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11:00 AM
Hmm, aren't you the chat dev?
with balpha
I don't understand your meaning
what chat reputation are you after specifically?
My meaning is that for every star you get, you get points. We love collecting points
No meaning behind them, just points. Pointless points :)
the thing is, that isn't really the same measurement as Q&A rep
in that case, @RebeccaChernoff would have a fair few points - and what do points mean?
11:02 AM
29 secs ago, by Ólafur Waage
No meaning behind them, just points. Pointless points :)
They have the same meaning as on Whose line is it anyway.
we could perhaps offer a star-count inside chat...
yes plx
but I don't think you can add stars + upvotes. That is like adding 13 metres to 59 seconds
it makes no sense
11:03 AM
Can you see all the messages from you that are starred
@MarcGravell Speaking of which, is there a list of all of my posts that have been starred? I can see all starred posts, and all posts I've starred, but I can't find all posts of mine that have been starred
No, no relation to SO reputation
@ÓlafurWaage Stop stealing my questions
Just a separate chat metric
You won't need @MarcGravell to give you the stats, here, let me whip up something using Google Chart API
11:04 AM
@MichaelMrozek great minds..
you can get the data per-room easily enough; we don't currently denormalize it. But add a feature request on meta and we'll see if we can squeeze it in.
Regarding Michaels request?
kinda both I guess
the only complication, though - is I can see lots of abuse of such a measure
11:08 AM
Seems right
I could name a few individuals who would... erm, deliberately skew things?
@YiJiang haha
but if it improves your experience, I'm not morally opposed
@YiJiang oy! (:
I'd like more chat badges too :)
@MarcGravell it's posted on meta under chat and feature-request, so it's there somewhere when you have time to do stuff.
11:14 AM
Any ideas for silver and gold chat badge names?
Post count
Edit count
How often you star things
How often things your things are starred
How long you are in chat (if that is logged)
How often you reply to others
How often you post links/images etc
Hm there are some juicy synonyms here: articulate, big-mouthed, effusive, full of hot air, garrulous, loquacious, prolix, verbose, voluble
time in chat is meaningless - many people have seemingly permanent connections
11:17 AM
non-greyed time. Have fun tracking that :)
Time in top 5
edit count isn't really like S&W, as most people can only do their own; "fat fingered" maybe
How often a reply to your chat is starred (good comeback)
@MarcGravell, I like that: "Fat-fingered: at least 50% of posts are edits"
11:19 AM
I don't think 50% is reasonable
you'd have to do a count
but that just tells people "go deliberately edit for fun and profit"
although that doesn't really bother me
Where can I cash in my SO rep for money?
@MarcGravell, I think when if you are talking about chat & badges, seriousness is somewhat in the rear-view mirror :)
and round a few bends
and sleeping
@ÓlafurWaage can we count in unicorn notes?
11:21 AM
"Zombie: activity graph has no holes"
I expect that you can pay me in waffles next time though.
ok; exchange rate is 1:1 (sounds reasonable). I only have 1M bills. Talk more.
Will upvote for beer
Writing an essay with beer = Winning combo
11:22 AM
@YiJiang would be pretty close to getting "Zombie" :)
"Restrained: has never starred an 'Oy'"
@Benjol Oh god... goes off to look for Stack Overflow Chat anonymous
@YiJiang, @Dan is worse.... if that's any consolation. He's almost of 'indeterminate timezone'
Hah the TA for this class just realized that we just turned in 8-10 page solutions when they wanted 1-2 pages but forgot to state that. He'll have a fun time reviewing that.
"Subversive: has flagged a dev post (and survived)" :)
12:01 PM
Hi there! :)
12:12 PM
Hi where?
just pitchin' in (again)
@Wil's blogpost reply is currently at #4 on HN
EE Bad, SE Good
I hadn't seen the reply on the blog -- I'd like to see the "7 second answer" he's bragging about
true in many cases of that acronym
I fail to see how that's even possible without rigging it
Look at the footer!!
> Using this website may cause irreversible damage to the kidneys and liver.
I'll assume that video was funny when it was still available
I like the SVN revision; I didn't know SO ever used SVN
@MichaelMrozek Oh.
> This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom International Inc. Sorry about that.
12:24 PM
@ÓlafurWaage Nice summary!
yw :)
Nice post btw :)
Pen Island
I can't believe how hysterical people think the expert sex change thing is. EE is plenty terrible without resorting to making fun of their name
user image
Isn't every hour happy hour?
12:30 PM
@MichaelMrozek Yeah, it's a bit dumb snarking at EE about being snarky about SE, when SO/J&J were snarky about EE from the very start.
Anyone programmed in OpenGL recently and know of a tutorial that isn't NeHe (out of date)
user image
12:35 PM
Free EE account (please stand by)
Username: thatExpert
Password: tE-EExpert
It used to be free to ask questions as long as you answered them (points from answering could be used to ask). Then they changed that and the site became pointlesss.
Yeah, I didn't even know they'd changed that until now
12:54 PM
This is... I don't know, you tell me
@YiJiang +1 on your answer
Oh man, Steve is awesome
@YiJiang How do I keep the text inside the div? jsfiddle.net/MWHCu
@Nyuszika7H Add some padding
@YiJiang thanks :)
1:03 PM
@YiJiang Well, yours does look like div2 over div1, try div1 over div2 :)
Or tell him to show you what he means :)
@Benjol Uh... right.
@Benjol Meh, I'm writing out something that'll show him what I did, the OP did, and what I assume the OP's problem is
@YiJiang, but actually, I think he's expecting the shadow of div1 to overlay the border of div2 too
@Benjol What border?
@YiJiang hang on, trying to do you a png of what I think he means
@Benjol That... shouldn't happen. Which browser?
1:08 PM
Paint.NET :)
That's my interpretation of what Steve is trying to say. No idea if I'm right, but could explain the misunderstanding
Just one thing. Why does he say "we" in his first comment?
@Benjol He probably means himself, the royal we, hrmp...
@YiJiang, you don't have to, you just like to suffer :)
@Benjol That's a very likely explanation, yes
You could always suggest that if he wants a professional answer, he can try the free subscription on EE :)
If he can find it...
@YiJiang Nice! :)
1:18 PM
– Replaced class with ID
– Toggle button is inside the bubble if it's visible, otherwise it's outside.
– Improved shape
- horrible colour...
> @Steve Excuse me? The solution obviously worked for the OP, or else he wouldn't have marked it as accepted.
If only that were always true
1:36 PM
thinks: this is worse than coding kitten.... :(
Those two are pretty good :)
This whole conversation is going to end up flagged
@MichaelMrozek :/
@Nyuszika7H dude cut it out
thinks: move to ->> elsewhere
@Benjol The Trash Heap dum dee dum
1:45 PM
@Zypher, just kill everything from 516236 to 516262. Oh and 516231 & 516232
12 messages deleted
@IvoFlipse thanks on a 3g card so that woulda been annoying
The erhm... Cook Island one?
np @Zypher
I suspended him for being annoying, guess I'll undo it when I feel like it
@IvoFlipse, can't you just bin everything?
1:48 PM
5 messages deleted
well it's clean enough, so enjoy
and happy EE-slapping
Clearly we'll need to talk more to push the delete notices off the screen
like this?
maybe not :)
ok, that's done it :)
1:52 PM
@MichaelMrozek, have you got others apart from balpha?
that could be fun
We need a generator for it!
@Benjol I saved this one ages ago intending to make another, but I haven't gotten around to it:
Just add the jon skeet dressing gown in there, and I'd call that a winning set :)
I'm terrified to ask
Trying to find the photo now... :)
@MichaelMrozek, take your pick:
2:06 PM
Oh, I have seen that. (Which worries me)
What are you doing to us?
I wonder why though the most prolific SO user isn't in the chat
is he shy?
@ÓlafurWaage, he popped into SO chat once, said nothing (IIRC), and left
he's too busy answering questions. no rep in here :)
@Benjol He's used MSO chat when it was in beta before
while it was underground
2:12 PM
@YiJiang That's like, ancient history you're talking about :)
I'm really glad there are no embarrassing photos of me outside of facebook.
user image
@GeorgeStocker goes looking :)
@ÓlafurWaage Votse! It's like... the other... let's not go there
2:18 PM
go there
i dare you
I'm resisting the urge to make a goatcse joke.
@GeorgeStocker thankyou, your efforts are appreciated :)
@ÓlafurWaage Good thing that critical bug is getting the attention it deserves. Let's not worry about the complete inability to read title diffs or anything
@MichaelMrozek But... but... votse! Will somebody please think of the children?
Great, my "To Procrastinate About" list is full. Now I have to put things in my "To Do" list. At least not my "To Actually Do" list. Yet.
2:36 PM
OO.o is having display problems, on Ubuntu no less. This is weird...
What's with those artifacts on the toolbar menus?
Clearly they're offensive, and you have Ubuntu in PG-mode
@MichaelMrozek Heh
Didn't you know? If you try and post 'u' you'll get flagged, suspended, caged and then drowned.
That's why it renders that way.
Does anyone know of a GM script similar to (or and updated version of) stackoverflowQdashboard
@CRoss What is that suppose to do?
2:42 PM
@MichaelMrozek Screw you and your title bugs!
@CRoss I saw that, but I'm still unsure about what the script does
it gives some high level info about a question... for example, it will tell me if Jeff or Joel posted on Meta, if the question is from a low rep user, whether there are high vote comments
Pulls up info from within the question right up to the top, hrm...
hmmm, it's on git-hub. I could always go fork it myself
2:46 PM
Q: yes! is an apple hardware

germanus lesola-***** there is no solution that i can use to switch it on when it shows me a folder and a question mark inside without or with a disk or dvd?

I'm lost.
yeah, staring at the sun, not good for you
@LoïcWolff wow. First time I've been on apple.se...what a first question to see.
Maybe he means that
@balpha <3
3:03 PM
Hi again, and sorry… :/
welcome back
wb Nyus

(From Parag M./M/Mumbai,India)
what to do when there is loss in packets and the some websites are taking time to load...??

(Type 'pass' to skip, 'refer' to forward, or 'more' for options.)
"Have you tried forcing an unexpected reboot?"
Daily vote limit reached; vote again in 8 hours. :/
3:17 PM
Hmm, wait, shouldn't I get a badge for that?
that's a bad answerer!
It's probably not immediate
@ÓlafurWaage Yes I should. Suffrage
Hooray! This is my 100th day on SO!
3:22 PM
@Nyuszika7H I hope you've earned Fanatic.
@PopularDemand No, I have only 42 consecutive days :(
@Nyuszika7H Wow. I thought you were cool. No cookie.
So, serious question time:
uh oh
3:28 PM
A user, a lady friend of mine, who has a OSX box at home, is looking to upgrade from her feature phone to a smartphone. She's migrating from AT&T to VZW so she can take advantage of 3G. Her DSL is something like 768k. I'm her primary tech support. I use an iPhone because until this past year I thought it was the best phone on the market. (atm I have different opinions, but still)
I also am the primary support guy for my family and extended family, so naturally I have them all on iPhones as well (nothing like the hardest question being answered with did you do a hard power off?)
Should I point her at the iPhone4 and be done with it, or should I show her an Android?
We've already had the discussion about the iPhone5 likely due out by July and upgraded from the 4, but she's dead set to get off AT&T and so wants to do so NAO
@drachenstern point her to a VZW store and tell her to go fondle phones till she finds one she likes
especially concentrate the keyboard (virtual or otherwise)
probably should go with her to fend off the sales creatures
@Zypher I'm actually taking her to the local VZW store this morning and making her fondle the phones, and especially the keyboards, this AM
nothing like a bit of AM fondling
she's played with the iPhones, but I'm torn between selling her on the Androids or keeping her on the iOS since she's already on OSX
well if the iphone had a real keyboard i'd be all over that but that's me ...
3:35 PM
If she works with OSX, and enjoys it, stick to the iPhone
Every other not IOS phone is a pain to set up sync etc on OSX.
@Diago that's my first thought, but wanted to run it past the room
groupbrain for the win
Unless you find a phone that has a big sticker on it that says "Works with Apple"
That is not an iPhone.
lol, doubt THAT
ok, I'mma go afk for a bit, need to see a man about a horse and get some real coding done
@Diago "Sure, you're free to leave the Mac cult at any time. Exit's past the spike pit, flame wall and hungry bears, there."
@PopularDemand Lolz. I will paraphrase my wife. "We've only had the iPads for a week, and we are already slaves to them"
Apart from the fact that the only PC I have left in my house is my server, and that's fairly soon being replaced with a Mac Mini or Mac Pro.
3:39 PM
@Diago I showed my wife the ads for those, she was all "meh" ... I drug her down to the Apple store and put one in her hands. 30 seconds later she asked when we were buying a pair.
Her friend got one for xmas, then accidentally (don't ask) got a second one for xmas. Rather than share, they decided they needed two after all ;)
> You can checkout any time you like, But you can never leave!
ok really, I'm going
@drachenstern I have the same delema. My wife and I both have: 15" i7 MacBook Pro's (8GB + 250GB HDD), 64GB Wifi iPads and 8GB iPhone 3GS.
@CRoss Ah, Hotel Cupertino. Good song.
I spend more money on Apple then I have in the last 15 years on PC's. But worth. every. cent.
3:44 PM
I think this is the first time I've gotten one of my posts closed as a duplicate of another one of my posts: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/79492/…
@MichaelMrozek And they were asked at roughly the same time, too. Spectactular.
Makes for some interesting convesations in my house, I'm a PC guy (school network technican) although my brother is iPhone + MacBook all the way (but as he's music-based that's fair enough).
4:00 PM
I don't have a creative or musical bone in my body.
Is it just me, or is Linux lumped in with PC now?
@CRoss I have 2 friends that run Ubuntu on Mac... Does that count?
@CRoss I don't understand the question
My best edit. ever.
Q: Can't boot Mac, only shows a Folder with a Question Mark?

germanus lesolaHow do I start up a Mac when all it shows is a Folder with a Question Mark, even with a DVD in the drive? Image courtesy of Loïc Wolff

> But the critical moment came on the evening of 30 January when, it is now clear, Mubarak ordered the Egyptian Third Army to crush the demonstrators in Tahrir Square with their tanks after flying F-16 fighter bombers at low level over the protesters.
> Many of the senior tank commanders could be seen tearing off their headsets – over which they had received the fatal orders – to use their mobile phones. They were, it now transpires, calling their own military families for advice. Fathers who had spent their lives serving the Egyptian army told their sons to disobey, that they must never kill their own people.
> Thus when General Hassan al-Rawani told the massive crowds yesterday evening that "everything you want will be realised – all your demands will be met", the people cried back: "The army and the people stand together – the army and the people are united. The army and the people belong to one hand."
4:10 PM
@drachenstern At one point I heard a lot of people describe themselves as Linux users, but now I only hear PC vs Mac ... almost as if it's Mac vs Everyone Else
@DanGrossman That's so cool.
Reminds me of OathKeepers
4:29 PM
@DanGrossman [citation needed]
Robert Fisk (born 12 July 1946) is an English writer and journalist from Maidstone, Kent. Middle East correspondent of the The Independent, he has primarily been based in Beirut for more than 30 years. He has published a number of books and has reported from the United States's attack on Afghanistan and the same country's 2003 invasion of Iraq. Fisk holds more British and International Journalism awards than any other foreign correspondent. Career The New York Times once described Robert Fisk as "probably the most famous foreign correspondent in Britain." He reported the Northern Irel...
@DanGrossman Thanks.
@DanGrossman [excessive citation provided]
Well, "/opinion/" in the citation URL makes it seem untrustworthy
But whose opinion piece is important on this one
I know, but once I have the source I can dig that up myself. It was tongue-in-cheek, though. (Since the onebox made the citation longer than the source.)
5:06 PM
(number of votes per hour on SO) i.imgur.com/wXb3T.png
5:31 PM
@DanGrossman I have his monster tome "The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East"
@ÓlafurWaage "Citizen Patrol, I choose you!"
@ÓlafurWaage You made a comment about Pokemon.
That's what they used to say in that show, isn't it?
... what's that website where you can use SO/SF/SU as pokemon?
@PopularDemand no clue
5:46 PM
@CRoss favimon.
Yeah, that even ended up on Mozilla Labs ...
5:58 PM
@ÓlafurWaage "I choose you, Revival-badge-mon!"
@TimStone Please. Citizen Patrol could take Revival any day of the week.
With two citizens tied behind its collective back, even!
Indeed, indeed.
Wait, isn't it friday in iceland?
> "I couldn't really get past anybody that would spend the money that it would take to do it and keep an R rating," he explained.
...Wouldn't the R rating put it in the game's demographic space? goes to check the rating
@ÓlafurWaage You don't know? Who are you, and what have you done with Ólafur?!
6:07 PM
Yeah, the game is rated M. That's...kind of a stupid rationale on the movie studios' parts.
R rated movies make less money. Period
@PopularDemand Mrozek reported the notification bug in Chat Feedback, not sure if someone reported it on MSO proper
@TimStone Thank you.
Though in my experience it isn't actually a bug, but maybe they get their notifications at a different time.
I was getting mine 25 minutes past the hour, at which point there was more than two hours to go, but less than three. I just assumed it rounded down.
6:12 PM
I guess it's possible it rounds down, but mine rounded down 58 minutes if so
Hmm, I wonder why I get my notifications so much later then.
One at 12:23, one at 12:24, and one at 6:24.
I spun the WOB to find out who was responsible, and somehow it was me. This troubles me. :P
If your roles were reversed, I'd say that rchern did a mrozek.setAnnoyances(true), but now I just don't know what to think.
A look at the API indicates there's a setConfusion(boolean) method, maybe she opted for that instead.
Q: How to get jQuery pop to disappear again?

StephanieHow do I get my jQuery pop-up to disappear again when "approvals" is clicked again? $(function() { $('a.approvals').click(function(e) { var html = '<div id="info">'; html += '<a href ="http://www.coned.com/es/specs/gas/Section%20VII.pdf" div id="ConED"><img border= "0" ...

Is stackexchange very slow, or is it just me?
6:17 PM
Also, go @badp, attack!
@thecoop Seems alright to me. Were you having issues with a particular site, or just in general?
SO is very slow loading the main page
still spinning after about a minute
its quite variable too
i QQ over the data explorer being down
@ÓlafurWaage Where's waffles so we can blame him?
@TimStone THAR!
A: ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ Forbid unicode ?

Ólafur Waage. Z̵̬̮̫̞̪͖͔̖ͩ͐̓͌̓̍ͬA̝̺̗̜̯̱ͣ͐͆́Ḽ̷͚̼̠̘͎̈̀̂̋ͅĜ̩͚̲͕ͯ̚͢͡Ò̷̜̼̲̻̑͘͢ ̬̤̭̗̲̗̺ͫ͋͝W̵͈͔͎̞̠̲̯͌̌̾́I͔͓ͪͥ̆ͩͬ̀ͫ͑̐͘͠Ḷ̤͉̓͐͐̎̒́L̖̟ͤ̌̅ͬ̂̀̕ ̟̥̣̼̥͒ͧͮͬ͒̋ͥ͒͝C̜̥̱̘̗͓͍͔̓̒ͭ͐̇͜O̵̙̰̖͓͐̇̑̋ͩ̄͡M͊ͩ͆͊͏̰̫̭̳̼̠͎͡͝E̿͆͏̞͞ ̧̛̰͚̜̘̞̫̹͉̈́̽͒͒̂͐ͮ͋̍͘ ̧̞̙̗̪̳̍̐̀̌ͨ͜D̗̼̾̾O̘̠̓ͯ̀ͬ ̛̼̩̮͔ͣ̊͒̿̏ͭ̆N͇̥̤̯̮̣̖̖ͣ̓ͫͨÔ̴̢̯̼͕̮̺̰̗̓ͤͯͅT̘̈́̎͐̃ ̸̨͉̩̟̇͂͗͢À͉̜̝̥̝͎...

6:23 PM
too bad I'm rep capped.
@ÓlafurWaage Aww, that caused a burn-in on my LCD screen (!)
6:35 PM
@TimStone I was busy doing graphs, but I fixed some of the unicode in there
Hah :P
My god, the JProbe people are relentless.
Clever change of question title

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