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12:00 PM
@badp Oh you want me to link to the question on Programmers'
I also have an urge to find a hotel with whirlpool tubs in the rooms
@ChrisF No, I thought you were still talking about the old bad question heuristics
@badp Sorry - I moved on ;)
I like my dynamic images.
12:01 PM
I'm beginning to hate VS2010.
@Dan, where are you, because your activity graph looks like Jeff's, are you a vampire too?
Random crashes, spurious out of memory errors.
@Benjol Pennsylvania, it's 7AM here and I haven't gone to sleep yet
It's even worse as I'm having to use LogMeIn at the moment
12:04 PM
@DanGrossman You are a vampire. stakes? - check!, garlic? - check!
Try hosting it on various image hosting services. :P
I am awake 24 hours a day, no fear of sunlight here
How long has Jeff's "about" been "benevolent dictator for life"? :)
@DanGrossman wth?
"I have to use your Facebook"?
HATE is a acronym for a Facebook product?
It has to be abuse of the "suggest a translation" feature... googleblog.blogspot.com/2007/03/suggest-better-translation.html
...if that exists for Japanese, since it's not in that last
also WTF, I had no idea it was snowing like crazy outside while I'm sitting here
Rep farming already started? (see user names)
Q: Proposed Edits - side by side view incorrect

BarryThe side by side view for the proposed edits is incorrect / misleading. This implies that the proposed edit by adam.pugsley is on the right hand side when in actual fact it is on the left hand side. This is the original question And this is the question after the proposed edit.

looks like it will snow nonstop for the next 24 hours
glad I bought a new loaf of bread yesterday
I just asked my first question on any non-meta site
The cats that roam across my school has a Facebook fan page! Hehehe
1:09 PM
man-o-man, I thought my recent capctha's were bad
@DanGrossman Can you see the images you're uploading? I can't, they're returning 503 for me
Yes, I see them, I'm using the upload... button
I can see them too
for the record, I can as well.
1:11 PM
That is very weird - I also can't see this image I just uploaded
VoxCAST is a CDN, it must be that the edge servers you're hitting are showing the error while the ones we're hitting are working.
I'm in the UK...
they have servers in singapore while i'm probably getting routed to new york
tom's probably hitting netherlands
Mmhmm... indeed. A CDN in Singapore, fancy that
The new apple.com on the ipad
1:17 PM
@DanGrossman Hmm.. I can see that image. The CDN's rerouted, or came back up again I guess
@DanGrossman Thank you ten billion times. Your assistance in our plot for world conquest is no longer required, so we've turned off site navigation. Please sit silently by your iPad and await further instructions.
im sure that apple did some internal downloading (about 4-5 billion apps) in the name of testing
Hi again!
oh and @YiJiang im thinking of coming to singapore to do some shopping
1:22 PM
Where can I read about that new edit system? It seems now I can edit anything, but if it isn't CW, the edit should be first reviewed.
@Nyuszika7H Check the [suggested-edit] tag on MSO
@YiJiang +s
(for some reason)
Also, who broke MSO?
@TimStone Yeah, noticed that too. Probably deployment again
There's been 8 deployments today? :o
Likely to be Nick there adding stuff to the new search function
1:28 PM
Ah yeah, I saw that when I randomly woke up at 3 last night.
I think it was wise to add him to the Wheel of Blame
Good call, yes.
@YiJiang nothing
@Nyuszika7H Yeah, it's [suggested-edits], sorry
@YiJiang nice :)
1:32 PM
mmm blueberry juice
Yes! My e-mail was chosen to win $630,518 as soon as I fax the prince my bank information for processing!
shakes head
Hi hi
Hai hai!
Hi, should we be concerned that the top 3 voted moderators in the primary moderator elections are pretty much .NET/C#/ASP specialists? I understand that SO is slanted towards these areas, but do we risk having unbalanced representation due to a 'first past the post' effect?
1:47 PM
@willjcroz Well, it's only the Primary stage right now - the votes do not entirely represent how the final stage will turn out
Also, last I check, @MichaelMrozek (who is in third place right now) doesn't work with the Microsoft stack
Yi, OK, I see the votes are changing things around rather quickly!
@willjcroz se.awio.com/election.html sort by Primary Votes
@YiJiang : thanks for that link :-)
nice use of the API ;-)
Hmmm... @MichaelMrozek fell back two spots after jjnguy and Lasse V. Karlsen both now has 299 votes and overtook him
Beautiful job @YiJiang
Tim Post was all worried... he's doing pretty awesome.
1:55 PM
why are people giving negative votes
I don't want this person to be a moderator
why not?
@Reno Because they really doesn't want that candidate to move on to the next stage?
@Reno Because they don't think the candidate would make a good moderator
well then instead of focusing on who shouldnt be a mod, they should focus on who should be one
1:57 PM
@Reno That's for the final stage
Good morning everyone!
The Primary stage is meant to whittle down the options
hey Josh
How are you @Reno?
*blows nose* ok i guess
1:58 PM
@YiJiang: if you are looking for further ideas (??!!), I was thinking that a page that compares the overall SO tag statistics with a (user selected) set of candidates aggregate tag statistics. That way we could see how well the current leaders (or indeed all candidates) represent the overall areas of SO users' interest.
@willjcroz Sounds interesting, can you expand on that a bit?
like this guy .. i mean he is alright
@YiJiang : maybe a graph (normalised histogram?) that compares the top 20 tag occurences on SO with how they are represented by a set of the moderator candidates
those -5 votes are from other mod wannabes :(
you don't know that..
2:01 PM
@Reno Sorry, can you say who that is? imgur's Singapore CDN is down apparently
@YiJiang: oops, I'll try again
The MYYN, Leipzig, Germany
19.9k 3 15 41
@Josh 'Ello
Hey @Tim, how goes?
@Reno -1, nearly no meta participation
anyway if its true , wannabe mods who are downvoting other hopefuls should never get a chance a being a mod in the first place .. something like a disqualification :P
2:06 PM
Looks like he withdrew @Reno
@YiJiang: take the top 20 tags on stackoverflow.com/tags and find the aggregate of each of these tags for a given set of candidates (e.g. top 3 or top 5), and then plot the normalised aggregate tag statistics against the top 20 tags' normalised statistics so that we can gauge if there is a big imbalance in representation of technologies
@Reno Anyone can vote, the votes from the mods pale in comparison to the votes from the masses
@Josh Not too bad, woke up, decided to play Forza... :P
@willjcroz Interesting idea, hmmm... but the data explorer might be better for this
@TimStone Sweet
2:08 PM
@YiJiang: I did not know about that, I'll take a look now
@Josh crowd behavior is pretty different from individual behavior ... or so i read somewhere
I'm not sure how one might be able to visualize that data
3 axis - one for tag, one for candidate, and one for activity, perhaps
@Reno TRue. Have to make a call, we can discuss after :-)
@Josh Yeah, I guess I should do work soon though, heh.
@Reno You've read the herd behavior influencing voting question on MSO?
2:11 PM
@YiJiang Are you sure you didn't forget a clear: left rule for #userList .primary?
@TimStone Yeah I need to, yesterday was taken up almost completely doing estimates and other busywork, yuk
nope i have not , brb
Thankfully it's already/only Wednesday eh? ;)
@badp Can you post a image to what you see?
2:13 PM
@badp ctrl + f5?
@YiJiang No change
@badp Shouldn't happen - that was because at one point earlier today I added a float: left to that element, now that's gone this shouldn't happen, hmmm...
It still loooks broken with float: left
(there's no such rule currently)
Hmm, repro'd on Chome, will attempt to fix
@YiJiang: I was thinking of soemthing along the lines of wiki.sfu.ca/summer08/educ894d100-group2/images/d/d2/… where the Y axis is normalised proportion of overall occurences and the markers on the Y axis would be C#, Java... etc Purple bars would be SO overall proportions and Green would be proportion of aggregate occurences for each tag amongst selected set of candidates. If that makes any sense!
oops, reverse my usage of green and purple
2:18 PM
@willjcroz you can edit messages
@badp Pushed update, hmmm... let's see if it works
@YiJiang Better :)
@willjcroz Well, I don't think that would work, honestly, because SO's tag is more specialized, so a lot of users won't have any activity in some areas
Does anyone have enough rep to vote in the SO elections but less than 1K?
I was wondering if you could see the split votes.
@ChrisF There's a MSO question about that, all eligible voters should be able to see split votes after the next deployment
2:22 PM
@YiJiang I see what you mean, but between several candidates the most popular tags should have a fair chance of showing up
@ChrisF: I cannot see split votes (rep 261 on SO)
@ChrisF ta ?
@willjcroz Thanks.
@Reno Short for "thanks"
@willjcroz You will after the next deployment though (see @YiJiang's post)
really ? my ex - gf used to type this .. i never figured what she meant
now it makes sense =\
2:24 PM
A: Who can split the votes in the primary election

Geoff DalgasVote counts for the primary election will be visible for all who have enough reputation to vote after the next deploy.

@Reno 'ta' is a British colloquialism :-)
@ChrisF ta ;-)
hey quick meta question: i've created several accounts for various stackexchange sites, all tied to my google openid. so they're all linked, but where do I see a list of those sites?
@LoveMeSomeCode Go to your user profile, look under the 'accounts' tab
@LoveMeSomeCode Click on the "accounts" tab in your profile.
perfect, thank you
2:32 PM
I was actually thinking more along the lines of a scatter or radar chart
Trying to work with Google's chart API here: code.google.com/apis/chart/docs/gallery/radar_charts.html
Or maybe stacked bars should be used
@YiJiang Chat API? Not chart API?
@Nyuszika7H I never said that ;)
@YiJiang you edited it :P
Or maybe a Venn diagram? But it's too complex for a Venn diagram, hmmm...
Voting on candidates is locked in the same was as normal - which I suppose is to be expected. However I've changed my mind about a candidate and want to change my vote. I can't really ask them to edit their election address as that would indicate who I voted for. Hmm..
2:43 PM
@ChrisF I don't think votes should be locked, since there really isn't anyway to commit election vote gaming, isn't there?
You'd have to have multiple 150+ accounts to do it
@ChrisF Actually, I just tried undoing my vote, and it worked
Is it worth putting "jailbreak detection" code in my app?
Oh, hang on, it didn't
2:46 PM
@ChrisF Not 200+?
Hmmm... that last ajax request must've timed out or something
@Nyuszika7H "Any community member with 150 reputation may vote in the primary."
@Moshe Why would you?
Antipiracy. Cydia. Installeous.
Here's a question - should withdrawn candidates be shown on my elections page?
2:48 PM
Anyone noticed that the upvote/downvote ratio is almost linear with votes, but not quite? I'm trying to figure out what that means - that Kev & SLaks are more controversial candidates?
out of interest do users accumulate tag counts for questions/answers they have edited in a moderator capacity? (i.e. not directly involved in asking/answering a question)
@YiJiang no. Your page serves a different purpose from the ballot
@YiJiang, good question - at the least they should be shown as such
@ChrisF Oh, I didn't read the conversation, I thought you're talking about account linking.
That's OK
2:49 PM
@Benjol Yeah, but from a technical perspective moving them to the bottom of the page would be a bit of a pain
@Fosco - I don't want jailbroken devices stealing my app.
@YiJiang, grey them out a bit.
I think they should be removed, the ballot shows the candidates, graying out the irrelevant ones. However, @Yijiang's info page is only relevant to the ones still running.
@Moshe What if they are jailbroken and bought it?
has a jailbroken ipad and still buys apps
Don't spend much time fighting piracy.. it's like trying not to star oy's.. impossible.
is leaving for a hour
2:56 PM
is going to a meeting
is going home!
is going to bed
Q: I can't undo or change my vote in the primary election phase.

ChrisFI've cast my votes in both the Stack Overflow and Super User primaries, but I've changed my mind about one of the votes I cast. I tried to revoke the vote but was told that the vote was locked (as is expected as the nominations are effectively answers). If the candidate edits his nomination I c...

@ChrisF Technically speaking they are questions - I looked them up using the API
@YiJiang OK - I'll update the question!
Happy now?
2:59 PM
Hehehe :P
@ChrisF I think the main point is that that feature was originally designed to prevent system gaming by shifting own answer up in the vote sort order by downvoting everybody else's answer, but since this is an election it is meaningless
I also just asked for the period to be relaxed, just in case...
@YiJiang almost, but not entirely unlike. There's no (web) timeline for them
@Fosco - actually I wouldn't be detecting jailbreaks. The code looks for a specific modification to the plist file in the binary which enables the piracy. If that exists, it's obviously a "liberated" app.
e.g. stackoverflow.com/posts/4740355/timeline gives 404 with user bar
@badp No comments for you!
3:08 PM
@Fosco - now that you mention it, I could use an iPad tester. Interested? Testers get a promo code when the game goes live.
uh, actually api.stackoverflow.com/questions/4740355 also gives an error message
I really need another pair of eyes to test my UI.
@MichaelMrozek details.
and by popular demand here is @PopularDemand
3:15 PM
@Reno Hi, everybody!</dr-nick>
Was someone actually asking about me or was that just a convenient joke?
:D the latter
sorry i couldnt help it
@PopularDemand We're always asking about you!
(Just keep telling yourself that anyway ;-)
@PopularDemand One you've never heard before, I imagine
Hey @popular:
in Programmers on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, yesterday, by Anna Lear
On an unrelated note, I love that someone has "Popular Demand" as their Meta.SO name. "Closed by Popular Demand" amuses me a little every time I see it.
How many times has that been said?
I know I personally have said it before, heh
3:19 PM
@ChrisF Ah flattery, one of the many weapons in a candidate's arsenal. :P
I thought the close reason was the whole point of his display name, actually
Well, if he does become a mod the possibilities become endless!
A: What is the origin of your SO username?

Popular DemandI don't remember the exact reason, but I know I wanted a meta-ish name for my Meta SO account. And besides, changing your Meta name was the fashionable thing to do at the time. People have asked me if I picked my name just so I could make pages say "Closed by Popular Demand," but that's not it; I...

@PopularDemand Why did I never know about this question?
@Josh It's a shiny poll question, depressingly asked by a mod candidate. I guess that's how SO rolled in 2008 though
Er. And suddenly I'm logged out of SO
↑ Don't listen to this guy. He's already got all your passwords anyway.
@badp @TimStone is @RebeccaChernoff's sockpuppet?
That's true, I do.
@PopularDemand Dunno, we should try and poke some passwords out of him to be sure
Thanks to you both. I haven't used Amazon in years, but I did take advantage of that recent half-off gift card offer, so I suppose it is time to change the ol' password.
3:30 PM
FFUU i forgot my password
@Reno It's ok; sounds like it should be pretty easy to brute-force
@TimStone See? What I pin, others have to star :)
@badp I should use my @RebeccaChernoff-sockpuppet powers to pin it in here too :P
and shes here
...That was pretty good timing.
3:33 PM
mod = god = omnipresent
@TimStone mention "@RebeccaChernoff" and "sockpuppet" in the same message and she's bound to appear!
if nothing else, to do her ironing...
@RebeccaChernoff We were being mostly serious this time...well, except Josh, but.
@RebeccaChernoff - see my MSO question:
38 mins ago, by ChrisF
Q: I can't undo or change my vote in the primary election phase.

ChrisFI've cast my votes in both the Stack Overflow and Super User primaries, but I've changed my mind about one of the votes I cast. I tried to revoke the vote but was told that the vote was locked (as is expected as the nominations are effectively answers). If the candidate edits his nomination I c...

I need to stop bringing up feature requests in here; I see them on meta later with tons of upvotes T_T
3:40 PM
@MichaelMrozek Yeah, you should just tell me directly.
@TimStone I used to demand that @RebeccaChernoff fix everything, but she's learned to just ignore me by now
Anyone here speak languages other than English? Looking for translators for Nippon.
@MichaelMrozek If you become mod though, it's her job to talk to you...Well played.
@TimStone I might edit that into my nomination. "Mostly I want to be a mod so @RebeccaChernoff is paid to be my friend"
3:42 PM
I fell quite a bit; apparently my supporters vote early
In other words, I'm apparently the Republican candidate
That seems like a pretty strong platform
Does anyone here speak italian, German, French or Spanish?
@MichaelMrozek wait what? goes to reverse his vote
@Josh Guess again:
48 mins ago, by ChrisF
Q: I can't undo or change my vote in the primary election phase.

ChrisFI've cast my votes in both the Stack Overflow and Super User primaries, but I've changed my mind about one of the votes I cast. I tried to revoke the vote but was told that the vote was locked (as is expected as the nominations are effectively answers). If the candidate edits his nomination I c...

3:46 PM
@Josh Good luck with that ;)
Hopefully that's fixed before the town hall, or I may end up regretting some of my early votes quite a bit
Oh, I guess that doesn't happen till the election phase anyway
@MichaelMrozek it's the same in the final too, I can't change my ServerFAult votes
@Josh Dude, you voted for the evil candidate, how did you not know? :P
3:47 PM
@TimStone LOL, true. I voted for Rook also
-250, I think that's the most downvotes I have seen evar
I assumed the intersection of Rook's voters and mine was empty
I liked the Meta post about it breaking the display
@Josh I'm not sure you should be able to change those. I think in the primary phase it's OK as you're still assessing the candidates.
@MichaelMrozek Well, votes go both ways.
@ChrisF I didn't actually want to, I was just trying to for you :-)
3:49 PM
@Moshe Sure..
@MichaelMrozek it looks like you're 3rd, no? That's not bad at all
oh, 4th
still not bad
Yeah, 4th at the moment; 3rd-5th keep shuffling
Everyone vote @MichaelMrozek!
I'll actually feel pretty bad if I beat jjnguy, I assumed he was going to win by a lot
You have some tough competition, that's for sure. @LasseVKarlsen is a great candidate also IMHo
@MichaelMrozek yeah he's a great candidate also, I upvoted him
3:53 PM
Q: Why StackOverflow wastes 4 bytes when outputting the Web site?

Everyone who can see the HTML code of the stackoverflow.com site will notice the two empty lines on the top. Was this made intentionally?

... shakes head
@TimStone facepalm
...I'm fairly confident PHP is not the cause
A: Why StackOverflow wastes 4 bytes when outputting the Web site?

Ates GoralIt's actually a watermark. If the HTML source is ever stolen, it will be those two blank lines that will give the perpetrator away.

Yeah, I had a good chuckle at that one.
@MichaelMrozek I just downvoted that, heh
in fact I feel like downvoting everything about this question, LOL
3:56 PM
@Josh It's not as terrible as the answerers acted, it's just a bit silly
@MichaelMrozek true. Feel free to downvote me to oblivion :-)
First time ever I enjoyed choosing the close reason
@Josh Nah. Every downvote I cast on your posts is a downvote I can't use on @PopularDemand's posts today
@Diago nice, thanks
@MichaelMrozek HA!
That deserves a star
It's not every day I see people worrying about posts "deserving" a star in here

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