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7:00 PM
@Josh Should the question be moved over to SF?
I voted as such, yes
I did as well
but I'm starting to think maybe not
if it's actually about transforming the content
I'm not sure that he has an issue with transforming the content as much as being able to hook into the proxied response.
oh, wait, ok, I think I see...
7:01 PM
Which is kind of a grey area, but the theme overall felt SF-y enough that I'm willing to stick by it unless he substantially changes the question, heh.
Hello all, little question for fellow /review fanatics
@Josh, I got your comments. Have your questions already been resolved?
(I'm too lazy to read back through transcript)
@Benjol not exactly :-)
ok @TimStone, maybe that answers his question...
ok. @Josh, my understanding was that in review mark for removal means mark for removal from the site, not from the list, but maybe I'm alone in that.
Anyone else?
Where are the mods when you need one? :)
@Benjol Yeah, that sounds correct.
7:11 PM
That's very different from what I though
And to be fair it does say flag for removal, not mark for removal. So that tends to confirm my understanding.
Wow. Okay. That explans a lot!
I hope you haven't done too many of those, 'cos if so, the algorithm is gonna be ignoring you for a while ;)
To the mods, I apologize for incorrectly flagging everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Benjol yeah I f-ed up really badly!
It puts up a mod flag with the text "Post flagged for removal from /review", heh.
7:12 PM
feels pretty stupid right about now
@Josh, to be fair to you, there isn't any way to say "this thing is ok, I don't want to see it anymore". I seem to recall chatting with Jeff and/or waffles about that, don't think they've got a solution yet though.
> Post flagged for removal from /review
@Josh, have unicorn, you'll feel better ;)
That sounds like "remove from the list at /review"
@Benjol I'll spend a few minutes in drachenstern's room, LOL
Yeah, but it means "Post flagged for removal (from the /review page)"
7:14 PM
@TimStone I got it now :-/
@Benjol ahhh.... ok, I feel better now
I'm sure he'll feel much better knowing a zombie unicorn is coming to give him a lobotomy :P
> EDIT IMPORTANT: There has been some (cough), 'confusion' about the semantics of 'flag for removal' in review. Some people took that to mean "this answer is ok, remove it from the reviewing list", whereas (as I understand it), it actually means "flag for removal from the site".
Would "flag for deletion" be less ambiguous?
@Josh, might be an idea to put in a question/feature request. Others may misinterpret as you did. And it would be cool to have an 'anti-flag' to get ok stuff off the list
Basically, you want to triage the list and get rid of everything - so it's yes/no/yes/no... not no/alreadyseenthat/no/alreadyseenthat
7:19 PM
Q: Allow marking posts as reviewed on /review and hide them

FabianI think it would be useful if reviewers could mark posts on the /review page as reviewed and found acceptable. The marked posts would then be hidden from the reviewing user. If enough reviewers (3-5) mark a post as reviewed, it should be removed from the /review page for everyone. This would mak...

@Josh, anyway, thanks for contributing to my question. And if anyone's motivated, we'll need a 'how to edit' question soon too :)
Q: Does "flag for removal" on /review mean flag for removal *from the site?*

JoshDoes "flag for removal" on /review mean flag for removal from the site? I think I have been making a horrible mistake thinking it means flag for removal from /review! If it does, maybe as Tim Stone suggested, "Flag for deletion" would be less ambiguous? Am I the only one confused by this? Is t...

@TimStone damn, mine is a dupe
@Benjol sure. Now that I understand I'll contribute more
Only a partial dupe
Feel free to edit and correct
I am headed to lunch, bbl!
Thanks for all the help @TimStone and @Benjol!
I can not haz enough rep :P Enjoy
7:21 PM
And @YiJiang now I understand what you were trying to tell me!!!!!!!!
@TimStone oh, I thought you did, my bad
@Josh Eh?
Nah, I should be more opinionated on Meta, heheh.
@YiJiang I misunderstood when you were earlier saying "Why not flag for removal"
@YiJiang, every time I get Gordon first in the list, I think the script's not working :)
@TimStone I did figure out what he meant:
A: Pass through server / proxy

JoshI'm not sure what your question is... If you set up a proxy server between your client and the application server, then it will be just that: a proxy server. So it will proxy requests to the application server, just as you've shown in your diagram. If a client POSTs data to the proxy, the proxy s...

7:24 PM
@Benjol Funny, because I keep getting Pranay Rana first - in fact, there he is now, standing proud and first
Seriously though, random sort really isn't working
@YiJiang, ok. No this time I got Pranay too.
But I did wonder for a moment.
It's really great though, your page. I know I've already said that. But it's true every time I say it :)
I've linked it from 3 comments on nominations, I'd do it more, but I don't want to overdo it.
@Josh Ah, OK. I actually missed the last part of his question somehow, that makes sense now.
I wonder if colouring the badges doesn't subtley bias the view of the data. (even though it is close to what I think is the most important). Nothing else is colour-coded. And red/green is really pretty blatant. (Gortok FTW :)
I'm wondering if any of the icon here would be useful as a favicon for that page: p.yusukekamiyamane.com
Q: How to edit? Can we agree on an editing 'policy'?

BenjolNow that anyone can edit (or will be able to in the near future), I think it will become necessary to have (if possible) one question to rule them all. We've been hashing out editing policy here for a long time now. It's pretty optimistic to think that people who are new to editing (let alone to...

@YiJiang, to put where?
I think your underlines for tooltips are slightly too discrete btw
7:37 PM
Favicon. You know, the tiny 16x16 icon you see in tab
@Benjol Well, it's suppose to be discrete...
@YiJiang I guess using the SE favicon is problematic...
@YiJiang, discrete as in - people probably won't even notice it :)
question: is it 2 minutes we have here to delete posts?
7:54 PM
@Benjol Yes
Wasn't it "Indigo Montoya" btw?
No, he wasn't.
@YiJiang eye-red
@YiJiang when you change to a different site, candidates are sorted by random no matter what you chose with the top bar
8:14 PM
@badp no, it wasn't :-)
@Benjol Good question :-)
@Benjol I dearly hope those "policy" questions don't become as binding as the "policy" word can be
A: How to edit? Can we agree on an editing 'policy'?

Benjol(proposed format for answers) Category: Noise Symptom: Hi/thanks Example: Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya*. You killed... My code won't compile. Thanks a lot! Policy: If it's just Hi/thanks, don't bother editing. Otherwise, nuke 'em! Basis for policy: Should 'Hi', 'thanks' and tagl...

@Benjol what do you mean by
> Policy: If it's just Hi/thanks, don't bother editing. Otherwise, nuke 'em!
3 hours later…
11:21 PM
Can anyone tell me why is the asker called OP and what does that mean? (Interesting, actually OP means Operator on IRC.)
It's a carry over from discussion forums: original poster, referring to the first person to post in a thread
For future reference:
A: Stack Overflow Glossary - Dictionary of Commonly-Used Terms

Pollyanna2k User See: Editor 3k User See: Closer 10ker, 10k User, 10k Tools Refers to users who have surpassed 10,000 reputation which gives them access to moderation tools. While 10k users have access to moderator reports and notifications, generally only system-appointed moderators (♦ Di...

11:40 PM
Mark by Mark Zuckerberg - Fashion for Men

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