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1:00 PM
that question was on the first page of hacker news
374 upvotes for the best answer! Wow...
yea ... i think it was on reddit too :)
@Pekka The power of a good title.
Q: How can I tell if a corpse is safe to eat?

Kaestur HakarlI am playing a human wizard, and I just killed a monster, leaving a corpse on the ground. How do I tell whether it is safe to eat this corpse? I leave the monster unspecified because I am interested in "how can I figure out whether this is edible," rather than whether any particular monster is e...

@The, I've been wanting to post that on cooking since forever... :)
@Benjol I'll consider asking instead, "How to cook kobold meat so it is safe to eat?"
@Pekka Well look at the views on that question. Someone mentioned tweeting it.
Anyway, um, how did Robert Moir get 680 rep from his +375 answer?
@radp Daily rep limit?
@YiJiang ...oh right he would've get 3,750 rep instead.
Fail COMBO ×2
It's still refreshing to see a real answer getting three digit upvotes, instead of NARQs
...even though the question does have very little in the way of reality here.
1:21 PM
Morning stackers
@spoulson Good morning!
I read that as "Morning Slackers " at first... I think that's a sign I should be working...
Must hurry... to register slackoverflow.com
@spoulson too late :(
...must... resist... urge.. to check....
My work proxy blocks it for "suspicious".
Might be good
1:25 PM
Looks like a very confused spamblog thing
good afternoon Sirs
@systempuntoout Hello there
@systempuntoout, just out of curiosity, can we see your user name in camelcase?
1:42 PM
@Benjol StudlYCaPs is good for you?
Okay, I'll admit it, Moonlight sucks
@systempuntoout, uh, sorry, didn't get that one. I just can't work out how to read puntoout, is it pun to out, punto out, or something else? :)
StudlyCaps (or perhaps StUdLyCaPs, also known as StickyCaps) is a variation of CamelCase in which the individual letters in a word (or words) are capitalized and not capitalized, either at random or in some pattern. History According to the Jargon File "ThE oRigiN and SigNificaNce of thIs pRacTicE iS oBscuRe." It appears to have been popularized among adolescent users during the BBS and early WWW eras of online culture, as a form of rebellion against the traditional rules of capitalization. Unlike the use of all lowercase letters, which suggests laziness or efficiency as a motivation, Stu...
it's system punto out, punto means dot in italian
I've been wondering what it meant!
Yeah, I just got that 30 seconds after asking.
1:45 PM
is that ugly? Sorry :D
I'm afraid punto was making me think of this, which prevented me from parsing it properly
I always thought it was "system punt something ", but could never make it work :-)
@systempuntoout, not ugly, just intriguing
@Benjol I'm afraid I don't know Italian, which prevented me from parsing it properly ;-)
when I started my blog in 2004, I was working with Java debugging with System.out.writeln (I know it sucks).. then I decided to call my blog "Systempuntoout, debug of my thoughts"
1:47 PM
Hey there @Fosco
@The I believe in english systempuntoout sucks badly :), in italian sounds good enough.
StudlyCaps? What a stupid name.
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Good Morning
@spoulson it's the recommended naming style for Python :)
Hey! how long has there been tooltips on question titles in the user profile view?
1:52 PM
Hi all, morning.
Good morning @Moshe!
At some point it will be time for a sequel to @balpha's "Not A Real Question": Guessing which SE site a question title belongs on.
Q: How can I tell if a corpse is safe to eat?

Kaestur HakarlI am playing a human wizard, and I just killed a monster, leaving a corpse on the ground. How do I tell whether it is safe to eat this corpse? I leave the monster unspecified because I am interested in "how can I figure out whether this is edible," rather than whether any particular monster is e...

Gaming.stackexchange.com or law.stackexchange.com?
@Pekka I love it! That's a great idea
Or cooking.stackexchange.com?
You never know!
@Pekka If only it were tagged [food-safety]
1:54 PM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException the difficult thing is that you'd have to pick ambiguous titles manually
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Haha!
Hmmm... but how would you choose the questions?
And most bizarre titles would be from gaming
@YiJiang manually. No other way
Thank you. @The. I'm on iPod, so I don't have it, but I made a masterpiece of a screenshot in Photoshop last night.
@Pekka This is true. Maybe he could add "which SE site" as a criteria you need to match on NARQ
@Moshe Do post if when you return to a real input device
I mean, I assume it has the most beautiful freehand circles evar, right @Moshe?
The screenshot had a tab open which contained the link I made everyone wait for last night.
@the it has some nice photoshopped rounded rectangles with layerstyles and cut outs.
1:57 PM
Anyone here got recommendations for mouse gestures in chrome?
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Calm down, it's probably rounded corner rectangles
@Moshe Don't post that. You'll be downvoted to oblivion. Mostly by myself ;-)
I mention it because it had a tab open next to the one I worked with, and that was the link I wanted to share.
1:58 PM
@YiJiang If they're freehand rounded corner rectangles then I'm happy
@yij thank you.
The BBC magazine's 100 things we didn't know last year :P
> 100. Donald Trump's hair is real.
> 1. The G-spot nearly came to be known as the Whipple Tickle.
I failed in my attempt to come up with a witty response to that...
Foooouuuundd theeee liiinnnkkk!!!!!
I will post later when there are more people here....
...wait for it...
@the - your response returned a 404 error?
2:29 PM
Queer experiments?
This guy and the article writer are kooks
@Moshe interesting experiments...
How am I supposed to scrape a site into an XML feed when they keep coming up with new idiotic characters and entities to throw in to their page all the time.
So I should start predicting and studying lotto numbers after every pull
then, knowing that I'm going to study the numbers after the drawing
I should have a better chance of getting the numbers the first time :)
(and that will prove the experiment a failure)
@Fosco, I think that if you multiple the percentages he's talking about by the chances of winning lotto, you're not going to see much difference ;)
2:45 PM
@Benjol I agree completely..
You should study the complete futility of playing sequences or the numbers from "Lost", it will result in more fun.
I actually played the Lost numbers for a while, just for fun. I loved that show.
Not that $40k would have been anything to spit at.
mega millions was over $300 million last night.. 2 people hit it.
the first 3 numbers were 4, 8, 15 :)
3:01 PM
@Fosco Sadly I was not one of them :'(
(Although it's difficult to win if you don't play...)
@Fosco Yah, just sayin if the over 9000 people who played the Lost numbers hit the jackpot they'd have only got ~$40k out of the deal.
Instead, they get $150, which is neat...
We had a sequence of 5 numbers come up last year I think. So what normally would have been 1 or two people sharing $100k there were thousands of $100 winners.
hey, it's still "free" money.
3:12 PM
I <3 free money
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException which is why you hate "free" money.
Well, it's better than money you have to pay for...
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException that's pretty much the definition of a lottery.
"Pay 1$ for your chance of winning $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!!"
@radp Oh? I thought the definition of a lottery was "a way to trick the poor into paying money they don't have to the government instead of just raising taxes on the wealthy, who can afford it" ;-)
(it's probably $25.51 after taxes, fees, fees on taxes, taxes on fees, conversion, warranty, taxes on taxes, ...)
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException I thought there were privately run lotteries too.
actually, in the US of all countries...
3:16 PM
I think there are. But I know many are government run: In North Carolina, we just started (last year, or maybe two years ago) the NC Education Lottery as a way to help drive money into our public education system...
I am not a fan
um, and that's private?
Don't get me wrong -- I love money for education!
@radp No, this one's public :-)
I'm not a fan of fundraisers for emergencies.
what do I pay taxes for exactly?
Q: CSS to create curved corner between two elements?

TaurenMy UI has an unordered list on the left. When a list item is selected, a div appears on the right of it. I'd like to have a curved outer corner where the <li> and the <div> meet. See the white arrow in the image below. To extend the blue <li> to the edge of the <ul>, I'...

The "migrated from" messages didn't used to include a blurb about the source site, did they? I just noticed that on a question
3:19 PM
@MichaelMrozek no, it didn't.
Q: CPU front side bus(FSB) and motheboard speed

What is the differences between CPU front side bus(FSB) and motherboard speed.How does it affect gaming performances?

↑ sample
Well, I know what it looks like now :). I was asking what it looked like before; I thought it was different but I tend to make up differences in my mind
> My taxes go to pay for the prisons, and the poorhouses. The homeless must go there.
@MichaelMrozek They looked like that one, just without that paragraph.
I think @Pop has a screenshot
I'll take your word for it. Thanks
Q: "Closed" does not convey what it is intended to convey, and should be more user-friendly

Popular DemandThe problem One of the recurring questions on Meta is "why was this question closed?" In nearly every case, the question is posed by a newcomer to Stack Exchange who doesn't understand what closing means. The new users get frustrated with the (apparently) inscrutable, hostile SE system while Met...

I believe the only change I made was the superscript link.
3:22 PM
@PopularDemand no, it's the "migrated from [x]" stuff we're talking about.
I don't generally keep the screenshots I take once I get the snippet or whatever I need.
Oh, that.
Q: Please make it more obvious when a post is migrated

Jon BIn response to this question, I think we need to make it more obvious when a post has been migrated. Here's an idea: Just ignore the part where balpha cleared this one up.

Hrm, I don't remember having a shot of that.
eh, it's a screenshot of the other side however.
Try @YiJiang?
3:24 PM
@PopularDemand What?
/assign @rchern
@YiJiang Never mind, apparently.
Okay, back to sleep. Er, I mean, work.
I'm sorry but is there any chance of progress in meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/69658/… ? The only browser that works is chromium (not Firefox 3.6.x and not Epiphany in various versions)
All browsers pass suggested test
@MaciejPiechotka Firefox 3.6.x should work - I'm using it right now, in fact
3:33 PM
but @MarcGravell or @balpha should be able to help in here, too
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Ok. moving discussion there
and @RebeccaChernoff should be able to get their attention for you :-)
@YiJiang Me too. I had a problem when SE chat launched with local storage or something, but it was resolved weeks ago.
@YiJiang I've just tried it
(There. I've done my part! ;-)
3:34 PM
@PopularDemand You mean month? It's been at least a month since chat.se launched, eh... right?
@MaciejPiechotka Tried clearing cache, cookies and local storage?
Raymond Chen's take on BETA? UNSUPPORTED!
@YiJiang Yes
@MaciejPiechotka You'll need to have a Gaming account for the button @YiJiang posted to work.
3:36 PM
@marcog Looks like a valid request to me; I did my part
@YiJiang @TheNeedsMoarJqueryException thanks
@radp Well yeah, but you can swap out the subdomain for any other SE site. Eh, right?
I don't expect it to work, but you can try meta.stackoverflow.com/users/chat-stackexchange-login (@MaciejPiechotka)
need 2 more reopen votes if anyone's willing
@radp The route exists, so it should I think
3:37 PM
@marcog Anytime :-) I do suggest two more people reopen
Not clear why it was closed, it is a valid question IMO
@YiJiang No, this time I meant what I said. SE chat launched a while ago, and it didn't work for me at the time, but they fixed the problem a few weeks ago.
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException it was originally very poorly phrased
@PopularDemand Fair enough
ok, it's reopened
Can a mod merge the answers perhaps?
@marcog They can and should; flag it
@radp You know, it's quite amazing how some of that sounds like SOIS's policies to beta browsers
3:40 PM
@YiJiang more like, it's exactly them :)
@radp Let's see if the results are exactly the same
@YiJiang Thanks, done just that
IE9 and Firefox 4 should be coming out first quarter 2011
@PopularDemand -- re a question I asked you in the past. I tried fixing the typos in meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/69658/… and got «Oops! Your edit couldn't be submitted because: 'bug status-norepro chat login problem' contains a tag reserved for moderator use»
@radp Ah yes, that bug. Damn stupid one that's been tripping up meta user for a while now
3:42 PM
@YiJiang At least for Chromium, afaik, beta releases are only changed for severe enough security issues. Not the kind of issues users would have with SO.
Still, many of us use dev releases. I use nightlies.
So there.
@radp Wait, what did you try to fix? The body text of the question?
Q: Cannot edit a post after a mod tag was added to it

Juan ManuelI'm having this same problem, but when I remove the status-completed tag to edit a post, it says that the "status-completed moderator tag must be present" Is this intended behavior? The net result is that you can't edit a post that's been marked with a moderator tag

@PopularDemand Yes.
^ Upvote this, dammit
@YiJiang Thanks, upvoted.
3:44 PM
@radp Weird. I would've bet that I'd edited mod-tagged questions before, but I can't point to a specific example. You could probably prove me wrong by going through my activity history -- now that it's all there -- but who has that kind of time or inclination?
@PopularDemand not me -- not today. :)
@PopularDemand Definitely was possible before
Anyway the edited post was:
I'm logged into several SE sites and in the past chat did work for me.

However, since some time, it refuses to log me in stating I'm not logged on any SE site. I've tried both with Firefox and WebKit Epiphany.

There is no problem with the MSO Tavern.

**Edit**: After logging out everywhere and logging in on SE site pressing log in in chat it says that my data auth is too old as opposed to the previous behavior of logging indefinitly.

Global auth stopped working about the same time.
New minor bug: when someone you have ignored @-messages you, you get notified.
Not when you're in a room, but when you're on the all rooms page or other "system" pages (for lack of a better term).
@PopularDemand Excellent. Now nobody is safe
3:46 PM
Has anyone else seen this, or am I crazy?
@PopularDemand I don't generally ignore someone, so I'm not sure. How to repro?
@YiJiang Ignore me? I'll @-message you in a minute or so.
Right, ignored.
Oh, yup. I saw that.
3:48 PM
@YiJiang He's saying the most terrible things about you
I think I know why.
I'm guessing that they did a lazy job when implementing ignore - the user's messages are just hidden using CSS (I think), but the actual messages are still inserted into the DOM
I know this because I shouldn't be able to repro this otherwise - I'm using the Prism thingadongdong, not Chrome
that we did, yes (although not out of laziness, but to make unignoring not have to reload the page)
That's interesting. You could abuse the ignore feature by "ignoring" everyone you like and modifying the stylesheet to show their messages more prominently instead of hiding them
but that has nothing to do with the notification
@MichaelMrozek no
it's not hidden via css
@balpha But they are actually in the DOM
Hmmm... how else then.
3:51 PM
well, not via stylesheet
@balpha YiJiang said "the user's messages are just hidden using CSS" and you said "that we did, yes" :)
@PopularDemand Okay, that means I can stop starring @MichaelMrozek's messages to stop making you read them.
@radp Thanks.
@radp (How do the rest of you not have him ignored? Doesn't it burn a little when he posts something new?)
@PopularDemand Depends. As of late he's been busy burning a little in rchern's general direction.
3:59 PM
yawns and shakes fist at sickness
@TimStone Are you sure shaking fists doesn't make it worse?
This is a good point, I'm not sure.
Depends if the sickness is easily angered
Okay, even weirder - when I popped over to chat feedback, I saw that I had been notified once here - popping back in, and that once was apparently that time when @PopularDemand notified me when I ignored him
@radp Not unless it's arthritis or something
4:03 PM
Must... resist... urge to... reply.... Must... maintain... illusion that... Mrozek is... ignored....
Sounds like a bug, you ignoring @PopularDemand
yay new pens :D
@TimStone We were testing a bug
A likely story. ;)
@TimStone Nah, he's telling the truth (this time).
I had it written up for MSO, but since balpha showed up, I didn't post it.
4:06 PM
Is it common knowledge that you can convert an IP address to decimal form and just use that? You can ping 1658840109 or type it in chrome and it works
@MichaelMrozek Erm.. am I suppose to get bad request?
@YiJiang In chrome you should get a "Did you mean to go to ...?" bar
@MichaelMrozek I just tried pinging it, but that failed too
@MichaelMrozek I don't think so. At least, I didn't know about that.
PING 1658840109 ( 56(84) bytes of data.
--- 1658840109 ping statistics ---
9 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 80
4:08 PM
Oh, possibly the computer doesn't respond to pings, but the lookup works
Bad request on FF 3.6.13.
It turned into
I forgot that computer doesn't respond to pings. I guess ping 2130706433
@MichaelMrozek That's... odd. How does the translation work?
A.B.C.D == (2^24)*A + (2^16)*B + (2^8)*C + D
1208929427 does go to Google.
Punching in the 32-bit binary, on the other hand, gives me "You have attempted to access a website that is restricted per [my company's name] Policy and/or security reasons."
4:16 PM
> Have you ever noticed how certain questions come up again and again on Stack Overflow sites?
Yes. Yes I have
@MichaelMrozek I have not. Tell me more!
Joel Spolsky

Have you ever noticed how certain questions come up again and again on Stack Overflow sites?

Oh look, my PC is freezing. Should I use SELECT *? Oh, and, how can I host a server from home?

Really, people, do you want to be answering these same questions ten years from now? How about when you’re 65? That doesn’t sound so appealing now, does it?

We predicted this problem, even before we launched Stack Overflow. Why? Because the same thing happened on Usenet, where:

What happened next depended on the newsgroup. …

@MichaelMrozek Are feed items now posted by you now?
@MichaelMrozek Then you need the De-Duperlizer 2000! It comes with built-in search, FAQ, and if the case is more serious, RTFM capabilities!!
@radp I do seem to post the blog in here a lot
4:18 PM
@MichaelMrozek Request it becomes an actual feed then :)
We should just get the feedbot to do it automatically
That said, that's a kind of dangerous way to think about it -- I don't trust the community's duplicate closing in the slightest.
@radp Sadly, neither do I. And the current dupe finding mechanism is absolutely horrible
"Yeah, like, the answer is in the second paragraph of this answer, in this bit of this answer, in this comment, and they all are attached to the same question, so your question must be a dupe"
If people are asking if they should use SELECT * to solve their PC-freezing issues, there may be a bigger problem at hand.
4:21 PM
> It is OK to edit a question to make it more general. With the power of editing comes the power to take someone’s selfish, very specific question, and edit it a little bit until they’re asking the more general question that hundreds of people encounter. For example, if someone asks, “I set up a web server at home but I can’t access it from work,” it’s OK to rewrite the question as, “What things should I check when a web server running at home is not visible on the Internet?”
Uh oh.
@PopularDemand We never do that, don't we?
It could be very dangerous, especially if the question had some strings attached
Well, first you have to make sure this particular user's pitfall is the common one.
New plan: Write a bot that edits every SO question title so it reads "Why won't it work?!"
ARGH!!!!! Trying to merge in two different changes to this module and they're conflicting, and I'm 22 minutes past the window for me to finish this update! growls
4:22 PM
What if mod_rewrite, on this one little selfish specific question, is failing because of a bug in the kernel (or some such)?
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException shakes fist at SVN for you
That said I do remember having suggested the same "just make a One Reference Question with One Reference Answer and point people there" policy Joel wants.
(except I didn't suggest taking over people's questions.)
@TimStone Thanks. :-) I think I saw in this chat you're not feeling well? (I'm not really paying attention) If that's true, I hope you feel better!
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Thanks...I apparently have a magic sickness where I can breathe though my nose perfectly fine, but gallons of bile are spewing down the back of my throat, making it angry.
4:25 PM
@YiJiang Jeff must be a fan of repetition.
Gah, even Marc Gravell isn't as 'popular' as Jeff Atwood
@TimStone Yuck. get lots of rest!!
I think you know me better than that ;)
I do, but hey, I can suggest it anyway :-)
4:27 PM
Q: static effect on python

fataihow we can construct static effect on python instead of using class and global ? not like that one : global a a = [] fonk ( .. ) x = ... a.append ( x)

oh dear
OK. back to merging. :-/
Good luck!
@YiJiang How have you avoided being banned for calling all the mods fat so far?
Anyway, I posted a comment on the blog where no one will read it.
(If you're here, you've read it already.)
@PopularDemand Wait, what?
4:28 PM
(just mentioning the general pointlessness of blog comments.)
Lies, there are no blog comments.
@TimStone Basically.
@YiJiang Comparing Jeff and Marc and Rebecca to airports? Shameful.
@PopularDemand They're cities, actually. The first station you build in the vicinity of the city usually inherits its name, so...
I'd be more concerned about their plane crashing tendencies, actually. That seems awfully violent.
4:29 PM
(I know, it's not what you really mean, but that's what I think of every time you mention that game.)
@YiJiang Even worse!
is a city too
@TimStone Only a town. Current population: 650
Oh, that's sad :(
@PopularDemand whistles as he renames a city after Pop
What's that game anyway?
4:31 PM
@radp OpenTTD
(5th time I've said this here already?)
@YiJiang When looking at aptitude I found openBVE.
I'm now glad I asked.
@YiJiang Probably because 30% of the conversation in here is about that game
Right, the town that used to be called Gongdinghall is now Popular Demand
@YiJiang is your capital called Thingadongdong?
I mean, how else could you have called it.
4:34 PM
@radp There's no capital, although I did built my HQ in the city now called Jeff Atwood (it wasn't called that when I built it there)
@YiJiang A fireball in your capital... I think I've heard this before. Still, I'm not sending you money via texts, sorry.
@Pekka You do know this got tweeted right? By no less than Atwood if memory serves correctly.
@TimStone what are those symptoms again? At first blush it sounds like what I have, which a simple nasally inhaled medicine fixes
That's really the only symptom at the moment, I have massive post-nasal drip. My immune system is normally on top of this stuff though, so presumably it should clear up by tomorrow (it's much better today than it was yesterday)
4:39 PM
@TimStone That's what I'm being treated for. It makes a tremendous difference. Do you find yourself coughing more than normal?
@drachenstern It concerns me that you felt you had to append "more than normal."
@PopularDemand you likely don't have allergies
@drachenstern Plenty, but none that cause coughing.
with allergies you may cough and sneeze at times of the year. With PND, moreso.
well mine make me cough :p
I have that chronic cough that the doctor can't figure out a cause for, so I actually went on a nasal spray for a while to see if it would help (some time ago), but no dice. :/ I'm definitely sick right now though, as I guess I also feel kind of lethargic.
4:41 PM
either that or I'm weird
Yeah I had the chronic cough thing too, but the first time the doc thought it was strep (which I'm prone to getting) and the second pass (like months later) she tried me on stuff for PND
do you remember which nasal spray you were using? (the name of mine escapes me momentarily)
Ah-ha ~ VeraMyst
I have no idea, hahah
You should check and compare it to that one, I had used some others but this one was once a day and BAM
Hooray, concurrency bug solved.
Gosh Chrome seems unstable lately :(
4:46 PM
@YiJiang What does that mean exactly?
@mootinator what rev?
@drachenstern I renamed the town inside the game to Popular Demand
@YiJiang no the prior name
@drachenstern I have no idea
@mootinator and I am 8.0.552.224 as well ... I'm not noticing any instability per-se
@YiJiang oooooh ok
4:48 PM
The name is made up by the game by randomly joining up bits of strings that appear in real life town
So is there a stackoverflow minecraft server yet?
@drachenstern Probably flash. I've been playing stupid games again.
Fort Flenningwell Ridge is a (bad) example of this
@Pollyanna Well, @Fosco runs the one mentioned over here at least:
4:49 PM
yay, my world is now overflowing with puppies and waffles.
There we go, the score's Jeff 3, Marc 2 if anyone's counting
Oh hey, another one at Jeff Atwood. That's Jeff 4, Marc 2 now
I feel like some regulatory agency should have shut down that whole operation by now. :P
@TimStone, darn you! shakes fist
@TimStone Probably, yes
@RebeccaChernoff Heheh ;) Good game :)

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