem with the Nazis was that they overindulged a bit. I came pretty close to just nuking the account outright. Thanks for the link.
Gosh you guys are triggerhappy .... /sarcasm
Reminded me of someone who was banned from C# chat room... although not related to Nazi
1:36 PM
@EdCottrell yeah, I have no doubt you did (and are doing) The Right Thing™
/me goes to post Meta rant about those evil anti-nazi moderators
Was that the second thing on your to-do list for today?
1:51 PM
I searched for 'fat nazi' on google image & I am satisfied with the results ... fat nazis, Mmm ...
2:03 PM
@rene 3rd. Drink coffee was 2nd. Done ...
@rene Ha, thanks.
2:30 PM
I've recently visited:
Q: Time to take a stand

Joel SpolskyI am extremely upset by President Trump’s executive order on immigration. It is immoral, unconstitutional, and fundamentally un-American. The community on Stack Overflow is made up of users from all over the world. At least 100,000 posts on Stack Overflow were written by users from the seven cou...

Can you explain what is immigration of SO?
Is there anything going wrong with SE/SO?
Oh! Is it about migration of SO/SE from US?
I may not be getting the things at all!
This is about president Trump's immigration ban
> "President Trump signed on Friday an executive order that severely restricts immigration from seven Muslim countries, suspends all refugee admission for 120 days, and bars all Syrian refugees indefinitely. "
It also banned immigrants who already had a visa, locking many out, and also several inside the country, because they have no idea whether or not they can come back if they leave.
Oh! Has it anything to do with SE/SO?
In as far as that SO/SE is made of a community of people from all over the world and wouldn't have been nearly as successful if it wasn't.
It doesn't really affect SO/SE in that foreigners can't ask questions on the site (but hey, who knows what they come up with next), but some feel it is outrageous and immoral enough that they should take a stand against it.
By writing a meta post and bashing Trump
I'm thinking it's traditional or something
Everyone's doing it
It certainly confuses people who are not aware of current world's situation...
2:41 PM
@M.A.R. I'm not sure I see Trump bashing in the post
@qwer those living under a rock are easily confused. ;)
A post doesn't need to bash Trump to bash Trump
@M.A.R. hey, those are @Jason's words!
@ShadowWizard I'm turning into him alright
oh no
poor @MAR
What chemical element is Jason ...
2:47 PM
@Bart toxic, for sure
maybe addictive
Oxygen Phosphorus Iodine Uranium unknown Metal
seems dangerous
One bit of him is radioactive at least
The unknown metal part is the most scary.
That means he's green, and glowing
2:54 PM
@M.A.R. I wonder if @Jason will be happy about it ;)
He sure is.
1 hour later…
3:56 PM
@ZeroPiraeus that is a pretty BS close reason. It's not about whether or not such mechanisms exist, nor is it a feature request of that type. — Bart 7 mins ago
@Bart +1
some people...
I reworded Joel Spolsky's post to sound much more impactful.
Yay for colorfulz
those indicate how hard it is to understand.
Mister POTUS would totally be confused.
4:11 PM
Then again, you could probably confuse him with his own reflection
4:24 PM
Did anyone try that yet?
@rene I can't go to the USA to do it
But I never planned to do anyway
Tell you what, now that they banned me, I wanna go!
I'm not sure though whether I wasn't banned before.
Certainly chemicals can't travel unsupervised ...
@Bart ಠ_ಠ
Except for safety glasses ... privileged bastards
4:39 PM
@M.A.R. yeah, it is funny but there is evidence that an open border attracts less immigrants then a closed border. Because for the open border case people think I can go whenever I need to while for the closed border case people think if I don't try now it might become even harder in the future
5:13 PM
holy shit
I missed quite the meta drama over the weekend eh
Today, I headed to meta.SO, I saw BJB comment, and there wasn't a single spelling error in it. I immediately knew it was serious stuff.
5:37 PM
@M.A.R. What's the chemical now?
@bjb568 Serotonin
@M.A.R. 'snt that some kind of brain hormone?
@Magisch Yah, it makes you happy.
It's also found in a lot of snakes' poison, if I'm not mistaken
the other happy-go-lucky brain hormone is dopamine, right?
5:49 PM
Yeah, and a whole lot of endorphins, probably
Generally, a lot of whatever works in our nervous system can be a poison
6:19 PM
Stop nitpicking @rene!
Stop nitpicking, @rene!
... did you just nitpick?
. . . Did you just nitpick?
6:36 PM
…your punctuation is wrong.
@bjb568 Your punctuation is too cramped to be right.
.     .     .     sure
@bjb568 This is so right it's gotta be holy
It's gonna be great.
done nitpicking ...
1 hour later…
8:03 PM
@Bart I disagree.
I won't give you any icecream. That's @ShadowWizard
I only get ice cream when I'm agreeing.
And disagreeing.
8:36 PM
Q: Follow up on Stack Exchange => Stack Overflow name change announcement

Jason CThere is a blog post from late 2015 titled We're Changing Our Name (Back) to Stack Overflow that reads: Here’s what’s changing: As of today, our company will be known as Stack Overflow. Our logo is different. But only a little. Not one other damn thing. What was the ultimate ...

^ If any CMs/Shogs pop in here and happen to know the answer.
I asked the same in chat recently.
2 hours later…
10:32 PM
Well that meta posts' comments went exactly as one would expect
Huh? Who said ice cream?
sending a glare towards @Bart
No ice cream for @M.A.R. he will become too excited. We don't want that to happen here.
echo echo echo
Oh well.
reflects glare off of glasses
10:48 PM
stunned by own glare
12:53 AM
@Shog9 Are you around? I have a question about user demographics, possibly from developer survey, that probably won't come across right and so I'd rather ask directly.
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