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12:02 AM
12:19 AM
@AlexisKing o_0
@bjb568 I know, it sounds awful, but it’s actually pretty neat. Try it out: imgcap.com/album/YtCE0
(Ignore the last half or so, I didn’t write descriptions for those slides yet.)
There's got to be some kind of sticky thing or something that'll make a similar layout.
If you can find one, I’ll gladly ditch mine. But it’s <100 lines of JS, about 30% of which are comments, and it seems to work flawlessly.
Meh. Ok.
(Works on mobile, too, so as far as I can tell it doesn’t even have those usual pitfalls.)
12:54 AM
@AlexisKing Phew, I totally expected that to be images of code and I wondered what you thought you were doing.
I completely missed that one. :P
I added that question to my favorites before it was deleted so that when I hit 10k I could gaze upon its glory once more.
Those three people are terrible. I mean, who deletes a question like that?
1:17 AM
Q: How to overheat Android phone?

KacasDoge 'or' KacasPieselHow can I do this? I have big problem with very cold winter while I'm waiting for a bus. I was searching for something, but everything I found is how to stop overheating. App with big size is not good on my phone. This can be something for rooted smartphone. Thanks, Kacas.

The four newest questions on Hinduism are all Chinese spam. (Still not signing up, though)
I've signed up and deleted my account twice in the past 20 minutes.
Do the flags survive the account deletion?
Well, the score doesn't change back so I'd assume so...
Interesting. Sign up - flag - delete account - repeat five more times?
1:23 AM
Might be possible. Not sure I'd want to try that though...
@hichris123 The downvote remains, but flag doesn't. I flagged this post at least 7 times, bringing score down to -14 (it was -3, there could be other flaggers). Still there.
I wonder what a mod will see when looking at the flags there...
1:42 AM
Looking at all the dudes nominated for @StackOverflow primaries and thinking about how much more $$ they could make with a diverse audience
Probably, not that much more.
@zaq Huh. Well, oh well then.
I think the flag becomes disputed, which keeps downvote there. Isn't this how disputing spam flags works?
I thought disputing removed the downvote. But I don't remember.
A: What happens to unresolved flags raised by a recently deleted user?

animusonThe flags remain in the queue. The user attached to the flags simply changes to the Community user.

1:55 AM
Hm. But they certainly don't have an expected cumulative effect.
2:29 AM
Now looking closely at game theory, it's basically saying: being a rational dickhead, you will benefit more economically
So now the dilemma becomes: what is more important - more $ or less guilt
> I don't see the point of coming on stackoverflow.com and answering to some of the recent questions, since it is not obvious doing that you'll learn many interesting stuffs -- meta.stackoverflow.com/q/337898
Sounds about right to me.
3:22 AM
@AlexisKing gotta link?
@zaq what the heck? who on earth is that?
@zaq I would certainly like a more diverse moderator team, but the connection to “making more money” does not really parse. Who could make more money? And why?
3:35 AM
@AlexisKing ???
SJWs fighting the good fight with massively oversimplified useless recommendations based largely on misunderstanding communicated in Twits.
You don't worry about Step #2 until you've collected all the socks.
Sure there'd be a potential problem if the proportion of females running was lower than the general number in the active community. But there's no stats for that.
well, there are stats
@Shog9 But they're all hiding.
3:37 AM
But it doesn't really matter this year, since turnout in general has been poor
I... Think I prefer spring elections.
@Shog9 Not really very good stats, since you can't force people to give you their gender.
Any the sample size for even nominees is tiny.
well, you can, but you shouldn't. It's quite rude and illegal.
Well, for sex you can check, but it's pretty hard for gender if they don't want to tell you.
I'd probably collect as much data as possible and feed it into some ML thing. It'd fail around the edge cases.
there are always sex change surgeries ...
all you need is good persuasion skillz
3:39 AM
@Telkitty Right. So we'd have to look at the actual chromosome 23 for that.
also get people to get tans
or take pictures in dark rooms
@Shog9 What are you asking? I’m as confused as you are.
@AlexisKing no, that was the answer
Oh. Well that clears it right up.
3:44 AM
The turnout is low, but it looks like a combination of seasonal trend with the general decline of the Universe.
I mean, even slugster didn't nominate. That's a first.
Possible cause: having the question collection in advance has a chilling effect. Partly because of the questions being asked there, and partly because some strong candidates were able to nominate immediately, putting breaks on the enthusiasm of amateurs.
Unrelated: I spam flagged that Hinduism post 10 times, because the green topbar thing had 1000 in association bonus when I was done.
So what happened to my flags?
3:49 AM
they're still there
if you clicked a few times more because of shaky hand syndrome, I suggest you to drink less tea/coffee/alcohol and take less drugs
But 10 spam flags should be enough to nuke a post. Do Community owned flags count?
They don't count because they're cleared immediate upon deletion.
Then that answer by Animuson is wrong or outdated. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/267289/…
Some russian kid beat you to this particular exploit, and abused it so persistently we had to fix it.
3:52 AM
why do I think of vlad or YCS?
beats me
Also I cursed neighbourhood bird 10 times after it shitted purple under-digested fruit on my bed sheet on the clothes line, nothing happened. NOTHING!!! The bird just stood on the tree and stared at me, probably thinking I am an idiot.
But after the flags are cleared, downvotes stay on the post... So I can downvote any post a bunch of times in this way.
You can do a lot of things with the SE system. Don't.
Most things that aren't often abused don't really need to be fixed with software.
@zaq the downvotes age away after a bit (I forget how long it takes)
3:57 AM
@bjb568 Well said. Maybe you should have run for a mod after all.
sometimes, I reminds myself to not take advice from someone who can't get a spam post deleted after spending 30 minutes trying then came to a chat to whine about it
7 messages moved to Chimney
A: What happens to unresolved flags raised by a recently deleted user?

animusonWhen a user is deleted, their flags are assigned to Community, and the status of unresolved flags is set to UserDeleted with the exception of "Other" flags which are kept unresolved (and thus will remain in the queue). This is similar to the behavior of flags on deleted posts, where Other flags...

4:05 AM
@Telkitty You mean SmokeDetector? Yeah, that user doesn't give very good advice, unfortunately.
5:28 AM
Q: 2016 Moderator Election

impathuriWhy ? Moderator elections are conducted in Stack Exchange (2016 Moderator Election ),how elected moderator helps the Stacker.

And then we wonder why this and not another candidate got elected.
Bhargav Rao pulled ahead of deceze once India woked up. The top 3 are likely to stay as they are. (And the top 3 nearly always become mods, though not necessarily right after the election).
5:44 AM
I wonder whether it's legit to ask a question such as 'Selling Australia magpies to Asia as pets - restrictions'
10:42 AM
Final delete vote needed on this answer @rene @Bart
That was quick, @Bart! :D
I'm so fast
Not faster than light though....
@ShadowWizard oh, but there are post that disappear faster than that, trust me. Logs are full of those. The only problem is that they disappear before light can even reach them, so they end up being invisible to your untrained eyes.
@Derpy that's why I keep training... ;)
the button is still there.
10:55 AM
@Derpy don't let it become rusty.... ;)
2 hours later…
1:07 PM
Dear @StackOverflow users, You may experience WebSocket errors over the next hour as we beat the hell out of them in the name of science.
@SNAFU ouch
2 hours later…
2:57 PM
@Magisch Watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
whoa, poor Smokey
Probably Nick is to blame, breaking the web sockets
@ShadowWizard Running since 14:56:31 UTC (1 minute)
3:01 PM
@TimStone any chance to do something about this?
Q: SEDE should pick up on changes to community metadata

AndyIt appears that site meta data isn't updated in SEDE. As an example, Moderators.SE was renamed to Community Building in December 2014. It is still listed in SEDE as Moderators.SE, as of July 2015. To search for Community Building data, we need to search the "Moderators" community: It is not l...

3:13 PM
posted on November 15, 2016 by Nick Craver

I’m Nick Craver, and you may remember me from my posts about how Stack Overflow does deployment, how we do hardware, and how we built our architecture.

3:46 PM
Meetup pictures don't all fit there, but a nice post anyway.
Was there a 2014.. 2015.. edition? Didn't think so.
Speaking of money: where is Sklivvz going with Non English SO-like sites collection? I conjecture it's to get ideas for navigation (not to buy and import those sites en masse).
> Do you have any idea how ******* rare that is?
Search confirms this being the first f-bomb in the blog, excluding the comments. Kind of doesn't really belong if you ask me.
3:59 PM
@zaq flag
The day ADS will be legally required to be hosted by the hosting site instead that references to file on other servers I never asked to open and the hosting site will be legally required to ensure that they don't contain malvertising I will think about enabling them back. Not before.
So, good for Stack to have chosen the "few ads" path, but I probably wouldn't have seen remote content anyway.
The new job search blog post didn't get much time to bask in the glory of Community Bulletin.
Cool I am @ l337 :-)
Features missing from the blog: (a) previous post / next post links. (b) chronological archive (by year/month). (c) search of any kind.
Could just as well post on a Facebook Page and save themselves the headache of maintaining the blog.
4:07 PM
@zaq could as well have the articles on a "news" page on the site and actually have the users notice them. I wonder how many people read the blog
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA hah, do you want us to keep you there? :p
I think this is one of the few elections where I have difficulty coming up with 3 good candidates.
I'm surprised that everyone is over 1K in the positive territory. Is there a worldwide shortage of down-facing arrows?
@Bart I not below flattery if you vote for me.
Maybe I already did ... maybe I didn't.
Maybe I'll complement you...maybe I won't
4:27 PM
@Bart ;-P
I'm honestly suprised Sergey still got so many votes.
I'm surprised at Jigar too.
4:45 PM
Other years there were candidates with negative counts ... did we get ... to positive?
5:02 PM
idk. I think people do not fully understand the process this year (and there are many many more users)
5:40 PM
@zaq [es.so] in chat: Stack Overflow en español
Stack Overflow en español put a tiger in your tank
5:53 PM
@Bart Because so many are good or so many are bad?
@hichris123 Because it's "ES.SO".
@Bart I'm not part of the we ...
I'm starting to wonder if voters treat this moderator election as a popularity contest...
Wait, am I not voting for Miss World?
@rene No, you're voting for Mr Unicorn.
6:03 PM
\o/ we have more magic around us now
@rene You are not because there are no women among the candidates.
What? So the glass ceiling does exist?
@S.L.Barth retract all votes
@rene Wise decision. Because we know from the default tour page that unicorns eat flowers.
6:37 PM
Would it be correct to say that a moderator must be an iron fist in a velvet glove?
Would you be disappointed if I said: no?
No, but I would be interested in your reasoning.
why would you want to describe a mod with such metaphor
Because moderators must be nice in their dealings with users, but hand out bans (review bans, post bans, site bans) all the same.
The main difference between moderators and high-rep users is that they have more tools to stop things: insta-close and bans.
I'm not sure if being nice is needed. Being factual and correct matters more I think.
6:44 PM
Good point. This may sound cynical, but: being nice is a tool here. The real requirement is an ability to defuse situations.
Being nice simply helps with that.
The problem with being nice is that you have switch roles somewhere down the line
I don't think everyone in SOCVR thinks I'm nice and I pretend that helps when I have to step in.
I don't have to switch from the nice guy to the grumpy flower. I'm already grumpy
Guess that makes sense.
I admire the style of Jon Clements, to name one, which seems to be able to make such switches seamlessly
Doesn't mean you admire - or doesn't mean you don't admire?
(Just making sure a negative didn't get lost there...)
6:52 PM
So... as I guessed. Now checking some of Jon Clements MSO posts to look for examples.
Jon is also one of the mods that keeps an eye on the RO team. None of that is public though.
RO = Room Owner?
@rene Thats your secret, you're always grumpy
@S.L.Barth yeah
@Magisch sure, if that is what it is then I'm happy to cultivate that
7:19 PM
About the blog... I somehow was already aware that SO makes money from Career-waffles and from display ads. One thing the post did not clarify is the relative size of the two revenue streams.
Is one 10x the other, or are they of the same order of magnitude?
@zaq I would expect the career stuff to do better, although the sheer number of imprints on SO... I guess they are close together, maybe 60/40 or so
not sure which is 60 and which 40
Comparising the sizes of two Sales teams: Display Ads: 9 employees, Talent: 117 employees...
So that would indicate that a lot more is coming from the latter channel, but maybe they are just a lot more labor intensive.
SO Careers is specific to SO. Ads, on the other hand, have long been a revenue model for websites
7:29 PM
If the revenue is comparable, both are profitable, and one team is 13 times smaller than the other, it has to run some insane profit margins.
Displaying ads is probably a lot less labor-intensive than creating SO Careers.
yeah, that. Display ads is bulk, and I don't expect them to do much cold selling (assuming that is a word) for display ads
@S.L.Barth I'm not talking about creating. Those are the counts of salespeople, not developers.
Ah, ok.
1 hour later…
8:39 PM
@zaq ads have traditionally been a lot more profitable than careers per-employee, but we've invested a lot more in the latter in the hope that there's more room for growth (without it becoming a race to the bottom)
That said, we could probably do with a few more ad sales folk
Talking to Danny at the meetup, it sounds like there's room for growth there by pushing further into "boutique" ads.
@Shog9 What do you mean with "boutique" ads? Google just gives me ads for fashion.
@S.L.Barth hence the scare quotes
@Shog9 :-) I'm not scared by fashion.... well, most of the time I'm not :-)
Besides, I happen to know that Stack Overflow does sometimes hand out clothing ;-)
Means... Ads or packages of ads tailored to a specific customer or audience.
@Shog9 - I was curious, do you track or have a way to track the questions that come from the "Ask A Question" link in the Stack Overflow tour page?
8:45 PM
@Shog9 Thanks for explaining!
@TravisJ maybe
I'd have to look
I was wondering what the success rate of those questions were, like, if it were really bad.
I can probably get some rough stats on that
Post meta question
okay, will link here in a few minutes
The list of sites accepting ads has grown from 16 to 17 since last August, when Normal Bot asked What criteria determine whether a Stack Exchange site should carry ads?. The new ad-carrying site is Salesforce (which did grow quite nicely in recent months).
9:00 PM
I personally don't mind the ads in the sidebar, since they seem mostly relevant and don't include animation. I think there is room for another one beneath the hot network questions list, as it is pretty far down the page and wouldn't really make much more of a difference in my opinion as far as UX goes. Doing this, since every page has a hot network questions list, would effectively double the exposure of ads on the site.
@hichris123 not many candidates I'd support. Generally I have more candidates than votes and and bummed I can't cast more than the 3.
That said, one thing the blog post did not include was the percent of revenue from the different sources noted. Perhaps ad revenue isn't significant enough to be considered as a major contender of revenue sources.
Random question: Do we really still need migration at all?
@Bart Ah. Yeah, I feel somewhat similar.
I wonder if migration effects smaller sites to a larger or lesser degree.
9:03 PM
Q: A proposed philosophy of question migration

Jon EricsonWe spend a fair amount of time talking about question migrations between sites. These conversations happen internally, publicly and semi-publicly in the network-wide moderator chat room. In the interest of reducing the time we collectively spend discussing it, let’s see if we can formulate a cle...

But in my opinion I'd say yes.
My position: ELU->ELL and MO->MSE, kill everything else.
Okay, so we completely merge those two exchanges, and call it a day? :P
Ooh thanks. I'll have a read. I have sorta come to the conclusion that they're a pointless feature, possibly causing more harm than it does good. So let me see what that post says. :)
The exceptions are there because the sites share topic and differ in difficulty. (And yes, we do need both of those; there's no way that professional mathematicians of MO caliber would put up with typical MSE posts.)
Speaking from my Earth Science experience, migrations are generally a net positive. We migrate things occasionally to Sustainability, Astro, Physics, Worldbuilding, and vice versa. Most are well received.
Looks like we've had 3 "rejected" migrations to ES and none from ES.
9:07 PM
At Stack Overflow I don't think I have ever seen a post migrated in. Out to mSO, but I haven't seen in as much. That said, I have seen many posts that probably belong on Software Engineering or Code Review.
What I've been wondering though, does it teach the OP something? Or do they regard it as "oh, it's over there now, who cares as long as I get my answer" @hichris123?
(I say "rejected" because one wasn't really rejected and another one not counted was closed as a dupe)
@Bart Does it matter? Since the point is for the future people who see the question -- for them to get an answer.
@Bart - I think it is easy to brush it off like that, but I think most confused users simply didn't realize that was how any of this works.
@Bart Hard to know, but I do see comments like "Oh, I didn't know this site existed! Thanks!" at the bottom of migrated questions.
I'd say it matters @hichris123. As much as it is a way to preserve good but off-topic content, I'd hope it's also a way to say "hey, please have a look again at the scope, it doesn't fit where you initially asked it"
9:10 PM
I wonder how many OPs who have migrated questions actually ask another question though.
In general, anything that is a jarring user experience will cause a strong memory, so they are learning something - what they take away from it is definitely going to vary by user.
Maybe I'm far to SO-minded @JonEricson. Migration there seems to be "No, not that site. Not that one either. No, just these select few, and the just new ones .... and it's probably crap we fling over anyway" .... </grumpyoldmanmode>
Heh, you sure you want to close that tag? I can't even find where it opened :P
@TravisJ <grumpyevenoldermanmode>
9:13 PM
From a new user's perspective, it must be like "what, another hoop that I have to jump through??"
Migration is completely frictionless, right? That is, users don't get faced with the general "how to ask" page on the target site to familiarize themselves with the scope.
> Unlike standard knowledge sharing platforms, over 95% of the world’s programmers know and use Stack Overflow to learn and grow their technical skills. - business.stackoverflow.com/enterprise
That's a pretty bold claim. Any citation on that?
@Bart Not sure how frictionless it is. Determining on-topicness falls to us, the migraters, though.
Still, their primary need will be served - get an answer to the question.
That does seem to be a fairly high percent of people who know how to "use" the platform.
They may find it a confusing experience though.
9:16 PM
@S.L.Barth sure. But I don't care about that much. :D My point being, they didn't know the scope of the initial site well enough, and now they have a question on another site they also don't know the scope of.
I sometimes wonder if we aren't overdoing the splitting a bit.
Maybe we should discuss that in a more focused chatroom
Originally, Stack Overflow used tags because a problem could belong to multiple areas. A problem could be about Java and C#. Most forums required you to choose a sub-forum.
But, for example, I think most or all Unix & Linux posts would be on-topic on Super User.
(Enter barrage of people with counterexamples.... but I hope you get my point).
@hichris123 Probably false. Unless they mean English speaking developers.
(Or not speaking but at least knowing enough to type search queries and read posts in the language, and benefit from the results.)
9:27 PM
@hichris123 probably should be 95% of Stack Overflow users know and use Stack Overflow.
Is that a tree I see?
What's up
Hey man :)
you're still a real spectacle
Always have been, always will be
keep it that way
I'm gonna try to become a pro tem at GL (I think they need one)
I will be shedding soon 🍂
Quiet in here
9:47 PM
just quiet enough
10:02 PM
2 hours later…
11:41 PM
1 hour before...
1 hour in between
> almost needless to say but posts with spam, Waterloo, curses and the like will result in permanent expulsion from the site .
1 hour alone in the dirt...
(Google Translate of safot.cs.technion.ac.il, the site that @ShadowWizard linked on Meta)
@zaq rofl

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