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4:00 AM
@Moshe I linked you the rools
exit the game and go back in
I did
Going to reinstall it
7 mins ago, by drachenstern
@drachenstern I decided to uh..be nice. ;)
ok, dogs, seriously
4:00 AM
yeah yeah, I hear you "I don't have any 7 letter words starting with D in my repertoire and tray" ;)
I actually could have played there, but I was short some vowels, so I figured I'd try something else. :P
@TimStone - can you help me with git?
Maybe, I don't know much about git though.
oh, that's what I was asking.
If you knew about git.
School starts on the 12th. Nothing to do till then. By the power of the MSO Chat room, give me some suggestions so I won't die of boredom!!!
4:04 AM
Ah, yeah, not so much. I mostly use Hg, so.
@YiJiang You're bored with your trains already? :P
You know, this really bothers me. Some guy on my buddy list keeps going away and his status is "Hello."
@TimStone Not going to spend 12 hours a day setting up complex train routes
Fair enough
@YiJiang - Yea, but what if you spent the time writing programs that could run simulations revolving around those train routes.
You may even invent some new theory or something. :D
Dammit. puts iPhone down
4:07 AM
demands WwF allow him to switch an A for an O without losing a turn
@Moshe No way. First of all I'd have to learn how to write OpenTTD AIs, then probably have to brush up on graph theory, computer science and a bunch of other algos
Ah, well...
Then I'd have a fighting chance of doing what you're suggesting
@YiJiang - Or you can build a new search engine that doesn't require caching to be superfast and take over the world.
Holy crap I only went to walk the dogs and you guys got busy with the comments ...
4:10 AM
Wait for it...
@drachenstern - We were discussing you.
@YiJiang I think you should goto the local shopping center and talk to girls
@TimStone It is so addicting though. ):
wait for what? I think that's an old joke that should stay old ;)
@RebeccaChernoff But you have an exciting new job to look forward to!
4:11 AM
And showing up five hours late because you slept in due to late-night Drop7 playing would be....less than ideal.
But that is tomorrow! lol
@drachenstern You know, the chances of me being successful is even lower than accomplishing what @Moshe suggested
@TimStone LOL
I had that aspect covered :P
4:12 AM
@YiJiang do you know how to get to Carnegie Hall?
I'll... just stick to talking to girls on MSO chat. Hello @RebeccaChernoff :P
Erm, Oo
lmao, I think she's not that interested ... at least the girls in public might be interested ;)
@drachenstern NYC is pretty easy to navigate. :P
@TimStone That's totally the wrong answer and if you know the joke ...
4:13 AM
I was hit on in comments last night. Let's not make it a regular thing. q:
Well, getting out of the subway in NYC is a nightmare.
@drachenstern You say that like it'd prevent me from being a smartass. :P
@YiJiang well? Do you? :p
4:13 AM
Actually, trying to get back into the subway at dusk.
@TimStone I know :p
is it my play anywhere?
@drachenstern Erm... no
Hahah, so I get these double-notifications right?
OOOH, someone here should totally download Words with Pirates!
It's like "I'm above ground, lost. I want to be below ground, in a comfy train."
4:14 AM
In one, it has @drachenstern's old gravatar, in the other, the new one.
@YiJiang "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" -> "Practice".
Know what that has to do with your going to town and talking to girls?
I wonder if they're coming from the same tab...
@drachenstern - No, Google Maps.
@TimStone hahaha
@drachenstern Oh, right. That joke.
4:14 AM
I seem to have missed it. Oh well.
I thought you said you closed the other tabs and you still got the double notifications?
@drachenstern whoosh
You might be imagining things.
@YiJiang nah, it's what I do on a regular basis ... I've learned to not mind looking like a fool, and I get quite a few more stopping to actually chat for a moment, and ... I'll not continue, this is a family friendly room
4:16 AM
That I'd bother to close my tabs? Yes.
My JS skills are rusty.
How do I access the contents of the chat room in a userscript?
Just the text.
Heh. Then yes, my assumption is that that is why you are getting multiple notifications.
Let's find out!
Because I'm pretty sure I've gotten an other-room mention as a desktop notification.
cues reply
4:17 AM
And I just have 1 tab per chat domain.
@Moshe document.getElementById('chat').innerHTML? Or something like that, I can't remember the id of the chat messages area
Once again posting a comment before the answer and having the first/only/right answer in my comment ... I'm never gonna learn am I?
taps foot... ;)
Or maybe you're looking to look through all messages and get their text that way?
@Moshe, rather than asking, pull up a dom inspector.
4:17 AM
But I only have this room open ... :S
Did anybody hear something?
Sounded like someone tapping his foot.
Oh well, carry on.
@RebeccaChernoff bah, you suggest madness
@RebeccaChernoff I hear ... dead people
@drachenstern I second this. Who would dare inspect the sacred DOM of the Chat rooms!?
tehehehe (<-- schoolgirl laugh)
@drachenstern Oh great, the zombie apocalypse. We haven't even finished our game yet.
4:18 AM
@drachenstern Is it @Yi's cousin @Ti? q:
@RebeccaChernoff No, it's Er (You know, Yi is one, Er is two? Never mind...)
@YiJiang I got it, which is all that matters anyway.
@TimStone, (:
Thanks. And, you're right :)
Which means even more fist shaking at Marc >_>
4:24 AM
I need a quick favor.
Can anyone merge two CSV files?
What do you mean merge them?
@Moshe Wouldn't that involve appending one to the other?
why not use Excel and make quick work of it with a mouse?
Or use...a text editor
@MichaelMrozek it could mean column - to - column left to right
4:25 AM
I want the values to be alternating File A, file B, file A, file B
like append every line in file1 to every line in file2, like
@drachenstern - good idea
@drachenstern sort of
File A is numbers
File B is strings
I want it to alternate
Urg.. it just started raining. Grrr....
4:25 AM
@Moshe only kind I have ;)
Hang on, how did @Grace get a full set of gravatar for every one of her accounts?
@drachenstern - not available on US App store
Which one are you on?
oh lord, it's cause they only want it out around "Talk like a pirate day" ... grrr
Is there any required contents of a userscript file so that it;s recognized as such, other than the .user.js extension?
@YiJiang by going to gravatar and setting up a lot of email addresses. I learnt how to do that last night
@Moshe did you ask Google that question first?
just curious ...
4:30 AM
Of course not
@YiJiang and also consider that gmail addresses such as drachenstern+nospam@gmail.com are valid ...
The userscript writers are right here, @YiJiang and @RebeccaChernoff. Why would I ask Google.
Because it's more documented when you ask google
Not to sound presumptuous, of course.
@Moshe Because if you ask us every little question, you'll both annoy us and learn nothing. q:
4:31 AM
@RebeccaChernoff - My apologies, googling it already.
@RebeccaChernoff :p
Got my answer.
tim you don't like me do you? :p
@Moshe that was easy enough wasn't it?
4:33 AM
In other news, I have no will power. ):
I beat Jin, barely.
oh, my question on MSO also got downvoted... again.. how awfully unexpected :P
@Jin Good game! :)
@TimStone congrats
4:34 AM
also, does anyone know what "mene mene tekel upharsin" means? apparently it's hebrew
@TimStone I keep forgetting to mention that ... GG on you too the past few games sir ;)
@nebukadnezzar have an original source?
@nebukadnezzar - Heh, that's a reference to the prophets
@drachenstern my previous question
4:35 AM
ok, link me then :p
@drachenstern Thanks, I just got lucky he wasn't able to play the last of his tiles, heh. I had to break up my last four letters into two turns.
yeah, I already got that far... but i'm not a religious person :P
@drachenstern And you as well. Not sure if you saw my comment at the end of the last game, but WwF clearly wasn't being friendly to me. :P
Oh good, I get a notification for each tab now.
4:36 AM
@TimStone What'd you do?
@nebukadnezzar Where were you raised? Have you ever heard the bible story about men in a fire? Or about Daniel and the Lions Den? Those two tend to get told more often than others
Apparently I hadn't refreshed two of the other three open tabs :P
tl;dr, but I guess it's supposed to make me think about something
Until someone suggested I try closing them ;)
Let's see if anything can be done about that. :P
@TimStone No way. Who did that?
4:38 AM
@drachenstern sorry, i'm not jewish, and my parents raised me in a strict 'nonreligious' manner... it sounds worse than it is, really :P
@RebeccaChernoff To the WOB!
@nebukadnezzar I'm not Jewish either but I know that story (not Jewish specific, even if the words are theoretically Hebrew in origin)
@drachenstern no, never heard of that story
@TimStone gg!
@nebukadnezzar - It's ok. Doesn't mean anything. Your username probably reminded someone of Daniel and prompted the comment.
4:39 AM
I was about to say that @Moshe
@nebukadnezzar you realize your username is reminiscent of the name of a Babylonian king in the Bible right?
@Jin I have to play so cautiously with you, heheh, your vocabulary skills and spot-finding apparently put mine to shame. :)
i need to start a new game with @RebeccaChernoff since i haven't won a single game against her yet...
oh, hahaha... actually, my name is the product of my fascination of the old babylonia.. I had a history book when I was a child, and I simply loved that part :P
@RebeccaChernoff, stop cheating against @Jin!
@TimStone i don't always know the meanings of the words I play.. I just learn new words from playing other people.. and I've been playing for over a year now
4:40 AM
@drachenstern yes, indeed it is
@nebukadnezzar so go back and see if it says anything about a Israelite prophet ;)
i think WwF is more of a game of strategy than vocabulary really.
I will in time ;-) thanks for the hint though
@Jin That's a skill in and of itself, I can barely remember what I did this morning :P
But yeah, I'd agree.
@nebukadnezzar yeah, it's actually one of those stories that makes me wonder how much embellishment went into the stories before they were written down. I know everyone says the books are infallible but I don't believe that after the Council of Nicea
4:41 AM
Dammit. That is the 2nd time I've started playing Drop7 again after telling myself in no uncertain terms not to play it again tonight.
what is drop7?
It's easy to play words that seem like good plays at the time, but turn into big mistakes later.
i think jeff's playig that too
@RebeccaChernoff press and hold the icon. Wait for it to start wiggling. Press the X. Then press the home button. Hope that HALPed
@RebeccaChernoff Didn't I tell you to restrain yourself? Do we have to come take your phone away? :P
4:42 AM
@TimStone do you play with KevinDente from twitter?
@drachenstern That doesn't sound like a very fun option.
No, I just started playing after someone in here decided to mention it. :P
oh you asked for HALP, not fun :p
@Jin Tetris + Sudoku kinda.
I compromised by just hitting the home button once.
@drachenstern dunno... but it's definitely fun to read TBH :P
4:43 AM
@TimStone u should playing him. he's my WwF bff. we probably played hundreds of games now. on average one game/day
I'll just play WwF now. I can't play Drop7 while I'm playing WwF right?
</good plan!>
@nebukadnezzar Speaking of reading, ever pay attention to Nostradamus?
@RebeccaChernoff I'm not sure if I should shake my head or give this my seal of approval.
@Jin Oh, wow. I'll keep that in mind, though I should probably think about work before adding more games, heheh. ;)
Have to keep in my toes, think this @RebeccaChernoff person is beating me somehow.
4:46 AM
@TimStone I have the EXACT same problem :(
@drachenstern not much, no... but I've read about the stuff he wrote about the fire in london in 1666 (that is, I think it was in 1666...)
@nebukadnezzar there's some question if his "lost book" (which may or may not be his, but it's attrib'd to him) has a direct link to the Mayan end-of-long-cycle-count Dec 2012 reference
My point there being: Embellishment and good reading and "what if it's right" and "what if it's not"
@drachenstern ah, I've read about that too.. let's hope the best, no? :D
git question
I made a public key on my iMac, how do I import that to my Macbook?
4:48 AM
@nebukadnezzar always ;) ... I have a feeling I won't get much work done that month ;)
ok people, ten minutes and I'm forcing myself off the computer
I believe einstein also said that there will be a third WW... but damn, I hope mister einstein just had a bad dream before he said that :/
the first two WWs were enough for this poor little planet
@nebukadnezzar I think he just meant "you can't trust people not to fight" or something like that ;)
@drachenstern That sounds like self-discipline. Clearly we haven't been leading by example on that one, where did you learn that bad habit?
@TimStone well the trick will be to see if I do it ;)
didn't work...
4:50 AM
@drachenstern possibly, we'll know in 2012
Oh, screw you WwF.
@drachenstern True ;)
@TimStone speaking of ... "AY"???
I'm happy with AY. :P
wait for it....
I wanted to play AYE, but..Actually, I wanted to play YEAR, but. :P
4:52 AM
anyone want to play WwF?? I'm bermaniastudios on Twitter.
And now ... not playing the N will probably benefit you more than had I played it ... stupid hindsight :(
Yeah, about that..
3 mins ago, by Tim Stone
Oh, screw you WwF.
Here, I'll give you this one, again, on a silver platter
I had all vowels again :P
oy, really? sux
I think she's toying with me like a cat plays with a string ...
5:02 AM
Ok, in theory I should be stopping now :(
I decided to watch Futurama instead ... for a few minutes anyways ;)
I was about to quote your earlier message, yeah.
Mus...resist...urge to play with the troll.
Which one? ;)
@GeorgeMarian do share
5:04 AM
That one Moshe linked earlier. The genius who thought the vote tally numbers needed some functionality.
Q: Vote up, down and null (zero)?

gravityboySince voting is very important to stack-overflow users and a lot of users put up answers as fast as possible (just to be first and get the majority of the votes)... How about if a "null" vote is mandatory? [edit] mandatory only if you vote on something. You click on the up triangle for up, the...

@GeorgeMarian Ah yeah. I was about to chew him out myself too, since it's very clear where his thought process went astray...but then I predicted the resulting conversation and bored myself.
Yah, I foresee a downward spiral myself, but the temptation is still strong.
@TimStone, I'm drawing a total blank in trying to use letters in our game. >_<
Or at least, drawing a blank in getting something more than like 5 points. |:
eh, you haven't gotten into the mix yet @GeorgeMarian so just let it go ;)
@RebeccaChernoff Well, those words are OK too ;)
5:07 AM
pfft q:
@drachenstern Yah, but, but...
@GeorgeMarian There'll be others to entertain yourself with, I'm sure. :P
@GeorgeMarian yeah, I know. I stick my nose in all the time (and usually announce that I'm doing so ;) )
Q: Am I close to getting an Electorate Badge? How do I check?

Victor T.I have ~700 votes total atm and I know a majority of them are on questions. Is there a way to find out close or far I am from getting this badge? A search here turns up a couple of questions on electorate badges but none of them seem to answer this specific question. Also I tried this stack-exch...

go on and post something more eloquent ;)
@RebeccaChernoff You can always tell me what your letters are and I'll tell you were to play them, if you're really stuck ;)
5:12 AM
came up with something (:
Ah, not bad, not bad :)
Funny story @rchern: QNFDYRJ
@drachenstern I posted something, but I also upvoted you, so I think we'll call it even
5:21 AM
Speaking of upvotes, when somebody comments "thank you!!" multiple times on my answer, the system should detect that and upvote my answer for them
woohoo, I like it, I wish it were that easy ;)
ok, and that's that.
G'night :P
user image
How...odd. Apparently, I'm still logged into chat.se. Yet, I don't see myself in any of the rooms I'm in, but I'm being shown as in those rooms on the rooms list.
@Reno That's so bad, I couldn't help but laugh.
5:37 AM
i know right :)
Nov 17 '10 at 15:55, by Yi Jiang
user image
5:59 AM
The data dump is quite large. SO should have less data
No problem, we'll just uncommit the information back into people's heads.
back after 10 days away. 6 items in mail inbox. 360 in google reader :)
6:15 AM
Likewise. Back to the grindstone; I expect to lose some time reading back first though ;(
Just remember, the bagizillion of nick alerts are not from me. (:
Or me! ;)
Periodically I give up and tell Google Reader to mark everything as read
@RebeccaChernoff You aren't playing Drop7 right? :P
Um. Er. No. Absolutely hits home button Not.
6:26 AM
shakes head
Hey, don't judge me Mr. Minecraft-NFS. (;
Hahah, point taken, I suppose. :P
@MichaelMrozek Yeah, it's at times like these that I 'prune' some of my subscriptions - if I find myself systematically 'k'-ing through all their posts...
@GeorgeMarian I'd advise you to stay away from the troll, but do what you want.
@Reno heh
@Moshe I've resisted the urge, so far. :)
6:37 AM
Good, but if you don't then we can pull the stunt they do in movies:
1 guy throws a pebble, the troll turns around
The other guy runs for cover
btw, @YiJiang 's Darth "Oy" Maul looks like a close up of @Reno's comic
speaking of movie comparisons, that is.
Just counted some of them, of 2515 starred items, the first page of results has over 50 stars for posts containing "oy"
I want a graph of that, no ,a pie chart.
Percent of starred posts that are "oy"
@Moshe I'm sure @RebeccaChernoff would be thrilled by that.
thrilled...or find it absurd?
@RebeccaChernoff Thrilled. Absolutely thrilled. Surely the gold 'oy' badge will cheer you up?
6:45 AM
Damn it. Writing my for loops correctly would help; I downloaded the first page of stars 51 times
@MichaelMrozek Try as I might, those 'oy's just won't multiply.
Sadly, I get only 86 posts, which seems low
On a related note, why does the link above the star list say "show all 2515", but the tab on the room info page says "4.8k stars"?
@MichaelMrozek The 4.8k probably refer to the actual number of stars, while 2515 would be the number of starred messages
@MichaelMrozek Stared items versus total number of stars?
6:48 AM
Ah, makes sense
Good job Firefox, locking up the whole computer somehow.
Chrome does that daily to me
A fatal hardware error has occurred.

Reported by component: Processor Core
@TimStone I've had fewer problems with FF on Linux, though it's still a memory hog.
Yeah, I suppose I should take a look at the dump file before I assume it was Firefox's fault. Although Firefox was the one to stop responding right before everything went to hell, so I have to assume. :P
6:56 AM
i predict 2011 will be the year Firefox loses the most % market share.
i almost have to force quit FF everytime.
After switching to Chrome it blows my mind how long it takes to start Firefox; it's insane
I used to open Firefox and forget which site I'd planned to go to by the time the window came up
Safari and Chrome are 2010's winners
i still have to use FF for dev purpose
but for general personal use, i use Chrome
I use it when I want full-featured Firebug
I'm starting to lose faith in FF. In their infinite wisdom, they saw fit to re-appropriate the CTRL+E shortcut (which I use often, since I have Merriam-Webster as my "search" plugin). Thankfully, I figured out the new shortcut, but I still find myself using the old one sometimes.
6:59 AM
@MichaelMrozek There's a time when someone wants to use Firebug?
I kid Firebug, I kid...kind of.
@MichaelPetrotta yep. i wish Chrome had Firebug. (that crappy firebug lite doesn't count)
@TimStone i love firebug... i can't get used to Chrome's dev tool.
@Jin Firebug would be great if not for all of the ways it finds to suck, and hard at that.
Yup, Firebug keeps me using FF for dev.
@TimStone I <3 Firebug. And sadly the Chrome version doesn't parse stylesheets, or let you edit
have they fixed the memory hog issue in FF4?
if I have a few tabs open, after a while FF3 can eat up 2gig of ram, and cripples everything else
7:01 AM
@Jin That's what I'm running on Linux. And, no. They have not.
@Jin Though, it's not that bad.
I hate to say this, but Firebug is actually one of the biggest leakers I use often
That said, I did restart FF today and it's up to 1 GB.
After habitually turning off all panels when they're not needed I find that I had no need to restart it regularly anymore
@MichaelMrozek You can edit, but Firebug definitely does the CSS bit better. I do like Firebug the best, I just also hate how it tries to find as many reasons as possible for me not to. :P
@TimStone the FF devtool bar is decent for css editing too. you can save edited css to local, or load local css.
7:07 AM
Ah yeah, I've got that too :)
7:24 AM
7:44 AM
@TimStone - did you decline my WwF game?
Or was it a different TimStone?
Yeah, definitely a different person. :P
@Jin what is your WwF handle?
@TimStone, whats your handle?
@Moshe mine is jzy
@Jin your turn
8:04 AM
Does anyone know of a good free project management/bug tracker?
doesn't matter what language
8:57 AM

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