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9:01 AM
I've looked into a couple, I like Collabtive, but it'd be nice if there was bug tracking.
Yeah, I remember when I was looking for something similar it was difficult to find something that did both project management and bug tracking well in the same integrated package.
I guess I really just need a couple of editable lists. I should just write my own.
You mean "todo.txt" isn't the bleeding edge of project management?
@MarcGravell Even that's probably better than the amount of stuff I foolishly try and store in my head. ;)
so far the most advanced thing I've ever used was a perl script that gave me a list of occurrences of "//todo:" in a directory tree
9:13 AM
not everything I need todo is code...
You mean we won't start seeing your shopping list popping up in the chat code?
no, but I do quite regularly post the odd hg status
Heheh :)
sadly not a joke :(
9:16 AM
If it makes you feel better, there are plenty of obscure comments in my source code, heh. I'm surprised no one has noticed by now..
In on place I actually had to add a txt file just to explain how complex a section of code was, and things not to do... maybe that was a bad sign of too much complexity.
Better than not explaining though. :P
The code was a rules-engine that compiled itself from an external database via several intermediate translations, then used itself to load its own data, serialized that data to a file...
...so that it could then be used offline and hot-loaded/unloaded as the underlying data changed. Crazy complex.
Yeah, that does seem a bit...involved, heh.
And straight after that project, I left...
Jeff's siren call was too alluring.
9:22 AM
Now I'm having mental images of Jeff as a singing mermaid beckoning you to SO shakes head
Well, the hotel did have a pool. But what happens in NYC stays in NYC...
The things Rovio has seen...
@MarcGravell Thanks -- I no longer get logged out every other second on chat.SE
although it mainly stopped after I switched to Chromium on Ubuntu.
I haven't tried again with Chrome on Windows.
hmmm... really? with xmas pretty-much wiping out the last week I haven't changed much...
Did you wave your hand at it magic-like? I find that helps sometimes.
(I also haven't been logged out in some time, hooray)
9:37 AM
I tried ignoring it for a few days. And I rebooted.
but wait... I don't have the symptoms ;p
Seriously, I just don't get logged out. Ever. And no special "Marc" code.
I didn't have it happen for the longest time (and was content with just assuming there was special anti-@RebeccaChernoff code in there somewhere)...not sure what changed, heh, but I'm cool with just assuming it's somehow fixed now that it doesn't appear to be acting up any more. ;)
@MarcGravell All that raw power and not even using it to your advantage? :)
hehe indeed. Now that the SO web-farm has moved to NY, we are over-spec back in OR (where chat lives). Waffles is doing his best to eat up the spare clock-cycles, though.
Hooray SEDE \o/
10:12 AM
Happy new year all!
'Ello @balpha, happy new year to you as well!
↑ a SE I didn't know about.
dammit! we tried to keep you away from there! sheesh...
Happy new year indeed balpha; you workin' today? Or just passing by?
@MarcGravell You won't stop me! goes ask, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, was it a pine tree?"
only try to realize the truth: there is no tree
10:24 AM
i just ate a pack of bacon.
I'm bacon! I'm bacon! .... I'm bacon!
@MarcGravell O_O
@MarcGravell i actually have 2 "My First Bacon" now. The in-laws got me one for Xmas
@radp i had seen that one before, i really liked it ........... (is talking about audio.stackexchange.com)
I guess technically, my second My First Bacon is really my My Second Bacon
10:26 AM
For those wondering what the "I'm bacon" was about:
oh its that stoner comics thing right
...oh, I see. An application of that one important truth.
to find teh cheezburger I must be teh cheezburger
(see the relevant lolcat posted by @balpha in the starred list. My connection sucks far too much to hunt for that one image)
@radp can you confirm if you have Dejavu Sans Mono on your OS?
@Jin Yes.
i think this is the origin of it :
10:29 AM
@radp it comes with most unix/linux systems right?
@radp there's a joke there somewhere about a Buddhist and a hot-dog stand
@Jin In my limited experience -- yes.
Why don't you ask on Unix about fonts distros usually ship with? :)
@radp i usually ask on Yahoo Answers
@Jin don't make me /kick you!
I'd be pretty surprised if any (normal) distro doesn't ship dejavu
10:31 AM
(waves impotent /kick)
ok that animated gif of me stroking a piece of bacon was disturbing me
that was you ? :D
@Jin I'll go hunting for it in the cache now.
thank the maker it wasn't "my first sausage". I guess marketing and legal saw sense on that one.
10:33 AM
@MarcGravell or "my first rooster"
"and here we have Jin stroking a massive black c..."
(the end of that sentence is obviously "hicken")
You know, in theory it should be possible for GM or something to monitor the stream of messages for deletions, and 'restore' them. Hmmm...
Yay for about:cache.
@radp now you're gonna blackmail me with that gif when i run for president later aren't you?
how @jzy works, in animated gif form http://i.imgur.com/QBu9x.gif
10:36 AM
@Jin Actually that'd win you the preference of the 105% of the population.
@balpha Hang on, Twitter profiles are supported in oneboxes?
Give or take 80% -- you know how scientific those political "polls" get.
@YiJiang yes
Still, bacon is pretty high in the country's priority list.
to not like Bacon is un-American.
10:37 AM
Also (gasp) S[OFU] actually uses a serif font somewhere!?
I have to see that again
@codinghorror, Bay Area, CA
Is it more interesting to talk about software than it is to develop software?
19.6k tweets, 38.9k followers, following 65 users
@YiJiang Oh noes!
Yup Georgia,Serif My god! I'm not dreaming!
i just bought a serif font this weekend
@Reno I so want to flag this message.
10:39 AM
@Reno Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
lol im jk
@radp It is incredibly offensive, yes :|
okay okay imma delete it ._.
10:41 AM
@Reno nah, im jk
@YiJiang I know I know!
@YiJiang you might notice that tweet oneboxes have serifs...
and always have
 _   _ _____ _____ ____    ___  ___  ____    _    _____    ____   ___  _     ____
| \ | | ____| ____|  _ \  |   \/   |/ __ \  / \  |  __ \  | __ ) / _ \| |   |  _ \
|  \| |  _| |  _| | | | | |  |\/|  | |  | |/ _ \ | |__) | |  _ \| | | | |   | | | |
| |\  | |___| |___| |_| | |  |  |  | |__| / ___ \|  __ <  | |_) | |_| | |___| |_| |
|_| \_|_____|_____|____/  |__|  |__|\____/_/   \_\_|  \_\ |____/ \___/|_____|____/
insta win how did you do that
@Reno badp@delta:/$ figlet NEED MOAR BOLD
10:43 AM
@Reno There a Unix command to do that, but I can't quite remember what it's called...
Ah, yes. figlet
(I did hand moar enbolden the "moar" bit though.)
Seems like I forgot to install it:
The program 'figlet' can be found in the following packages:
 * toilet
 * figlet
Now I'm intrigued what toilet does. Hmmmmm....
> TOIlet prints text using large characters made of smaller characters. It is similar in many ways to FIGlet with additional features such as Unicode handling, colour fonts, filters and various export formats.
toilet - display large colourful characters in text mode
"man, 750kB of download? wow that's huge."
10:49 AM
 mm   m mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmm          m    m  mmmm    mm   mmmmm         mmmmm
 #"m  # #      #      #   "m        ##  ## m"  "m   ##   #   "#        #    #
 # #m # #mmmmm #mmmmm #    #        # ## # #    #  #  #  #mmmm"        #mmmm"
 #  # # #      #      #    #        # "" # #    #  #mm#  #   "m        #    #
 #   ## #mmmmm #mmmmm #mmm"         #    #  #mm#  #    # #    "        #mmmm"

  mmmm  m      mmmm
 m"  "m #      #   "m
 #    # #      #    #
 #    # #      #    #
  #mm#  #mmmmm #mmm"
Some how I can't get it to not wrap. Hmmm...
@YiJiang It probably accepts a width parameter.
@radp It does, but somehow that doesn't seem to work
we should sandbox this
the tavern owner is not happy
bah, I changed it to be better cropped but it's not updating for me.
11:10 AM
At $7,398.18 for the Kindle only, it's a bargain!
i hope the give kindle free
and some nuclear materials too
@radp I love the --gay parameter
Can it create HTML?
@Pekka It can, although I'd expect the output to be filled with font and stuff
@Pekka i updated the unix meta post btw
@Jin I don't know - I actually prefer the original
11:21 AM
@YiJiang i liked it better too, but it's too close to O'rly
maybe i shouldn't include any mascots.
@Pekka Well, it's not using font, but it does come pretty darn close. This is what one letter looks like:
<span style="">&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;</span><br />
Sad that publicist is a once-off badge :(
I posted that 1-1000 question on proggit last night; it now has 40k+ views
@marcog Heh, congrats :P Gold badges are not easy to get, ya know
Even if it's one-off like this
@YiJiang thanks :)
11:38 AM
@Jin imgur seems to be down (or is it just me?)
@Pekka Yes.
Ah, it's back
@Jin I likes it! I did like the O'Reillyesque penguin, but I can understand the reasons for not using it after all.
finally jimmy wales got his 13 mil
@radp wow, nice!!!
11:40 AM
@radp Missing background-color there, yo
@YiJiang toilet OMG UNICORNS --gay -E html --font big > ~/Dropbox/Public/Ubuntu/toilet.html
@radp can i get the ANSI version of that?
@Pekka cool. i'm working on the css conversion now. aiming to get the site launched early this week.
@Jin I'm sorry?
@radp ANSI gfx
you mean text-only?
11:42 AM
no. ANSI
ANSI art is a computer artform that was widely used at one time on BBSes. It is similar to ASCII art, but constructed from a larger set of 256 letters, numbers, and symbols — all codes found in IBM code page 437, often referred to as extended ASCII and used in MS-DOS and Unix environments. ANSI art also contains special ANSI escape sequences that color text with the 16 foreground and 8 background colours offered by ANSI.SYS, an MS-DOS device driver loosely based upon the ANSI X3.64 standard for text terminals. Some ANSI artists take advantage of the cursor control sequences within ANS...
blindly runs toilet OMG UNICORNS --gay -E ansi --font big > ~/Dropbox/Public/Ubuntu/toilet.ansi and hopes for the best.
user image
i'm glad jimmy got his money
Also grats for getting 1k meta reps Jin.
I wonder why @TimStone is doing in the Sandbox pinging himself constantly
@radp i did?
11:46 AM
@Jin 1,009 reps precisely.
oh i got a bounty reward of 500
@YiJiang Well it's the first "real" badge there :P
Hadn't I made that bounty I'd now have more MSO reps than Gaming reps.
Cool, I just noticed I'm 7 upvotes away from a bronze [discussion] badge here
I got the class bronze badge on SO a few days ago. Just goes to show what a classy guy I am
11:53 AM
Have you guys seen this? youtube.com/watch?v=U4oB28ksiIo
@CarsonMyers Yeah, heh
/sudden urge to make laptop ultra-secure
@Pekka Nice comment, I was trying to think of how to respond, but it's really quite silly. :/
this video is awesome :D
@TimStone Tim yeah. From this point on, the guy is in trolling territory
12:06 PM
And hopefully Moshe has learned a lesson about abusing SO functionality for personal amusement, heh..
12:18 PM
Q: Typo/bug: "1 Questions" on user page

jensgramOn my SO user page I see the heading "1 Questions". I am aware that this is an edge case but a bug nonetheless. Update: At least it's consistent with Meta :)

I'm sure Jeff still has that giant S lying around somewhere...
Uh oh, hahah.
That stuff bothers me too, but apparently not nearly as much as bringing it up bothers Jeff.
Of course, I'm sure I'd feel the same way if I had as much other more consequential development work to do. :P
Apparently he does have that giant S lying around. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/73776/…
Oh, good eyes on the person who answered, I didn't even notice that
I love fixing errors like this. Because they are easy and I suck at fixing hard errors.
12:48 PM
Morning all
1:13 PM
Hmmm... I just finished that tiny GM script that can see undead messages
Or rather, it records all messages that appear here, then restores them if it gets removed
1:25 PM
I'm curious, is anyone else intereted in this? @TimStone, @RebeccaChernoff?
@YiJiang What can this be used for, other than some kind of blackmail?
@spoulson Meh, just thought it might be possible, and indeed it was. Although @RebeccaChernoff was complaining about people pinging her then deleting those messages
This won't help that though
1:51 PM
Good Morning 2011
1 more year to the end of the world
Finally made it onto stackathlon.appspot.com after hitting 1K on Server Fault yesterday.
Good morning
@ChrisF What's what? My work blocks the site as "Suspicious". :/
@spoulson Heh! It's a site written by Dennis Williamson (stackoverflow.com/users/26428) using the API that lists all users with more than 1K on SO, SF and SU.
2:00 PM
What a nice site!
I love the font.
@ChrisF Grats!
I was hoping to get on there when I was the only 10K+ user on both SU and SO but I don't answer enough questions on SF (for the obvious reason I'm not a sys admin!)
@Fosco Cheers. I'm happy now & can stop worrying about my rep on SF ;)
Q: Correct spelling for program (UK, Australian english)

RossI mostly have exposure to American english online. I am currently writing out a resume and need some help. In Australia, in general, we say programme to mean a schedule or something like community programme. however with computer studies i'm inclined to take to the spelling of 'program' to mean...

As there's no one else active in the Teachers Lounge - should I migrate this to English?
@ChrisF I'm still trying to trick chat into realizing I'm logged in
Still having problems?
It shows you in the room but inactive (faded).
/users/chat-stackexchange-login has started telling me I'm "already logged in". Apparently they realized I was using that to get around the problem and modified it to no longer work
2:06 PM
@ChrisF I suspect it'll be a duplicate on english - let me look and see
I'm never sure whether that means you're still viewing the room or not or just have been in recently.
This looks like it belongs on English
@Benjol Cheers - I was thinking that myself actually.
Some amazing, if depressing, pictures of a city decaying before our eyes.
I found a post that was eerily similar, and then realized bigown migrated from Programmers 30 seconds ago
@ChrisF no relevant hits for programme, as far as I can see: english.stackexchange.com/search?q=programme
2:08 PM
Q: Correct spelling for program (UK, Australian english)

I mostly have exposure to American english online. I am currently writing out a resume and need some help. In Australia, in general, we say programme to mean a schedule or something like community programme. however with computer studies i'm inclined to take to the spelling of 'program' to mean...

@MichaelMrozek That's the migrated one. Bigown beat me to it.
@MichaelMrozek OK, I stand corrected...
@ChrisF Noted :)
1 min ago, by Michael Mrozek
I found a post that was eerily similar, and then realized bigown migrated from Programmers 30 seconds ago
@ChrisF Looks like something from a dystopic movie like The Road...
Regarding getting 1K on SF - you know all those questions about getting privileges notifications apparently too early? Well I still haven't had one on SF! (Not that I need to know what abilities have just been granted to me, but I thought it ironic.
2:15 PM
You should've aimed for 999, that would've gotten you the notification in a hurry
Seems I wasn't the only one to post a link to those photos:
2:41 PM
2:56 PM
Welcome to work at Stack Overflow, @Nick_Craver and @rchern!
@radp Uh...
@YiJiang Yes. Blue oyster.
(Geddit? Huh? Huh? Huh?)
I guess Emily made it official now :)
@radp Uhrm... no. What does that have to do with oysters?
Nor do I. It's okay.
2:58 PM
Rats, gotta leave, looks like something interesting is happening!
@radp !!!!! GRATS!
@radp Oh god, that's... that's... really really bad
@radp Week, month, year, decade and even century :)
3:00 PM
@ChrisF Now, now, don't underestimate me.
I think I can come up with worse.
@radp You don't have to prove it. I'll take your word.
(Actually, every time I post a bad pun of the day, that's the expected reaction.)
Well, in practice this means more of the same /blame @rchern business, so nothing should change here.
@radp Oh, she actually is working there? I thought we were joking about that
3:02 PM
Actually, she will mess with people who star 'oy', which is a definite bonus here.
Now she'll actually have secret passwords she won't tell us. Let the nagging resume
Later everyone
@MichaelMrozek I'll get my zombie 'give us ur password' photoshops ready
@YiJiang Excellent
Did you know? Mods get notified at the mention of certain words, apparently, including their name, even without an at-sign.
3:04 PM
@radp If I had DB access I would probably do that :)
@MichaelMrozek notes down @MichaelMrozek doesn't have this feature apparently, hence it must be opt-in.
someday, Pekka will trademark his whoosh head motion.
Speaking of which, I'll need @RebeccaChernoff to hook me up with DB access
All these months of being nice to her will finally pay off
@radp we should special-case him and have a different animation just for his short visits
@MichaelMrozek you still need to go through the admins ... we see and hear everything
3:10 PM
@MichaelMrozek not from private rooms
@balpha At some point it used to onebox if the poster had access to the room, right?
Or did I totally make that up
@MichaelMrozek Maybe quote it from on on chat.SE, then quote here your Sandbox quote.
@MichaelMrozek yes, but that doesn't work cross-site
@radp I think I'll live with manually posting it :)
> @rchern You're switching jobs -- I can only assume you're going to work for SO :)
I should win some sort of prize for that
@balpha Ah, ok
Cool, I still have that zombie image
3:11 PM
@MichaelMrozek I'll just star the original message to mess with people :P
the hassle of cross-site permission checking isn't worth it
@balpha And all this time I thought the laziness was a feature :)
Is @RebeccaChernoff in the NY office? I'm going to need to borrow the Rovio
Laziness is a feature. The less you work, the more rovio driving you can do
which is clearly more important
+1 @balpha and no rovio for you @MichaelMrozek
I updated the stackoverflowva list, for the 0 people here who care.
3:13 PM
SOIS is going to be so embarassed when they finally realize @RebeccaChernoff is just my sockpuppet, and nobody is showing up to work today
Not even I care about it, since I just follow these people anyway.
@MichaelMrozek That means you can never be hired, since your sockpuppet is already at SOIS, right?
@radp It means I'm already hired, but don't have to bother with silliness like actually accomplishing anything
The @balpha strategy, apparently
Now I see why rchern was all bothered by my feature request posts -- she knew she'd have to work on them shortly.
I'm going to keep refreshing every ten seconds until I see the diamond appear:
> seen 4 mins ago
She is around, she's just too important to talk to us anymore
Hmm, I seem to have a few notifications in here
3:17 PM
Too many fancy dev-only rooms
Oh. I retract what I just said
@MichaelMrozek Just in time!
> "Sometimes Enterprise Happens"
@MichaelMrozek See, she just waited for you to say that.
@RebeccaChernoff Congrats!
@radp ... so that she can kick him out :P
3:18 PM
even @PopularDemand got the wake up call.
(welcome back, long time no see.)
First order of business -- replace /users/flair with StackFlair
@RebeccaChernoff Hello and Congratulations!!
Thanks! (:
Argh. load to my last message --> "Your last message is too far back; please use the transcript instead"
@MichaelMrozek (Thanks for saying that, so I could star in agreement.)
3:20 PM
What's the point of leaving if you can't break the chat when you come back?
@RebeccaChernoff Anyway, about the passwords Jeff and co. has been secretly slipping you for the past few months...
@PopularDemand I generally don't bother at that point :)
Hello @radp, thanks.
@PopularDemand Whoa Hey there... been a while.. happy new year!
3:21 PM
@Fosco Thanks, you too.
@MichaelMrozek don't hold your breath q:
@RebeccaChernoff [feature-request]: Integrate the Wheel o' Blame directly into chat.
@YiJiang What do you mean? It is integrated.
she has the real wheel now
@balpha Has it been appropriately reweighted?
3:23 PM
Oh, that includes all my answers. I was wondering how I'd managed to post like 80 feature requests
[Jeff, Joel, rchern, Zypher, rchern, balpha, rchern, rchern, Marc, rchern, Emily, rchern, Nick, rchern, ...]
@balpha Tosh... why would we need something that fancy when the one we have works, and more importantly, is properly balanced, like @radp says
By the way, it is January 3rd today.
@radp Yeah, where is that graphics design proposal launching? Also, the OSS advertisement question?
The elections? The domain names? The thingadongdongs?
3:29 PM
@radp I know! We'll call in @RebeccaChernoff! She can help us!
(@NickCraver will probably come along too, but he'll just break everything)
@radp Oh, waiting was smart of them. The holidays weren't kind to Unix
...I just realized @RebeccaChernoff will be a Unix mod now
@MichaelMrozek MOD FIGHT!!!
Aww, man! It only took a couple hours for my master plan to be discovered?
@MichaelMrozek Who's going to use the downvote roulette now?
Okay, I know, I came in in the midst of an ongoing discussion, but... did you become a Valued Associate, @RebeccaChernoff?
3:34 PM
37 mins ago, by radp
Welcome to work at Stack Overflow, @Nick_Craver and @rchern!
That's when it started; you haven't missed much
I'm noticing a suspicious lack of diamonds in @RebeccaChernoff's profile. It might be a trick
@RebeccaChernoff 'grats
I just noticed @RebeccaChernoff's got a new gravatar on github, with plenty of room around the head useful for Photoshopping. Hmmm...
3:35 PM
@MichaelMrozek She's putting the diamond count on the SO flair for improved bragging.
You know, now that StackFlair is kind of irrelevant...
@radp Ouch
@MichaelMrozek I meant in the good way. She can now get those extra features right into the official flair.
@radp waits for *someone* to give the /kick function a use
Like glitter.
Ya know, just to clarify, my job title is not "chat.MSO's personal feature-request servant" (;
3:39 PM
@RebeccaChernoff "Chief Janitor"? No, not quite right... hmm...
@RebeccaChernoff That doesn't clarify much... What is your title?
Oh, hey, congrats to you too, @MichaelMrozek, for reaching 10k on Meta.
@PopularDemand Thanks! My victory over @RebeccaChernoff was complete....for a week, until she became a mod there
@MichaelMrozek A minor hiccup. Just amass a vast personal fortune and buy SOIS off of Jeff and Joel, and you're back on top.
I'm really excited. Now, Stack Overflow Rchern Edition will be reality!
3:50 PM
@radp Oy Overflow, not Stack Overflow
(I admit I was too lazy to edit the second question too.)
(Also it's really a pain to paste stuff in Chromium's dev tools.)
Hey I'm late but I'll say it anyways, grats again @reb
HAH! So that is Stack Overflow's real present to Jon Skeet: Hiring his fiercest competitors so they can't keep up with him. I knew that oil painting was only the tip of the iceberg.
Seriously though, congratulations @Rebecca and @Nick!
@Pekka Brilliant! Although I have to say, @Nick will surely break everything
3:54 PM
@YiJiang in twelve months' time, Stack Overflow's databases will run on jQuery
@Pekka Meh, that's overestimating. Surely only six to eight weeks will be needed?
Yeah. I know Nick only from the jQuery tag, but he has more talents of course
@spoulson eh roughly two but who's counting?
So are we taking bets on how long it takes for her to become a chat gal in blue?
@Pekka I was thinking NodeJS myself ;)
@drachenstern yeah!
@Rebecca what is your title going to be?
Obviously, you're already Meta Chat Liaison
@Pekka StackExchange OfficiallyBlessed OpenBlamee™
3:59 PM
Ensuring the speedy implementation of our feature requests
@radp yes, that too
Backwards Emoticon Coordinator

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