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8:30 PM
Clearly we should just use DevDoodle now
Id have to do some digging im working fo my notes here
@SterlingArcher Not sure, we will all be CAT licensed
I leave and drama ensues.
I wonder if this made up for my lack of an entertaining meta post...
@hichris123 Nope
8:48 PM
You're still slacking @hichris123
Indeed. I shall resolve to expediently implement a fix to this dire situation.
Shog for president.
9:08 PM
@JNat Ah, interesting. Thanks for the clarification & fix. :)
sigh VLQ flag on a down voted answer on the license question
Since when did you become a meta mod, @rene? ;)
You don't know half of it ;)
9:39 PM
Is there some way to find out which (not deleted) post on Meta.SE has the most negative score?
Yeah I was wondering whether it had any competition
So it's actually only the 15th most unpopular suggestion :-)
@abligh See also data.stackexchange.com - I'd make a query but... mobile.
Something like select top 50 score, id as [Post Link] from posts where deletiondate is null order by score desc
Man, 23 years later and x files is still creepy as hell.
@JasonC select top 50 score, id as [Post Link] from posts where deletiondate is null order by score asc
but it doesn't find the post in question :-)
9:54 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected in title: Is there a downside to using a subnet mask other than by Jake on networkengineering.stackexchange.com
sd f
the license post is getting close votes
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported answer: Child Comment inside the Parent Comment in OpenXMl C# by Sandra Milton on stackoverflow.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer: What will happen if I overstay in Sweden by 1 day? by Smarts on travel.stackexchange.com
10:10 PM
sd k
@rene what I find even weirder are the numerous useless/disruptive edits that the team has to roll back.
It's one thing to disagree, it's totally different thing to change the wording/meaning.
Don't agree? Great, downvote, comment. But don't change to something else. Sigh.
10:25 PM
Wait, we don't run/own this site?
I fear they will end up locking the question if it'll keep going like that.
@rene yup, same way kids usually own their parents. ;)
Who are those SE diamonds in the first place. Who do they think they are. That kind of emotion .... locking wouldn't be a good measure ...
(and cry when a toy is taken away)
@rene but if those useless edits and close votes keeps coming in, they'll probably do it.
I propose they all get bluefeet...
Or hit by a door knob.
(which doesn't look like a door knob anymore ;))
@rene wait a second, no one else can have bluefeet
Oh, I guess they can call themselves lucky then?
10:32 PM
@bluefeet I can paint my feet blue
@Doorknob ^
Google thinks you're Men's Room, Orange, or just LOL
Oh great, my own avatar leads to semi-NSFW result. :/
@Ϻ.Λ.Ʀ. here you go, this is my take on the matter in a less chatty format:
A: A New Code License: The MIT, this time with Attribution Required

Shog9Meta meta-Meta For a post that was intended primarily to address one of the concerns raised (repeatedly) in the previous discussion, this sure has kicked up a lot of dust. I got to talking with a few people in chat earlier, and they... Kinda seemed surprised by a few things that I thought were o...

@rene nuked
make questions visible on front page even if their score is below -8
It's quite confusing for the thousands of users who will see this question linked all around to not see it in the front page.
I'm pretty sure the team never expected a featured question to go so low, but the day has come.
@ShadowWizard Isn't there a site that tells what pecentage NSFW your image is?
10:52 PM
@Quill lol, doubt it. Would require quite an advanced image detection and AI.
IIRC it's based on the similarity in image colour, and I do remember seeing one
images with more flesh colours flag as more NSFW
Looking forward to see such a thing :)
@hichris123 hmmm
Totally at work though, so :P
@hichris123 yeah, the spammers love to target same posts for some odd reason. Kasra got an answer which got at least 5 by now
10:55 PM
ha. At least it's a decent honeypot...
Q: Posts that are repeated targets of spam edits should be flagged to moderators

JonWI just rejected a spam edit on a post today and out of curiosity decided to check the history of that post. It turns out that same post has been the target of repeated spam edit attempts in the past. Looking back at some other rejected edits in the history for other posts I see similar things hav...

Tim hasn't posted a SpamRam blocking graph recently. Wonder what that looks like now...
I think this question only exists so you can get the rep, right? ;) Happy down voting.... — rene 2 hours ago
took the words right out of my mouth
I love how his non-positive answers are CWs, while the question isn't
@Quill They weren't the last time I looked.
11:03 PM
A: Change rep required to downvote on MSE

muddyfishI am against the changing of the reputation required to downvote. (Upvote if you believe this) Do not downvote this answer! We want it so users who can't see upvotes and downvotes can still work out the correct percentages.

> Do not downvote this answer! We want it so users who can't see upvotes and downvotes can still work out the correct percentages.
Does the rep loss of down votes dissappear when you make it a CW?
Because it's easy to want to have an opinion for not contributing on MSE
@SimonKlaver Yeah, you get no rep from CWs
and no rep loss
All the previous rep gained/lost remains. The newer votes don't affect rep.
@nicael That's what I meant. Thank you.
if the question was a CW, he wouldn't have got rep from it, but instead he decided to make the answer a CW so he doesn't lose rep
CWs are for when multiple people need to contribute without hitting the edit queue
not for when you don't want to lose rep
11:07 PM
What is it with the "percentage" bullshit anyway?
oh hey look at that, the two negative CWs are deleted
So let me get this right... You want to have the right to voice your opinion on this site, for doing diddly squat, simply because you have the association bonus on other sites? — Quill 1 min ago
@Quill they were, um, massively flagged. And for once the flags on meta were appropriate.
For abusing the cw system?
Glad they're gone either way
for not being answers and also being complete jokes ("don't downvote" score: -4)
The posts were already flagged before becoming a CW. Do these still count then?
11:13 PM
I don't care if you make your answer CW
10 mins ago, by Simon Klaver
> Do not downvote this answer! We want it so users who can't see upvotes and downvotes can still work out the correct percentages.
@Shog9 I know, but does the system?
you disqualify yourself for a few badges
that's... about it
it's a copout for not receiving rep loss on shitty contributions
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: How to remove music and tv sound from phone audio recording by David ball on sound.stackexchange.com
11:16 PM
I mean, they're useful if you really want to encourage edits, but that's rare. They're ok if you just don't want to deal with rep-effects, but most people aren't consistent about that either.
sd k
I could really use some bourbon
where's @hichris123, anyway
He still hasn't posted anything for me to rant at on meta
Had some Pisang Ambon just now :P
banana-flavored liquor... huh
...which is, like, totally comparable.
11:18 PM
can't say I've ever run across it
Yeah. Tastes good with 7Up or Jus.
@Shog9 That sounds... abusive.
I got a few bananas I was planning on fermenting for fertilizer, maybe I'll take a sip before watering.
@SimonKlaver I feel like he's been pensive lately
@Shog9 Great excuse.
maybe your feature requests are just getting better?
you need chickens for your vege patch
11:21 PM
they're pretty great, but nothing can compare with my 6.5-year-old 8-ball proposal
Which I still think has not received sufficient consideration
just think, every "is this food still edible" question on cooking could be answered automatically
health too
@Shog9 ...which is?
... an 8 ball?
you don't know what an 8 ball is?
@Quill I mean the question :P
"Is this banana which lied here for at least 5 years still edible?"
search meta
"outlook not so good"
really, that's just a universal true-ism; we should tell folks that randomly regardless of what they're doing
Q: Add a "Magic 8-Ball" feature to the Ask a Question page

Shog9So many interesting questions get asked on Stack Overflow and then immediately closed (or worse yet, closed and re-opened for days on end) because they're subjective, argumentative, and fundamentally unanswerable due to our lack of omniscience: without the ability to see into the future and/or kn...

I can't believe I actually typed that in....
11:26 PM
@Quill You did a good job.
I like how a non-existent user got the bounty.
*deleted user
Same effect in the present.
@SimonKlaver two bounties
in The 2nd Monitor on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by 200_success
Interesting. They can algorithmically tell which questions should go through the Low Quality queue, so why don't they put up a road block before the question even gets fully posted?
I myself am more in favor of a "Simon says" feature.
Not for any particular reason.
11:31 PM
@Quill um.. We do.
Just rejected on SO:
Score: 55
Title: Inline VS external
What are the benefits and drawbacks of inline scripts in html and externally stored scripts?

tags: inline external html
...posted anyway after tweaks:
Q: Inline VS external

dlm00reI've been stuck with this question for ages. I got asked it by a mate a couple days back and i really couldn't give him an answer. I'd like to know so I can let him know and to know for myself. What are the benefits and drawbacks of inline scripts in html and externally stored scripts?

We have keyword blacklists for titles. Can we have keyword greylists for titles and phrase greylists for post bodies?
I don't know what you're asking for, but sure
My list is cream white with pale blue lines on it
For example, can we greylist "I'm trying to…" in question bodies on Code Review?
what do you want to happen then exactly
Some kind of Clippy, minus the Clippy.
11:34 PM
Which shade of grey?
I mean, we can pop-up warnings for phrases, if that's what you're asking
Yes, that's what I'm suggesting.
looks like about 2 a day
The "Clippy" would probably say that Code Review requires working code. If your code actually works, then say "I have written…" instead.
Bad wording, but that's the intention.
post feature request on meta
with proposed wording
so I don't just make something up
11:39 PM
I've had enough Meta excitement for today. I'll sleep on it for a while, then ask on CR Meta.
> Hey dude, 200_success thinks you suck. He says there is no "trying" only "doneing". Guy thinks he's Yoda or something; change some words so he doesn't kill you.
Seriously though, "I'm trying" is a lightning rod for close votes and skeptical comments. Might as well avert that if the question could be better worded in the first place.
yeah, maybe
play with search a bit, see what you can turn up
I hold the record for most downvoted question on any meta site. Just reminding you wanna-bes.
11:43 PM
Well, I am gonna sleep. Nighty night!
@Shog9 Doing Real Work™
a likely excuse
@Shog9 do you happen to have any pocket-examples of times in the past where SO's CC-BY-SA licensing has led to annoying lawsuits?
@Shog9 Such a skeptic...
@mixedmath I doubt it has
11:48 PM
@Shog9 I wasn't sure. I was just wondering. Thanks Shog
The problem is folks' fear and potentially trying to hide where they got code as a result of fear. Boogiemen not so much real monsters.
Am I hearing this right, I think my subconscious is hearing this: (I am a troll, I think one of the most elite ones & trust me, the best career for an elite troll on meta is to joining SE if you can so you have mod++ power so you can troll to your heart content using socks never get question banned)
Although since you're here, might as well ask about the roomba solution you proposed a year and a half ago, @Shog9. Is that still in the "gathering feedback & data" stage?
oh yeah, I need to get back to that
It totally works, with only minor tweaks
I even tested it
So... that's actually going to happen?
11:50 PM
why not?
Well, no activity in 7 months...
I've been busy lazy
Dare I ask about a timeline then?
y'all just GOT a new timeline
... a timeline for the project being completed.
Yanno, like 6-8 weeks...
(did you get hired just to be a pedant? ;))
11:53 PM
- Now: say stuff to blow off hichris
- Later: write proper spec
- Afterwards: implement it
At least you're not using a complex vocabulary to cloud the issue at hand...
But really, do I have any hope of seeing this in say... the next month?
are you gonna keep putting off this meta post?
how long do I have to wait on that, hmm?
I need to make a list of Shog stall tactics...
Or should I just turn you into a fictional foil, Mike Royko style, and write it mysefl
I'll call you, "Hics Grobnik"
You'll be staring morosely into your beer in the Tavern, talking about blood and guts
Morose mostly because you're too young to drink
But also because of angst over the future of SE
@Shog9 a while. Or maybe never. I'm really not sure it'll accomplish anything (read: me chatting with you probably has more of an effect than me shouting to the crowds of meta who can't do a thing about anything I would say).
@Shog9 We at least have happy hour back...
11:58 PM
Wait, you're putting stuff off for unreasonably long periods of time?
Who do you think you are, me?
Me? Or Shog?
Or both of us? :P
Hey, I've been busy writing a userscript to tunnel requests into SEDE from the post editor so that I can just write queries inline instead of having to keep all these tabs open.
If someone had made that easier...
You should have up voted the feature request

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