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8:22 PM
I don't fully understand this with "flag weight" on SO. If I have 50 - that means that I have got penalties five times?
the default is 100 if I understood it correctly?
I flagged a few post that was off-topic but old today, and one of the where no action has happened (I probably got -10 flag weight instead) is:
Q: Mac Virtualization: VM Ware Fusion or Parallels

DonI'm curious for all your Mac users out there which virtualization software you use and why? I've been a VM Ware user for Windows for years and have been running Parallels on my Mac (mainly because VM Ware was in Beta when I got Parallels). I'm curious if many folks have had experience with both...

That I flagged: "Migrate to Apple.stackexchange.com"
And before that, I asked on Meta:
Q: What to do with old questions that are off-topic?

JonasI often see old questions (from the time before superuser.com and serverfault.com) that are offtopic. But they are not closed. It doesn't make sense to vote-close on them, since no one else will see the question and vote-close, so it will never get five votes. What should I do with old question...

A: New Careers feature "Passive Candidate Search" - feedback wanted!

drachensternIf you have no "feedbacks" you should upvote this CW answer.

@Jonas All this means is: if you flag something, it goes into a list, so yours may be higher or lower than someone else's. It really means "this person contributes to the site beneficially". Consider this example:
flag ~ drachenstern
flag ~ jonas
flag ~ spamArtist <--not intended to be a real name
My flag will appear above yours, as I'm 175, and you're 50.
Now pretend we add JonSkeet to the list and he's maxed out at 500
flag ~ JonSkeet
flag ~ drachenstern
flag ~ jonas
flag ~ spamArtist <--not intended to be a real name
Then they'll (the mods) see his flag before they see my flag, in their list.
That's all it means. You may get pushed down, you may get pushed up. If there's 60 flags to tend to, you'll be nearer the bottom, so your post may not get acted on right away.
@drachenstern Yes, I understand that it is a priority. But default is 100 and I have 50, so I have got some penalty, but I don't understand what I did wrong...
8:37 PM
It just means the mod who dismissed didn't agree with your flags, that's all.
Have you flagged as spam?
Are you sure all your flags were viewed favorably?
@drachenstern No I flagged moderators attention and wrote that it should be migrated to Apple.stackexchange.com See the linked question above...
Yes, I see the linked question, but I cannot see the flags.
@drachenstern Ok, I also flagged this one, after discussing what to do here in the meta chat:
Q: Easiest way to activate PHP and MySQL on Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)?

mattWhat is the easiest way to activate PHP and MySQL on Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)? I'd prefer to use any built in versions before resorting to downloading from the PHP or MySQL websites. I'm comfortable at the command line in Terminal.

Flagged for beeing migrated to Apple.se
@Jonas how did you flag it? Was it a valid flag or a "testing" flag?
@drachenstern - Just sent out a new beta to testers.
@Fosco, @Zypher Check your inboxes!
8:42 PM
Am I a tester then?
@TheRenamedException k
@Jonas Questions like those are OK on Stack Overflow, so there's no need to migrate it. Only flag to migrate if it's off-topic on SO and on-topic on Apple.SE.
@drachenstern No, but you could become one if you want. I'll need your UDID.
@Moshe howso? ~ To the email!
Send me your UDID.
8:43 PM
@waiwai933 So how about this then:
Q: Mac Virtualization: VM Ware Fusion or Parallels

DonI'm curious for all your Mac users out there which virtualization software you use and why? I've been a VM Ware user for Windows for years and have been running Parallels on my Mac (mainly because VM Ware was in Beta when I got Parallels). I'm curious if many folks have had experience with both...

I flagged that one to...
@Jonas ~ New rule: Don't flag accepted answered highly upvoted questions. The mods are HIGHLY unlikely to move it, and will instead dismiss as invalid.
That one probably should go to Apple.SE or Super User. When did you flag it?
Note: <-- pro-tem mod on dba.SE, been getting a lot of coaching from the other mods, been listening to a lot of what they say.
@waiwai933 6 hours ago or so...
@drachenstern Responded.
8:46 PM
@Jonas Ok, so it was probably rejected. Post a question on Meta asking for that one to be migrated, since it definitely doesn't belong on SO.
@drachenstern I highly disagree-a lot of questions were migrated to Programmers.SE because they don't belong on SO. Which is different from to DBA.SE because some questions overlap.
@waiwai933 difference: you misunderstand me.
@drachenstern Ah, I see, I didn't know about this... but some questions are clearly off-topic, that why I asked this on Meta today:
Q: What to do with old questions that are off-topic?

JonasI often see old questions (from the time before superuser.com and serverfault.com) that are offtopic. But they are not closed. It doesn't make sense to vote-close on them, since no one else will see the question and vote-close, so it will never get five votes. What should I do with old question...

For questions which are OLD and have already got an established upvote history and accepted, they won't generally move them. If you can argue the case successfully of course they will, but as a general rule if it's old and answered, it won't get migrated. Let's see what the question @Jonas posted gets responses like ...
@drachenstern - Got my email?
@Moshe yes. You do realize if I send an email within seconds of saying something in here, that I've probably got my mail client open and will continue to have it open. I'll continue to monitor it. Especially when I know I'm conversing with someone. Just a hint ;) from one Autism-Spectrum individual to another ;)
8:49 PM
@drachenstern That does not mean the mod shouldn't take action once it is flagged. Time has nothing to do with whether mods should take action or not, when the question is off-topic.
@Fosco - When you get here, this is your chance to shine.
Does anyone else here have an iPad?
Hi! :)
@waiwai933 but it does when there's a policy amongst mods.
@Moshe cool got it will check it out tonight (assuming i don't fall directly into bed and pass out tonight when i get home)
8:51 PM
@drachenstern heh, fair enough
@Zypher Ok. I't mostly minor changes and achievements. Just make sure you can set up Game Center correctly. Thank you.
Oh, answer FAQ-ified :o
@TimStone whose answer?
@drachenstern Mine, the question is now the FAQ for flag weight
@TimStone oh, haha
Oh snap, new chat badge?
9:00 PM
I presume a new badge just got released
@TimStone jinx
@drachenstern This policy should not exist. These questions that I am talking about that were migrated to Programmers were old, were highly upvoted, and did have accepted answers. They were moved becaues they are off-topic, according to current SO policy.
@waiwai933 I have posted a question on Meta about this now:
@waiwai933 I see what you mean, and agree, but I'm just saying that not all mods are always going to move all questions just because they're old and may be a better fit for another site.
Q: Migrate question that are off-topic but has many votes

JonasI would like to migrate Mac Virtualization: VM Ware Fusion or Parallels that is clearly off-topic on StackOverflow.com even though it has many upvotes and an accepted answer. I have already flagged the question today, but it was dismissed by the moderators. In my point of view it should be migra...

> You've earned the Outspoken badge. See your profile.
9:02 PM
@drachenstern It's not a "better" fit. It's the only fit. Why on Earth would that question belong on SO?
@Jonas Excellent. It might take a few hours, but I'm pretty sure it will be migrated.
@waiwai933 there is hope :)
I am going to move the Mac virtualization question in a few minutes; I'm just trying to decide between Apple and SU with the help of their respective moderators.
@drachenstern - Check your email from your iOS device.
@Moshe thanks for the headsup
9:04 PM
@mmyers to the rescue!
@waiwai933 because it's already there.
So if I post an advertisment on SO about buying fresh milk, does that make it on-topic solely because it's already there? Of course not. It has nothing to do with where it is, but what the site rules are.
@drachenstern - Let me know when you've added your device, so I can push the build.
No, I'm saying they won't migrate it because the question is already there. New questions being nonsense won't fly, and new questions that belong on another site should get moved pretty quickly (often by the community on new questions)
63 people have earned the Outspoken badge? That's a lot of starring going on.
9:07 PM
@mmyers are you really surprised with the tavern around?
@jjnguy Hmm, I had the same issue as I assume your now-deleted question was about.
14 of them are moderators.
@drachenstern - Okay, I've sent another email, this time for your desktop. We'll use TestFlight for future builds. For now, drag both files into itunes and sync.
@drachenstern So you're saying that we should not migrate questions if they already have an answer on the migratee site and that we should just leave them alone where they are?
@Moshe keep these messages on email. It's easier.
9:08 PM
@drachenstern ok
I have to get this webpage up today.
@waiwai933 no. I'm saying that if you flag for a mod to that it's not likely to get migrated. Go read TimPost's answer on @Jonas's question.
@drachenstern So you're saying that the mod should just leave it alone, but that the community can choose to close/migrate it?
@waiwai933 no, right now I'm telling you to stop asking me questions and go read his answer.
> flag weight 155
what's that?!
And then I'll be putting you on ignore for a half hour if you keep asking me questions without putting it on the meta discussion where it belongs.
11 mins ago, by Tim Stone
@drachenstern Mine, the question is now the FAQ for flag weight
9:12 PM
@drachenstern oh thanks, I was worried that I did something bad :P
@drachenstern Sure, happy to take this to meta.
sweet now I have 12 inform moderator flags on SO :)
Hola @PopularDemand
@drachenstern G'day.
So did you get a badge too? (aye you did)
9:18 PM
@drachenstern I did.
@PopularDemand and immediately went on a rampage to update the posts :)
Is it just me that often get "408 Request time-out" often on the StackOverflow sites at the moment?
@Jonas some people complain about it but it's transient. Let us know here if it's persistent.
@balpha Scruffy cares about this community.
@Jonas I get that quite a bit when I'm on mobile. It's usually a sign of a bad connection on your site.
9:21 PM
@balpha Yes, but I'm home and using a connection that works well with other sites at the moment, but hopefully it's just temporary....
It apparently happens to everyone (even me now) every now and then...Let's blame @Zypher.
I don't get it. I do get redirected to the meta means murder flag on occassion
Can someone explain this new 30% Apple meme to me?
BREAKING: Apple now charging 30% of all tweet characters, leaving 98 characters for "non-premium content" subject to approval.
Sometimes my browser crashes when I try to open a link in a new tab. Can I blame @Zypher for that also?
BREAKING: Apple announces plan to charge 30% tax on every item sold in North America
9:24 PM
@balpha they get 30% across the top on purchases
@balpha They started taxing transactions made through apps.
@mmyers no but feel free to blame @balpha
Just discovered mobile version of chat! <3 it
ah, okay. thanks @drachenstern @TimStone @mmyers
9:25 PM
@LoïcWolff haha! Isn't it nice. Now @Moshe is working on a mobile userscript version of it too ;)
@LoïcWolff Indeed. All praise @balpha and @MarcGravell!
@balpha Just to add, they charge developers 30% on all App Sales to begin with. IT's their magic number.
@drachenstern I am? Oh right. I am. I have to get this website up first.
Quick. What jQuery returns an array of all "fieldset" elements in a page?
@drachenstern Excellent.
if you say so :p
9:28 PM
@TimStone Jeff deleted it 3 minutes after I posted it.
@jjnguy ...Oh.
Alright then. :P
night! :)
@TimStone The link works now though.
where can I see my bookmarked conversations?
So it must have been a temporary issue
9:29 PM
Yeah, I figured it likely was (I actually thought it was just me, heh)
@Nyuszika7H You can see them by room on the room's info page; I don't think you can see every conversation you've bookmarked
okay, I joined the game :)
BREAKING: Apple to charge 30% of the publisher's market value for new apps. Steve Jobs to buy a burger with revenue from Nokia app release.
zomg, hahahahaah
damnit, can't you post a tweet containing the words "apple" and "app" without getting spam?
9:32 PM
um. Has anybody got Outspoken on non-MSO non-SO?
no, MSO is the only one that has been built yet
@badpDr I don't think I'm witty enough over there yet.
MSO is always the test bed :)
@drachenstern - how do I select the first element in that array?
@badpDr no, but we can go experiment in the teacher's lounge if you want, go find us 9 more mods ;)
@Moshe $(selector)[0]
9:33 PM
@balpha I see. I wondered because all sites have it :)
@drachenstern Not working...
yeah that won't work
@mmyers We're hanging out on the second page. It's cold and dark there
@drachenstern - But how do I iterate through them then?
Say, I want to show the next fieldset later?
.each(function(){ $(this).css <-- that makes me feel so dirty. You should go ask in the javascript chatroom, they'll have better feedback
9:35 PM
@drachenstern Okay, thanks. Will go there.
The copy editor and strunk and white badges just got changed a bit (if anyone cares)
Q: Copy Editor with too few revisions?

templatetypedefI just earned the Copy Editor badge on Stack Overflow, but I don't think I have 600 edits! On my profile, under "Activity > Revisions," I only have fourteen pages of edits, each of which has 30 edits on it. That's less than 450 edits. Did I somehow get this badge prematurely? Or do not all ...

(See waffles' answer)
Man, Apple is all over the place with its 30 %
@drachenstern Unless I'm missing something, I'm getting little help in the JS room.
@Moshe Did you try asking on Stack Overflow?
@jjnguy Am doing so now.
9:44 PM
@Moshe I think that will be the best way to get results
Q: Break up a form with jQuery?

MosheI have a form, which I want to iterate through. I want to show one fieldset at a time, and then show a "next" and "back" button to go to the next section. How would I accomplish that with jQuery? I'm assuming that I start with $('fieldset'); but how do I access individual elements thereafter? $(...

@jjnguy, did you happen to see that I edited your edit to the RFC2SE post? People shouldn't feel they aren't allowed to contribute.
@RebeccaChernoff Nah, we're fine just dumping it all on you ;)
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah, that was my bad. Thanks for fixing it.
@RebeccaChernoff knothxplz?
9:46 PM
is so helpful
@jjnguy - Your comment worked. Wow. Know why?
@Moshe I didn't realize that you didn't know that $(selector)[i] returns (reference to) a DOM element, not a jQuery element. You would then re-wrap that if you wanted to use it as a jQuery element
looking for the documentation on jQuery now
@drachenstern What do I know? I thought it was a jQuery element, indeed.
@drachenstern ty
9:51 PM
To solve the specific problem it sounds like you want to solve, check these out: themeflash.com/…
@Moshe I added an answer.
@jjnguy cool. bbiab.
@TylerChacha - Hello. Nippon.
@balpha I read on a news page that there is a big Internet failure in Europe at the moment. That's why I had problem with StackOverflow-sites at the moment.
runs and hides from @Moshe
9:54 PM
@Jonas whatever you say -- I'm in Berlin :)
and my internet is fine
@jjnguy ok no thanks please!
@RebeccaChernoff Oh...maybe I'm not as hip as I thought I was...
Q: Writing regular expression in PHP to wrap <img> with <a>

gioI want to make it so that any occurance of an image gets wrapped with a link to the image source How can I write a pattern, in PHP so that I can find these variations, which are scattered throughout text coming from the database: <img src='/dir/dir2/image1.jpg' alt='blah blah blah'> <i...

my eyes, the pain
uh wtf?
> member for 6 hours ago
Already reported. :P
..And Marc is in the process of fixing it, apparently, hooray
oh ok. I was all "uhhhh"
9:59 PM
@drachenstern I've been a member for 14 minutes :)
It appears to be showing last seen instead of member for, heh.
@LoïcWolff nice ;)
@TimStone there's two chunks missing. ;)
I'm being a stick in the mud again.
A: New Careers feature "Passive Candidate Search" - feedback wanted!

PollyannaI know it's less profitable, but I honestly think the stand-up thing to do would be to Please make this an Opt-In procedure Rather than implementing what you've described, which is an opt-out procedure. Advertise it via the blog. Add a global inbox message pointing to the blog and/or the page...

@Pollyanna I had the same thought.
@drachenstern - When form elements are hidden with display: hidden; , can jQuery/The browser read their values? (methinks yes)
10:01 PM
@Pollyanna Eh, I just read it and thought it was reasonable.
@Moshe Yes
@YiJiang Great!
@Moshe are they DOM elements?
Anybody noticed the lack of 'outspoken' badges on SO?
Ok, time to go home. Need to nap, besides apparently I don't really exist on the SO sites for 6 more minutes.
10:01 PM
@drachenstern Form elements, yes.
@YiJiang Not implemented yet
It was rhetorical Moshe
@drachenstern I'm a bit tired and very rusty.
I've been in bracketland for too long.
Apple even locks up their developers with a bajillion brackets. I wish they'd take about 30% of those back.
@YiJiang Traffic has to die down to rebuild SO, it's still work time in the US. ;)
Does $('fieldset').length() tell me how many fieldset s there are?
10:08 PM
@Moshe Yup
@YiJiang Okay... and is it off by one? (returns 5 if there are five fieldset s, although the highest index is 4)
@Moshe It shouldn't, the jQuery object is a zero-index array-like object
@YiJiang The documentation seems to argue with you.
.length returns a 0 if there are zero matches, and a 1 if there is one match, and a 5 if there are five matches
10:11 PM
@drachenstern what if there are forty-two?
@balpha it should return "zomg we're all gonna die!"
either that or Vogon poetry
@Moshe api.jquery.com/length <-- you should really read the documentation. They even have a sample that shows you visually the answer to your question.
@drachenstern I did read that. Thank you.
And yet you still had questions? oO
@drachenstern No, I read it after I asked, before you told me to read it.
Ah, ok
10:17 PM
Legal Disclaimer: I did not read the entire jQuery documentation in those 42 seconds, merely the part that was of interest to me. If I was Jon Skeet, I would be able to, but it would be a moot point since Jon Skeet wrote the documentation.
In point of reference he did not, but he probably has done what we've done, which is read as much of it as our brains could hold.
> A new, improved Aetna Navigator® website is here!
Ah good, hopefully one that doesn't look like it was made in the 90's.
@TimStone nonsense, it'll look like one from 2001.
Nice! So far so good...
@Moshe did you look at the link I gave you an hour ago to read?
28 mins ago, by drachenstern
To solve the specific problem it sounds like you want to solve, check these out: http://www.themeflash.com/30-powerful-jquery-slideshow-sliders-plugins-and-tutorials/
10:20 PM
@YiJiang Is there a way to link to your election page such that it loads a particular site?
@drachenstern I did not.
Did not see it.
@MichaelMrozek No, though with 3 people asking for this I think I should implement it
Oh, sorry :)
@Moshe I had my suspicions that such was the case
@drachenstern I still intend to roll my own, for experience.
@JoshsSocks - How does the status userscript work? (I suppose I could look at the source and try to figure it out, but that's no fun.)
10:22 PM
That's fine. Just that reinventing the wheel is painful. As is the new placement for the CU/bank... working on it tho, let it sit for a little bit.
@Moshe then why ask if you don't want the obvious answer?
Also note that it requires the SEChatMod script as well
His is a "plugin" script to that script, as it were, as I understand it
@drachenstern What's painful about the new placement? It gets the job done, no?
Ride leaves in five, btw.
T'was the simplest implementation.
It does. It's still painful compared to the rest of the UI. Give it time to sink in. Let me love on it for a bit.
@YiJiang Well, you're linked from the UL election now; I'll make it more specific if you end up implementing direct-site links
the cheat works much better with the new layout, so that's an avenue for abuse to max_score
@drachenstern Right, I thought of that. Considering a separate leaderboard for cheaters.
10:27 PM
Let it be known that @marcgravell likes being told to fix problems at all hours of the day or night:
The one thing about working from home; when something breaks at 10pm, you're still in the office. Double-edged, but lovin' it.
@MichaelMrozek This is my life. sighs
Okay, ttyl folks, ride leaves now!
And I don't even have @RebeccaChernoff to dump all of my responsibilities on when things get to be too much!
@drachenstern @Zypher @Fosco - Shoot me an email when you have feedback!
@drachenstern did you see the new achievements btw?
@Moshe I didn't look yt
10:35 PM
@drachenstern I seem to have released a less polished than expected version. Ugh. Dropbox corrupted the project a bit.
Rolled me back several "commits" worth.
This is why devs don't work in dropbox as their SCM :p
Yep. I am learning the hard way. Ok. I will have to move my project when I get back. I'll copy things manually then.
Hate it when I misread a question.
IE, maybe I shouldn't skim. >_<
I was fine for months with Dropbox. Don't know why it started misbehaving now.
> I was fine drinking mercury in my milk for months, don't know why I'm sick now.
> My husband enjoyed eating arsenic salt on his food. I don't know why he got so sick.
> The deer love playing dodge the bullet. I don't know why they won't get up after the lose tho.
10:45 PM
@drachenstern I think he got the point ;)
@LoïcWolff I stopped didn't I? Besides, it's fun :p
@RebeccaChernoff This confuses me. "10% of the time", as in there's a 10% chance it'll be shown when you visit your profile? >_>
how else would you be interpreting it?
Well, I suppose not really any other way...it's just...that seems ridiculous.
Why even show it at all then, if it's random? O_o

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