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12:00 AM
oh it seems I did 196 reputation today... that's disappointing
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted user: How can I track my location and phone logs? by LucianaTP on android.stackexchange.com (@bacon)
I wonder whether there's an MSE question about not showing Excavator and similar for new sites
More or less...
Q: Don't allow you to choose impossible badges on the new profile page

ᔕᖺᘎᕊThe new profile pages let you choose a badge to track, but it allows you to choose impossible badges! For example, on per-site-meta sites, where you cannot start bounties on questions, you can choose to track 'Promoter' ('First bounty you offered on your own question'): (image from per-site-meta...

12:55 AM
when did software recs get a design.... I can't believe I missed that
1:29 AM
@haney Updated to add support for assert(), dir(), time(), and timeEnd(): github.com/gh-canon/stack-snippet-console/commit/…
Although, I dislike the autoexpansion for console.dir(someHtmlElement) because it's slowwwww... because I serialize everything at once.
it's a pretty obscure feature anyway
oh my god I LOVE YOU. Do you have any idea how long it takes to find/figure out this single line of code online? Thank you, I shall name my first born child after you for this — karpathy Aug 21 '10 at 22:23
Because of the nature of overriding time() and timeEnd(), there will be a disparity in the values displayed in the virtual versus native console.
I do like the group() and groupEnd() methods as well but I'm not about to dig into that
maybe over the weekend
screw it
I'm pulling that auto-expansion
the speed is abysmal
2:11 AM
A: What happens if you put the connector of a live charger in your mouth?

nickI did it and to be honest it felt quite good for like 2 seconds.

@SantaClaus Writing code is a thing that some people do…
@SantaClaus I had no idea Stack Exchange was being used as a dating platform o_O
@Haney looks like this issue on the mobile site can be resolved by applying height:100%;width:100% to the <iframe>.
@Quill Unfortunately that actually has happened. :( On chat.SO... it didn't turn out too well for that user.
2:17 AM
wait are you serious
Sadly yeah.
.... because absolutely every other platform on earth wouldn't do
Some people are slightly confused about what is on-topic/appropriate for Stack Exchange. Other people have more... fundamental issues.
2:38 AM
that's a light way to describe it
OMG!!! you got FOUR!!! downvotes!?? Its the end of the world .. not its not. Seriously, you are throwing a big panic attack over 8 rep? — JK. 3 hours ago
When you currently have 8 rep... yeah, 8 rep is a big deal.
> Error 522
2:57 AM
When you reaaaally want to be sure you closed it
3:09 AM
beauty therapy for coons :p
Q: Starting with a VtC rampage isn't a really good start for a site

peterhWhat are you doing? "Specifing the site topic" shouldn't mean that you close & destruct anything you randomly picked out. New SE sites are mostly good-behaving, friendly environments, but it seems this site isn't. This way will lead to the mentality of an ancient usenet group or a decade old ir...

[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer: Complete iPhone backup without iTunes? by Colin on askubuntu.com (@kos)
@SmokeDetector why?
@SmokeDetector why?
@JamesENL Body - Position 4-11: FonePaw
3:17 AM
sd - k
Thanks for leaving that comment on DW @JonEricson
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on Yahoo Answers. — sandwich 29 secs ago
Seriously, what other reason could I give? I don't want to point to Math.SE
please tell me that's not the reason you used in the CV
Why would you want me to lie
because ignorance is bliss
3:32 AM
Usually I do something else... one can't leave the reason "I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because " unedited (the button is disabled), but deleting "because" works.
paste the nbsp html entity characters maybe?
also blatantly off-topic works :p
Only when you closeflag. This is not an actual close reason on SO.
well I wouldn't know, because I'm still a poor noobie on SO
"blatantly OT" takes the place of custom close reason since those are not available under 3K. Most of the time, I wish I had the former rather than later.
ignorance is never a bliss ... IMHO
3:41 AM
> <my name>, predominately we won’t need you on the coding side with this but we will get you involved heavily in the verification process.
Recruiter email?
being a junior is fun
@sandwich No, email from my superior
@Quill Nobody says "predominantly" for "mostly" or "mainly" like that.
Nobody but one, it seems
Was it really misspelled like that? :/
3:44 AM
Are they a bot or a Hindian perchance?
3 mins ago, by Quill
@sandwich No, email from my superior
Oh, it is an actual word. TIL.
Adverb: predominately ‎(comparative more predominately, superlative most predominately)
  1. in a predominate manner; predominantly
his "work for you in this sprint" email was just like "finish off the issues that you've started" (which are all done) and then "find some library for a color picker"
What is Homo superior's mother tongue?
3:47 AM
Le Australianas
The -as part I already noticed.
> Solving problems by driving out THE WRONG SORT OF PEOPLE is always appealing. In practice, that means everyone, especially yourself. -- Shog9
Okay, then what are we to do with them? Ignore? Try to make them less wrong? Stop paying attention to what's wrong with them?
ship them off to Antarctica and get them to build homes for those freezing penguins
And after a while you realize it's easier for you to go build those.
3:53 AM
After a while you realize you're not supervising the ones building the homes, you are one of the ones building the homes
Something terrible has happened to "predominantly" in late 70s: books.google.com/ngrams/…
I'm not certain that even if you built them houses, the penguins would domicile there.
@Quill And then someone tells you "you're turning into a penguin. Stop it."
@sandwich I don't even think I believe in that other word.
It's better to brake for penguins than to turn into them.
@sandwich People probably got more stupid and reduced the amount of syllables they use
@tchrist that's the joke
3:58 AM
They also began using "amount" for nouns that are unambiguously countable.
@sandwich At the point you realise you're a penguin, you're probably so burnt out from trying to build houses with flippers that you don't care about the houses anymore
> The majority of the air is gone now
I was seriously thinking about buying land in Tasmania & building houses there because Tassie land is cheap & global warming ...
good scenery & clean air too
problem is that ... it would be an expense rather than investment because rental vacancy is high and capital gain almost no existing ...
4:02 AM
buy a house in an up and coming area and then AirBNB it out while you rent in Tassie
Today one of my testers said that trying to divine what was wrong from utterly generic error messages was like trying to pick a lock with a wet herring.
@Quill *an
an house
He obviously was a burglar in a previous fishwife.
@Quill It's hard to get a good seal with tired flippers.
Hence the need for a herring lock.
@Quill airbnb is kind of like running a motel business, I have no patient to be roped in because you kind of have to be near premise to handle day to day care.
fair enough
What's the most alluring aspect of Stack Exchange to new users?
4:10 AM
Pre-existing answers that solve their problem.
So then, what's the most alluring reason to contribute anything besides questions on Stack Exchange?
Does the scope of static variables and functions vary across languages that have such a feature?
What's that in English?
better :)
@Telkitty yes and no, static isn't scoping
it is ... kind of ...
4:17 AM
besides C's static keyword
@Quill Hearing the sound of your voice (in writing)
That's all that counts.
@sandwich I didn't say shouting in a parking garage
Looove talking when it's easy to pretend that someone listens.
(Hence my current occupation, I suppose)
4:18 AM
so all our top answerers are simply lonely conversationalists?
static is a storage class.
what does that make us chat users?
@tchrist yes, static is about storage duration ...
And opposes auto, register, volatile
@Quill It is not the same.
One we're just pontifcating at, the other is social icing.
Hm. Trying to think of a very quick way to produce random-looking (but deterministic) integers in a spreadsheet. No need for worry about quality of their pseudo-randomness.
4:31 AM
Current idea: =floor(abs(sin(row())*1e9)), which looks reasonable from math point of view.
But seeing 999990206 in row 11 is disconcerting.
4:45 AM
Aha. Instead of sine of an integer, take sin(golden ratio * pi * integer), to get a more uniform arrangement as in a sunflower
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: How-To Add Fresh Blueberries by bezxcverlf on superuser.com
good morning all
@sandwich know that we know rene's true secret, how can we use it
any moderator active here?
4:53 AM
Some of us are moderators on some sites. Others hope to be.
It's better if you just say what the deal is.
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body: Organic Aronia Reviews by nelsonrotondo on gaming.stackexchange.com
5:25 AM
@CapDroid this chat has better ...
@Telkitty better what?
moderation power
@ShadowWizard everything
@CapDroid if you mean SE employees then looks like not, but first say what you want. If private, use the contact form anyway.
@Quill nah, seen better beer in other rooms. ;)
@Quill true for me...
@Telkitty voting to close as too broad
5:43 AM
@Telkitty @ShadowWizard thanks :)
sd k
sd k
sd gone
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, blacklisted website in title, link at end of body: http://klereumcol.com/optimum-garcinia-plus/ by strausbaugh on drupal.stackexchange.com
2 hours later…
7:26 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title, pattern-matching website in body, pattern-matching website in title: http://realcoloncleansingworks.com/organic-aronia/ by dolttonaorthy on workplace.stackexchange.com
7:41 AM
This question keeps amazing me: stackoverflow.com/questions/6044330/… It has by far my most upvoted answer, yet I only answered it to prove you could answer most questions you know nothing about with a simple search. It's actually rather annoying :D
8:15 AM
goes to downvote Bart's post
goes to downvote Sunshine's still unponyed avatar
confesses that pony talk goes entirely over her head
writes something in italics
@Bart You are lucky I don't have found a way yet to write in Comic Sans...
Surely that would be a banable offense
8:28 AM
bananable offense
^ ban please!
@Bart Random Trivia of the Day: @Bart is an old, grumpy and boring pair of sunglasses.
I don't know who Bard is, but I like him already.
Booooh, no ninja edits!
8:40 AM
(quick, hide the edit so he will look old, grumpy, boring and mad too)
I think I leave that impression already, so don't worry.
9:10 AM
Spoony bard.
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body: Buyers may perhaps have runescape 3 gold by catflying on gaming.stackexchange.com
9:52 AM
haven't seen that one before
10:05 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Почему кошку назвали кошкой by Илья Сухарев on rus.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] URL-only title, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, pattern-matching website in title: http://www.proshredelitetry.com/ by user546500 on askubuntu.com (@kos)
@Quill well done, SE, well done 😂
so... I have found out about this SharePoint control called "<SharePoint:JSGrid>"
I added it on a page.
Without even needing to configure it, the resulting rendered source contains syntax error.
The moment I add the control to the page, SharePoint adds the required scripts at render time...
This is one of them.
    function TryCreateGrid()
           if (ctl00_PlaceHolderPageTitleInTitleArea__grid_JSGridController == null)
                   ctl00_PlaceHolderPageTitleInTitleArea__grid_JSGridController = new ();
notice the "new ()"
10:25 AM
@SmokeDetector why???
@bacon Body - Position 6371-6375: Cunt
@SmokeDetector Can't say anything about that, but for a user to answer the same question with 5 different answers...
Ok, there are 3 links to proza.ru, but still, I can't judge anything.
@bacon User blacklisted (5096 on rus.stackexchange.com).
for monitoring, if there's nothing suspicious, can remove from the blacklist user.
I wonder whether there's a call for contract programming work where I live
Basic web design is easy and would pay more than I already make
10:38 AM
try freelancing?
oh, contract job.
11:01 AM
What happens if a cat's next to bacon
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 4 mins ago, by Ferrybig
4 differend posts on the same question by the same user seems suspisious
11:43 AM
[ Quill ] A message in C# Chat Gaming was flagged.
[ Quill ] A message in C# Chat Gaming was flagged.
[ Quill ] A message in C# Chat Gaming was flagged.
^ wut?
^ new bot
yesterday, by Quill
PSA: My account is set up to report flags here that occur in SE chat. If a diamond or italic has a problem with this, please ping me and I'll kill it rather than kicking me.
The git repo of the bot is in bold @Bart
@Sunshine you expect me to click and read stuff? Insanity
11:49 AM
I am trying to get over my dislike for bots.
They can be useful, but are often used or interpreted poorly.
True, I expected folks who know and love programming to make better bots, but now I know they just make any bot. I ignore tags which attract comment bots and users who run "not relevant for me" bots using their account.
[ Quill ] A message in C# Chat Gaming was flagged.
11:57 AM
when flagged chat messages are more than spam leftover...
Some people take janitoring very seriously...they want to see ALL the crap :(
Either that... or popcorn :|
I remember when this was actually a chat room, where we had drawn out debates with grumpy meta users. Good old times.
12:25 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: Why do I need to hide my phone's IMEI by robert patterson on security.stackexchange.com
12:38 PM
Is someone with 10k on MSE on here?
Could someone screenshot this deleted Q and enderland's answer for me?
That'd be grand
Just when Bart was missing grumpy users, a smiley walked in...
Awesome smiley with Headset :D
12:56 PM
come on everypony smile smile smile
@Magisch ^
@Bart Merci
De rien
Ahh that was the Trump fan
We are the bot fans
1:05 PM
That was a guy who labored to advertise Trump 2016 on the workplace
@Bart Don't we still do that? I know one grumpy meta user...
and got very upset and screamed censorship and constitutional freedom of speech when it got deleted
@hichris123 who could you be referring to?
@Bart Shog
You know, my friends often tell me im grumpy
then again, they're all furrys
1:06 PM
@Magisch let's make Workplace great again
Workplace is already great
@Bart Well a certain pair of glasses... occasionally a certain gravatar...
Every other forum tells people to complain less, stop nitpicking, etc...
on SE nitpicking is an art
Every other forum just ban the user :)
@Lilienthal my palm has transcended my face and gone into the cosmos now. — Magisch Apr 1 at 12:45
1:11 PM
@hichris123 bjb and Andy? :O
Yes, obviously I meant those two.
guess I should shim performance.now() for older browsers
womp womp
no sub-millisecond resolution for you
1:28 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: How i can link my wallet in coinbase with genesis mining? by Helmut on bitcoin.stackexchange.com
yesterday, by Quill
@sandwich I have no reasons
Truthfully I'm just lacking the ability to think up a valid reason to make a bot for any chatroom...
which usually means I should being doing some different instead
I can sit around all night joking about old feature requests and the questionable progress of betas, but I'd love to actually contribute something more than a shitty SNR....
1:46 PM
As long as there's no serious issue with it, it's okay :)
heck, I can't even create bot like that on JS
2:05 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer, pattern-matching website in answer: iptables forward traffic to vpn tunnel if open by Rachel Hightower on unix.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer, pattern-matching website in answer, blacklisted user: Undelete directory on openvz server by Rachel Hightower on unix.stackexchange.com
2:28 PM
on SEDE, does PostWithDeleted actually include deleted posts?
cuz I'm not seeing any difference in query results between that and Posts
nm, i see the problem.
no ownerid
is there any way in SEDE to associated deleted questions with users? we're trying to run some states on user retention based on having their first question closed as off-topic, but many of those get auto-deleted
@SmokeDetector f
sd 3f
@bacon User removed from blacklist (5096 on rus.stackexchange.com).
2:44 PM
@Sunshine Did I just get called grumpy?
I suppose I can live with that
@Magisch I was born in a bad mood.
Grumpies on the Meta
Meows in the cube
Something is going on in blender...
Rendering final scene
With motionblur
@KutuluMike No, you have to ask a CM for such data.
3:04 PM
@UNIMATRIX424GRID116 that bokeh though
In photography, bokeh (originally /ˈboʊkɛ/, /ˈboʊkeɪ/ BOH-kay — also sometimes pronounced as /ˈboʊkə/ BOH-kə, Japanese: [boke]) is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. Bokeh has been defined as "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light". Differences in lens aberrations and aperture shape cause some lens designs to blur the image in a way that is pleasing to the eye, while others produce blurring that is unpleasant or distracting—"good" and "bad" bokeh, respectively. Bokeh occurs for parts of the scene that lie outside...
I'm just making sparks
3:09 PM
BTW the blur at the back is a sine graph
anyone else getting cloudflare error 522 on all the sites...?
k thanks
lol they just tweeted:
Same here.
We are aware of some users experiencing a Stack Overflow outage. We are investigating now.
3:14 PM
^ !?
Our Stack Status feed.
Who to blame ...
SO and SE is DOWN
please go panic
3:16 PM
The only proper response to an outage is rapid pressing of F5 on the off line page. The internet says that fixes things.
Wheel of blame says it's Jeff's fault.
@Andy Doesn't help. I wanted to ask on SO what to do now, but I can't :(
@PatrickHofman Press F5 faster
@PatrickHofman perhaps ask on LifeHacks what to do ...
@Bart Down too...
I don't know what to do with my life now.
3:18 PM
We see the issues and are disabling CloudFlare for all StackExchange properties now.
working for me now...
Stack Exchange sites should be coming back online now. We're still digging into why CloudFlare was having issues serving us.
3:41 PM
hmmm... I got an SE notification but it disappeared. Thanks, cloudflare...
3:52 PM
1 message moved to Sandbox
1 message moved to Sandbox
1 message moved to Sandbox
The issue earlier was caused by a routing problem, which has been resolved, so all sites should be back to normal.
Snafu is slow. Humans are faster than bots now...
Today's xkcd comic (Digital Data):
Someone knows what is the feed SNAFU is using other than tweet by @StackStatus? Confused how Nick_Craver's tweet is included.
Generation loss is the loss of quality between subsequent copies or transcodes of data. Anything that reduces the quality of the representation when copying, and would cause further reduction in quality on making a copy of the copy, can be considered a form of generation loss. File size increases are a common result of generation loss, as the introduction of artifacts may actually increase the entropy of the data through each generation. == Analog generation loss == In analog systems (including systems that use digital recording but make the copy over an analog connection), generation los...
4:02 PM
@bacon It's only StackStatus, including retweets such as these
Ah, retweet... IFTTT doesn't seem to support retweet by specific user.
Though, I just realized I could just use the raw RSS feed as the source
Hopefully it will notify me on Android now, so that I won't be confused when the SE app suddenly borked
1 hour later…
5:16 PM
I'm idiot.
I just need to monitor StackStatus' tweets as normal, and its retweets will also be posted.
6:09 PM
@Andy Yes, and you share this title with @bjb568. Blame @hichris123
6:23 PM
@canon pushed, building out
(and tested, of course haha)
A likely story
@canon the iframe running the snippet?
6:44 PM
@Haney lol
@Haney yeah
See how the iframe overflows its container horizontally
and doesn't fill it vertically?
looks a little better there
i can't repro that for some reason, i wonder why
@Haney btw, did you grab the latest version or did you use the version I linked you?
Should have the latest version
i think i took latest?
if I didn't, what did I miss?
last commit was 17 hours ago or so?
no, i didn't get latest
will do now, damn
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Is this legal to watch movies online? by Jase on movies.stackexchange.com
my bad
should have linked the appropriate changeset
@Haney I'm simulating that as iphone 5 on chrome on the mobile version of the site
6:52 PM
iframe already has width: 100% height: 100%? am I insane?
the class snippet-box-edit applies width: 100% and height: 100%
@canon Come on, that's not specific enough. Don't forget that you are connected to AT&T, standing in the corner of your living room and shooing the cat away with a feather duster. Without all the information it's hard to replicate. :)
@Haney that class doesn't exist in the mobile css
take notes: become a manager, lose touch
@Andy hey!
embrace the kats
embraven them too if you want :p
6:55 PM
mmm, i get straight up weird behavior in FF on mobile
the div for the console comes up short
Why would you use FF on mobile?
just to emulate it
playing with css a sec
you don't even need to emulate a mobile device
just switch to the mobile version of the site
you'll see the bug
The iframe has the appropriate class... but it's not defined in the CSS anywhere (presumably because mobile loads different stylesheets)
6:57 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website in answer: Security Patch SUPEE-7405 - possible problems? by Jameslj on magento.stackexchange.com
yup, needs 100% width and height on mobile
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