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12:31 AM
The most viewed SO question of 2016 is mere three weeks old... Compiling an application for use in highly radioactive environments
How do people feel good posting answers like:
A: Simple node.js readline on the console

webduvetOnce I came across this readline-sync node module

Userscript idea: format all question links in SE posts as [title](url), cross-network, and supporting https.
The built-in feature is heavily restricted (doesn't work for MathOverflow posts on Math.SE, or for SO posts on Web Apps, etc), and completely breaks down over https.
Hm, maybe I'll just adapt my chat-formatting thing for this purpose.
Feature request: onebox all SE links in posts
12:39 AM
The most-viewed 2016 question on Math is kind of nonsense: here's a bunch of symbols with no clear meaning, why do I get absurd results from them?
isn't that how maths works?
on another point, he's one of the PPCG moderators
Oo limit theory
I would vote the maths question (as interesting), the top voted answer doesn't sound so reasonable though
@sandwich Meh.
1:06 AM
No, that's not how math works. Before asking questions about X one is expected to explain the meaning of X is clear terms.
1:30 AM
Yeah, without clear definitions you basically lose rigor. This results in philosophy.
1:48 AM
So, my voting record on Math is mostly one-sided. But the voters ##2-4 are combined 62098 to 2082 in upvote-downvote department.
Together with me, voters ##1-4 have the combined record of 62177 to 48079.
Bringing balance to the force votes since 2014.
3:02 AM
Q: Being spied on, and I want to know by whom it is!

OnamishunI'm not very technology savy, but I know I'm being managed. I am willing to do the work, I just need a set of blue prints on how to exspose,and yet stay hidden from, my tormentor. Please help, binary bonehead!!

Adding "binary bonehead" to the list of possible future usernames.
3:25 AM
Attention whore> omg why aren't more people spying on me?? That warm and fluffy feeling of being watched
2 hours later…
5:32 AM
We are the borg
Universal indicators are commonly used here
@sandwich I feel harsh lately talking to regulars about downvoting... I downvote an off-topic post even for new users and yet they'll "never" downvote a new user... ugh
I donwvote new user's question, especially if it's wayyyy too off-topic, or very unclear.
I don't downvote without leaving a helpful comment, but downvotes are taken so personally, I think many are scared of insulting others
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, pattern-matching website in body, pattern-matching website in title: http://quicksupplementfact.com/aviqua-anti-aging-cream/ by Hawkins Jil on arduino.stackexchange.com
5:50 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported answer: Set new commands for voice control on android by user6031759 on android.stackexchange.com (@bacon)
@SmokeDetector why
1 hour later…
7:16 AM
hey where should I ask technical level questions about Mac hardware? The Mac site doesn't seem to like combining both "technical" and "hardware" but I feel SuperUser might tell me it's the wrong site to ask about Mac hardware even if it's technical.
inspired by the reaction so far to this question of mine: Can a skilled electronic technician with proper tools upgrade the RAM in a MacBook Air?
I'm not sure your question is off-topic yet. The help/on-topic mentions Apple Hardware, but I don't know much about Apple. Perhaps modifying Apple hardware is under ToS that some of the communities don't like it? I don't know... you might ask to get some inner sights from the community on their meta though.
in fact which if any of our sites support hardware hacking that would involve soldering? superuser definitely covers things that are intended to be upgradable via slots
I got a similar reaction on Quora so my feeling is it's part of the Apple reality distortion field (-:
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer, pattern-matching website in answer, blacklisted user: Application to plan optimal route between multiple cities by user42091 on travel.stackexchange.com
my hunch is it wouldn't be on topic on electronics.stackexchange.com but i'm just going to read their help section now
"... and it is not about … consumer electronics such as media players, cell phones or smart phones, except when designing these products or modifying their electronics for other uses"
my hunch is it wouldn't be on topic on electronics.stackexchange.com but i'm just going to read their help section now
"... and it is not about … consumer electronics such as media players, cell phones or smart phones, except when designing these products or modifying their electronics for other uses"
7:47 AM
grr sorry for the dupes. my connection went bad and stack chat has a race condition bug they don't want to fix under bad connections
3 hours later…
10:18 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, pattern-matching website in title: http://quicksupplementfact.com/aviqua-anti-aging-cream/ by samreensingh20 on drupal.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, bad keyword in username, pattern-matching website in body: What Makes Optimum Garcinia Plus Amazing? by Optimum Garcinia Plus on arduino.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: Its pushed condition ought to be connected with the whole face by ramleela158 on arduino.stackexchange.com
sd 3k
[ SmokeDetector ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating characters in answer: elements of nested sets by McFry on math.stackexchange.com
11:22 AM
huh... I never noticed facebook.stackoverflow.com before
@Quill yeah, from back in the days, used to end on stackoverflow.com/tags/facebook I believe
it does like facebook-* to get all of the facebook tags
how long does someone have to not talk in chat before they become unpingable?
anyone else experiences slow loading problem on SE/SO chats?
@Quill 7 days
but not talking isn't enough, you must not be in the room
it takes me forever to load chat pages
11:34 AM
The timer is started when you leave the room
@Quill e.g. this user didn't talk for 5 months, but is now pingable because he's still in the room, and will be for 7 days after leaving the room.
what's going on? same time as last night, having problem loading chats ...
@Telkitty no problem here
Alex Miller on August 24, 2011
Without question, the greatest asset we have here at Stack Exchange is the members of our community, their collective knowledge, and their desire to help others.  Similarly, there's no greater feeling for us than when others recognize that strength and wonder how they can use it to help their users too -- ultimately, it just helps make the internet a better place.
@Shadow , there's a /pingable API-style page, and the results are written as four values: [UserId, Name, TimeSinceLastVisit, TimeSinceLastMessage]
back in the days when integrating Facebook logins was important and a thing people did
@Quill dunno, never saw it... as far as I know, it's TimeSinceLastVisit plus 7 days, don't think time since last message has any effect. (unless of course user never posted, in which case he's pingable only if currently in room)
I think they won't be in that page if they're not pingable... I'm yet to prove anything though...
I had a really helpful conversation about Chat with balpha once... maybe I'll ask him a few questions some time
11:41 AM
@Quill you can use me as a test case, will leave room now and let's see for long I'll be pingable
neither shawg or balfa is here when you want to ping them
@ShadowofTheShadow okey :)
@Quill that makes sense, judging by the page name.... ;)
how convenient
@Quill that "API-style" page is probably used by the auto complete
And name will auto complete only if pingable.
11:43 AM
that'd make sense
I'd still be interested to get the lowdown on how the sidebar calculates opacity and a few other things
@Quill so try asking balpha, worst case he won't reply... :)
I'd really rather not ping a staff member unless necessary
IMO it's using simple timers, cleared when a message is posted... but can't be sure and too lazy to check the source code.
@Quill you want to be looking at sidebarActivity in the chat.js
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer, blacklisted user: How to remove a route from router table on linux? by Maria Caballero on unix.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer, blacklisted user: Can't access Desktop Manager after upgrading to Kali Sana by Maria Caballero on unix.stackexchange.com
3 hours later…
2:40 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating characters in answer: Is there any way that water can be turned into ice instantly in seconds? by Bajirao on chemistry.stackexchange.com
3:03 PM
Why do I end up with the feeling that I'm the bad guy: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/279332/…
@rene because people don't like to hear the truth
actually those weren't really turds, but his edits were indeed just too minor.
I just have grown a thicker skin I guess ....
yep, most people haven't... :/
Anyway, 120 degrees tomorrow at my place. Yay!
Be careful with water, it will definitely boil at that temperature
322K, wow.
3:15 PM
@rene you know, maybe when dealing with those without thick skin and/or not familiar with SE and its culture, it's better to not use such terms as they can, and usually will, take it in the totally wrong way. Something like "there is no point editing those questions to begin with, because their low quality".
@rene 120 fahrenheit, lol... used what I think most people here know. :)
@ShadowWizard OK, noted
@rene You are the bad guy. What is your supervillan power? What does your "this is how I am going to destroy the world" monologue sound like? :3
@ShadowWizard maybe I have to agree with the kitteh here and switch to the Kelvin scale
3:18 PM
@Sumurai8 I use flower power
@rene Cool! It is not really going to destroy the world though.
Srsly? Imagine what happens if everybody is stoned ....
turns out there isn't a english translation for that
"stoned" means "high", from drugs.... that's the only English meaning I know of. (or, of course, made of stone. ;))
Everyone would be living very very slowly, because the world magically sped up @rene
With too many flowers, there would be too many bees. They will take over the world!
3:24 PM
@ShadowWizard high is different from stoned.
@rene not that I know of, guess I'll have to read about it :)
Could be past participle of to stone, i.e. to kill by throwing stones at.
From what I know, just two terms used to describe the same thing, though "stoned" might be more intense
@ShadowWizard stoned is used for a more laid back effect where high is hyper/ euphoric
I sound like I'm talking from experience ...
@rene and you don't? ;)
3:30 PM
"No, function x works perfectly, so I won't share it with you." -- OP
(yet, their code, literally `if(x()) return false;`, does not work)
You sometimes wonder why people even ask questions
@ShadowWizard Nah, but the coffeeshop is nearby and their customers like to smoke their stuff in the parking lot...
@Sumurai8 we expect your magic to solve the issue in x(). If you can't please give back that reputation...
@rene Here you go *gives all the reputation back*
Accepts reputation and resets profile of @Sumurai8
3:46 PM
Trying to find something back. Years ago, there was a Meta.SO question about editing one's unanswered bad questions.
(It was before the MSO/MSE split).
Much to my surprise, a mod or high-rep user replied that it was OK if the question didn't have answers.
We now have the same question on MSO, and I'm trying to find that old question back, for reference.
4:05 PM
Q: How to prepare for Final exam on Calculus in short time and easy

user6207984Please suggest the best ways(advice) to study. Suggest book, video, link, notes I have ability of understanding is normal and I just need basic knowledge about calclus. Examples are also would be good which are mostly used in exams

added a cv too
It was to be roomba'd in a week, just missed last week's run
Make it roomba'd in a day :)
@S.L.Barth The closest I see is Can I replace an old question by editing it? but there is no such answer there.
4:12 PM
@sandwich That wasn't the one, indeed. But thanks anyway.
@bacon Why? The 30-day run is the beginning of Saturday UTC. If the question is closed, it's subject to daily roomba, but 9 days have to pass after closure. So for this one, closing doesn't speed up the deletion.
Ah, I forgot about 9-day rule... granted the last time I fed roomba was with old, closed questions.
@sandwich Yeah, maybe I should post a disclaimer with these... "please don't close vote, it will be roomba'd"
I don't mind closevoting such a question, it makes me feel I did something for the site without spending any effort.
A low-hanging turd.
4:19 PM
Well, the least us mortals can do...
@sandwich That's why I'm going through the roomba-able custom-OT questions. Not much effort to get some decently off-topic questions off the site.
> Asked my first question on @StackOverflow. Took me long enough stackoverflow.com/questions/37240551/… … -- Steve Trout at 9:19 AM - 15 May 2016 via Twitter
I didn't know one could force a file download with JS like that...
I didn't realize that either. That probably shouldn't be allowed... :/
A: Browser download file prompt using JavaScript

Ian Ni-LewisAs of August 2015, adding the "download" attribute to your tag enables the behavior you're looking for, at least in Chrome.

Wider support for it now: caniuse.com/#feat=download except IE and Safari.
4:34 PM
Question stayed around for two years even though it was a typo... stackoverflow.com/questions/20154780/… (now roomba eligible)
@hichris123 By knowing the material? I know some classes that will help with that…
Q: TM4C123GXL Specifications

Haseeb Akhtari am working on a low earth orbit (LEO) satellite, as an embedded platform we are thinking of using TM4C123GXL launch pad, first of all i need to know that is there any military graded micro controller equivalent to this controller is available or not, and then please tell me that how many CAN in...

I sure hope this isn't a real satellite...
2 hours later…
6:32 PM
@bjb568 Hello @bjb568!
Hello @bjb @bjb @bjb @bjb!
Greetings, oh thing that booped.
I would boop back, but that would make two of the things that boop, which is impossible by design. There can only be one, and we have chosen you.
6:35 PM
So Boop is a Singleton.
BeepException: Cannot boop() before beep() on Tavern.room:4910908
@bacon Beep beep = Beep.init(); beep.beep(); <-- Fixed that.
Can't we create a BeepFactory for that?
@Sumurai8 In favor!
Then we can all beep(); and boop(); to our heart's content!
6:43 PM
@Sumurai8 ur mom is a beepfactory
@bjb568 Dad?
But if we can only boop() after a beep(), shouldn't we have some kind of combined factory instead?
Starts a website named DevBoople to discuss it.
2 hours later…
8:22 PM
Damn eslinters broke DevDoodle. github.com/eslint/eslint/issues/6173 cc @quill
This tool for checking code should have a tool that checks its code and prevents it from breaking DevDoodle.
you should totally write unit tests
DevDoodle is the unit and the users are the tests.
@bjb568 So you're saying, if DevDoodle breaks, it's the user that failed...?
8:31 PM
Say that too loud, and you'll have a lot of tests that want to fail.
	let t = this,
SyntaxError: Unexpected strict mode reserved word
@bjb568 do you know what's up with that ^
Uh.. looks like a syntax error.
Are you running node 6.1?
MacBook-Air:DevDoodle Quill$ node -v
MacBook-Air:DevDoodle Quill$ npm -v
Yeah that's old.
sudo npm install -g n
sudo n latest
Old node doesn't do ES6.
8:42 PM
I usually just have babel with my ES6 projects
Error: listen EADDRINUSE :::80
Do you have anything running on port 80?
apparently chrome and atom
You can always murder them change the port in config.js.
looks nearly as pretty as main :o
May 2 at 1:35, by bjb568
@hichris you guys broke flexbox with position absolute
9:37 PM
Jon Skeet's answers by month: 780 at his peak, 78 in April.
Holy downward trend!
I didn't write a query for this, but from poking around, the record for most answers in a month appears to be 920 by Gordon Linoff, February 2014
10:08 PM
The first comment on imgur is "what is stack overflow?".
10:23 PM
Degree Overflow!
Now I want sushi.
Just snatch from your nearest supermarket...
@sandwich he does like one convention every month
1 hour later…
11:34 PM
Q: Such weird inequality

Jacob WhisperProve that inequality $$\sum_{k=1}^n (2k-1)^m \geq n^{m+1}$$ holds if $n,m$ are integer positive numbers. Karamata`s inequality doesn`t work.

@bjb568 A descriptive title with a bit of MathJax provided. Should be out of HNQ

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