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12:00 PM
@ShadowWizard no, Japan originally from @clem
throwing gives on @ber and up on @Dro
people says sushi is yummy
sushi is yummy
I rather eat duck embryo
12:01 PM
First saw that "u" as "i", lol
@ShadowWizard haha.. #ISeeWhatYouDidThere
crunch crunch
@SilentKiller By the weekend, ok?
12:20 PM
@Mooseman no prob :) will control my emotions ;)
(again removed)
wanted to say something regarding sex
saws that @Dro is around, so, hides
@Mooseman don't you mean The Weeknd?
Can I undo upvotes?
12:23 PM
@neferpitou yep.
So you like him, @Moo?
@berserk ok , thats a good news
@ShadowWizard I've never even heard of him lol
12:24 PM
@berserk only up to 5 minutes after voting, or after an edit. /cc @nef
oh I see
This is my kind of music: youtube.com/watch?v=hKqG2EVzUrg
@Mooseman not bad, I must admit. :)
@ShadowWizard Wait, really?
12:25 PM
I heard bed... wut?
@ShadowWizard Cool :)
@berserk you hear what you want to hear.... ;)
@ShadowWizard liar :P, you commented in such a short time, but the music is 4 mins long.
@ShadowWizard I heard sex... wut?
@Mooseman I heard ass... wut?
12:28 PM
it mean its just rumor
@SilentKiller dunno where are you getting that rumors.. I wanna go to that world c:
@neferpitou true
@ClemensHimmer doctrine
@ClemensHimmer lol.
delete that lol
@berserk Donkey
12:29 PM
@berserk then consult to @mav ;)
@SilentKiller blech
@Mooseman I heard sexy... wut?
Huh? Was something flagged?
thinking same
who flagged
12:30 PM
i didn't remove anything :o
everyone hide!
guys in the wall, hide
Oded is in the den...
Guys pretend to be a cat!
12:31 PM
@berserk wut?
Feeling like busted lol
Well, there's always the chance @Oded has just arrived to say "hi"... :D
i guess no
inb4 i get murdered
I can't ping him?
12:32 PM
Im smelling blood lust
@berserk I noticed that...
@neferpitou IKR.
@Mooseman Why?
@ber you can ping @Oded, but I can't vouch for your safety afterwards... :D
@Oded Hi! Welcome to the Den :)
@berserk I can't ping @Oded -- not by autocomplete anyway
12:32 PM
will my general greeting work?
@Mooseman Oh.
@Mooseman huh, so weird, @Oded doesn't appear in auto complete indeed even though he's in the room....
bug or feature ? :D
@ShadowWizard Hey Mr. Oded, are mods able to disable pings?
12:33 PM
Its not an ordinary O, its an Extend Unicode with a small dot :3 , kidding
Oh, he left the room.
Recent folks should still be ping-able though
@Mooseman wiggle wiggle lol
Probably if one just arrives to a room by mistake then leaves without posting anything, he/she can't be pinged.
12:34 PM
plus deletes my post
Might be new feature after people complained, lol
@ClemensHimmer really? What he deleted?

When Den was freaked out from Oded's visit

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Bookmarked just now by berserk

@berserk Because he forgot to add "C", "C" Oded
@berserk lol, you know @IͶΔ just love bookmarks? :D
@Clem your dragon collection pic is still there, can't think of anything more NSFW you posted recently.... ;)
@ShadowWizard my response to you that ma fam was just some .. let's not say that again before some mod needs to kill me again
@ClemensHimmer don't use such words (atleast here) lol
@Sha is Den in danger? D:
@ClemensHimmer so weird, it wasn't even flagged as far as I can tell, since 10k users should be able to see chat flags. :(
12:44 PM
Is it off topic in Lifehack if I ask "How to get rid those naked mole rat from deceiving humans"?
@ShadowWizard yes its not ;)
@neferpitou Yes... or is it?
wtf @moos your a mod :D
@neferpitou I'd need to see the question body; that title is vague...
12:50 PM
@berserk yolo
@ClemensHimmer yummy
@ShadowWizard that's the best XD
@ShadowWizard he's a mod guess he just deleted it
@Mooseman I might not post it yet :)
@ClemensHimmer So, it wasn't you who deleted it?
@neferpitou Noooooooooooo :(
12:52 PM
The last time I post in Lifehack [Got removed/Burn]
The title was "How to save your life in a sinking titanic!"
people voted it as vague, I believe its not, but yes its vague
headSpinning @_@
@berserk no
@ClemensHimmer immediate
@Clem please fix chain...
@ClemensHimmer Well, wait for your judgement now...
12:56 PM
@ShadowWizard but he predicted you question already and said NO
@moos does asking "How to multiply numbers easier by just thinking " is off-topic?
@neferpitou That'd be a mind hack
ah I see
@FOX9000 hard
1:08 PM
@ClemensHimmer tackle
@ClemensHimmer boner
@DroidDev mr
1:12 PM
@Mooseman Moooooooooooo
No associated word found for Moooooooooooo.
@Mooseman mope
@DroidDev sit
@FOX9000 India
@DroidDev archipelago
1:13 PM
movie link above @Sha
@FOX9000 island
@DroidDev west
@FOX9000 Die
@DroidDev von
okay wtf is with the cain now XD
@FOX9000 don
1:17 PM
@DroidDev glove
@FOX9000 winter
@DroidDev weather
@FOX9000 feather
@DroidDev trim
@ClemensHimmer no weird names today?
1:25 PM
@DroidDev seeeeeeeeeeeeeee
@DroidDev yeah, looooooooooooooooong time since you posted a moive link! :D
Does it mean you'll also try to break @Frank WPD record? ;)
@FOX9000 hair
@ShadowWizard hyacinth
@DroidDev uuuh meant to say chain
@ShadowWizard that'll have to wait I guess. And by wait, I mean, really wait until I exhaust all the series and movies I have, go on a far island, with no-one to talk to, run out of porn to watch, run out of friends, break up with my girlfriend, my family doesn't want to talk to me, I get tired while staring at sky, and I get bored to hell. Yup, that would be the day I try breaking Frank's record. Until then, I sadly haven't got time :(
@ClemensHimmer I got that. I was just asking, if there was no "name of the day" from those envelopes, you dumbass prick :P
@DroidDev well, this still might happen one day, though most likely the Den will be nuked by then for having too much NSFW stuff.... :P
1:34 PM
@ShadowWizard then this won't happen....I guess ;)
meow ber! :D
1:35 PM
@NiKoLaPrO cats, me no likez catz. Too much attitude :P
me do like dogz,
@neferpitou you mad bro?
1:38 PM
@DroidDev no :3
@neferpitou then why you hate dogz?
well....@Sha as you can see the @nef replied to me when I called him "bro", that adds upto another proof of him being a guy and not a girl ;)
@DroidDev Im a boy
1:40 PM
Im a cat
@neferpitou weren't you claiming that you are a girl, a while ago
your secret is safe with me
I am CodeCat
too many cats!
@berserk LMAO, that. I couldn't imagine a better comeback from that
@berserk thankyah :D
1:41 PM
No associated word found for thankyah.
@neferpitou Latest 10 words: hyacinth, hair, trim, feather, weather, winter, glove, don, von, die
@FOX9000 !delete
@FOX9000 what
1:42 PM
@DroidDev ail
@FOX9000 drugs
@neferpitou disease
Image not found
1:44 PM
wooot, no image? :o
@NiKoLaPrO sometimes you need to use Upload >> From the Web >> post the link
@DroidDev aaah today was beer again
@ClemensHimmer haha, cheers to beer then
1:46 PM
@neferpitou where?
@NiKoLaPrO oh sorry, your rep is not yet 100
facepalm </3
dis dog
I can make @ber do backflip
but only in photoshop :D
or you can say: "when @ber see boobs"
Ok I am not seeing any boobs :'(
1:50 PM
@neferpitou gimme ur skype and show me your boobs c:
@ber's life goal: see boobs
@ber's face when he see boobs
404 - Image not found.
1:56 PM
Sup @MushroomCloudsPlus
25 First Posts
@ShadowWizard G-T-C-O-M-S!
@MushroomCloudsPlus yo!
Long time no see, again!
@berserk hey boobserk~
1:57 PM
or boobsuck?
@berserk better!
Triage: Close eyes, unsalvagable->close->too broad
I still find it weird @Mush and @Uni usually appear in the same time ;)
@ShadowWizard you gonna guess?
@ShadowWizard I dunno
1:59 PM
@MushroomCloudsPlus green?

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