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Q: Is there a place to get critique on questions in order to hone them?

spaineI'm looking for critique on whether something is a valid question. Is there a way to get feedback and test a question before posting and having my reputation slaughtered? For instance, I changed the wording of a question here: Use Python to Build Nested JSON from Flat Table , but only after it ...

A Stack Overflow Academy prospect...
The feeling of "I answered this exact meta question already, but what site was that on" leading to "argh no network-wide search of own posts"...
It doesn't look like stackexchange.com/search indexes metas.
1:14 AM
@bjb568isnotapebble your name changed firstly
Secondly, why are you doing an internship in Taiwan?
[ SmokeDetector ] Link following arrow in body: the body would probably show some warning signs by alexajane59 on drupal.stackexchange.com
1:36 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website in answer: Lumia 720 MP4 videos won't play after downloading to my PC by Jim Jenren on windowsphone.stackexchange.com
sd 2k
Q: When is Programming Puzzles & Code Golf getting community ads?

Helka HombaOver 3 months ago, on Febuary 23, 2016, it was announced that this SE site was graduating. That post said that You will soon be able to select your own community ads. Give me a moment to set these up later this week. The ads were not set up that week and still haven't been. Last week our ...

Aug 4 '14 at 0:08, by Jason C
SOA = Shog9's On Acid
Someone needs to superping Jason. He was seen on meta just a little bit ago...
1:57 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating words in answer: Can I use Surface Pro 4 and Illustrator? by shobierafher on graphicdesign.stackexchange.com
@hichris123 step 1) get moderator status on MSE
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2:13 AM
@JamesENL ¿Por qué no?
Why not an American Internship?
Why fly halfway round the world?
Family here.
Ahhh I see
Wait? You're from Taiwan originally?
Or you've just got family there?
Seems like someone should drop into the Tavern. ;) — hichris123 32 mins ago
@Quill mhmm!
Is it common for SE to miss site graduation related deadlines and promises? It's happened a few times with PPCG but I haven't been on any other site enough to know.
2:27 AM
Well, if PPCG wasn't so... insistent...
(more likely, the CMs are just busy)
@hichris123 Are we supposed to quietly wait 3+ months while our graduation updates are overlooked? :/
@JamesENL just that
Well, y'all don't have to be quite so loud about it... a quiet nudge once in a while is okay. And graduation really isn't anything to be excited about.
besides site design and swag and election
None of those are all that exciting. And the first two occur in 6-8 weeks, so...
2:35 AM
what is exciting, then?
@hichris123 It is to some people, and as a CM said, we've been forced to wait very long
So I'm just wondering if that's common when other sites have graduated
Then I wouldn't be so annoyed (in a way)
I'm sure SE is busy helping PPCG and other sites graduate and I doubt they ever really intentionally ignored us but it is bothersome when something promised doesn't happen.
Current list in the queue is: Salesforce, Expression Engine, Anime, Computer Science, Japanese, Cryptography, Movies, Blender, and English Language Learners. — Grace Note ♦ Aug 6 '14 at 0:13
Considering Japanese just got its design...
Anime is the only one on that list without a design now
and I spoke to Jin and JNat about that the other day; it seems they're working on it/ coming up soon
How did you manage to speak with Jin? I'm not quite sure what he works on now, but he doesn't post on meta much...
magic (JNat summoned him, I think)
in Maid Café (メイド喫茶) on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Jun 8 at 15:15, by Jin
@ardaozkal FYI I'm working with our creative director Kurtis to come up with a cool design for anime/manga site. it's going to be quite involved that's why it's taking a while :)
2:47 AM
Do we really want underlines on all links? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/326004/…
3:00 AM
For links in a post, meh. For all links, that would seem really ugly to me.
A: When should hyperlinks be underlined?

MarielleUnderlined links can have a negative effect on readibility, according to this 2003 study comparing text readibility for plain text, standard blue hyperlinks and overlay link markers. A later study comparing different link visualisation techniques found that at that time (2004) the common web use...

> Good day, please a dude
The post has been edited since, the pin kind of overstayed its purpose.
If it ever had one.
Did a ray of sunshine pin that?
3:05 AM
It got sandwich some stars. :D
they're trying to trick us into thinking they're a good RO
She, if it was Sunshine
Poor duck.
I love catching up on the stars here... lol
3:13 AM
@Quill thanks
3:40 AM
I wonder how many interesting, straddling the line Too Broad questions have been closed.
sede it
Almost temped to agree with YCS there, it seems like the scope of SO has been narrowed down to "debug this for me".
I've made a career of answering canonical questions with canonical answers. I do not share that view.
@Quill I probably will, except first I'd like to go through questions closed with NARQ and are highly upvoted.
Fortunately there are smaller tags where close votes almost never add up to five.
3:42 AM
@AaronHall And canonicals never get close voted, right? :/
By definition.
The community is always right - by definition.
My trend is toward less reviewing, more shrug-skipping, and a bit more answering.
mob rule
I got a pay increase :D
Ideally, the majority of questions should be (1) never voted on; (2) never commented on; (3) deleted by roomba in due time.
3:44 AM
@soup Yeah. At this point, it seems like some efforts like the SOCVR, while founded in good faith, seem to be starting to throw the baby out with the bathwater...
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website in body: Get back lost photos call logs from Android by Lillllian on android.stackexchange.com (@meatball)
sd k
@AaronHall Except who is the community? Five folks who close a question? A bunch of disgruntled users? The people sitting on the sidelines, not caring either way?
That wasn't exactly a yes/no question. :P
3:48 AM
When you're in a room, the room owners are always right. Moderators are always right. Spolsky is the rightest of the right. And that's the way it works.
where does Jeff fit into that
It's basically a mostly benign dictatorship.
and I wouldn't know where to say it's not benign.
Jeff left, so he's not the head cheese anymore, right?
Did I just conflate head honcho and big cheese?
I don't think Joel has much input on which Android questions get closed.
well, that's why the community is always right.
inb4 Joel squats on the php tag closing all the crap questions
Wielding the ban hammer like Mjölnir
3:54 AM
inb4 = "the before time, the long long ago"
i.e. last week.
@soup When is the last time Joel did something on a non-meta site I wonder...
Q: Reinforcing a shelf supported only by pins

Joel SpolskyOur liquor cabinet has the usual row of holes drilled on either side for height-adjustable shelves, with typical shelf pins: I think the wood is MDF + veneer. It might be plywood. It's not holding the pins very well. The end result was sudden catastrophic failure followed by two hours of mo...

> while trying to convince the world-famous Siberian husky who lives with us to stay in the other room.
that must be confusing for some people
Of course, that's just the official account. He could be running some other account in this room, right now... even impersonating someone you know...
Apparently he also downvoted something on Startups in February: startups.stackexchange.com/help/badges/7/critic?userid=142
4:07 AM
Votes hardly count.
how did he downvote without the rep requirements?
He can break all the rules with no repercussions.
Does the board care? No. Why would they...
@Quill He has a diamond...
oh right.... derp
He's just got to have the right burn rate and hit the numbers he pitched when raising the last series...
Anyhoo, thanks for the platform, Joel! :)
Oh hey, quick question, does anyone know if contributing to the documentation project is gamified with rep/karma/whatever?
4:12 AM
rep, yeah
fer real?
what's the comp structure like? :D
When the singularity hits and AI becomes self-aware these internet points are actually going to be worth something. :D
@hichris123 My conspiracy theory is that Joel was behind the shutdown of the original On Startups site. No other site with similar stats was ever shut down.
Jan 31 '11 at 14:27, by Chris Jester-Young
@DanGrossman inb4 http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/89?m=483676#483676
The first Tavern use of inb4. Before everyone else started using it.
Jan Dvorak was an early adopter, chat.meta.stackexchange.com/…
4:22 AM
it's older than that, just not on here
[ SmokeDetector ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating words in answer: Can I use Surface Pro 4 and Illustrator? by shobierafher on graphicdesign.stackexchange.com
I'm more inclined to vote for AU mod candidates who are active between UTC 4 and UTC 12...
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4:38 AM
terdon : 195
Jacob Vlijm : 147
Thomas W. : 140
Pilot6 : 131
Serg : 91
Byte Commander : 73
Videonauth : 67
Tim : 64
andrew.46 : 37
Wild Man : 18
Paranoid Panda : 13
Andrea Lazzarotto : 7
AU primary so far, 8 hours in. I like the top 3 here. Two get elected.
5:07 AM
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[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported question (batch report: post 3 out of 3): CodeChat Local Test by Anthony De Leon on stackapps.com
5:24 AM
sd 3- 2k
5:38 AM

Proposed Q&A site for members, researchers, believers and deniers of the Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era founded secret society

Currently in definition.

6:29 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Supplements To Gain Muscle MassWhat? by almaamla26 on arduino.stackexchange.com
sd k
7:13 AM
8:02 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Utilising is riskless and by no means indulges any adverse outcomes like by user62370 on drupal.stackexchange.com
sd k
8:30 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: for instance excessive fatigue? by Tanyi bandi on drupal.stackexchange.com
8:48 AM
@ShadowWizard you know it
@Bart of course
9:15 AM
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9:40 AM
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10:14 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported question: Testx Core Side Effects – Is it Work or Scam by Testx Core Reviews on elementaryos.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in answer, blacklisted user: Запятая на стыке союзов by Aserne on rus.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Shortened URL in body: Powering 10 RASPBERRY PI 3 MODEL B by jason.buhagiar on raspberrypi.stackexchange.com
10:46 AM
Q: Stack Snippets Upgrade: new UI

KonamimanGood news for those who love Stack Snippets (and also for those who don't, but use it anyway). We improved the user experience and UI to: Create visual hierarchy (AKA "easy to use") in the editor and in the snippet inside the post Improve the visual design Fix some design issues Other...

Urghhh... Just got the news in from arqade room....
@Derpy Hm?
What news?
Microsoft announcing next console:
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 4 mins ago, by Private Pansy
> We can render at 60Hz. We can render fully uncompressed pixels. These are the highest quality pixels anybody has seen.
And already the Internet has answered the call
11:05 AM
@Derpy is this because now after buying LinkedIn they're left without any money? ;)
@ShadowWizard I am more concerned of having to wait 2 years before all those high quality pixels will be finally ready for harvesting.
I mean, I know they will be highest-quality, GMO free pixels... but to wait so long...
11:21 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, pattern-matching website in body: Que precisão grau que você esteve no Brasil? by brainammo14 on engineering.stackexchange.com
11:34 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating characters in answer: Selenium Web Driver Drop Down List Testing With Div tag in java by user18811 on sqa.stackexchange.com
12:16 PM
The list of open positions at SE is organized by team, using the same team descriptions as on Company page, with a grammatical adjustment.
For example, Engineering is described as "Building and shipping products that millions of developers use every day" on company page and so on the hiring page, it's "Build and ship products that millions of developers use every day."
Same for Finance, Sales, etc. So, if they ever decide to hire for an executive position, the job description will have "Look busy since 2008."
12:34 PM
How bout that ask page, eh? ;) also: six months? What the heck happened to 6 to 8 weeks? — Jeff Atwood ♦ Jun 10 at 2:25
12:49 PM
> What do you think about setting up something like the Stack Overflow Close Vote Reviewers chat room (SOCVR)? - AU mod candidate questionnaire
There are 6 beta sites with 10+ questions per day: es.SO (39.1), Ethereum (14.5), ja.SO (12.9), Arduino (12.6), Mechanics (11.9), Law (10.4).
For comparison, 6 graduated sites with the lowest QPD: Skeptics (3.2), CStheory (4.0), ExpressionEngine (4.2), PPCG (4.9), Anime (5.6), Christianity (5.9)
1:12 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, pattern-matching website in body: Going before this dynamic thing I endeavored gathered things the locale market by Sontst khan on arduino.stackexchange.com
1:33 PM
Handling practical stuff? You know, I get up every day in the morning and get amoddin' away on impractical stuff. It's how I make a living. How dare you suggest that moderators hands practical stuff? — bjb568 is not a pebble 2 mins ago
I just tied with the lower answer.
The lower answer was made in 08. Mine was made in November 2015.
We've got to improve the sorting algorithm.
@AaronHall to always put yours first?
How much great content is buried under old junk?
I'm being an advocate of the readers.
If something is really junk, flag it.
Otherwise, it means at least 24 people found it useful at some point.
I don't think any single person can decide "my content is perfect, it should be first."
That answer is getting votes at a rate of about 10 times the other one, which probably got all of its votes up front.
1:40 PM
Yeah, hot makes more sense than top.
@AaronHall cool, so soon enough it will get more and be on top. Case solved. :)
It won't be on top because the asker accepted another answer 8 years ago.
@AaronHall oh, that's a totally different case, discussed to death on MSE
But again, if accepted answer is really junk and wrong, it should be flagged and deleted.
Mods can't unaccept, but can delete such answer.
It's not a deletable answer.
But my answer is getting votes at a lifetime rate faster than the accepted answer (and we all know the accepted answers nearly always get the vast majority of votes.)
What kind of sort would you prefer?
1:46 PM
Reddit/xkcd sort? A sort that takes time into account?
@AaronHall, the comments on the answer don't clearly indicate that it doesn't work. Such a comment would be helpful - especially if it explained how it doesn't work.
A sort that ignores answers that were accepted more than a year ago?
(or more than 5 years ago?
Any sort other than "by score" will be impossible to explain to users.
@AaronHall Too confusing to users not used to the network
Yeah, those Reddit users are so confused they just keep posting on the site.
1:48 PM
I'd like to see something not so one-dimensional. A sticker next to the top post indicating that a newer challenger is down there, with a link to it.
And I don't care if we do it that way. But we should do something like ignoring upvotes older than a year.
@bluefeet Completely remove accepts, their sorting power, and the reputation associated with them.
Those who are the least knowledgeable in a subject shouldn't be able to single-handedly award 25 reputation and pin a bad answer to the top.
Just make it a sort option. Label it "hot".
Let it be selectable. It doesn't even have to be default.
Any sort other than the default one (whatever the default it) is inconsequential to the majority of users.
Yeah, we don't need options. We just need what we have to be better.
1:50 PM
@bluefeet I'd nix accepts entirely
@bjb568isnotapebble that's extremely unlikely
They're underused, often misused, and they mean less then an upvote
@bluefeet Likely or not, it's what should happen.
They make sense for a user-focused Q/A site
Accepts don't solve any problem votes haven't already oversolved.
1:51 PM
Then make "hot" the default and let the accepted answer be unpinned.
A/B test it.
@Magisch That's called a forum.
But on SO, we're trying to build a decent knowledge base. The asker, by definition, has no clue about the question's answer. He shouldn't be judging it either.
@bjb568isnotapebble meh, situational questions are more common than knowledge questions
Not more then the combined vote of all the other users, at least
and SO isn't about archiving all the world's programming information, it's about solving problems
1:53 PM
@Magisch I disagree. The OP chooses the answer that worked for them via accept.
In a vast number of cases though the solution equates to "don't do that, thats stupid"
@Quill That's because bad answers to these questions who are a poor fit to the site can get 25 rep from OP plus more from other idiot users who are already used to this broken model for the site. In any case, you probably have a situational question because you don't understand some concept or have some knowledge.
On certain topics/sites, an answer will be read by: 1) the 1-rep OP; 2) a few hundred anonymous visitors. If accepts don't generate rep, where is the rep reward for answering going to come from?
@bjb568isnotapebble Oh? What about the reverse of the currently described problem? A massively upvoted post was correct in 2008 but isn't in 2016. A new answer posted now can be pinned to the top as correct now.
Which most OPs don't like to hear, and then they accept the silly workaround that severely complicates their code but somehow stays within their paradigm @bluefeet
I argue in a vast number of cases the accept is not given for the best answer, but for the one that panders most to the OP
1:54 PM
@Magisch examples?
whether or not you have experience in the field of the question doesn't automatically make you the best candidate to choose the ideal answer. As a collective, however, we can give an outside opinion to the situation via voting. A problem from the author gets a solution for their problem
@Quill It's about solving problems for the world by archiving programming info. It shouldn't be for just the OP.
@bluefeet That contradicts the main idea the site was created by which was to create a compendium of canonical questions and answers. Most readers don't have time to make a careful reading of all the answers, they just want the "best answers to rise to the top" not the "one that worked for OP".
@bluefeet Even one by me, so I know that was my thought process at the time: stackoverflow.com/questions/35404220/…
It's probably Atwood and Spolsky's contradiction, but it's a contradiction.
1:55 PM
I have some but not alot of idea about the subject there
The notion that regardless of that I get to choose the best answer (against the dozens of experts voting) is a little silly
anyways, got to go. I'll stir the pot more later, I promise. Cheers!
@bluefeet Worked? So the answer where a crap piece of code got copy-pasted and it happened to work? We shouldn't optimize for copy-paste coders. We should optimize for competent users who value nuance, concepts, correctness, and simplicity. These attributes aren't what accepting an answer works for.
@soup Votes by people who know what they're doing, ideally. We should probably up the upvoting min rep on SO.
@Andy Votes with hotness sorting plus comments which point out the issue on the old answer solve this.
in The 2nd Monitor on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 hour ago, by Donald.McLean
You know for sure that you're a full stack developer when you are THE ONLY developer.
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