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2:00 AM
> drachenstern @Pearsonartphoto see what my chat.mso profee says? I spend way too much time on chat.
> Zypher @drachenstern yes, the first hit is free just wait till chat 2.0 MWAHAHAHAHA
> Pearsonartphoto I noticed I spend a bit more time on chat at work than I realized...
I think he's yet to realize what it is to step into the chat.mso, but he might ...
in English Language and Usage on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 6 mins ago, by Cerberus
By the way, do serious programmers use AHK?
AutoHotkey is a free, open source macro-creation and automation software utility which allows users to automate repetitive tasks. Any application user interface can be modified by AutoHotkey (for example, with Emacs style). It is driven by a custom scripting language that is aimed specifically at providing keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys. Features AutoHotkey scripts can be used to launch programs, open documents, send keystrokes and send mouse clicks and movements. AutoHotkey scripts can also assign, retrieve, and manipulate variables, run loops and manipulate windows, files, and folders...
my response was "no"
however, with 10s of millions of devs around the world, I'm sure some do.
Who has time to setup macros? I have userscripts to write!
my thing with custom macro's on my machines is that they won't be everywhere
but then again i guess most people arn't logging in and out of as many machines as i do in a day
Q: What can be done with Area 51?

PearsonartphotoI'm going to argue that Area 51 is not the optimal solution for Stack Exchange. Right now, as it stands, the following occurs: Someone, probably an expert or at least a strong enthusiast, proposes a site. People randomly follow this site. These people aren't committed to the proposal at all. Th...

@Zypher yeah, that's usually the case
2:06 AM
Hey, I didn't realize that the mod chatroom got forwarded on here...
i /blame @drachenstern (and he jsut quoted it didn't move it
not even mods can move stuff cross domain
LOL, I know.
@Zypher You should totally ban him for that.
or change his name ? :)
i think "josh" is a good choice
2:08 AM
I didn't forward anything from the mod chatroom
I only cut-n-pasted it
and only cos I thought it was funny
Still, the first time I come in here thinking about talking, and I realize that I'm already quoted here...
Also, I told you to come over here :p
You do know I'm only goading you a bit, right?
oh I know
yes those that bite arn't here right now :)
2:09 AM
you do realize my face is doing this number right? -> :D
@Zypher shhh, rchern could show up at ANY MOMENT
well maybe @drachenstern bites a littel but you know he isn't contagious
I thought you were in that camp @Zypher
who @RebeccaChernoff nah she never comes in here
@Zypher shh, it's the little things in life that surprise a person :p
2:10 AM
LOL, just as she pops in...
@Pearsonartphoto protip: she didn't just pop in ;)
can shout too
Only three up votes for the chat userscript so far? I demand more exposure!
2:11 AM
we have a habit of "paging" people that we know are going to get alerted on their screen when we use their name, so they show up. It's one of the chat scripts that became part of core.
I count four
So does it happen even if we don't use the @ symbol?
2:12 AM
@TimStone, did you do a thumbnail? I forgot to look.
nah you gotta '@' someone like @RebeccaChernoff
Moving up the ranks.
@Pearsonartphoto if you haven't clicked the link on the right and approved the app up top, you don't get notified.
@RebeccaChernoff he did
otherwise it doesn't work
@RebeccaChernoff I did, but it turned out less impressively than I had hoped.
I'll have to rethink that one.
2:12 AM
@TimStone nah, I liked it
The resizing + unintentional cropping kind of ruined it, heh.
Man, my head is...I dunno. Feels weird.
Grr. Y'all keep distracting me from doing actual work. BAD CHATTERS, BAD!
Wonder if I can hit the rep cap 2 days in a row on MSO, with only one question on the site...
2:14 AM
Don't look at me!
well don't be working at 8pm then ...
Don't you want to browse pictures of cute kittens now, rchern?
@Zypher Don't lower yourself to her timezone.
Yes well, I kinda woke up at something like 11 today >_<
no no ... it's a script i swear
2:14 AM
maybe it was 10:30
I think I'm seeing what the people in the mod chat were saying about this room...
like it's 9pm here
and 8pm there
and 6pm on the left coast
i just put in 9pm each time
@RebeccaChernoff I am trying to do the same thing, and have the same appreciation :\
@RebeccaChernoff You beat me by two hours...Kind of. I woke up around 8, then fell back asleep until 1.
@RebeccaChernoff and I was up at 6:15 AM
@MichaelPetrotta lmao
@RebeccaChernoff there you go ruining all my fun
@Zypher one of my job descriptions!
i thought i fixed that already
2:16 AM
battle of the blues
I was heading to work at 6:15...
@MichaelPetrotta spoiler: I win.
@drachenstern me too, then i decided i didn't feel like dealing with the train today and the snow so i worked from home ... and went back to sleep till 9
@Pearsonartphoto yeah, that was this :p
2:17 AM
@RebeccaChernoff do i need to ip ban you again ?
@RebeccaChernoff lmao
@Zypher then she has a valid reason to tell @twood why she wasn't working
she'll just /blame @zypher
2:18 AM
@drachenstern She was working, she updated the feature change list. :P
(Good timing, by the way ;))
now kids don't worry mommy and daddy are just having a discussion we arn't fighting
hey it was only once and it was an accident because someone was running a script that hammered the api ...
not my fault
2:19 AM
@Zypher <wah>that's not what you said last time!! and then we didn't see you for three whole days</wah>
My lucky day. Your e-mail has luckily won 950,000Britain Pounds in the Benz Promo. Send :-
@Zypher nonsense. and you elected not to prove unusual activity. SO - not my fault!
@Pearsonartphoto nice
If only it were that easy... Sigh.
@RebeccaChernoff i'm a sysadmin i don't need proof
2:20 AM
It's not all that often that Google misses a spam email, but it's becoming more frequent... Sigh.
@Pearsonartphoto yeah I've noticed that.
something is breaking down in the scripts somewhere
I wasn't going to say anything, but one or two a week at most
@Zypher funny, I read that as I'm a sysadmin, I'm full of BS.
Or Spammers are becoming more cleaver than Google, bit by bit.
Well, it's been a gradual process for me over the course of the last month or so.
A: Are the new moderator flag limits sufficiently high?

Marc GravellUntil a few days ago, the calculation was: default 10 per day one bonus flag per 1000 reputation maximum 100 But we have now tweaked this to consider previous flagging history: flags by people who flag well are OK so: default 10 per day one bonus flag per 2000 reputation (capped at 100k re...

2:22 AM
It was bound to happen that spammers might get smart some day.
Another target to shoot for.
I think it's pretty easy to figure out the algo by submitting lots of spam and having some test accounts on gmail to check with and correlate what gets through and what doesn't
alright back to my farscape marathon g'night everyone
G'night @Zypher, enjoy.
Night Zyph!
2:27 AM
bye sysadmin! (:
lmao, Jeff actually added that image to his script post?
is such a troublemaker
@TimStone which?
Q: Disable enter for submitting comments

Jeff Atwood About This user script disables the default behavior of the enter key submitting a comment. With this script installed, you must explicitly click the Add Comment button to submit your comment. Source If you have Firefox+GreaseMonkey, Opera, or Google Chrome, try this GreaseMonkey script t...

> I noticed a lot of scripts that people posted as helpful on MSO were posted over here by the dev team.
Err, uh @drachenstern?
@TimStone oh I see what you mean :p
@RebeccaChernoff were they not? I was under the impression they were
feel free to delete it
2:32 AM
No, balpha just happened to write like 1000 scripts :p
I swear I saw a lot of the dev staff's name on the script tab on eday
@drachenstern whistles innocently
Q: Threaded comments

balpha Screenshot Before: After: About Instead of showing comments in chronological order, this user script displays them in a threaded view, making it easier to follow conversations in long comment threads. It uses heuristics similar to the @-reply recognition (but it is a little bit more ...

Q: "Reply" links on comments

balpha Screenshot About This user script adds a little "reply" link to each comment. Clicking this link will fetch the rest of the comments, if some of them were hidden show the "add comment" text box pre-populate the text box with "@" and the name of the user you're replying to (removing spac...

2:33 AM
even if he did write one or two of those :p
Yes, this userscript is seriously broken
@drachenstern @balpha is just that awesome, I'm afraid. ;)
@drachenstern these are both his. follow the links in his post to the original mso post.
@RebeccaChernoff yes yes, I thought I saw more. Anyways, delete mine if you would if you're still staring at it :p
2:35 AM
A: Pressing Enter in comment box unexpectedly submits form

Jeff AtwoodIf you find this behavior inconvenient, I recommend enabling the below GreaseMonkey script. Here's a step by step walkthrough for Google Chrome (which I continue to recommend as the best currently available browser). please note this script applies only to *.stackexchange.com so edit to taste i...

flags it as LIES
I need to do some work though, so I can't fix this userscript right now :-(
Tomorrow maybe
I can see she's not going to press the (X) so I did
@RebeccaChernoff I'm having a hard time recommending Chrome as the best browser given the issues with V8 recently, heh.
@TimStone of course it was ;)
@TimStone oO
2:37 AM
@RebeccaChernoff bah
@RebeccaChernoff I almost feel like that should be framed on my wall. I need more people to delegate to to make it effective though, I think.
I was trying for the same status
There appears to be some sort of snow-like substance on the ground outside.
oh wow really?
here it's shorts weather
2:48 AM
@drachenstern Yeah, it was here too yesterday, and supposedly will be again on Friday, heh.
But, right now..snow..or something.
I just heard on the radio "It's been showing for 2-3 hours, but the snow evaporates before it reaches the ground"
That's the current radar, yet I was just outside and there's no precipitation
New York is a magical place, where all the snow routes around
@DanGrossman Heh, that's funny since you're in a darker coloured area of the map than I am; it's definitely falling and sticking to the ground here.
2:52 AM
anybody have any good rate limiting scripts on inputs to execute an ajax function?
A: Site's too cold, I'll go someplace warm

Jeff Atwood I've said a hotrillion times that any major feature changes get blogged on http://blog.stackoverflow.com and to date I have written .. let's see .. ~440 blog posts. We are also extremely diligent about marking things [status-complete] here on meta as they get done or added. Go query that, as I'v...

probably... lemme look
Actually no, I want what he describes at the outset, unless he wrote both pieces of code he discusses therein.
look at it later, for now, time to go home
in EL&U Town Hall Chat on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by Rebecca Chernoff
The Town Hall Chat will take place Thursday the 24th at 1am UTC, or 8pm EST on the 23rd.
@TheRenamedException ^^
@MichaelMrozek I feel a sudden urge to try and work "hotrillion" organically into a conversation now.
@RebeccaChernoff Ah, good scheduling. Gives me some extra time to get that script done.
3:03 AM

ThorDozerhi everyone, with your experiments of Programmer .. I want to know something. I read some AJAX tutorial and seriously i'm lost about it (AJAX). I want to know if someone has a link about "How to learn AJAX easily". Thank you

> I have a certificate in programming with C C++ PHP C# and i do Database with Oracle PhpMyAdmin and many others..
That sounds so made up.
3:40 AM
Q: Php on production server on Interne

NikhilRathodI am planing to build a website using php which will be on Internet with decent amount of users (between 1000 to 5000). I am using freeBSD as a server and I configured apache php and mysql from scratch. With proper configuration, is it safe to use such a server on Internet or should I go with som...

I want to close this, just on principle of being a crappy question. Also argumentative. Also subjective. Also vague and overly broad. Also off topic.
However, I don't know what an Interne is, so maybe it's a valid question to ask whether PHP is suitable for use there.
@DanGrossman I edited it for clarity
Interne = Internet
Is something wrong when 3G is slower than EDGE?
Yes. Network suckage!
/me wants to run chrome on iOS for userscript support.
Is it at all portable? Perhaps the Mac chromium?
have never tried it though - as far as I recall it had some security issues.
3:52 AM
Is that on the app store?
Does it involve jailbreaking?
I'm quite certain that [insert preferred search engine] can tell you everything you want to know. (:
I am looking.
The first result quite old.
I've got to imagine that if this were some easy task someone would've done it already...
Right. But who cares about easy? I want Userscripts on my iPhone!
you know, userscripts would probably violate the TOS
3:55 AM
Appsbare sandboxes as it is. This just means that Safari will need to be sandboxes too. Or a third party app with a UIWebView can run it.
It's a dangerous thing. For instance with SEChat, adding the timestamps are valuable screen real estate you don't really have on the iPhone.
Why? A browser is all that is required.
because userscripts are local code
@Rebecca obviously. And everything is touch, so there's no mouse, but still.
you can't download stuff to become local code
3:56 AM
Damn, @waffles is on a roll, I see a wall of red. ;)
@MarkElliot true, but it's just downloading a webview. It's JavaScript. If that violates the TOS, then Apple's SDK violates it. Local code and interpreters are disallowed for security reasons. Scripts can be bad, but hardly worse than other scripts that run on websites.
Any website by definition is running inherently, downloaded code. And Apple gives developers the "browser in a box". (I make iOS apps, icyct)
Am I wrong, @Rebecca?
@RebeccaChernoff: Dont look at me.
Eh, slow EDGE speeds.
4:39 AM
Ok, someone entertain me for 2 hours.
I got notice today that I needed to download software for a conference tomorrow. It mentioned that it could take up to 30 minutes.
Then, further on in the actual instructions it mentions the downloads will actually take 2 hours.
The silly IT people at whatever company is hosting the download has capped individual downloads, so it doesn't come down as fast as my download goes.
And, of course, the first download fails at 84%.
So I get to babysit it.
i added a lot of vodkda to my drink
m probably more entertaining offline than nn text
We'll never know unless you try...
4:56 AM
Another challenger appears!
@RebeccaChernoff Thanks!
@TimStone So, are you going to entertain me?
I'll be there. Well actually I don't think I can but I will digest later
@Pollyanna I'm not sure, I'm not particularly interesting. I also appear to be lacking vodka, which may farther hurt my chances.
@TheRenamedException Unacceptable! q:
4:57 AM
@RebeccaChernoff You didn't email me and schedule with me!
I have to be somewhere at 8pm EST on Wednesday, sadly
I expect you to be available 24/7/365!
You and my clients, LOL
I expect him to bend time to be available even more than that.
So, in other words, you get one day off every four years.
In other news the person offering the 4 bedroom house for $950/mo got back to me:
> That would definitley not be a problem,Go ahead you free to drove by and have a view at it,if is okay with you,You let me know then i email you the pictures of the inside since the keys are right here with me along with the application form as soon as possible. I look forward to read from you soonest.
5:00 AM
Hmm. :P
Now taking suggestions for creative ways to respond to this scammer
I am sure it's not her house, I found the real realtor, house is actually for rent... for $2700/mo!
You should ask if it has an indoor pool, and indicate the other option you are considering is here:
@Pollyanna it has free wi-fi access apparently!
Ask her if wild packs of Rovios are allowed inside.
I am so going to do that
5:01 AM
Alternately, read through all the dontevenreply archives, and I'm sure your inner scammer will appear.
ok headed to bed. good night everyone!
Wow, I'm 3 votes away from having my first silver badge on MSO...
With only one question and one answer, that's not too bad...
@TimStone good night
5:06 AM
Oh, not me, @TheRenamedException. I never sleep. ;)
@TimStone oh, right. Paying attention ftw
'Ello @GeorgeMarian
@Pollyanna I blame us for not being entertaining enough.
hola, coma estas?
Or, I guess it didn't have to formal. I think we know each other well enough for the informal version. heh
I'm decent, I suppose. Yourself?
5:09 AM
No, no, formal is good. Best to keep your emotional distance. People are dropping off meta like flies lately.
I'm dong well enough, though still trying to get back on a normal sleep schedule.
@GeorgeMarian normal sleep schedules are -*yawn*- overrated...
Yeah...I keep trying to make that work, but I seem to just make things worse. Heh.
Yeah, I'm not big on the normal sleep schedule myself. I tend to be more productive at night, for some reason. Maybe it because of fewer distractions.
Kinda hard to look for work, though, when you're passed out during normal business hours.
WTF.... mail send me to a Road Runner page? (I'm on Comcast.)
That's why I rent a candidate. They send out a freshly pressed and alert person to interview in my place. On the first day of work, I show up and they are none the wiser.
5:13 AM
Best part is I can schedule conflicting interviews and still stay home in my pajamas watching Days of Our Lives.
If I had that kinda cash I wouldn't need to look for work. :)
Flag weight: visible
Well, on SO at least.
5:36 AM
@Benjol / @Pollyanna Can you see flag weight on MSO?
@TimStone hi, where should I be looking?
Check your profile page, underneath of your gravatar
I wasn't sure if it was only deployed on SO, or if it was rep-based.
only on so for me, not on meta
mine is nice and high :)
Heheh, mine as well. :)
Had an idea for a new user script yesterday, but I think I'll need your help!
5:38 AM
Sure thing.
Check out the weekly photo on photo.se
Ooh :o
@TimStone, ok, challenge #1, I need to plug myself into the code that displays the comment textarea, and add a link above or next to 'help'...
how do I work out where to start, using firebug, for example?
Oh, damn. This actually reminds me that there's something else I need to look into..
So, there's two problems.
..err, scenarios, rather.
There used to only be one.
So the text box can be shown when you click the link, or it can be shown when you click the link, but after it loads other comments.
@TimStone Don't worry, me too :)
5:50 AM
(unless that also changed)
The first one is easy enough, as you can just add a click handler to the "add comment" link.
@TimStone, just so you understand the big picture. My master plan is to have a popup of the 'close question' style, but where you can pick out prof-forma review comments.
It'll be executed after the code that shows the text area, so when your method is called you know the elements you want are already there.
Ah ha, that reminds me too that I wanted to provide a suggestion for fixing a bug with that dialog. :P
So much to do! Heh
what's the jquery selector for 'previous sibling?'
You can call .prev() on the wrapped set.
Presumably :prev in the selector would work too, but I'm not sure.
hm, think I'll use the id instead.
prev() seems a bit risky - don't some browsers treat whitespace as elements?
5:55 AM
Nah, it'll only return you real things.
It only returns the very previous sibling though, which is a bit dumb since the method itself takes an optional selector of its own. But if that's what you want it works as you'd want it to.
Huh, I don't see my flag weight on either site. Just my rep and views.
@Pollyanna, what's your rep on SO?
And have you done much flagging recently?
@Pollyanna Oh, really? That's bizarre.
@Benjol My rep on SO is about 29k, and I haven't done much flagging recently.
@Pollyanna, I'd say it's the no flagging then
you need to use my userscript, and go hang out in /review a bit :)
6:00 AM
Supposedly the weight was applied retroactively.
@TimStone Speaking of which, you should post an actual answer on that flag weight question; it's probably going to be pretty popular as more people notice it on their profiles
@MichaelMrozek Yeah, doing too many things at once at the moment (I was also hoping to clarify whether it's just on SO or not).
I've got 39 flags available, and only 14 of them can be accounted for due to my rep, ten for just existing, which means I've got 15 due to my flag weight, so I suspect my weight is around 250 anyway.
@TimStone I see mine on SO and meta and everyone's on UL; I didn't check anywhere else
Hmmm, interesting.
@MichaelMrozek Hm, which question should I answer? I flagged the better-worded one as a duplicate, since it came a few minutes after..but quality-wise, that first one...eh. I think you voted to close in the opposite direction.
6:09 AM
Yeah, I voted to close the earlier one because it was poorly written, but if it stays open someone will edit it
@TimStone, question #2, if I'm doing this .append('<span class="lsep"> | </span><a>auto</a>'), what's the best way to add a click handler to the a?
one sec
6:35 AM
@Benjol I'd $('<span class="lsep"> | </span>').add($('<a>auto</a>').click(function () { }))
And then append that.
@TimStone, thanks
(I'm not sure if it's the best way, but)
evil laughter it worked!
7:26 AM
harasses @MarcGravell about flag weight
what now?
I was making guesses about why it doesn't show up everywhere (I only see mine on SO), but I figure asking is more sensible. ;)
We thought maybe it was flag-activity based, but.
it is only shown if it is outside the middle band
Thanks. :)
kinda "you suck" or "awesome"
7:29 AM
Huh, there's quite a bit of snow outside O_o
Hahah, I see.
@TimStone we're awesome :)
I dunno about awesome...tired, perhaps. ;)
// ==UserScript==
// @name           AutoReviewComments
// @namespace      benjol
// @version        1.0.0
// @description    Add pro-forma comments dialog for reviewing
// @include        http://*stackoverflow.com/*
// @include        http://*.stackexchange.com/*
// ==/UserScript==

function with_jquery(f) {
  var script = document.createElement("script");
  script.type = "text/javascript";
  script.textContent = "(" + f.toString() + ")(jQuery)";

with_jquery(function ($) {
I'd really like to finish making changes to SE Modifications so I can post it on Stack Apps though, argh.
@TimStone that's as far as I'm going for today. Ugly stuff :(
In my defence, this is only day 2 of my jquery experiments :)
7:43 AM
It's jQuery, it's always beautiful! ;)
heading for lisp-like bracketness...
remembers he has a meeting at 10 tomorrow morning Hmmm
8:02 AM
Alright, I give up, time to rest for a bit.
8:47 AM
Now that I can see my flag weight I'm really curious about what score you guys have
Mine's 265 on SO, hmmm...
9:02 AM
I read this blog post (http://castrojo.tumblr.com/post/3087167981) from Jorge Castro and decided to try apt.ubuntu.com. However, I ended up with a page saying: "You don't seem to be running Ubuntu" Using this link: http://apt.ubuntu.com/p/banshee I am running natty narwhal 11.04. If any more info is required, please let me know.
Ubuntu Website
Undecided / Invalid
Hmmm, when did Launchpad get OB support?
@YiJiang I can almost hear Steve Balmer run on stage screaming "Updating, updating, updating!"
9:28 AM
GA is weird when it comes to Geopolitics... When Taiwan is hovered over you can see that Taiwan's stats are tracked separately, yet both China and Taiwan are highlighted
Anyway, I have a cold or something, and my nose is making me feel miserable. I probably should be in bed right now
1 hour later…
10:29 AM
@YiJiang hahaha, talk about a balancing act
10:40 AM
@YiJiang 340, beat that :)
I think my mom should take 'Salad Making 101' before trying to make one - avocado, mandarin orange, pears and honey roasted walnuts doesn't sound like a good combination
@Benjol Goes off to look for stuff to flag in the /review page
1 hour later…
12:02 PM
Two horrible / stupid / useless suggested edits
The one is especially bad
> A div is a block-level-element in HTML which is often used for positioning elements in websites. The style of this tag can be changed using CSS. Divs are displayed as <div></div>
WTF is this even suppose to mean?
@YiJiang, if you're bored, could you tell me how you'd go about injecting something like the close dialog into a page? (I don't mean the mechanics of GM etc, just what the best way to generate so many nested elements is)
@Benjol What do you mean?
What close dialog?
6 hours ago, by Benjol
@TimStone, just so you understand the big picture. My master plan is to have a popup of the 'close question' style, but where you can pick out prof-forma review comments.
I've got as far as injecting the div, but it's getting horribly ugly (see here: chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/524932#524932)
@Benjol Not really, you can try to dissect SO's JavaScript to see if you can find anything of that kind, if not just restyle it with some CSS
Templates maybe?
12:12 PM
@Benjol Possibly, you should look at using the 1.4 syntax to create elements instead of having that amount of HTML stuck in your script
Do I have to include something extra (another script) for templates?
@Benjol The jQuery templates plugin, go search for it
12:53 PM
hm, do edits still bump a post in the activity view?
yes they do

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