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You know when an american calls you a patriot that you're either doing something right, or something horribly wrong
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such modern website
2:52 AM
pallas cat is my new favour
3:28 AM
3:53 AM
nice tail
I think there are some differences in what I considered 'troll' vs what society considered 'troll'
I consider an elite troll's job is to educate while entertain
4:13 AM
Also I finally got occupation certificate for the small house that I constructed
me so happy @ this very moment <3
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sd 5k
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sd k
5:21 AM
sd k
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sd k
sd k2
@ShadowWizard break my stride
5:42 AM
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sd 2k
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sd k
shameless self promotion spam
5:56 AM
Lol poor @James ;-)
So @James how is your day?
Today? Today is like many others, it started when the sun rose, and it'll end when the sun sets
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@JamesENL so boring... And what you doing after day ends? :D
@ShadowWizard Pokémon Go with the boyfriend
@SmokeDetector ignore appears legit
6:08 AM
@ShadowWizard Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
@JamesENL heh, sounds like fun!!
That's the plan anyway
Maybe a HSP for dinner
I've not had one before
Just to imagine Pauline Hanson's betrayed tears
6:24 AM
@JamesENL HSP?
Halal Snack Pack
Oh. Thought the "S" was for "sex"..... :-P
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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@JamesENL haha dat face ;-)
6:34 AM
I figured it was appropriate
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sd 2k
6:51 AM
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And back to routine... :D
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sd 3k
7:09 AM
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sd k
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted user: Forgot my brothers email & password by AR Rade on gaming.stackexchange.com
sd crap
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7:26 AM
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sd 2k
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer: Do radio waves interact with electrical wiring? by Robert Key on physics.stackexchange.com
^ spam, or just needs editing?
@Bart I would edit
@SmokeDetector f
7:40 AM
My first thought when I read that was "How do they work?"
7:55 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword with a link in answer: ESP 8266 does not respond for any by Kolitha Warnakulasooriya on arduino.stackexchange.com
^ just a poor self-answer. (link-only)
@SmokeDetector n
I reported as spam
You'll be ignored soon ...
I hope not
8:07 AM
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sd k
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sd k
8:22 AM
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8:38 AM
sd 2k
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, pattern-matching website in body: Are we get literature review help from custom essay writing service? by ronrogers on scicomp.stackexchange.com
sd k
We might use an essay writing service but not the one that posts questions with titles like that ...
I'm not Mortensen but even I do see a couple of issues in both title and body...
8:57 AM
9:33 AM
my day is successful, made a user smile
in Shadow's Den, Dec 23 '14 at 11:34, by SPArchaeologist
I really am so happy,
Your smile fills me with glee!
I give a smile, I get a smile,
And that's so special to me.

Cause I love to see you beam, beam, beam! Yes I do.
Tell me, what more can I say to make you see? That I do.
It makes me happy when you beam, beam, beam.
Yes it always makes my day!
May 20 at 12:56, by Derpy
come on everypony smile smile smile
@Bart well, a user with a name that only remind me of a Maarten Toonder character, can't take that serious ... ;)
9:47 AM
As long as it isn't Zwelgje, we're safe
Man, that brings me back. A long long time ago, I was thinking about becoming an animator and really wanted to get to Toonder Studio's.
Why didn't you go that route?
Poor career counseling. Toonder Studio's didn't do well. And other options were all foreign, which at that point in time wasn't really feasible for me. So Computer Science it became.
Tried for a while to figure out if I could part-time the Cartoon School in Amsterdam, but I was studying in Enschede at the time, so that wasn't really an option without insanely long days and expenses.
It is a bit of a bummer if only practicalities prevent you from studying what you like best
But it you have the skill you can still practice, right?
Well, you know how it goes. Full time study, then full time in academia with 60-80hrs a week. And then you're old and grumpy. :D
Last time I drew something was years ago
10:04 AM
@Bart ... yep, can confirm that ... ;)
@Bart it doesn't need much to start, a pencil is all you need, the world is your canvas ...
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10:21 AM
sd 4k
10:37 AM
"I should get on to the Visual Studio team about code that doesn't compile should just work the way I want it to" @jonskeet #ndcsydney
... how is that even a sentence?
All kinds of C# goodness and here I'm still stuck with a Mono version supporting C# 3 more or less.
Well, at least you could add the bits that are lacking ... yeah for Open Source ...
Not really. It's the Mono version integrated with Unity, which they haven't updated in years.
At least for my server-side stuff I can do whatever I want :D
11:13 AM
@Bart Yes, at age 33.
@rene tpu
@tchrist "one of us, one of us"
@Bart even a free hand circle?
Even those ...
@ShadowWizard you should consider calling them "free hoof circles"
11:24 AM
The hooves want to be free.
adds @tchrist to the "Moon Vacation Winners" list
@Derpy I will! In the meantime, you will be surprised to see the Den's contents... ;-)
Thanks @Bart for getting rid of my rough edge here
No worries. The point is fair, but often misinterpreted
And I guess it often doesn't help that we're Dutch. ;)
11:40 AM
Nah, I don't have the calm to think about all those side-effects my communication has on others ...
that question is now closed but not as dupe so now it is a rejected migration
Ooh goodie
@ShadowWizard yeah, I had that as well ;) (yes, voting is anonymous, it was just a test...)
:/ \:
(I have the felling that most of the room users have just fallen down like Spike in the above image)
12:05 PM
@Derpy Its like pretend wrestling with younger cousins
At some point you pretend that a punch hurt in order for them to stop nagging
12:16 PM
@Magisch The problem is that ponies usually prefer cat like behavior.
@Derpy So they are mostly jerks and prone to spontaneous acts of violence?
I love my kittens but boy do they get ferocious around other animals
Ever seen a cat playing with some toy? When the toy don't move anymore, the cat will bite to see if it is still moving.
so I will just post worse puns and see if anyone reacts :P
Idk about ponies
Not my cup of tea
@Magisch here you go. Now you can have ponies for tea cups too.
12:32 PM
I mean that as in I don't like them
I like kittens better
In fact, I can have kittens at home and they're real. A pony is more expensive and difficult to keep in the house
My kittens also eat flowers for facilitating furballs sometimes, so you should be afraid, @rene
I'm very much afraid ...
Of kittens?
inb4 bjb eats rene
12:39 PM
don't eat rene tho
coding flowers are rare
@Magisch Ask and it will be granted.
@ShadowWizard still calling them "Good" old times?
do you think I can bring over my answer from MSO to this MSE question: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/283047/spotting-review-audits
Sure. It's not a very original question, so an answer doesn't have to be either.
Maybe find a dupe first then ...
@Derpy if only there were room users.... :)
yeah, the 1 st one is the best
@Derpy yup... Why not? ;)
I cv-ed against that one
I think the main reason I got married is that occasionally I'll forget to undo the top button on my shirt before putting it on.
That's a solution, sure, but probably not optimal.
12:58 PM
Given how hard Nick works on optimizing SO codebase, he could have come up with something more efficient.
@redredwine Maybe he is also craving his wife?
Like switching to button-down shirts...
1:38 PM
Or installing a sensor...
[ SmokeDetector ] Shortened URL in body: The Proof of the ABC Conjecture by Elag on mathoverflow.net
2:28 PM
2:47 PM
hello hello
@bjb568 that would never have happened on devdoodle I guess?
@Tropiks ola ola
sd k
3:03 PM
@AaronHall ih
@Tropiks elloh elloh
3:23 PM
@rene Of course not. DevDoodle will screen users to make sure they love onions before their account is activated.
Please queue here for the DevDoodle screening process, allow for 6 to 8 years before screening starts
I'll totally use this in a mod message when I finally get elected as a mod.
@rene He's bluffing. There's no screening.
But the tyranny will make you like onions.
It will also make you cry while you chop potatoes.
have to go guys. Probably I won't be around a lot in the next days.
Anyway, bye for now
3:27 PM
And hiya Aaron
4:00 PM
Today's xkcd comic (Time Travel Thesis):
4:18 PM
Nice dig at Google Glass
I remember people spending substantial time and money to develop for it...
They obviously haven't discovered time travel.
a fun thing for young people to do on work anniversaries is to calculate # of years at company / your age, and freak out.
20% for me, though it's questionable if I qualify for the target group of the tweet.
0.00925 repeating
4:34 PM
That's pretty short time.
Or maybe I'm very very old
As of today, I see a different font in the flag dialog on mobile site (nice) and can't dismiss the "read in our app" banner (not nice). Opera browser.
@Bart Have you spoken with Jesus?
Nah, he didn't like old farts
I started at the current job at almost the same time that SO launched. Coincidence? Probably.
4:39 PM
You've been doing your job one Stack Overflow question at a time?
@redredwine Aha! You're the missing CM.
I'm unimpressed
they don't tell you but one of the most glamorous parts about being an Android dev is learning to ignore errors https://t.co/9u9O3o7rsY
Hmm, that gives maybe a little clue about Kasra's new super-secret project?
Or maybe that's just the SE app code...
Wait, I thought Kasra wasn't working for SE anymore?
No... he still works at SE but he moved recently (and he accidentally lost his SE diamonds a while back, but then that was fixed)
4:52 PM
Oh. I thought the diamond loss is intentional
Apr 9 at 3:15, by Marshmallow
That was a joke.
Aug 26 '14 at 15:01, by Unihedron
Alright, I get it, students are back to school...
5:14 PM
@hichris123 And now is thinking of moving again, to California
@hichris123 did you see the re-open vote here? You are one of the close voters (and I'm guilty as well)
I clicked leave closed btw
Do... you have the right link there? I don't see any reopen votes...
Oh, I see, it was edited.
@hichris123 yeah, I left some comments
Yeah... that's still the same question, and I think Shog answered those questions fairly well.
I think there is not much more to add, except confusion I guess
I only dont know how the behavior is different when you're a mod. But you can tell ...
5:19 PM
You can yell at people easier! :)
I mean, as a mod you still do see review counts on the review page?
Kurtis gave an interview on the design of WB site: Meeting the Worldbuilding Designer
@hichris123 yeah ... I wasn't hinting at that ... wise guy ...
Someone should interview Jin about the original Skeptics.
@redredwine That wasn't Jin's design. This is Jin's magnum opus
5:25 PM
Wait, not sure what you meant there. We see it like a normal 10ker.
Oh, that was so stressfully confidential.
@hichris123 So skewed up numbers?
@hichris123 OK, that is as expected
@TIPS Yeah.
No extra mod magic there
5:44 PM
I think Gabe wouldn't get away with this username on an SE site...
Fortunately, Twitter's moderators suck.
Twitter don't care
just like honey badger
I need a word like "fallout," but in a good way...
@rene -1, no italics
@AaronHall Chernobyl ?
5:52 PM
Like when good stuff comes back to you, but not karma...
@AaronHall yeah Fallout is a good game
I stand with my previous suggestion ...
My wife is from Ukraine, so you have a point...
@ShadowWizard yeah, well, I was in the middle of an response when mister RO pressed the delete button...
@rene ha! So rude of him. :D
5:54 PM
@AaronHall see, told you ... hides
@AaronHall windfall
> Jimmy Carter killed opossums.[34][35] Turkeys, quail, possums, and raccoons were killed for food by Carter.[36] Rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and possums were consumed by Jimmy Carter's family when he was a kid.[37] Coon, possum, partridges, prairie hen, and frogs were among the fare Mark Twain recorded as part of American cuisine.[38][39][40][41][42][43][44][45][46][47][48]
I give up.
Can't tell what's wrong with Wikipedia editors there... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opossum#Hunting_and_foodways
5:58 PM
@AaronHall too fast
don't try to out comment me on my own jokes @ShadowWizard
but it's fun! :D
@ShadowWizard Yup
6:06 PM
6:58 PM
@redredwine I love how there's a "citation needed" in the next paragraph.
Question: "Contact Us" page on SE is erroring :/ is there another way to get in contact with SE (such as email)?
@Downgoat No-repro. Where do you get the error?
An email does exist, team@stackexchange dot com
@redredwine on meta.stackexchange.com/contact, same on SO's contact form
@redredwine oh, ok, thanks
7:08 PM
I haven't tried to actually submit a message, for an obvious reason. Is this when you get an error?
yeah. after I hit "submit" it gives me the "Oops! Something Bad Happened!" error page
Pretty sure they'll fix it ASAP.
Oh, post on meta.
Pretty sure they're very happy about this bug.
Nah, use the contact form
7:10 PM
Pretty sure they'll fix it ASAP.
Oh, post on meta.
Pretty sure they're very happy about this bug.
@Bart But they feel slightly masochistic so they'll fix it.
8:04 PM
6 to 8 weeks ...
8:27 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in answer: Copying the email address to a forgotten password page by Aaliyah Pope on security.stackexchange.com
8:43 PM
lol - i fell asleep... how is everyone?
if i die today can someone please tell them to carve `Expected BEGIN_ARRAY but was BEGIN_OBJECT` on my tombstone
@Tropiks just waiting for happy hour
lol - happy hour should wait for us!
had a very good experience putting my first question and answer on SO - got an answer from another member that unlocked the coding project too - very quickly too
8:55 PM
@Shog9 can you look into the deleted comments of this user this is going on for a while and users in SOCVR and other rooms are targetted but their comments are deleted just before I get a chance to flag. I also have on pending flag describing the same issue.
@Tropiks excellent!
> I like you, you're not arrogant, and your beard beautiful hehehehe
now my wish is to help others - particularly those who put an effort in
@Shog9 lol - what a statement!
yeah, this guy's a real character
8:59 PM
@rene yeah, even though I wasn't directly involved, that user is super annoying.
7 days is really going easy on him. Oh well... :)
yeah. solved now :)
@redredwine wait..... does it mean someone still working on SE android app???
hopefully my question is detailed enough stackoverflow.com/q/38789670/6613600 - though I guess to get the spot on answer i got, it must have been :)
@Shog9 I always wondered and never had the chance to ask... what is this "happy" hour on the Tavern? It'll be 2 AM so not relevant for me, just curious.
@Tropiks it looks good to me, but I'm not a Python dev
9:03 PM
a title more descriptive than "Python Ponderances"? You must... not be new here.
@ShadowWizard A time for somber reflection and prayer.
i am new, just read a lot of other questions first
@Shog9 prayer... so I expect to see @tchrist around? ;)
got inspiration
amazing how well that can work
@Shog9 and bacon - bacon works
9:06 PM
@ShadowWizard You can set VCR timer to watch it later.
Well those are not VCRs anymore, but I don't know what they are called.
@redredwine YouTube?
@redredwine hehe, VCR timer.... wow... memories from the past. :D
(I used to do that a lot! Think I still got some tapes...)
Whole Nikita series on VCR tapes (this one, not the new series)
I doubt @Quill even knows what VCR is... ;)
there has to be some JavaScript library named vcr.js by now
VCRs! omg I still have one!
9:11 PM
@Shog9 doing what? hmm...
@Tropiks whoa! Working??
I also still have a Commodore 64 and dot matrix printer
@ShadowWizard providing misleading context for Quill, of course
oh. lolz
@ShadowWizard yup! like a dream!
also, probably either debugging or test-running
9:11 PM
@Tropiks for sale? :P
not yet, still watching taped reruns of Happy Days
And... Shog was right! (well, kind of... ;))
@Tropiks hehe, I'll wait. :D
So this can be used to record chat's ajax requests.
9:15 PM
@redredwine yeah, much easier than just watching the transcript later.... :D
@ShadowWizard the Fonz is a legend!
Transcript doesn't capture the dynamics of chatting. It's still shots vs a movie.
@Tropiks doesn't ring a bell for me, though might know it by a different name... (many things are lost or renamed in translation over here...)
@redredwine oh. Good point!
@ShadowWizard true - here is a wikipage of the show en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Days
@Tropiks hmm... weird, never saw it. Maybe because it was broadcast in my place only during the 80's while I was still a kid, I started watching TV shows only in the 90's as teenager. :)
9:20 PM
ahhh - if you can, it is a nice series - funny and innocent
hmm... might do. Thanks!
(ironically enough, going to watch Orange is the New Black now... the opposite from "funny and innocent".... :P)
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer: Change login URL from /user to /my-url? by javed439 on drupal.stackexchange.com
sd k
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