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3:00 PM
is it me or only the tag that beginning with status will be parsed ?
[status-confused-by-star-trek-noises] Ooh, revisionist history!
Can't access chat from Firefox, surely is cookie related
What to do?=
I'm in FF... working ok
are you in some kind of anonymous mode ?
3:02 PM
@EduardoMolteni, are you logged into Meta.SO?
yes, yes
read all the faq
don't want to fry all my cookies in my main browser
Define "can't access", ie, what behavior?
I get the cat
3:04 PM
Even if you aren't logged in, it just shows you the Rooms page with a login link, hrm.
I can't print
You know "Oops! Something Bad Happened!"
hum, isn't that when it's server side related ?
I see this room has .. everyone in it
Nevermind, solved: Log Out and then Log in again
3:09 PM
Hows everyone doing?
is there a chat sandbox, or is that kinda what this is?
there is a room called Sandbox
oh, just saw that, thanks!
the "other rooms you're in" is genius
yeah, I'm currently in almost every room
you can close the tab and it will still show message from those room
3:15 PM
and it pops up when there is new activity
as long as you don't press leave, you will still be consider in the room
or if you close the last tab it will eventually kick you out
hey all
ya, as long as you have 1 tab open, it won't kick you
3:17 PM
Hey @MarcGravell
@Marc, do you check the catchup/mentions when you join?
yes ;p
Rooms: which ones are missing?
Did the Flag thing go away for 10k users?
(it is capped to the first n, but you can filter)
@Chacha102 it went away for everyone (even me); displayed next to room name only
no flags at the moment
I see you expanded the starred/other rooms thing
3:20 PM
exactly; still needs some work to be the correct size (use all the space), but time was limited
and made the more rooms thing more ... noticable
@MarcGravell, WebApps for one.
I'm just checking in; won't be here long - all doing well? any pressing concerns?
@rchern - paged; it isn't obvious, but simply it hasn't been active so has dropped off that view. Filter shows it
TODO: make it obvious that the room index is paged; "more" or similar ;p
yeah, it doesn't seem paged right now
The functionality to page it is there now? I don't see it...
Yeah, I know it is inactive...but I like to think it is inactive because nobody knows it is there. (;
3:23 PM
I bumped it ;p
gotta run
I'm currently in like 9 - 10 rooms
us and gaming are really the only 'active' rooms
But, that was the same yesterday too
I see just more and more people are joining us as they read the blog post
It seems counter-intuitive to me that stars and flags appear on the right-hand side of messages, yet to access them, you have to go into a menu on the left side. Wouldn't it be nicer if either a) the menu were on the right, or b) they operated like comment voting, i.e. a little star button and a little flag button that appear over to the right when you mouse over?
@mmyers I agree
I'd like B
I'd prefer B myself, but A is likely easier for the devs
+1 for B :p
I think it's been raised before though
Q: Please move the chat post controls to the right side of each post

Jared HarleyPer @Maxim Z's request, I am making my suggestion from the Gravatar bugs and improvements in chat into a full-blown feature request: I'm not quite sure why, but I think the chat controls would feel more natural on the right, rather than the left. My idea, as seen below, would be to move the ar...

3:39 PM
hum, why is the people reputation is sometimes show and not always ?
@HoLyVieR: I think it depends on the height of their last message box. The more messages you post successively without being interrupted, the larger it gets and eventually your avatar grows and the rep is displayed.
et voila
3 lines = large avatar, 4 lines = rep display
3:55 PM
What system users are there so far? I've seen meta.gaming, gaming and Server Fault all automatically injecting new questions into the chat.
if you create a room, you can also create a feed
here I am in safari on a toob
You create a feed for a room, and it will automatically message with updates to that feed
also I get times new roman only
the chat box scroller is a bit off putting
Wonder why they put the scroll bar all the way to the right
4:05 PM
I like it on the right because it doesn't crowd the main box
Not crazy about the scroll jumping down when a new message arrives
That's how chat rooms work, isn't it?
@Chacha102 Yeah, it's not a big deal, just never seen it done this way much
@DanielMoura Suppose you're trying to read past messages and it keeps jumping away from you
Yea I agree
If you're scrolled back, it shouldn't autoscroll.
The scrollbar does seem a little awkward all the way on the right, but then I realize that I always use my scroll wheel anyways
@bytenik agreed
4:07 PM
Hey @balpha. Still on Vacation?
Gotta run for lunch
(if you cared)
@Chacha102 I sure am
sitting on the camping ground
(@spoulson We don't)
@balpha A lot of us are in the General room if you want to go there
or Gaming
@bytenik actually that shouldn't happen; if it does, you've found a bug
what browser?
I just noticed in the Super User room that I have a link to "ignore this user (everywhere)" a diamond mod. That should maybe not be possible, hm?
4:13 PM
Q: In Chat, you (Non-Mods) should not be able to mute moderators or yourself.

Justin 'jjnguy' NelsonCurrently in chat, you can silence moderators posts as well as your own. You shouldn't be allowed to do that. A few reasons: Moderators hold authority over chat. You shouldn't let people actively ignore the authority in a chat room. It could get very confusing if you are trying to post messa...

(I disagree -- you should very well be able to ignore moderators)
@balpha maybe the answer is that mods (and a room's owner) should be able to override (for a message) an ignore
Mods need an annoucement type command
that overrides stuff
@Chacha102 exactly
mute yourself ... that's a funny bug in disguise (a feature)
4:15 PM
think about a command that makes the warning bar pop up with their message
there is a method for global announcements
But normal chat from anyone -- including mods -- can be ignored.
that can't be ignored
That could lead to
Mod: Hey user JerkfaceIdjit, tone down the language or we'll ban you.
Mod: Hey user JerkfaceIdjit, second warning.
Mod: Hey user JerkfaceIdjit, you're banned.
Five minutes later on Meta: "Bug report: chat isn't working for me"
That was odd.
<kbd>SHIFT</kbd> + <kbd>ENTER</kbd> works, but takes a second to register.
that's Jerkfaceldjit's problem
4:16 PM
@balpha is that global -- all rooms -- or just in the current room?
that's global
@balpha yeah, but it's still annoying for the rest of us to have to filter out all the noise.
So only good for "chat system is dying" type messages
Mods need private message or something. To communicate to one user and override ignores or stuff
@Chacha102 that can be done with another room
4:17 PM
Yeah, but then the user has to join the room
The real question, is why would you want to ignore a mod ?
and it doesn't override ignores
Argh you people keep FGIWing me.
@HoLyVieR I can think of many reasons
@HoLyVieR Especially with all the new ones popping up
if a user ignores a mod, that's their own decision -- they could just as well "ignore" what the mods says even if it gets displayed
and there will only be so much moderators
mod status is imported from the parent site
4:19 PM
so only mods on PuppyTrainingOverflow.com will be mods on chat.PuppyTrainingOverflow.com
Right now I'm viewing the different chats as neighborhoods
I can go to any neighborhood I'd like
and talk with people there
the mods are the police
sometimes I don't like the police
in a particular neighborhood
there is also a for-one-user-only non-chat notification implemented (currently used for invitations) -- we could give mods a hook to use that, should the need arise
however, I'd like to see proof that there's problem before I try to fix it
I think that would work
can you just give me a button to auto-join all rooms?
I don't see that to be useful
just star them all, and wait for the completion of this:
4:23 PM
it saves me from having to individually open each room
Q: Auto-Join Rooms

Chacha102It would be really helpful if I didn't have to manually join the rooms I'm interested in every time I launch chat. What I'd suggest is one of two mechanisms for auto-joining chat rooms. Auto-Join Favorites Make a setting so that you will automatically join rooms you mark as 'favorites'. Remembe...

Oh yeah.. I wonder who suggested that..
some guy
4:24 PM
bet he was a real weirdo
pretty cool
So, you know the recent chat bar thing
that dotted line?
he is, but he liked my meta image, so he's alright
It gets really annoying when you have 3 screens, and switch windows alot
4:25 PM
(Pro tip: ENTER is not TAB)
@PopularDemand Really?
@PopularDemand LOL
you're right
you can also use the mouse, if keyboard handling is too complicated for you :)
As promised, I don't get highlighting on "@Po"
nice, I got a Nice Question badge for that Auto Join thing
how many people can this room hold?
4:27 PM
It would be interesting to get ~100 - ~150 people in a single room all chatting
how far did it go up while I was swimming?
this room was pretty crowded after Jeff tweeted
More than this?
lots more
we where close to hundred when I left
4:29 PM
@balpha, please, tell me how to chat using only the mouse.
copy a letter
Use the right-click copy/paste to type
use copy and paste
select it
edit -> copy
edit -> paste
next letter
repeat until a word has formed
you'll find all neccessary letters in previous messages
4:30 PM
except the letter z
oh, there it is!
pro tip: you can use several letters at once
Can I get some love here please:
Q: Removed Chat Blips Should Be... Removed.

Chacha102When a message is deleted, it says 'Removed'. Unfortunately, this gets very annoying when I'm trying to edit multiple chat messages together into a single message that is more useful if it is starred, as there are 2-5 'removed' messages right under it. It would be nice to find a better solution...

he's still typing his answer ...
he's slow
Upvoted you yesterday.
that's really a controversial topic @Chacha102 (internally, too)
4:32 PM
Kinda wish that SO imported links were "live". I want to upvote from here.
@balpha I just really hate deleting messages because it looks ugly..
@RyanRinaldi so you want a one-page interface to the whole internet? I'm pretty sure Google is working on that already :)
@Chacha102 I'm on your side of the controversy
@balpha Not really! Just to upvote and downvote SO links when I'm in chat.
and retag
actually, lets answer questions too
and edit
you know what, let me do everything on Stack Overflow in chat
comment, answer, upvote, delete, moderate
just put the entire thing into chat
you can call it 'Real Time Stack Overflow'
what's Stack Overflow? Does that have to do with this chat thingadongdong?
4:34 PM
Stack Overflow
Q: does stackoverflow forget their registered users?

today i hit upon an interesting question here on stOckover~flow (about monotonically increasing time, but that is beside the point), and i immediately thought i could contribute somewhat, and so tried to log-in, using my google OpenID thingadongdong. it didn’t work. well, somehow it did. anyhow...

did I mention I'm the proud owner of thingadongdong.com?
my headset has probably fallen on the ground over 200 times
just because the cord gets caught in my chair.
that's interesting, @Chacha102
you registered that ???
4:37 PM
Stack Overflow is the #1 result for thingadongdong
who implemented that, anyway?
implemented what?
my first message was caught in a mobile internet hickup
I was complaining about the autocompletion
that's @balpha - always complaining ;p
Shouldn't you be toasting a hedgehog or something?
hmm... hedgehogs...
4:41 PM
Hey Marc, back so soon?
popping in and out...
dealing with the kids etc ;p
@Marc How hard would it be to collapse multiple-consecutive deleted messages into one bar that said (N deleted messages)
actually, nvm
as long as we're sure we never support undeletion -- not too hard
@balpha Well actually, if you don't actually convert them, and just display them that way, undeletion wouldn't be too hard
so when you display the first deleted message, check if the next one is also deleted
don't tell me what our JS code looks like -- I know better than you :)
4:46 PM
just an idea I had
Q: Bad Poetry, Oh Noetry

Earlz Chat dot Meta is now in public Beta.... I consider this bad poetry. Can we please change the announcement to something non-rhyming?

@MarcGravell The General Chat room now has the perfect description: "Here we have our fill of bread and wine, and then tell of tales of other times we''ve had our fill of bread and wine."
A: Bad Poetry, Oh Noetry

gnoviceThere once was a guy on SO whose skill with a rhyme was so-so. Though Friday 'twas not, onto Meta he shot to post goofy questions. Oh no!

5:03 PM
By my reckoning, about 700 people have stopped by today who hadn't been here before. Not bad going.
Many of them came in here:
Supposidly Jeff Tweeted and got a lot of people
(those are for this room)
you're tracking us!
@Marc: What was the peak number for a single room to have online concurrently?
@Chacha102 Beware of Big Brother!
5:05 PM
(only counting people with accounts; we probably had a lot of people who don't have mso accounts)
do you know what I've been talking about?
Do you?
do you have records of my chat?
I think this is a wiretapping scandal..
@Chacha102 Notice the transcript link? ( :-) I think)
5:07 PM
anyway, besides the obvious privacy violations..
all your voice are belong to us
lol wiretapping scandal
is there anyway to put a button on this:
Q: Drawing attention to tag synonym proposals

BozhoYesterday I proposed a tag synonymy between [enum] and [enums], but no votes so far. It might be that people don't agree the two things are the same, but it may also be that no one has seen this. If the latter is that case, and as starting a new thread on meta for these things isn't preferable, ...

That lets me upvote it?
without having to leave chat?
it would make it much easier to up vote all my friends in chat without actually reading their question or answer
The problem there is; we'd need to know your xss key.
We don't currently have a need to know that...
Well, I guess we could write a private API...
"without actually reading their question or answer"
5:11 PM
Why would we want to vote from here?
Yeah, I reacted to that as well
@George - excellent point
that's exactly the reason to not allows it :)
there was a reason I put that part in there..
For Meta it would be alright. Most questions aren't very long, and are summed up in the title
and votes don't really count anyway
some other sites you would run into problems
5:13 PM
So, the exception that proves the rule?
You forgot the first part. "up vote all my friends in chat without actually reading their question or answer"
that's a given, you're not gonna downvote your friends ;)
Why the heck not??
I actually prefer to downvote my friends, it builds character
That which doesn't kill you give you ... reputation?
5:17 PM
@rchern See the emoticon at the end? it was a joke :P
is no one going to star my message?
Why would I?
if you have to ask....
Man I hate "off-site" backup when the "site" is my home and it is tethered to the "off-site" with an ADSL-line :(
Takes forever
And He's Back by Popular Demand
5:20 PM
Heh. I remember when I was so happy about having DSL...of course, the CO was on the next block.
52 GB left to backup, at a rate of maximum ~5GB every 24 hours
so 10 days straight :P
You're doing it the wrong way? ;)
No other way of doing it unless I want to hassle with external drives
That sounds like a job for Blu-ray! :D
fair enough
And I don't. With this backup solution, it just works in the background
After those 60GB in total have been backed up, it will just back up changes, so those 10 days is a one-time operation
5:23 PM
Yah, I understand that. Assuming there's no hiccup with the connection.
It has full resume
I can restart the computer at any time, it will continue where it left off, so that's not a problem
Ah, that's nice. So no real need to monitor it.
No, none at all, it just takes time for the initial backup
I was imagining having to check it every now and then. That could be enough of a pain to motivate me to the external drive solution.
And with unlimited storage on the other end, I won't have to worry about it
It's basically like a synchronization software, like Microsoft Live Sync or DropBox, it just sends it to a backup service, fully automated, background monitoring
so seconds after I copy new photos off of my digital camera, they should be on their way to the server
5:26 PM
I need to setup something like that for myself. I singed up for Mozy's free 2gb thing and haven't touched it since I had download a client and what not.
I'm using Mozy for this, I paid for the 2 year account last year, around $100 for two years
Ok, noob question time. How do i see my invites to other channels?
More Rooms
Invited Tab
oic...that's why it's higlighted lol
Well look who's popular and gets invited to things.
5:33 PM
Does anyone here know if I can upgrade an ubuntu 9 installation to 10?
Never mind, got my answer
what's "Ubuntu 9" for you? 9.4? 9.10? The ninth Ubuntu?
2009, april release
2009, october release
now guess what 10.4 and 10.10 stands for :)
5:48 PM
I know the Ubuntu version numbers
I was asking what you meant by "Ubuntu 9"
this was a case of me not reading the question :)
and the answer is, I don't know
installing VMware here now, don't know which release I got installed
5:49 PM
I sure hope 10.10 releases on schedule. It is supposed to come out on 101010
(not that I could help you -- I'm a Fedora guy)
I am not a linux guy.. at all
use lsb_release -a to see what you have
I need a linux installation for my project, found a VM of Ubuntu on my machine, dated back before april this year, so it has to be 9.x
But I don't know which one it is, don't know if I'll bother to update even, I just need the WebDAV litmus test program anyway
does the terminal greet you with a funny animal name?
5:51 PM
Don't know yet :) I'll let you know once I boot it up
@lasse you can upgrade ubuntu at least to the next version. 9.4->9.10->10.4 etc. I am not sure if you can skip versions
That's OK, if I decide to upgrade I can do them in order
Need to continue on my pet project, been postponing it for too long sigh
wasn't 9.10 an LTS?
if so, no hurry to upgrade
@lasse usually the upgrade works without problems but it has always messed X configuration for me. So backup your /etc/X11/xorg.conf
To be honest, I doubt it has a UI, I probably installed the server only
As I said, I use only the WebDAV litmus test software, and it's a command line script
5:55 PM
Q: What links and sites are handled specially in chat?

Juha SyrjäläThere is special linking to some sites in chat. What is the full list of supported and integrated sites?

oops, wrong room
@lasse then the upgrade should work without problems, other than it may take a long time to download everything from the net
side note: this is still the chat feedback room -- you might want to move ubuntu update stuff to the general room or a specific room
6:31 PM
what did I miss? any eureka feedback?
We were talking about the dotted line
in General chat
but nothing interesting came of it
It would be nice if I could disable it though..
Is it possible to get the iPad style view on a normal browser without doing something with my useragent?
?mobile=true, like this
6:51 PM
ah, nice
Was this chatroom built from the ground up or is it using an existing framework? It looks really nice.
this chat was built from scratch, by marc and ben.
all from scratch
we used to use Campfire.
6:59 PM
The "looks really nice" is largely due to @Jin ; he's just modest

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