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3:01 AM
Ok ok ok I've had enough, I can't stand it anymore, you guys hush
needs to stop trying to be helpful.
Can I get a sympathy upvote to get this guy into the chatroom to explain to him just what he needs to do? stackoverflow.com/questions/4371311/…
omg, this pasta is soo good I need to go slow eating or I'll eat it all night :(
I want thundersnow. ):
3:11 AM
haha no no you don't
~5 in of snow this morning ... they are saying it's gonna max out around another 12-18" by 2am
Good times, good times.
yea this morning was fun
look out window "oh snow" ... look at forcast meh 1-3" i'll go in that's nothing
Oh I bet, hahah.
our average "winter" snowfall is 13.3 inches.
get to route 1 and find out it's gridlocked
3:14 AM
we've gotten 21.4". and that's officially, i get less here.
see 4-5" on the side of the road go "f this i'm going home"
20mins to route 1
1.5 hours home
wants to go to A1A
NOOOOOOOOOOOO the cable tv just went out
Because there's too much ice ice baby.
Our average winter snowfall is about 0.25"
all winter
3:15 AM
Our average winter snowfall is somewhere between OMG and WTF
I was going to take a picture, but I've just realized that I never took the screens out of the window.
@Zypher Comcast? :P
yea ... just came back
that scared
me since my internet is w/ them too
So possible insta-death in a few months. Wife's friends are playing WoW so I told her she should, so the end result is that we're both going to start playing ...
this could be bad
very ...
horrible idea -_-
3:20 AM
I can only hope I can get her into it for about a month and then I can stop
WoW subscriptions should be restricted to well-employed singles only
I was playing those sorts of games in 1998
I know what they do to my life, as my 1.2 GPA from that stint in Uni proves
WoW is a complete waste of time. Unless you're horde. Then it's justifiable.
Yeah, I have no clue, I'm gonna just go with my gut
3:24 AM
Then I'll teach her about gaming.SE
Fox News replaces the laughter in the State of the Union Address with cricket sound effects, then comments on how quiet it was after the jokes?
3:59 AM
> Stock in SO can only be purchased in millions of shares, using a million unicorn bill. – Tim Post 49 secs ago
Someone just earned my vote.
Ok, I'll whore it once more. @mootinator will you upvote this question so this cat can chat? stackoverflow.com/questions/4371311/…
he now has 21 so maybe we can figure out in realtime where he's not understanding the whole concept of his question (which is really quite simple)
chat is 20?
4:03 AM
nm, there it goes
I did it manually.
bah, showoff. Thank you for your assist ;) :D
let's see if he gave up on paying attn to the chatroom
he's already having like six problems following directions, I'm about an hour from giving up on him altogether
Actually I happened to glance in over there and was manually refreshing it when you @lerted me (:
he begins
haha, nice
4:06 AM
Hrm... grumbles
He doesn't seem to understand "conversation" or "dialog" so well ... I presume it's a combination of preoccupication and language barrier (malaysia vs louisiana)
4:32 AM
let's see if he's keeping up :\
I swear he's a 12 year old kid playing on his uncle's laptop :\
I should probably sleep.
I should too
my dogs have taken over my bed tho
4:44 AM
I miss the raccoon that used to stalk me in my last apartment
it would stare at me through windows at night
that's ... disturbing
wow, lmao, that's pretty cool
@drachenstern now i'm here :)
See, this is where the happening convos are ;)
Watch the room just be CROWDED with talk
4:52 AM
Of course, the real truth is that there's like 18 people here getting snowed in
I just happen to be leaving.
so you can commiserate with them ;)
@mootinator deja vu
Not so much leaving as talking about it a lot but you get the idea.
@mootinator one's the same as the other when it comes to my code
which is open in another IDE
which I'm forgoing writing to explain to newbs how to write webservices without using webservices
4:53 AM
@mootinator @drachenstern you guys.....
@JacobRelkin you're getting a sense of the dejavu yourself?
vanishes... Really... For like, 9 hours or so...
@mootinator tty in five minutes then
@drachenstern Indeed
Okay, this is getting a bit boring
@JacobRelkin, when was the last time you checked your email? (:
4:54 AM
yeah, it gets like that at times
see, it was a good idea for me to drag you in here ;)
Ah @RebeccaChernoff
@RebeccaChernoff About 5 hours ago
@RebeccaChernoff You sent me something?
Q: 2011 Moderator Elections - Town Hall Chat

Rebecca ChernoffIn connection with the moderator elections, we will be holding a Town Hall Chat session with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic of moderation. Participation is completely voluntary. I am working with the can...

@RebeccaChernoff Ah yes
wb @Moshe
anybody wanna write this query for me? I can't seem to focus :\
4:58 AM
Wb? Warner bros?
What language?
Oh thanks.
being as it's a query ... the most obvious guess is SQL, but if you want to do it in another CLR that would work too ;)
5:00 AM
I'm not experienced in SQL. I dunno what I assumed. But, I'll take a look.
lol, nah, not that big a deal, was more sarcasm and a joke
@drachenstern LOL
I don't wanna write it
I'm playing Settlers of Catan. Strangest game ever played.
oooh I'm jealous
that's an awesome game
5:01 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Inbox.messageCount++;
are you playing on a tabletop?
nice, so jealous
30 secs ago, by Jacob Relkin
@RebeccaChernoff Inbox.messageCount++;
But it's not awesome when there are four people and two of them have some off house rules.
5:02 AM
@RebeccaChernoff xD
@Moshe agreed. You need non-house-rules
ok, somebody entertain Jacob :p
@drach - for two of us, it's about playing. For the other two, it's about who is "screwing over" who with the knight. But worse, they made me and someone else double up because "
@drachenstern I need entertainment
I see this
ctrl-tab does not count as entertainment tho ;)
Four is two many.</quote>
@drach so I'm doubled up.
5:05 AM
Uh oh. Almost over.
"Got any wheat?"
Me: "For five roads and the promise you don't use it this turn"
What about Settlers of Catan has an inkling of relevance to MSO?
Just throwing that out there
what's the name of that Stackoverflow iPhone app someone made?
@JacobRelkin nothing, that's why we're in the Tavern. Let me draw you a tall one over at the bar
@Jin 6to8?
@Jin Six to Eight. There's a link in my profile.
5:12 AM
No. Hang on.
I link to the StackApps post in my profile.
<<<< click me!
@drachenstern HAHA
learns to read
5:12 AM
Looked it up on ye app store
(I do think there is another one or maybe two, but I'm not sure if they're any good)
@JacobRelkin no really that's the name of it
@drachenstern You're really funny
@drachenstern What?
5:15 AM
@drach can victory points be played when they are picked or must it e next turn?
I don't know how naming a product that exists makes me really funny, but okie
@Moshe since you're on house rules, play 'em now regardless
No it's someone else who had two and just picked up a point.
oh, then tell 'em to wait ;)
Corrected. The rules say that it can be played.
Just lost.
But there's house rules in effect that bastardize the game ;)
5:17 AM
Hah. He pulled the rulebook out.
then ask them where that's been this whole time
Too late.
Eh. Eh I say.
Eh sounds good
it is too late
trying to decide if I should go fold laundry or lay here and be lazy
I am watching a movie
and the laundry is upstairs
Eh. They cleaned up.
I realized just now that despite all of this snow, I'll still have a conference call at 10 in the morning. That...is uncool.
5:20 AM
Laundry will bite you later.
but you don't have to leave the house right?
@Moshe it's been waiting to be folded for five days now
The horror movie won't.
at least
not a horror movie, Prince of Persia (the latest one)
@drach I forgot. Cheapest move ever:
No, but arguably if I did, I wouldn't, and wouldn't have a meeting at 10 in the morning :P
5:21 AM
The other players traded:
@TimStone lol, so what's the problem? That you'll have to sleep early (or really late) ?
1 wheat for three roads.
Retarded. Insane.
You should make them play Monopoly by straight rules
no freeparking money, auctions in play
5:22 AM
@drachenstern I am sick of that game
@JacobRelkin what, monopoly not being played by straight rules?
yeah, me too
No snake eyes. He
@drachenstern Eh, I just don't enjoy talking on the phone for that long that early in the morning. On top of that, I'm trying to fill in my timesheets right now, and I'm pretty frustrated about this whole framework integration bit. :P
but when it's played by straight rules it's fun!
@Moshe what the heck is that?
Winner says he never did that.
5:23 AM
@TimStone timesheets. don't talk to me about timesheets. I'm at least a week behind
Oh if you rolled double ones.
Oddly enough, me too.
One of every bill.
@Moshe I meant the reference, sorry, was just going to edit
I didn't know there was a mobile interface! (Carry on...)
5:24 AM
@Moshe LOL
@TimStone yeah ... I know better too
Only, I don't have a medical-related reason, heh.
@JustinjjnguyNelson isn't it sweet?
So just shame on me. :P
@TimStone I should've done it daily :\
shame on us both ;)
5:24 AM
It works fairly well on my droid x.
damnit chat speed limiter ... I'm not talking that much ... shut up with the retry/cancel
@drachenstern Such a pain, heh.
ctrl+space is a lifesaver.
apparently I talk too much?
5:25 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Yes. It. Is.
Rebecca, thanks for the email! Excited for the forum.
and if it weren't for that whole tremendously awkward part I would kiss you for the gift you gave us ... except there's that whole tremendously awkward part. So I won't.
@Jin So am I
@drachenstern we almost won.
@drachenstern The worse part is that I had to fix it, so...
5:27 AM
@drachenstern that part actually came from @balpha, so kiss him for the gift...
@RebeccaChernoff I said tremendously awkward so no ... sheesh you two
@jacob Should be interesting.
Hopefully scheduling will work out.
and besides, the nameplate on the github repo isn't TimStone or balpha ... :p
I hope so too.
5:28 AM
Retards. Arguing how the game should have been.
@RebeccaChernoff Must be difficult
ok, so now I've made up my mind. I shall:
1) turn off the computer
2) turn on the mobile safari
3) walk the dogs and watch you all be even more quiet
4) lay down and keep watching my movie and pretend to sleep
5) oversleep in the morning. Again.
Let's see how well I do at that ;)
@drachenstern Sounds like a plan! :)
@JacobRelkin the trick is doing it
I was going to question your step three, but you strategically bundled it with walking your dogs so that I can't.
5:32 AM
we regulars in here have that problem a lot
@drachenstern: Ooh, too bad. Looks like a bunch of juicy, answerable questions just rolled in.
@MichaelPetrotta bah, I'm no repwhore, notice my strategic answers-as-comments that I do so often
I and Tim have the same problem there
we should really have higher scores overall
Not sure you can call that "strategic", but cool.
I think you see my point ;)
k. Step 1 commence
I'm wondering what exactly the point of the "Visit Chat" badge is:
The Tavern (General)
50 mins ago - Dan Grossman
Been a lot happening in the last 50 minutes.
5:35 AM
It's aggressively cached on the server for some reason.
Q: Chat box on Meta is laggy

PekkaThe "X people chatting" box to the right hand site on Meta.SO is very laggy: It tends to be massively out of date, and thus gives misleading information about the people present and the last post in each chat room. It's not really a big deal, but it's notably out of sync all the time. Can it be...

The client-side code fetches updates every..., so it'll eventually update to the correct information.
@Tim: fast find there.
testing the latest changes to my game
Tester: I dont understand, my yen is all messed up. I had like ten thou-oh right. I bought a bunch of Nagiri
@MichaelPetrotta My memory is good for random things, heh. :P
Ive discovered the best way to learn about anything in life: program a simulator for it.
Or in the case of software: rewrite it yourself.
Any thoughts? I'm wondering how a coop mode of dope wars would work...
OK people
I'm out
5:43 AM
Step 3 didn't go according to plan :/
Good night/day, whatever suits you
@Josh yey :)
Night @Jacob
Bola sathya
ER, hola
hey @drachenstern how're you doing
5:44 AM
@Jacob: night.
@drachenstern: you still here?
@drachenstern :P In Hindi, bola is past tense for "say"
or are you on your iDevice.
Read the plan ;) ... Was walking the digs
@Sathya haha
Indeed I am
And now that were back I think it's time for #4
@Sathya for SU Mod! \o/
And now, I sleep... ZZZzzzz...
@Josh good night!
5:47 AM
Night @Josh
joining the crowd. night all.
night @MichaelPetrotta
it should be bolo or boliye or bata or something
Night. Seems I missed everyone on the way out.
@Reno bolo == to say, boliye == Sir/Madam, Please say, bata = tell me
1 hour later…
6:52 AM
Hi @MichaelMrozek, you're looking good ;) Second highest for upvotes/downvotes, I think that's a good sign
@Benjol I look tired, and am strongly considering sleep
Oh, in the election? I believe I'm fourth or fifth, unless something changed
My current metric of choice is the ratio of upvotes to downvotes. If you look at that (on Yi's page), you come second. I think it means you're not a controversial choice - so more chances of making it!
I'm rather surprised how many downvotes there are. I'm curious how many are for real reasons and how many are just mass downvotes on everyone the voter didn't upvote
@MichaelMrozek, yeah, I think it's strategic downvoting. If you want to see someone at the top, you downvote all the others. I don't think it should necessarily be construed as negative (except for evil, of course :)
I down voted with reason, but I can't speak for everyone else, heh.
7:38 AM
@badp just so you know, I'm removing the birthday event from the bridge (we don't allow events that far in the future anymore). It's Jan 24, in case you want to write it down :)
Fair enough
Who did I annoy this time? :P
nobody -- the annoy-event was a different one. you must have created the event very shortly before the restriction was in
(btw, that event would have been off in 2013)
oh well
The peasants are revolting :)
Q: Edit(1) approval privilege (lack of) for 2K+ users doesn't make sense

cyberkiwiThis is about the recently implemented Edit(1) (status-planned) It is always Edit(1) because it never reaches 2, because it is either single-click accepted/rejected (owner, 20k+ user, 2k+user and anonymous edit) or accepted/rejected by two 1k+ users. Source: How does peer review for edits work?...

8:10 AM
@Dan, another, slightly less dramatic way would be to have two users, and always have user 2 edit the questions of user 1, but that would be detectable too...
Part of me wants to say that if the sock puppets are doing valuable edits, more power to them. (cue xkcd...)
I just doubted that anyone would have a desire to create these sock puppet accounts in the first place, but maybe I'm underestimating evil
Well low-rep sockpuppets aren't much use, but if you could boost them all to 1k, it could get interesting. But at 1-2 rep an edit, that's a heck of a lot of work!
It seems like if someone is motivated enough to have gained high rep in the first place, they place some value on reputation, and the act of creating puppet accounts to play the system with somehow would be too risky to your reputation for the people who can do so to be willing to do so.
@DanGrossman, I think so to. "Reputation is the root of all evil" :)
Did you see this?
Q: New Stack Exchange Search, Try it out!

Nick CraverFor a few reasons, we recently changed the guts of how search works on our sites. If you keep up, you've probably read somewhere that we were using SQL Server Full Text Search. There are a few areas that utilize search that all got a replacement tonight: Search itself (box in the upper right)...

Gooooood news. I can't imagine how many status-completeds that's going to make :)
I use Google to search SO, honestly
8:14 AM
whoa sockpuppet evil voodoo
They're also using it for the title check in ask a question, I'm really interested to see if that reduces the number of dupes
kinda harmless though ...
if you're spending lots of time on SO gaining rep, you've probably convinced yourself, even if you know it's a lie, that your SO rep is useful in real life somehow (employers will be impressed! dev friends will be impressed! potential mates will be impressed!)... creating multiple accounts that might get you suspended and destroy that reputation would not be something that same person would do
@DanGrossman, I think that's worth adding as a comment (with "same" -> "a sane" :)
@DanGrossman, to be fair, there are 6641 2K+ users, that's a lot of unknown knowns to trust :)
There are 423,882 registered members at the SitePoint forums which I moderate, and there's maybe two or three cases a year of someone creating multiple simultaneous accounts for nefarious purposes.
8:22 AM
Heading off to sede to see how many of those users actually do any editing anyway...
Be sure to share your results :)
Well if i mention SO rep irl the reaction that i get is , "wat" and a frog like stare
Even though they check SO for answers they dont know or care about rep.. :)
I've met more people from programming forums than from SO so far
8:25 AM
@Reno, if I mention SO, I get a stare. In fact, no, I never mention SO in real life :)
yeah .. but like someone said its about getting a high score in this mmorpg nothing else
There's not much community going on the SO sites, I think you're unlikely to remember the names of most people you interact with unless you always ask questions in some really tiny niche there's only one expert on
Aside from the dozen people that hang out in the chat rooms for each site
@DanGrossman, yup.
@Dan, oops!
8:32 AM
Q: Finding time to use Stack Overflow

Nipuna SilvaA programmer is generally a busy person with a lot on his plate. How do you find the time to ask and answer questions on Stack Overflow? How do you justify the time spent that could ostensibly be used for doing other things?

My query is returning far more users than have 2k+ rep. Investigating...
GNGNG, I keep getting logged out and auto-logged in :(
9:01 AM
@ChrisF, I don't see the problem, there's no pluralization bug there :)
Sorry - it's not a bug it just made me smile this morning
I meant to comment but got distracted
@ChrisF, I was joking.... :)
It's too early :(
9:36 AM
man, I really gotta fix myself and my everything-but-this syndrome
Hi! ^^
@ChrisF LOL
everytime I do anything forlong enough, I wishI was doing something else
and my 'long enough' thresholds are reeeally low.
@badp welcome to my world. Do you read Rands in repose? :)
9:38 AM
> You've earned the Autobiographer badge. See your profile.
Let me dig out some links... 2s
and I'm talking like 'more than an evening of work' here
I've edited my profile too many times and now it became CW! :O
hi - anyone have a stats query to see longest continuours site visits to SO - i.e fanatics
@JoseK Search here. ;)
9:44 AM
Okay I guess not - "visited days is not public" as per data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/s/538/…
I just created an account there and had a negative value in the "member for" field o.o
> Stop reading right now. Look at your desktop. How many tasks are you working on besides reading this weblog? A lot? You've got N.A.D.D.
(Nerd Attention Deficiency Disorder)
> I am unable to function at my desktop unless I’ve got, at least, five things going on at the same time.
> member for -56 second
9:56 AM
You will join in less than a minute!
I wonder what the algorithm to predict membership creation looks like.
I'll never join Data.SE :P
Haha, mine's doing that too!

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