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6:00 AM
Q: Acceleration with jQuery

born2hackI am trying to create a free-falling effect under the action of gravity in my browser. Basic Physics should tell you that the more the body (a div in this case) falls the faster should be its velocity. Any ideas how to implement this? Basically the velocity of the object should be equal to 'at'...

Load sequence switch flipped, now prettifying
Hahah, nice.
6:18 AM
Given a number of seconds, converting it to days should be:
Sanity check.
6:33 AM
Yay iOS.
7:31 AM
@Josh How dare he!?
Just noted that the bandwidth limit for a free account is 10gb per day - that's pretty good, actually
Does it count as a port if I didnt use most of the utility functions because the new language has built in stuff for handling those calculations?
@Moshe Does it matter if it's a port or not? Because if not this would probably turn into a debate about semantics
I want it to be a port!
I spent a few days translating this. I want to be able to call it a port.
7:48 AM
Ugh. Apparently not finished.
@badp what would that actually do?
@Moshe Connect it, hack your Linux laptop to fake a recharge and attend a physicists' convention
Shock people with the 4 Watt Laptop, with a 5 Watt USB port!
powered by unicorn horn dust.
8:08 AM
Well it seems like an HP powr connector. I guess it would overhear something and EXPLODE!
@YiJiang Very pretty indeed
Okay, the last part is dealing with a long block of if else junk that rearranges an array.
@YiJiang, how 'recent' is recent activity? 24h?
@Benjol 3 pages, which is uh... depends on how much activity there is
We're pulling 3 x 100 activities from the API, sorted by date, across all candidates
Only the top 5 is shown though
It really is most bodacious :)
Crafty touch from Robert Harvey there, quoting @Marc in his nomination spiel... :)
8:14 AM
Psychological warfare, associating himself in people's minds with an existing moderator :)
That aside, he's got a good profile (based on my pet metrics :)
should be asleep
@Moshe, go to bed! :)
@YiJiang, +1 for the static version by the way.
@Benjol Meh, the thing's out of date the moment I push it
@Benjol these are some strange results I'm getting here.
really strange
8:18 AM
@Moshe, where?
@YiJiang, out of date is better than a blank page, I say. And it might not be the right people in the out of date list, but the data on those people won't be that out of date.
In a unit test.
@Benjol bear with me please and I'll try to explain.
@MarcGravell, what's the best 'approved' way of getting a maximum of eyeballs on Yi's page? Pimping it in election comments, as I have already? Do you think asking for it to be linked from intro text is going too far?
A portion The Bible, the Torah, the five books of Moses (call it what you want) is read in synagogues weekly.
The reading follows a schedule which varies based on the lunar year.
Follow so far @Benjol?
So I have this array of the weekly portions, represented as strings.
@Moshe, yup (I just wandered of and was trying to work out how the SU nominees managed to have so much meta rep without ever going there - then remembers rep is shared for the :)
Depending on the type of lunar/Hebrew year (leap year, and a few other factors), the order varies so...
The array is rearranged.
8:25 AM
When Saturday (the day of the week that the portion is read) falls on a holiday, an alternate reading is used, so the weekly portion is postponed.
So the rearrangement accounts for holidays falling on saturday as well.
It does this by adding a string with the name of the holiday into the array.
@Benjol since it rarely loads, we're not sure it is robust enough to pimp officially...
unofficial is probably ok
Also, so that we finish the entire cycle yearly, some portions are combined to make up for the times we read alternates.
@MarcGravell Actually, it hasn't failed to load for me yet (except when I made mistakes in the code that caused the script to jam up)
@MarcGravell, loads every time for me so far ;) but fair point. Anyway, watch it closely, I really believe these kind of metrics should be built in. Benjol has spoken
8:27 AM
So we have to combine portions and remove the following one.
So I'm really doing three things here.
@Moshe, sounds like lots of places for potential bugs in there ;)
Combining objects in an array, removing the following one.
maybe "rarely" was the wrong word then - but there have been multiple reports of timeout etc
Adding to the beginning
@MarcGravell Yeah, not sure why. There's one report about a YQL problem, which I can't control
8:29 AM
And inserting.
For some reason, there's a duplicate insertion. No clue why.
And anyway, the page itself isn't terribly efficient - client side JavaScript isn't really the right tool for the job
@mark ?
@Moshe, what's this in?
@Moshe, no @MarC :)
@Moshe, and Obective-C lets you mess around with the size of its arrays?
8:31 AM
objectively, the only language I know where [fuck this] is valid code :P
@badp Hahaha
Hmmm... let me see if I can simulate a YQL failure to see how the page responses (probably just turn up blank, but... hmmm)
(Erlang wouldn't need the square parentheses, but then it wouldn't be able to fuck with this, just return a this after it has been fuck-ed with :( oh well)
Not sure if this would be a reserved keyword, although presumably it's not because we tend to say 'self' in ObjC
@Moshe, well, thinking out loud here, (I've never seen a line of Objective-C in my life), are you sure it's a duplicate insertion, and not something you've forgotten to overwrite?
8:33 AM
Meaning? It seems like there are no dupe insertions.
So you might be on to something.
cough sniffle
See the unit test essentially loops through 19 years using a date object and passes that to the "get current portion" function.
How 'bout appending a * every time you do an insert, at least that way you'll know if your duplicate really is a duplicate. Sorry, I'm an old style alert('we are here'); debugger :)
Well the inserts are unique strings. So they are doin that inherently.
My loop logs the current weeks portion and the next one.
Okay, that's odd... trying to get Firebug to break on xhr crashed Firefox
A lot of questions at the top of the MSO homepage need close votes' love
@badp Yeah, throwing mine in right now
8:37 AM
That odd. Only insertions are duping.
I mean, once the deploy is over
And only some of them.
Wait. Let me see of I can log the array after adjusting it...
anyway, I'm home alone (with her) today, so gotta go and do something useful now :)
K bb thnks
Nice, now you don't need 3k rep to "close vote"
that is, you can flag → doesn't belong here → offtopic → belongs on Meta
I guess that fires up a mod flag instead of a close vote
yeah, it did
8:48 AM
What sort of filter/sort options should we have here?
I thought Shog9 was kidding when he said $.physics, but apparently, no: plugins.jquery.com/project/jphysics
Rule 34: There's a jQuery plugin for it.
Q: Tips & Tricks: Web-Development.

JamesM-SiteGenTips & Tricks: Never use fonts, fonts are a waste, all that they may do is make the page either pretty, or make it hard to read. Use custom CAPTCHA, don't use an existing CAPTCHA, bots are will soon understand them. Remove all dead-code, I'm sure Google (as your friend) will help you find a...

I wonder if it would be possible to add a huge popup telling new users to just search before asking new questions ...
8:55 AM
Can I flag for stupidity? Please?
@OctavianDamiean They already do
nah I mean a popup which you can't just click away
@OctavianDamiean Please Post It On Meta So I Can Downvote You™
Life with 1 rep is already hell
no need to make it worse.
it was not really meant to be a real suggestion lolz
i see I see
8:57 AM
@Yijiang yea flag it.
@Moshe I don't see stupidity as an option yet :(
Feature request: on meta, replace the flag button with a freehand circle tool. "The offensive message, let me show you it!"
is past point of productivity
8:59 AM
@badp Cornify button would be so much better. "You got offended? Here, have some unicorns"
Just write it in the explain box for something else.
@YiJiang lol
@YiJiang That'd be a good replacement for the boring "(removed)" message
and instead of chat suspensions, all suspended users' messages should go through Cornify
see? totally non offensive.
Hmmm? When did they change their scripts to detect image URLs not ending in png|gif|je?pg?
Oh, you stuck an ! in front of it
9:04 AM
@badp jpg|jepg, that's what that regex over there would do, right?
wasn't it "jpeg" anyway?
Eh... that last question mark isn't part of the regex
Stupid me, I didn't notice the final question mark was out of backticks
div.message code { background: #E0E0E0 }
Weird... meta.stackoverflow.com/q/75785/150097 click on 'Today' will bring you right to the bottom, instead of... well, it's not suppose to bring you anywhere, no?
@YiJiang Nice! It must be telling you exactly where the latest activity was :)
indeed if you sort by active, that answer is at the top.
For, er, whatever reason.
9:10 AM
@badp It's suppose to do that, yes. I know that already, but it seems to be wrong in this case
btw this is the question I flagged for migration a few mins ago <3
Ah... the last post in this set to be migrated is the last to have activity
So, again, which sort order to include?
@badp Oh, haha
Clearly, candidates with an overall MD5 starting with '01' are better than others
>>> md5this = lambda x: md5.md5(str(x)).hexdigest()
>>> sorted(range(10), key = md5this)
[6, 9, 7, 4, 1, 2, 8, 0, 5, 3]
(The smallest integer after 3 is 44, the smallest integer before 6 is 27)
9:30 AM
@waffles If you think it's easy to tell... I think I don't want to play difference hunting :)
@YiJiang is "Reticulated splines, all systems go" supposed to show thrice?
@badp Erhn... no
Where did you see it?
No, as in, which site
all of them.
Not seeing it, might be something to do with networking. I'll add something to prevent it from showing more than once
9:34 AM
Damn it:
I had my answer already written; just waiting for the migration to meta
@MichaelMrozek Undelete button go!
besides it'd just be closed on meta as a dupe
Probably. I'm still not actually clear what users are supposed to do about that error message
A: Clarify "no longer accepting questions from this account" error

Jeff Atwood It's particularly important to tell them what they can do to fix the problem We don't view this as a fixable problem in these cases.

I just hope I don't end up sharing an IP with those problem users.
Say, university proxy.
Apparently the solution is to "show" that you can actually write good questions by answering a few... am I right in interpreting his answer like that?
Otherwise, I'll have to retailate on Meta by changing my nickname again
9:38 AM
@YiJiang I tell people to try posting good answers -- I don't actually know if it helps, Jeff's comment was a little unclear
Oct 9 '10 at 8:21, by Jeff Atwood
also, whenever I am looking for your stuff, I always want to put in "badp"
@badp So that chat doesn't recognize you and start logging you out? Sure :P
@MichaelMrozek Yeah... if they actually come to Meta to ask they might not be completely unsalvageable.
Confusingly, that question filter is supposed to be by IP, so if he managed to post the question on SO asking about it he shouldn't be blocked
@MichaelMrozek That is odd. They do have account block for registered users I think
wow, cooking has 6 mods?
9:43 AM
@badp You're right, all the others only seem to have three
How did they end up with 6?
Interestingly, the two new ones were the only ones I knew about; they seem the most active (but I'm not on Cooking often)
There are going to be crowded elections there :P
Damn. I was going to try to get to 20k before they introduced a 20k feature
@MichaelMrozek it'd be more useful than voting to protect at 20k
I don't really think one has anything to "learn" about the system if you're active on Meta after you get... say, 3k reps
9:46 AM
...but still pretty lame
We all know how to do things, reps just tell you how long we've been doing it
@badp I liked "vote to delete answers"; that's what 95% of my mod flags are about. But based on how crippled "vote to delete questions" is, it probably wouldn't have been that useful
@MichaelMrozek Myself, I proposed "get weekly hours of diamond powers," but people must've thought it was too extreme
@badp It is, yes. You could potentially go wild
And with a large site like SO, how many mods would we have concurrently with this scheme? :P
@YiJiang But you don't want to. You care about your reps. You wouldn't want something bad happening to them, capiche?
9:48 AM
A: Propose a new 20k reputation privilege

Joel CoehoornAllows users with 20K on one site to have full privileges for everything except vote to close and vote to delete across all stack exchange sites on which they have at least 200 rep (100 for account association plus 100 earned locally). Why? Certain skills are valid on all sites. Earning 20K re...

Ooooo. I hadn't seen that one
@badp Right, well that doesn't account for the possibility of someone become a mod while... say, been drunk :P
> I hate not being able to edit. Feature request: Give me 2k rep on all sites, forever
@YiJiang Then something bad will happen to their rep :P
Or if they got in a argument they'd just activate their saved up mod powaz and demolish the other users posts :P
@MichaelMrozek Again, your mod room quoting plans are foiled
9:50 AM
@badp I still don't understand that feature; I should just stop trying. At some point somebody told me it worked cross-site
@MichaelMrozek Private chatrooms: unsupported.
Actually I wonder if it's just private chatrooms...
No, messages from remote deleted rooms also don't get oneboxed.
Hmmm...? I thought it used to work. Oh, deleted rooms
still awake
@Moshe Staring at a monitor won't help
Read a book, or comics.
@badp iPhone 4
9:52 AM
Read something. The best way I've found to get sleepy so far
@Moshe I mean, on something without retroillumination
No, a real paper book. The screen isn't going to help you there
Or I could just roll over and fall asleep. I am tired, just been coding.
Btw, the retina display is very booklike thank you.
326 dpi or so
The backlit screen >_> It's got nothing to do with the resolution or the paper like design of the app
9:54 AM
But the part about illumination is true. The brain thinks it's light.
Good Night/morning. Thank you.
@badp can't play that, roomates asleep. What is that video of Zelda doing there?
What is it?
GB Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening, Erm Erm Edition :P
(played start to finish in 4:27.68)
I know the game. But whats the video about? Erm erm?
One day I will make the people who flag comments on SO suffer for wasting my life
9:59 AM
@MichaelMrozek I'll make sure to mention this comment on your nomination page
@badp Even mods can't see who flagged a comment; I'll need to bribe @RebeccaChernoff to get me the info
aww, that's an old run, obsoleted not once but thrice.
It reminds me of this:
Meaning? Hows it obsolete?
Heh, classics. Pokemon and zelda.
@Moshe It's a speed run of the game using various tools. A new speed run speed run has been published and it's thirty seconds faster.
10:02 AM
Oh, that wasn't the one I was looking for. There's a similar one where he walks out of Oak's house and takes like 10 steps to get to the final room with the bosses
Ah. Cool.
I have to see that @Mic
@MichaelMrozek That run has been obsoleted too
However, this is my favourite still: tasvideos.org/717M.html
I'm going to start saying that
Great. Run.
:D Who speedruns Monopoly?
10:13 AM
@MichaelMrozek People showing off their luck manipulation obviously :)
> several seconds have been shaved by reverse engineering the random number generator and a brute force computer search to achieve the desired randomization with the least possible delay.
I approve
Best games evar, polemic blue and legend of Zelda
Did those glitches work on gameboy?
@Moshe Yes, or the movies would've been rejected
Ugh meant Pokemon, not polemic. Argh. iPhone keyboard.
10:17 AM
btw, it's not only old games:
Yes, what? It worked on the gameboy, or best game?
rolls over and goes to sleep
@Moshe Worked on the actual platforms
...if you could replicate input
Weird... how did these guys manage to get hour long videos on YouTube?
@YiJiang They received clearances from YT I guess
flygon has unthrottled uploading e.g.
I thought only Google's own videos had the privilege
Seems like they're quite relaxed about it - quite a lot of these long TAS videos
10:24 AM
I guess that once you prove you can provide hour long videos that people want to watch start to end, Youtube gladly lets you to
they had to publish a lot of videos in segments beforehand however
really finished
I'm going to make a list of every single time I see this so the next time a dev says "we added arbitrary limit X to improve quality" I can reply "these 600 links say otherwise"
10:58 AM
@MichaelMrozek My request to put an arbitrary lower bound to moderation nominations wasn't met with your rebuttal
@badp Where?
Q: More thoughts on the election UI

badp There is no lower bound on the self nomination text length. This is puzzling; I'd expect 100 characters minimum, certainly not this: //can moderate or this: This makes especially sense because there is no voting going on during the first seven days: there is no advantage on getting ...

@badp That was just fixing the bound, unless I'm missing something. I'm fine with them having a limit, although I'm not a big fan of the 11k it's become over time
@MichaelMrozek eh, in a way it's fair to restrict newer users from the opportunity
primaries with 30 people are going to be painful already
I think 3k might even be a bit high, but I assume they put some thought into it. Certainly when it was 300 we had a lot of nominations that were less than good, but I'm not sure that was impossible to deal with
11:05 AM
Nevermind that the bound can become as high as 81k
That part I'm really not a fan of (and I think not just because it's probably going to end up excluding me)
although the 50k+ers have probably better stuff on their hands than moderating SO
@MichaelMrozek would you leave the pro-tem Unix diamond if you were elected?
I guess there's no chance now to avoid an overlap
No; I don't anticipate it being a problem, the mod work on Unix is depressingly low. That was the main inspiration for running in the SO election; I like the maintenance stuff, but there's so little to do on Unix
On an unrelated note, my scrambled eggs are done. And I'm pretty excited about that
(Some day when Unix is overrun by spam I'm going to remember all my whining about having nothing to do and kick myself)
@MichaelMrozek I can send some script kiddos your way!
@MichaelMrozek Unix spam? Hehe... that would really be unlikely
@badp Sadly, our biggest problem so far was when another mod sent a question to some coworkers, who proceeded....yeah, that :). I forgot I posted that
People are incredibly bad about duplicates on meta
I wonder if there's a way to make people check the duplicate suggestions list; it seems to be less than effective
...I'd rather not have that tyvm
:D Wow. I guess probably no amount of magic will force people to check it; I'd rather it not get more annoying for people who know what they're doing
My comeback was
but I don't like it particularly
A: Why did you have to blow into an NES cartridge to make it work?

Michaelmy friends and i all adheared to a collective theory... game does not start do this: 1)reset system 2)pop up an down the cartridge about 5 x 3)blow in cartridge 4)repeat steps 1-4 5) blow in cartrige with tee shirt over top of cartridge 6)start getting violent with the nes 7)repeat 1-7 (yes your ...

I keep clicking my mouse where the edit link should be, but it's not there T_T
12:19 PM
Q: Stackoverflow Making Cause , Noise Group !?

SynxmaxAbility to making groups on serious limits and problems in enterprise and even open source ide , languages , .... and present it to companies , news groups and ... Sometimes lack of api's in certain areas cause developers a lot of time to manage hacks or subways , for example some peoples made a...

Can anyone understand what is he trying to say?
I think I get it
I'm editing it right now... hmmm
So erhm... how was that edit?
pretty sure "subway" means "workaround"
Right, and a few others. Could be a poor automatic translation
> sorry for my poor english , my français is damn better – Synxmax ↵ 30 secs ago
@balpha i think subway means sandwich
@balpha I blame Google Translate
12:32 PM
@Jin you also think that "bacon" and "nutrition" are synonyms
@balpha what's your point?
@Jin On Meta? 22,383 and counting.
> this is not google translator :( man , i can't post in chat rooms due to my reputations – Synxmax 1 min ago
@balpha Do you want to invite him in?
working on it
@Synxmax you should be able to talk now
thanks for invite and edit
guys your are perfect thank you , in any other community people blame me for my english , but you are just great thank you
12:37 PM
@YiJiang has a history of being not supported, so he can relate :)
@Synxmax Well, about your feature-request... it's probably not going to be well received
@balpha Oy
why not , i think here ( stackoverflow ) , is best place for such an idea
@Synxmax Because the creator of this site has stated that the purpose of this site is strictly for Q&A
Stuff like what you're suggesting is well outside the scope of this site
They do give back to the community in other ways, like for instance donating advertising space for OSS projects
But those are separate from the mission of the site itself
hmmm , thanks anyway to you for editing and information
you guys are great best community ever, thanks
@Synxmax thanks. have a star :-)
How many edits does it take to get to the community-wiki center of an answer?
12:57 PM
@Josh 5 by 5 different users, or 10 by the OP
@YiJiang Thanks. If this happens is all rep lost?
@Josh Don't think so, can't remember
no, rep gained from votes before wikification is kept
@balpha Cool thanks, even after a rep recalc?
(probably not)

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